RotW&AotS Issue #2

The following is a work of fiction. All characters, names and incidents contained herein are fictional and any resemblance to actual persons alive or dead are purely coincidental.

All Characters are created by the author.

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The Shadows over Hammer Head Cove


The road from Halpin Hope to the the Ricks Observatory was the best tended strip of asphalt on the Island.  Government grants and NASA funding kept it smooth and oily black – often times seeming to glisten beneath the baking sun.  From the northernmost end of town it breached the ocean like meadows of golden Feather Reed grass, passed through the Black Forest for a stretch of thirty miles and over the Dean River to the south.  It wound below the thick green canvass cover of the Mucklemood Wood for a little under two miles before it found itself intersecting the private road to the Baxter Brothers farm twice and then crossed the Korra Dam on a portable steel ACROW bridge, erected by the United States Army Corps of Engineers. The fifty six mile expanse of road that climbed Norden Hill ran like a river - bisecting the eastern side of the island into north and south.

Due to it's smooth surface and relative softness - the short stretch from the northern mouth of Halpin Hope to the beginning of the Black Forest was popular with the skateboarders and the BMX riders of the island's largest town – and apart from the roll of plastic wheels and skid of bicycle rubber it only really ever saw five cars gliding over it's surface day to day.  Doctors Benton White and Ichihara Yuya and the small team of engineers and programmers, that kept world’s largest optical telescope in top condition, could claim this road for themselves and few would argue with them.  

A few hours past midday and the sun burned bright in a cloudless blue sky.  Sitting atop the waist high wrought iron guardrail – his back to the meadow of three ft gilded grass – Sixteen year-old Takeru Yuya wiped the sweat from his forehead and blinked at the sun.  He pulled his yellow T-shirt over his head – removed it and dabbed it across his sweat dappled chest – wiping beneath his arms at the traces of hair glistening with perspiration before lifting it to his nose.  He breathed in – inhaling two days worth of his own unwashed teenage hormonal funk and smiled broadly to himself.  He had come to appreciate the smell of his own body – the odour of his sweat, perfumed with his raging onset impulse. It aroused a feeling in him that he always found difficult to ignore. Not that ignoring that feeling was ever high on his list of priorities.  

Takeru, with T-shirt still in hand, gripped the railing and flipped himself backward landing successfully on his feet.  He allowed himself a moment of triumph – raising his hands into the air and bouncing like a prize fighter before he spun around and began walking into the two acres of meadow.   He tucked his t-shirt into the back of his loose fitting black basketball shorts and raised his arms above the Feather Reedgrass – enjoying the pleasant sensation as the soft golden tipped plumes tickled his forearms and the palms of his hands. This feeling as the grass’s crests tickled his skin combined with the sun's warmth beating on his bronzed bare shoulders and chest afforded Takeru a moment of almost meditative peace

He walked a short way into the meadow – and craned his neck upward closing his almond shaped eyes against the brightness of the sun and allowing his vision to swim a sea of crimson – spots of light that rippled beneath his eyelids - creating rings that reverberated outward in time with the beat of his pulse.  Takeru checked to see how far he was from the road, satisfying his desire that the distance be great enough, before he sat down in the tall grass – laying his bare back flat against the long stems.

With one heel to the ground he kicked off his left sneaker and curling his toes into the back of the right – pushed that one from his foot too.   The boy stretched out his arms and smiling widely to himself waved both arms and legs against the grass – flattening the crude shape of an angel into the pliant meadow.  

From the Thursday of the first week of summer break Takeru had waited until his father had left for work at nine – ate whatever breakfast his mother had prepared for him (that morning toast and marmalade with white rice and nato) – shook his twin brother Hinata from his sleep and grabbing his skateboard rode the road to the meadows just outside of town.  He'd hook his board into the branches of the weeping willow tree by the the town's Welcome sign and sit on the barrier – waiting for the sun to reach peak by midday.  

