Reformation - chapter 2

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Warmth slowly started to creep back into Jon's body. He felt as though he was waking after a deep night's sleep. He lay there for maybe 5 minutes thinking about this crazy dream of their being a global attack and being placed in cryo before he decided to get up as he felt like he really needed to piss. Jon panicked when he could not move. Slowly it hit him that it was not a dream he was in fact in a cryo unit. But that was like what 10 minutes ago? Something must be wrong if they are bringing him out so soon. His vision was blurry but detected some kind of motion above him as he heard the hatch being opened.

"Good morning MR. Parker , it is good to see you waking up just fine. I am sure you feel the need to piss but it is just the nutritional anti-freezing gel that was used to fill your bladder. It is normal to feel a bit disoriented, trust me you will be brought up to date later on today. For know we need to get you up and mobile. I will be applying a dissolvable sclera lens in each eye that will repair any eye issues and restore you to 20/20 vision. My assistant will be removing the gel cap from your penis and siphoning out the gel which may feel weird. " The doctor paused as he started inserting the lenses and the assistant started working on his job. "Jon, I do see that your straight with a bit of homophobia so I will need to be a bit frank. Sam, My assistand needs to get you off to ensure you are in good working order and I cannot let you do this yet as you can damage your muscles. He will be using a milking pump that functions like a milk pump for cattle. It is harmless and may feel weird but it is necessary." I will see you again in about 2 hours to release your restraints and get you to physical therapy to get your muscles fully awake."

As the doctor left Jon felt a lubed hand grab his hard cock. He wanted to protest but knew it would do no good. Once his cock was fully lubed a weird flesh like sleeve was slipped over his cock. Herd the air hiss as the unit was turned on, it was a nice slow sucking action. To Jon it felt like the best blow job ever as no one could ever take his full 11 inches yet this thing acted lit it was made for his cock.

By the time the doctor returned Jon had came about six times, which was a record for him as 4 times in one day had been his max. "Well now, see you are quite the over achiever

" the doctor chuckled. By This time Jon's vision was fully restored and he could see the doctor was same lab tech that took his blood and semen during processing only older.

Jon was unstrapped and asked to sit in a wheel chair and was wheeled away to physical therapy for a toning class. Jon was extremely sore, but the class helped him stretch every muscle. He did notice that everyone in the class of about 200 was still nude but was not much different that the locker room after practice or a game. The class lasted an hour and a half.

"Okay gentlemen, that will be all." stated the instructor."If you would, please exit through the blue door on my right in a calm orderly manner. There is a shower and restroom facilities for you all. Scan your shoulder as you go in and the computer will give you your locker number that has clothing you may wear if you choose or you may remain as you are. Return here when you are finished and the the green door will take you to the cafeteria as I am sure you are quite hungry. Fair warning though you will be on a bland diet for 2 days as your body is recovering from your sleep. After lunch a guard will escort you to the auditorium for your briefing on things that have come to pass. You are dismissed."

John was relieved to get in the warm spray of the water as it pulled the remaining pain from his muscles. As he started washing he noticed his cock was very tender to the touch, which of course he attributed to the milking machine. He glanced around and seen nearly every guys had the same issue. As he finished his shower and taking piss John headed back to the physical therapy room. He stil did not see any one familiar but figured once things got sorted he may be able to track someone down.

Jon filed in with other guys into the auditorium. Jon spotted Archie from his English class. Though he was known to be gay it was still nice to see a familiar face. So John made his way over to sit near him. Archie seen Jon and moved away as he knew how cruel the jock could be.

Most guys had not put on the clothing as they looked like the jumpers you put on toddlers. It took a while but after about 20 minutes every one was seated and a guy in military outfit took the stage.

