My oh my, how the walls of that house trembled with Kriegar and Kristin up there raising all sorts of hell. It almost made you wish that you could watch such an event. Maybe even video tape it to watch again later. I think it made everybody a little horny from the sounds alone, even over the music. But despite a few instances where I gave in to urges to tongue kiss lovingly with John Boy beside me, I didn't do much more. Not with Dexter watching me so closely. He had been so silent today. Whether he was being crazy and playful, or evil and moody, he had never been this silent before. Eventually, I motioned for Dex to come over and sit beside me, and he slowly made his way over to melt tenderly into my side. Still quiet, but at least showing a bit more humanity than he was sitting in a corner by himself. I hugged him gently, letting my fingers play in the big blond curls of his hair, and he practically purred in my embrace. We stayed like that until it was almost time to go.

Later, I noticed Sebastian and Cyrus talking quietly with one another. No doubt discussing 'plans' for the evening. Tuning my hearing into what they were saying took little effort, and I clearly heard Cyrus telling Sebastian, "We're going to have to lose the truck." I wasn't quite sure why, but I'm betting it had something to do with the officer taking down the license plate number earlier today.

I then heard the bedroom door open upstairs, and footsteps walking towards the shower, as Kriegar came back downstairs with one hell of a grin on his face. He had on a pair of shorts and nothing else, walking over to the cooler to grab himself a beer. John Boy and I giggled to ourselves, and Kriegar sat on the arm of the couch next to me. "Wes...I know that girls really aren't your 'thing'...but you've seriously gotta get some one on one Kristin love one of these days. She's a wild one."

" I heard." I told him with a grin. He brought the beer can to his lips and guzzled about half of it down before taking a breath.

"So are we gonna go out and do this thing tonight, or what?" He asked.

"I guess we are."

"You excited?"

"Should I be?" I asked.

"Fuck yeah, you should be. You're a wolf among sheep now, boy. It's gonna be a whole different ballgame now that you know that. Makes you look at people differently. Trust me, the bullshit can be quite entertaining." He told me, and looked down at Dexter, who was hugging me close with his eyes closed. Kriegar curled up his finger and thumped Dex on the forehead. "What about you, love muffin?"

"Owwwww!" Dex whined, and pushed Kriegar's hand away.

"Dude, come on! Leave him alone. He's not messing with you." I said, hugging Dex back down to my chest.

"What, are you his mother now?" Kriegar said with a strange look. "Whatever. He was more fun when he was fucking crazy out of his mind."

"I'm NOT crazy!" He pouted.

"Yeah, right. Don't you believe it, Wes. 'Baby Cuddles' over here would be more likely to bite your throat out if you gave him half a chance. Take my word for it. You wouldn't be hugging him so close if you saw what he did to the LAST couple of folks that crossed him. Even Cyrus thought he went a bit overboard. And HE gave the order."

"Well maybe if you stop 'aggravating' him all the time, he wouldn't get so out of control." I told him.

"Out of control...psh! I'll take him any day of the week." He said, still poking at Dex with his finger. "C'mon, boy! C'mon! You wanna jump? Huh? Wanna jump?" I heard a very deep, inhuman growl come from inside of Dex, and his hand clutched to my shirt as he tried to ignore Kriegar's teasing But things were escalating FAST! And I could practically feel his anger growing to a boiling point.

I kept swatting Kriegar's hands away from him. "Knock it off!" I said a bit louder, and for once, Kriegar listened to me.

"Awww, you're no fun." He said, standing up again. "I'm just fooling around. We've had a few good scraps back in the day, me and this kid. Damn near took out both my eyes. Hehehe!"

"If I remember correctly, he did a lot more damage than that." John Boy added, now getting up from the couch as well. "I don't think anyone had ever given Kriegar such a run for his money before."

"Hey now, don't go giving him points he didn't earn." Kriegar grunted. "The kid fights dirtier than most. But when it comes right down to all better remember who the resident badass is around here." He tossed one empty beer can over his shoulder, and was quick to pop another one open by the time it had hit the floor.

"Wesley..." Cyrus called, and I straightened up immediately. He motioned for me to come to him with just a quick tilt of his head, and I carefully slid out of Dexter's arms to see what he wanted. "I want you to go out with Sebastian, and take the license plates off of the truck. And help him bring in the extra alcohol. We won't be needing it tonight."

" something wrong?" I asked, wondering if we were just going to ditch the truck on the side of the road or something.

