Ray Of Hope


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Chapter 8-Sanctify

I sat Indian style on the roof of the castle. It was a very serene view. From here you could see the waterfall and the entire village, what a beautiful sight. The castles lights shone brightly and bounced off the waterfall. It created the appearance of shimmering shining diamonds everywhere. It was a good place to get all the missing screws in my head fixed. The words of Seph had me out there. Him saying that I had all I needed was inside me in bold print but I never took the time to read them, to search myself and find it. But sitting on that roof I was too enthralled of the beauty of it all to concentrate deeply and too captivated to leave and go somewhere else. The best way to describe that view was peace. It made you at peace with yourself, made you at peace with the world itself.

"When your mother died, I practically lived here. When I realized my feelings for you, I came here. Such peace found here." He said as he sat down next time.

"Theirs a story about this place. They say the great king consummated his marriage here, the twins being the product of it. They said he was so in love, filled with so much peace, so content, so moved that the feelings literaley poured out of him. Turning the sand rooftop into the very rarist marble. That God himself was so happy by this that he blessed this place with sunrises and sunsets that angels would paint. Painting love and happiness across the sky." Seph said as he grabbed my hand.

"Beautiful" I comment.

"I come here time to time. I believe in it. If I were to die, I would want my casket here. So I could watch the angels paint the sunrise and sunset for eternity." Seph said as he moved around me, so that I was sitting between his legs. His arms folding around me.

"They have already started their journey. They will reach by sunrise."

"I know...I can somehow feel their approach." I whispered to him, for reasons I don't know. Seeing we were the only ones on the roof.

"Have you gone searching."

"I have tried, but the beauty of the view has raptured me."

"That it does, that it does. I feel the same when I look at you." Seph said as he kissed me on my cheak. I turned to take a good luck at him, words that sweet are too rare to come by from Sephlous.

"Don't look at me in awe." He said as he smiled at me as he tightened his hug around me.

"I do love you, you know."

"I wasn't sure till just now." I said as I leaned against him.

"I lay my sword to your feet, I bow my pride and honor to you and ask for you to do it as you please. I give my heart to you for safehold." He said, his nonchalant voice was now filled with so much emotion. That any doubt was erased.

"Ahead is a trying time. Today is a battle for many things. For our way of life, for the inhabitants of Noraah's very life, for the right and all that's good. We must win at all cost, we must. For if he we don't, then evil will spread in this world. We will be slaves to them and their evilness. Noraah will stand without a chance." He said as he gave me a final squeeze and stood up and turned me around so that my face was to the view.

"You must concentrate. You must find all your powers. You will need them..."Seph said his hands on my face.

"I will need them." He whispered cryptically. The way he said it put fear into me, what is he talking about.

"What does the prophecy say Seph, is something going to happen to you?" I asked worried.

"Don't worry about such trivial matters. You don't have much time." He said as he kissed me on the forehead and left before I could start my interrogation. With the fear that he stroke into me with those whispered words, and the fact he didn't answer my question and throw in he was talking about where he wanted to be buried when he died. I plunged head first into my meditation. If he needed me then I would be ready. I would not let anything him to him, I just found him.

Seph's Point Of View

I looked solemnly out the window in my room, waiting.

"Sir Sephlous, the spies along the way have sent word. They said they are an half and hours away from the gate. Meaning they are an hours away from us." The servant said.

"Have all the families received, and are in their rooms?" I asked him, his green eyes were full of fear.

"Yes sir, they are all there. The wizards have already put the stones inside their rooms. They all are asleep. They will not wake until one of the commanding wizards undoes the spell."

"The men?"

"Most are watching their loved ones sleep. The rest are milling around the living room."

"What about the Sola elves and Meyet wizards, have they reached?" I asked, about the men the Sola and Meyet were suppose to send. They were only sending 10,000 each. Tristan decided that every one needed some variety. So we sent 10,000 to the Sola and 10,000 to the Meyet. As they did us in return. That way their were some variety, a better chance to stand against the vampires and their minions.

"They just reached sir, they sent word that they met up with our men along the way. So they should have reached as well." The servant said, his head still bowed.

"Good, let every one know they have thirty minutes before they return to their post." I said as I left, in look for my friends.

I found Kindred in his room. Practicing his new power, the command of fire. With the enchanted Kayla wrapped tightly into his arms asleep. He had taken off his coat and was bare chested in his previous red leather pants. A red ribbon wrapped around his right arm, to signify he was a commander. He would be commanding the Sola elves.

