Roman Curse 1 by Hector Himeros


This story contains explicit depiction about man-to-man sex. The plot and the characters are fictive. Any resemblance with real events or living/dead people is purely coincidental! Men in this story don't use condom but the author urges the readers to always use condom during real sex.

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Title : Roman Curse - part 1
Written by : Hector Himeros
Words : 6,765 words
Scene : M/M, M/M/M, oral, anal, reluctant, bondage
Setting : Dungeon
Location : Rome
Time : 316 - ancient Rome
Character #1 : Diego Fortes - 35 yo - Hispanic man - gay - top/bottom
Character #2 : Cassius Crastinus - 54 yo - Caucasian man - bisex - top
Character #3 : Marcus Curius - 30 yo - Caucasian man - straight - top/bottom
Character #4 : Aulus Galenus - 28 yo - Caucasian man - gay - top

A myserious Hispanic man, named Diego, showed up in front of Bassianus' - a Roman senator - house. Out of the blue, he claimed to know about Bassianus' plan to assasinate Emperor Constantine and offered his help. But Bassianus' centurions captured and tortured Diego, fearing that he was Constantine's spy. However, later, it was revealed that Diego even knew the future events, that Bassianus would be killed and that Constantine would turn Rome into a Christian empire. Who was Diego actually? Could he be a man from the future who was bent to change the course of history?

As of June 2011, I have finished Roman Curse until part 8 - I called it season 1 because I paused it a while to write another series. I make 8 individual sexy cover arts to describe the characters (which are viewable in my website). Roman Curse is my first attempt to write a believable sexual 'reality' by combining sex/love with deeper topics. This is certainly not a gay fairytale. 

       Ancient Rome, 316

      "Stop right there. What are you doing here in the middle of the night?" barked a Roman soldier who guarded the entrance to a lavishly built house. "State your name and your purpose."

      "I need to speak to senator Bassianus. Please, this is very important," a man in his mid-30 pleaded. His face was not clearly visible, concealed by a hood.

      "And what's your name?" the soldier demanded.

      "Fortes. Diego Fortes," he answered without thinking. 

      "Diego Fortes? What kind of name is that? You're not a Roman citizen, are you?" The soldier started to suspect the mysterious man.

      "It doesn't matter. What matters is I know what senator Bassianus is planning. And I can help him."

      "And what do you think the senator's plan is?" the soldier asked again, trying to confirm his suspicion.

      "To kill Emperor Constantine," Diego blurted, hoping that it would get him inside.

      "Really?" The soldier now had a legitimate reason to apprehend the stranger. "You're under arrest," he stated, immediately taking hold of the naive man.

      The arrest was so swift that Diego had no time to defend himself. He did try to push the centurion but he was no match to a militarily trained man. Easily, the soldier pinned Diego's arms and shoved him down onto the ground. During the struggle, the soldier managed to rip the hood off, thus exposing Diego's face. Soon, the other soldiers came to help. Diego had zero chance of escaping. He was their prisoner now. Rudely, Diego was thrown into the dungeon. He kept yelling about how he would help Bassianus but was ignored by the soldiers. Poor Diego was forced to spend the night in the dingy cell.


      The next morning, Diego was awoken from his sleep. The sun shone in through a small rectangular opening on the wall which served as a window. Not long afterward, a centurion named Cassius came to visit Diego. From the looks of his uniform, it was clear that he had a much higher rank compared to the ones who captured Diego. Two high-ranked soldiers stepped in. One of them brought a wooden chair with him and placed it at the center of the room. The other soldier took Diego out of the confines and forced him to kneel before the chair. After doing their tasks, they stood by the door, guarding the entrance. Kneeling on the dirty stone floor, Diego silently watch Cassius sat in front of him. Silence hung in the air for a minute or two. Apparently, Cassius wanted to have a good look at his prisoner before interrogating him.

      However, it was Diego who spoke first, "Please, let me see senator Bassianus."

      "He's not here at the moment. For the time being, you can talk to me. I'm general Cassius Crastinus," Cassius said, his face showing no expression at all. "And those two centurions, behind you, are my loyal subordinates. The burly one over there is Aulus Galenus. And the tall one is Marcus Curius. Both are strong. And they like torturing people." Deliberately introducing his soldiers, the general tried to intimidate Diego. "So, tell me, barbarian. Who are you exactly?"

      For a quick moment, Diego glanced up. His eyes met Cassius' stern eyes. Secretly, he thought to himself that Cassius was quite handsome for an older man. Judging from the centurion's graying hair, Diego reckoned that Cassius must have been in his mid-50. Looking away, Diego's eyes darted between the floor and Cassius' armor. Not familiar with Roman culture, he had no idea the front part of Roman armor was shaped like a naked muscular torso, complete with two hardened nipples. Weak against visual stimulation, Diego's dick immediately hardened. Fortunately, in kneeling position, he could easily hide his throbbing manhood.

