RYON (part 2)
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Ryon padded home as quickly as he could, clutching the big shell with its squirming contents under his arm.  His belly was so full!  He'd spent the better part of the day kicking apart the big hives that the little furless animals lived in.  He didn't know how many hundreds of them he had eaten, but he was absolutely stuffed.  Normally, he'd just curl up where he was and nap for a bit, letting his meal digest, but he was far too excited for that right now.

What a day it had been!  He had made so many discoveries -- all sorts of wonderful new things about his youthful body, all sorts of ways to make it feel good.  The little animals he'd found were very useful in that respect, and had turned out to be a great source of food as well.  So easy to catch, so much fun, and so tasty!  Their colony had contained thousands of them, all for him, and he'd had the most wonderful time with them.   Not only that, but he'd discovered a whole new world outside of his valley, and who could say just how many other hives, how many other new discoveries were out there waiting for him.  He would be out exploring it right now, in fact, if he didn't have to be home before dark.

It didn't take Ryon as long as he'd thought it would to cross the empty plain, but as he arrived at the mountains that ringed his jungle home he slowed down to a trot, and then to a walk.  He was not sure how his father would react to his having gone outside of the valley.  Oh, he had never specifically been told, "Ryon, don't go outside the valley," but Father often got angry at the littlest things.  Parents are funny that way, after all.  So he decided it was best not to let Father know he'd wandered so far from home.  Not yet, anyway.  He remembered how father had raged the last time he did something bad, and how he'd gotten punished, and he didn't want that to happen again.  Slower and slower his steps got as he reached the crest of the mountains.  Clutching his toy-filled shell nervously to his chest and looking this way and that, he tiptoed down into the trees. There was no sign of Father as he drew closer to where the trees grew largest, and he sighed with relief.  No one around to spoil his fun with embarrassing questions.

The sun was still out when he got to his favorite shady spot by the river. Longer days, another wonder of the Springtime!  This would give him time to play a little more with his new toys, and since the long walk had given him a bit of his hunger back, maybe he could have a little dessert.   Sitting down with a thump on the sand, he propped the long, narrow shell up between his legs and peeled the end open.

First he picked out all the ones with the drab little green cocoons, the ones who had made all the noise and thrown all the dirt-balls at him.   He counted them very carefully in his hand -- one, two, three, four, five.  Then, just as carefully, he laid each one out on the ground and popped it under his thumb -- one, two, three, four...get back here, you!...five.  He didn't like the green ones.  They got him all dirty. When he was done, he threw them into the river.

Now, what to do with the rest?

He'd had plenty of time to think of things to do on the walk home, the first of which was to make a better place to keep them.  Rolling to his knees and holding the shell upright with one hand, he began to dig with the other, down past the sand and into the dirt, scooping out a deep, round pit.  A little water from the river helped to smoothe down the sides, and some torn-up leaves made nice bedding at the bottom.   Pleased with his handiwork, he picked up the shell and carefully inver- ted it into the hole.  There were some squeals and scrabblings as the little bodies slid down and tumbled onto the leafy floor below, and Ryon set the empty shell aside.  This would do for now.

Lying on his belly now, Ryon poked his muzzle down into the hole and peered at his tiny captives.  They were funny, the way they scurried around willy-nilly at the bottom of the pit.  He was afraid for a moment that they would be able to climb out, but he saw that their little scrabblings at the walls weren't getting them anywhere.  That was good! Then he caught sight of one that stood out from the others.

It was the one with no coccoon.  Ryon had removed it back at the colony, so he could examine his little plaything more closely.  This one had turned out to be a male, and he had realized that it was filled with white stuff that came out when you rubbed it the right way, just like him.  He thought that was awfully cute.  This one he definitely wanted to keep, so he lifted his head and reached down into the hole for it.   Hrf!  He hadn't made the hole big enough.  He couldn't see into it while his hand was in there, so he had to feel his way.  His fingers brushed against writhing little bodies, and the squeals from within the pit grew louder and more piercing as he groped for the special one.

