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I moved forward, noticing how the other people at the party seemed to stop and maneuver around me now...instead of the other way around. When you're the most dominant energy in the area, it is the other entities that have to submit and make way for your passage. I could walk in a straight line through the smashing, grinding, bodies in this place and never have to worry about bumping into a single one of them. Not even in a crowd this tight. I think they could sense my disturbing fall from grace on a primal level...and they had no choice but to give me all the space I needed when I passed them by.

I went to the drink table next to the boy I was watching, and poured myself a heavy cocktail as I put myself into position. The feeling inside of me was sooooo surreal at that moment. It was like being awake during an extremely vivid dream. Where you knew that you couldn't be hurt, you couldn't be embarrassed, you couldn't be denied...and the world around you had no other option but to immediately bend to your every whim. It gave me control over the easily controlled. As lost as I am, as departed as I felt from my humanity...I think I could actually get used to this.

The boys at the table playfully bumped shoulders with one another, laughing and having a testosterone filled good time. But for the one boy standing beside them...while he was capable of putting on an extremely convincing act for the rest of his friends...I could still smell the 'differences' in his behavior. I could see the places where his infatuated gaze lingered the longest as he casually glanced around the room. And it was mostly focused on all of the beautiful teen male flesh running around. He seems to like them slightly younger than his 18 years...more like my age. That is a bonus. It will make things so much simpler.

I turned around and leaned back on the table, allowing my greedy eyes to roam over the boy's athletic body without shame. He hadn't really noticed me being this close to him just yet, and that gave me more time to consume him with my stare. Not that I would have minded either way at this point. He certainly was a yummy treat for the senses. I longed to lick the side of his neck, and feel him shiver with lust in my arms as I sucked on those deliciously full lips of his. I wanted to taste his hot tongue in my mouth, and feel the obscene poke of his hardness on my hip. I wanted to rake his bare ass cheeks with my fingernails....and suck him deep into my throat until his knees trembled to the point of him falling over from exhaustion. Violating him, inside and out. Until his mental barriers were completely destroyed. Useless. Abandoning the hetero act against his will and giving me his body in a way where his true nature could no longer be denied. Oh yes...he's going to crave 'boy sex' like never before once I'm finished with him tonight. I can honestly guarantee you that.

One of his friends turned and noticed me staring directly at his companion's ass. I didn't bother to look away from it when I got caught. So the boy nudged a few of his buddies, and they all turned around at the same time. "Hey, Peter! Check it out!" He said, and the boy that I was looking at responded. Peter...I like it. "I think this kid is checking you out."

He turned to look in my direction, and I saw his eyebrows lift slightly. A subtle tell-tale sign, but one that didn't go unnoticed. He was definitely attracted to the surprise of this young blond boy standing before him, I could tell. A slight blush came to Peter's face, but he was well practiced in covering it up as fast as it presented itself. Showing off for his friends, no doubt, he scoffed at me. "What the hell? Are you serious? Hehehe!" I didn't speak. I just stared him in the eyes...those sweet, dark brown, eyes...and I smiled. He playfully elbowed his friends and said, "What the fuck are you LOOKING at, kid???"

Normally, such a threatening question in that tone of voice would have sent me running away in the other direction. But not this time. I wasn't afraid of anything anymore. I had spent so much time being so scared of my own sexuality that I could hardly bear to LOOK at another boy in a sexual way without being terrified that I was gonna be seen as the abnormal freak that I am. And yet...the 'Calling' had changed me. I didn't back down anymore. To be honest, I didn't even dull the intensity of my stare. He kept up a brave front, but deep down, I knew that I was making him nervous with my presence. I liked that. He wanted me. He wanted me bad. And that made the lure of his sex all the more powerful to my enhanced senses. I was moments away from basically jumping on him and humping his leg at this point. I can't remember the last time I've ever wanted someone this badly. John Boy was right...I was all 'desire' and 'lust' in that moment. Nothing else remained. It tingled through every part of me. It was hard to keep from smiling.

"I don't think he heard you, Pete! He's still got a boner for you, man!" Another boy said. So Peter strengthened his social camouflage by stepping forward and saying it louder.

"What are you LOOKING at, FREAK???"

"You." I replied, quite simply. And I took a step towards him as well, so that we were standing almost toe to toe, with very little space between us. He was taller than I was...but only in the 'physical' sense. "You're really cute, you know that? I saw you from across the room. I wanted to say hello." NEVER would I have attempted this on my own before. Not a day in my life. This was different. This was...weird.

I think the statement shocked him. In fact, I sensed a slight hesitation as he tried to come up with an equally shocking response. I doubt he had one. Hell, I was already shocking myself. What more could he do to further impress me...other than give me a full view of himself without all of those bothersome clothes on?

He recovered as fast as he could and turned to his buddies. "You hear that??? Hahaha!" It was a convincing laugh, believe me. "What are you, queer or something?"

