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"Savage Moon: The New Breed"

As the storm raged loudly outside, the thunder rattling the windows with its symphony...I found myself nearly bursting open as my body attempted to adapt to this...'change'.

It was hard to stand. Hard to adjust to the massive weight of this clumsy, yet powerful, new 'form' I had taken. Every part of me stung with an intense pain that made me tremble in agony! My muscles felt as though they had been stretched to capacity...tightened rubber bands trying desperately not to 'snap'. My skin felt shredded and torn, and I was covered in a fine, thick, fur...blond fur, just slightly darker than my own hair color...and that fur was covered in blood. MY blood. As well as a foul smelling gelatinous 'film' that seemed to be there merely for the purpose of my transformation. Perhaps as a lubricant of some sort, to aid my bones in painfully 'popping' into an entirely different configuration. I was covered in it. An ooze, like a newborn baby. My arms felt ridiculously long, my back arched forward, almost as if I had a hump. My hips bones had cracked, and my legs had taken on a whole new 'angle'. And the more my mixed up mind tried to assess the unimaginable amount of damage done to it...the more I found myself completely lost in a fog.

I slumped forward, my face hitting the ground as I couldn't even figure out how to use my arms to break my fall. This got another round of laughs from the others, and they watched on eagerly as I struggled to regain my balance. My fingertips were squirting blood where long sharp nails had pierced through the skin, and I felt 'crowded' in my shoes as my socks were also soaked in blood, probably from the same occurrence. The material of my jeans was strong enough to keep it's extremely tight grip on my larger body, but my shirt had been torn to shreds. Still, I fought to stand.

"Take your time, Wesley. Find your equilibrium." John Boy said calmly, and I found myself getting so ANGRY that they were still WATCHING me! The anger was instantaneous, and the fury was like nothing I had ever known before! If I knew how to move this lumbering awkward body of mine, I would have lashed out and torn into each and every one of them.

My body was still changing. There were still rips in the skin being made, dislocation and relocation of bone structure...and my senses became ablaze with a whole new level of color and awareness. It was almost as if I was in tune with the very concept of 'life' itself. All of Mother Nature cried out to me at once. I could hear EVERYTHING! SEE EVERYTHING! And the overload caused my very thoughts to burn and boil inside of my brain.

I tried to coordinate my movements enough to touch my face with my own hand. My elongated fingers seemed as though they had grown to twice their size, and when I felt my lips, they had been completely split open. I howled in pain as I felt them stretched all the way back, almost to my eyes, and felt long strings of blood and saliva slide uncontrollably out of my open mouth. My teeth were almost sharp enough to puncture my own tongue, my gums aching from their arrival. ITCHING with a feeling of power that made me feel like I could bite through steel if I had to.

Again, I tried to at least get up on my hands and knees, but just as I was able to re-establish some level of balance, a sharp pain in my stomach forced me to collapse back down on the floor again.

Dex seemed fascinated. "Awwwww, he almost HAD it that time! You can do it, Goo Goo! Come on!"

I scratched at the floor, lifting my heavy head up as much as I could. The change was exhausting in itself, but what I had to account for first was my breathing. Breathing normally, the way I had done it all my life...suddenly wasn't enough. The small amount of air that I needed to fill my 14 year old lungs wasn't enough to sustain this hulking new body. I had to breathe deeper. Working harder to fill this massive frame with enough oxygen to keep it going. If nothing else, it helped to clear my head a bit more, and the deeper I inhaled, the easier it became to think.

Cyrus looked down at me, and he seemed pleased. "That's it, boy. Now you're getting it. Breathe. Adapt." I looked up into his eyes, his sinister smile hovering over me like a dark storm cloud. And I reached out towards him helplessly as tears bled from my burning eyes. He offered me no assistance. No answers. None of them did. "You're doing fine, Wesley. Commit to it. Feel it out on your own. Trust me...if you survive this...it will be the last thing you'll ever have to adapt to."

