The following story contains explicit sexual content, references to drugs which are illegal in some US states, and domination. A disclaimer follows the story, and I highly encourage you to read it if you are not familiar with Salvia divinorum, an entheogenic plant.

By the way, this story was written under the influence of Salvia (legal where I am). It was written to accompany a real personals ad which is no longer posted because the furry subculture has degraded into something I wish no part of anymore.

The story is written from the perspective of someone who might have answered the ad, so don't be confused.

Comments are welcome, flames are not. Enjoy.

-Alpha Wolf -

Research Subject Wanted

by Alpha Wolf

For reasons I only now understand, the title of his personals ad attracted me. It said simply: "research subject wanted." I had been seeking a master, someone to guide me through life, to teach me - though it was something I never clearly understood. I thought I needed someone to simply dominate me sexually, or perhaps to play the role of master to my role of pet. But I didn't entirely understand, and now realize I never could - I needed a teacher, a guide, in order to gain that understanding. But I only know that now, after meeting my...gosh, what do I call him...teacher, master, father, guide, leader. Yes, leader...that's exactly what he is. He likes the term "alpha," because he, as I later discovered, is actually a wolf. But after all, what is an alpha but a leader.

I responded to his ad thinking to myself that I'd try yet another master to see what would come of it. Deep inside, I was looking for the real thing, testing to see if anyone were truly my master, truly knew the path I should be on. He seemed to say all the right things in his ad. What I felt was most odd was how comfortable he was with his limitations. It actually made me think, at first, that he couldn't possibly be a true master. All the previous masters I had known embodied physical traits and an attitude of dominance. Only now do I realize that these were efforts by pretend-masters to make me think they were real masters. These were people exuding false confidence. But my master, my alpha; while seeming to lack such confidence, had, as I now realize, true confidence. He didn't care what other people thought - which I now understand I initially mistook for inability and inexperience on his part. But considering none of my previous masters panned out yet all had that same air of confidence, I realize that of course I was looking at things all-wrong.

Fortunately, my instincts overrode my desires and I continued talking with my alpha. We got to know each other, and my confidence - initially faltered by my past experience and ignorance of what a true leader is - slowly but surely built up to a level where I was more than comfortable with the idea of physically submitting to him.

And so it was that we met. We had arranged for me to stay with him, to visit, for a brief time during a week's vacation. I figured that visiting him was worth the vacation time even if things didn't pan out as he was just so interesting to talk to that meeting him and spending time was worth risking precious vacation time. Anything else would be a bonus.

We started off with the usual casual stuff - getting to know him, looking at his photographs of wolves, his furry art collection, and of course his furry porn - a curiously small collection of very, very nice pieces - all centered on the theme of transformation, especially into wolves; something that appealed to me intensely. We watched a movie out of his vast laserdisc collection and the experience lived up to his promise - analog video rocks, I must say.

We had some casual sex. I submitted to him, and he treated me as a true bitch in heat. I could easily sense he was off in a different place - this was no mere human straddling me as I knelt on the bed, arms splayed in front of me as he held me up, his arms locked between my thighs and stomach as he pistoned in and out of me, panting and otherwise silent - this was a wolf. Had I been stoned or drunk enough, or on a hallucinogen, I imagine it would have been quite easy and felt quite natural to see him as a real wolf, eyes closed, maw agape as he panted, fucking away at the bitch under him.

But the marvelous sexual experience that first night was nothing. And I mean that in the most cosmic sense. I barely remember who I was before that second night. I have little sense of how I could have lived before that eventful night that quite literally changed my life.

We had spoken about Salvia divinorum, Divine Sage as it is also known, during casual conversation the previous night. We discussed it at-length that day. I had tried it before, I had tried other hallucinogens before, though for me it was mere entertainment, mere escapism. He told me that Salvia was a grossly misunderstood and abused tool that has special properties to alter the mind in a certain way. He told me that Salvia divinorum, or rather the active principle in it, Salvinorin A, somehow allowed the human mind to sever its artificial hold on reality. A curious concept - an artificial hold on reality; but one which I now fully understand. Traditionally, Salvia was used for healing and divination by masters who had been taught by other masters in its use. Even as I asked him who the original master was, he indicated that sometimes, a master was able to teach himself the arts - as had been done initially when Salvia's properties were first discovered and used for divination purposes. I knew what he was going to say next - not because of the logic of the conversation or because I felt he was going to say what I wanted to hear; but because I genuinely realized that here I was, talking to someone who had become a master, a teacher, a diviner, a shaman if you will, all on his own - a true master.

