Roman Curse 2 by Hector Himeros


This story contains explicit depiction about man-to-man sex. The plot and the characters are fictive. Any resemblance with real events or living/dead people is purely coincidental! Men in this story don't use condom but the author urges the readers to always use condom during real sex.

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Title : Roman Curse - part 2
Written by : Hector Himeros
Words : 6,890 words
Scene : M/M, M/M/M, oral, anal, reluctant, bondage
Setting : Dungeon
Location : Rome
Time : 316 - ancient Rome
Character #1 : Diego Fortes - 35 yo - Hispanic man - gay - top/bottom
Character #2 : Cassius Crastinus - 54 yo - Caucasian man - bisex - top
Character #3 : Marcus Curius - 30 yo - Caucasian man - gay - top/bottom
Character #4 : Aulus Galenus - 28 yo - Caucasian man - straight - top

A myserious Hispanic man, named Diego, showed up in front of Bassianus' - a Roman senator - house. Out of the blue, he claimed to know about Bassianus' plan to assasinate Emperor Constantine and offered his help. But Bassianus' centurions captured and tortured Diego, fearing that he was Constantine's spy. However, later, it was revealed that Diego even knew the future events, that Bassianus would be killed and that Constantine would turn Rome into a Christian empire. Who was Diego actually? Could he be a man from the future who was bent to change the course of history?

As of June 2011, I have finished Roman Curse until part 8 - I called it season 1 because I paused it a while to write another series. I make 8 individual sexy cover arts to describe the characters (which are viewable in my website).

      "Ah!" Diego cried as loudly as he could. The pain forced his body to jerk but he tried hard to hang still. A slight movement might cause his dick to suffer unthinkably bloody injury. The excruciating pain snapped his eyes open, almost bulging out. Sweat drops, as large as corn seeds, dripping down his naked body. The pain was truly unbearable and much worse, wrecking every nerve in his body.

      Aulus certainly felt no mercy towards Diego. To him, the barbarian was nothing but a worthless man whose destiny was to become a Roman man's slave. The fact that Diego liked men sexually added a certain excitement. Deliberately, the centurion shook the grass that poked Diego's dick. It immediately made Diego produce a roar of pain. Aulus was definitely aroused to see Diego's sexual ordeal.

      "Yeah, cry for me. Groan as loudly as you can. You turn me on!" Aulus mocked, pushing the long grass in until it hit something.

      "Stop it, please! Ah! You're killing me!" Diego cried, his body trembling beyond control.

      "No, I won't stop. I'm gonna fuck your pee hole and make you cum," Aulus wickedly said, bringing his face closer to the abused cock slit to get a better look.

      As Aulus stared at the cock in close distance, he got an unobstructed view of the piss slit being stretched open by the thick grass stem. Around the slit, the flesh swelled a bit as the result of the friction. Precum lubricated the path, making it easier for the grass to worm its way in and out. Aulus amused himself as he slowly rotated the grass stem to watch how Diego's dick slit handled it. However, every time he moved the grass, no matter how slightly, he brought much pain to Diego. 

      "No! Oh, my cock!" Diego whimpered, tears of pain flowing down his cheeks.

      "Keep groaning. You really turn me on," Aulus responded, his dick leaking profusely.

      Meanwhile, Marcus was torn between guilt and lust. He admitted that he was aroused to see the naked Hispanic man groan and flex. But, at the same time, he couldn't stand watching Diego being tortured without mercy. To Marcus, sexual torture was only arousing as long as the man he tortured didn't bleed. Usually, whenever he tortured a male prisoner, he substituted the lethal punishment with forced anal penetration. Awkwardly, Marcus tried to look away but he stayed hard.

      Just by observing Marcus' behavior, Cassius apparently knew what was going on in Marcus' head. 'It seems to me that Marcus has formed a bond with Diego. I won't be surprised if the reason is simply because of the barbarian's handsomeness and athletic body. Even I wish to fuck that Hispanic man. But I can't let Marcus get distracted. I have to do something.' The general then summoned the shirtless centurion to stand before him.

      "Yes, General?" Marcus asked, paying his respect.

      "I need you to do something for me," Cassius spoke, getting up from the chair. "Help me take off my armor."

      "Alright," Marcus replied. Obediently, he carefully stripped the metal armor off Cassius' body. The armor was rather heavy. Marcus' biceps flexed as he handled the armor with care. Just as Marcus turned around to place the armor on the floor, he felt someone grope his ass. He didn't have to turn around to see who did it. However, he suddenly became rather nervous because he never thought his superior was into man-to-man sex with other military men. For a second, Marcus froze, not knowing how to proceed. The hand continued to roam loincloth-wrapped ass; it even squeezed the ass cheek.

      "Do you like it when another man touches your ass like this, Marcus?" Cassius asked without any reservation.

