Ray Of Hope


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Chapter 2-Deception is deception

When I finally awoke, I awoke with quite a start. I jumped up and was struggling for air. Too much information was swimming around in my head, too much things going on up there. I looked around to an almost empty room. And then I saw a figure in the shadows. It was the last person that I wanted to see at that particular moment, sitting down staring at me.

"I never met anyone who could sleep so much. Who was so lazy?" He said looking at me, not at all trying to cover his disgust.

"I was wondering something along those lines as well. I've never met anyone who was such a prick? Who really needed to be bitch slapped." I said looking at him in disgust.

"Heh, you say that now. You wont say that when your falling all over yourself to get downstairs. Yesterday you only did one staircase. To get to the dining room you have to go to the first floor. Which is 10 staircases down." He smirked at me. I just stared at him and wished so bad that I actually new a curse that I could throw on him to make his dick shrivel up and fall off.

"The bathroom is over there. Clothes are already set out in the corner. Toothbrushes and all that are awaiting you. Try not to take all day Prima donna. I actually would like to eat before mornings end" He said to me.

"Hey you can just give me the directions bud and I'll go there by myself."

"Unfortunately I cant. Lord knows if I could I would, but much to my dismay you and I will be seeing a lot of each other. Because I've been hired to be your bodyguard and I was told I didn't have much choice in the matter." He said while he sat down, seething with anger about it.

"Oh ain't that grand." I mumbled while I went into the bathroom and finished my toiletries. I took an especially long shower and it took me a record breaking 30 minutes to put on a pair of those leather looking black pants on, wife beater and a black sweater.

I walked out and was greeted with a very irritated Sephlous. He took one look at me "Your so gonna pay for that."

And I did! Going down the staircase is always easier then going up it, but damn it! By the fifth staircase I was tired as hell. I had taken 3 breaks already but this break looked like it would stretch.

"Want some help don't you? Wish you were nicer to me? You can rectify this you know." Sephlous said smirking down at me.

"Oh really" I said sarcastically.

"Yeah you just have to say' Sephlous I am sorry that my lazy ass took 2 hours for something that should have only taken 1. You're king of my world and I bow down to your excellence.'" He said looking down at me.

"Fuck you." I said.

"Well come on because your only at the midpoint." He said knowing that he won.

"Ok Sephlous I am sorry that I took so long. You are the best and I am nothing." I said thru gritted teeth.

"Ah the sweet smell of victory." He gloated as he did a small victory dance and then picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. What would have taken me hours to do he did in 2 minutes or less. He didn't put me down until we reached the dining room which got many people laughing at me. Me thrown over his shoulder like a rag doll. I HATE this guy.

When we reached the dining hall he still had me up there.

"Hey asshole, ya mind letting me down or are ya getting your jollies off by my ass being so close to ya face." I said completely aggravated. That did the trick because he put me down at once and gave me a death stare. I turned around and saw Seron with a HUNK of a man. He had blonde hair and the most luscious lips I've seen in my life. They practically screamed `KISS ME". As I nodded to him he had a smirk on his face. I looked around and saw 2 boys that looked to be 15 or 16. They were all laughing their asses off and shaking there heads at Sephlous.

I went and took a seat by one of the boys and to my displeasure Sephlous came and sat down beside me.

"Were not attached to the hip, ya know? No ones gonna attack me in the house. You take your job wayyy to serious." I said and he acted like he didn't hear me. ASSHOLE! How dare he call me pathetic? He seriously needs to take a look at himself.

I was thinking about how much of an ass Sephlous is when something got my undivided attention "Hello Tristan, I want you to meet my husband Rhond, and our sons Sondren and Rohan." Soren said.

I sat there flabbergasted, but I quickly recovered and greeted each of them. Leave it to me to get a crush on some vampire kinda guy, whose 56 and looks 16 whose married to a guy with kissable lips and with two children. Who ever said when it rains its pours, I would like to SHOOT them for jinxing us.

"You and Rohan should get along, you guys both have the same twisted sense of humor." Seron said trying to make conversation. I looked at the boy beside me and wondered if he wanted to be my friend after he knew I wanted so badly to boink his dad. That thought made me smile, that would be an interesting conversation.

> "So how old are you Rohan? 30?" I asked staring at him.

