Ray Of Hope


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Chapter 6-So...

I had migrated over towards Rohan and Christen's room but the door was locked and my knocks were never replied too. `Love at first sight, huh".

I decided to go and visit with Kindred. I walked into his room to find him still asleep, his daughter bundled up against his chest in the sacred arms of her father; Not a care in her world, how I would love to go back to the more simpler times.

I left and headed to the fourth floor, we never had a chance to see what was up there. We stopped short, seeing that our bedrooms are on the third floor. I walked up the steps and was amazed. The floor was ruby and the walls were laced with sword and other fighting equipment. I spent time looking at one sword to a next, intrigued.

"Want to fight me."

"I thought you were downstairs, crying." I said as I pulled a sword off that I decided was my favorite.

"I was, but I figured..."

"That nothings worth caring for, right?" I said remembering his earlier words.

"No, that I'd never get you while I'm one place and you're the next." I finally turned to look at him and though he didn't look perfect like always, he sure as hell didn't look like he was going thru any misery.

"How do you do that? How is it you always look like nothing in the world phases you?" I stared at him as he walked closer to me.

"When people think you don't care, then that's when you actually really get to know what people think. You learn so much about someone, while never putting yourself out there." He said as he pulled out his sword and pointed it toward me.

"I'm not fighting you." I stared at him.

"No? Scared you just might lose." He said as he threw his long leather jacket to the side and got into a fighting position, his sword raised.

"No I'm afraid I just might hurt you."

"You weren't afraid of that when you had me in that spell." He threw in as he clicked his sword with mine.

"Fine" I said, lets see how well these powers that returned to me are. And so we went on. Within five minutes every one was sitting around watching us and I had been `killed' numerous times, but each time I got better and better. Then I felt the butt of Seph's sword go into my stomach, until now he hadn't caused any pain. Every one gasped as I grabbed at my stomach hoping some pressure would ease the pain. The tip of his sword raised my head up so that I was staring into those eyes. How could so much passion be captured in those eyes, how could it be possible?

"You're a good fuck, maybe after this we could go another round in the bed. My first assumptions were right, pathetic." He said as pure hatred spread across his face. I saw Kindred and Rohan getting up but the Elements grabbed them.

I stood slowly up, the pain in my stomach didn't feel so bad anymore, the anger seemed to work better then Morphine could ever have. I threw my sword up in the air and while waiting for it to fall, I did two back to back 360 spins, kicked him dead across the face the first time and in mid spin I the sword landed in my hand and it slashed across his chest. He looked stunned for a second, then a smile spread across his face. He just ripped off the wife beater and threw it down and charged at me.

His sword was working much faster then before and he had cut the shirt right off of me, it just fell to the floor. I retaliated and put him on the defense as I ran to the wall and did a black flip off of it and landed behind him, but he was already gone as I landed and I felt a sword slicing into the flesh of my back. I turned and saw his amused face as he smacked me hard across the face.

The next hour we fought at impossible speeds. He always kept the upper hand. His years of experience had not left him forsaken. I was so tired, but I refused to give up. I ran to him in a full charge and brought my leg up to kick him but his hands were already there. He yanked so hard that I fell on the floor, he brought his sword down while some one screamed he turned his head for a second but that was enough time for me to bring my sword up and he purposely fell at an angle into me. My sword plunging into his arm while his sword plunged into mine. I looked up in his eyes and was actually scared. The look on his face was of pleasure, like he welcomed the pain.

I let go my sword and he pulled it out with the bad hand, his sword still piercing my insides. He laid down on top of me as he pulled his sword out of me. He looked down at me as I was squirming in pain. He actually had a smile on his face.

"I'm proud."He said as he kissed my good hand and ran it along my deep cut. I could feel a strong burning sensation coming off of our hands and when he finally let go, the pain was gone. I looked at my arm and was surprised to see all the blood and the cut gone with no evidence that I had been bruised at all. I craned my neck up to look at him. His head was resting on my chest, I could still feel his blood pouring down on me. I grabbed his hand into mine and put it on his cut but nothing happened.

"Too weak" Seph said as he snuggled down deeper into me. Christen came up and I realized their was still people in the room. I looked at the far wall where they were all sitting and saw every one on their feet trying to come to us but the Elements held them in place. Christen rolled Seph off who had pushed him away a couple of times, his arm gripping onto me tight. When Christen finally got him off of me with my help, we saw all the blood pouring from him.