      "Yes, General," Marcus replied, finally giving in to the temptation. The centurion then turned around and displayed his sweaty torso.

      "Take my tunic off," the general ordered, raising his arms up.

      As soon as he was told, Marcus immediately obliged. His hands were rather shaky, out of both nervousness and excitement, when they undid the belt. The belt dropped with a faint thud. Next, Marcus bent over to grasp the lower end of the tunic. Cassius' callused palms rested on Marcus' broad back, massaging it. But Marcus continued to do what he was told. Standing up, he pulled the tunic up and over Cassius' head. At that precise moment, Cassius' naked hairy torso was exposed. Apparently, Marcus couldn't hide his horny reaction. The centurion placed the general's tunic on top of the armor to avoid it from being dirty. Again, he felt Cassius' hands on his body. But this time, the hands directed him to face the general. There was a moment of awkwardness. Two men of different ranks stood facing each other. Both were shirtless, only loincloths covering their genitals. And both knew that they wanted each other.

      Cassius was not a bad-looking man, although he wasn't exactly considered as a handsome daddy. The bad habit of eating had some effects on his body, such as the accumulation of body fat here and there. However, his athletic frame still existed, underneath the layers of fat. Like most men of his age, Cassius had love handles around the waist. Some of the body fat also made its way into Cassius' pecs, making them look thicker and more squeezable at the same time. The broad pecs rose and fell with each breath that Cassius took, as if beckoning Marcus to grab them.

      "So what are you waiting for, centurion? Worship my body," Cassius ordered, extending his arms in a welcoming gesture.

      I can't believe that it's really happening. I did fantasize about having sex with the general a few times. He is not exactly what I call a handsome man, but there's something sexy about him. General Cassius is the ultimate epitome of manliness, Marcus thought, surrendering himself to the general.

      Without being told twice, Marcus quickly threw himself into Cassius' arms. Compared to the general's burly body, Marcus' athletic body was leaner. The general's big arms held Marcus' shirtless body securely. The two men kissed each other passionately, tongues boring into each other's mouths. There was certainly much passion between them, finally released.

      Cassius' blunt nails dug into the flesh of Marcus' meaty back, leaving some minor scratching marks. The fingers greedily groped every inch of the centurion's bare body. Cassius' naked pecs were pressed hard against Marcus', as if they fought to win the title the best pecs of the year. Grinding their bodies together, their nipples immediately hardened and begged for some attention. Cassius wedged a hand between their bodies to get his fingers on one of Marcus' pebbled nipples. The general couldn't help moaning as a rush of excitement flooded his nerves.

      "Your nipple is hard. I like fingering it," Cassius commented with his hoarse voice.

      "Touch me, General. Play with my nipples," the horny centurion replied. Proudly, he shoved his other nipple forward, offering it to the sex-crazed general.

      Gladly, the general rubbed the offered nipple, however it was not enough. He later used both hands to play with Marcus' erect nipples. While fingering those pert objects, he planted a wet kiss on Marcus' lips. He also shoved his crotch towards Marcus' and felt their erection bump into each other. Cassius fully realized that he had defied the military ethics by having sex with a fellow Roman soldier. Nevertheless, he was powerless to deny his sexual needs. Thus, he wouldn't let any stupid rules stop him from satisfying his biological needs.


      Despite Diego's loud cries, Aulus wasn't deaf to what Cassius and Marcus were doing. Their moans of passion surpassed Diego's groans of pain. For a while, Aulus stopped to watch the obscene display of lust. It was very intriguing to see his superior molest a fellow military officer. Aulus gasped, realizing how horny he was. Although he didn't agree the way Marcus willingly assumed the submissive role, he couldn't help thinking how sexy it was to see two macho military men sharing their lust.

      Fuck! The general and Marcus are making out in front of me without any hesitation. I'm sure they do it on purpose, to incite me into joining them. Well, I'm horny but I have no one to fuck. Damn! I can't even find any men or women who would willingly take my big cock up their fuck holes.' But then, he turned to the sobbing Hispanic. 'Wait a minute. I do have someone to fuck. I'm gonna make him feel the masculinity of a Roman man. But first, I have to finish the torture first. If he still doesn't want to talk, I'm gonna introduce my big cock to his ass. Oh yeah, I'm gonna hurt him.

      "Ah! It hurts! Have mercy, ah!" Diego cried, his voice turning hoarse after screaming too much.

      "You can cry all you want. I won't stop, not until you confess or until you cum." Aulus actually preferred the latter option, because it gave him excuse to continue the torture using his unusually thick cock.

      "No! Ah!" Diego's face was contorted in indescribable suffering. Constant pain invaded his dick slit, in and out. However, despite everything that he went through, he still sported an erection. It was as if his cock challenged Aulus to keep fucking its slit. Exposed and sweaty, Diego's pecs contracted as his body bore the flushes of pain which flooded its entire nerves. His abdominal muscles were also seen flexing, rippling across the flat stomach. Sweat continued to trickle down onto the stone floor, flowing down Diego's muscular contours.

