Rest & Relaxation by Gauss Jordan,
Copyright 2003

Part 2 of x, where x ε N ≥ 3

Story Code: M/M, Furry, Romantic, Contemporary, Wolf, Tiger, Oral, Anal

NOTICE & WARNING: The characters in this story are completely fictitious. Any resemblance to any person (or furson) is completely coincidental. This is a work of fiction, involving adult, homoerotic fantasies and situations. If this isn't your thing, or it's illegal for you to view this material, please don't read on. Also, with the notable exception of the Nifty Archivists, you absolutely CAN NOT reproduce, alter, repost, or in any other way steal this work without first consulting me, the author.

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Rest and Relaxation, Part 2 -- Surprise!


Ethan dropped his stuff by the door. The tall grey wolf reached toward a light switch, and found another small card, this time trimmed with gold ribbon.

    Don't do that! C'mon baby light my fire... - S.

A smile crept onto his face. His tiger mate always kept him on his toes. The wolf found a butane lighter on the sill under the light switch. He glanced around for the first time, and noticed a series of yellow-gold candles leading from the foyer to dining room. 'Ahah.' He stooped to light them, tail swaying slightly, and, after the 3rd candle, was on all fours, shuffling along the floor. He scooted along the polished hardwood floor, stopping every couple of feet to light a candle. As he crawled into the darkened dining room, he found another card propped against the last candle.

    You look cute! Smile!

*flash!* Chris, his young tiger mate, smiling a toothy grin, sat on the floor nearby, holding their digital camera with a gleam of amusement in his emerald green eyes. He was sitting cross-legged with one toe claw tucked into his khaki shorts, scratching his striped thigh. His long tail lay curved behind him, the tip twitching gently. "Ethany, you have *no* idea how funny you look." A laugh emanated from deep within his chest, which was covered partially by an unbuttoned, flowing white shirt.

"Well hello to you too," Ethan replied as he set aside the lighter and stood, brushing off his pants & tucking in his shirt. "Why'd you go and blind me like that?"

"Oh, it was worth it. To me, anyway. Come see for yourself." Ethan leaned over Chris, resting his head on the tiger's shoulder. His arms closed around his mate's waist as he settled down behind him, careful not to sit on his striped tail. He could sit like that for hours, just resting in Chris's company. Chris finally called up the picture on the camera. Ethan examined the tiny camera display. Well, there he was, on his knees, looking like a young pup -- lighter held high in one paw, ears perked up, and lupine muzzle open in a baffled expression. His dress shirt has become un-tucked, so the effect was that of a playful kit. Chris started to laugh at him. It *was* pretty funny, actually. Ethan chuckled as Chris leaned back, conforming his lithe feline back to Ethan's body. Turning his head back, Chris looked up into his mate's cool blue eyes and said provocatively, "You know, I am SO photoshopping that."

"Oh no you're not, if I've got the evidence!" Ethan yelled as he grabbed the camera out of Chris's paws and bolted down the hallway, suddenly inspired by his earlier daydream at work.


"Oomph! Hey! You're certainly feeling better!" Chris called after him. He grabbed at the wolf's fuzzy tail, claws _just_ running through the end as Ethan sprinted out the doorway, skidding slightly on the slick hardwood floor. The tiger, barefoot, padded silently to the hallway, ears perked up, tail swishing behind him. He crept along the candlelit entryway toward the living room. Peering around the corner, he caught his mate's faint musk in the air. 'He's got to be hiding somewhere in here...' Chris dropped to the floor and crawled into the room slowly, deliberately, looking for some evidence of his mate. Ahah! He spotted the furry wolf's tail, wagging behind the couch. As he neared the couch, Chris hunkered down and prepared to leap over onto Ethan. The tiger sprung up, ears flattened, ready to grab the grey wolf. About half-way over, a flash went off, blinding the tiger. Startled, he crashed down onto the carpet and tumbled to a halt on his back a few feet away.