I attempted to speak...to shout out for someone to help me. But I couldn't. Not with this mouth. These teeth. This tongue. There was no way for me to form the words. No way for me to find the coordination needed to make this body work for me. Everything that I have learned in terms of movement, speech, balance...since I FIRST learned how to walk...it was all useless to me now. A brainwashed practice made for the body of an entirely different animal...one that I no longer had access to.

My skin itched as the dark blond fur grew in length, and as some of my strength returned to my aching limbs, I shouted out loud again. But this time, it was nothing like my voice. It was a primal roar that echoed off of the walls of the small rundown house, rattling the windows. I couldn't even control the volume of it, and the base and depth of this guttural sound burned in my throat as it leapt forth without restraint.

The others jumped a bit at the sound of it, and the I heard a bit of applause as they saw my struggle to figure things out. Kristin was almost teary eyed. "Oh wow, I remember my first time. It hurt, sure...but you never forget it. It stays with you forever. You truly never get another virgin experience like this one."

"LOOKEE!!!" Dex shouted! "He's trying to get up again!"

It took some swaying, some pain, some persistence...but soon, I was able to pry myself up off of the floor and hover for a moment on my hands and knees. I was unstable...but learning to 'lean' a bit differently with this added weight and size on me. By some miracle, I was able to steady myself for a moment or two.

"Magnificent." Cyrus whispered to himself, and him and John Boy shared a smile of admiration.

More saliva began to almost pour out of the sides of my mouth, and I tried to use my weak arms to crawl forward a few inches. It was difficult, but I managed to get a bit closer to Cyrus. God it was painful! From the inside and the outside. But despite the agonizing and unbelievable physical transformation...the TRUE glory of the moment was the emotional change that took place in me. It was an 'explosion' of feeling. A supernova of raw animal desire that was orgasmic in its sudden presentation. To describe it is impossible. Its almost as if my petty displays of even my most POTENT emotions in the past were child's play in comparison. As if I had been holding my breath, sucking in my stomach, all my life...and was finally able to 'release'. That's the perfect word for it. 'Release'. Release of everything that had ever held me back from anything I had ever felt in my life. Release from every doubt, every fear. It was overwhelming! And there were no longer any limits to what I could feel. No hesitation in turning that feeling...into direct action.

And that's why...when I saw Cyrus' smile a bit closer, and heard him say, "What do you know? An entire lifetime's worth of puberty and growing pains in just a couple of seconds." I instantly snarled out loud, and lashed out with my clawed hand, trying my BEST to cut his head off!!!

"WHOAH! Hahahaha!" Kriegar laughed as I Cyrus stepped back to make me miss him entirely. I fell forward onto my chest, but it was getting much easier to at least get back up to crawl on my hands and knees. "That was mighty 'close' there, Bible boy! You sure you don't wanna take another swing at it? Hehehe!" Kriegar teased, and as my anger burned even hotter, I turned in his direction, and again, my clawed hand lashed out with a fury! They circled around me, taunting my efforts. Getting as close as they could, and then jumping back JUST out of my reach as I clawed and scratched and even tried to BITE at any piece of them that I could reach!

Their laughter continued, sticking out hands and legs in my direction, waiting to yank it back from me as I did all I could to rip into their flesh with everything that I could. Then, Dex, always the playful one, turned around and pulled his pants down to moon me, jumping and wiggling it happily while the others roared with laughter. That time, I swiped out extra fast, and before Dexter could pull that baby smooth pale ass of his away from me, my claws raked four deep gashes across it and drew blood from his tender skin. "*OWWWWWWW*!!! Owwwie owwwie owwwie!!!" Dex screamed and jumped away from me, hopping around to hide behind Sebastian, spinning around in circles, trying to look at his round cheeks to see what kind of damage had been done. "He HURT me, Cyrus! LOOK!" He pouted.

"You'll be ok, Dex. Our little pup here is just figuring things out for the first time. Don't worry, he'll get it."

"Meanie!" He stuck his tongue out at me. But when I growled in his direction, he was sure to quickly duck back behind Sebastian again, only to peek out timidly from behind his shoulder.