      Making a man cum by fucking his slit was hard. Even though an orgasm was achieved, it needed a long time. Aulus simply couldn't wait anymore; he had to fuck. Thus, the centurion decided to throw in an extra help. Rudely, he banded his right hand around Diego's hard dick. It was kind of slimy but Aulus managed to get a hold. Diego groaned but Aulus didn't care. He knew Diego was in pain and he enjoyed seeing the Hispanic man fought to overcome it. The centurion then started to jerk Diego's manhood.

      "Fuck! Oh!" Diego screamed, not knowing whether it was pain or pleasure. Both sensations mixed together and created something that he never felt. When he looked down, he saw Aulus pulling his foreskin back and forth. Sometimes, when the foreskin covered the glans, it accidentally touched the poking grass and a jolt of pain would surge down his body. For several minutes, Diego tried to adapt. His entire muscles flexed repeatedly, aching for some release.

      "Look at you. I know how much you enjoy this. You get hard when I fuck your pee slit. And you moan when I stroke your dick." Snickering, Aulus gave a mocking smirk. "Guess what? Since you're so eager to have sex with men, I'm gonna make you my bitch."

      Diego froze when he heard the part about being Aulus' bitch. It posed as a big problem to Diego, even though he did like men, because he was a top. Never in his life did he try bottoming for other men. The thought of being fucked by a rough Roman centurion like Aulus sent cold shivers down his spine. Squirming, he pulled at the rattling chains. With a loud sigh, Diego pushed out a globule of precum. It was a painful process because the soft tissues in his urethra were irritated. Just as the liquid rolled out, it sent burning sensation all over the shaft. And Diego could only whimper, biting his lower lip hard.

      "Nice," Aulus commented, watching the precum drip from the slit. When he pulled Diego's foreskin back, the cock was stretched slightly longer. The mushroom-shaped head was displayed without any obstruction to the view. Traces of precum glistened on the reddish sensitive surface. Aulus brought his head closer to the glans and sniffed it. The aroma was indeed quite arousing.

      The grass continued to invade in and out, scooping out more precum in the process. The centurion applied several variations, from rotating the stem to increasing the penetration speed. And he did it all with his left hand. At the same time, his right hand continued to milk the cock shaft. Together, both hands managed to draw out a series of louder groans from Diego's quivering mouth. Aulus gave Diego a sinister smirk, watching how much precum Diego produced.

      "Fuck! Oh!" Diego cried, noticing the increase of the pain. It felt like his cock was being split from inside out. Although he didn't understand why he kept precumming, he was glad  it happened. The precum acted as lubrication, protecting the cock from any inner damages caused by constant friction. It was quite effective, although failed to provide total protection. Some of the tender linings in the urethra chaffed. Although there was no blood trickling out, the pain was quite torturous.

      "Shoot your cum. Come on. Do it. You know, I won't stop fucking your dick slit until you give me your cum. I want to see you shoot out your thick creamy cock juice."

      Considering himself as a straight man, Aulus certainly wasn't into dicks. In fact, he was disgusted when he saw Marcus give Diego a blowjob. However, whenever another man came, Aulus could relate himself to the man's blissful climax. Thus, he was very eager to see Diego's dick drip almost incessantly. Aulus stroked the manhood faster, hoping to see the Hispanic man squirt his man milk all over the floor.

      "Don't hold back. Let your cock unleash its juice. Cum for me," Aulus kept encouraging his prisoner.

      Amid the pain, pressure was building up inside Diego's hanging balls. In the heat of the dungeon, both balls were stretched downward. Drops of sweat dampened their wrinkled surface. Whenever Diego squirmed, no matter how slightly, the balls swayed. Diego knew that he had to cum although under tremendous torture. Although he hated to admit it, the pain radiating from his dick slit kept his cock hard.

      "Oh!" A guttural cry resounded. Diego's dick sent waves of pleasure, washing down his body. The searing pain and the firm stroking merged together, combining into a new kind of sensation. At the same time, Diego's breathing rhythm became faster and deeper. His broad pecs were heaving up and down, jiggling slightly owing to their weight. The signs were unmistakable. Diego was on the brink of an ejaculation!

      "You're cumming, right? I know you are. I can see all the physical signs on your body. What are you waiting for? Spill it now. Shoot your cum. Do it now!"

      "Damn! I'm cumming!" Diego cried.

      Almost at the precise moment, Aulus pushed the grass deep into the swollen dick slit. And he also squeezed the shaft hard, as if he tried to break it apart. Fortunately, the tip had been unsharpened by Marcus, thus it posed no serious threat. Yet, the pain it caused was still immense, jerking Diego's chained body. A second later, The Hispanic stud finally released his precious cock juice with a roaring cry!

