By Travis

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Chapter One

It was supposed to be the happiest day of my life.

I was getting married.

A lot has changed over the years.

It was the year 2099. The world was a better place. War had decreased to about 0.0001%, despite the occasional ruffle between neighboring countries. After the A-Day of 2028 which involved a majority of the world's countries, and nearly annihilated half the world's population, the Elders, higher ups, over the countries met up at The Summit and came to an agreement. Finally there was peace...real peace on Earth.

Differences didn't matter anymore. We weren't separate nations, separate genders, or even separate countries...we were all one.

As part of that, segregation and restrictions on groups, homosexuals for instance, have become a thing of the past. Everyone was granted rights, rights that shouldn't have been taken in the first place.

I grew up here. I played in the streets of the Sein Valley District. I learned five different languages and was exposed to many cultures. I traveled the world, seeing all the good that came from the ending of A-Day. I love it here...correction, loved here.

"Taliq! Taliq! Hurry up! You can't be late to your own wedding!" I knew she was right, but I had to make sure that everything was perfect. This was my weeding day. I wanted to make sure that nothing went wrong.

I've had this...feeling all day. A kind of, pressure in my head. It was like a warning.

They're coming.

A voice...always the same voice...warning me.

This is Lilith Weis from KFCV, reporting live from downtown Orangeburg. The Elder's task force Titanium has cornered another person who they believe to be a mutant.

My head immediately snapped towards the television set. It was hovering a few feet away, one of the more expensive models.

"Volume, up!" I commanded, as the television increased in volume.

"Please sir, can you tell us more about the suspect? What are his mutant abilities?" The woman reporter asked, while simultaneously shoving the microphone in the officer's face.

The officer, a man about 6'4, broad shoulders and a muscular build, took the microphone from her. "I'm Chief Field Commander Kal Lennhoff. We have a suspect cornered somewhere in the Cree valley district--"

That's not far from here. I thought.

"So you don't know where he is at this exact moment." She said ripping the microphone from his face and giving the camera a well-rehearsed look of concern.

The Commander cleared his throat, "I assure you the mutant will not escape. We have the whole district on lockdown and the people have been alerted to follow the official procedure. We will catch the mutant, and he will be purged."

I shivered. The way he said "mutant" and clearly anyone with half a brain knows that his version of "purged" meant exactly as it sounds.

For about the last fifty-six years, small occurrences of people with "gifts" have been making an appearance all over the world. At first it was thought to be a hoax created by some computer techno, but more stories began to surface. The people with "gifts" were never recognized by the Authority, a branch of Titanium dealing with the more, governing aspects. Though the stories increased, a new person each time, the word quickly got out.

The Authority had tried to cover the truth, but when one of the captured people escaped and his murder by Titanium was caught on camera, they could no longer hide the truth.

Apparently these people, mutants as they were referred to, were just that. For some reason, even the Elder's top scientist can't explain, evolution had taken a turn in some people, mutating their genetic structure and unlocking hidden genes, and in their cases mutations. Some mutations manifested physically, altering appearances. Those who were lucky didn't manifest their mutation physically, but mentally, emotionally, subconsciously, or in other ways that wouldn't be noticeable to anyone on the outside.

The Elders were scared. They feared what they didn't understand. Naturally, that which they feared...they tried to destroy.

"Power off."

The TV immediately powered down.

I turned around to see my older brother standing in the doorway with his arms folded over his chest. He was taller, and more built than I. His naturally tanned skin, from our Greek origins, stood out against the cream colored suit, his muscles making the fabric bulge in appropriate areas. His raven colored hair was combed back similar to mine, resting just below his ears. His mustache and goatee neatly trimmed framing his frowning mouth.

"You know you really shouldn't be looking at that." He reprimanded.

I sighed, "I know, it just was on and I happened to overhear it and--"

"And it's your wedding day." He interrupted.

"Yeah Bahal, I know." I replied irritably.

"Then you should know you should be happy, not getting wrapped up in the affairs of the Elders and their mess. You're marrying the man of your dreams today. Everything else doesn't matter." He walked over to me and squeezed my shoulders. "You're my favorite little brother."

I frowned, "I'm your only little brother, in fact I'm your only brother period."

He grinned, "That just means you don't have much to compete with."