Fed up with this little 'game' of theirs, I fought hard to bring my massive legs under me. I used my long arms to push myself up a little more, and while my legs were still sore and wobbly, I was determined to stand. I grumbled and roared, my muscles still feeling as thought they were tightly tied in knots...and I just kept pushing myself to get my body to work with me.

Cyrus' grin got wider, and he stepped forward. "Thaaaaaat's it, my son. Stand. You can do it." I saw some of the others back away from me. No doubt to avoid any more of my sudden attacks. But Cyrus showed no fear whatsoever. In fact, he stepped even closer as my knees lifted from the floor. "Keep going. You're doing great." A loud roar escaped me, and it caused Shank and Razor to take their positions, slowly closing in on either side of Cyrus to protect him if necessary. But Cyrus needed no protection. And he knew that. It was gleaming in his eyes. "I know it hurts, Wesley. But the fever will come to heal you soon. Trust in my word." I could still feel my shoes and socks soaked in blood, and jeans were tight, constricting around me, making it hard to move. But eventually, with the proper breathing and effort...I was able to straighten my back, my long arms hanging at my sides, drool dripping generously from my lips...and 'stand' before my maker.

"Well, I'll be damned. He did it." Kriegar said proudly.

Cyrus opened his arms, almost as if he wanted a hug. "Just look at you, Wesley. These old eyes of mine have never seen a more beautiful creature." He told me. "I had great expectations concerning you, boy...and you didn't disappoint me."

I swayed a bit more, leaning from side to side, feeling my legs adjusting to the heavy meat and muscle mass that had been added to my almost waifish body. Again, I tried to speak, but could not physically work out the means to do so. Instead, everything came out as a series of whimpers, growls, and yelps.

And yet, somehow...Cyrus could look in my eyes...and understand. "You're frightened. I know the feeling all too well. But it won't last, Wesley. No...soon you won't have anything left to fear at all." He stepped closer, and Scout wrapped his arms around his waist from behind as Shank and Razor moved in even closer. They didn't trust me...but Cyrus...Cyrus was fearless. Even in the face of this monstrosity. "Such an impressive change. Such an amazing build." He reached out and put his palm on my chest, feeling the thick fur, and staining his palm with blood. I instantly jerked back from him with a bark, and nearly fell backwards as the awkward movement nearly threw me off balance. The others all stepped forward, ready to engage me if necessary. And Cyrus never lost his smile. "It appears that you've strained yourself something awful, but luckily no muscles were torn. No bones were broken." He felt my arms as I fought just to keep enough air in my lungs. "Kriegar nearly tore himself to pieces during his first change. It took a full week for him to walk right again. You've done MUCH better." Tears ran out of my eyes, and my mind was struggling to think clearly enough to figure out what was going on. What was happening??? What had they DONE to me??? More whimpers came out of me as I backed away from Cyrus' gentle touch in his examination of me. I yelped out loud and backed myself all the way to the wall, sobbing as my own thoughts began to come back into focus. "Shhhh....awwww, little pup...it's alright. Don't be scared. We haven't done anything but free you from yourself. Don't fight it. FEEL it. Feel the enhanced life surging through your veins. Feel the barriers surrounding your emotions as they melt away and give access to a truly glorious experience. You don't have to force yourself...you merely have to let go."

My body was heating up sooo fast. The fever was burning white hot beneath my flesh, and I started to feel dizzy from the discomfort. But...at the same time...my split skin and sore muscles seemed to be 'healed' by it. They seemed to relax more...and when I looked down at my hands and arms, the open wounds from the change had stopped bleeding completely. John Boy had his head slightly tilted, still marveling at my new form, but the expression on his face changed as the next thought ran through my mind. I hadn't even said a word out loud, but the moment I thought about it, I arched my long fingers, pointing the sharp claws downward, and I tightened up the muscles in my arm as I prepared to strike Cyrus across the face.

"Father..." John Boy couldn't even get the words out of his mouth before I struck out at my target. I savagely SLASHED Cyrus across cheek, dragging the claws through his flesh like warm butter. With a thunderous roar, I towered over him, as saw a fountain of blood pour from his cheeks.

