Ray Of Hope


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Chapter 8-Heaven or Earth

As I stood there, watching them get closer and closer my heart filled with rage. The hate emanating off the wards of monster outraged me for some reason. They were coming to kill the ones I loved, and the ones that loved me. For some reason beyond me I punched the air as hard as I could and the first ten lines of ghouls and goblins were thrown back, most knocked unconscious.

"Remind me never to get you mad." Christen smiled as he pulled out his sword and screamed CHARGE. All the guards started running at full speed, fearlessly in the overwhelming amount of people. The wizards stayed in front of the castle enchanting people and getting at those people who managed to get past the guards. Most of the elves were still perched up on the porch shooting with complete accuracy, always getting their target.

I spotted a 14 foot troll giving a few men a hard time. I ran and jumped as high as I could, my foot connecting with it's face, snapping it's neck. Christen and myself went through the many men and committed our efforts on the really big son of a bitches. Trolls, Giants and ghouls. In between we would jump in when a man was getting overwhelmed by a lot of them, kill unmercifully when they grabbed a hold of some of the women guards to rape right there on the field and jump in when we saw men who were about to meet their doom.

Though they were known for being unbelievably fast I seemed to be as fast as light. I looked where I wanted to be and would be their in less then a heartbeat, the strain on my legs being the only indication that I had in fact ran. By this time we had finished off all the minions and only the oldest vampires stood. Now our numbers doubled their own. And inconceivable as it is, only three of our men were laid to rest.

I took an appraising sight around as the rage inside dwindled. I caught sight of a man on the other side of the field who I had seen earlier bouncing his daughter on his lap, get a sword through his back. I felt a strong sense of empathy from him and it made me stumble back. What I was receiving wasn't helping me. All of a sudden I could feel what others were feeling. A blade slicing into my back, a punch to the throat, a kick to the jewels. Though I know it wasn't actually happening to me, and though I wasn't getting the full brunt of it. It still hurt like hell. I was doubled over in the middle of field in complete pain. I couldn't feel the vampires but I could feel my men and it was excruciating.

"You must concentrate, you must control your powers or they will control you." Seph said as he picked me up and pulled me against his body. I opened my eyes and the once gold paved streets and lush green lands were full of blood and bodies. The once clear blue waters of the river was a stomach turning blood red. Everywhere you turned you saw a body drop and this great loss came over me.

"Baby, you mustn't. You don't have time to mourn yet. You must fight." Seph said as he pulled my head to look at him.

"Hope will feel the pain for those who die in his name and when the great battle ensues. Hope's heart will be heavy when he pays all of his dues." Seph said more to himself then to me, the damn prophecies again.

"Look at your men, not at the ones that have fallen but at the ones that still stand. For every idle minute your sending one of them to their grave." He said as he shook me a bit.

"Okay?" he said, but I did not answer. It felt like my body was on fire, literally.

"Listen to me Tristan. If you fall to your knees and the men notice then it will be over and we wont be the victors. You, the strongest of us all have fallen. You will take away what has gotten us thus far, hope. Hope and their faith in you is what keeps them. If you wont do it for them, do it for me." He said as he sliced a vampire that got through the circle of guards who I didn't realize were protecting me. I stood up and looked around. Our men were courageous to say the least. None of them half assing it. None cowering in the back, all of them pressing on, pushing the devils further out of our land. We were no longer in front of the castle, but by the gates. We were joined up with the other Sola elves and Meyet Wizards and the vampires they pushed here.

"Okay?" He said again.

"Alright" I said as I stood on my feet. I looked at one of the guards protecting me and the look of uncertainty shocked me. I gave him a reassuring pat on the shoulder and recommitted my efforts. It seemed that the Meyet wizards didn't fare as well as ourselves and the Sola elves. The amount of vampires were now even with us. But we fought on, them never gaining an inch, us always pressing on. Their forces were dwindling down greatly.