      Politely, Diego answered Cassius' question. "My name is Diego Fortes and I came from Hispania. I swear, I mean no harm. I came here to help senator Bassianus. I know he's planning to eliminate Emperor Constantine."

      "And how did you know about that? Who told you?" Cassius leaned his body forward, bringing his face close to Diego's.

      The question was unexpected. Stuttering, Diego tried to find a believable answer but he wasn't prepared for that. Diego stuttered, "I... I just knew it."

      "Hmm... I sense that you're not telling me the truth," Cassius concluded, leaning his back on the chair.

      Hoping to extract the truth out of Diego, the centurion gave a cue to his soldiers. At first, Diego wasn't aware what would happen. But as two sinister centurions came forward and grabbed his arms, Diego knew that he was in trouble.

      "Tell me, from whom did you obtain that information?" Cassius demanded, his sound booming.

      "Please listen to me. I'm not your enemy. We both hate the same man: Constantine. That wretched emperor had indirectly killed someone I loved." Diego almost wept as he spoke.

      "How do I know that you're not working for Constantine? How do I know this is not a trap?" Cassius inquired, staring at Diego's face.

      "Tell me what can I do to proof my sincere intention?" Diego asked, giving up on convincing the cynical general.

      Upon hearing such sentence, Cassius smirked. "You can't. Don't take this personally but I never trust any barbarians, especially from Hispania." Turning to his centurions, the general ordered, "Strip him!"

      Diego's face went pale immediately. He struggled for his freedom but he couldn't release his arms from the centurions' strong grip. Fear took over his mind because he had no idea what kind of torture awaited him. Each centurion only needed one hand to rip Diego's robe apart. The flimsy material couldn't withstand sudden yanks. Ripping noises resounded through the dungeon as the robe turned into shreds. Diego's athletic chest, contracting hard, was exposed. Cassius gave Diego a sharp glance, taking in the details of Diego's bulging pecs. The general seemed quite intent on viewing Diego's tanned torso, never blinking. Helplessly, Diego stood there with his worn-out braies covering the genitals. Cassius' attention was distracted and fell on the tenting braies. However, before the centurions ripped Diego's drawers, Cassius lifted his hand and stopped them from doing so.

      "What do we have here?" he asked rhetorically, pointing at the obscene bulge.

      One of the centurions, named Marcus Curius, reached out a hand and blatantly squeezed Diego's erection in front of his superior. "The barbarian is having an erection," he commented, humiliating Diego.

      Marcus just turned 30 a few months ago, a year younger than Diego. However, the centurion looked much older, owing to the stubble around his lower jaw. Physically, he was tall and athletic. Whenever he had the chance, he would expose his firm pecs to fellow soldiers. Despite his age, he already had a few strands of gray hair. Unlike most men, Marcus didn't have much hair on either his arms or legs. However, the lack of body hair didn't lessen his masculinity.

      "Really? An erection?" Aulus Galenus, the other centurion, chimed in mockingly. He, too, felt Diego's crotch rudely.

      Aulus was only two years younger than Marcus. Compared to Marcus, Aulus could be easily mistaken for a gladiator. Genetically, he inherited a large set of bones which served as a perfect template for his musculature. However, he wasn't as tall as Marcus. His pecs were broad, filled with a perfect mixture between muscles and some body fat. Whenever he took shower in the public bath, other men couldn't stop whispering to one another about his physical appearance. His physically strength was balanced by his insatiable sexual appetite. However, he could find no suitable woman to be his wife because none of them could keep up with his sexual drive. Thus, most of the time, Aulus was sexually frustrated.

      Embarrassed, Diego felt his cheeks burn. However, he couldn't control his erection. It seemed that his cock had a mind of its own. Diego's cock responded to the squeezing by throbbing much harder. At one point, it even began to squirt out some precum. The sexual fluid dampened the front part of his braies. The wet stain spread as more precum oozed out from Diego's cock slit. Diego tried to hide his face because he couldn't stand being hard in front of three men. A part of him berated himself for being such a roue. While the other actually enjoyed the sexual attention given to him. An incoherent groan left Diego's mouth as Aulus began to stroke Diego's manhood through the thin fabric. His hands secured, the helpless Hispanic could only writhed and thrashed.

      Cassius smirked, obviously looking down on Diego for not being a Roman. "You're getting hard? In front of us?"

      Leaning forward, Cassius too placed his hand on Diego's bulging drawers. Chuckling, he leaned back after satisfying his curiosity. Cassius' fingers were dampened by the precum which slightly emanated a particular smell. Without any hesitation, Cassius brought the fingers to his nose. He then rubbed the thumb against the index finger close to the nostrils, as if by doing so he could wring out more aroma.