"No. Nothing's wrong. We're just making sure that 'the show goes on'. That's all." He smiled. He leaned closer to put a hand on my shoulder, and spoke softly into my ear. "Sebastian's going to lay down a few 'ground rules' for tonight. So pay attention. You're going to need to know this stuff. Ok?"

"Ummm...ok." I said, and followed Sebastian's lead. Dex started to follow me outside, but Cyrus stopped him.

"Dexter? Come here." He said, and Dex stood motionless for a moment. Almost as if he was somehow confused by the both of us. Not knowing which one to follow. But Cyrus gave him the most affectionate grin, the kind of sweet display that always threw you off balance, and made you put your complete trust in him all over again. Letting him hug you close...even with his hands still stained with blood. I swear, he could charm the devil himself if he wanted to. "Come." He said again, and with a boyish whine, Dex snuggled up in Cyrus' lap, and leaned forward to rest his head on his shoulder as Cyrus' arms wrapped themselves around his frail body. Dex whimpered a bit more, and hugged his leader with even more desperation as he found comfort in his caress. "Shhhh...I know, baby. That mean old moon has got you all 'backwards' again, doesn't it? Huh?" He kissed Dex's cheek, and Dex burrowed himself into Cyrus' neck, loving the extra attention.

Scout, however...did not like that at all. And while Dex's silent stare had caused me some concern earlier...Scout's current expression was as murderous as any I've ever seen. That boy had a SERIOUS problem with sharing

"Come on. We've got to fix things so we can get out of here. It's getting late." Sebastian said, and both Shank and Razor stared at me as they stepped aside to let us walk out the front door. Razor lit up a match, and then 'tossed' it at my head as I stepped outside. I batted it away, checking my hair to make sure nothing got singed, and then gave him a dirty look as both twins broke out laughing.

"Fuck you..." I sneered, and Razor kicked the door closed.

"They like it when you get agitated, you know?" Sebastian said as we walked off of the front porch. "It's their function to test you. Your limits, your loyalties, your weaknesses. They're meant to protect us...even from ourselves. So the more you push, the more they push back."

"Funny, I thought he was just being an asshole."

"Who Razor? Hehehe, nah. Be glad he's the one fucking with you. Shank's idea of a prank is half as funny...and twice as painful." We both reached the truck, and he opened the door to fish around in the glove compartment. "You've gotta learn to stop putting up such a resistance. Relax."

"I AM relaxed." I said, but that only made Sebastian smile.

"Here, grab this." He handed me a screwdriver and a pair of pliers from the glove compartment and closed the door. I watched him walk around to the back of the truck, and kneel down by the license plate. " are you feeling, Wes?"

It was a weird thing to ask. "Fine, I guess."

"Fine? Hmmm..." He started to crank the corners of the license plate to take it off. " wanna tell me what's been happening with you the last few days? During union?" I didn't know what he meant at first, but when he looked up at me, I knew that he was expecting some kind of answer. "We can feel it, you know? Changes in your energy. Cyrus told us that we shouldn't worry about it, especially this early in your transformation. But me...I have to admit, it bothers me."

"But...what do you...?"

Sebastian pulled one side of the license plate loose and started working on the other. "You see...sometimes, you get a little 'greedy'. Take a little more energy than you should from the rest of us. And that...doesn't worry me. Believe me, Cyrus will definitely 'train' you out of that particular practice real quick. I'm surprised that he's even tolerated it for as long as he has." He took loose the other side of the plate, and yanked it off completely, handing it to me as he rose to his feet. "Now...what worries ME...are those short moments when I don't feel you giving us much of...anything." He said.

"I don't know what you mean." I replied, but Sebastian looked me in the eye, a serious expression on his face.

"You still seem to have some conflicts going with the calling. Some 'strong' ones. Now, the others don't feel it as strongly as I do, but I know when someone's holding on to old attachments, and that's something you're going to have to stop." He walked around to the back of the truck, and I followed him as he knelt down again. "When you lose focus, you take your energy out of the pool. Which means you're stealing aura from all of us. And that can't happen. So whatever it is that you've got rolling around in you head or your heart that is keeping you from fully being a part of this pack...I suggest you find some way to get rid of it. Because if Cyrus catches you holding back from the rest of us...things are going to get really messy, really fast."

I didn't know exactly what to tell him. I didn't...I didn't mean to hold anything back. I was just...trying to fight for my sanity. "Is Father mad at me?" I asked.