"No I'm your age." He said smiling up at me. I couldn't help but appraise him. Nice voice, lips like Rhond, oh and even though it seemed every one had the same eye color he defiantly had eyes like Seron. All together we give him...we? Yeah we as in me and my boner, we give him a 8!

"Umm..umm..yeah...how the hell is that possible? You look the same age as your dad, ya know. And maybe its just me but you look a lot like both of your parents." I said, I had to catch my train of thought but when I did my curiosity got to me.

"We age, I should say normally until we reach 16. Then we go thru something called the `Randos'. Where we don't age for 40 years and then the years after that are 5:1. Every 5 years that pass we only age one year. Randos is thought of as teenager years. Your not considered a man until you finish Randos. Father Seron will be turning a man in two months. He had us young." Rohan answered.

"And as for physical attributions. It is because biologically they are our parents. Our breeding ritual is different then yours" Sondren said. And I know your thinking what I was thinking `NO SEX?'.

"Ok I see the way your looking, let me elaborate. We make love just as you do. Its just we don't go thru labor. To have a child is an instant act that happens during climax." Sondren said and again I know what your thinking, cause I'm thinking it to.

"And you only had 2 children Sondren?" I asked as my eyebrow went up.

"I'm afraid my son has left out the most vital part of that. The child can only be made out of pure love. Its very rare, that's why we don't have so many offsprings. Because during the act there can be no lust, just pure love. And though your love for the other may be pure, it is rare to take part in that act without lust. That's what makes you the great exception. Because you were not bred from love, but of lust." Sondren said and with his words tension filled the air.

"Sooooooooo, how old are you?" Rhond said trying to change the subject.

"I'm 19" I replied gratefully.

"You will look like a man before you truly are, in this world I mean." Sondren threw in.

"It will be fun growing old here. When I'm a prune you'll look like a teenager." I said morbidly.

"That's the thing Tristan, you will not age. You have attributions from both sides and it is believed you pretty much have the best of both worlds. You will eat regular, not like a vampire. You will not age after your 20th birthday. You will retain your parents knowledge, instead having them tell you their story you will see it in your head. But as always such blessings come with prices. You have much weighing you down my lord, you have a lot to carry on your shoulder." Rohan said while he looked at me with pity.

"Well you sure are a ray of sunshine." I said muting out every one and just trying to eat breakfast and not here how every things riding on me.

When breakfast was done I got up and so did Sephlous. I sat back down and he followed suit. I got back up and he followed me again. I sat back down and he followed, at this point I was getting quite amused. I did this much to every ones entertainment before he blew up.

"I will go on the police force, I will be a slayer and get underpaid as such! I rather wander the dark cold nights then have to deal with this nightmare. The prophecy is either not true or he is not what you think because I can not STAND him, how can he be royalty." He said screamed at Seron.

"I ain't royalty." I smirked up at him.

"There you again speaking on things you do not know. You are royalty! I know you fancy Seron, your mind cluttered with dirty thoughts of him. But it will never happen because first he's married to someone you will never equal up to, second what the hell would he see in a scoundrel like you and third he is your uncle. You remember that powerful mother, well that was his sister!" He said staring at me.

At that moment I hated him. I've always been on the `hate is bad' type tip, but nope I was convinced I hated him.

"Fuck you. How dare you look at me and judge me when you do not know me and if you think you have all the information you need to do so then let me throw it back to you. I've know you for two days and you're the most pathetic thing I've ever seen. You walk around with a stick up your ass. I may not be up to `this worlds' standards but at least I have an excuse, WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU HAVE? I screamed as I jumped up from the table and ran.

I ran so fast by the time I turned around I was slamming my bedroom door. I ran up all 10 flights and I wasn't tired. But I sure as hell was still furious. I was treading a hole into my carpet from walking back and forth in my room. I was so heated. I don't know what pissed me more. That he did it in public purposely to embarrass me or that he did it in front of Seron's husband and children or that he did in front of Seron.

The door opened but I didn't look I just kept on pacing. I knew it was all of them. Seron, Rhond, Sondron, Rohan and Sephlous who I stopped pacing for a minute to shoot him a withering look. They all just sat down and watched me walk back and forth.

Seron knew me, when I was worked up I needed to be just left alone for a little bit. I wanted to be left alone but not alone. He's watched me pace back and forth many times. I was walking back and forth when I saw myself in the mirror. My symbol was glowing. The shooting star was actually moving. It was going thru the stars, it looked unreal. I looked over at Seron.

