Ray Of Hope


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Chapter 5-Noraah's Council

I nodded off during the long journey that Ella was taking me. Ella? That's what I named my unicorn, her official name is Elements but I nicked her Ella.

When I awoke I was in a field full of exotic flowers. Its smell was intoxicating. I slowly sat up and wrapped my arms around my bare chest. I wish I had at least put on a shirt before I left but I guess that was asking too much.

I was still on Ella and we were beside a small river. I felt strong magic all around. I slowly got off of Ella, she nudged me toward the river. I walked slowly beside it. I bent down and drank some of the cold water.

"You've finally made it." A soft voice said in my head. I turned around so quick that I almost fell into the freezing water.

"Hello Specula" the stranger said. My smart reply was "Hi".

"You are well versed in the ways of the yesteryears but much has happened since you were born. The finding of the prophecies. You know all of what your parent knew when they conceived you, but that was 19 years ago. I'm afraid your still a little bit in the dark. Thankfully, you will not fight this fight alone." The stranger said to me as he walked over towards me, beside him was a unicorn just like Ella, except he held a silver star above his eyebrow instead of the shooting star and he had large brown leather bags draped at his side held together by a gold clip.

"It is said that a team will be made to help you along your journey, called Noraah's Council. Each will have a place in your heart, therefore they will receive a piece of your burden. The 4 stars that mark you, they will receive part. The first silver star will appear on your lover for life. The second silver star will appear on your best friend to come. The third silver star and the forth shooting star are waiting patiently, choosing carefully, they will be someone who shares part of your bloodline, relatives. The one with the shooting star will not be a Belatricus though." A young man said donned in what looked to be a grass green pair of tight cotton pants that were tucked into long brown leather boots, a light brown button up shirt tucked in his pants, a brown leather knapsack thrown around his chest, filled with gold arrows and a beautifully crafted bow was in his hand. I presumed him to be an elf because of his pointy ears and his thick hair that was fire red and was in one big braid that reached somewhere along his thigh. His eyes were the shade of cinnamon and his build was that more of a swimmers and he stood short at only 5'8. But the interesting part was a silver star above his right eyebrow.

"Who are you? How did you speak in my head?" I asked as he sat down Indian style in front of me.

"I am Kindred. I received the second star and this is my beast Fierce" He smiled over to me.

"They must not come in order, because you are the second person I've seen that held part of my mark. And if what you say is true then your telling me Ella is my lover for life?" I told him and he chuckled.

"No, if you look at Ella you will see another star has appeared above her brow. She will receive your mark, just as our beast will receive ours. By the end of the night she will bare your mark entirely" he said.

"And the one who is your lover bares the star already. It is impossible for me to receive mine if he hasn't received his. He must be hiding it, but not with magic because that is also impossible." Kindred continued as he looked me over.

"Look for passion eyes, whose heart is grave. He will be the one to help shape Noraah's fate, he will be Hope's soul mate. He will love mother pure as if she was his own and he will take her death harder then his own. He will have great disposition but he will love again and show it in Hope's weary condition. Generation after generation of unbroken guards. The one you look for will bear a scar, a lone star." I heard but was astonished to see who said it.

"Ella" I shouted.

"If you haven't noticed, she isn't just any type of unicorn." Kindred said as he rubbed Ella's back after she knelt down beside him.

"She can speak?"

"Only those who bear the marks can hear her. Were all bonded together thru you, thru the mark, thru the burden."

"Ella can you repeat the prophecy." I said as I stared at her, I was in too much of a shock to understand what she said the first time.

"Look for passion eyes, whose heart is grave. He will be the one to help shape Noraah's fate, he will be Hope's soul mate. He will love mother pure as if she was his own and he will take her death harder then his own. He will have great disposition but he will love again and show it in Hope's weary condition. Generation after generation of unbroken guards. The one you look for will bear a scar, a lone star" She reiterated.

"I'm afraid I know who that is, passion eyes." I said solemnly as I looked over at the waterfall. Remembering what happened last night.

"By sunrise the last silver star will be chosen and will appear. We will have to go back to the castle. Ella can not show us the way home until we are all together." Kindred said as he sat beside me and stared at the slowly brightening sky. The sunrise will be here soon.

"Home? We are not staying in the royal castle. And a relative who is not Belatricus then he would have to be... " I stopped at the realization of what he said.

"No, we will not live in the royal castle. a secret castle was made for us. No one knows where it is but Element unicorns. It is a great secret that is passed down. Theirs only five of us left now." Ella said as we watched the sunrise.

"And yes, your blood is pure and tainted. If he is not from the pure then he must be of the tainted" Fierce added.