"Thirty minutes to we need every one in thier post. They are an hour away."

"Ok" he said. I turned to leave.


"Yeah, Kindred."

"I love Tristan. I might have known him for long but I love him like a brother. I bust your chops the way I do is because of what I saw." He said as he stared at me.

"What did you see?"

"When I first met him down at the pond. I never seen such sorrow. He seemed so sad, like he was in so much pain. The thought that your brought that to him, made me hate you. Made me cringe and very furious at the mere thought of you."

"If the shoe was on the very other foot, I would feel the same. I blame of you nothing, you've done no wrong by me." I said, he looked at me and gave me a nod before he went on with it.

I found Rohan and Christen in a tight embrace in their room. Swirls of water and wind wrapped all around them. They were whispering things to each other and didn't even notice my appearance.

"Hey!" I screamed twice before I got their attention. They looked at me blankly. The water and wind still swirling.

"THIRTY MINUTES! YOU GOT THIRTY MINUTES!" I shouted, just to make sure they heard and left them to it.

I found Melisd and Sondren holding hands in the living room, a few guards here and there. Sondren was decked out in the uniform of the guards, with an extra ribbon wrapped around his right arms to signify he was in command. It would be him and Rohan to lead the guards. The brothers fighting side by side. Melisd was dressed in his wizarding ropes. His staff held tightly into his arm. A black ribbon around his right arm, he would be with me commanding the wizards.

"I'm glad you two finally figured how perfect you were together. Took you forever." I said as I walked over to them.

"What are you talking about Seph? Don't you have a lovely boy to go and corrupt?" Sondren spat out, I had to smile at it.

"Its time we buried the hatchet Sondren. You didn't love me, I knew it. You loved Melisd: You've always loved him and he's loved you. Who was I to stand in the way of that."

"You speak rubbish. If that was your underlying goal when you broke up with him. Then why'd you have to be such a dick about it." Melisd sneered.

"Easy, Sondren doesn't take well to rejection. If I would have simply rejected him he would have pursued me and pursued me and pursued me. I had to be nasty. To make him more weary, to make him give me up and to make him think a little."

"Hmph" was both they're reply.

"I am not asking for forgiveness, just an understanding. You have an half and hour. Then Melisd you will need to return to the wizards and Sondren you will need to round up the guards and take position" I said and turned on my heels.

I ran up the winding secret stairways because the main ones were so full it would take forever to reach. I made it to the 30th floor and found Rhond and Seron. They weren't talking, touching, barely moving. They wouldn't either, it was a ritual they always did. If they talked they would cry of worry for their children and their friends, if they touched they would mourn the loses to come. If they moved before it was time to leave then that would open the floodgates for the first two. They would stay this way until the battle was over. As the kings, they would not be allowed to fight because who would pick up the pieces if they were both died.

"The royal conference room in thirty minutes. The screens have been made and already up and working. I, myself have laid the protection spells" I said as I left. The screens were much like movie screens all around the room. They will see the fronts and backs of our royal castle and the Sola elves and Meyet Wizards castles as well. So they could watch the events.

I went into my room and pulled off my shit, putting back on my coat. I grabbed my sword and holder. I once use to have a staff, but in a foolish fight it was broken to bits. I took the bits and made my sword of it, so it would hold double purposes. I looked at the picture I crafted of Tristan on the wall. It was stupid of me to vow to never love again. To think I fell in love with son of the departed woman I was deeply in love with, the irony of it all.

The next place I went to was the roof. I found Tristan the way I left him. His back to the view. He looked almost dead sitting there. His skin seemed to turn so pale, paler then normal. He seemed like he wasn't even breathing. The only way I knew he was alive, was that his body was tense and he had a scowl/smile on his face. I sat down in front of him. My last thirty minutes before the war I will use to watch him, to drink in his sight, to just love him and hope that this sight is enough to hold me over till he joins me.

For if what the prophecy says, it will be my last time do such. It would be my last time to do a lot of things.

Tristan's Point Of View

I just blacked out in my mind and when I came back to my senses. I knew I had found what I was looking for. I could feel everything. I could feel the fear below, I could feel the hate approaching and the most important I could feel so much love emanating from something in front of me. I opened my eyes to see Seph staring up at me, sitting quietly on the floor.

"Your hair has grown. Your still slim but muscles have harden. Your eyes are more intense then before." Seph said as he looked up at me in awe.

"It was amazing to watch. Your amazing to watch, period."