But...Cyrus didn't fall. He barely even held his hand to his face to put pressure on the wound. Instead...it felt as though he sapped the energy right out of me. As if that warm aura that I had been sharing with the others before, had suddenly been taken from me, like air being sucked out of my lungs. And I heard him laughing softly as his face stopped bleeding immediately. He gave me an unnaturally wide grin, his eyes glowing like burning coals...as his body temperature rose to 'burn out' the injury. "You can't hurt me, Wesley. Don't you understand? You're a PART of me now! Hurting me is only going to hurt you more." And as more energy was drawn from my aching body, I heard a crash of thunder outside....and saw the scars on his face seal shut right before my very eyes.

The others all gathered into a cluster behind him, and with all of their eyes aglow with a demonic light...I could feel their combined energy drastically pulling my own out of balance. Weakening me from the inside, as I was forced to reach out and hold on to the wall for balance. I tried to remain standing...but as the void inside grew bigger and bigger...darker..colder...I found myself falling to my knees, gasping for air.

Cyrus walked right up to me, and lifted my head with his hand. "You're a fine specimen, Wesley. A fine specimen, indeed..." He told me. "...But you still have yet to learn your place." Then he roughly pushed me over onto my side as though it was nothing.

"Can I PET him?" Dexter asked innocently. "Can I?"

Sebastian didn't say a word, just made sure to keep him back from me. John Boy stepped closer, kneeling down as though to examine me for the first time. "There is much to learn. But we will guide you. We will teach you how to have a much more 'pleasant' transformation than the one you just went through. With the right amount of practice, you will be able to change so fast that it'll make your head spin." He smiled. I was too tired to get up from the floor, and I could feel John Boy's warm hands touching my chest, arms, and legs. "He's a strong one, Father. There is much potential in him." He said to Cyrus.

"Whatever." Scout pouted. "Still looks like a pussy to me."

At that moment, I felt my muscles tighten and 'pop' once again, and my entire body began to heat up all over again with the fever as my chest seemed to start shrinking. My arms and legs began to crack and snap, and it felt as though the fur covering my body began to fall out in large patches My heart sped up, but everything else seemed to slow down inside of me. It was like exhaling after holding your breath for as long as humanly possible before passing out. My limbs relaxed, my blood stopped boiling, my eyes watered...and my mental state began to pierce through the emotional fog, as my swelled and awkward body mass started shrinking back to normal.

Cyrus smiled down at my spasming body. "Awww, changing back already? I thought we were having fun?" The others giggled in response. "And JUST when you were getting to be entertaining."

It hurt. God, did it hurt. But as my body slowly became 'mine' again, I anxiously awaited my return to my identity. More hair fell out from my arms and legs, littering the floor around me. And that oozing lubricant pushed its way out of my pours like a sticky perspiration, once it had aided my bones in locking back into place. Fingernails and toenails retracted, fangs sunk deeply back into my gums...and while my senses were still amazingly strong, they didn't overwhelm me like they had just moments before. When it was finished, I was laying sore on the living room floor, covered in coagulated blood, gel, and surrounded by the massive amount of hair that I had just shed from my body. Everything was pulsing with painful twitches and jerks...but when my body stopped quaking from the change, I jumped up from the floor as fast as I could, and RAN to back myself into the corner...keeping all of them in my sight.

"WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO TO ME?!?!?!?!" I screamed, finally able to speak again now that my mouth was and jaw was back to its original shape.

"US?" Cyrus asked with a smirk. "No...you did that all on your own, my man. Don't you remember? You've really got to watch that temper of yours. Highly explosive bouts of emotion triggers the change. So try not to go slinging those 'feelings' around. You wouldn't want to embarrass yourself in mixed company."

"STAY AWAY FROM ME!!!" I shouted, my heart thumping so hard that I could couldn't stop trembling. "DON'T COME ANY CLOSER!!! DON'T.....don't...." The shaking became more violent as my fear swept me up in a panic, and before I knew what was going on...I could feel the change happening all over again!