      "Ah! Here I come!" And soon afterward, the pressure inside Diego's balls reached its critical limit and exploded. Hot creamy cum was pushed out in the speed of a bullet through the piss slit. However, because the penile opening was blocked by the grass stem, the squirted cum had to squeeze through the narrow space. The result was incredibly horny. Diego's man milk shot out in thin yet powerful jets.

      The first shot hit Aulus' hand which was holding the grass in place. The moment it splashed Aulus' hand, Aulus released his hand in shock. The cum landed on his skin felt scalding hot. "Shit!" he cursed, not expecting to be sprayed with a barbarian's cum. Even though Aulus immediately moved away, he still couldn't escape the second shot which stained one of his pecs. In fact, the cum hit Aulus' pert nipple and coated it. The gooey liquid then hung down from the edge of the protruding object. Another "Shit!" was heard, but Aulus didn't wipe the cum off.

      "I'm cumming!" Diego yelped, his muscles flexing. "Fuck! Oh!"

      Diego's orgasmic cries also grabbed the attention of Cassius and Marcus. Both men postponed their foreplay, only to observe Diego's orgasmic ordeal. As they watched, they couldn't stop groping each other's fine pecs. Their soft moans of desire were faintly heard, drown by Diego's louder groans.

      What Diego felt was indescribable. The orgasm was really a new experience because it was triggered by pain. Panting, the naked man squirmed violently. Orgasmic convulsions took over his body. He succumbed to Aulus' stroking fist which mercilessly wrung out every drop of cum it could find. Diego's dick throbbed, cum gushing out with every pulse of the ejaculation. The force of the orgasm managed to push the stem out, about an inch or two. The rest of the shots splattered the floor below and discolored it, creating puddles here and there. Its ejaculatory intensity diminished over a few seconds, until it came to a perfect halt. Breathing hard, Diego recuperated. More sweat escaped from the body pores, bathing Diego's muscular naked frame. The stud looked quite exhausted, barely having any energy to struggle.

      "Yeah, doesn't it feel good?" Aulus asked, watching the mess on the floor. "You've squirted a lot of cum. Look at your own mess."

      Aulus' palm ran through Diego's sweaty skin, patting his body. Much sweat was wiped off. The centurion looked quite pleased as he felt Diego's muscular contours ripple under his touch. Diego's soft gasps were heard occasionally. When Aulus' hand reached the nipples, Diego flinched owing to their extreme sensitivity. His cock was jerked. Because of that, the remains of previous ejaculation flowed out and pushed the grass stem until the stem left the piss slit. Diego moaned with much relief.

      "Now, it's time for you to meet my big dick. When I said big, I did mean it. There's no exaggeration. It's really big and thick." Aulus encircled Diego's hanging body, taking in the details of his body.

      Fear crawled down Diego's spine. He had never bottomed for any man. Even though he never tried it, he knew how painful it could be especially for those who had never experienced it. The fear took over his mind, numbing the pain in his dick. Completely work out, Diego didn't resist when Aulus lowered down the chains. However, he didn't have the strength to stand up. Diego immediately fell on pecs with a loud thud, facing the floor. His arms were still chained to ensure his immobility. Wincing, he lay still on the dusty floor. Additional pain came from his swollen dick which was pressed hard between the floor and his stomach. The meat throbbed and exuded the last streamlet of cum.

      "You're pathetic," Aulus mocked. To emphasize what he meant, the centurion put his sandaled foot on Diego's back and pressed it down. A weak groan was heard.


      Cassius' cock pushed out another drop of precum. The liquid quickly dampened his loincloth. The general looked down to view the throbbing bulge, noticing that he really needed to blow his loads. When he turned to Marcus, he found that Marcus' eyes were on the bulge as well. Naughtily, the older man shoved his crotch forward to meet Marcus' tenting erection.

      "Take my underwear off," Cassius croaked, choked by his growing lust.

      The obedient centurion bent his body over and grabbed Cassius' loincloth. With one hard yank, the general's underwear fell to the floor to reveal a magnificent dick. Marcus gasped as he saw the sexy organ. He had to admit, Cassius' real dick looked rather different compared to the one in his fantasies. The real dick was much thicker yet not as long as Marcus originally thought. The shaft was unique because it was bent to the right. Marcus had fucked a lot of men but had never seen any cocks like Cassius'. To get a better view, he knelt down and positioned his face inches away from the precum-coated cock. For nearly a minute, he just stared at it in awe.

      "You like my cock, Marcus?" Cassius asked, noticing the centurion's genuine interest on his manhood. "Touch it."

      Needless to mention, Marcus didn't waste his time. He immediately grabbed the meat and gave it a few strokes. The second he did so, Cassius moaned.