That made Sebastian peek around the back of the truck. He must have seen the concerned look on my face, and he stood up to walk over and put his hands on both sides of my face. "Father loves you, Wesley. Ok? He loves all of us. But there are rules that are not to be broken. One of the major ones is that we do not withhold energy from the pack. There is no such thing as 'mine' anymore. It's 'ours' now. Do you understand?" He said, and I nodded as he leaned in to kiss me on the lips. My God...Sebastian's lips could be so soft. His kiss could bring so much magic into your heart with the simplest touch. "You have to trust in him. You are still afraid to fall, and that's ok. I was too at one time. You're still so young, and that is why Cyrus has given you his grace." Then he looked closer, to make sure that I understood. "But it won't last, Wesley. Father needs you to be on point. And he has a zero tolerance for betrayal. Zero."

I almost felt my eyes watering up. I couldn't understand it. It was like this...instant feeling of intense 'shame' washed over me, and I felt like a complete and utter failure to our leader. It was only Sebastian's soft caress of my cheeks that kept me standing. "I'll...I'll try to do better, I promise...I just..."

"You don't HAVE to do better, Wes. Just 'fall'. Stop fighting the calling and let it take you all the way. That's a big part of what tonight is all about. Stop seeing yourself and your actions as 'wicked'. They're NOT. Your thoughts, your emotions, your desires, were MEANT to dictate action. You are simply reflecting the passions in your heart and taking what you want from life whenever you want it. There's nothing 'evil' about it." He said, his words practically charming the calling inside of me to rise to the top like an enchanted serpent. "It's harder to tame your passions than it is to indulge in them. So stop doing things the hard way and enjoy yourself. Alright?" I nodded, feeling a stray tear fall from my left eye. Sebastian kissed the droplet on my cheek, and ran his long tender fingers through my hair. "Such a delicate boy. In another life...I would have truly cherished you." He gave me another kiss on the forehead, and then walked back behind the truck to finish with the last license plate.

"Sebastian?" I asked softly.


"Will you help me?" That got his attention once again. "Please? Tell him I'm trying?"

He paused for a moment, then replied, "I'll do what I can." He finished off the second plate, and pulled it off of the truck, coming over to hand it to me. "But you're not going to be able to hide from him, Wes. And I'm not going to be able to hide you. Embrace your new family, right here, right now. Your old life is done. Accept it and move on." He climbed up on the back of the truck and handed me a box full of alcohol bottles. He stacked it as full as he could. "Take these in the house. And let Father know we're ready to go." I nodded and started to walk back to the house before Sebastian called out to me. "Hey, Wes?"


"You did good work at the warehouse. Tonight is a celebration. Let go of that didn't really want it anyway." He said, and pointed to his temple. "It's just trash in the attic."

I turned around and went back in the house with the box of liquor. I let everyone know that we were ready to go, and they all began getting dressed up for the party. Sebastian followed a minute or two later, and whispered something to Cyrus that I couldn't hear. I guess I didn't tune my senses in fast enough to catch it. But whatever it made Cyrus smile wickedly in my direction. And it made me wonder...if I could really trust either one of them at this point.

We all held a short union before leaving the house. Hardly as extensive as the ones at the breakfast table, but it was enough to synchronize our energies. I was careful to only take my share this time, and no more. But the hard part was trying to mask my thoughts from the others. Truth be told...I was truly beginning to MISS my family. They had no idea what had happened to me. Where I ran off to. Or whether I was even alive or dead. The anger and the bitterness that I felt towards my father that last night that I had seen was gone. Replaced by a longing to return to a house where I may not have felt 'free'...but I certainly felt 'loved'. Even if I didn't recognize it at the time.

I tried hard to push them out of my thoughts. I struggled to keep my output of shared energy at its max. But I couldn't be sure if I was succeeding or not. When our union was over, Sebastian looked over at me, and I couldn't read the expression on his face. But it was a cold one. And when he walked past me, he didn't say a word. I think he sensed something missing in my contribution. In fact, I'm almost sure of it. As Cyrus' number one advisor, it was his duty to look out for these things. Sebastian was a master at detecting and manipulating emotions. It must be one of the reasons that he's so sensitive to everyone's energy exchange. But if HE knows about long until he informs Cyrus? I doubt he'd lie to our father. And I don't even know what kind of horrific punishment Cyrus would have waiting for me if I didn't give in. mater how hard the calling pushed me...

..I just couldn't give my family up yet. Not yet. They were too close to me to be abandoned. Hardly 'trash in the attic'.