"You should of asked someone to help you with him Seph." Christen said as he shook his head and put his hand over Seph's hand and held it onto his gashing cut. His face got flushed for a minute so I knew he was feeling the burn. And in the blink of an eye all the blood was gone. Everything was fine, his cuts and bruises were all gone.

Rohan ran over and kicked Seph in the side mildly. "You should of asked someone to help you with him, stubborn asshole." Rohan hugged Seph tight all the while cussing him out. I was confused now and Rohan noticed.

"You know how Father Seron talked about how hard it is to put magic on you, because your blood is so rich in it. How only a great wizard could put a spell on you and even then it would take a lot out of them. Well this knuckle head here happens to be a great wizard and when he healed you, it was putting magic on you. He wouldn't of been able to do it alone in his state, if you didn't help, hence why he wrapped his hand around yours. But this ass used all his powers getting you all fixed up that he couldn't fix himself." Rohan said as he started to curse at him again.

"When you started fighting, he put up a very elaborate timed electric shield around you two so that no one could interrupt your fighting, and since you don't have a clue in hell what's up. This...this...asshole would have most likely just laid there, bleeding to death. I don't know why he made that fucking sheild so damn powerful it took every one chanting to open up a small hole in it. Christen being just as anorexic as you was the only one who could fit thru it." Rohan finished up while I hit him and a small weak protest came from Christen. I looked at him and noticed he looked very pale and tired.

"What's up with him?" I asked as I pulled Christen over to me and wrapped him up into my arms. A strong urge to protect him came over me.

"You don't like to listen you know. Didn't you get the part about him being a great wizard. Gosh, you think you're the only one whose blood is filled with magic. Let me spell it out for you, the same thing that happened to him as he healed you happened to your brother." Rohan said as he rolled his eyes and continued to hug and rock Seph.

"Bitch" I smiled at him.

"Hey you two be nice." Christen barely said.

"What a sight to see, shouldn't you two be switching partners." Ella said as she looked down at us smiling. I looked at Christen in my arms and Seph in Rohan arms and I couldn't help but smile at Ella's observation.

"Well the elaborate dinner I was planning is out of question now. I'll go make some sandwiches and well eat it at...your room" Ella said as she looked down at me for a second and started for the stairs. I picked up Christen who had seemed to fall asleep and carried him down to my room with every one behind me.

I laid Christen on the bed and Rohan tried to follow suit but Seph held on tighter and mumbled out my name. Rohan just smiled at me and shrugged his shoulder as he picked Seph back up and carried him over to me while he pulled Seph's arm away from him and wrapped his arms instead around me. I just stood there feeling awkward. Seph's arms wrapped tightly around me. Rohan smirked at the sight. "Your so slim and he's so muscled down that it looks weird, you carrying him. Looks like it should be the other way."

I finally decided on the couch and sat down trying to get in the most comfortable position with Seph laying on me. "Loosen up, he cant act like an ass when he's sleeping." Rohan joked.

"He probably can" Kindred said as he looked at Seph with a bit if disdain.

"Where's Kayla?" I said trying to redirect his gaze to me. I had issues with Seph my damn self but I still felt protective of him, in a sick ironic way.

"She's helping Ella. She think she's so pretty." Kindred smiled as he looked like he didn't disagree at all.

"So, what was that all about." Rohan said as looked from me to Seph. I could tell he was trying hard to stay mad at Seph, but he couldn't. Seph was like a big brother to him.

"Seph was just being...Seph." Was the best I could sum it all up into. I didn't really feel like going into it and Rohan noticed.

"Well I hope this once the prophecy is wrong, because he's a jerk to you." Kindred said as he looked at Seph, the disdain back.

"He's just been hurt bad and is afraid to get hurt again." Rohan said softly as he looked lovingly at Seph.

"Bullshit, he's a bastard. You heard what he said in front of all of us upstairs. Obviously trying to piss, degrade and just...shit on Tristan" Kindred said.

"Tristan wasn't focused, so he gave him a reason to focus" Rohan defended.

"The hit in the stomach was all he needed to get him to focus, he didn't have to go out and spread his business to the world."

"What world? It was only us and its not that big of a secret they hooked up." Rohan glared at Kindred.

"Oh yeah but still making your life's goal to be a total prick to someone you supposedly love is ok with you." Kindred glared back.

"Granted he doesn't do things the most tactful way, but his intentions are good!"

"The road paved to hell is filled with good intentions." Kindred spat out. While I just watched them go back and forth.