Ethan was standing over him with a smug expression on his face. "Payback's a bitch, huh?" he teased, swinging the camera back and forth over Chris's head. Chris put on his best "hurt kitten" expression. The tiger's ears drooped, his green eyes widened, and he brought his paws up to his chest. Ethan's grin slowly faded, as he stared into those poor, pitiful eyes. "Aww, that's not fair! I was just getting you back..." Chris mewled softly. His chin started to bob, as if he was about to cry. "Oh, how can I ignore that?" Ethan's heart melted, just as Chris knew it would. Ethan dropped the camera on the couch and held out his paw for the poor kitty.

Chris's face lit up. 'Got him. That works every time.' He knew how to push Ethan's buttons, especially after living with him for so long. He reached up and took Ethan's grey paw into his own. The tiger shifted his weight, as if he was about to get up, and yanked suddenly, pulling Ethan with a yelp down on top of him. They rolled around on the carpet, wrestling for dominance, but neither one was on top for very long. Their play soon slowed, however. The wolf was up on all fours straddling Chris's body, with his knees on either side of the tiger's head. When Chris rolled on his back and noticed the rather substantial evidence of Ethan's excited state, he craned his neck, rubbing his soft cheek along Ethan's inner thigh, eliciting a whimper from his mate.

They stopped, holding those positions for a moment. "You have no idea how much I love you," Ethan said quietly.

Chris smirked. "Actually, I do. The evidence is staring me in the face, so to speak. And I love you too." They untangled, and sat, facing each other, on the couch. Chris continued, "Ethany, I know how stressed you get. That's what weekends like this are for." He leaned in closer to his mate, and raised Ethan's muzzle to his own with a paw. They kissed, briefly, but Chris pulled away, evoking a yearning whine from Ethan. "Not yet. We've got plenty of time for that later. Dinner should be ready in a little while." Chris tapped the wolf's nose with an index finger. "Let's eat first, and THEN screw each other silly."

With that, he stood and, offering Ethan a paw, gently pulled him to his feet. "You go clean yourself up. Everything will be set in about, oh, 20 minutes."

"Okay, that sounds good. I'll go take a quick shower, and be back in a bit." With that, he squeezed his mate's paw and disappeared around the corner. A second later, he poked his head back into the room. "Oh, do be a nice tiger and try not to set the place on fire."

Chris turned and leaned back against the doorframe seductively, arms held high above his head. He purred, "Oh, I would, but you look hot enough as it is." They looked into each other's eyes for a few moments.

Ethan broke the silence. "Been saving that line?"

"Yeah, just a little bit. Did I rush it? Felt like I rushed it."

"No, it's good, I like it."

The tiger nodded. "Oh? Okay." With that, Chris popped into the kitchen, and Ethan padded around the corner, on his way to their bedroom.


Ethan kicked off his shoes and sat on the edge of their bed, massaging his pink footpads. The wolf stretched his toes, and worked the tension out of his feet and calves. "I wish I could wear sandals around all day like Chris does. Wow, this feels good," he murmured to himself. The wolf stood, and started to undress. He pulled off his shirt, exposing the rest of his creme-colored chest fur. Ethan yawned, muzzle gaping wide open, and reached his arms up. He stretched his upper body, and, with some satisfaction, felt various joints crack and pop. It'd been nearly a week since he'd been to the gym, and he was starting to tighten up. 'Maybe Chris can give me a good workout this evening...'

Continuing to disrobe, he popped the clasp that held his pants above his tail, and unbuckled his belt, letting his slacks fall to the carpet. He stepped out of them, wearing only black briefs, bulging already in anticipation of the evening's events that were sure to "come" after dinner. The tall wolf stood, admiring his lean, athletic build in the nearby full length mirror. The majority of his body was covered in charcoal grey fur, but from his neck down to his nether regions, his front was covered with a much softer & shorter creme fur that Chris just adored. Chris said it had something to do with the contrast to the rest of Ethan's fur. With his snug, black briefs on, the contrast was even more apparent. Ethan didn't really know what the big deal was, except that it did for Chris what the tiger's stripes did for him. He dropped his briefs, catching them on one toe, and flung them into the corner, right into their clothes basket. As he stood there, his package swayed freely in th e wind, a small bit of his lupine cock peeking from his furry sheath. He absent mindedly stroked his sheath and his balls as he padded into the bathroom.