Just then, I felt John Boy's hand on my shoulder. He whispered in my ear, "The key is not to forget...but to be honest about remembering." He said, as I turned to face him. "Don't romanticize your past and make it out to be as golden as you want to remember it. It wasn't all roses and blowjobs back then. It wouldn't be if you were to return. Don't make the mistake of blocking out all of the bad things that led you to our door."

"I understand." I said quietly, and John Boy petted my shoulders.

"Who are we...without the company of our brothers?" He asked me. And as if I had been reciting it my whole life...the words seem to magically come to me in response.

"We are one...and without the company of our brothers...we are none."

He smiled warmly, and kissed me on the cheek. "Good boy. Now get yourself ready. Because tonight...we get to show you just how much 'fun' being wicked can be!"

I noticed that Scout was quick to take his place at Cyrus' side as soon as possible, being extra clingy to make up for the time he supposedly 'wasted' on Dex. Kriegar was already putting two liquor bottles in his shirt pocket to drink on the way. And Sebastian took a moment to study himself in a mirror to fix his hair. As if his beauty could ever contain the slightest flaw. Then we heard Kristin scream from the kitchen, and what sounded like a broken glass.

She stormed out into the living room, and tossed something 'furry' at Shank's face! "Ahhh! Fucking FREAK!!!" She said, wiping her hands off on a dish towel. The twins began cracking up in unison, which only enraged her further. "It's NOT funny! He put a fucking dead RACCOON in the top cabinet! Who DOES that???"

Shank and Razor giggled gleefully as the morbid twin picked up the carcass. The face had been peeled off, the skull cleaned and bleached, while still attached to the body. Razor asked, "Hahaha! Was that thing dead when you cut the face off?"

"Almost..." Shank smiled.

"ARRRGH!!! Keep your SICK fetishes out of the kitchen!" Kristin snarled, and ran up the stairs to wash her hands.

"Can we burn it?" Razor asked.

"No. I'm not finished with it yet. I'm keeping it." His brother answered.

"Keeping it for WHAT? Come on, let me torch it."

"NO! I'm gonna make something out of it!" They both grabbed for the animal for a few seconds before Cyrus toned down his smile and cleared his throat.

" know not to bring those into the house. What have we told you?" He said.

Shank lowered his head a bit, but never lost his grin. "Take it out to the shed in back."

"That's right. The shed in back is your little workshop. Not the kitchen. Not the bedrooms. Not the basement. And CERTAINLY not the living room sofa. Alright? It freaks Kristin out, and it stinks up the house." Cyrus told him. "Now go on. Take that thing out of here, and lets pile up. We've got stuff to do."

Both twins left to take the corpse out the back door, still arguing playfully over what to do with the remains.

"Just let me burn some of the FUR off of it!"

"I need the fur."

"No, you don't. Ok, let me have the tail then."

"The tail is part of the design. I need that too."

"Will you come get me the next time you find one half alive? Burning 'em makes it hurt more. Then you can save whatever's left."

"Hmmm...yeah, that sounds awesome. But I wanna watch it die."


I saw Cyrus stand up and walk over to greet me warmly. His grin was like the one you see on the lips of a hungry crocodile in your last moments. "If we didn't keep an eye on that boy, he'd go right back to stashing road kill all over the house. One man's trash is truly another man's treasure, is it not?"

"Yeah. Right." I said, trembling slightly in his presence.

"You seem nervous." He said. "Do I make you nervous, Wesley?" He put his hands on my shoulders, and leaned in close. "Hmmmm? What could have my pretty little angel all worked up tonight?" I felt him lewdly suck my earlobe into his mouth, and drag his tongue across it before letting it go. It was getting harder and harder to know where I stood with him. I wanted to believe that he loved me too much to ever really hurt me. I wanted to believe that he wouldn't just suddenly slash my throat for the pure entertainment of watching me bleed. But when you're dealing with someone who has no boundaries, and isn't faithful to any kind of moral can you possibly know WHAT to expect from them. Especially...when they're displeased.

"I'm just nervous about tonight, Father." I said.

Cyrus' smile widened, and his kissed my cheek. Whispering, "You lie." Then he leaned back to see me eye to eye. "But it's ok. We're going to allow you to see for yourself...what your life can be like. And will be proud to be one of us. As you should be." He then looked over his shoulder as Kristin came back down the stairs, and the twins entered through the back door. "Are we ready, then?" Everyone agreed. "Good! Let's go show these Amish boys what sin and debauchery is all about!"