Later that evening, he asked me if I was ready and willing. I knew what he meant, but he asked me to clarify, asked me to confirm, to testify as it were that I was truly ready to submit to him, to my new life - if it were to be what I truly wanted. He asked me if I could accept physical change too. Heck, I was done with life as a human, and somehow I knew that he could actually help me change - if I was truly ready. He told me it would only be temporary - to allow me to decide if it was what I really wanted. But I believed him, that I would actually change.

And so, we went into the bedroom. He instructed me to strip and lay on the bed. He talked me through relaxing my body, then my mind. Then he asked me to sit up and take a large hit of Salvia. "This is Salvia I grew myself" he told me as he handed me the glass bong. I followed his detailed instructions. The last thing I remember, in my human form that is, is taking in the smoke and holding my breath.

The effects of Salvia come on extremely quickly - too fast for most people. He knew I was experienced with it, but only his presence with me, as my guide and teacher, my leader and master, could have possibly prepared me for what happened. He had turned off the lights. All was dark. Salvia is an internal, experiential hallucinogen, and shutting off visual input allows for greater effect. And as I let out my breath - at his hest - he began petting me. He softly stroked my body, digging his nails ever so gently yet firmly into my skin the way you would when petting a dog with thick fur. He communicated to me that I was his, his wolf. He started to describe my wolf body, and everywhere that his hands ran over the surface of my body, I could feel my fur and other aspects of my wolf-like body. His touch seemed to be catalyzing my change. He caressed my torso, moved to my limbs - each feeling like a wolf's as he tended to them. My hands were paws as he touched them and described them to me. He held me against him, hot breath on my neck as he caressed my back and moved his hands down my tail...MY TAIL! The realization was fleeting as it quickly progressed to acceptance of this new reality. He moved his hands back up, up my neck and over my head and scritched me behind my now-canine ears. He caressed my muzzle ever-so-gently, then shot his tongue into my muzzle, rubbing it over my canine teeth. I instinctively shot my tongue back into his mouth, feeling my long-canine tongue reach deep into his maw- he briefly gagged, though only slightly, as my tongue apparently slipped past his tonsils.

He then moved his arms down to my shoulders, briefly pushing me away, breaking the previously persistent contact. All of a sudden I was in this world alone. I felt empty. I felt hollow. I felt without purpose. And I felt naked, my soul bared for all to see, all to punish and scar. I felt an intense version of what I had always felt; but a feeling that had suddenly become foreign to me in the previous moments in which he had been caressing and changing me.

And just as suddenly, the feeling was gone as his hands were against my chest. He moved them down, down to my belly, down to my thighs, and in towards my groin. He grabbed my cock and held it tight. He exhaled as he touched me, the breath merely a prelude to his speaking. His voice was a light in the darkness even before words came. He asked me if I was ready to cum as a wolf, if I was ready to become HIS wolf. It came from me almost hiss-like, a thread of drool connecting my lips as I spoke the words which sealed my fate.


Salvia spoke to me next, telling me in a bubbly voice, that my master was preparing to take me. I didn't feel alone this time despite his contact no longer being on me, his hands no longer caressing my still-human cock. Salvia then told me to get ready and I got on my hands and knees - or was it my four feet, I couldn't really tell - Salvia told me it didn't matter. I heard him breath out, a long exhale that signalled the wind that would blow over me in my final moments of change. I knew the outcome, the experience already done in my mind as I felt his body against my butt. I felt him lift my tail, I felt his cock enter me. I guess Salvia relaxes your sphincter, as his entire length slipped into me quite easily, my ass seeming to hunger for his cock. Soon I felt the familiar feeling of his arms against my furry thighs. Wait, was that right, was that familiar? Salvia told me it was. Salvia also told me to tell him to take me, so I did. The pressure in my ass - my tailhole rather, was nothing compared to the pressure in my cock. Even as I felt it, I heard my alpha ask me how my cock felt, how my knot felt. I had no need to touch myself, I had no need for light or even eyes to see my cock becoming canine, my knot inflating.