This little routine was into it's third week and served multiple purposes.  It kept him away from his brother in the morning - who was of notoriously evil mind upon waking and for at least a couple of hours more into the day – it also allowed him to be out of the sight of his mother whom he had convinced that he had taken a summer job helping to clear the fields of stones at the Mackintosh farmstead a few miles out on the other side of town. Most importantly though it gave him a portion of the day to himself – with no distractions while his friends were either on holiday with their families or working actual summer jobs of their own – away from the bustling noise of the house while his mother turned their kitchen into a factory, preparing for the small noodle bar she ran in the evenings for tourists on the esplanade.  Most importantly this quiet time – being able to get lost in the long Feathered Reed grass – allowed him the time to masturbate in peace.

Takeru hooked his thumbs into the waist of his basketball shorts and shucked them down around his legs – eventually kicking them off to his left.  The anticipation of the moment, the heat of the day and the smell of his own body had already grown his impassioned cock into a lazy soft lob that lay fat and willing against his tan thigh. While he trailed his left hand across his smooth firm chest – he checked his growing pectoral muscles and was pleased that they seemed to be flourishing to, what he had considered, a respectable size for his age – his right hand edged down his flat stomach and his fingers nestled into the couple of inches of thick black curls that sat proudly at the base of his boyhood - he played with the hairs - gently pulling at them and twirling them around his finger tips.  He grazed over his hardening prick with the palm of his hand and gently cupped his hairless ball sack.  When he had begun puberty and begun getting hairs in his most private places he was alarmed at a couple of anomalies - how quickly and how thick the hair had grown above his cock and under his arms and also how smooth he was everywhere else: his arms – his legs –  his chest and scrotum were as hairless as they were the day he had turned six.  Now though – now he liked the feeling of his large hairless balls in his hands – he enjoyed running his toes and the soles of his feet against the smooth skin of his hardened calf muscles...  Stretching out his middle finger beneath his young balls he rubbed the pad along the soft tender strip of flesh of his taint.  Hot and sweaty he pressed firmly into the space just above his pink hairless ass-hole and glided it back up to his balls.  Takeru raised his hand to his face and sniffed at his finger – the scent of his sex flooding his brain with a cocktail of serotonin and oxytocin.  He smeared his finger under his nose and inhaled again.  His cock grew harder and as he lifted his head to admire it's five and half inch length laying rigid against his belly, he flexed it a little and smiled.

While Takeru's right hand wrapped itself around his burning hot stiff prick – his left found a home cupping and rolling his balls in their smooth sack.  He bit down on his plump bottom lip and ran his tongue over the roof of  his mouth as his fingers glided down the length of his dick.  He allowed a few thoughts to skim the surface of his mind: that actor on that Disney show with the blond hair and blue eyes flashing his taut hairless belly at any opportunity; the lead singer of that band his brother likes standing in just his boxer shorts in some promo pics for his new album; his brother – catching Hinata, fly unbuttoned and erection fit to burst from underwear, making out with Tony on his bed last month - their hands beneath each others shirts and Tony's big muscular ass wrapped in denim; he thought about a few of the boys from school - Ilan and Calum wrestling in their white and red singlets – Doyler in his pale blue speedo before he stopped swimming - Jermaine in the showers after gym: the way the glistening drops of water ran over his coffee coloured skin. While these thoughts would paddle in the pool of his daily erotic self discovery – mostly Takeru liked to focus on his own body - on the feeling in the tip of his dick as he slid the semi-circumcised skin over the glans - on the tip of his finger pushing into the flesh just above his ass-hole and the shudders that gave him from head to toe - on the smell he created – intensely sexual and erotic - making his young cock grow ever harder until...

Sliding his hand faster over his stiff young nail - the skin soft like a velvet sheath over a steel rod - his thumb glided over the wet red head and sent shivers through his groin.  Takeru's toes curled in the grass and he let out a thunderous grunt as his hips bucked forward – he shot one rope of thick white cum over his chest – a second over his flat stomach where it pooled into his navel – a third dribbled over his thumb and into his pubic hair as his cock twitched it's last desperate breath in his fist.

As he released his cock from his grip it smacked still hard against his belly.  Takeru flicked his wrist - sending the nut butter from his hand into the long grass. Exhaling he let out a small laugh and threw his arms above him.

Then a sound.  A rustling in the long grass followed by a light thud of something heavy hitting the soft ground.  

Takeru sat bolt upright.  His white gold dripping down his chest.  Still hard, he slowly stood and cautiously looked over the grass - narrowing his eyes and scouring the grass for indentations - for any movement not created by the gentle current of air.

