Ray Of Hope


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Chapter 3-A Lone Star

As I woke, I unconsciously went to snuggle deeper into Seph but I realized the thing that my arm was wrapped around was wayy too soft to be Seph's chest. I quickly shot up and looked around. And who should be lurking in the shadow, none other then Seph. `Yeah and he doesn't have an obsession with shadows' I thought sarcastically.

The door for my room opened and in came Sondren with someone I did not know. They walked over to me and I got the distinct impression that they were checking me out. "I figured since you had your chance to appraise me and my brother yesterday, I would get a chance as well."Sondren said.

Oh shit! He must of heard me giving him the vote. Uh oh what number did he get? "Me and my brother both got an 8" Sondren smiled at me.

"Sorry about that, just a thing I do." I said as I got out of bed and stretched. I wrapped my arms around my bare chest. It always seemed to have a chill in the morning.

"Hi, I'm Melisd (Mel-es-duh). A friend of your cousin." the stranger said charmingly. I gave him a look and he was no doubt, ugly foine. Let me explain that for you. Have you ever seen a man who was so damn sexy, so damn good looking it was just ugly. Cause nobody should look that good! Well then you got somebody who is ugly foine. He had blonde hair and dark green eyes. He stood the same height as Sondren. I'd say 6'2 or 6'3 with a swimmers body.

"Dear cousin of mine, you might wanna stop drooling all over yourself." Sondren quipped in much to my embarrassment. I just rolled my eyes. Their was only room for one wiseass and I've got dibbs on it.

"Here" Seph said as he handed me a shirt, noticing I was slightly shivering. I looked over at him and he was dressed fully already in what I assume to be his usual outfit. Black leather pants, wife beater and a long leather trench coat. He sure as hell does like black.

"I cant quite go unseen in the shadows if I'm wearing hot pink." He said as he messed up my hair. I smiled at him and softly hit his hand away.

"So what brings you to my humble abode." I asked Sondren, trying not to stare at Melisd.

"I'm here to make sure you come down to breakfast, sire." Sondren said as he and his friend sat down on the couch. "I just got rid of Seph as a babysitter and now they're already sending up a new one." I asked amused at the way Sondren and Seph were staring at each other.

"Ok I'll go in the shower, you guys can have the bed and do all your naughty deeds. I'll make sure to knock on the door before I come out" I joked on them, they both looked at me like I was insane and Melisd started to laugh. I went in the bathroom, and in 30 minutes I came back out to see only Sondren and Melisd here. I looked in the shadows for Seph but he wasn't there.

"Where did Jekyll and Hyde go?" I asked Sondren as I put the clothes on that was left on the bed for me. It was all black and too big again.

"Gone, your currently sharing Seph's clothes. If you didn't stay stuck in here all day, I could take you to the mall to get you something with a little more color to it." Sondren said, trying to persuade me.

"Nope" I said.

"Oh come on. Well just head for the mall and afterwards you can lock yourself back up here for the rest of the week. You should wear greens, reds and blues. Defiantly blues to bring out those gorgeous blue eyes of yours." Melisd said, I couldn't help but blush a little.

"Where am I gonna keep it all it. I'm already intruding on his space." I said looking for a way out.

"We've already informed Seph that you guys will be moving to the royalty floor, you are family. The rooms are more like apartments. They have a living room, and four bedrooms. It is only a few staircases up and your room will be right next to mine." Sondren said as he stood up.

"Great, just what I need, more stairs!!"I said as I walked out the room with him. We made it downstairs and into the dining room. I was never as self conscious in my life as I was then. For the whole time I pretty much ignored every one and just kept thinking `Don't think'. As I got up to go to my room, hoping that Sondren and Melisd forgot about our plans.

"We did, but thanks for broadcasting it. Come on." Sondren said as he grabbed me and we all went outside. Seph joined us "Seph your not needed. Melisd is a highly equipped guard. He will see to it that no harm comes to Tristan."

"I have strict orders not to let him out of my sight, especially when outside of the castle."

"Well you have new orders." Sondren looked down on him and said.

"I do not answer to you little boy." Seph glared at him.