"Would it matter?" I said. It was an amazing perspective...being able to actually 'see' someone beyond their surface this way. "Peter's your name?"

"You want his phone number and cock size too, homo-boy?" One of his friends grinned, causing the others to laugh out loud as they built a wall behind him. But I didn't lose eye contact with my intended target.

"You're creeping me out, kid." Peter answered.

"Don't worry. I'm not talking to them. They don't matter. And they don't have to have anything to do with your decision."

"Decision?" Peter asked.

One of the other boys looked over his shoulder, "Did this little fucker just say that we don't matter? Is he trying to make the rest of us feel bad?" I didn't pay them any mind. In fact, I intensified my stare into Peter's eyes...intimidating him...nearly blazing a hole right through him. He glanced away a few times, using his friends as a distraction, but when he came back to look at me again I was staring right back at him. I didn't have anything to worry about as far as the other boys were concerned. For the first time, I felt totally in tune with the rest of my pack...and I knew that they were right there with me at all times. Their many different energies converged within me, and I felt like an army was standing by...waiting on my command. Besides...if they did so much as lay a finger on me, Shank and Razor would swiftly rush in from both sides and tear them to pieces. Audience or no audience. My family was willing to do whatever it took to protect its own. That...was a very liberating sensation.

"Come on, fellas. Let's get the hell out of here before 'Junior' tries to give me a freakin' HICKEY or something!" Peter said, another smile crossing his lips as he continued to use his friends as a deflection from my more dominant presence. They attempted to pass me, but I put a hand out to lightly stop Peter in his tracks. An intimate touch. Soft. And very low on his stomach, just beneath his fingers lightly touching his belt buckle.

"I'll be here if you change your mind. Because, Lord knows, I'm not changing mine." I smirked. He instantly pushed my hand away, his social mask rejecting my forward motions. But his biology...his very spirit...told me a different story. His arousal gave off a perfumed scent. His fear of being found out gave off a slightly bitter fragrance, but it was almost as refreshing as his instant attraction to me. I could feel the rise in his body temperature, and saw the details of a rapidly darkening blush spreading through his cheeks. It was so cute to see him this way. Helpless, but still fighting. I inhaled deeply as he squirmed inside. Even without my wolf senses, this 'sweet boy' wouldn't be hard to spot. Not for me. Not anymore.

"Pete! C'mon! What, are you gonna dance with him now? Let's just go! There are some real pervs in this place, man!" One of his friends called out, but I softened my gaze a bit and gave Peter a smile.

"It'll be worth your while, you know?" I said quietly. "Trust me, I want it just as bad as you do." He shifted to one foot, no doubt feeling the discomfort of the growing erection tingling down below. It made me widen my grin. "I'll give you some more time to think about it. Maybe you and I can discuss it again later tonight...without your friends around. Might help you make a more clear headed decision." He purposely bumped my shoulder roughly as he walked away with a scoff, but I didn't fear any sort of violence or rejection at all. I don't think I have ever been this strong.

I was sure to see him again soon. The introduction of the sensual thought is already rolling around in his head. He's thinking it over right now. And the more he tries to wipe his mind clean of the lewd invitation...the more he's going to fantasize about the possibility. And that is when I will return to collect my trophy. I'd be surprised if he made it another 20 minutes before the curiosity alone began to eat him alive. I made sure to mark his scent so that I'd be able to track him easily throughout the party and locate him when he was ready. All I had to do now...was wait out his petty personal issues and let his homosexual urges bring him right back to my door. I'm gonna LOVE tasting him. He looks like quite a mouthful.

Minutes passed, and I took a great deal of pride in being able to maintain my connection with the others. I knew exactly where every last one of them were at any given moment. I was fully tapped in now. We might as well have all been tied together with the same invisible string. A series of umbilical chords that all returned to the source. Our beloved father, Cyrus. Nothing could dull the sensation of total unity. You couldn't cut it, break it...most people wouldn't even dare to cross it. So this is what it start living as one of 'them'.

Sebastian had evidently felt the major shift in my energies, because he loosened up a bit on his tight surveillance of me. I could feel his position moving a bit further away from me...relaxing its mental hold. He then continued to silently walk amongst the other teenage partygoers...ignoring them all from a elevated position as always. Allowing everyone in the room to experience his overwhelming beauty at arms length...and no closer. Kriegar had found himself a girl or two to 'involve' himself with. I could almost feel his sexual thrill as they gave themselves over to powerful thrusts of passion. Both Shank and Razor were at opposite ends of the party. Still posting themselves up in a way that would allow them to oversee all of their brethren at once. Watchdogs, making sure that everyone around us...behaved. It was an unconscious instinct. They didn't have to really think about it at all. In fact, they were involved in a few social activities of their own, separate from one another. And yet...well aware of their duties for the evening.