"What the fuck do you know about anything. You just met him, who are you to pass judgement on anyone, you filthy fucken elf." Rohan said as he bolted upright. I was surprised to say the least, this wasn't like him at all. Rohan a hothead? No. "Filthy fucken elf!" Kindred said as his face went the color of his fiery hair. They stood staring at each other with their fist balled up ready to strike any minute.

"Calm down Rohan." Seph said groggily, as he nuzzled deeper into my chest. "I'm not anything worth fighting over Rohan, and Kindred you don't want your daughter to walk in seeing you fighting." Seph raised his head from my chest and stretched his hand out toward Christen, who woke up immediately.

Rohan stood in front of Kindred still looking like any minute he was ready to strike. Seph looked at them and noticed they had not moved, got up. He slid an arm around Rohan. "Gets testy when you talk about his family." Seph said as he pulled Rohan down on the couch between him and myself.

"What I miss?" Christen said as he looked around to see the couches full. All three of us on the small couch and Kindred brewing on the other large couch by himself. I rather be squished then sit next to Kindred at that moment but I stood up and let Christen take my seat, he still looked tired.

I willed myself to sit down by Kindred. I put an hesitant arm around him and relaxed when he didn't snap on me. "If Kayla was being a bit of a pest one day and I started going off about how rotten she was, you'd want to punch me right? Well, that's how it is for Rohan. Seph is his family and he loves him and he doesn't want anyone attacking him, even if their's some truth in his words." I whispered over to Kindred, every one was so quiet that they heard anyway. Kindred thought about it for a minute and his face softened from I'm-bout-to-kill-someone look to a mellower I'm-going-to-punch-someone face.

"I helped make dinner daddy" Kayla shot into the room and into Kindred's lap, jumping up and down.

"Yep, she was a big help." Breeze said as the rest of the Elementals filled into the room with trays of sandwiches. The dinner was quiet, the tension between Rohan, Seph and Kindred was still thick in the air.

Ella kept looking at me, she knew something was up. All the feelings flying around was suffocating me and I wish Ella would turn back into a unicorn so I could just ride somewhere. "Ok, I know every one just got up but I want you all back to bed."

"But you were suppose to tell us what the hell you were talking about, about wind and water." Rohan said as he finally peeled his hate filled eyes away from Kindred.

"Yes I was, before every one was at each others necks. I'll tell you all when you guys cool down. You guys all look like your walking a tight rope." She said as she left, pushing Kindred and Kayla to they're room.

"You should really think about what I said, forgiveness. His actions might seem mean, but they have purpose. If he never pushed you today you wouldn't be fighting at your capability. Now that we can see what you can do without training, now we know what he needs to teach you to advance you. He may be harsh and calculating but its in your best interest. Don't forgot that he could of healed himself instead of you, probably would have been smarter. He could of helped us break the five hour shield, but he didn't want to risk it." Christen said as he got up and headed out the door after Rohan. Seph grabbed the folded sheet I put up and laid down with it on the couch.

"You still tired?" I asked the obvious as I knelt down beside the couch. He opened his already closed eyes and stared at me. This was the second time that I had same him and he wasn't in complete control. The overwhelming passion in his eyes dwindled down to a slow roar and uncertainty and sadness flashed through them.

"You don't have to love me just because the prophecy said that your suppose to" I said.

"I'd never force myself to love someone. I'm more of the running away when I get two thousand feet near love type person. I just, I hate you and love you at the same time." He said as his hand reached for mine.

"You hate me, that should explain that look you gave me upstairs." I said solemnly, as I remember how his face filled with hate.

"That look was more directed at me then you. I hated what I had to do get you a float, because you were seriously drowning."

"That's what Christen said. He says a lot about you. He seems to think their's something still left inside of you still worth loving." I stared at him. He had gone back to that man in the Jacuzzi, so soft and opened to love. "Do you think their's something still left inside of me still worth loving?" He asked hopefully.

"I don't know. When your like this I think there is, but when your..."I stopped thinking about how mean he was to me.

"Just...just give me a chance, another chance and I promise you wont have to give me anymore. I swear I can be good to you, I can be good for you." He pleaded softly. If I wasn't o close to him I wouldn't have heard him. I felt my legs cramp up from the position I was in, so I stood up.

"Why don't you take the bed." I told him as I watched a tear trickle down his cheak. How could some one so sure of themselves one minute, be so vulnerable the next?

"No, I'm okay." He said dejectedly.