Ethan started the shower and latched the door, in case his orange and black mate decided to take a sneak peek. When the shower was nice and warm, he stepped in, letting the water spray over him from head to toe, matting his fur. He grabbed a bottle of "fast rinse" fur cleaner, and quickly worked it through his fur, in a hurry because of dinner. After "rinsing" off, he stopped the water and stepped out with his head down, dripping water.

"You know you look like a drowned rat, right?" Chris was standing there motionless, leaning against the countertop.

Ethan barked. "Holy! Jeez Chris! Don't DO that. I thought you had better things to do than scare the hell out of me!" He turned around, and flipped on the blower vents embedded in the wall. "Yeesh."

Chris yelled over the blowers, "Well, since I'm such a good chef, I'm done. So hurry up. I put some clothes out on the bed." Chris stepped out, leaving the damp wolf alone.

Ethan finished drying off, feeling pleasantly refreshed. He hung his towel to dry, and stepped into their bedroom, enjoying the feeling of the carpet between his bare toes. Upon opening his dresser, he found another note card in his underwear drawer.

    You won't need these where we're going tonight. - S.

'Wow. This just keeps getting better.' Chris really knew how to get him worked up. Taking the card's suggestion, Ethan skipped the underwear, and pulled on the jean shorts Chris had laid out for him. He never wore them because they were just a little too tight. He zipped them up carefully, minding his now constant arousal. He clasped the tailflap shut, and stood, wincing slightly as the jeans hugged his butt and his furry balls. From his reflection in the mirror, it was blazingly obvious he was aroused, but he looked good, and felt good. He pulled on the red silk shirt his mate picked. He loved the feeling of the soft, cool material against his fur. With his fur brushed down, he switched off the lights and went off in search of his meal and his mate (not necessarily exclusive).


Ethan turned the corner into their dining room and first noticed the elaborate food selection. Chris had prepared Ethan's favorite meal, a roast with the tiger's mysterious "special marinade," and various side dishes. The next thing he noticed was Chris sitting at the table, leaning on his crossed arms. "Took you long enough," he greeted the wolf.

"Well, you know how it is. I always have trouble getting my tail dry. It's either all limp and wet or it gets--"

"It gets too dry and poofy, I know." Chris had listened to Ethan complain about that for as long as they'd lived together. "Stop standing there and sit. The meal will get cold."

"Oh, we wouldn't want that now would we?" Ethan sat opposite of Chris, dropping the napkin to his lap. He poured two glasses of wine, and handed one to his mate.

"Now, how was your day?" Chris placed a couple of slices of the roast on their plates, nodding, and making understanding noises while Ethan vented a week's worth of built up pressure.

They ate slowly, the conversation drifting from topic to topic. By dessert, Chris could tell that the wolf had loosened up a little, having finally offloaded all his problems. They finally ended up arguing about the local AAA baseball team, the "Wildcats," which, oddly enough didn't have a single one on its lineup. They were due to play the "Redbirds" next weekend. Chris commented, "With that dragon pitcher of theirs, the 'Cats would cream the 'Birds. He can throw a 100+ mile per hour fast ball."

Ethan Snorted, "Yeah, but have you seen the cougar the 'Birds have got? He's got arms bigger 'n a tree trunks. It's a wonder he hasn't been snapped up by a pro team."

"Well, look at his stats. The reason he's still playing minor leagues is he can't hit the ball to save his life."

They continued arguing the finer points of baseball through the end of the meal, until Chris stood. "Be back in just a sec, Ethan. I'll need to prepare dessert." He disappeared into the kitchen. Ethan sat, picking at what was left on his plate, waiting for Chris. After a minute or so, Ethan slid around to Chris's side of the table, scooting his chair next to his mate's. When the tiger finally returned, after an extraordinary amount of time, Ethan smiled up from his new seat.