Hello?”  he called out - a faint and uncertain waiver in his voice.  “Is er… is anyone there?”

He remained silent - only the rushing sound of his own blood in his ears, the gentle breeze rustling the tops of the grass and the feeble caw of gulls deigning to respond to his question.  Standing frozen - his heart thumping - terrified that someone might have seen in him in his most private moment he called out again:  “Hello?”


With quick conservative movements Takeru grabbed his shorts and pulled them over his legs - he wiped the sticky white cum from his body with his yellow T-shirt and tucked it back into the waistband of his shorts before slipping on his sneakers.  While dressing, his eyes still focused on the grass around him, he couldn’t shake the feeling that from somewhere in the thigh high yellow grass his every movement was being watched.  As the elevated panic thumped his heart in his chest harder, he walked faster than normal back towards the road - only turning back briefly when the grass behind him rustled violently - the sound of something tearing through the foliage at great speed.

Takeru broke into a run - the blades of grass ripping at his arms and legs - his breath short and ragged.

He only stopped when he had reached the painted railing at the side of the road - gripping the top bar he leapt over and paused - bending down - out of breath - resting his hands on his thighs. He risked another glance into the meadow - but there was nothing.

He lifted himself up onto the railing - raising his height and field of view - he briefly considered that he was being foolish; that a bird or some animal hidden by the grass had become as startled as he was and fled the scene. There was something intangible that he couldn’t shake loose from his back though, a monkey digging it’s knuckles into his shoulder, and as his eyes were drawn to the edge of the Black Forest, that bordered the meadow, he squinted - trying to see between the trunks of the trees. That feeling of a pair of eyes still watching every deliberate step never leaving him.

Upon reaching the weeping willow tree by the small pond he climbed a short distance up the trunk and pulled his skateboard down from the branches.  As the plastic wheels hit the surface of the road - he dropped a sneakered foot onto the board to hold it still and again looked back over the meadow of golden Feather Reedgrass but there was nothing out of the ordinary - nothing to confirm his fears that someone was sitting crouched and concealed from his view by the flaxen sea. Takeru shook his head to cast his fears aside and pushed off on his board - riding the black concrete road back into Halpin Hope.

The ride itself was uneventful but had a refreshing effect on his sixteen-year-old mind.  He began to reason that a bird had landed or some small mammal hidden in the grass had become alarmed at the grunt he had let slip from his lips as he came and dashed away from the noise.  His heart rate returned to normal and he began to worry less about prying eyes.  Paranoia, he reasoned. No one has any need to be out in the meadows until the Summers End Festival.  No one’s been seen in all the weeks I’ve been jerking it there.

He continued down into Halpin Hope proper - passing the quiet wooden houses in the residential area on the North side of the town - passing the middle school closed up for the Summer and down Main Street into the town square.  He swapped the road for the sidewalk as the traffic became a little heavier and pushed past the mosaic map of the Island that stood in the small park at it’s centre and onward down toward the esplanade.  

Takeru jumped off his board and kicked it upwards into his waiting hand - his hard young body glistening with sweat.  He ran a few feet to the start of the pier and bounced over to the small wooden hut that was blaring out 80’s soft rock coupled with the sizzle of frying food.  Leaning his board against the shack he rested his elbows on the counter and put his head in his hands.

Move your elbows I just wiped that counter!” His mother flicked at him with a dishcloth and he quickly threw his hand into his pockets.  “And where’s your shirt?  Why aren’t you wearing a shirt?”

He pulled his yellow t-shirt from the back of his shorts and held it up for his mother to see:  “It’s here.  I’ve got it.  Sheesh ma, don’t spill your soup!”

The woman smiled and flicked her dishcloth at him again:  “Spill my soup?  What’s that?  Stop talking nonsense.  You should wear your shirt.  You’ll burn in this sun.”

Alright alright, I’ll put a shirt on when I get home.  This one is filthy though.”  He held it up to his nose and inhaled the scent of his own sweat and fresh cum.  His cock twitched in his basketball shorts and less than subtly he reached down to adjust it.

Stop playing with yourself!”  his mother smiled and flicked the dishcloth at him a third time.

I’m adjusting!  You wouldn’t understand.”

