When you think of the darker side of your own nature, the evil that you're capable of, the nightmare that you could become...you never really believe in it enough to prepare yourself for it.

It's always so easy to imagine that you would never be capable of the awful crimes you see scattered across the tv screens and newspapers.

It's sooooo easy to assume that, when the darker side of you was tempted towards the surface, that you'd be able to handle it. That common sense alone would keep your humanity in tact. It is that faith that keeps us civilized. It's what allows us to sleep at night.

But...what if you weren't as moral as you thought you were? What if your most horrific instincts suddenly came to you in the dead of night, and you didn't know how to handle them?

Don't worry, the darkness won't come for you like that.

It doesn't present itself to you in the form of evil. Nor does it suddenly grab you and attempt to force you into acts of insanity. No...TRUE evil is so much more appealing.

It slowly seduces you. Entices you. Lures you in with its ability to soothe and caress parts of your soul that you never even knew existed. And slowly, but surely, you begin to see the beauty in its purpose. The simplicity in its design. And the power in its influence. How could you refuse? That release can be oh so inspiring. I think I'm beginning to see what Cyrus was trying to tell me. Insanity is not about being 'lost'...it's about being 'free'. Liberated beyond barriers that you were never taught to notice before. And when you've become one of the few souls chosen to receive that dark message...nothing in existence can pull you back from the abyss.


Don't pray for me...I'm only coming home.


"In Nature, You're Either The PREDATOR...or the PREY!!! Make Your Choice, Boy!"


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