      "I'm right. All barbarians are morally debauched. They were born to be slaves. And only male slaves who deserve to be fucked hard by Roman male citizens."  Cassius' eyes glinting, the general was apparently horny. "Centurions, strip him!"

      "No! Let me go!" Diego struggled furiously, defending his dignity.

      "Don't fight us. You're just a slave," Marcus said, suddenly jerking the braies down.

      Being made from thin fabric, the braies were half-ripped as they were jerked down. At the same time, Diego's throbbing manhood jutted out proudly. His droplets of precum splattered onto Marcus' hand. The Hispanic man was quite embarrassed because he had never shown his cock to any men, except to his boyfriend. Diego watched helplessly as Marcus ripped the torn braies apart. Nothing hiding his genitals, Diego was now stark naked. He no longer struggled because he felt there was point in doing so. The earlier struggled had left Diego breathless. The naked man was heaving for breath, his pecs rising and falling rapidly.

      Marcus lewdly commented, "Look at that cock. Damn! It's quite big for a barbarian."

      But Aulus quickly cut in, "You called that big? Then I guess you haven't seen mine. My cock is longer and thicker than the barbarian's."

      When Cassius deliberately cleared his throat, both centurions immediately stopped talking. He gave out an order. "Aulus, chain him. Make sure he can't escape."

      Minutes later, Diego stood there, completely immobilized. Both of his hands were chained, his body hanging a few inches from the floor. The chains rattled when Marcus pushed Diego's body. The Hispanic man moaned, overwhelmed with fear, humiliation, and uncertainty. Cold metal chains froze into his wrists, his arms aching. Suspended from the ceiling, Diego displayed his rather hairy armpits. His broad chest was somewhat flattened as it was stretched tautly. Diego's brown nipples hardened, challenging the beholders to rub them. Despite under mental pressure, Diego failed to get rid of his erection. Instead, his cock throbbed harder.

      Repositioning his seat, Cassius straightened his back. "You're under my mercy now, barbarian. Tell me who told you about senator Bassianus' plan. Speak now or face the torture."

      Almost crying, Diego repeated what he said earlier. "Please trust me. I'm not your enemy. I hate Constantine, too. I want to see him dead."

      "Marcus, hoist him up. Make him talk," Cassius said, giving up on persuading Diego.

      The centurion grinned as he pulled the chain with all his might. Whimpering, Diego was lifted a few inches higher, above the floor. Being a strong man, Marcus easily did the task. His muscles were bulging, almost tearing the sleeves of his shirt. However, his armor concealed the other muscular features. Beads of sweat soon dampened Marcus' body, somehow making him look very sexy. The chain continued to rattle until Diego's ass was level with Marcus' head. That way, it would be much easier for Marcus to do some depravities to Diego's ass. Clinking noises were heard when the centurion secured the end of the chain to a hook.

      Bound and helpless, Diego winced. The weight of his body pulled him down, causing his wrists to ache. He told himself to stay calm if he ever wanted to finish his mission. Looking down, he was greeted by the erotic view of his own leaking cock. Silently, he cursed himself for getting horny in inappropriate situation. Not knowing what kind of torture he would have to endure, Diego closed his eyes and hoped for the best.

      Aulus rounded the hanging figure a few times, sizing him up. "So Diego, you're overpowered by Roman masculinity, huh? Have you ever had any sex with men?"

      "Yes," Diego answered truthfully, without realizing that he just made a fatal mistake.

      Hearing the answer, Aulus and Marcus whispered to each other as they planned the most effective torture to break Diego down. Meanwhile, General Cassius just sat quietly, watching the scenes unfold. He gave total freedom to his men when it came to tortures. The only thing that Cassius care for was the end result. However, seeing Diego's obscene erection, Cassius knew that Diego would definitely undergo sexual torture.

      This barbarian is not bad looking actually. In fact, he's the most handsome man I've ever laid my eyes on. I would love to turn him into my slave. That way, I could fuck his ass every day. Damn! He's got me quite horny. I'm pretty sure that Marcus and Aulus will make this barbarian undergo some nasty sexual tortures. After all, this man has provoked us first, by displaying erection shamelessly, Cassius thought, slipping a hand into his crotch.

      Aulus whispered his nasty plan to his fellow centurion, "Listen. This barbarian is clearly into men. I think we should humiliate him sexually. He may enjoy it. But after we finish playing with him, he will never want to have sex with men, ever again."

      Hearing such diabolical plan, Marcus giggled wickedly. "Whatever you have in mid, do it quickly. The general can't wait for you any longer. Look at him. He is secretly stroking his own cock!  