It took a while, and Ryon started to get a little frustrated.  His fingers waded through the crowd, searching for the feel of smooth skin but finding only coccoons.  More than once he had to pull his hand out and peer down into the pit to see where his target was hiding.  Finally he got an idea, and started to pluck them out one by one and drop them into his other hand.  That got a little awkward, since they kept squirming between his fingers, but after only six tries he managed to snag the one he'd been seeking and dumped the rest back into the hole.

He sat up, folding his legs, and stared closely at the quivering little animal in his palm.  It lay very still, panting rapidly, staring back at him.  Why was it so scared?  He wasn't going to hurt it.  Ryon gingerly rubbed a fingertip against it, and chuckled when he saw its tiny penis spring to hardness.  This one was definitely more fun than the others!  He brought his hand to his face, and with his wide nosepad pushing down on the little one's upper body, he gave a few very delicate, tentative licks, feeling the miniscule organ flop about.  The tiny body twitched, but the creature did not try to get away.  To Ryon's surprise, in fact, it made tiny mewling noises and held onto his whiskers, and pressed itself more firmly against his tongue.

Mew!  Wow!  It liked him!  Ryon could hardly believe how quickly he had been able to tame this one -- he would definitely keep it as a pet.  As for the others?  He didn't think so.  None of them had taken to him the way this one had; they still shrieked and struggled when he reached for them.  It would be too much work to try to train them all.  Besides, one would be enough, at least for now.

He relaxed on his back and set the little one down on his chest; it sat down in the thick fur, shivering, not taking its eyes off of him but not trying to run off either.  Ryon peered wistfully at it for a long time, deciding on an appropriate name, and eventually settled on Yappy.  He had thought first to call it Lizard, since without its coccoon it looked like one, all smooth and soft, but lizards were cold and did not taste very good.  So he'd call it Yappy.  It was a good approximation of the sounds it made, so it was a good name.

Now that Yappy had a name, Ryon had to think of where to put him while he had his fun with the rest of the little ones.  As tame as he seemed, Yappy was still a wild animal, and would probably run off if Ryon didn't watch him.  A nearby tree looked like a good place to keep him.  Ryon could just reach a "V" between two upright branches if he stood on his tiptoes, and he slipped Yappy comfortably into it.  With his claws, he tore the bark from the trunk just above and below his pet, going all the way around, exposing the smooth wood beneath.  He grinned, pleased with his ingenuity.  The wood was just like Yappy, now!  Nice and smooth, so his little pet wouldn't have anything to hold onto if he tried to climb up or down.  And he could tell that Yappy was too smart to try to jump.  Satisfied, Ryon turned his attention to the rest of his toys.

They were still huddled in the bottom of the pit.  Some of them were pacing along the walls looking for a way out.  When his face appeared overhead they began to squeak and chatter, rolling and rushing this way and that.  Silly little bugs, he thought, and then he reached down into their midst, his fingers selecting one and lifting it from its prison.  It squirmed, yelping, as he held it between two fingers, and then with two fingers of his other hand pinched it around its middle.  He pulled, and the colorful little coccoon split in the middle, half of it coming off and leaving the creature's bare skin exposed.  Then he turned it around and pulled off the other half; he was really getting very good at this.

The pile of coccoons got bigger and bigger as one by one Ryon plucked his playthings from the hole, pulled off their coverings, and placed them back in.  He got a little careless with one of them, and as he was trying to tug off its coccoon the little body came apart with a snap. Ryon was surprised for a moment, then shrugged and ate it.  He had plenty to spare, after all.  And now when he looked down into the pit all he saw were bare-skinned animals, and he had a nice collection of pretty cocoons.

Ryon took some time out to wash, licking away the little hive-dwellers' blood which soaked his feet from where he'd trampled them, and the black smudges in his fur from where the green ones had hurled the dirt at him.  Those spots tasted terrible, all oily and rancid and filled with gritty bits of sand.  In fact, when he shook himself out the sand-grains flew everywhere.  Throwing sand at predators wasn't the way to stay alive, he thought with a chuckle.  It might work with little meateaters, but he was a big lion.  Just showed how stupid they really were.  Except for Yappy.  Yappy was a special one.