"How dare a simpleton like you. Talk to me like that!" Sondren gritted.

"How dare a simpleton like YOU talk to ME like that." Seph reiterated with a smirk.

"You know better then to speak to Sephlous in such a manor. You will respect him as an uncle, you hear me. His blood may not be royal, but damn it his heart is. Your lucky it was me and not Seron who heard you, it would break his heart to hear you talking to someone he looks at as his little brother." Said Rhond who was boring a hole into his son, who had his head hanged in shame.

"Seph why don't you let the boys go out. I'll send an extra guard to protect the boy. We have important matters to discuss." Rhond asked politely to Seph who was still smirking at Sondren.

"No I'm sure Melisd can take care of him." Seph said laughing as he went inside.

"What the hell just happened here?" I whispered over to Melisd.

"Sondren and Seph do not get along, it's a long story, lets go." Melisd said as he climbed up on a unicorn and helped me up on to it with him.

"Hold on tight" Melisd said as him and Sondren nudged the unicorn, the unicorn started running. It was going faster then a fucking Porsche. The wind was pushing my face into that weird look you get when your dropping full speed on a roller coaster.

We soon arrived at a large castle that was made up of glass. They walked the unicorn over to what looked like a humongous stable. I had to laugh at what came next. They actually had valet parking!!

We went into the large castle and the loud castle went quiet. Every one was staring at us. Sondren nudged me to continue to walk. We went all thru the mall, but it was weird. Because everywhere we went every one just moved to the side and stared at us. A coin could be heard dropped. When we went into the stores, every one moved out of the line and almost all of the cashiers refused to let us pay for anything, though Sondren tried every time. When we left the mall, my arms, Melisd arms and Sondren arms were filled with bags of clothes all for me.

"How the hell are we suppose to get this home" I asked as the valet came around with the two unicorns. Sondren didn't answer my question he and Melisd just handed their bags over to the valet who dumped them into a beautiful wagon. I followed along.

"It should be there before you reach sire." The valet said as a man jumped into the wagon and rode off.

"I know you wanna go home, I know your missing your room but what do you say about a short dip in the river." Melisd said as he helped me up on the unicorn. I wrapped my arms around his waist and relented "Alright, a short dip."

We reached the waterfall in no time and Melisd and me got off the unicorn but Sondren didn't. "I'll be back in a few. I'm gonna see if my brother would like to join us."

"Alright, we'll see you when you get back" I said. I quickly undressed willing myself not to get hard. I jumped into the water and swam to the waterfall and raised my hands and head up, letting the water beat down on me. It felt good, like a massage.

"Enjoying yourself" Melisd said as he stood in front of me, too close for comfort.

"Yeah" I said hesitantly. As i stepping out of the waterfall, which coincidently put me closer to him.

"Your quite lovely Tristan." Melisd said as he ran a hand around my waist, pulling me close to him.

"Um, we shouldn't. Sondren and Rohan will be back any minute" I whispered.

"Sondren is an hours away. It will take him two whole hours to return. There is many things we can do in two hours." Melisd said as his lips touched mine. I couldn't help but think `What's up with the waterfall and me. Every time I come here I get kissed'. Melisd pulled away from me and looked at me strangely.

"Ah so I am not the only one in pursuit of you." Melisd said as he ran his free hand up and down my face.

"There I go, thinking again. I really need to learn how to stop doing that."

"Well I could be of assistance in helping you with that problem." He said as he kissed me again, this time his tongue slid into my mouth.

One hand was around my waist pulling me in close to him and the other was playing with my curly hair. And that's when he started to GRIND. Ok so if you haven't figured it out, I am a total virgin in every way possible. So this whole experience was like winning the lottery, can you say cha-cha-ching or Bada-boom!

I never knew I could go so long without breathing, but I eventually had to come up for air. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and rested my head in the crevice between his shoulder and neck. He ran idle hands up and down my back and hummed to me. From time to time we would lip lock again, but for most of it we were in that position. It felt...good. You know, really being held.

"Rohan and Sondren are approaching." Melisd said as he separated himself from me. I listened but I couldn't hear anything. But sure enough they appeared in a matter of seconds.