"The bed is big enough for two, I'm sleeping on the it as well; You can too, that's if you can pull yourself away from the comfortableness of the couch." I threw over my back as I undressed down to my boxers and slipped into the bed. He soon followed shortly after.

"You sleeping with all those clothes?" I asked, since he normally slept like me, in his boxers. He smiled sheepishly as he undressed and laid down.

"So..." He said softly as he turned so we were facing each other.

"So you love and hate me." I said as I watched him try to put his feelings into words.

"Its like you have power over me and I'm not really fond of that. When you say things they hurt and I don't cope well with it. When I saw you and Melisd at the waterfall I hated you so much, hated you for making me feel so muc pain."

"Yeah ou weren't exactly nice to me after that." I said remembering him calling me a whore. He must of realized what I was thinking because he mumbled a sorry.

"Its okay, thinking about it I would probably be bitchy too if I saw you with someone else." I said as I reached a hand over to uncover the silver star above his eyebrow.

"Why didn't you tell me about this?" I asked as I ran my hand over the mark.

"Scared the hell out of me and I thought it might overwhelm you. Look at this." He said as he brought his finger in the air and wrote out his full name. The words appearing in a dull green.

Sephlous Ta'ome

I ran my hand thru the words. He mumbled something and the words started rearranging themselves.

Hope's soulmate

I laid there staring at the words, astonished. I heard him talking to me as we stared at the words. "My parents didn't plan it or anything. Our last name obviously has been passed down from generation to generation and Sephlous is an elfish word that means `great warrior.' They thought it was a nice name."

"Destined to be together we are." I mumbled to myself.

"No, theirs a reason why Seron and Rhond are so secretive about the prophecy. Anyone of us could change the outcome, we could make it untrue. They're always saying the prophecy is never wrong, well it was wrong once before. Seron was to marry someone else, but he loved Rhond. Not many know, all of a sudden many pieces of the prophecy disappeared. We could always go another path.

"So...?" He asked again, returning his focus back on me. Letting the words disappear.

"So?" I stalled.

"So do I get another chance" He asked.

"So why didn't you heal yourself and break the shield spell" I asked as I moved the distance between himself and me. Resting my head against his chest. Changing the subject.

"My sword is poisonous and your cut started to turn green. If I healed myself and hepled with the shield I'd be too tired, timed spells are the hardest to break. I might not have been much help and I didn't know Christen was that powerful. I rather die then for you to" he said.

"Truthfully...I rather my heart broken now, then yours." He whispered that I had tp strain to hear.

"I hate you, you know" I stated as I looked up at him.

"Yeah, I love you too." He said as he pulled me closer to him and kissed me softly.He chanted a spell softly and I could hear our loft-like bedroom door lock and the fake sun light from the skylight disappeared but the chandelier made up of tens and tens of candles lit up immediately. Setting a soft glow.

"I'm not falling for your seduction anymore. This time I want at least dinner and a movie and..." I joked as his lips stopped me from completing my sentence. It started off as soft and sweet but soon turned into passion. His tongue snaking inside my mouth, fighting with each other. He broke off the kiss and I whimpered.

"So...?" His voice came out low and husky, so sexy.

"If you don't kiss me, I'll kill you." I said as I forcifully pulled his lips back to me. His hand slid slowly up my arms and held my hands in his, pulling his head back again.

"Tristan I really need this answer."

"What do you think?" I said as tried reaching his lips, but he pulled back again.

"I need to hear it." He said, his voice still husky and sexy. I looked at him and as he stared at me, waiting. I shook my hands out of his and placed each one on the sides of his head.

"I...love...you...your...wish...is...granted." I said as I found places all over his face to lightly kiss between the sentence.

I reached out and grabbed his strong arms, pulling him on top of me. His body crushing against me. I loved it, I could feel every muscle move and flex as he slowly started to grind into me. His forehead pressing against mine. His eyes trained on me and his lips pressing down for soft loving kisses every now and then. I ran my hands along his back and thru his hair. Just the feel of him was good.

He stopped his ministration and slowly pulled mine and his pants off. He sat on his feet in between my legs as he looked down at my naked frame. His hand making lazily circles right above my knee as he stared at me. His eyes traveled from my very toes up to my face. I could feel his eyes on my skin, setting every inch of me on fire.

I opened my arms up towards him, wanting to feel his weight back on me and getting a little self conscious. He slowly laid on top of me, kissing my neck, jaw, chin, nose, eyes lids, forehead and finally settling on my lips.