      Hanging helplessly, Diego's entire muscles grew taut. The weight of his body pulled him down, stretching him constantly. By instinct, he tried to shake his cuffed hands, but he ended up making a series of rattling sound. His manhood throbbed before those men's eyes as his body swayed about. Diego's face reddened, the heat of shame radiating from them. Not knowing what kinds of torture they would use invoked a great terror within him.

      Fuck! My cock stays hard. The more I try to deflate it, the harder it becomes. Shit! Diego cursed.

      "So, you really want us to torture you first?" Aulus asked, walking up to Diego. The centurion rounded Diego's chained body a few times, trying to intimidate him. "You're a filthy barbarian!" he barked, suddenly slapping Diego's bare ass.

      Diego immediately yelped, not expecting any butt slap. It was quite hard and left a noticeable reddish mark on one of the ass cheeks. Trying not to whimper, he bit his lower lip. However, he soon received another spank. The chain rattled as Diego's body slowly spun around. However, Aulus was determined to make his ass raw. The centurion walked around and aimed his palm at Diego's ass. After a few spanks, Diego's ass turned bright red. No matter how hard Diego tried to suppress his emotion, he finally gave in. The adult man whimpered with abandon as his tears broke out.

      Upon noticing his tears, Aulus then attacked him verbally. "What? You're crying? I guess that you're not a real man after all. You can't even bear the pain of spanking."

      "Talk now. Or we'll keep spanking your ass," Marcus chimed in, standing closer to get a better view of Diego's face.

      "I guess he wants more," Aulus commented, without waiting for Diego's response.

      Again, a hard spank was delivered to Diego's already reddened ass. In slow motion, the supple ass cheeks rippled as Aulus' palm landed hard on the surface. The skin tingled painfully, after receiving multiple blows. Diego had no idea that ass spanking could be quite torturous. Other than the burning pain, which roasted his ass, Diego also had to bear the intense humiliation. Not being able to withstand both, he sobbed uncontrollably. However, Diego wasn't sure how to convince the Roman that he's speaking the truth.

      "Please don't spank my ass," Diego pleaded, tears trickling down his handsome features. "Enough. It hurts."

      "Then, talk," Aulus leaned his armored body closer so that he could make out Diego's words.

      "I told you," Diego sobbed, "I'm here to help you. Why don't you believe me?"

      Getting tired of listening to the same boring confession, Aulus took a deep breath. Without saying a word, he spanked Diego's ass for the umpteenth time. An evil grin curled his lips as he continued to spank the bubble butt violently. Obviously, Aulus enjoyed doing it because his groin started to tighten. His hardening dick quickly pushed against the fabric of his subligaculum. Seeing naked muscular men wince was a great turn on for him. Whenever he got the chance to torture men, he usually stripped them off and started beating them senseless. Aulus' breath was erratic, his chest rising and falling with each rapid intake of air. Aroused by Diego's wails of pain, Aulus had to stop occasionally in order to reposition his erect cock.

      Marcus did not help; he just stood there and watched. Unlike Aulus who took great pleasure in seeing men writhe in pain, Marcus was not turned on by violence. However, he did take a fancy to handsome prisoners, especially the ones who had strong athletic bodies. Most of the time, Marcus raped those men simply because he could not restrain his lust. Noticing how handsome Diego was, Marcus felt the familiar tingling in his crotch. It only took a few seconds for his dick to become fully erect. Without any shame, Marcus blatantly cupped his crotch in front of the others.

      Cassius smiled to himself, knowing that the interrogation would definitely turn into an all-male orgy. Watching Diego's hanging body jerk, Cassius shifted his seating position several times because his erection gave him a hard time. Quietly, he moaned out his lust as he slowly fondled the lower part of his body. He tried to do it subtly because he needed to maintain his rank, at least for the time being.

      Diego's cries and the spanking sound dominated the dungeon. He tried his best to avoid Aulus' vicious palm but he could do nothing. He simply jerked against the chain, hurting his own wrists in the process. Cold sweat, as the result of fear, flowed down Diego's face. His eyebrows and eyelashes were drenched, making it harder for him to see. From the corners of his eyes, he managed to spot Cassius fondle his crotch. When he spun around against his will, he got a blurred view of Marcus' taking off his leather armor.

      Fuck! They're all aroused to see me hanging naked in chains, especially Aulus. The muscular centurion seems to take great pleasure in seeing me in pain. Fuck! He reminds me of the cursed inquisitors! They too had much sexual pleasure when they tortured my boyfriend. Ah! I can't take it anymore. I shouldn't have underestimated the spanking. It hurts like hell. 