"Hey you, I thought you vowed to lock yourself in your room till next week." Rohan said as he smiled down at me while he undressed and jumped in, Sondren following behind him.

We all played until dark. Splashing each other, playing tag, Marco polo or just laying on the rock or floating about. All thru this time Melisd and I would sneak secret looks.

When we returned home. Seron told us to hurry up because dinner was going to be served soon. We ran up the stairs. Instead of getting off at the 10th floor where my old room was, we ran all the way up to the 30th floor. I was surprised that I made it, but thankful that I did. Sondren showed me to my new room and I walked in and smiled.

As soon as you walked in their was a living room, the back wall was made of glass and the view was excellent. Off to the side of the living room were four bedrooms, two on each side. I looked in all four rooms and found Seph's room on the right side of the apartment. Right next to it was my room, I checked in the draws and sure enough the clothes I bought, ok given were already in there. I ran out to go thank Sondren but something grabbed me and put its hand to my mouth and whispered shhhhh. We stood there for a second when I heard Melisd's voice.

"Hey, you did not win the bet. The day isn't over! By tonight I'll have that little twink begging me for it. Today I was just laying down the charm , making him think I'm a nice guy."

"Yeah I doubt it, you lost. You think Seph is gonna let him out of his sight now that he's back in the castle." Sondren said as they passed, heading down to the dining room.

"I saw you down at the waterfall, you should feel used and hurt, like a real whore because that's what you are, a WHORE." Seph's menacing voice said as he let go of me and pushed me aside as he headed down.

Wanna know what the hell I did, don't ya. Wanna know if I went Helta Skelta on Melisd ass, don't ya? Wanna know if I gave Sondren a cussing that an old Italian woman couldn't beat, don't ya? Well this is what I did. I ran in my room and locked the door and cried like the punk ass sissy that I am.

I stayed in that room for a whole week. I'd drink the water from my private bathroom's sink and I'd lay there all day. Every one came knocking on my door, but Seph. I heard Seron asking him what the hell was going and Seph told him it was for me to tell him. Even Melisd and Sondren came knocking on my door a couple of times, which got me crying all over again.

I didn't choose to come out of the room. Seron kicked the door in and grabbed me. Threw me over his shoulder and walked down the stairs very nonchalantly and put me down at a table. Every one had the normal amount of food on their plate except for me whose plate was overflowing.

"Eat" Seron sternly said and I just flipped him the bird.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" Seron said which every one just looked at him amazed. He wasn't one to cuss.

"Why the fuck would you care, or any of you for that matter" I mumbled to myself.

"I don't understand the day you came back you were fine, what the hell happened." He asked as he rubbed his temples. Every one was staring at me and I was playing with my food thinking about Spongebob and Squarepants.

"Seph what is going on. I know you know. You never leave from by his side. Your always there even when he doesn't know it. So what happened. Did he have trouble at the mall or something." Seron asked, Sondren and Melisd looked up at Seph surprised. He just smiled sweetly at them.

"Like I said before that's not for me to tell you" Seph said.

"I'm not asking you as your dear friend, I'm asking you as your employer."

"Well then I quit." Seph said as he smirked at Seron. Seron looked like he seriously was about to blow a gasket.

"I overheard a certain conversation. That went along the lines of..." I repeated word for word the conversation, changing my voice so they could distinguish two different people having the convo.

Seron, Rhond and Rohan turned and looked at Melisd and Sondren. I was wondering which one of them were going to attack first. The three of them looked pissed, with a capital P. And as soon as one started it had the domino effect. They had Melisd and Sondren in tears, apologizing profusely in no time. I just ignored them and concentrated on the FOOD. As soon as I finished my meal I went right back up into my room and commenced to sit there and continue to bore myself to death.

"Hey" Seph said as he walked in and closed the door behind him. In his arms he held 2 small boxes.

"Hey" I said as I sat up and smiled at Seph, stunned that he was actually talking to me. He walked over to the bed and kicked off his shoes, he proceeded to sit Indian style at the end of the bed and put down the boxes in the middle of the bed.

"What's all of this." I said as I followed him and sat at the top of bed Indian style.