I rolled my eyes and pushed him away. "You're so lame."

"Doesn't matter. Did the trick."

"You know you're grinning like an idiot right?"

"Of course!" He grinned harder, "My baby brother is getting--"

"If you mention me getting married one more time..."

He held his hands up, as if to signal his surrender. "Fine. Mahalik, is a patient guy to be marrying you."

"That's it!" I yelled while running towards him. He laughed as he fought against my attempts to grab him by the neck. Eventually we started to wrestle with me having him in a headlock. We were both laughing like idiots.


I didn't even have to see her face to know who that shriek belonged to. Immediately I released my hold on Bahal, as we both turned to face my mother.


I groaned. If one more person reminded me that it was my weeding day I might just explode.

"I am sorry mother, it was my fault. I came to check on Taliq and we just got a little distracted."

I glanced towards Bahal, surely growing up with our mother all these years has taught him that she's a woman of more action and less talk.

I grabbed my dress shirt and slipped it over my shoulders.

"Your bother has the right idea!" She huffed, before turning towards the door. "The wedding has started. Βιασύνη!!"

I hated when she spoke Greek. Of course I could understand it, but it was just a drag.

Bahal grinned at me as soon as she left. I glared, a smirk tugging at the sides of my lips.


It's amazing the thoughts that run through your head as you're walking down the aisle.

My mother went all out on the decorations, as I expected. The whole room was light with lights that hovered above our heads almost dancing around in harmony. There were beautiful ivory drapes hanging from the ceiling and decorating the walls and windows of the church mixing well with the old architecture.

As I walked by, I noticed the genuine smiles of love and support from all of our closest family and friends. They have all come today to support our union.

They're coming

I hesitated for an instant. Glancing around I tried to find the source of the voice. It was the same voice again. Warning me of something...but what? They're coming? Who are `they?'

I stopped at the altar. Looking to my left I could see Mahalik smiling down at me. He was 6'4 a similar build to Bahal, and of Middle Eastern decent. His hair was curly surrounding his face almost giving him an angelic, innocent look. His rugged beard and mustache framed his mouth, enhancing his mainlines. His dark brown eyes, playful, yet I could see all the love that he had for me in this moment.

I smiled at him. In a few minutes we'd be married.

He mouth the words `I love you' to me, adding a wink.

I repeated his gesture, as we both turned towards the altar.

"We are gathered here today to witness the Union between Taliq Galvan and Mahalik Khan." He paused and smiled at us. We turned to smile at each other.

"If anyone should know why these to should not be married, speak now or forever hold your peace." He paused briefly and motioned for us to face each other, "Okay, Taliq do you take Mahalik to be your husband. To have and to hold, in sickness and in health, so long as you both shall live?"

I could feel this extreme pressure in my head. It wasn't pain, just pressure and a lot of it. I shook it off and smiled at Mahalik. "I do."

He repeated the same to Mahalik.

"I do." He winked at me again.

I could feel the tears began to form in my eyes.

"I'd like to say something." Mahalik announced.

The officiator nodded.

"Taliq, from the moment I met you that day at the elementary school, you were all I could think about. Your smile, your eyes, the way you interacted with the children, it filled me with an emotion I haven't felt in a long time. I knew right then and there, before talking to you, that you'd be the guy I would marry." He reached out to brush his hand against my cheek, "I've never known someone who would sacrifice everything that had, because they believed it was important to give to others more. Your heart and compassion for others is the thing I love most about you. I always thought that day you agreed to marry me, was the happiest day of my life. But being here with you, in this moment...this is the happiest day of my life. I just want a moment to take it all in."

He stared into my eyes. I could feel all the years that we spent learning and loving one another.

The pressure in my head increased. I think I may have flinched.

He continued to stare at me, "I'm almost done."

I smiled at him as a single tear fell from my eye, "Take your time."

After another minute, he turned to the officiator and smiled, "okay."

"By the power invested in me by the Elders, I now pronounce you husband and husband. You two may kiss."

Just as our lips touched, the crowd broke into a round of applause and cheering. For a moment I forgot the pressure in my head, forgot about the news broadcast, the Elders and everything else. I was really, officially married to the man of my dreams.

Nothing could ruin this moment...

How wrong was I...