"Now...you see? That's just what I was talking about." Cyrus grinned, and Dex jumped out in front of the others.

"COOL! He's gonna do it AGAIN! That's twice in a row! I wanna see him rip open!"

"I suggest you try to calm down, Wesley." Cyrus told me, his voice as mellow and as smooth as ever. "Breathe. Relax. You don't want to put your body through too much, too fast. It won't be able to handle it this soon." I...I TRIED to calm down. But I was terrified! And once I felt the changes happening again...my panic got even worse!

Kristin tried to approach me, but I jumped when I saw her move, afraid for her to get any closer. She stopped, and said, "Ease up, Wesley. Don't struggle against it, just ease up." What the hell was she TALKING about? How am I supposed to 'ease up' on THIS??? "Stop fighting the calling. That's a part of what's making it so hard to stabilize. Let it 'take' you. Fall into its embrace." I looked over at John Boy, who nodded his head wisely, telling me to take her advice. At first...it was hard to imagine what 'calling' she was talking about, but then I remembered the feeling. The feeling of darkness inside of my soul while riding on the back of that truck. The feeling I got when I hungrily kissed Sebastian in the kitchen, or swung that bottle to hit Quinn right in his smug face at Rainbow's End. The same feeling I got when I told my father off and ran away from home. It was like a dark cloud of smoke, rolling in through an open window. It was sitting right there in the very center of me, and when I allowed my thoughts to relax for a moment...it eagerly began to take its hold on me.

My mind didn't really go 'blank'...no, it was more than that. It suddenly felt as though it was being instantly 'corrupted' from within. Sinking in a pit of bubbling tar. Images of lust, of rage, or terror, of ego...jumbled together and magnified. It felt like madness. PURE madness! And I was being asked to let it win.

I refused to let it take over completely, and my own thoughts fought to maintain control. The images began to fade, and the fear returned...my fingers bleeding again as my claws began to push through once again. "AHHH!!!! HELP ME!!!" I shrieked.

"You're not submitting, Wesley. Resistance is pointless." Kristin said softly.

With tears rolling down my cheeks, I dipped back into the darkness...and let it take over again. A little bit longer than last time. The images returned, and the more I lost myself in this murky paradise...the better it began to feel. My joints loosened up, my muscles lost their tension, my breathing became easier...it was working. But at what cost? My mind was slipping away from me. I could feel it. The darkness became a narcotic...so addictive that going back to reality seemed like an unwanted 'buzz kill'. The wickedness of it took me over as much as it could...but once I felt the physical transformation stop...I struggled to think for myself again.

"There we go. I knew you could do it." Cyrus told me. "Tell me, how does it feel?"

"What........what ARE you...?" I asked.

"Actually, Wes...the correct question is...what are WE? You're a part of this too, you know?"

"What did you do? What did you turn me into???"

"You're not dumb, Wesley. Don't pretend to be." He smirked. He looked me up and down for a second and said, "Well, you look like you could use a shower and a drink. What do ya say? I can have Dex join you this time if you like?"

"YAY!!! I'll race ya!" Dex shouted joyfully, but I didn't move.

"What just happened to me?" I sobbed, my body shaking as I tried to keep my horror under control, for fear that I would start all over again.

"Well...I'm no science major, Wes, but I'm thinking that, due to a very long and complicated chemical process...you are now officially...one of the 'family'."

"O-O-One of the...family?"

He looked deep into my eyes with an evil grin. "A 'wolf' among sheep."

My breathing began to pick up again, and as I sniffled and cried, I stared down at the floor and PRAYED that it wasn't true! "No....no no no no no no no no no...please God, no...." I rambled, my bottom lip quivering as the tears rained from my eyes.

"Afraid so, my child. But hey, you said it yourself...having fun is all about letting go. And you certainly have let go of a LOT this evening."

The fear clutched its icy grip around my heart, and when faced with the numbing idea that this was somehow all a reality, I turned to the one thing that I had left. The one thing that I had been taught. And I began to whisper a prayer to myself, over and over again. "Forgive me Father for I have sinned. Forgive me Father for I have sinned. Forgive me Father for I have sinned...."