"Come here" I said as I opened my arms for him. He stood and in two large steps made it to my arms. We wrapped our arms around each other.

"They are thirty minutes away. We need to get in position." I said, I could practically see them.

"There are many of them. Their numbers quadruple ours.We are lucky, many have backed out last minute."

"How do you..." He started but then he just looked at me and smiled.

"Every one should be in their stations already. I told every one and just now a sent a servant to make sure." His grip on me tightened.

"I love you Tristan. I want to be your husband." He said as stepped away and an old man appeared beside him. I was amazed. The oldest anyone looked that I saw here was twenty five. This man looked to be 40 and seeing the difference between their ageing and ours he had to be about 160!

"This is my grandfather. His birthday is today, making him part of the elder committee. That means he's certified to sanctify a marriage." Seph said staring at me hard.

"So you are the one who has cut thru his heart of steel." He said as he gave me a hug. As he was hugging me the roof filled in with people. Sondren, Melisd, Rohan, Christen, Seron, Rhond, Kindred, the Elementals and a few other men and woman who held deep resemblance to Seph.

When his grandfather let go of me. Seph stood before me and he dropped to his knee and took my hand in his.

"If I were to count the stars and pair up reasons why I love you, I would run out of stars. If I were to go blind, I would be content knowing that I at least had the privilege to see you in the morning's light. If my body were to go numb, I would still feel the graze of your hand and the kiss of your lips. If I were to go deaf, the sound of your voice would still be ringing in my ears. If I were to die today I would regret one thing and that is not to belong to you. So, I, Sephlous Ta'ome with all my imperfections and all the love I posses. Give myself to you whole heartedly and promise to be loyal and true and to love you no matter what. " Seph said as tears ran down his face. I dropped to my knees so I could be face to face with him.

"I do not possess such a way with words. But I do offer you me and that I have. And I promise to love you till my dying day." I said getting in on the crying action.

"Then I, as an elder and with all the powers invested into me, sanctify you husband and husband. You may kiss." Said Seph's grandfather as he put an arm around two men. And Seph and I kissed, a kiss of promise. Promising never ending love, loyalty and longevity.

Our kiss was cut short by me though. I felt the vampires close. I tensed and Seph noticed.

"They are near, 15 minutes away." I said and every one nodded and swiftly made their exit. Seph and I the only ones left.

"Go on" I said, but didn't let him go.

"Ok" he said, but didn't let go as well.

"You, you be safe. I need you, you know." I said as my forehead rest against his.

"I will, you be safe as well."

"I will"

"I love you Tristan Ta'ome."

"Who says I am taking your last name, why not mine? I like Kindsdale."

"Because of tradition."

"Tradition?" I asked.

"Yes, whoever is asked is the one who retains the others last name."

"Huh, I love you too Seph, husband." I said as he stepped away and walked away backwards. Staring at me as he left.

"The sky started to lighten. Sunrise was on its way. I waited ten minutes before I walked off the roof. I commanded the wind to keep me afloat and I floated slowly down in front of the army. I stayed a few feet above the ground so every one could see me.

"It is time. They are five minutes away. They are in greater numbers then us, with them stands trolls and such with miraculous power. Looking at the numbers and force, one would believe it would be hopeless. But I am Specula, I am your hope and I know for a fact that we hold something greater then they could ever possess. We have love. We have love for our family laying asleep inside that castle. We have love for the man fighting beside us. We have love for our way of life. We have love for what is right and holy and we will triumph. We will soar above them and conquer them for our love. Do not show mercy to them, unless they are running away. You turn your sword away from one of them that is begging and they will turn right around and kill you and someone else. Be brave, be strong! God will see us through." I said as I landed.

Christen handed me my sword. Christen unlike the rest of Noraah's Council was not appointed to just command one set. He was with me, to command every one. A silver ribbon tied around our right arms. We were in front. Rohan and Sondren and the guards in back of us, their swords raised. Seph and the Meyet wizards to the left and Melisd and our wizard to the right of the guards, their staffs ready. Kindred and the Sola elves on the first floor patio, their bows and arrows raised.

We waited patiently for the arrival of the Vampires. Those five minutes seemed to take forever. Then we felt the ground shaking and in the distant could see the Vampires and their beast approach. The sun rising in back of them.

To Be Continued...

I want to apologize for my hiatus. I have been extremely busy, but I am back now!

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The war is inevitable, who will prosper? What is this secret weapon the dark lord in Dwiren has? What does the prophecy say about Seph living and dying.

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