A big mammoth of a giant came from behind the great gate. He had to be 50 feet. All the men, vampires and all moved away from him leaving a large opening. He was heading right for me. I turned to my left and Kindred had his back against Seph and had one foot propped on a large rock and he had his bow and arrow ready. Seph had no shirt on, but had his long coat on and he had a large sword in one hand pointing towards the giant and my hand in his next. My hair was sweaty and hanging down my neck . Their was a rip in my pants, above my knee, that this bitch of a vampire gave me, I was staring at the giant and wasn't too happy when I saw him step on one of the guards that was a little too slow for her own good. To my right was Christen beside me with one hand on my shoulder, he was biting into his lips softly and his fangs were showing. He had one foot in front of the other and in his next arm held a sword that he held over his head. Beside him was Rohan who all of a sudden looked older and who was holding his sword with both hands. We were ready for this beast. Seph whispered something and we all said `huh'.

"The statue at our house." Seph said and we all looked at our positions and were amazed, but not for long. All five of us charged at the giant. Kindred and Rohan were chopping at its feet, while Seph, Christen and I climbed the giant, using knifes and swords to scale him. Large hands were flying everywhere, trying to grab one of us but we were too quick. And with as much strength we could muster we all punched him in the neck. His eyes bulged and his hands grabbed his neck while he fell to the floor choking and gasping for air. When we reached the ground the men were rejuvenated and were fighting harder.

Then I felt it and so did Christen because he stopped in the middle of a fight. Luckily I had an eye trained on him and ran to him and took the man out before he had a chance to hurt him. All the vampires stopped and cleared a path for a chariot made of blood red rubies. We on the other hand did not stop. As bad as it sounds we kept on killing the vampires, all which were bowed reverently at the chariot. We all shared the same sentiment. Whatever is inside that chariot is one bad ass that's going to give us a run for our money. So we figured to get as much as we could before the thing popped out of the chariot and started reeking havoc. By the time he came out their was only a handful left. All of my men stepped back. A sea of Belatricus, Sola Elves and Meyet Wizards staring down at a mere nine vampires bowed in front of the chariot.

"Christen and Sephlous, all three brothers united." Said this man who stepped out the carriage. I recognized those eyes immediately. It was him that I kept getting premonitions about.

"Leyden" I heard Christen growl.

"Oh no brother, aren't you happy to see me." Leyden smiled.

"I should have known it was you. Debauchery at its finest." Christen sneered.

"Christen, the human vampire. Such a blunder for the vampire race. You were the one who took my baby brother from me, you will pay greatly."

"You could kill me three times over, his heart is filled with love. No amount of hate can corrupt that. And that is more good then any bad you could throw at me." Christen said with a smug smile.

"Bullshit, he will be with his family. He is not as weak as you. I should have killed you when I killed your mother." Leyden said as Christen charged at him, but Leyden moved to the side and grabbed Christen by the neck picking him off the floor.

"How dare you half breed. Did you think you could beat me? All you are is a glorified human." Leyden said as he threw Christen a good five feet in distance with unbelievable ease. His eyes locked with mine.

> "Hey little brother" Leyden said as he walked over to me and I got this weird feeling of kinship, the same I got from Christen. He pulled me in a hug and draped an arm around me.

"Tristan what has this weakling been putting into your fragile mind?" He said as he smiled at me, his blue eyes sparkling in the retreating sun.

"Huh" I couldn't seem to make a sentence, everything was confusing. I could swear I felt love coming off of Leyden and I felt a bond with him instantly. It felt like he was part of me.

"I've brought some visitors for you little one." He said as he kissed my forehead and nodded at one of the vampires by his carriage. The vampire opened the carriage door and I thought I would fall; there stood my mother and father.

My father stood, but looked like he was withering away. Which startled me more then actually seeing him. How could he look like that, when vampires cant age and my mother she looked hollow, like she was vacant inside.

"Hello son." The man said as he moved a feeble hand to me, beckoning me over. I walked over to him, not in my right mind and was surprised to see tears in his eyes and his little arms pulled me to him, holding me as tightly as he could.