And now that he was all clean, it was time to get dirty again!

Ryon looked around, ears swivelling, to assure himself that Father had not come home yet, and then slipped a hand down once again into the pit and trapped a number of his toys against the wall.  He gathered them up, wriggling, in his fist and withdrew them, then sat down and lowered that hand to his groin.  He shivered and mewled as he cupped them to his strotum, squeezing a bit, just to feel them writhe against the tender flesh. One of them slipped out and hit the ground running; Ryon snatched it up nimbly in his other hand before it had gotten as far as his knee.  He lifted the little creature up, his playful smile widening as yet another idea formed in his mind.  Turning the little creature upside-down, he stuffed it head-first into the opening of his sheath.  It wiggled out, and he poked it back in again with his finger.  Again it squirmed back out, and this time Ryon pushed it all the way inside, shoving it up between the flesh of his sheath and his penis; then he pinched the rim of his sheath closed to trap it inside.  It started to kick and flail, and he mewled, squeezing the others more tightly against his testicles.  He felt his penis growing, but kept his sheath pinched shut.  The feeling of the little struggles against his awakening malehood was simply delightful, and the more the pressure increased, the more intense...oops!  The squirming against his glans stopped, and then there was the sensation of some- thing giving way, and the trapped creature felt all mushy.  He sighed and released his sheath, letting his emerging cock push the broken body out.  It tumbled limply to his belly, and he picked it up and popped it into his mouth.  Such fragile creatures!  It was really their only drawback.

He realized just how hard he was holding the others against his balls, and opened his hand, letting them fall to the ground.  All but two began to run along the canyon formed by his outstretched legs.  He gathered up those two and then slid his legs together, pinning the rest between his thighs.  With them secured, he brought the two to his face and sniffed at them.  One of them was not moving at all; the other flopped around, its legs broken.  He concentrated on this one.  Idly curious, he took one of the legs between his fingers and pulled on it until it came off. The little creature's howls amused him, and smiling, he pulled the other one off as well.  More howls, and then the creature shuddered and died. Ryon was disappointed.  He'd wanted to see if it would still be able to move around without its legs.  He tossed it into his mouth, swallowing it, and was about to throw the other one into the river when he felt it move just a little bit.  Maybe it wasn't dead after all?  He held it very close to his eyes, peering closely.  It didn't seem to be breathing and it was all limp.  Then one of its tiny eyes opened a bit, and closed again quickly.

Oho!  So that's it!  Pretending!  He did the same thing when he was supposed to be asleep and wasn't.  Grinning mischievously, he took the little faker between his thumb and forefinger and started to extend his claws. His thumbclaw poked at its belly, but still it didn't move.  He pressed harder, the claw sinking into the soft flesh, and -- MROW!  The little one came to life so suddenly Ryon nearly dropped it.  It danced wildly, beating at his thumb and squealing.  Grinning, Ryon extended his claws all the way, his thumbclaw sinking messily into the little one's gut and his fingerclaw popping out through its chest.  He watched it wheeze and twitch for a while, then grew bored and licked it off of his fingers.

As he was chewing it, he heard Yappy chattering, and looking up, saw his little pet bouncing up and down excitedly on his perch and waving his arms. What in the world was wrong with him?  Ryon suddenly remembered the other little ones he was holding between his legs, and with a start he realized that two of them had gotten away.  With an angry roar he snatched up the remainder and jumped to his feet.  Yappy was dancing about wildly, and Ryon could see one of his escapees limping toward the base of the tree Yappy was sitting in.  Snarling, Ryon pounded toward it, easily closing the distance, and slammed a foot down to block its path.  It tried to climb over his toes, and he kicked it back into the open, where it rolled to a stop and sprawled, whimpering.  Ryon stood over it, frowning, then lifted his foot and lowered it slowly down onto the cowering little body.  Its arms came up and braced against his sole, as though trying to hold it off, and Ryon let his foot hover for a few seconds before letting it settle atop the little creature, who wiggled and squeaked in panic beneath it.  Try to get away from me, will you?  His foot grew heavier and heavier, and the captive's cries became more and more labored, until its body crackled and burst under Ryon's weight.  Curling his lip, Ryon ground it into paste. That will teach you!  Now for the other one.