"Ooooooooooh..." Said everyone in the room. Then Shank and Razor added in the fun.

"You hear that, you guys?"

"I think he's telling his 'boss' on us!"

And they laughed at me. The laughed.

I closed my eyes and prayed even harder. "Forgive me Father for I have sinned. Forgive me Father for I have sinned....." I started crying again, just wishing that this was all some terrible nightmare that I could suddenly wake up from at any minute. "Lord Jesus, I confess that I have sinned against you, others and myself. I call upon you, Jesus, and ask you to forgive me from all sin. Especially in the realms of unforgiveness, any word curses against myself or anyone, rebellion or strife. I apply the blood of Jesus over myself...and I beg...I BEG for your forgiveness Father..."

Cyrus was so overjoyed to see me so helpless. "Is that something your 'daddy' taught you, boy? Huh? Come on, let's hear some more. I'm sure the church has already deployed God's army of strong Christian soldiers to come save you." He turned to the others, "Do you guys hear that? I think it's a Christian attack chopper! It's hovering over the house, oh no! They're coming to vanquish us!"

"He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. Please God...please hear me..." I wept, refusing to open my eyes again.

"Wesley..." Cyrus called out to me.

"PLEASE, do not cast me away from your presence, oh Lord, and do not take your Holy Spirit from me. Restore to me the joy of your salvation, and uphold me by your generous Spirit." I said louder.

"Wesleyyyyyyyyyyy...." He taunted.

"Please....please forgive me....for I have sinned...." My voice got weak as my sobbing got stronger, and Cyrus put his hand on my shoulder as I dropped down to my knees...in defeat. Not even my prayers could save me now

"Haven't you ever heard the saying...that God does not exist in desperation? Hmm?" He walked a circle around me, affectionately rubbing the top of my head. "If there was anybody up there who could answer you...he's not giving any handouts tonight. Not for you." He said. "What I can't understand is....I mean...why the long face? I would have thought that you'd be HAPPY to be free of your 'servitude', both here on Earth AND in Heaven."

"I didn't want this. I...I didn't ask for this..." I cried.

"Why SURE you did. You begged me for it, remember? You gaveit to me. Quite willingly, I might add. You defied your own brainwashing and followed your natural instincts. And NOW look at you. Back down on your hands and knees, desperately trying to re-establish your role as part of the illusion. Wishing to be reconnected...to the 'lie'."

"I don't want this." I looked up at Cyrus pleadingly, with tears in my eyes. "Cyrus...Cyrus please...I don't want this."

"But Wesley...this is my gift to you."

"I don't WANT it! Please...take it back, Cyrus. I won't tell anybody...I SWEAR! Just...just take it back."

"Oh...well, I'm afraid that this is a one way ticket, my friend. It doesn't just go back."

"I MEAN it! You guys...please don't do this to me! PLEASE! I'll do anything you want! Please?"

"You're WHINING again. You know how I hate that." Cyrus said, circling around me again. "I realize that you're scared, but this isn't one of your father's little 'coming of age' punishments, Wes. You're not going to just 'bargain' your way out of your position. So get used to it."

"Don't say that, please don't say that. Just...just take it away. Do whatever you did before and make it stop." I was literally bowing and scraping at his feet, hoping that some part of him would have mercy on me.

But he merely bent down a bit, and spoke softly in my ear. "The game is over, boy. The prize has already been won. So stop humiliating yourself, and stand up on your own two feet. You're one of us now." He backed away from me as I cried helplessly on my knees. "You know...without my essence surging through you, without my gift...you'd be quite 'dead' right now. You know that? You're body has literally been dying for days"

"What do you mean?"

"The fevers, Wesley. Do you remember the fevers? They heal you. They regenerate every internal and external injury you have. My essence has been hollowing you out from my first scratch. Eating away at your insides like a corrosive acid. Changing you, rearranging you...making you better. Without my essence...that tasty young teen body of yours doesn't have enough left in it to survive on its own." He smiled at me as he stood in front of the fireplace, and I got up on my feet...a severe case of hysteria flooding my system as I tried to deny everything he was telling me. "It's too late to go 'home' now, Wes. You know that...don't you?"