Oh I understand alright.  I’m married to your father and have two teenage sons.  I understand just fine.  Boys can’t keep their hands off of the thing that dangles between their legs.  You and your brother were were playing with your little dickies from the day you realised you had one.” She smiled at him again.  Takeru thought his mother was the most beautiful woman in the world when she smiled - her almond eyes narrowed and pointed upward while her mouth drew her cheeks into plush rosy clouds.

You’re kind of embarrassing you know that?” laughed Takeru.

My nearly naked son plays with himself out in public like that and has the nerve to call me embarrassing?”

Takeru thought back to the meadow for a moment - to the feeling of being watched and his cheeks flushed red.

How was work?  Are you just getting back? It’s nearly five o’clock.  If Mr. Mackintosh is working you too hard you tell me and I’ll speak to him.”

Ma it’s fine.  I just went for a ride after.  To cool off you know.” he covered. The only reason that he was lying to his mother about working was because if he hadn’t had a job for the summer she would have put him to work at the Noodle Shack. The thought of spending every day trapped in that small stand during his summer break had forced the boy to take drastic action.

Here,” his mother reached under the counter and placed five white take-out boxes on the counter. “Take this home for you and your brother for your dinner tonight.  You’re father’s working late so he's not going to be home to feed you both.”

Takeru began prodding at the boxes and his mother slapped his hand away while she stacked them in a plastic bag.  “If you eat them now, you’ll have nothing later on so put them in the fridge and heat them in the microwave when you get hungry.”

I’m hungry now!”  Takeru whined - big bottom lip pouting and eyes growing wider.

Have an apple or something when you get home.  Go on - shoo…”  She flicked the dishcloth at him one more time as he picked up the bag from the counter and dropped his board back to the ground.  “Wait!  Wait come here!”

Dutifully Takeru leaned over the counter allowing mother to lean forward and kiss him on the cheek.  “I’ll see you tonight.  Love you.  And take a shower!  You stink!”

Love you too Ma.”  He smiled at his mother as she waved him off before turning back to the huge woks frying noodles behind her - the smell of Teriyaki pork carried on the breeze.

Takeru rode his board - plastic carrier bag in hand a little further down the promenade - it was early evening so and beginning to get busy with tourists and sightseers.  He craned his neck as he passed the arcade - looking in through the large open doors to see if he could spot anyone he recognised. Tony Irving was there with a couple of ‘friends’ - otherwise known as ‘boys he hadn’t beaten up yet’ - playing a shooter - but he had been avoiding the tall handsome redhead since Hinata had broken up with the boy.  Tony had done his resolute best to win Takeru’s brother back - but when your resolute best was throwing pickled onions at bedroom windows while screaming: “Hinata!  I fucking love you!” for all to hear  - then perhaps your resolute best just wasn’t enough.  Too engrossed in the game to notice Takeru passing by - Tony laughed with his friends as they fired red and blue plastic guns at the oversized screen.  The arcade seemed to mostly be younger kids who Takeru perhaps knew enough to nod to in the hallways at school or say “Hi!” to on the street - but no one that he wanted to pass an hour or so with playing games.

With the sound of his plastic wheels rolling along concrete of the promenades side walk - swerving his body with the board - dodging tourists and familiar faces - past the arcade, past the bars and the head shops - the restaurants and the one screen cinema that would show two films a week - he waved to Donnie Baker - the twenty-two year-old sometime-time surfer and part-time stoner as he was pulling in the sandwich board to the Cool Vibes Cafe.  Donnie threw out a hang 10 sign and smiled warmly as Takeru passed by.

As he reached the West side of town and the general hubbub of the late afternoon had fully given way to the electric air of early evening, Takeru turned down Harbour Road and veered right onto Beacon Street, arriving in the cul de sac and at the front door of his families house.  From the outside it looked much like the others on their street - a two storey red brick building with a large front yard and a white picket fence.  The sprinklers were already spraying the lush green lawn with a fine mist that Takeru gladly walked through as he jumped from his board and headed towards the front door - the spray rinsing his bare torso of the days accumulated sweat.  Reaching the door he rested his board against the wall of the porch, kicked off his sneakers and put his key in the lock...

There it was again.  