It was nowhere in sight.  It was only one, and he did have lots of others to play with, but there was a principle involved.  Ryon picked up the shell and slid his squirming handful into it, then leaned the shell up against a tree and dropped to all fours.  He knew from experience that these little ones had no concept of avoiding predators, so catching the fugitive would not be very difficult.  Lowering his nose to the ground, he inhaled deeply, and again, and found the path it had taken into the woods.  Growling, he started off in that direction.

The hunt was pitifully brief.  Ryon had only followed the trail for a short distance before he spotted the little naked form darting along the forest floor.  He scampered after it on all fours, giggling, and slapped his hand down next to it, watching it veer off in the other direction.  He crawled forward, again blocking its path with a hand, and again it veered away.   Ryon let it gain a bit of distance, and then crawled leisurely after it, matching its speed, to see what it would do.  Typical of its kind, though, it just kept running.  Ryon sneered and reached forward, knocking it over with one finger.  It fell and rolled to its feet, still running.  Ryon giggled and batted at it again, knocking it sideways.  It was slower to get to its feet this time, and when it ran off it was stumbling.  He followed it a little further, then lowered his head and just blew through his nostrils right behind it, kicking up a cloud of dust that surrounded it. That woke it up!  It yelped and picked up speed, but Ryon stayed right behind it.  He lowered his head again, and this time he licked at the little fugitive's back, his tongue dragging roughly up its back, lifting it off its feet and sending it sprawling headlong on its face.  Ryon waited for it to get up again and start running, and this time, his tongue pushed up behind its legs, licking it right up into his mouth.  He lifted his head and swallowed, gulping it down whole.  It was still running inside his stomach as he padded back to where he'd left the rest of his toys.

Ryon was certain to stop at the big tree on the way back.  Raising his hand, he held it up to the branch where Yappy was sitting, and Yappy obediently climbed into it.  Ryon beamed!  He was sure that Yappy would not try to escape now.  Sitting down next to the pit, he cradled the little one in his hand and carefully stroked it with a finger.  Good boy, Yappy, he said to himself.  You're a good boy!

The chase had left him excited, as it always did, and he began to reach into the pit for some more playthings.  Then he paused, and looked down at his special little pet, and smiling, he stretched out on his back and set Yappy down on his belly, watching to see what he would do.  Yappy seemed confused for a moment, looking from Ryon's face down to his huge sheath, where the tip of his penis was beginning to show, and then back again.  Then, with an excited squeak, he began to stumble through the thick fur toward the sheath, and to Ryon's delight, threw his entire body against the emerging glans and began to rub up and down.

Ryon moaned, pleased that Yappy had learned so fast.  It was unnatural, in fact, and Ryon began to wonder if perhaps this little one had been someone else's pet before and had gotten lost.  Well, that was that someone else's tough luck.  He'd found Yappy, and he was going to keep him forever.

By now Ryon's penis had grown fully hard, and Yappy had climbed on top of it, where he was rubbing his whole self vigorously against the under- side.  Ryon smiled, putting a finger on his pet's back to help him rub, and he felt Yappy suddenly quiver and stiffen.  Oh, no!!  Had he hurt him? Worriedly he lifted Yappy from his member, and after his initial relief that his pet was still breathing, he started to laugh!  Yappy's own white stuff had come out, and the poor little thing looked just positively spent from the task.  Ryon nudged a little at his pet, who just whimpered and twitched a bit, and then decided not to make him finish the job.  The little fellow had had quite a strenuous day and he deserved some rest, after all.  He sat up and lifted Yappy up to his shoulder.  The little one scrambled up onto it and held on tightly to Ryon's mane, where it panted softly. Ryon understood.  His penis was bigger than Yappy's whole body, and it was not fair to try to make such a little creature try to satisfy him by itself.