      After enduring several minutes of ass torture, Diego lost his erection. The cock finally shriveled, a string of precum hanging from the foreskin. As Diego's body swayed, the cock rocked about until the precum string snapped. Sobbing unintelligibly, he no longer had the energy to yelp. The surface of his ass turned completely raw. Even a soft touch could make Diego groan. Sniveling, Diego begged for mercy. To his surprise, Aulus suddenly stopped hitting his ass buns.

      "This barbarian is tough. Damn! My arm is cramped," Aulus cursed, flexing his biceps.

      Spanking was quite exhaustive, taking a lot of energy. Perspiration dripping from his dampened tunic, Aulus was sweating like a pig. Without asking for Cassius' permission, the centurion immediately tugged off his leather armor and let it drop to the floor. Grumbling about how sweaty he was, he stripped off his tunic. Having nothing to be embarrassed about his hefty body, he exposed his torso. The only thing that he wore was a loincloth wrapped around his crotch.

      "Even my loincloth is wet," he murmured.

      Without showing any embarrassment, Aulus wrung the front part of his loincloth. Little amount of sweat trickled down from the wrung fabric. The liquid dripped onto the stone floor. Afterward, using his callused palms, he wiped off the sweat from his naked torso. His muscles flexed magnificently as his arms worked. Besides drying his body, he also disheveled his short hair, which was wet from the excessive perspiration. Aulus then turned to Marcus who only wore a worn-out tunic.

      "It's your turn now," Aulus said, deliberately pushing Diego's body.

      As Diego spun around, Marcus took over the interrogation. The tall centurion couldn't conceal his eagerness as he steadied Diego's body. When his bare fingers touched Diego's warm skin and kneaded his flesh, Marcus couldn't help getting erect. A throbbing bulge formed obscenely on the lower part of his tunic. Apparently, he didn't wear any underwear at that moment.

      "What happened to your cock? I thought you enjoyed being naked in front of us?" Marcus asked, mocking Diego's flaccid dick.

      "Maybe I spanked him too hard. Somehow, his cock is injured," Aulus chimed in, laughing at his own joke.

      Knowing that Diego couldn't resist the sexual advance of another man, Marcus deliberately ran his hand across Diego's naked skin. The fingers roamed the bubble ass cheeks, giving them some squeezes. However, what Marcus did brought much pain. Diego squirmed as he sobbed. Still burning after getting spanked, his ass was very sensitive to the touch. Marcus knew it and, of course, he didn't care.

      "Your ass is nice. It's quite supple and I love squeezing it," Marcus said, licking his upper lip.

      "Please don't squeeze it," Diego sobbed. "It hurts."

      "Well, that's the point of torture. You're lucky we don't bring out the whip. It will be so unfortunate to let this sexy beautiful body of yours bleed."

      Marcus turned Diego around, swinging Diego's body for a few seconds, until he faced Diego's limp dick. It had been weeks since Marcus fucked another guy. From the looks of his face, he was craving for it. Deliberately, Marcus brought his body close to Diego's until Diego's dick touched his upper torso. The centurion gasped as he felt how warm the meat was. Still damp, the tip of Diego's foreskin stained Marcus' tunic with some precum. Suddenly, Marcus was struck by a new idea of torture.

      The stone floor of the dungeon was poorly constructed. Some of the tiles broke, exposing the earth beneath them. Several shoots of wild grass grew fertilely because no one ever bothered to clean the dungeon. Marcus walked up to a corner and squatted down. He picked up a shoot of long thick grass. With his nail, he made sure that its tip, the point where he separated the grass from its root, wasn't too sharp. Grinning wickedly, he approached the helpless Hispanic. For a moment, he took his time to appreciate the athletic contours of Diego's frame before introducing the grass shoot to him.

      "Do you see what I'm holding? It's a shoot of grass." Not wanting Diego to realize what kind of torture awaited him, the centurion tickled Diego's body with the leafy part of the grass. "Do you believe me if I tell you that, with this grass, I can make you howl for mercy?"

      Diego had no idea what kind of torture that Marcus had in mind. However, learning from his spanking experience, he tried not underestimate anything. Whimpering softly, he restrained himself from saying anything that might provoke the centurion. However, he did realize that no matter what he did, he was under their mercy.

      Understanding what was going on, Cassius nodded silently as he admired Marcus' creativity. 'Marcus certainly knows how to sexually torture a man. I have no idea where he got his idea from. Nevertheless, I certainly would love to watch how he carries it out. This should be interestingly horny.'

      Marcus grabbed Diego's dick and started tugging the limp meat. However, even after being stroked, the dick remained flaccid. "Come on. Get yourself an erection. Aren't you into having sex with men?"

      "I can't," Diego whimpered, his entire body aching. The burning pain from the spanking had dulled his senses, creating a mental block, which stopped him from enjoying any sexual stimulation.