Eyes on his back.  The creeping feeling of someone watching him that he had had in the meadow earlier that day raised the dark hairs on the back of neck on end.  He turned back to the street - parked cars - trees - cloudless sky... Empty.  The only thing watching him appeared to be a mean looking gull standing on the roof of a neighbours red Toyota.   Takeru shook the odd feeling away.

He called out to his brother as he entered the house and made for the kitchen:  “Hinata!  Hinata I’ve got dinner!”  Takeru placed the plastic bag of cartons on the formica counter, grabbed a glass from the draining board and filled it with cold water from the tap.  He gulped at the water - the cool liquid giving life to his parched tongue - and looked out of the kitchen window.  The water in the kidney shaped swimming pool that took pride of place in their backyard was still and glistening in the muted rays of the evening sun - a towel draped over a white plastic lawn chair hung unevenly and obviously wet.

Hinata!  You here?” he called.  Bounding up the carpeted stairs Takeru was careful of the family portraits that hung on the wall - one for every year of his life - his mother and father, Hinata and himself in the same position in every one.  The same pose repeated from year of birth to the one they had taken earlier that summer - great when he and Hinata were babies, he thought, but to see, everyday, a photograph of his sixteen year-old self cradled in his father's arms with his thumb in his mouth made him simultaneously cringe and feel grateful for his family's goofy sense of humour.  

Takeru hesitated at the door to the bedroom he shared with his brother.  Sitting ajar he placed one hand on the jamb and the other on the brass effect knob and quietly edged it open as he peeked through the crack.  Hinata was sitting naked at the desk - a pair of over sized Sennheiser headphones covering his ears and what looked like a pornographic movie playing on the laptop.

Smiling to himself Takeru eased the door open and quietly stepped up behind his brother. Sure enough - cock in hand - his twin was watching a porno.  Young blonde twink du-jour Johnny Devine was being pounded bareback from behind by the beefier bearded Randolf Payne on a beige couch - and from the look on Johnny’s face he couldn’t have been having a better time.  Must be a new one, he thought to himself as he made a mental note to dig that video out later that night.  Takeru took a moment and leant over his brother’s shoulder - keen to avoid detection and watched as Hinata furiously jerked his hard young prick.  Ignoring the stirring in his own shorts at the sight of his near identical twin beating himself off he ducked below the boys shoulders and reached both hands slowly around the front.  With the speed of a striking cobra - both hands went directly for Hinata’s sensitive dime sized nipples and squeezed hard!  Simultaneously at that moment - Hinata screamed - Takeru burst into a fit of laughter - Randolf Payne growled as he seeded the pretty young twink - and the red wet tip of Hinata’s cock exploded like a volcano sending forth shot after shot of thick creamy white seed.  Some found itself on Hinata’s cheek - some the keyboard - some on the carpet and some on Takeru’s hands as the twisted his brother nipples.

Eww Dude!  What the fuck!” laughed Takeru as he bounced backwards and wiped his brothers cum on Hinata’s bare shoulder.

Hinata pulled off the headphones and naked and covered in his own boy juices jumped up from the seat and pushed his brother hard in the chest.

What the fuck man!”  Hinata called out still in shock - his face scowling at the laughing Takeru.  “Honestly what the fuck?”

Man you shoulda seen your face.” said Takeru laughing.

You’re a dick.  You know that?  A real fucking dick!”

Don’t be like that man.  I was just messing.”

A dick!”  Hinata pushed his brothers chest again forcing Takeru to raise both hands in submission - the big broad grin never leaving his face.  

OK I’m sorry man, I’m sorry.  It was… It was just too good an opportunity you know.”  Takeru eyed his brothers body - slim yet defined - tight muscles earned from years of soccer practice and surfing.  

They were twins but not quite identical.  The features of their bodies were similar - lean and firm but Takeru had the the darker skin tone of his father that would tan easily, while Hinata’s mimicked the blemish-free porcelain quality that their mother had.  Both boys had hit puberty at the same time but while Takeru was hairless except for the thick black hair on his head and the curls under his arms and above his cock - Hinata’s were more evenly spread - a light dusting of dark hairs over his legs and forearms and a few stray sprigs in the centre of his chest and around his nipples.

Absent mindedly Takeru tugged at his hardening cock through his shorts.  “It’s not like I haven’t seen you making chowder with sailor Ned hundred times before anyway.”