      "Oh fuck yeah. Keep stroking my cock. Feel how hard it is."

      "I love your cock, General," Marcus said, looking up.

      "Call me Cassius. It sounds more personal, right?" The general gave Marcus a naughty wink.

      "Right, err... Cassius," Marcus replied, still somewhat nervous.

      "Oh! Your hand feels so good around my cock. Keep stroking it, Marcus. Don't stop."

      Closing his eyes, Cassius enjoyed the coarse texture of Marcus' palm on his uncircumcised dick. The general gasped when his foreskin was slid backward. There was indescribable pleasure, taking over his body, whenever his dick head was exposed. Cassius rotated his hips a bit to positioned his dick head in front of Marcus' lips. Right at then, the dick throbbed, expelling a pearly globule of precum.

      Amazed by what they saw, Marcus' eyes widened. 'Finally, Cassius' dick is in my hand. I'm stroking it and it's throbbing hard. Look at his dick. The precum is rolling out of his dick! Oh, this is such a horny yet beautiful sight. I want to lick his dick and taste it with my own tongue.'

      Without being told, Marcus pushed his tongue out and placed it on top of the leaking slit. Carefully, not wanting to spill the precum, he scooped it up with his tongue and tasted it. Obviously, he loved it because he continued lapping at it. Holding the general's shaft, Marcus made sure that the head pointed at his mouth. Loud slurping noises echoed, bouncing off the walls.

      "Oh fuck! You have sucked a lot of cocks, haven't you?" Cassius croaked, his body squirming. "I can tell by the way you lick and suck my cock. You're such a rake. I can't imagine how many men you've sucked. Yeah! Lick my pee slit. That's it. Push your tongue in. Fuck the slit. Oh!"

      Flexibly, Marcus' tongue wiggled as it rubbed itself onto the pinkish dick head. Drool, flowing out from his mouth, was unleashed. Cassius' groans spurred the horny centurion to keep sucking. Marcus knew exactly how to get the general off, because he had done it quite a lot. The tongue seemed to know all the erotic spots on the cock. However, the shape of Cassius' dick made it hard for Marcus to give a deep throat.

      "Yes! Oh fuck!" Cassius cursed, his head thrown back. The broad pecs of his rose and fell rapidly, following the increased rhythm of his breath.

      Marcus' eyes rolled upward and were greeted by the sexy view of Cassius' heaving pecs. They certainly looked more amazing when they were seen from below. The erect nipples nodded up and down, giving the impression that the pecs were slightly bouncing. Not being able to resist the visual temptation, Marcus reached up and grabbed one of the pecs. Determinedly, he squeezed it hard.

      "Damn! You've made me very horny, Marcus. If I knew earlier, I'd have bred your ass many times already."

      Marcus responded by increasing the intensity of his suction. His other hand still clutched Cassius' thick shaft, stroking it. With a thick dick in his mouth, Marcus practically was gagged, unable to vocalize his lust. But he let Cassius know how he felt by making some muffled noises. Sucking a bent dick was quite tiring, because of the angle. However, Marcus looked quite eager, wanting to please his horny general.

      "You're so handsome, Marcus," Cassius gasped, looking down. "I'm hot for you."

      Combing Marcus' damp hair with his fingers, Cassius traced every strand of it. The hair felt soft to his callused fingers. However, when Marcus stimulated a certain erogenous spot, Cassius uncontrollably flinched. In the process, he accidentally pulled at Marcus' hair, causing Marcus to wince. The general continued to roam the centurion's head, massaging the scalp. At times, Cassius groaned more loudly, especially when the suction became too intense.

      "You have such a nice body. It's quite athletic. I love touching it," Cassius murmured, running the other hand down Marcus' sweaty bare back.

      Now, both of the general's hands were massaging Marcus' back. The sinewy contours were quite palatable. Groping Marcus' body brought a certain kind of additional pleasure which helped maintain his erection. Nevertheless, he wanted to grope every inch of the centurion's hefty body, including the ass. Bending over, Cassius pushed his hands down across the spine. As soon as the fingers got a hold on Marcus' loincloth, they adeptly loosened it. However, getting rid of the loincloth was proven to be difficult because of Marcus' kneeling position. The general could only slip his hands into the loincloth and squeeze the ass.

      "Stand up," Cassius spoke with his hoarse and deep voice. "Let me see your dick. How big is it?"

      Disappointed, Marcus forced himself to release the general's delectable dick. Standing up, he shucked off the loincloth. Finally, Marcus had the chance to get naked in front of his superior. And it felt incredibly great. Without any shame, he held his rock-hard cock and stroked it before the general. The foreskin was pulled back and forth, squeezing out some precum.    

      "Your cock is beautiful," Cassius praised, reaching out to touch it.