      Marcus looked quite annoyed because his method of torture required the erection of his victim. The centurion tried to stimulate Diego's hanging balls by massaging them but it did not work. Not giving up easily, Marcus continued to stroke the shriveled dick. He paid special attention to the foreskin, by pulling it backward as far as it could reach. Diego's slimy dick head was exposed completely. Later, Marcus pulled the foreskin forward, thus hiding the dick head. In the process, he managed to wring out a tiny drop of precum which was trapped under the foreskin. However, Diego's dick didn't respond well. Finally, Marcus did the unthinkable.

      "Marcus, what are you doing?" Aulus exclaimed, not believing what he saw. "That's so gross!"

      His mouth opened, Marcus suddenly put Diego's dick into his oral orifice. As soon as the dick touched his tongue, he closed his lips and sealed the dick inside. One hand holding the hairy base of Diego's dick, Marcus milked the limp meat. When the foreskin was pulled back, it exposed the vulnerable cock head. Showing no hesitation, Marcus licked the head. At first, he did it slowly, because he needed to know whether it worked or not. To his expectation, not long afterward, Diego's dick began to show a positive response. Filling the space inside Marcus' mouth, it lengthened and hardened.

      "No! I'm getting hard!" Diego groaned, feeling as if he was being sexually violated.

      Despite the fact that Diego was a gay man, he believed in total monogamy. To him, the only man worth having sex with was his boyfriend. Thus, Diego didn't enjoy being sucked by another man. It was equal to sexual harassment. However, what annoyed Diego the most was the fact that he actually liked it! Pleasure and guilt fought fiercely to gain domination in Diego's mind. Like most men, the Hispanic man finally succumbed to the sexual temptation. Groaning with much pleasure, he gradually gave himself up to the ecstasy given by another man's mouth.

      Yeah, that's it. Get hard for me, you sexy barbarian, Marcus thought, looking up to view Diego's facial expression.

      From the way he maneuvered his tongue, it was obvious that Marcus was an expert in giving men a blowjob. Keeping his sexual life private, Marcus never told anyone about his infatuation towards men. Even his close friend, Aulus, had no idea that Marcus enjoyed sucking cocks.

      No wonder Marcus is always excited whenever he gets the chance to sexually humiliate male prisoners, Aulus thought, finally understanding the missing piece. I mean, sex is indeed pleasurable. But a Roman man isn't supposed to suck dicks, especially the one that belongs to a barbarian like Diego. It's just wrong.

      Aulus was a fine example of a typical Roman man. To him, fucking with men was legal as long as he was the penetrator and the man he fucked was a slave or a barbarian. It was considered shameful when a Roman man allowed himself to assume the passive role. Hence, Aulus was disgusted when he witnessed Marcus' depravity. Although he might not share the same idea about sex, he was quite intrigued to see how his friend handled Diego's thick cock.

      No one would have guessed that a high-ranked general, like Cassius, secretly harbored insatiable homosexual desire. At one point, he shared Aulus' idea that he himself had to be the penetrator at all times. Yet, unlike Aulus, the general believed that even a male Roman citizen could be sodomized. Cassius was quite delighted to see Marcus' oral performance although he initially didn't expect Marcus to display such sexual perversion blatantly. At least, Cassius now knew that Marcus was available for some man-to-man action.

      "Ah!" Diego whimpered, helpless to fight off the pleasure. The muscles around his crotch flexed as Marcus' tongue tickled the sensitive cock head. The chains rattled as Diego bucked and writhed. Waves of pleasure invaded and took control over his body. At then, the pain on Diego's raw ass turned numb. It was still there yet it was drown by the sheer bliss. Still moaning, Diego couldn't help comparing between the blowjob he received from his boyfriend and from Marcus.

      Fuck! I hate to admit it but this centurion really knows how to please my cock. It's as if his tongue knew all the erogenous spots on my cock. My boyfriend can't suck cock as well as Marcus does. Oh! I can't stop getting horny. If he keeps sucking me, I will surely cum.      

      Carried away, Marcus almost forgot what his original intention was. Shit! The handsome barbarian's cock tastes so good that I can't stop sucking it. I love to taste his precum. It's a bit salty but its taste is rather different from all the cocks I've sucked. I can't find the right word to describe it. It'll be quite unfortunate if this sexy man ends up dead in our dungeon. I have to force him to talk but I'll make sure that I won't damage his body.

      "Oh yeah! Suck my cock. Don't stop," Diego slurred, no longer thinking that he was being raped.

      "Alright, you're hard now," Marcus said, pulling away from Diego's pulsating manhood. A long strand of precum, stretched between Marcus' mouth and Diego's cock slit, snapped. "I give you one last chance to confess."

      Just as the blowjob stopped, Diego was taken back to reality. "I told you already but you don't believe me," Diego replied, bracing himself for a new kind of unpredictable torture.