"That will happen when you get emotional." Seron said.

"What does stars have to do with the ray of hope?" I wondered.

"The three stars represents parts of the earth. And the shooting star that combines them is said to be you. You are all three. Where your parents were born totals to two stars, two earths and the third, Noraah: middle earth is where you were raised." Seron said.

"Yall wouldn't happen to have cigarettes over here?" I questioned, he just shook his head no. I wasn't an avid smoker but when I got pretty heated I did smoke. I sat down on my bed which just so happened to be the opposite of the couch they were sitting on. I rested my elbows on my thighs and I rested my head on my hands.

"What about Tylenol, yall got any of that?" I asked rubbing my temples.

"We don't get headaches." Seron shrugged.

"I'm sorry Tristan." Sephlous said. I stared at him hard.

"So Seron cussed you out didn't he? Gave you that if you didn't feel guilty I'm gonna make you feel guilty speech?" I said and their was silence in the room before every one but Seron chuckled a little bit.

"Gosh I thought he did that to only us!" Sondron said quietly, smiling at his brother and fathers.

"I think every ones gotten one of those speeches." Rhond said trying hard as hell to keep a smile off his face, seeing that Seron was giving him a death stare. All got quiet for a moment and the tension came back.

"So...um...where the hell am I?" I said trying to deflect attention from what Sephlous said earlier.

"Well theirs one earth but different levels. Theirs Ganfald and Dwiren. Sort of like high earth and low earth. When we split the Vampires fled to Dwiren, lower earth. Its like day light savings time year round. They share it with the trolls, ancient demons and other monsters of the night. And we, we remained in Ganfald, upper earth. Where the nights are not long at all. We share this land with wizard, witches, elves and those on the side of right" Rhond informed.

"So how do we get to middle earth?" I asked.

"It is a long journey, but we can ride there." Sondron said.

"So why haven't explorers come up here yet then?" I asked.

"Well Dwiren and Galfald are protected with heavy magic." Sondren said to me.

"So am I going to be held captive in this room all day. Or will I get to see more of this Ganfald?" I asked Sephlous. I still didn't like him much but at this point I'd do anything to get away from Seron and his family, even hang with King Asshole.

"Um sure, follow me." Sephlous stood.

"We will meet you guys at dinner, make sure to feed him lunch Seph." Seron said, as him and his family disappeared.

"Seph?" I inquired.

"Yeah that's my nick." Sephlous said.

"Much better. Sephlous sounds like something I can catch by having unprotected sex or something. Seph, better." I said following him at his alarming speed down the stairs. I actually made it all the way down but I was still out of breathe.

"We need to get you transportation." Seph said as we headed out the door. I was stopped dead in my tracks. There wasn't houses, their were castles! All that looked like they were made out of diamonds, exotic gems and/or crystals. The roads and sidewalks looked to be made out of gold. It appeared that we were on a mountain and not too far off their was a huge waterfall. The scenery was splendid, a sight for sore eyes. Exotic flowers and trees were everywhere, a river passed through out the town.

"Beautiful isn't it?" Seph said, I looked at him and was shocked even more. There beside him were two unicorns. They were immaculately white and their horn looked a lot like the stars on my scar, they had the same complexion. They both looked like liquid silver. The unicorns also had green eyes.

"Green eyes are quite popular here." I said as I looked at him.

"Yes, Well I guess I'll have to teach you how to ride one of these?" Seph said looking at me up and down.

"I don't want you teaching me anything. Anywhere I'm going with you I wanna be in walking distance back home" I said looking out at the people walking to and fro.

"Look I lost my cool, very rare. I don't know why but I said I'm sorry, alright."

"Seron isn't here so you can stop with the bullshit." I said looking at anything but him.

"Whatever, just come on" he said as he handed the horses to the huge man from before who just eyed me up and down. We walked down the street. After a little bit of climbing, a lot of walking and a hell a lot of bitching we made it to the waterfall.

It was gorgeous. The water was so blue that you could see the fish swimming around. Their was this large rock, right in the middle of the river that could fit 5 or 6 people.

"I was expecting a lot more people to be here." I said out loud.