There’s a difference between us jerking off together and you sneaking up on me when I’m flying solo.”

Takeru laughed - his eyes fixed on the baby batter on his brothers chest as it trickled to a near clear liquid down his firm abdominal muscles.  “You need to close the door and not wear cans when spanking it to porn.  Dude, imagine it was Ma that walked in on you!”

Hinata flushed red at the thought.  “Yeah alright.  I get it.”  The boy wiped at the cum dribbling down his body and matting the sparse hair above his now soft cock.  “No head phones and lock the door.”

No headphones and lock the door!”  Takeru affirmed before sitting himself down on his bed.

You bring food back with you?”

Yeah.  Ma gave us some stuff to heat up.  Go clean-up or something and we’ll eat.”  Takeru threw his sweat and cum stained T-shirt at his brother who used it to mop up the sticky mess from his body.  He held it to his nose and took a sniff before scrunching his face in mild disgust and throwing it back to the boy on the bed.

You shower first.  If your shirt is anything to go by you need it more.”

Takeru grabbed his t-shirt and hung it on the ledge of the open window:  “Fair play.”  Takeru raised an arm above his head and deeply inhaled from the bush of dark hair in his pit.  “For the record though… I like my stank!”

You’re the only one.”

Just need to find someone else who appreciates a fine odour is all.”  Takeru grabbed a fresh towel from the top drawer of the chest by the door and disappeared into the bathroom.

As the sky darkened outside and the first twinkling lights of the stars pierced the veil of night - the brothers Yuya, freshly showered and both with matching blue and white towels around their slender waists, sat at the dining room table - the honeyed scent of teriyaki pork wafting through the house.  They laughed and joked and mocked one another as brothers do while sipping miso soup and slurping cashew noodles and fried vegetables.  

After arguing about whose turn it was to do the dishes they settled on sharing the load before settling down on the couch in the living room and starting up their PlayStation.

You wanna go Skulls of the Shogun or The Lurking Terror?”  asked Takeru as he flipped between the two icons on the dashboard.

Lurking Terror!” answered Hinata turning his head toward his brother.   “I owe you a beat down in that.”

You can try little brother.”

One minute thirty five seconds does not constitute little brother status.”

I was born first.  Therefore you are my little brother. That’s also why you ended with the girls name.

Hinata sprung forward knocking the controller from Takeru’s hand and pushed the boy flat on the couch laughing.  He slapped at his brother cheeks while putting all his weight on the boys stomach. As Takeru laughed and kicked, his brother grabbed him by the wrists and held them above his head - pinning them to the couch’s cushioned arm.  

Little brother?  I’ve got half an inch on you?”

From what I saw earlier, when you were sailing the mayonnaise seas, you’ve gone and confused your dick for mine.”

Hinata let go of his brothers wrists and and grabbed his puffy nut brown nipples between thumb and forefinger and squeezed tight.  Takeru howled and kicked and began slapping at his brother.

Take it back Tiny Taki! Take it back or I’ll twist your tits off!”

Takeru face contorted between pain and laughter as his brother pinched down harder on his small brown nipples.

You’ll be Titless Tiny Taki unless you take it back. That what you want huh? Titless Tiny Taki?” The smile on Hinata’s face was wide and devious. Something in the corners of his upturned lips made Takeru think that he might actually try and pull his nipples from his body.

Shit man! OK! OK! OK! I was kidding… FUCK!  Ow ow ow ow…”

Hinata let go of Takeru and let out a derisive blast of air from his nose.  Closing his mouth he snorted and howked - collecting phlegm and snot in the back of his throat.  Takeru laughed and kicked harder…

NO MAN NO!  That’s fucking disgusting…”

Pursing his lips he let the hacked cloudy loogie drip from his mouth down towards his brothers face.  

Quit it man!  Quit it!  That’s revolting.” called out Takeru struggling against the weight of Hinata’s body.

As the yellow green slime edged from Hinata’s lips down towards his brothers face - Hinata leant forward letting it dangle inches from Takeru’s nose.

From upstairs there was a loud thud followed by the scratched sound of scrambling on hardwood floor.  

Hinata sucked up the loogie into his mouth and swallowed:  “Did you hear that?”