And with that, we were on our way.

The ride was a long one, even at the high speeds that Cyrus loved to drive at. We were so far away from our usual stomping grounds, that I saw the lights of civilization completely disappear around us. No lights on the side of the roads, and thick tree foliage blocking out most of what little illumination we had from the stars and waning moon. I would occasionally see Razor spark up a match in the back of the truck, and would hear Kriegar belch from time to time, right before throwing an empty liquor bottle over the side, but that was it. And to be honest...I welcomed the darkness. The silence. And the company of my 'family' as I fought harder to forget. 'honest' about why I was here, and redefine my idea of what a sane mind is. God, I wish I didn't think so much.

It was almost an hour before we reached another part of the state entirely, and Cyrus began to ease off of the gas a bit more. The funny thing is, I don't think we were anywhere near a party yet. In fact, I could feel Cyrus pulling over to the side of the road in the dark. I was confused as to what was going on, but I seemed to be the only one.

"Awesome! Never liked this country ass transport anyway!" Kriegar said, and slid over the side to hop down to the ground.

"Wait...what's...what's going on? Why are we stopping?" I asked, but John Boy only gave me a smile.

"You can stay on the truck if you like. But I wouldn't." He said. So I got up and got off with everybody else.

Cyrus grabbed a few more things out of the glove compartment, and handed them to Scout. "Wesley...would you like to do the honors?"

"Do the what?" Cyrus put his brotherly arm over my shoulder, and walked me over to the other side of the truck, to show me what looked like a 150 drop into complete darkness! The slope was so steep, it looked like the edge of the world, with a thick forest down below. "What is this? What are you gonna do?"

"Ohhh, not me, babe. YOU." He smiled. I looked at him with a chuckle to get him to drop the joke, God, I think he was serious. "You just put the truck into neutral, give it a little push, and make sure you let go before it drops. That's it."

"You''re serious?" I asked.

"As a heart attack, my friend. Go for it."

"How the hell are we gonna get home?"

"We'll cross that bridge when we come to it. But for now, we need to do away with this truck." He grinned.

"But...isn't it...I mean...?"

He put his finger to my lips to shut me up. "Wesley...don't question it. Just act. We don't need it. We'll have more fun watching it tumble to the bottom of this ravine than we will driving it through a desolate collection of farming fields in the middle of the night."

Dex raised his hand slightly. "Can I ride it all the way down?" And it caused both Cyrus and I to snicker a bit to ourselves.

"We'll let you ride the next one, sweetie." Kristin told him, and Cyrus put his forehead against mine with a smirk.

"Come on, Wes. Do it. You'll love it." He said, and I could feel an especially sinful gleam in my eye as the idea of initiating such a destructive impulse made me giggle.

"You're SERIOUS, though, right?" I asked again. "You're not just joking? Because I'll do it. I'll do it for real."

"Hehehe, have at it. We just wanna watch the show."

I thought about it a second longer, and bit my bottom lip as my smile spread out considerably on my lips. "Ok!" I said, and then looked at the truck, "Am I gonna be strong enough to push it?"

"You're already on an incline. You put it in neutral, it'll start sliding all by itself. Trust me."

I crawled halfway into the truck, feeling my worst impulses fueling my excitement. And once I put it in neutral to free up the brakes, I gave them all once last warning. "Ok...I'm really gonna do it. If you're kidding, you'd better tell me now..." I giggled, but the others merely saluted the truck, and waited for me to do my part of destroying it forever.

Without further hesitation, I put my feet down on the ground, and began to push the truck while holding the driver's side door open. My feet pressed into the dirt, and I felt the truck begin to move forward. The calling began to darken my thoughts, and drive my actions...encouraging my mischief to cross lines that I never would have 'approached' before. And I felt the truck speeding up as I pushed even harder. I felt the truck beginning to turn a bit on its own, and had to grab the wheel to keep it straight. I gained even more speed as the slope got deeper, and then...just before the big drop, I let go of the truck and fell back on my ass, not wanting to take my eyes off of what was going to happen next. The truck made a lot of noise reaching the edge, and then...a short the wheels left solid ground, and the vehicle was sent plummeting over the edge of the cliff.