"Holidays are around the corner, every ones too busy and every one grew up here. The waterfalls novelty has kind of warned out." Seph said as he started to strip and even though I detested him I couldn't help but sneak a peak. What could I say the boy defiantly was in shape. Everything was well defined on him. His six pack were amazing. His chest was as smooth as a babies bottom, from his naval down he had a bit of a treasure trail leading down to his boxers. One word for his body `tantalizing'.

"Pictures last longer." He said while he threw off his underwear and jumped into the river.

"Yeah well that's not the only thing that could be longer." I smirked at him as he just rolled his eyes and treaded over to the large rock. I figured if he was skinny dipping it then I could too so I got bare and climbed in. The water came up to my belly button when I first got in but the closer to the rock the deeper it got. By the time I reached it. I was up to my shoulder. I dropped down into the water wetting my ear length hair. The water felt good, really good.

Even though Seph and I were in there together we pretty much zoned out into our own little worlds. I swam back and forth, floated around, stood below the waterfall letting the water fall down onto me. I finally made it back to the rock and climbed up on it and laid down beside Seph.

"If I could I'd live right here! Wake to the sound of the water flowing by, fall asleep to the waterfall crashing down. I'd stay in the sun all morning and play in the water all afternoon. Perfection that would be." I whispered over to Seph as I watched the waterfall.

"Yeah that would truly be perfection." Seph responded.

"Theirs a deep cave behind the waterfall. The elders put a spell on it. It has small pools scattered about that are always hot and bubbling, like Jacuzzi's. Wanna go?" Seph asked after sometime had passed.

"Yeah, defiantly." I said as I followed him behind the waterfall. I climbed up on this large rock and sure enough their was this large Jacuzzi. Weirdly enough candles were lit all around the cave, it gave off a certain ambiance. I looked down deeper into the deep cave but could only see candles illuminating spots here and there.

"Why do I get the feeling this is Lover's Point?" I said as I slid in.

"Because it is. The further you go down in the cave the more Jacuzzies your gonna see. Each family has its own personal Jacuzzi for naughty purposes. This one is the general one though." Seph said as he slid in.

"Aren't they scared some one may see them while their, ya know?" I asked as I looked over at him.

"Magic! It's a simple spell every one uses when their here. It makes a force around the Jacuzzi where sound cant slip out and that no one can see through" He said as he turned his head to look at me. It was then that he actually looked, vulnerable. His head was laid on a rock. His hair was wild and wet and his eyes were trained on me. He looked...beautiful, gorgeous, exquisite. He didn't look so much like the bad man he was early on. He actually looked sweet, in that moment I actually wanted to know him.

"So besides body guarding. What do you do?" I asked inquisitively.

"Nothing really, body guarding is my life. Its what I've been raised to do" he softly said.

"All work and no play makes you go beserk." I said jokingly.

"Yeah, feels that way sometimes."

"So where's your wife or husband?" I asked as I followed his pose by laying my head on a rock and staring back at him, in those eyes.

"I'm not married. For some reasons beyond me, people don't like me" he said. I couldn't help but smile at his comment. Reasons beyond him? Yeah right.

"Yeah they think I'm a hassle, high maintenance, a lot to deal with."

"I wonder what would ever give them that impression." I said as I absent mindedly brushed a rebellious strand of hair that fell in his eyes. When I realized what I did I went to remove my hand but his hand covered mine. Slowly gliding my hand along his cheek. He closed his eyes as he brought the palm of my hand to his lips. With my free hand I pushed myself closer to him and kissed the hand that he had holding my hand to his lips. At this moment only our hands separated us from kissing. I slowly moved my hand and his hand away. My lips brushed up against his. I went to pull back to see if it was ok but his hands rushed to the side of my face and brought me back in.

All of a sudden a red light started flashing and he shot up out of the Jacuzzi. He threw me over his shoulder and he ran out of there. He grabbed our clothes and we quickly put them on. I didn't know what the hell was going on here, but I figured it was bad and that it was better for my mental health if I just did not know what the fuck was going on. Seph was dressed way quicker then me, I was still fiddling with my pants. He didn't even give me a chance to put on a shirt, he just grabbed me and started running towards the house. When we got to the door their were two men standing there. Seph slowly put me down and put his body before me which made me raise my eyebrows, it couldn't be vampires it was still light outside.

"So this is the boy. Sephlous why don't you move so I can get a good look at him." The largest man out of the two said.

"You tipped the warning lights didn't you." Seph more so said then asked. He looked quite irritated.