"This isn't happening. This isn't real..."

"That's it, Wes. Just close your eyes, click your heels three times, and 'wish' it alllll away. Hehehe!"

"I'm not going to let you do this. I'm NOT gonna let you keep me here!" I said defiantly.

"Oh really?" Cyrus replied with a raised eyebrow. "And what, exactly, had you planned to do? Please let me know, because I'm interested to know what game plan you have cooked up to stop us." I didn't know what to say. I didn't know what to do. But I wiped my eyes free of tears and looked around at all of the others. Then...I focused my eyes briefly on the front door.

Dexter shouted out with glee. "He wants a CHASE!!! Chase, chase, chase, chase!!!! OOH! Can *I* go???"

Cyrus looked over at me, his dominant stare reducing me to almost nothing, and he asked, "Is that what you want? You want to run away? Do you honestly think it would do you any good at this point?" He chuckled. "Well? What are you waiting for? Go for it, 'Bible boy'." I looked at the door again, and made sure to look at where the others were position. I could still hear the thunder outside, a virtual downpour of rain washing over the house...but the urge to run was strong. Sooo strong. "Is it the others? Is that what it is?" Cyrus looked to the rest of the pack. "Shank, Razor...step away from the door. I don't want any one of you to touch our golden boy here if he decides to make a break for it. Understood?"

"Yes, Father." They all said in unison, their eyes still glowing, their smiles more malicious.

"Well, there ya go, Wesley. The door's unguarded. Make your move." His smile was so dark, so intimidating. "I'll tell you what...I'll make it easy for you. After all, you deserve a bit of a fighting chance, right?" He stepped a bit closer to me, and stared a hole right through me. "I'll count backwards from 100...before I even leave the house. Ok? I'll count slow I promise. And we'll see just how far you get...before I run you down..and bring you back here. Deal?" I didn't answer, but it appeared as though the 'game' was on. "Alright...here we go...100....99....98...."

"Cyrus....Cyrus...I..." But he tuned me out, and he just kept counting.


Sebastian gave me a calm look, and said, "I suggest you take advantage of the head start. You're gonna need it."

And when I looked back at Cyrus, his eyes were glowing brighter than ever His lips were curling back into that supernatural grin of terror again..and his voice got deeper and deeper, until every number in his sadistic countdown was spoken with a guttural growl. "...90...89...88..." He was beginning to change right in front in front of me, and I saw how much easier his transformation was. His skin began to stretch and darken...his teeth grew sharp as daggers...and his arms grew longer as his stare became more demonic than anything that I had ever faced before. "...84...83....Grrrrrrrr......82.."

Maybe it was the sheer terror of the count, or the horrifying change he was going through...but as a knee jerk reaction...I began to head for the front door. And once I was close enough to put my hand on it, I looked back as the others watched me with a smile and began to count with him all at the same time. "...79....78...77...76..."

I bolted out of the door, and ran out into the darkness, an ice cold shower of rain coming down in buckets over my head and shoulders. The lightning flashed brightly, and the thunder was loud enough to shake the ground...but I couldn't stay here! I had to run! I...I HAD to run! I hurried out to the truck to see if maybe Cyrus had left the keys inside. But the doors were locked, and there were no keys in the ignition. "Oh shit..oh shit! Shit shit SHIT!!!" I panicked for a moment, and then ran out to the road in front of the house. I looked left, looked right. Nothing but darkness on both sides of me. Darkness and rain.

I chose a direction, ran left, and prayed that if I stayed on the road long enough....maybe a lone car would pass by and pick me up. Just so long as Cyrus doesn't find me first!

It was the only chance I had.

So sorry that this is where it left off! Hehehe, believe me, I didn't do that to be cruel, I just balanced all of the parts out to be approximately 30K - 35K long, and this is where it stopped. But don't worry! You'll be getting more soon! So check back soon for more! K? Let me know what you think! You know how I worry! Hehehe! :P