Obviously, you needed to have a whole bunch of them.

Ryon moved to his knees, his hard penis jutting out between his legs, and his eyes fell on the shell.  Once again his imagination gave him a nudge and he smiled, purring.  Picking the shell up in one hand he looked it over.  The edges where he'd opened it were a little sharp, but peeled back easily out of the way.  He peered down inside at the little group of creatures he'd placed in there, and then added to their number with a couple more from his cache in the pit.  Then, spreading his knees apart, he lowered the tubular shell down to his groin and carefully fed his penis into its length.

It was a near-perfect fit, and he moaned happily as he felt his glans press up against and then bury itself in the knot of bodies at the other end. He felt Yappy shiver and clutch at his ear, and he purred reassuringly, trying to let his pet know that he'd never do this to him.  Gripping the shell in both hands, he began to pump it carefully back and forth, dragging his penis slowly in and out of it.  He could feel little limbs thumping and brushing against his glans, and squirmy little bodies getting trapped between it and the walls of the shell.  His breath grew deeper, more gasping, and he was barely aware of his pet's gentle stroking at his ear as he moved the shell faster and faster.  He could feel bones beginning to crack as his glans slammed harder and harder into the back wall, but the struggling of his captive toys continued, exciting him further and further until, with a grunt, his body tightened up and he felt the white stuff burst from his loins and flood the interior of the shell.

His breath caught, and then whooshed out all at once, his chin dropping down to his chest.  Shivering, he slid the shell off of his member and held it upright, taking a moment to catch his breath.  Then he looked down inside.  The little ones were half-buried in a sea of his white stuff, some of them swimming around in it, others just floating, all of them comically coated with it.  He snickered and held the shell up so Yappy could see.  Then he brought it to his lips and upended it, dumping its contents into his open mouth, letting the white stuff wash the little ones down to be swallowed.  He gulped them all down, then licked a bit of the clinging cream from the inside of the shell and wiped his mouth on the back of his hand.  He felt warm all over, as he always did after the white stuff came out, and he sat back to enjoy it, purring.

Yappy was moving around on his shoulder, and he reached up to pet him with a finger.  This was great!  Toys to play with, a brand-new pet, and a full belly.  What more could a little lion ask for?  Ryon was having the time of his life, and was so busy playing that he did not even notice how late it was getting, how long the shadows had grown.  And then he got a very sudden reminder...

Ryon's ears swiveled and he jumped!  He'd heard a sound...and there it was again.  A footfall in the jungle, a familiar tread, and now a low, resonant roar that echoed his name among the trees.  Uh-oh!

His father!

Worriedly he looked down at the pit and his remaining playthings, and without wasting a second he pushed the piled dirt atop them, burying them alive.  It didn't matter;  he could get more if he wanted to, and he did not want his father to find out about them.  It might make him ask where he'd gotten them, and then he'd have to admit he'd gone outside the valley without permission, and then he'd be in deep trouble!  

Father called again, closer now, and Ryon whimpered.  He stood up and hastily stamped down the newly-turned earth, packing it flat.  Then he grabbed the tubular shell and slipped Yappy inside, pinched the open end shut again, and stashed the shell in the heavy jungle underbrush.  There was just enough time for him to lick the remaining blood from his hands and feet and then stretch out casually on a rock.  "Hello, Father," he said with kitten-innocence, as his sire stepped from the woods.

The older lion gave an affectionate rumble as he looked up at his son. He padded forward and held his arms over his head.  "Up," he said, and when the kitten obediently lowered a hand, he sprang nimbly up into the enormous palm.  "Hello, Cub!" he purred as he gave Ryon's thumb a nice tight hug.  "And what has my boy been up to today, hm?"

Ryon lifted his father up to his face.  "Oh, nothing, Father," he said with a huge grin.  "Nothing at all!"

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