He looked up and we connected eyes, him tugging on my bottom lip slightly his hands slid down over my ass. Caressing, kneading, rubbing it as his hips started to work wonders again as he started grinding into me. One hand traveled between us, wetting itself with our precum. It retraced its path back to my bum and slowly slid in between my cheaks and across my rosebud; Working in a circle, around its lips. I moaned my approval.

His finger slid in slowly and started to make my heart flutter. His finger working deep in me, his body crushed against mine grinding into me. His eyes staring down at me, his forehead pressed against mine and his tongue sliding out now and then to lick my lips.

I abuptly felt his lips push against my mouth. His now three fingers had pulled out of me and his grinding had almost stopped.


"Yes, I want it."

"You sure?" He said looking at me, searching to make sure I had any doubts. I shook my head yes.

He slowly pulled my legs and brought them over his shoulders. His lips came back crashing into me. His tongue pushing it was inside me wanting mouth. He slowly pushed his hips at my hole, slicked with precum. With a little resistance he entered me slowly. I groaned out in pain as he stilled himself. I felt his hardness throbbing inside of me. I could see the strain in his face, as he willed his body not to thrust into me. I slid my legs from his shoulders to his waist and slowly impaled myself on his rock hard cock.

I felt his pubes brush against me and I waited a little to get adjusted asi gave him the okay. He began to withdraw, making me feel every last vein rubbing inside of me.

"Oh" I whimpered when I felt him rub against my prostate. Seph rotated his hips to make sure he would hit that spot every time and he quickened the pace. Soon his cock came all the way out and slammed all the way back in every time - hitting my spot repeatedly. Leaving me a moaning groaning fool who couldn't tell you what 1 + 1 was at that moment.

My body was shaking, clenching, spasming. My legs started pulling him in deeper. Taking him in as deep as he could go. His dick sliding in and out, over and over until the pleasure was so intense, almost unbearable. My cock shooting out onto both of us. My ass muscles clenching tight at him until he came, screaming my name. He collapsed on top of me and we, both exhausted, fell asleep. The last thought in my head before I fell asleep was I prayed that this room was sound proof.

Somewhere in Dwiren

"Have you gotten everything ready for the attack." Said the mysterious man, his blue eyes the only thing that you could make out in the darkness.

"No sire, but we are walking hard. All the witches are almost done and almost all the vampires are here, were just waiting for a few more." Said the sharp dressed man.

"Good, I have a gift for Seron that he will never forget! Lindo?"

"Yes sire."

"If anything goes wrong I will torture you for eternity." His voice boomed to his servant and their was no mistaking that his word were not to be taken lightly. Lindo just bowed and headed back out the cave to double, triple check everything.

When I awoke Seph was still sleeping. I laid for a long time on Seph's chest, listening to his heart beat. Staring at how gorgeous he was and how much I hope that I didn't make a mistake in giving Seph another chance.

Its safe to say that I had worked myself up, thinking that maybe I did make a big mistake. I finally decided I couldn't go back to sleep even I wanted to and I spent the next five minutes getting away from Seph's tight hold. I threw on a pair of pants, sweater and my jacket. I headed silently outside and was stunned to see Ella out there transformed back into a unicorn.

"Ella, what are you doing here." I asked her as I slowly walked to her.

"We are bonded you and I, much as the same way that you are bonded with the rest of the council. I feel your presence more though because I've had more time with you. I can feel your need for escape, so I figured you'd be down here sometime during this morning. Most likely sooner then later." Ella said as she kneeled so I could get on her back. I grabbed a hold of her harness and we were out.

The feeling I got riding on top of her was great (No pun intended). She went so fast it felt more like soaring then anything. I just gripped tight with my thighs and held out my hands. The feel of the wind crushing against me, the smell of exotic flowers overwhelming me and the feel of walking on air was to say the least exhilarating.

Then I felt it and I fell off Ella with a hard crash, knocking the breathe out of my lungs. The coldest blue eyes flashed in my mind, the thousands of vampires all coming together, the witches chanting for months preparing temporarily amulets that would let the vampires be in the sunlight. The enslaved humans working in deep dark caves on swords. The feeling was of great devastation balancing on the tip of a sword, ready to fall either way and then I saw something that seemed so strange and out of place.

I don't know how long I laid there but I soon felt Seph's arms wrap around me, gently nudging me to wake up. When I opened my eyes I saw the whole council around me, their unicorns lingering in the back behind Ella. They all looked like shit.

To Be Continued...
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