"Yes papa. We have him, he's home now." Leyden said as he softly patted our fathers back. His skinny arms faltered and Leyden ushered him back into the chariot.

"He payed greatly for you little one. This bitch changed him somehow. His beautiful black apathetic heart is now filled with emotions. He's almost as bad as the filthy humans. But he knew their was a price to pay and being the great man he is, he did it knowing that in the end he would make the offspring to finally rid us of the Belatricus and their interfering."

"You are too late." Christen said from the floor, a smile still playing on his lips. " He loves, brother. He loves that filthy human race. He loves the Belatricus. He even loves his glorified human brother. You are far too late."

"Shut the fuck up, I refuse for him to step on the memory of the man our father was by watching over those pathetic humans. Why take care of them, why watch over them? Their a bunch of pretentious slobs, a flock of maggots, all of them are sheep. And what they need is some direction. What else are they good for other then being our slaves?" Leyden asked as he held me tightly to him.

"They have rights. Who are you to judge them, to judge anyone for that matter!" Seph said as he yanked me out of Leyden's arm, breaking me out of my trance.

"Sephlous, funny seeing you. Your actually fighting for something, wow, big improvement. How does your lover look now after she's been my whore for 19 years?" Leyden said as he pulled my mother in front of him. I was shocked to say the least by the new turn of events. I turned around and looked at Seph, but his eyes was trained on her. Every sway she made his eyes followed reverently.

"So you are the suitor for my brother, heh, I love the irony of it. Lets test your newfound love against your old one." Leyden said as he snapped his finger and my mother was brought out of some enchantment. Her eyes came alive. She looked around and started backing away from Leyden, her eyes caught sight of Sephlous and went to run to him but Leyden grabbed her and held her.

"Now I've got what you want and you've got what I want. Lets make a trade Sephlous." Leyden said a smirk plastered all over his face. I on the other hand had a frown. I didn't know where to look I was caught between wanting to run to my mother and hug her, or run to Seph and shake him `why is he even thinking about it' or just plain run a way.

"She is my past lover and she must remain that way." Seph said gravely as his hands tightened around me. The look on her face was nauseating. She look so saddened by it that I almost went and switched places with her.

"Meredith meet your son, Tristan, my husband." Seph said and her eyes finally fixed on me. Then she smiled and I knew how he could fall in love with her. Her smile could make this bad day bright.

"Bad choice Sephlous." Leyden said, I watched it in slow motion. I saw him pull out this large ebony knife and pull it back. I broke into a run as I saw his hand swinging down and pushed her out of the way just in time for her, but not for me. He tried to stop I'll give him that but their was too much momentum and it sliced right through me. In a seconds time I turned my face to Seph and his face was in total despair. I looked at the men and they all had fallen to their knees. They would not fight on, I had to do something and then it came to me.

"All that's wrong, please make right. By my blood, end this fight." I chanted as Leyden pulled the knife away. His eyes were big as saucers. All the strength was sucked out of me but I chanted on.

"That wasn't suppose to be you, that was suppose to be Sephlous. The prophecy is never wrong." He said frantically as I fell to the floor. I didn't listen I just kept on chanting. When my blood touched the floor water came storming from the river, wind pushing greatly and fire catching on the vampires. Nothing affecting our men, only the vampires. As I drifted off it was with the sight of the sun setting and the vampires all ablaze, being pushed by the wind to outside of the great gate.

Seph's Point Of View

I watched in shock. No one could move. Tristan's blood poured out of him and covered the whole land, right back to the castle. His blood set ablaze the thousand of evil dead bodies, all the men wounded were magically healed and the dead men and woman were being laid out in a line together by their rightful castles. The blood soaked grass, turned back green and lush and the bloody river turned back clear and the blood streaked on the gold paved streets vanished. I turned back to Tristan I took a step to him but was stopped by Ella. She was miraculously in human form, as so were the other Elementals. They picked him up and carried him to the royal castle.