"Quiet down please, gentlemen. I am General Wilkins. I want to welcome you to a new world with new rules. First I am sure you are wondering how long you have slept. You entered sleep 15 years, 3 months, and 26 days ago." The General paused as he waited for the gasp and shocked expressions to die down. "I know this a shock as it seem merely a few hours have passed, but I assure you there is more shocking news so I must ask you to remain silent till the end of our presentation at which time you may submit and question to Officer Jones on my left. Ok, the world as you know it is no more. The initial attack was a contagion now known as stryx911. The effect of this contagion was complete sterilization in males and females and death in 3 years following infection. When the news of this effect hit main stream the world plunged into chaos and mass wars broke out. During these wars the female HARC site was destroyed. Currently there are 5 million men in total and you here are a part of that number. So the only sex you'll get is gay sex and for this I am truly sorry but it is the reality of life now. We have found away to revive the human race and ensure it continues. The salvation is Genetic reformation. Only certain males have the genetic profile that will allow this process to work and these will be known as breeder males once reformed. There are males that will be listed as stud males and others as common males. Tomorrow you will receive your role assignment and enter a class teaching you the particular laws that will affect you. It is important you know the markings for each class. On this picture here you will notice the silver ring the set firmly in the valley behind the crown of the penis, the B tattooed on the crown, and the silver band on the biceps. This is a breeder male and will be required to bare 10 liters of children before being retired in which case his arm bands will be removed if he chooses. This next picture is a stud male. You will notice the cock ring, ball divider with the baseball sized testes, the S tattooed on the crown, the leather harness, and the gold prince albert ring. Common males are the only class allowed to wear normal type clothing that is unless the male is a breeder or stud that is retired. The marking for a common male is a black prince albert ring, the C tattoo on the crown, the piercing of the nipples and septum with a 1 inch ring. Now sexually breeders may only be mated with a stud to ensure genetic cohesion, studs may also have a common male partner in a manner of their choosing, common males may share each other unless bound to a stud, and also the breeder may only top when with a common male only with his stud present. Common males will be the primary workforce of society, the breeders will be the house wives for lack of a better term, and the studs will also work and assist in the raising and education of the young ones."

"Now you may ask how a bonding works. You will each receive a RFID chip near the crown of the penis and a receiver attached to the prostate. Breeders and studs are matched based on genetics while studs and common partners are based on health and the studs choosing. Breeders cannot get hard without the code from their bonded mate nor will their body allow entry of a common. There is an electric shock defense built in to prevent unauthorized access. Ok enough on that topic. Jobs will be assigned based on you previous education and skills. Money is no longer an issue. Each man receives a set amount of credits per month based on their role. Jobs offer extra credits for luxury. There are no taxes to worry about. Your basic needs will be provided for such as healthcare, phone, internet, housing, and utilities. Food and other consumables will be purchase by credits."

Well we have covered everything I am prepared to discuss today. I wish you all good luck and to those that will be breeders please keep in mind the change you go through is for the very survival of the human species. Oh and dorm assignments are down the hall and through the double doors. Effort has been taken to place you near familiar faces. Good day and good luck" The general left the stage and a line formed to speak with Officer Jones.

Jon was quite disturbed and headed to get his dorm assignment. His emotions were a mix of anger, sorrow, and fear. The bed assignment did nothing to calm his fears as it was 1-2B-btm4-men. Needless to say he fell asleep in tears praying by the name of some unknown god that he be assigned as a stud to prevent any one penetrating him.

Jon awoke to Seth, Arland, Ryan, and JR from his football team in the bunks next to him. As they awoke they started trash talking and making bets which would become a breeder, something they all feared.

After finishing breakfast there was an announcement to report to the physical therapy room for assignments. After having their arm scanned the men were divided into three lines but no one knew which group they would become. A guard arrived for each line.

John entered the room he was led to and once the door was closed and locked. A guy in a lab coat entered the room from a side door." Good morning gentlemen. I am not one to candy coat things. As you can see this room is padded with noting loose for throwing. This is because you will no doubt have aggression you will want to vent as I did once. Welcome to Breeders 101.


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