"Yes, we wanted to see the boy. Every time we come he seems to be sleeping or out somewhere."

"Your fucking worse then vampires, right down there with humans" Seph said. And if your wondering, HELL YEAH I was offended. I just shot him an evil eye and went inside making sure to slam the door on his face. So humans were supposedly at the bottom of the pyramid it seemed, below blood sucking vampires.

"Hey, you look like you need one of these." Seron said as he wrapped me up in his arms and naturally I just melted. Seph walked in and just looked at us and shot me an evil eye. He stood back into the shadows, back on bodyguard watch.

"So your day didn't go so well. I heard the commotion outside. You must not take their careless words so personal." Seron said as he lead me over to the couch.

"I may be half Belatricus and vampire but in my heart I am human. So how am I not to take careless words personal?" I said staring at Seron.

"I understand, but prepare yourself to hear many careless words. We protect them but I'm afraid many don't respect them. They're looked down upon because they can not protect themselves, very much so like a child" Seron said. Well I ain't putting up with no shit I thought.

"Dinner will be in an hour. Why don't you go upstairs and get ready." Seron said nodding his head towards the steps.

"Your different" I said out of the blue.

"How so Tristan?" Seron asked me.

"Your just different from before." I said wondering if that was a good or bad thing. It felt more like a bad thing. He was now more so grownup. Someone my uncle would hang out with more then me. What happened to the guy I use to kick it with on Saturday mornings. Who use to chill with me while we ate cereal, talked gossip with, while watching `SpongeBob Squarepants'. Was it all just an act to befriend me. Was he my true friend? I mean he just flipped the script on me. Would we remain best friends?

"A penny for your thoughts?" He chirped in and I could hear Seph suck his teeth.

"Nothing I posses is so cheap. Imma go on upstairs and get ready for dinner, I smell like river." I said as I got up. Seph and I walked up to my room. The whole Jacuzzi incident was a thing of the past we were back to getting on each other nerves. As I was about to go take a shower, I saw him getting dressed.

"Uno momento? Don't you got a room to go do your shit in?" I asked as one eyebrow went up.

"Actually this IS my room. Your weak, therefore I have to guard you 24/7 until your second weeks, seventh day's rest. That's when Seron said you'll get your power and wisdom. Until then just think as us as handicapped together." He said as he walked with me into the bathroom.

"You don't gotta follow me in the shower. Where the hell did you sleep last night?" I said going from one topic to another.

"With you! If you didn't sleep like a log then you might have noticed and I'm not waiting out there for you to finish up because if I do by the time you get out of here I'm not going to be able to shower. There's five showerheads and we've been naked around each other all day. 10 more minutes isn't going to kill you." He said as he continued to undress.

If this would have been 5 days ago I would have been more then thrilled to watch a sexy ass man undress but I disliked Seph so much that even his wonderful body couldn't make up for his personality or lack there of. He was Jeckyl and Hyde. I liked the Seph at the waterfall, I hated the Seph body guard/babysitter.

"Oh and one more thing genius. If you were paying any attention yesterday you would have heard when Seron said we could read minds and since you don't have any powers to protect you, your ass been broadcasting all damn day and I'm quite tired of it. So stop thinking, that should come easy to you." He said as we walked into the large shower, both turning on our stalls, us back to back. I disregarded his statement because I've been saying some jacked up shit about him all day and with his short ass temper he'd probably try to lead me off a cliff by now.

I turned around and let the water run down my back. `God DAMN he got a nice ass.' I couldn't help to think, which made him turn around and raise an eyebrow up to me. Which in turn made me turn around to hide the blush that was rising. `Ok so maybe he can read minds.' And that's when it hit me, all the mofo's can hear my thoughts. Oh my God what about Seron? Earlier today, his kids, oh shit his husband and the all the freaky deaky ass shit I said about him in my head when me and him were chillin. SHIT! DOUBLE SHIT!!

I soaped up washed off as quickly as I could and all I thought about was not thinking the whole time. I ran out and threw on a pair of boxers and a shirt and jumped into bed, pulling the covers way up.

"Hey, tomorrow morning I hope you get in and out as fast at...why aren't you getting dressed for dinner." He asked and the look changed from wondering to understanding.

"I'll bring you up something to eat." He said as he got dressed and left.