All of the others ran up beside me to look over the edge, and I stared on with a fascination of my own. The old white truck bounced loudly as it first hit the side, then flipped over on top of itself, then twisted as it hit a tree...the sound of glass and metal was like music to my ears. There was such a RUSH from seeing what I had just done! My adrenaline levels shot through the roof, and I felt like I almost wanted to scream with delight! The others around me cheered as the truck began to tumble, and rolled further and further down the drop until it was out of sight. And even then, we could still hear the sounds of broken trees and flying auto parts being scattered all over the truck's destructive path. God, it was awesome! Absolutely mind-blowing!

I soon felt a bunch of hands on me, rubbing my shoulders, tussling my hair, and patting me on the back, as I was cheerfully rewarded for my evil deed. And Cyrus hugged me close from behind, kissing me on the side of the neck. "You get more impressive all the time, kid." He said, and I giggled as his strong arms held me tight.

"Jesus! I just...I just pushed a fucking TRUCK off of a cliff! Hehehe! WAY! I can't believe I just did that shit!" I was so....'alive' at that moment that I could hardly contain it. I quickly leaned back to kiss Cyrus on the lips, and then returned my eyes to the dark chasm before me. " know, now that it's over...I kinda wish that I could do it again." I said, peering over the edge into the darkness below.

"Well, you never know. Maybe we'll get you another one to smash up soon. K?" He said, and Cyrus was always ready to make sure that his promise was gold. "Alright folks, it's Wesley's job to get us a ride home tonight."

I gasped as he let me go and started walking. "Wait....WHAT???"

He turned around for a second, but didn't stop walking. "You wrecked the get us home. By any means necessary, playboy." Ummm...yeah. He kinda failed to mention that part.

Kriegar walked past me, and said, "Make sure it's something nice and roomy. So we can all fit comfortably, k?" And he slapped me on the shoulder.

Dammit! "You guys TRICKED me! You know that?" I shouted, but they just kept walking. Sighhh...I couldn't even be 'mad' really. The tingle of pushing that truck over the edge was still coursing through me like an electric shock. And I couldn't stop smiling, even if I tried. So as they all started walking in the same direction, I had no choice but to run and catch up. I had a 'position' to fill after all.

It was a long, dark, hike along the side of that road. But when we finally reached the farm that we were looking for, it was clearly worth every tiring step.

We weren't even CLOSE to the farmhouse yet, and yet you could hear the boom of hardcore industrial rock music being blasted into the air! You could hear the shouts and screams of what sounded like an entire football stadium's worth of teenagers and college kids partying their asses off! We were just on the outside of the property line, walking by a tall cornfield and seeing a colorful array of flashing lights signaling everyone in the area as to where to go. A few cars passed us on the road, and each one was full of more partygoers looking to turn in and park wherever they found a space. Dexter was hopping up and down, trying to see over the cornstalks so he could get an idea of how big the party was. Hehehe, he was just too damn short to see. But as we reached the end of the crops, and finally saw the dirt road leading up to the main house and the giant hay loft behind it...we realized that we had definitely come on a good night.

When Sebastian said that there would be HUNDREDS of teenagers there, he wasn't kidding! Just seeing the cars roll by us, the license plates were from several neighboring states, and a few were from all the way on the other side of the country. The girls were still dressed in proper homemade Amish dresses that never rose above the ankle, but they were dancing and drinking just as hard as anyone else there. If not harder. And the boys? My GOD! So many of them were beyond beautiful! The kind of boys you only expect to see on TV! Their bodies were sculpted from hard work and farm labor, and they were allowed to dress more like everybody else. But wow...I!

We saw motorcycles pulling up to the barn, and I could hear a live band playing inside. A few cars were 'rocking' with sexual activity, and some people had already stumbled out of the party to pass out wherever they could find a clear spot on the ground. It made Rainbow's End look like a church bake sale in comparison! Yes...this is definitely where I wanted to be.

Kriegar tossed another bottle over his shoulder. His last reserve. "I am going to bang so much tonight, I'm gonna be SORE in the morning!"

Kristin gave him a shove from behind. "Be good!" She said, and then gave Scout a little push as well. "You too! Don't get us in any trouble."

Scout sneered at her. "Don't worry. I'll be an 'angel'." He said sarcastically. But Cyrus made sure to speak up.

"No need to hold back, ladies and gentlemen. Not tonight." He said, which I think surprised some of them. Then his eyes connected to mine, and he said, "These holy rollers didn't leave home to see more 'angels'. They came to see the devil. And I say we accept the invitation."

As the calling blackened out what was left of my restraint...I smiled along with the rest of them. And we headed towards the party. Ready for whatever. Once's time to see just how bad I can be.

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