"Well, you never knew your mother. So I thought I would show you some pictures of her." He said as he started uncovering the boxes. Inside of them were a plethora of pictures. I grabbed the first one at the top and in there was a woman by the waterfall with two boys that looked to be 4 and 8. The woman was radiant. She had the same jet black unruly hair as me. Her face was gentle and kind. I stared down at the two boys and I spotted the 8 year olds eyes, it was Seron. I looked at the 4 year old and couldn't quite place who he was, but he looked so familiar. I stared at it for a few minutes until it finally hit me it was Seph. But it wasn't the Seph that I learned to deal with. His face wasn't hard, his moves weren't calculated. It was the Seph from the Jacuzzi, sweet and open. I looked at Seph to see he changed positions . He was lying down at the bottom of the bed staring at me.

"Don't worry bout me, you visit with your mother." he said as he pushed the 2 boxes closer to me. And thats what I did, I zoned out. I found plenty more pictures of my mother and Seph. A few cute baby pictures of Seron. I even saw a nude picture of Seph when he was like 6 or 7, I couldn't help but quip "Not much has changed."

Then I came to a very beat up picture. That looked like it was stabbed a couple of times. It was a man who had blue eyes, pale skin, he was about my size (skinny), my complexion (very fair) and had blonde hair. He looked to be 24 or 25. I stared at him for what seemed an hour. I recognized those eyes. I had those eyes! I had the same shape and even had the same shade of blue as him. This was my father. This was the evil man that raped that radiant woman by the waterfall. That was whose blood was flowing through me.

Somewhere in Dwiren

"They have found Specula, my lord." said a raspy voice.

"We must call upon the others. If they have found him then we need to find out who he is, and collect insurance. Find it out for me? See if he has any family? If so bring them to me!" Said a man with the most startling blue eyes.

I quickly cleaned up the boxes and laid them on the floor. I shuffled next to Seph and I startled him by laying down and hugging him. "So you knew my mother Seph."

"Yes, her and my mother were childhood friends. She would take care of me. See, once Seron and I were good friends. He kind of adopted me as his little brother. We use to be joined at the hip. Meredith would take us everywhere. She loved us very much." He said softly.

"Meredith" I whispered to myself.

"How old are you Seph."

"51" he said. Their was silence for a long time.

"What ever happened between you and Seron. You guys don't seem that close."

"Its getting late, I should get to my bed" He abruptly said as he got up and started putting on his shoes. It seems Hyde is back. I grabbed the old and warn out boxes and started looking thru them all over again.

The next week pretty much went like that, except for Seph's visit. I would only see him when he was coming up to escort me to my meals. I had became quite depressed during the course of that time. Seron and Rohan came to visit quite a bit and Seron was right. Rohan and I had the same sense of humor!

"Come on breakfast time." Seph said nonchalantly. I just stared at him and followed him down the stairs. I had stopped talking to him all together.

"Hey dear cousin of mine. How was your nights rest? Are you anxious about tonight?" Rohan fired at me as soon as I sat at the table.

"No" I said as I did my usual eating ritual. Eat as fast as I can and then get the fuck out of there. It was weird the only one I felt comfortable around was Seph, because I knew whatever I was thinking wouldn't phase him one damn bit.

When that night came every one in the castle filed one by one in my room much to my displeasure. Yeah I'm suppose to fall asleep with about 45 people staring at me. I couldn't help it, I started pacing back and forth.

"Every one get out." Seph said as he lead me towards the bed.

A whole bunch of words were said but they were all jumbled together, because every one was talking at once. I did get the gist of the conversation, it was along the lines of `Hell no'.

"I'm not arguing with any of you. The only people who should be here are Tristan's family and myself. The rest of you can get up and leave or I can get you up and make you leave" Seph said in a tone that I wouldn't oppose but they did. They just sat there looking at him like `I wish you would, come on and try'. He grabbed the two largest men, who in all respect looked like mini giants. They were huge. He grabbed them and threw each one head first out of the door. He came back and almost every one quietly filed out. Their were two girls who didn't think he would dare do that to a woman. I felt sorry for them when they were thrown out flat on their ass. He then proceeded to lock the door. I had to smile up at him. `The years award for clearing out the room the fastest goes to...Seph!!'