"What took so long? Did you have to run to the bakery down the street or something?" In reply, the tiger just slid into his chair, laying his twitching tail across the wolf's lap. To his delight, Chris placed a French silk pie, Ethan's favorite dessert, on the table. The whipped chocolate confection was drizzled with chocolate syrup, and looked as if it had been ordered from a five-star restaurant.

Ethan's eyes lit up when he saw the pie. "Hey, great! My favorite! Forget what I just said. Take all the time you want next time. Thanks!"

"You're very welcome." Chris sliced one large piece and placed it on a plate between them to share. "Now, don't 'wolf' it down, love. Enjoy it. Chocolate *is* an aphrodisiac, after all." Chris managed to get a few bites in while Ethan devoured the chocolate delicacy.

Ethan finished the last bite, and finally looked up at Chris, and grinned. "Umm... you've got a little something just *here* on your muzzle." He leaned in, licking the bit of chocolate from the edge of the tiger's mouth.

Chris turned in his chair to face Ethan. "Thanks Ethan, but you seem to have something right *there* on yours." Chris licked the very tip of Ethan's lupine muzzle, and, a purr rumbling deep in his chest, parted his lips and kissed the wolf gently. Ethan opened his muzzle, battling with the invading feline tongue. He dropped the spoon onto the empty plate, and slid his paws through the tiger's open shirt, resting them on Chris's striped hips. Chris broke the kiss briefly, and, slipping his paws up under the wolf's arms, pulled them both to a standing position. The tiger leaned into his mate, rubbing his bare chest against the silk shirt Ethan was wearing. He met the taller fur's down-turned muzzle, and kissed him more intensely. Chris felt Ethan's footpaw brush his. The tiger brought his leg up, and wrapped it around the wolf's leg, drawing them even closer. He could feel Ethan's hardness through their shorts. Chris reached up the wolf's back and dug his claws ever-so-slightly into the wol f's shoulders, hanging some of his weight on the slightly taller wolf's shoulders. The pinpricks on his shoulder elicited a growl from Ethan, whose paws had drifted lower, massaging the tiger's tail-base.

Ethan broke the kiss, taking in the handsome striped form that was pressed against his body. He kissed Chris's head and ears lightly. "Did the wolfie earn *kiss* his *kiss* reward?"

Chris thrust his erection against Ethan's, and, purred invitingly, "I think he has." Ethan could feel Chris squeeze his claws a bit deeper into his shoulders. Chris stared into his eyes and purred, "We need to give the big, bad wolf his treat. Let's go to bed, okay? I don't think the dining room table would be very comfortable."


Without saying a word, Ethan practically drug Chris to their room, pulling him by the paw. As soon as he opened the door he stopped, just inside the doorway. The room was scattered with green candles that cast a warm, intimate glow. He turned, and, looking at the flames dancing in Chris's eyes, noticed that the color of the candles matched Chris's emerald green eyes perfectly. Ethan realized that Chris had run back here quickly, scattering and lighting the candles while he was "preparing" dessert. It was just the sort of sweet gesture his tiger would make.

Ethan gripped his mate's paw tighter, and walked with him into the room. Chris shed his white shirt as they fell onto the bed, still holding paws. Ethan lay on top of Chris, their muzzles locked in a lustful kiss. Ethan was straddling Chris's body, on his paws and knees, desperate for more than just kissing and petting. Chris released one of Ethan's paws and reached down, squeezing Ethan's lupine cock through his shorts. Chris could feel it twitch in response, straining against the thin denim that he wore. He released Ethan's other paw and slipped his paw under his mate's shirt. He raked his claws through the wolf's soft fur, eliciting a needful whine from Ethan.

"Let's get you out of that shirt, love." Chris pulled gently at the soft fabric, and Ethan wriggled out, tossing the shirt aside when he was free. Ethan lay down next to Chris, facing him on his side. He closed his eyes and wrapped his arms around the tiger's back, pulling him closer. Chris slipped his arms around Ethan's torso and nuzzled his mate, feeling small electric shocks when their bare chests met. Chris entwined his legs with Ethan's and hugged him tightly, enjoying the warmth of the wolf's body pressed against his own.