      Excitedly, Marcus released his own dick and shoved it forward. As soon as the general's palm banded around the hot manmeat, Marcus couldn't help panting. There was unspeakable desire welled up inside him, demanding to be released. Having sensitive dick, Marcus flinched whenever Cassius' fingers touched the bare head.

      "I love the shape of your cock head. It's so beautiful," the general commented, deliberately rubbing the glistening skin. "I can see your gaping cock slit. It's filled with precum." While talking, Cassius touched the leaking slit.

      "Ah!" Marcus groaned, in response to the touch.

      A long string of precum was stretched, clinging onto Cassius' finger. Noticing how much Marcus enjoyed to be touched, Cassius used his palm to massage the cock head. The erect manhood throbbed while it was being rubbed. Its owner continued to squirm, groaning from time to time. Obviously, both men enjoyed the sensual activity. Carried away by his lust, Marcus leaned forward and grabbed Cassius' pecs. He kneaded those hanging meaty slabs, feeling the hard texture.

      "I'm so horny, Cassius. Make me cum, please."

      "Really? You want to cum?" Cassius teased him, bringing his lips close to one of Marcus' ears. "I'll make you cum if that's what you want."

      "Yes, make me cum. Please, I'm too horny. My cock is aching," Marcus answered, gazing into Cassius' eyes.

      "Since you act quite submissively, I'm gonna turn you into my fuck slave," Cassius said, smirking to himself.

      Mercilessly, the general squeezed Marcus' cock head. The thick skin of his palm ground into Marcus' sensitive dick head. Without the layer of precum, the palm would have felt like sandpaper. However, even the precum layer couldn't protect Marcus's dick entirely from the pain. The naked centurion winced, his body flinching.

      "Yeah, you like it, huh? You want to be dominated? Do you what I'm gonna do to you, huh? I'm gonna milk your cock and make you shoot all over the floor. Then, I'm gonna fuck your ass."

      Without any hesitation, Marcus replied, "Yeah, please treat me like a fuck slave. I need to be dominated."

      The general replied, "Then get ready to shoot."

      As an uncut man, Cassius jacked off by stroking his foreskin-covered cock head. Thus, he assumed that Marcus used the same method. However, at then, Marcus' foreskin had been completely pushed back. His cock head was bare, vulnerable to any kind of sexual invasion. Ignoring Marcus' groans, Cassius continued to stroke the bare glans. Much precum was wiped off as the general's hand continued to move up and down. Occasionally, it also made some circular movements. Fortunately, the dick continued to expel precum from the slit.

      "You're precumming," Cassius commented, noticing it. "You're close to cumming, aren't you?"

      Panting for breath, Marcus replied with a nod. The sensation he received was too overwhelming. And he didn't want to ruin it by talking. Marcus simply wanted to feel every second of the stroking. He needed to fully experience what it was like to be the sex slave of a mighty Roman general. Although, most of the times, Marcus topped other men, he longed to bottom for the right man. And that man was General Cassius. 

      "Don't hold back. Let yourself go. Allow your desire to consume you. Yeah, you want to cum. Shoot it," Cassius encouraged the gay centurion. "Give me your cum."

      "Fuck!" Marcus groaned, his body starting to shaken. Instinctively, he thrust his crotch forward, fucking Cassius' fist. The harder Cassius stroked the cock, the faster Marcus thrust it. A steady rhythm was then created. It was all about giving and receiving. Another choked grunt was heard as Marcus was overpowered by his same-sex desire. Relaxing his limbs, he felt cum churn in his ball sack. The ejaculation was only a minute away.

      Without asking for permission, Marcus dove down onto one of the general's nipples and gave it a hard suck. Sometimes, he deliberately scraped the sensitive nub with his teeth to send strong tingles down Cassius' body. The accumulated drool in his mouth was spilled onto Cassius' nipple. Marcus then opened his mouth wider and tried to take in the whole pec. The pectoral flesh was quite meaty. Marcus kept sucking, licking and lightly biting the pec. There were biting marks, as well as hickeys, all over Cassius' pec.  Not quite satisfied, the centurion then turned to the other pec and gave it the same treatment.

      "Damn! You're such a horny slut. You're not ashamed at all about expressing your sexuality. I like that."

      Since his pecs were being played with, Cassius felt he had the right to grope Marcus'. After all, Marcus was his sex slave for the moment. The general big palm blanketed Marcus' right pec and squeezed it hard until Marcus winced. Getting rubbed, the nipple soon hardened. When Cassius saw it, he simply took hold of it. Not caring whether the nipple was sensitive or not, the older man began to finger it. He received immediate result as Marcus groaned and writhed.

      "I'm playing with your man tits." As soon as he finished saying that, he reached for the other nipple. "Yeah, you like it, don't you?"