      Before carrying out the torture, Marcus turned to General Cassius for approval. When he received an affirmative nod, he held Diego's hardening dick in his right hand. Still holding a shoot of grass in his left hand, Marcus squeezed the male member to make sure that it stayed hard. The man meat pulsated, begging to be stroked. Slowly, Marcus peeled back the foreskin and brought the cock head out. As it throbbed, a pearly drop of precum exuded from the slit. Diego's soft moan echoed, clearly enjoying Marcus' manly touch. The centurion took a moment to admire the perfect shape of Diego's cock head. Knowing how sensitive the cock was, Marcus thumbed the dripping cock slit. Gingerly, the thumb circled the slick slit menacingly. It then pushed itself down against the slightly parted opening.

      Closing his eyes, Diego whimpered. His dick was quite sensitive to the touch. Marcus' thumb made Diego tremble, the pleasure quite overwhelming. However, he did know that the pleasure wouldn't last because he was there to be tortured. Nervously, Diego looked down, trying to anticipate the impending pain. He then watched in horror as Marcus brought the grass to his cock slit.

      "No! What are you doing? Stop it!" Diego protested, instinctively struggling to save his dick.

      However, Marcus had already anticipated it. He squeezed Diego's cock head so hard that it turned purplish. At the same time, Diego's fearful groan resounded through the walls of the dungeon. Marcus then pulled the manhood towards him, thus jerking Diego's body. For a moment, the centurion let Diego thrash and writhe, waiting until the Hispanic man exhausted himself. The trick worked. After several minutes of desperate struggle, Diego finally had no more energy to fight. Marcus grinned to himself as he watched Diego draw in some breaths rapidly without giving any resistance.

      "I don't want to hurt you. But if you move your body when I push this shoot of grass into your cock slit, you'll only hurt yourself more. Trust me," Marcus said.

      "No, please don't," Diego pleaded, sweating profusely. "Ah!"

      The moment when the end of grass touched his cock slit, Diego began to yelp. It didn't hurt actually, at first, but he was overpowered by horrific terror. His mind went numb as he felt the grass crept in slowly. Fortunately, the cock slit was flooded with precum. The liquid helped ease the friction. Diego tried his best not to move, his entire body trembling. At the same time, he had to maintain the uncomfortable position as his lower body was pulled towards the centurion. The chains bit deeper into Diego's wrists. Diego's body was stretched painfully. Some of his pubic hair, tangling Marcus' fingers, was pulled accidentally.

      Standing not far, Aulus craned his head over to get a better view. He couldn't blink as he watched the grass inch deeper into Diego's dick. Coupled with Diego's wail, the sexual torture kept Aulus' cock hard. The shirtless centurion sported a dampened bulge in his loincloth. Under the watchful eyes of Cassius, Aulus stroked his penis through the thin fabric. The outline of his hard dick was clearly seen. His mind seized by lust, Aulus no longer cared about his superior. In fact, he came to realize that Cassius actually enjoyed the sexual perversion taking place in the room.

      Diego continued to cry out as his dick was being violated. "Ah! Pull it out! Please! Ah, it hurts!" His scream echoed, bouncing from wall to wall.

      Yet, Marcus continued to push the stalk in until it could be pushed no more. His hands were slightly shuddering, afraid of damaging the most perfect cock he'd ever seen. Out of mercy, Marcus let Diego adapt to the penile invader. To Marcus' amazement, the dick in his hand was still hard. It was quite intriguing because usually pain would immediately turn a man off.

      'This barbarian's dick stays hard even after it endured some terrible pain. I wonder why. Is it possible that he takes great pleasure in being sexually tortured?' Marcus thought, paying a close attention to Diego's stuffed cock slit.

       Afraid to move his limbs, Diego exerted his muscles to maintain his position. He winced owing to the pain radiating from his abused dick slit and from the hard grip of Marcus' hand. The sensation was indescribable, both painful yet pleasurable. Breathing in and out, his broad pecs were heaving nervously. Not knowing how Marcus would proceed, Diego repeatedly told himself to be strong. In Marcus' grip, Diego's dick throbbed with the same intensity as before. Apparently, the pain didn't stop it from enjoying itself.

      "Look at that," Aulus commented, his eyes fixed to the glistening glans. "Let me do the torture."

      "No!" Marcus quickly snapped, knowing that Aulus would definitely turn Diego's cock into a pulpy meat. "This is my torture. So, let me finish it in my own way."

      Aulus was surprised, not expecting his friend to defend a barbarian so vehemently. "Alright, don't be so touchy."

      Suddenly, Marcus released Diego's dick. It happened quite suddenly. Inevitably, Diego's body swung back and forth, out of control, like a pendulum. The Hispanic man moaned, his head reeling. For several seconds, he forgot about the ordeal that his cock endured. His body swung and spun until the chains released all of its tension.