"Come now" Seron said as pulled me into his arms. He started singing to me, it was a familiar song and this wasn't out of the ordinary. When he wanted to calm me down he tend to do this. It was quite funny the song he would sing. It was a song about a black mans struggle, but it was so beautiful. We loved it so much we'd go around singing it and people would look at us like `What the hell you know about some blackberry molasses?' and wed say `Well we know its one of the things that never change'.

Seron's voice started to chip away at all the anxiousness. I calmed down as he sang, the lyrics haunting me:

Blackberry molasses one of the things that never change.
You gotta keep pushing on.
The sun don't rain all the time.
Theirs gonna be some heartache and pain.

Woke up Sunday morning, got a little bad news today.
They say my life ain't worth living and time is slowly eating away.
Don't think that I'm going crazy cause thoughts keep running thru my head.
I know I gotta be strong, gotta hold on
Sometimes I rather give up instead.
Seems like I'm better off dead.

Blackberry molasses one of the things that never change.
You gotta keep pushing on.
The sun don't rain all the time.
Theirs gonna be some heartache and pain.

Don't tell me how to live my life
After all that we been thru.
Don't wanna hear about your hardships because I've been there myself a time or two.
Still life goes on if you just keep holding on.
So many things you will survive.
Once you realize
Theirs no such thing as paradise
At least in my eyes

Blackberry molasses one of the things that never change.
You gotta keep pushing on.
The sun don't rain all the time.
Theirs gonna be some heartache and pain.

Blackberry molasses one of the things that never change.
You gotta keep pushing on.
The sun don't rain all the time.
Theirs gonna be some heartache and pain.
Heartache and pain.

At the soft sound of his melodic voice. I fell in a deep sleep.

Seph's Point of View

Slowly Tristan fell asleep listening to Seron. I smiled at that. Seron would sing me to sleep too when I was little.

As soon as his eyes closed. Seron moved off the bed and sat down by his husband and children. We all sat down on the couch and watched Tristan sleep. After 3 hours and nothing happened I looked over at Seron.

"Well I guess the prophecy is wrong this time."

"You talked too fast." Seron smiled as he nodded towards Tristan. I looked at him and his scar started to shine brighter and brighter. Then all 3 silver stars of his flew up above him and expanded.

The shooting star went thru the first star and Tristan's body started to shake uncontrollably. His face was in a grimace. I got up but Seron grabbed my arm. I stood there and watched him, it was quite clear he was going thru pain.

The shooting star then went thru the second star and his body started to rise off the bed. He was sweating profusely and though he was still asleep he started screaming. I pulled my arm away from Seron and ran over to Tristan. I tried to pull his body down from in the air but it wouldn't budge. It stayed there. I wrapped an arm around his chest and neck and pulled for dear life but he wouldn't move.

Then the shooting star went thru the last star and his body fell down. I pulled him and held him close to me and then all the stars shot back into him and his screaming doubled tenfold. His face was now soaked with tears and he was finding great difficulty to breathe. I held on to him tight and I tried everything to calm him down. I hugged him tight and kissed him lovingly but he continued to scream for an half an hour. When I finally got him to calm down I sat there defeated. I could only imagine what he was dreaming when he was screaming. I looked over at Seron and his family who were all staring at me with their mouths open.

"The prophecy is true, all of it is true isn't it." Rhond asked me.

"No not all of it is true" I denied.

"No, so why do you bare a lone star above your left eyebrow." Seron threw in. I ran my hand over my forehead and didn't feel anything.

"Look for passion eyes, whose heart is grave. He will be the one to help shape Noraah's fate, he will be Hope's soul mate. He will love mother pure as if she was his own and he will take her death harder then his own. He will have great disposition but he will love again and show it in Hope's weary condition. Generation after generation of unbroken guards. The one you look for will have bear a scar, a lone star." Sondren said word for word from the prophecy.

"I was right, you are the one." Seron said looking at me amazed.

"NO I AM NOT!" I said as I stormed out of the room. Love? Me? Never, I promised myself long ago that I would never love again!

To Be Continued...
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