      "Yes! Oh, I do, Cassius," Marcus answered with uneven breath. "Touch my body. Grope me. Treat me like a male slut. I don't care, Cassius. I can't deny the lust. I want a real man like you to sexually manhandle me. Ah yeah"

      "Wow, that's the most honest confession a man ever told me," Cassius replied. "And you shall be rewarded later." The older man began pulling the nipples, one at a time. As a man who loved nipple play, he knew exactly that Marcus would not be able to resist such stimulation. And he was dead right.

      "Fuck! I'm cumming!" Marcus suddenly yelled, his chest heaving heavily.

      Everything happened so fast. Marcus immediately grabbed Cassius by the waist and held onto it tight as if his life depended on it. He brought his face to Cassius' shoulder and buried his face there. The force of the ejaculation wrecked Marcus, sending convulsing pulses throughout his body. The centurion whimpered as he let his cock juice loose.

      "Yeah! Shoot it. Cum for me, centurion. Oh yeah!" Deliberately, Cassius talked dirty, knowing exactly that Marcus also loved verbal domination.

      "Ah! I'm cumming! Fuck!" Marcus groaned, his body convulsing against Cassius.

      Thick creamy loads jetted out, splattering Cassius' stroking hand repeatedly. It happened that the general's palm was positioned right in front of the slit, thus preventing the loads from shooting far. In fact, the hand practically blocked the cum slit, as it kept rubbing the cock head. The shot loads accumulated and finally dripped down, creating a mess on the floor. Marcus' groan echoed through the dungeon, attracting Aulus' attention. At then, Marcus simply didn't care what his fellow centurion thought about him. He just kept on cumming until his dick was wrung dry.

      "Oh yeah! I'm milking your cock. Shoot it," Cassius whispered in Marcus' ear as he wrapped an arm around Marcus' perspiring back. He simply loved feeling the centurion's back muscles.

      Sighing, Marcus's limbs went limp, right after the last drop of cum was expelled. The naked man lumped forward, holding onto Cassius' hefty torso for support. For several seconds, Marcus rested to recharge his energy. His nose was pressed into the narrow area where Cassius' pecs met. There were traces of sweat, emanating the manly smell. Gratefully, Marcus sniffed the aroma. Obviously, the orgasmic experience was quite overwhelming.

      "Yeah, that's it. Rest on big manly pecs," Cassius pulled Marcus' body closer as he embraced him. "Here, taste your own cum."

      Meekly, Marcus turned to Cassius' cum-stained palm. The thick layer of cum looked like half-done white jelly. As the palm was brought closer, Marcus could smell its overpowering aroma. Instantly, his knees turned weak, not being able to support the balance of his body. However, he looked quite eager to taste his own cum. Without any hesitation, Marcus opened his mouth and started lapping up. His tongue swept the palm and scooped up the cum. He even slurped at it, sucking in every drop. Seconds later, to Cassius' satisfaction, the palm was clean.

      "Good boy." To show his appreciation, Cassius licked Marcus' neck until the stud moaned in ecstasy. "Now, it's my turn to cum."

      "I'll give up my ass for you, Cassius. Fuck me," Marcus said weakly, still recuperating.

      "Let's join, Aulus, shall me?" Cassius suggested, noticing Aulus' lustful stare. "It seems that he's ready to torture our prisoner, with his mighty dick."


      For a moment, Diego was lost in his unconsciousness. The previous torture had left his entire body aching unbearably. There he was, lying on the dusty stone floor. His body was still naked, exposing his vulnerable ass. Dirt and grime clung onto his sweaty frame. At then, Diego felt an eerie calmness as everything ceased to exist around him. There was only darkness, together with silence. And then, Diego saw a faint light before him which slowly got brighter. Then a pang of pain followed which woke him up to the conscious world.

      "Wake up, you piece of shit!" Aulus growled, kicking Diego's flank. "I can't torture you if you faint."

      Groaning in much pain, Diego writhed as he tried to soothe pain. When Aulus delivered another kick, Diego was helpless to defend himself.

      "Yeah, now you're awake," Aulus said, grabbing the wet bulge in his loincloth. "Let's continue."

      Knowing that it was alright to express his lust for another man in front of his superior, Aulus blatantly rubbed the obscene bulge. The damp fabric couldn't hide the outline of Aulus' dick. Judging from the size of the lump, one could guess how big the cock was. It certainly looked huge, almost pushing itself out of the loincloth. Using his foot, Aulus rudely rolled Diego's body until the Hispanic guy lay on his back.

      Wincing, Diego tried to look strong. He kept telling himself that he couldn't afford to lose his determination. Looking at the ceiling, he gave no response when Aulus squatted down to clean his pecs. Even though Diego just finished cumming, he couldn't help getting hard when Aulus' palm patted his nipples. The naked man whimpered, his body wrecked by waves of arousal.

      "Damn! You get hard again," Aulus commented, noticing Diego's erection.