"Daddy, daddy, daddy." A small redhead elf girl ran to us, her long hair flying in the breeze. Precious was the word to describe her. Her smile was perfect, dimples complementing her plump rosy cheeks. She looked to be no more than 6. She was decked out in the same outfit as her father and she even had wooden arrows and a wood bow. She was running full force towards Kindred who had bent down to grab her.

"We are all here, now. It is time to head to the royal castle." He said as he placed his daughter on Fierce and swung himself on top of Fierce as well. I followed suit and mounted Ella. They galloped off to the royal castle.

Rohan's Point of View

"Where the hell is he, when he comes back I'm going to put his nuts into a grinder!" I said as I adopted Tristan's habit of pacing back and forth. It helped to get the energy out.

"Calm down, this was written in the prophecy." Seron said quietly.

"WHAT!" every one screamed at the same time, our eyes focused on Seron.

"I am not suppose to tell you all of the prophecy, just what you need to know. And if I would have told you, you might have handled things differently. And that would do more bad then good."

"Oh so the fact that my life was at risk didn't matter much, because if I DIED it would do more good then bad." Seph said sarcastically.

"No, if Tristan never got so mad then he would never found his voice, never being able to do complicated spells and he would never have left and found his unicorn." Seron said as he looked off.

"Unicorn? He doesn't even know how to ride it. He may be hurt somewhere." Seph said as he stood up and started heading for the door but Rhond grabbed him.

"He knows and it isn't just any unicorn. It is Ella, an Element Unicorns. There are only 5 left of them in this world and it is written that each belongs to the ones who bare the marks." Rhond said guiltily that he knew the prophecy as well.

"So what is it only us who didn't know this part of the prophecy!" I screamed at my fathers.

"The ones who bare the mark, I thought only his soul mate bared a mark?" Melisd threw in.

"There is much to tell you. It is said that a team, Noraah's Council, will be made to help Specula in his journey. Each will have a pieve of his heart, therefore they will receive a piece of his burden..." Seron started as we all sat and listened.

An Hour Later

"Wow" was all I could say.

"So your being replaced, he's meeting his best friend to come?" Sondren asked and looked at his father Seron.

"Yes, I'm afraid over the weeks we will have more of a father/son relationship. When I was at Noraah I had no responsibilities, it was easier to be carefree, much like a young man. I am home now and father is dead. I have a whole kingdom to rule now." Seron said sadly, the death of grandpa weighing down heavily on him. I jumped in his lap and gave him a great big hug. He did like always and pushed my bang from in my face and kissed my forehead. When he looked at me his frown was replaced by a big grin, he looked over to father Rhond.

"I'm guessing your guess was right." Rhond said smiling.

"Ok what the hell are you two talking about" Sondren said.

"Rohan you must go and back dear son. You have received the third star." Seron said as he pulled me into a tight hug.

"They will be here shortly after sunrise. The fourth final man should be on his way here. " Rhond said perplexed.

"What is it dad." I asked as I looked at him.

"The fourth man is a relative who is not Belatricus. That means he has to be a vampire, but he is suppose to be here shortly after sunrise, how can that be?" Rhond expressed to us.

"Well we shall find out soon. Now go back, the both of you. There's two Element unicorns out there waiting for you." Seron said as he finally let me go and walked over to Seph and wrapped an arm around the both of us, he walked us up the stairs to help us pack. While Rhond, Sondren and Melisd were outside with the beasts.

"Dad, you've just come back and now I have to leave. I was looking forward to spending more time with you." I said sadly.

"Jeez Rohan your not going to Dwiren, your just moving out. You can come and visit everyday, which I'm sure you all will do." Seron said as he kissed me on the forehead again.

"Father will I now know the prophecy." I asked him, the prophecy was not written down it was knowledge that only a few chosen ones who would just wake up and know it.

"I do not know that son." Seron answered as he closed the ocean blue leather bags he had bought and packed for Tristan. He pulled out a painted wooden clip that held the Specula mark. He attached the bags to the clip and swung them over his shoulder.

"Father can I borrow a clip, mines broke." I told him. My clip had broken when I had tried to lug two bags of weights from the mall all the way home.

"I have bought you one." He said as he held out a silver clip that said Rohan in black.

"You were pretty confident in your guesses." Seph said as father passed him a steel clip bounded in black leather that said Sephlous in liquid silver.