We all walked glumly the thirty minutes to the castle in complete silence, heads bowed and crying. Not just me, but every one. No one had a dry eye, not even the Elementals. Noraah's Council was all around me, holding me up. Christen was to my right and Rohan to my left, their arms around my neck or waist. Kindred was in back of me holding my hand tightly and Meredith was holding my other hand tightly while weirdly enough holding Tristan's fathers hand with her other. We all felt uneasy around him, but he had to be good if he wasn't set ablaze.

When we reached, all the ones that couldn't fight were lined in the streets. It wasn't a joyful welcome home. They all were screaming in glee when we got there and then they spotted Tristan's limp body being held up by the Elementals and the deadly silence came back. Instead of the men dispersing like normal to go to their family they followed us right up to the royal castle. They all got in a line and walked to the first step and bowed to Tristan in respect. Even the Sola Elves and Meyet Wizards that I thought went their way back at the gate came and bowed before stepping back into the crowd, making no attempt to leave.

"His last breaths before falling was a chant to save us all, but not to save himself. His selflessness is a true testimony to how great a man he is. He is no longer a live, but he is not quite dead yet. He is not yet free from war, because there is one raging inside of him. Heavens gates are open and the angels are welcoming him with open arms. He has to make a choice to either go or remain. A choice not easily made favoring us when your surrounded by the epitome of love and peace. So we will all have to wait this out." Ella said gravely as they disappeared into the castle. The Sola and Meyet left for their long journey home. The fighting men and woman grabbed their loved ones and put them in such a death grip that I thought bones would break. Their was no big party, and the silence remained as they all went to their rooms inside of the castle instead of home like normal. Every one wanted to be as near as Tristan as they could.

Tristan's father walked into the castle without being invited which caused the last people not in their rooms to raise their eyebrows, which happened to be Noraah's council, Sondren, Melisd, Seron and Rhond.

"Chance is not a vampire anymore. Tristan's birth cleaned his heart and soul." Meredith said, still holding the grieving man. He was nothing but skin and bones and was shaking something awful.

"I'll lead you to your room." Ella said, appearing out of no where again. She showed Meredith and Tristan's father into one room, interesting. Sondren, Melisd, Rhond and Rohan went to go comfort Seron. He was in hysterics, If their was anyone who I thought could possibly love Tristan as much as me it would be him. Kindred left to go comfort Kayla, who also was in hysterics. That left only myself and Christen. We stood quietly outside awaiting. Though it seemed only minutes away when Tristan was stabbed in the setting sun, it had been hours and the sun would raise just now. Bringing with it the slayers and how mission extinction went.

They were approaching, the galloping of the horses breaking the eerie silence. They approached wearily, they were expecting a huge party for either force who had won. The strongest of the slayers were in front, in the very front was Melchesadict. We all called him Mel in short, he jumped off the horse and stared at me for awhile.

"Come brother, everything will be fine." He said as he grabbed me and pulled me into his chest like when we were kids and something went terribly awry.

"Its Tristan..." I managed to get out through sobs. He shushed me and picked me up and carried me home. Our castle wasn't far from the waterfall. I was surprised to see every one home, I thought every one went to the royal castle. Grandpa opened the door and pulled us inside, he knew of what went down. He, along with all the elders, were in the conference room with Seron and Rhond watching the events take place. The physical, and emotional strain finally wore down on me and I fell asleep in a fitful sleep.

Christen's Point Of View

I got the report from the slayers as they all watched Mel walk off with Sephlous. Seph being one of the strongest men they ever knew, and to see him broken down into a sobbing fit was enough to shock the clueless men who had no idea what was going on. They feared the worst as they looked at the empty castles.

"Every one is in the castle. We won the battle, with only a remarkable 10 casualties. Tristan has fallen though and his chances of making it thru is not looking too good. Follow me and I'll make the screens in the conference replay the war. Come along, I am guessing that the mission went good." I said monotonously.

"Yes sir, the mission went exceptionally well." One of the slayers said as we made it to the kings conference. I put the screens in replay as the men sat down, some of the teenage boys who were restless also filtered in and watched. I made a beeline to Tristan's room. I found no one their but my Elemental Aqua, whose face was wet from tears.

