This is a story of something I've wanted to see. I never have so I had to make one. This is different then most stories you have probably read.

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Dark, cold and naked I rush downward. It feels like Ice it's so cold. Then light charges forth blinding me as I fall and splash down into water. A gust of heat coats my body. The water is warm and I began to feel relaxed. I slowly raise my head out of the heated waters and peer my eyes at the bright and breath taking view before me. All around me is a dim sort of brightness drowned out in fog, or steam. The pure white haze baths the scenic view of rocky cliffs that soar upwards to a small opening. I take a long inhale and smell the heat, moisture and wet rock of this strange new world. As I gaze forward, my eyes see the water all around me and I see littler rocky islands form into view as the steam wafts upwards. As I peer closer at the little islands and along the rock face, I see many strange figures on them. It appears these figures look strange and usually in pairs or more doing unseen things. They looked manlike but inhuman and strange odd creatures of different shapes and sizes. I begin to swim towards one of the small islands to get a closer look. I felt lost, but almost somewhat at home. I thrust forward and dive into the water. Swimming fast I charge forward. Suddenly I bump into something solid and rough as I open my eyes I see green, a green pair of legs, muscular and scaly like reptile. His legs big his feet clawed. I stare back up and see a thick leather loincloth covering a hefty bulge. My hormones race and I immediately pull off the loin cloth and gaze at its thick scaly cock below a large sac of testicles. At that moment before it pulls away in surprise I wrap my lips around the reptilian meat. I hold onto his hips as I move his cock around in my mouth. It begins to grow and the scales scratch my mouth. That's when he pulls away quickly obviously startled and maybe frightened. Now I come up out of the water and get a better look at my startled stranger. As I look I see him he stops backing off as he sees me. His body Immaculately built and his scales makes his body shimmer as he turns. The green scales cover every inch of his muscular body, from his rippling chest to his face. His strong arms move and his hands sharp claws at his scaly finger tips. His eyes deep solid blue stare into me. I then give him a lusty smile and he pauses, then his muscles calm and he moves closer a grin adorns his face. As he approaches I feel my loins on fire my cock begins to grow. I close my eyes the feeling is so intensely involve with this creature. I open them again and he is next to me and I tremble as his scaly paw touches my chest and moves downward. I move to lick his face as his hand moves around my groin. I feel his hands clasp my rock hard erection and I moan in ecstasy his other arm around my back I start to feel his body. Rough scales and warm I stroke his stomach as he breathes he trembles a bit as I touch him, and then I move down and hold his erect penis in my soft hands. The scaly texture of his skin makes me feel harder and he senses this. I grope at his cock now completely hard. As I stroke and caress his immense cock and balls, I hear the creature make little odd moaning noises and he drools. All of a sudden he moves down under the water and his hands move off my dick. No sooner had he done that then I feel a pair of scaly lips encircle my cock. My head tilts back as I stare up at the sky. Without being able to take more of this extreme pleasure of those scales my cock jars into him and I feel his sharp teeth scrape against my dick. Then I shudder and explode a strong and heavy gush into his mouth. As my cock drools with pleasure I relax and feel his forked tongue lap at my smooth cock. It slithers in my warm cream I shudder again as his reptile tongue laps at my cock and I hold him there as another load shoots into him. I relax and he moves back up to the water, as he surfaces I stare into his eyes cum drips from his mouth. I embrace him and hold him lovingly and our lips meet we kiss and his scaly lips taste sweet with cum and passion, I feel his tongue dance in my mouth as mine enters his. Both of our erections pressed firmly against each of our different skins. Then as our lips part, I look at him again and want to stay with him in this world the world I've always wanted. Then for the rest of the day our passion interlocked with endless love.