"We are all that's left of the family, theirs no cousin left. Rhond and I have a kingdom to run, it would not pick us. It was between you and Sondren. Everything is for a reason. If Sondren and Melisd didn't do that stupid bet then you and Tristan would not be as good of friends as you are now, that bet took away Sondren's chances. As for you Seph, no one took Tristan's mothers death harder then you. Plus the whole passion eyes helps a lot as well." Seron said as we bounded down the stairs and outside to see the rising of the sun.

"How will I know which is mine." I asked father Seron.

"You will not know, but they will." Rhond said as he stopped petting the two Element unicorns. They both walked over to us and switched sides, bowing down when they reached in front of us. I was in awe of them, they looked so beautiful. I swung my bag over my unicorn's back.

"My name is Breeze." I jumped and so did Seph.

"Tell me you all heard that." I said as I stared at my unicorn. Every one said no but Seph.

"I heard it as well." Seph said staring at my unicorn.

"And my name is Nature." Seph's horse said and we once again jumped. Every one else was looking at us crazy. Then we heard the distinct sound of galloping in the distance, headed this way. We looked to the north and saw two Element horses and on one held a man and a child and on the other was a very tired and cold looking Tristan. I quickly ran up the stairs and grabbed an extra sweater and the ocean blue long leather coat that father Seron forgot to bring down. I returned just as they rode up to us. Tristan jumped down on his unicorn as soon as it stopped and walked swiftly over to Seph and brushed the hair out of his face. He normally kept his hair pulled back but ever since he received the star he kept it out and it hung in his face, hiding his star. Tristan just stared at it for a while.

When he finally looked away he looked at the two unicorns. He guessed Seph's unicorn because of all the black and then he looked at the second unicorn, my unicorn and smiled.

Back to Tristan's Point of View

I stared at the star on Seph's head and I didn't know whether to spit in his face, kiss him, cry or laugh. When I finally pulled myself away from him I realized their were two unicorns instead of one. It was easy to find which one was Seph's, then I turned to the unicorn. I spotted the clip and saw Rohan's name in black ink. I thought it would be him. I looked over at him with a big smile. He held out a white sweater, shoes and my long leather coat. I was thankful because I was freezing. I gave him a big hug and I quickly put on my sweater and shoes. I brushed the dirt off of my light blue jeans. I threw on the leather coat and was happy for the warmth it offered. Seron threw two bags held by a clip over Ella.

"So your not going to introduce me, huh." Kindred said to me.

"As soon as you introduce me to that pretty little daughter of yours." I smiled up at him and he just rolled his eyes.

"Hard ball you want to play." He said giving me a stern look.

"My name is Kayla, but daddy calls me Kay." Kindred daughter said.

"Well, Kayle this is Sondren, Melisd, Rhond, Seron, Rohan and Seph." I said making sure to ignore Kindred.

"And I am Kindred, who he forgot to mention." He said as he dismounted his horse and shook hands with every one.

"So..." I said, trying to break the sudden quietness. Their was a lot of tension going on. A lot from last night and a lot from the fourth and last member of Noraah's Council.

"Oh I bought you guys harnesses, its kind of hard to ride a unicorn without a harness." Rhond said as he ran in and back out, hands full with gold harnesses.

"Ella you mind if I put a harness on you." I asked her as Rhond passed out the harnesses.

"No" was her reply.


"You hear them too." Rohan asked.

"Were bonded with them." I said giving them what Kindred told me. When I finished putting the harness on I looked at the remaining harness in Rhond's hand and then I felt something off in the distance. I snapped my head around and looked but I couldn't see anything.

"What is it?" Melisd asked me.

"Some ones watching us, somewhere over there." I said continuing to search the area. I could feel eyes on me from over there. Seron, Rhond, Sondren, Melisd, Seph and Rohan pulled out their swords while Kindred and your not going to believe me but Kayla pulled out there bow and a arrow.

"Stay" I said as I jumped on Ella and galloped over to where I felt the eyes. I steered Ella around but I saw no one, but I felt their presence.

"So you are my brother?" a voice from behind me said. I turned and first noticed his piercing blue eyes, a trait we both got from our father. I stared at him as he did me. He was decked out in all black, but around his neck was a blue cross. We were about the same weight, and had the same fair complexion, but other then that we were different. While I had wild black ear length curly hair that was always falling into my face, he had smooth brown neck length hair pulled back into a tight ponytail. I spotted the shooting star above his brow.

He looked over to the front of the castle and said "Well I guess their waiting for us." and he made his unicorn walk slowly to the castle. When he talked I noticed his fangs, they weren't so obvious, I was just looking hard for them. When we reached we dismounted the unicorns and every one kept staring at him to me.

"You guys look...look...just alike." Seron said, every one just nodded at that statement.

"Well we should look alike, were brothers." he said.