Ethan spoke into his ear, eyes still closed. "I love you, Chris. I love being in your presence. Please let me show you how much."

Chris purred as a reply, his chest rumbling with the deep sound. He popped the clasp above Ethan's tail, slipping a finger along the ultra-sensitive patch of fur just above the wolf's tailhole. He gently pushed Ethan onto his shoulders and scooted between his legs. He ran his claws up the front of Ethan's thighs, lightly scratching his fur. They met just above his erection, now leaking precum onto Ethan's shorts. Chris undid the shorts and unzipped them slowly, each tooth on the zipper popping distinctly. "Ah, I see you took my underwear suggestion. Good for you. Here's a small reward." He completed opening the fly, and, extending his rough feline tongue, lapped at the wolf's sheath and balls. He then licked at the soft, downy fur covering Ethan's nether regions, matting the fur with saliva. Chris lapped at Ethan's balls, and, grinning at him, sucked first one, then other into his maw, gently kneading them. Toying with Ethan, Chris left his growing erection alone. Ethan murred at the sen sations his mate was giving him, laying his head back onto the bed. His cock twitched against the soft fur of his belly, untouched but not forgotten, dribbling copious amounts of clear precum onto his fur.

The air was heavy with the scent of their arousal, Chris's wilder, exotic scent contrasting Ethan's earthier, lupine scent. Chris's vision was consumed by his grey wolf. He looked up the length of Ethan's body, marveling at the male specimen that was his forever, and no one else's. He stood from the bed, and, inserting a claw into his waistband, pulled his shorts down over his striped, toned legs. He crawled back onto the foot of the bed, totally nude now, eyes locked with Ethan.

The tiger lay down on his tummy, he muzzle just inches from Ethan's crotch. He inhaled deeply, taking in the strong musky scent, and playfully exhaled, blowing warm air onto Ethan's sensitive balls. Ethan groaned at the new sensation. Chris scooted forward, closing the gap, until his muzzle brushed mike's soft scrotum. He continued moving along the wolf's body in one fluid, graceful movement, rubbing as much of the wolf as he could with his own body. He kissed the tip of Ethan's cock, and received a thrill when he was rewarded with a spurt of salty-sweet precum. He slipped just the tip into his muzzle, sucking lightly, before moving on. Ethan murred, his paws at his side grasping the bed sheets. As the tiger slid along, he licked and kissed a trail up the length of Ethan's body.

Chris skimmed over Ethan's body, until his head was even with Ethan's shoulder. He nuzzled his mate tenderly, rocking forward and back, sliding his erection along Ethan's tummy. When Chris stopped moving, Ethan opened his eyes, gazing into Chris's. Chris murmured quietly, "Love you, Ethan," and reached back, grasping Ethan's erection in a paw. He slid his paw up and down, spreading the wolf's precum along its length. Staring into Ethan's eyes, Chris slowly eased himself back, guiding Ethan's erection under his tail. He inhaled suddenly when he felt the tip brush his tailhole, tensing up a bit. Chris relaxed his hole, and pushed back, impaling himself on Ethan's wolf cock. Chris slid down the length of Ethan's member slowly, gently biting his lower lip at the slight pain. Ethan lay passive, panting, giving his tiger mate full control of the initial penetration.

Chris stopped when he felt the beginnings of his mate's knot start to slide in. Poised above his mate, impaled on the entire length of Ethan's wolf cock, Chris waited for his hole to get used to the invader. As he waited for the pain to fade, he played with Ethan's chest, running a paw through his creme-colored chest fur. Growing used to the wolfcock, Chris leaned back on his haunches, and, bracing his forepaws on Ethan's hips, lowered himself completely onto Ethan's dick, feeling Ethan's soft fur caress his balls. Chris felt full, complete, with his lover's hot dick completely inside him. He rose slowly, the wolf's member sliding back out, until just the tip was still in. Chris started to fuck himself gently on the rod, his own jumping whenever it slid across his prostate. He worked the entire length into his hole, a warm, tingly pleasure displacing the pain. He grinned looking down to his mate's inquisitive eyes, and nodded.