      "Please, have mercy," Diego sobbed, terrified. "I'm telling you the truth."

      Tired of listening to Diego's pleas, Marcus steadied Diego's body and stopped it from spinning. Then, he reclaimed Diego's dick, clutching the shaft. As he did so, the blood circulation was cut off and pooled around the dick head. Thus, the cock head turned darker and the veins around Diego's cock shaft also bulged up. Marcus smiled as he heard Diego's wince. Carefully, Marcus took the grass with his fingers and pulled it out ever so slowly. At the same time, a louder growl of pain erupted.

      "Ah! Stop it, please! My cock hurts! Ah, no! Stop!" Diego cried, his entire body tensing up.

      Marcus knew exactly how hurtful it could be, even though he did it very slowly. The tender interiors of a man's urethra simply couldn't handle frictions, unless much lubrication was added. As the grass withdrew, it scooped out some precum out. The slow process seemed to take forever, accompanied by Diego's groans, until the entire grass shoot was pulled out. The stem was covered in a thick layer of precum. Not seeing any trace of blood, Marcus was quite glad. The centurion looked up and saw the relief on Diego's sweaty tired face.

      Damn! I think I might have fallen for this handsome barbarian. I love the way he winces and groans, very sexy. I imagine him doing them as I fuck his tight ass,      Marcus mused, his own cock leaking much precum.

      Trickles of sweat dripped down from Marcus' body and dampened his tunic. The temperature in the dungeon was indeed quite high, owing to the poor ventilation. With no hesitation, Marcus stripped off his tunic and stood before those men in his loincloth. Marcus certainly made no attempt to hide his prominent bulge which poked through his underwear.

      "How do I look?" the centurion asked Diego.

      Numb with aching pain, Diego forced himself to take a look at the handsome centurion before him. It wasn't difficult to get hard over Marcus because he was really good-looking. Diego's eyes trailed down Marcus' supple pecs and stopped at Marcus' precum-stained underwear. A dirty thought entered his mind as he imagined how big Marcus' fuck tool was. Trying to calm himself, Diego looked up and caught a meaningful gaze from Marcus' eyes. He had no idea why but Marcus' glance was quite soothing despite the fact that Marcus was an interrogator.

      "You look fine," Diego replied, gritting his teeth. He had no idea why the centurion suddenly asked such an awkward question.

      A short gasp escaped from Diego's lips as he felt a drop of liquid make its way out of his cock slit. However, the pain was almost unbearable, making Diego think that his dick was bleeding from the inside. But as he looked down, he saw no blood. The liquid that he felt earlier apparently was just another drop of precum. Diego sighed out his relief, relaxing his muscles.

      Stepping closer, Marcus looked up and put his palm on Diego's heaving chest. His fingers trembled as they touched one of the sweaty pecs. When Marcus squeezed it, he could feel how ample the pec was. Diego's hardened nub brushed Marcus' callused palm, sending a rush of excitement across their bodies. Wishing the sensation could last longer, Marcus tightened his grip and pushed his hand down against the athletic pec. It was obvious that Marcus longed to fuck the handsome Hispanic man.

      "What are you doing?" Aulus demanded, pushing Marcus aside. "You won't be able to extract any confession from him. You need to make him feel the pain." Rudely, Aulus grabbed the grass from Marcus' hand. "Let me show you how to torture."

      "No!" Marcus exclaimed, trying to grab the grass back. He knew for sure that Diego would suffer under Aulus' interrogation.

      "Marcus!" Cassius' authoritative voice boomed like a rumbling thunder. "Let Aulus interrogate the barbarian. This is an order."

      "But..." Marcus argued, stuttering.

      "Enough! Move over and let Aulus do the work," the general ordered, starting to get impatient.

      Diego certainly understood the problem he was in. Fearing for the safety of his life, he gave Marcus a pleading look. He didn't say anything but his eyes begged Marcus to save him. Yet, to his disappointment, Marcus did nothing. The centurion silently stepped away and let Aulus replace him.

      "Now, let's have some real fun," Aulus told Diego, a vicious grin framed his mouth.

      However, Diego was too tired to respond. He simply closed his eyes, waiting nervously for a pang of pain to zap his body. Diego's shuddered as he felt Aulus' coarse palm encircled his dick. Automatically, Diego moaned as his foreskin was pulled back forcefully. His body jerked when Aulus' palm made contact with the sensitive dick head. Then, Diego felt the presence of the grass around his gaping cock slit. With a deafening cry of pain, Diego was helpless to defend himself. The stem of grass was rudely pushed in!

(to be continued)


  • Subligaculum is the term for Roman underwear.

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