"Thank you" I whispered to his retreating back. I stayed up trying to remember every thought that passed thru my head today and all those days I hung out with Seron. I was mortified! At this point I wanted to bury myself in a 6 ft. deep hole.

"Hey Specula...Tristan...Seph said you were up here freaking out." Seron said as he walked over to me and I couldn't help but think how beautiful he was and then of course I berated myself about thinking it.

"Ah so the whole reading of minds has finally caught up with you." He said as he sat beside me and handed me a plate of food. I was way too queasy of all he knew about me, that rightfully no one but me should know.

"You should eat." He said as he pushed the food that I had laid on the bedside table back at me. `I should jump off a bridge is what I should do.'

"No I'm not hungry." I replied.

"You can not hide up here for 2 whole weeks, because I gotta stay with you and theirs no way in hell I'm staying cramped in this room for 2 weeks." Said Seph with his perfect timing. `Asshole' I thought as Seron turned and smiled down at me.

I looked up at Seron and my embarrassment quickly turned into anger. I felt...VIOLATED. Ones personal thoughts were their own and the fact that I've been sharing them with him for a year pissed me off.

"Don't be mad Tristan. If I could I wouldn't, but your just...its like listening to the radio. No matter how you try to ignore it you still hear it." He said looking at me a little upset.

"You couldn't have told me something. You could have said you were one of those crazy psychic people or something. A forewarning!" I said staring at him.

"You rather I had lied?" He said sadly.

" Lying and not saying anything goes hand in hand. Deception is still deception when sugarcoated."

"Sorry" He said sincerely.

"Is their nothing I could wear, no spell that could be put on me temporarily so that I'm not quote unquote broadcasting?" I said hopefully.

"I am afraid not. Your too heavily guarded magically. Your blood is very strong. Its not impossible to put a spell on you but it would take quite a wizard to do such and it would take a lot out of him. Plus the fact that your powers will come to you so shortly. I'm afraid no one would want to do it." Seron said as he once again pushed the food back to me.

"Well Seph doesn't HAVE to stay with me if I'm staying up here. It would waste his time. I'm sure he has better things. Theirs a difference between a bodyguard and a babysitter and I'm afraid you guys are making him both. And I don't need a babysitter." I said as I stared over at Sephlous.

"Alright, but you have to at least come down for your meals." Seron said looking at me, pushing back the plate of food I pushed away.

"Seron if you push this plate of food at me one more time. I'm going to go Dragon Ball Z on you!" I said sternly as I stared at Seron. Of course this amused him. He grabbed the plate and got up and kissed me on my forehead and whispered "Of course we will remain best friends. Who else am I gonna listen to bitch about how sexy Britney Spears is, when I know damn well you hate her." I couldn't help but laugh at his comment.

> "You know me to well Seron." I said to his retreating back. I looked around for a minute looking for where the hell Seph went, he was in the shadows again.

"What is it with you and the shadows?" I said a little annoyed at his constant obsession of being in the dark.

"Its not an obsession. I've been raised from small to do this job, bodyguard. Interaction is not really a desired thing, I'm always in the shadow because out of sight, out of mind. They cant see me, they normally forget about me and I'm not a pest getting in their way." He said, I noticed he went back to his nonchalant tone.

"Well I wanna see you. If someone is with me then I wanna see them. Lurking in the shadows just gives me the Hebee Geebees" I said. He walked around the room taking off the lights until it was pitch black. I waited for him to come and lay down but he never did.

"Seph?" I inquired.

"I'm right beside you." He said and I jumped almost a foot. He was laying down beside but I didn't even feel him get in bed.

"How the hell did you do that?"

"What can I say? I'm graceful." He said, I turned to the side of bed he was on and I tried to see him but it was way to dark. The fact that I couldn't see him and he was supposedly so close started to freak me out. I must have been broadcasting because he scooted closer to me and snaked his arm under my head, and pulled my head to lay on his chest. I in turn scooted up closer to him and hesitantly laid my arm around his waist.

"I think the prophecy is wrong too. I'm not built to do this job. You see how much of a spaz I am" I whispered thinking about what he said earlier.

"Well right now your kind of walking around blindfolded. When the information comes to you, you might not spaz out so much. The prophecies have never been wrong before."

"Well you heard what they said. I am the great exception." I said solemnly as I dozed off listening to his heartbeat.

To Be Continued...
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