"Where is every one Aqua?" I asked as I wrapped an arm around her small frame.

"Seron and Rhond are in their room, as well as Sondren and Melisd. Rohan is in his room, he wont let anyone in and Tristan...Ella put a bed on the roof...he's up there." Aqua said breaking in tears. I turned to leave.

"He freed us you know. We were cursed, us Elementals, we were stuck in that form, but he freed us." Aqua said quietly at my retreating back.

Tristan's Point Of View

I awoke to the bright stars. All over my bed were multiple limbs everywhere. I looked around and found every one sprawled out near or on my bed. Kindred was spooning Ella, who was spooning Kayla who had her little hands wrapped around my left foot. Sondren was cradled in Melisd arms on a chair beside the bed. Aqua and Fierce imitating the same position on a chair at the bottom of my bed. Nature and Wind were holding tightly onto each other on a little makeshift bed on the floor. My head was on Seron's lap who was sitting up against the headboard, holding Rhond's hand who was in the same position with Rohan's head on his lap. Christen was squished between Rohan and myself and was holding both of our hands. Seph was doing some serious damage to my ribs with his vice grip around me. My mother and surprisingly enough my father were together on a chair, their eyes trained on me.

"I was wondering when you were going to wake up" A soft voice said in my head.

"Welcome home son." Another voice said in my head, my father. I didn't know what to feel about him. I couldn't feel any evil coming off of him, only love. But he was the one who got this ball rolling, but without him I wouldn't be alive. I looked around at the glum faces all in fitful sleep. Tear streaks still present on their faces and swollen eyes. They were all looking worst for the wear, like they hadn't eaten for days and from the smell I would say they hadn't showered either. I felt so loved at that moment that tears came to my eyes. A tear fell onto Seph's face, his eyes opened up immediately and his bone crushing hug tightened.

"Seph your gonna break something." I croaked out, my throat unbelievably dry. The sound of my voice awoke every one and they all stared at me unsure what to do.

"So I'm guessing you missed me." I said and the bombardment of hugs and kisses started. Christen ran to the edge of the roof and screamed at the top of his lungs "He's ALIVE!"

The noise that erupted was deafening. Songs, chants and all over screaming wailed through the night. They helped me up to my feet and carried me down to the people and the noise grew three notches. I leaned on Christen and Seph, because I was very weak, and walked out into the village. I've never been hugged so much in my life. Music started blasting, firecrackers lightening up the night. The streets were such a change from when I last them. Instead of bloody bodies everywhere, their were dancing, singing, laughter and love. I saw firecrackers to the far left and to the far right. The Meyet Wizards and Sola Elves must be celebrating as well and not a few hours later the slayers came to join in on the fun. The party lasted all the way into noon, until every one was so tired they could barely move. I was perched on a chair on the steps of the castle watching, far too weak to join. I watched the couples make their way to their bedrooms for what I'm guessing wasn't PG13 fun.

Seph grabbed me in his strong arms and took me to the roof. The view was as breathtaking as I remembered it. He set me down softly on the bed and made slow sweet love to me, every caress was a testimony of his love. When I collapsed on his chest a warm feeling spread thru me and I felt myself literally melting into Sephlous and then with a blinding flash and an overwhelming feeling of love passed through me. I opened my eyes and met his that were filled with tears, I gave him a confused look and I was even more confused when I felt something between him and myself. I moved away and was astonished to find two babies between us, the size of my hand. A baby girl and a baby boy, they both had my blues eyes, Seph's sun kissed skin, and a liquid silver star above each one of their right eyebrows. They were beautifl and better yet, they were ours.

Some where in Dwiren

Lindo walked into the dark cave and over to the man in the corner. A man who once was beautiful but now was scared so bad that it was hard to even imagine how he use to look. Lindo pulled the limp body in his arms, his lover for years.

"It is not over, Lindo, it is far from over." Leyden said as he fell asleep.

The End

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