Ethan nodded his head, and brought his paws to Chris's hips, helping him move on each upstroke. Ethan began to thrust in time with Chris's constant up-down motions, bringing the two furs together with a more substantial *smack.* Chris used a paw to jerk his own hard feline cock, keeping pace with Ethan's member sliding across his prostate. The tiger bounced on his mate's wolfcock, sweating with exertion. He could feel Ethan's knot slowly growing inside him as he arched his back, concentrating on his mate. Ethan was thrusting several inches into him now, allowing Chris to slow down. Chris stopped for a moment, allowing the wolf to thrust upward, into his tailhole. Ethan was really getting into it, from the looks of his face. His muzzle was clenched, and his neck was straining with exertion.

Chris lifted himself off of Ethan's wolfhood, groaning as he felt Ethan's developing knot slide out of him. Ethan rose up on his elbows, looking to Chris, a questioning expression on his face. Chris dropped onto his paws and knees, and raised his tail. Looking between his legs, his face upside down, he said, "I want you to fuck me. Not make love, not screw Fuck."

Ethan growled at the sight of the tiger kneeled before him, a grin on his face, offering himself to him. The wolf stood on his knees, and guided his wolfhood under Chris's tail. Chris groaned when Ethan, in one smooth stroke, slid his entire cock into Chris's tailhole, stretching the tiger's opening as he forced his developing knot in. Chris bared his teeth, yowling at the sudden pain. He dug his claws into the sheets as his entire body tensed up.

Ethan placed his paws on Chris's hips, pulling them together with each thrust. Chris could feel Ethan's lupine knot swelling inside him, tugging at his tailhole on each outward thrust. Ethan began with short thrusts into Chris, allowing him to get used to the larger knot. The pain was slowly replaced by warmth, and then pleasure as Ethan stretched his insides. Chris's feline cock jerked, dripping precum whenever Ethan would hit his prostate. Ethan sped up, bringing their bodies together with an audible *slap* more quickly now. He hunched over his mate, placing his paws on either side of Chris's, using his entire body to fuck the tiger. Ethan braced himself on one paw, and reached around his mate's body and jerked his barbed cock in time with his thrusts.

Chris started to rock forward and back now, pushing and pulling on Ethan's wolfhood inside him. He groaned, eyes squeezed shut with pleasure, "Yes! That's it Ethan! Fuck me!" With that, he slammed himself back into Ethan, trying to work him in as deep as he could. Ethan's paw slid along his feline member, his paws teasing the barbs on Chris's cock with each stroke. Ethan's muzzle was snarled as he thrust himself into his mate harder, and faster, working both of them into a frenzy. Chris could feel cool drops of sweat fall onto his back on each impact, from Ethan's all-out exertion.

Chris squeezed hard on Ethan's cock, trying to draw Ethan's cum inside of him. Ethan was growling now, pounding Chris's rear quickly, as hard as he could. His low growl suddenly changed into a howl as he slammed himself in, burying his wolfhood as far as he could in the tiger's tailhole. Ethan squeezed hard on Chris's cock, his paw almost a blur. Chris arched his back, yammering incoherently, his muzzle wretched in an expression of pure pleasure as he came. He pressed himself back into Ethan, feeling electric shocks wherever their bodies touched. Chris shot load after load of cum onto the bed sheets, unnoticed by either fur. Ethan was emptying his balls into him, locked together with him by his now full-sized knot. A near constant stream of cum flowed into Chris, warming his insides, adding to the glow of his orgasm.

Ethan groaned, and collapsed on top of Chris, pushing them both into the bed. The smaller tiger was squeezed between his mate, and the bed, his cock still twitching and dribbling cum onto his soaked tummy. Ethan's hard wolfcock was still firmly embedded under his tail, and would be for at least a half hour, from past experience. Chris rolled onto his side, Ethan's larger body forming to his own, making him feel warm and secure. Ethan draped an arm over Chris's body, caressing his chest. He nuzzled Chris's headfur, whispering in his ear, "Thank you," as they both drifted to sleep.


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