Nor did I need eyes or other senses to know he was changing into a wolf as well. His breath was hot against my back and neck, his drool falling onto my fur, dripping through it as it traced a path to my side along my skin, then tracing back out to the ends of my fur as it dripped away. His wolf cock was fully in me, the knot engorged beyond anything I could imagine. I could see it within me, feel every bulging vein, feel the fluids that precursor an orgasm in a wolf spurting into me with such intesity that each shot of fluid felt like a firm rod inside me, thrusting further into me.

His breaths became gutteral. He was panting heavily now. From the grunts and growls, I knew he was ready. I knew that every drop of his cum that was about to enter my body would also enter my bloodstream, that we would become connected, that his wolf cum would infect my body. I knew that in a matter of mere moments, I would be human again; but that inside of me would grow this seed - his seed, and that I was becoming a wolf inside, and that I would join with him, become a member of his pack.

Salvia then told me that my human cum needed to leave my body so that his wolf cum could replace it. This would be the last time human cum came from me, I knew that. The pressure inside me was beyond anything I had ever previously experienced; both in intensity and in the sheer and utter pleasure - pleasure I never knew could be possible. My experience became a blur of visions of my life as a wolf, as his wolf: running through the forest; making fursuits; tying with each other in the woods as wolves; travelling and camping as humans; meeting other wolves; meeting other people. So intense were the thoughts in those moments that I can scarcely describe them now.

And the world exploded...into me and out of me simultaneously. His wolf seed exploded into me with burning pleasure. Each explosive pulse of his cock created one in me as I too came. I felt my cum leaving my body with a powerful shot that I could hear and feel hit the bed. I later discovered this was not the Salvia that made me see and experience the shooting sensation - as I came so hard that it shot all the way out from under me, even hitting my face...which had been my muzzle at the time.

In that supremely intense moment of the most incredible orgasm I had every experienced, I knew I was a wolf, that here I had finally found my master, my apha. And in that moment I knew what I had been searching for and had found:



It has been months since I moved in with my alpha. We are humans on the outside - necessary for what we are doing for our wild brethren who so desperately need human intervention on their behalf - but occasionally we escape to the woods, or just to our basement, to live ever so briefly as the wolves we are deep inside.

The joy I experience living life is something now realize I could have never understood before meeting my alpha. I have meaning. I have purpose. I am contributing not only to a greater cause - that of wolves and wolf recovery; but to mankind, and to my own self, my own soul.

I realize now that I was trying to become a student. And now, a student is exactly what I have become. Well, a rather furry student...


Salvia Divinorum, its active principle being Salvinorin A which acts as described in this story, is an intense and powerful hallucinogen-like agent. While still legal to possess in most states, it is illegal to sell for purposes of smoking - and for good reason. While I don't subscribe to the notion of outlawing something for everyone just because some will and do abuse it, I do believe that there isn't a lot of respect for what Salvia is and does.

In other words, do NOT try Salvia just because you are curious. Salvia is a tool. It induces a dream-like state in the user. And honestly, most humans are not ready for the experience of living a waking dream. So powerful is the experience that most people cannot handle it. This has had the beneficial effect of turning off most users after their first try, fortunately - but it can do permanent psychological damage in some people, and those people NEVER know if they are susceptible until its too late.. Try to imagine if your dreams and nightmares became real - and you were fully awake and unable to control the content of those dreams. That is the danger of Salvia. I don't think even a skilled lucid dreamer would be ready for the experience.

If you are curious and still want to pursue Salvia, please do research, and find someone who can teach you. As indicated in the story, there aren't many people out there with the ability to learn such things on their own. And, not to sound rude or anything, but I pretty much guarantee you aren't one of them.

And please, show a little respect for Salvia, or Divine Sage as it is also know. It isn't a sex-aid, it is a very serious tool for divination and healing. It has tremendous value to the right kind of person, but only if used for the right reasons.

Thanks, I hope you enjoyed the story.