"Brother do you have a name?" I asked realizing I had nothing to call him by.


"Your in the sun." Sondren said stating the obvious.

"In the spell that the great king cast, there was a few clauses. It seems our father has a thing for woman outside of his race, because my mother was human while she had me, so I don't have to survive off of humans because I AM half human. There are a few like me, but they can not come in the light because they're evil."

"Part of the spell was the more evil the heart the more that pure goodness would eat away at it. So half of half of half anything, once you have vampire blood in you and you are evil then the sun and the cross will burn you. But if you are half human or Belatricus and have held on to your compassion and empathy and remorse then you still can show yourself in the light." My brother continued and I knew he and Seph would get along well. They both had that nonchalant, mysterious, heavy heart thing down pat.

"It is time, to go home." Ella said and all of us nodded to her.

"It is time." I said to those who couldn't hear Ella. Rhond handed the last harness to Christen and Kindred and Kayla mounted they're unicorn while Seron, Rhond, Sondren and even Melisd were hugging Rohan, Seph and myself. We nodded and Ella lead the way at an alarming speed. I noticed that the other unicorns always stayed behind Ella. Even when we were standing up and talking and I returned with Christen. They all made sure to take a few steps back to be behind her. It was either she was the head bitch in charge or they were all male and were checking her out.

Forty minutes riding into the forest beside the river, the river split into two. Seph remarked that he had been over here before millions of times, and the river had never split into two. Five minutes later we came to a clearing with a mini waterfall.

The unicorns led us inside and I was amazed because as soon as we all dismounted, right before our eyes the unicorns took on human form. Ella naturally was a girl and so was Christen's unicorn Aqua and Rohan's unicorn Breeze. Fierce and Nature were men. They all actually glowed and had only a small piece of cloth covering their unmentionables. I looked at Ella and she was beautiful.

"Ella" I said as I hesitantly put my hand out to touch her.

"Yes it is me." She said as she gave me a big hug.

"Explain" was all Christen said, but it was enough.

"Element unicorns are beast masters. Our ancestors were born like this, but they would change into unicorns because it was easier to get around back then and then slowly evolution took place. But here, we can change into our human form, we don't know why, but we just can." She said as she walked further into the cave.

We were now in a small cave but their were two marble doors. I walked to them and pulled them open. We all walked in on the polished stone floors. To the left was a large living room. Full of soft couches and a huge fireplace. Off to the right was a dining room table made of the same off white stone. To the back was a kitchen. And in the middle was a large statue and a staircase.

I looked up at the statue and my mouth dropped. Their stood the five of us. In the order of Kindred, Seph, me, Christen and then Rohan. Kindred had his back against Seph and had one foot propped on a large rock and he had his bow and arrow ready. Seph had no shirt on, but had his long coat on and he had a large sword in one hand pointing towards the door and my hand in his next. My hair was longer, down to my neck and I was shirtless as well. Their was a rip in my pants, above my knee and by my ankle. Their were smudges and I was looking out by the door, the look I had on my face scared even me! Christen was beside me with one hand on my shoulder, he was biting into his lips softly and his fangs were showing. He had one foot in front of the other and in his next arm held a sword that he held over his head. Beside him was Rohan who looked older and he was holding his sword with both hands. We all just stared at the statue, in shock.

"When was this made." I asked Ella.

"Six hundred years ago. The great king dreamed this, way before he got the prophecies. He built this castle for you guys. Follow me." Ella said as she bounded up the steps.

The second and third floor had a big rectangle in the middle so we could look from the second floor down to the first, as so did the fourth floor. The second floor was just one big library. The third floor were where the bedroom were. The first room was a little girls room that Ella showed Kayla into. The second was a room full of red and black. The floor, the leather couches that were off in front of a large fireplace that was close to the door was black. The couch had red pillows and the fireplace was incased in red brick. Deeper inside was a large red bed with black sheets and a small fireplace in front of it. Black and white pictures in red frames aligned the wall and right above the bed was the name Kindred written in a drawing that looked like fire. Fierce, Kindred's unicorn, laid Kindred's saddle bag beside the bed. I noticed two door off to the left and a small skylight above. We all left and we passed by the third room.

"Who goes in that room Ella" Seph asked my unicorn. "They are not here yet." She replied. I looked at her and raised my eyebrow "Not here yet, more people are coming."

"The empty rooms are for children, for all of your offsprings." Ella said as we went into the fourth room.

"How do you know how many offsprings we'll have?" I asked, and the thought of having kids with Seph popped into my head. I had to cringe at that. Could you imagine, those would be the most fucked up kids ever!