Yeah.” said Takeru still - heart pounding in his chest.  “Did Dad sneak in past us?”

No, he’d have seen us wrestling on the couch and told us to put some clothes on!”  Hinata got off of his brother and the two boys stood - adjusting the tuck of the towels around their waists.

What do you think it is?”  asked Takeru.

Dunno.”  Hinata tip toed to the hallway and looked up the stairs - Takeru close behind him.  

The house fell silent - the only sounds being  the beating hearts of the boys thrumming in their ears and the steady tick-tock of the kitchen wall clock.

The floorboards creaked in their bedroom - and from the open door the brothers saw a shadow move in the darkened room..

Shit man!  Someone’s in there?”  whispered Hinata turning to his brother.

Takeru silently edged to the cupboard under the stairs, slowly and quietly opening the door. Without flicking on the light he reached in and pulled out a steel baseball bat.  

What are you doing?” whispered Hinata to his brother.

Dude!  We’re in our house alone with an intruder and we’re pretty much naked.  I’m not going up there without a weapon.”  Takeru kept his voice low - mimicking his brother.

You’re going up there?  Taki don’t be…”

There’s someone in our room.  I’m not NOT going to see who’s up there!”  Takeru passed by Hinata and set his bare foot onto the first step.  

With his brother behind him Takeru edged up the stairs.  Another creak of the floorboard in their room.

WHOEVER’S IN THERE!  YOU’D BETTER LEAVE THE WAY YOU CAME IN!”  Takeru called out brandishing the bat in front of him.  “I’M SERIOUS!  I’VE GOT A WEAPON AND I’M NOT AFRAID TO USE IT!”

Hinata snickered at his brother but more noise from their bedroom twisted his face into one of concern.  A sudden scrambling and the sound of something heavy and hollow hitting the floor - then silence.  The boys looked at each other and in unison ran full pelt up the stairs bursting through the door of their bedroom screaming - Takeru waving the baseball bat blindly.  

But their room was empty.

Takeru’s bedside lamp lay on it’s side on the floor but everything else was as it should be - nothing other than that seemed out of place.  The boys looked from each other to the open window and both ran to look out but could see little in the dark.  

What the fuck man!”  exclaimed Takeru as he turned back into the room.

Must’ve been a bird or something.  A possum maybe?”

Dude!  There are no possums on the island.”

A Mongoose then!  What do I know?”  Hinata sat on the side of his bed while Takeru looked back out of the window.  “If it had been an intruder the security light in the backyard would have turned on and we’d have seen him running away.  Had to be a bird or something.”

Takeru turned and looked doubtfully at his brother.  “Maybe.”  

Throwing the bat onto his bed he picked up the lamp and put it back on the bedside table.  He looked around the room and sat down next to his brother.

So now that that’s all cleared up you wanna go a round on The Lurking Terror?”

I dunno man.” said Takeru as he continued to cast his eyes over the room for anything abnormal.  “I’m kinda jacked after that. A survival horror is likely to give me a heart attack.

Hinata smiled and tugged at the towel between his legs:  “We could watch Johnny Devine get pounded by Randolf Payne?”  Hinata stood and flipped open his laptop - the video player still showing the paused image of Randolf’s big black cock buried deep and bare into the young twinks lilly white ass.  “It was only uploaded this morning so I know you haven’t seen it yet.  Except what you saw earlier.”  Hinata was tenting the front the towel which made Takeru smile.

The thought of jerking off with his brother had the boy grow hard in record time and it suddenly occurred to him that a little light stress relief would put the weirdness he’d just experienced behind him quite nicely.

OK,” said Takeru pulling off the towel and standing naked and hard in front of his twin.  He stepped over to the windowsill to grab his favourite T-shirt and have a quick sniff so as to set the mood but for the first time realised that it wasn’t where he had left it.   He looked around the room in case it had fallen - on the floor by the bed - hanging on the laundry hamper that nothing either boy threw at it would ever go all the way in.  It wasn’t anywhere.  He leaned out of the window to see if it had fallen to the ground when the bird or whatever had gotten into their room - but he could see no sign of it.

You wanna watch the porno or each other?” asked Hinata as he dropped the towel and started stroking his already rock hard young cock.

To be continued...