Reformation - chapter 1

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"#47 - Jonathan Parker, Scored 6 of the 10 touch downs last night in the game against East Bridge High, including the winning touchdown of the game", was the headline story in the Coeburn Herald. Coeburn was a small town of 3,500 people. If it were not for the school's sports programs there would be no paper and not much happened in Coeburn.

Today was just another normal Friday for Jon. He could not wait as he would be 18 next Saturday and would graduate in a few more weeks. He had already received a full athletic scholarship for the University of Tennessee. He had accepted this schools offer simply because his girlfriend of 3 years, Jen, was going there. Jen was the geeky kind of girl at 5 foot even, blond hair and Green eyes. Jen's family owed a home near the campus that was his grandparents and was used as a rental property. Since Jen would need a place to stay her parents offered it to her so her schooling cost would be minimal. Jen chose UT for the forensic program.

John arrived at school by 8:30 and as usual had a crowd swarm him. After all he was the schools Jock. Classes were easy as they were mainly reviews preparing students for the upcoming finals. At 11:00 the school was called into an emergency assembly.

Principal Walters took the stage and with him was an army sergeant in full battle fatigues. "Students, I regret to inform you that there has been a mass bio chemical attack that has been launched worldwide and the President has placed us under Martial law. Beings we are in a more remote area of the country it has been decided that Coeburn and surrounding areas will be evacuated to a government secure living quarters until the green light is given. At this time it is unknown what the contagion truly is or the effect it will have on humanity. Sergeant Wilkins is here to escort us. You may bring your cell phones and electronics but leave your backpacks and anything that can not comfortable fit in your pockets. Your parents have all been notified and being relocated as well. Sergeant Wilkins?"

"Thank you, Principal Walters. People we will be moving by helicopter in less than 10 minutes. There are two guards to pass out gas mask at the rear exit. You are required to wear these until cleared to take them off. I know this is a tough situation; however your full cooperation is required. We are authorized to take any means of force to maintain order and ensure compliance. This does include lethal force if need be, which we all hope it is not needed. For those not aware, under martial law any rights and privileges offered by law or the constitution are suspended. The only rights any of us have are those that are granted by the Geneva Convention. Now please stand and form 2 lines Males in one and females in the other."

To say there was chaos would be an understatement. At one point one the the military guard had to discharge his firearm to regain order.

By the end of the day there were 45,000 civilians brought into HARC, Humanities Archive and Restoration Compound located deep in the mountains of West Virginia. Families were split and males and females were segregated.

"ok gentlemen, since there is no knowing the effects of the contagion or how long it will take to dissipate to safe levels so you will all be entering cryostasis. Please remove all articles of clothing and place them in the bin in front of you with your ID in the pouch on the front then proceed to the door on your right with the bins. So you know what to expect, you will be injected with an RFID chip in the left shoulder that will maintain your ID for record, an enema will be given to clear the bowels and you will need to relieve your bladders. You will then enter a shower room, please be quick and efficient, you will have your blood drawn, a seaman sample will be collected from those mature enough to produce it, and lastly there is a nutrient rich fluid that will not freeze and will be used to fill your bladder, intestines, and stomach.

For the first time Jon felt alone. He could not find anyone he knew. Being use to taking orders from the coach he obediently stripped and place his clothes in the bin at his feet. He began his journey down the processing line. As Jon came to the door the soldier took his bin and scanned his ID, asked his social and date of birth. After entering it into the computer the chip was injected and scanned. Jon was thinking this must be how cattle must feel. In the next room the smell was awful. Guys were lined up 20 in a row with a hose hanging from the ceiling. A soldier in full hazmat gear walked down sticking the end of the hose in the asses of the men and opening the flow on the line. Once the men were filled they were instructed to walk forward 5 feet where the flooring was grates, to squat and relieve themselves of anal and bladder fluids. This was repeated two more times. Jon was glad upon entering the shower room as the fluids from himself and others had splattered all up and down his legs.

The next room had several rows of benches marked off in 4 foot segments. There were two projectors projecting on the wall. One played straight porn and the other gay porn. The men were told to take the sperm collection cup and have a seat and start pleasuring themselves, to be sure to ejaculate into the cup, and put the lid on it. John had seen this porn and was not interesting and glanced at the gay porn which he found worse. So he thought of his first time with Jen. Just as he came the labtech arrived to collect his blood. "Ah, some mighty fine tackle you got there not to mention an awesome load. The lab should be as pleased as you should be." Jon cringed, seeing the guy was clearly hard as his pants were tented out, he hated the idea of gay guys let alone being hit on by them. He could not conceive how a guy could let another guy touch him in an intimate way.

The tech scanned Jon's arm and then the barcode on the sperm collection cup. He then drew 6 vials of blood scanning each vials barcode. "Ok Jonathan, now I need to give you an injection to prepare you for cryo. It is not pleasant as it must be given in the scrotum to protect your testes from damage in the freezing process. Coming to with split testicals has killed a man."

Jon Protested adamantly, "Dude can't you find a straight doc to do this? I mean you're already getting off on all these naked guys, I have never let a fag touch me and never will!"

"Jonathan, I have too many guys needing attention to find someone else. You have the right to refuse but there is no one here to cater to your fears or homophobia. So it is you choice, ensure no damage to you precious ball or rick sever damage to them. Your call here and now. As you can see there are too many here to waste time on you."

"Fine, give me the damn shot but I swear you try any funny business and I will break your face." The injection hurt a bit and when done Jon's ball sack was firm and swollen looking like an oversized softball.

"There now, see no funny business asshole. Now, you need to go to the red door and wait for the attendant to assign you your cryo bed number and you will be escorted from there. Enjoy your sleep. " the attendant stated butchly then moved on to the next guy.

Jon was assigned unit 1469-MEN. The irony of the unit number was not missed on him but he was not given the chance to request a different unit as a guard started escorting him to his cryo bed. As they entered the cryo chamber there were columns ringed with cryo beds. Jon could not help but to think back to the movie the Matrix as the room resembled the lay out, the only thing missing was the electric bolts and weird machines. The room was 900 feet floor to ceiling with 3 columns ringed with cryo beds and others around the circumference of the room totaling some 5 million chambers. The ambient temperature of the room was 36 degrees Fahrenheit and to a nude guy was quite cold and it really made Jon's impressive 11 x 9 inch cock turtle up inside, well as much as could fit. The guard left him with an attendant who applied patch sensors before having him lie down on the gel padding. Once Jon was in place restraints were placed around his hands, feet, knees, waist, chest, elbows, and forehead. The attendant then inserted a mouth guard in place before securing a chin strap to the forehead strap this firmly securing him in place. The `male' attendant then grabbed his penis and inserted a metal tub into the urethra opening this he found the bladder while working Jon's cock till he was fully erect . Once his charge was hard the attendant started pumping a gel into the bladder and slowly backing out till the gel coated the crown. Taking a spray and spraying the exposed gel it immediately dried and hardened as much as half way down the inside of his cock. To say that Jon was outrages and bucking like a mule would be an understatement but there was nothing he could say or do, alas he was at the mercy of the system. The attendant told Jon to rest well and the lid was closed on the cryo bed and last thing John knew was the shock of an intense cold and all went dark.


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