"The same way we knew how each of you would look way before any of you were born." Ella said with a slight attitude. Testy one she is.

The fourth room was gorgeous. Their were couches that were more modern looking, all white and very slim, but the fireplace was small. The floor and walls were glass and you could see water running under it. The bed was huge and was draped in white and had a large skylight above it. Ella nudged Christen in there, but then she nudged Rohan in there too. Aqua and Breeze laid Christen and Rohan's saddle bags beside the bed. Again off in the corner was two doors.

"Why don't I get my own room?" Rohan asked.

"Why waste rooms when you two are going to end up in here together." Ella said as she kept walking. Every ones mouth was wide open. "Come again." Was Christen's input. Ella turned around and looked at the two. "Love at first sight is their fate. In Water, Wind will find his mate."

"Who the fuck is wind and water?" was my reply. I looked over at Rohan who was blushing something awful.

"I will get to this later. First I'm putting you in your rightful rooms. Next, your all washing up and getting some rest. We will discuss this at dinner." Ella said as she turned back around. We passed by the fifth and sixth room and headed into the seventh room.

The floors were mahogany wood. In front the couches were beige and they were very plump. The kind of couches you just sit down in and sink into. They had different shades of green and brown pillows. Their were a lot of plants along the wall. They were held in glass containers that you could see water running through. In the middle of the room was this huge sculpture in dark green marble. It looked like a whole bunch of vines making the shape of a circular tub that running water and fishes were in. And above was a marble rose about the size of my arm floating in the middle of it in the air. Deeper into the room their was a two steps that lead up. The floor was this dark green marble that went up into two large pillars that was at the foot of the bed. The sheets were beige and satin. Ella and Nature put down Seph and my bags by the bed. I just gave them a look. Why is it I always end up pairing off with Seph.

"We share a room together. Its room 10, if you need us that's where we'll be. Those two doors in your rooms off to the side lead to a closet and a bathroom. Wash up and take a nap, you all look really bad." Ella said as she and the guys left the room in search of theirs. I opened the two marble doors and I found the closet first. It was a big walk in closet that already had clothes in it. It wasn't hard to figure which side of the closet was mine, the one with color. On one side held only black clothes. I drag my saddle bag in and unpacked the clothes in there. Seph came along and did the same. The tension was back and in full effect.

We finished at the same time and walked out side by side both wondering who was going to speak first, but neither of us. I sat on the floor by the bed and watched him take all his stuff he needed in the bathroom. I wandered around the room that looked more like a large loft then a room. When he finally came out in a pair of black pajama bottoms and a bare chest I had to work really hard not to stare.

I went into the bathroom and cleaned up myself. Comfortable in a pair of boxers. I opened the lining closet in the bathroom and took out a sheet. When I came out I saw Seph asleep on the bed like I thought he would be and I went over to the largest couch and fell asleep.

I awoke to the feel of someone watching me. I opened my eyes to see Christen and Seph sitting on the floor, backs against the wall, opposite from the couch I was currently on. They were staring at me. I turned my body facing them so I wouldn't have to crane my neck.

"What you two want?" I said not very nicely. My attitude was more directed at Seph and every one could tell cause I was staring a hole into his head.

"Just came to see if you were up and I saw him over here and decided to join him." Christen said as he stood up and walked over to me, kneeling down.

"Sometimes its better to forgive and forget then hold onto the past." He whispered in my ear as he got up and left. I watched him leave and I thought about what he said. I felt someone sit next to me and I redirected my gaze from the door to right next to me.

"I'm an asshole and what Melisd said that day wasn't far from the truth. The thought of loving someone scares the hell out of me, because the thought of losing someone I love again is something I just don't think I can take. You wanted to know why Seron and I weren't close anymore because I try to distant myself from every one, especially him. And then you come along and I have such mixed feelings for you, but the second week, seventh day's rest was what made me know I was fighting a losing battle because I saw you there in so much pain and I wished it was me instead. And when I came on to you yesterday morning I wasn't really thinking, I just really wanted you and when I found out that I was your first I was disgusted. Not at you like you thought but at me because I cant be what you want me to be. And then I pushed you away because truthfully at that time I rathered your heart broken then mine, and what you did was right because I got what I deserved. I cant do it, but now I don't feel like I have a choice because it actually hurts when I'm not with you." He said all in one breathe. I sat there for a long time just staring at him, his eyes were pleading with me.

"Truthfully...I rather your heart broken then mine." I said sadly as I got up and put some clothes on and headed out not giving Seph another look. Whose to say he doesn't pull some hot shit again, I'm not about to put myself on the line like that

To Be Continued...
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