      Reaching out a hand, he grabbed Diego's dick and pulled down the dirt-covered foreskin. The glistening glans looked red, as if it would about to burst in any second. There were traces of cum around the gaping cock slit. Deliberately, Aulus rubbed the exposed head and made Diego groan repeatedly. He even tried to fuck the gaping slit with his finger. It caused Diego to thrash violently. As the result, the precum production restarted again, dampening the narrow opening.

      "Ah! Please, no more. Fuck!" Diego cried, his body convulsing with a mixture of pain and pleasure.

      "Alright, it's time for you to meet my big dick," Aulus said, standing up. "Behold."

      Without any hesitation, or whatsoever, the muscular centurion tugged his loincloth down. In a swift movement, he exposed his nakedness to everyone in the room. To his pleasure, he heard several gasps of surprise and awe. The loudest one came from Diego because he couldn't imagine what it was like to get fucked by Aulus' mighty tool. When Aulus said his dick was big, it was actually an understatement. The word 'big' failed to describe its girth which was almost as thick as a bottle. Fortunately, the super dick had normal length, about 6 inches. Aulus grabbed his own fuck tool and proudly jacked it off in front of those men.

      "Fuck! Look at Aulus' cock. It's gigantic," Marcus gasped, his jaw hanging open.

      "No wonder, his wife left him. I mean, who can withstand such a cock?" Cassius added, looking quite fascinated.

      The muscular centurion waved his thick dick over Diego's face in a menacing way. Aulus had been aroused for quite some time. Thus, precum flooded his piss slit, flowing down the shaft as well. When he shook his penis, some droplets of precum rained down on Diego's face and upper torso. The strong smell of cock permeated the air, intoxicating those who smelled it.

      Diego had to close his eyes, to protect them from the precum drops. At the same time, he couldn't help shivering in fright, thinking about getting fucked by the monstrous cock. Somehow, he believed that Aulus would be anything but gentle. When he reopened his eyes, he saw Aulus' dick throb about his mouth. Looking at the fuck tool, just inches away, frightened him.

      "Open your mouth and suck my dick," Aulus ordered impatiently. "Do it now!"

      Out of fear, Diego quickly opened his lips and let Aulus shove his dick in. However, the head was quite large. It was impossible to suck Aulus' dick without scraping it. Diego fought to hide his teeth but Aulus kept pushing in. It took several painful minutes until the head was lodged in safely. Diego stared at Aulus' crotch, not believing that he could take such a thick manhood into his mouth. However, when Aulus started pushing in, the cock was jammed.

      "Fuck! My dick is too thick for your mouth," Aulus roared in extreme frustration. "Damn you!"

      Diego dared not move his limbs. However, he knew for sure that Aulus wanted him to service his dick. Thus, he tried to move his tongue. Yet, there was not much space left. Aulus' dick practically occupied the entire space inside Diego's mouth. Not to mention, Diego's jaws started to ache. He couldn't do anything but to taste Aulus' dripping precum. The penile liquid tasted much like the other men's, nothing special.

      General Cassius walked up to Aulus from behind and placed his big paw on Aulus' muscular back. "If you can't fuck his mouth, fuck his ass instead."

      Aulus grunted, realizing that the general was right. With much effort, he pulled his dick out. During the withdrawal, Diego's teeth accidentally brushed along the cock shaft. Cursing to himself, Aulus slowly took the head out. At then, he realized that Cassius' palm still rested on his broad shoulder. A part of him felt very uncomfortable, after realizing that his general was a man lover. Yet, the other part of him argued that Cassius was still his superior thus he had to maintain his respect.

      "Carry on," Cassius added, noticing the awkward tension between them. He backed away immediately and returned to Marcus.

      Sighing, Aulus turned to Diego. He couldn't wait to fuck the Hispanic ass. The thought of it made his dick throb excitedly. At the same time it also depressed him because he couldn't remember when the last time he had an actual sex. Showing who was in charge, Aulus bent over and traced the contours of Diego's pecs down to the groin. When he found Diego's pulsating male member, he gave it a few tugs.

      "It's time for your ass to get acquainted with my cock."

      "What? No!" Diego quickly responded.

      Yet, before he could resist the sexual advance, he was already pinned down. Aulus' robust body fell on top of Diego's, practically restricting his movement. The centurion's thick cock was rubbed along Diego's ass crack, ready to penetrate the Hispanic asshole. Diego whimpered, overpowered by Aulus' masculinity. Simply by feeling the Roman muscular pecs pressed against his made Diego's body tremble in submission. As Aulus pressed down his crotch, Diego was forced to spread his legs. There was nothing that Diego could do. Like a ragged doll, Diego's body was jerked and positioned in such a way that his asshole was pressed against the centurion's big dick. And before Diego could plead, he received a nerve-wrecking anal penetration.

      "No! You're splitting my ass!" he yelled hysterically. "Stop! Oh! Please!

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