Up in the balcony, Cyrus claimed a rather large chunk of territory for his very own. And perhaps it was a subliminal vibe that he gave out, simply by sitting there on a 'throne' of hay...but 90 percent of the other boys and girls at the party were wary to stray into his personal space. There was, like, this invisible 'force field' around him that made most people extremely uncomfortable once they sensed it. As if they had to ask his permission before invading his private bubble. Kristin sat at his right side, the two of them occasionally exchanging long passionate kisses between them, as Scout stood watch in front. Giving an icy stare to anyone and everyone who even dared to look in their direction.

I, on the other hand, was starting to get impatient. I kept an eye on Peter, and he kept glancing back over at me from time to time. Each time our eyes connected, he quickly turned away. And within minutes, he would lean against a wall or try to find a place to sit down. Anything to hide the bulge. Anything to avoid the blush. It began to frustrate me to no end, but just as I was about to waiver from the plan and go for someone else...he redirected his attention towards me, and started working to put some distance between him and his friends. Finally. A response.

I suppose one could think of it as a bit of a mating dance, with Pete glancing over at me a bit more often, walking to a quiet corner in the room. I kept my eyes on him, and stalked him silently as I followed. I let him pick the place of his surrender. It was all the same to me.

He was drinking a bit more, trying to get up the nerve to do this, and I crept forward...pinfully slow in my approach. I loved seeing him wrestle pointlessly with his conflicts. It was amusing.

When he finally looked up and saw me standing nearby, he gulped hard. I leaned one of my shoulders up against the wall and smiled at him. He nervously looked over my shoulder. His hands were shaking. "Don't worry, Pete. Nobody's watching. This is our little corner. Just you and me. But for how long?"

He took another big sip of his drink. Maybe even too big, as he choked a bit on the sting of it. "Who the hell are you?" He asked.

"Does that really matter right now? Hmmm, does it?" I moved closer, and Pete involuntarily took a timid step back away from me. It made me giggle. "I'm not here to hurt you, Peter. Quite the opposite. I wanna make you feel good."

He was quiet for a moment, afraid to look me in the eye. He only peeked at me briefly from his peripheral, only to have his line of sight flitter away from me as quickly as possible. "H-H-How old are you?"



"Does that bother you? I don't think it does." I leaned closer, catching a whiff of that intoxicating aroma as he perspired and let the lingering dew of it soak the heated skin on his neck.


"Shhhh...I know." I said. "It must be such a struggle for you to hide. I remember the feeling. You're fighting so hard to protect an identity that doesn't even really 'exist'. You think that if you can just ignore it long enough that it'll just go away. It won't. Trust me. It'll always be there, keeping you matter what you do. Until you finally give in and embrace it." I looked closer into his eyes. "Or until you die. Whichever one comes first." He almost lost his courage, and he started to walk away, but I stepped in front of him. "What's wrong, Peter? You're trembling." I inhaled his scent again. "Your temperature is rising. In some places other than others." I took a hole of his wrist. The hand holding his cup of drink. "You bite your nails, I see. Frequently. Hungrily. You know what they say that means?" He shook his head. "It's a sign of both an oral fixation, and sexual frustration." I felt his fingers and the bottom of his palm. "But your skin is so soft. You feel that? Chronic use of lotion, oil, or Vaseline. I'm willing to bet it's softer than the other hand. Shall we check?"

He snatched his hand back from me, an almost violent reaction to being discovered in such a bold way. But I didn't back up. Not even an inch. My mouth watered for him, and I wanted my treat.

"You know what I think?" I said. "I think that may we should both step outside and cool off in the night air. Just the two of us. Just for a little while. Maybe, see what happens." I saw him becoming so weak in front of me. Pathetic. "You know...homophobes don't despise propositions from gay boys like us because they're afraid they'll hate the experience. They despise our propositions because they're terrified that they're gonna like it more than they bargained for. The more hostile they are, the more threatened their masculinity is. They're not all as successful in 'admitting and hiding' as you are. They're more the 'reject and deny' type."

I saw him looking down at his little paper cup, now empty, and no longer a sufficient distraction from our conversation. He was stalling. Searching his heart for excuses. And the calling urged me to finalize this deal.

"Alright, seem to be having some problems understanding my offer, so let me make this perfectly clear for you so that there are no further misunderstandings." I told him. "There are plenty of other boys at this party who won't say no. Some of them a lot hotter than you, but don't want it half as bad. I've already wasted more time on you than I should have tonight. Nobody will be missing out, other than you." He was crumbling fast. I could tell. "Don't fool yourself into thinking that you're special to me. I'm not asking you to take me to your senior prom. I like what I see. I think you're hot. I want to take you some place private, away from prying eyes...I wanna suck you hard, and swallow your tasty seed. When I'm done, I'll wipe my mouth, walk away, and you can have your delusion back. End of story." I let one of my fingers reach out and lightly trace a line past his navel and down to his belt buckle. "I'm going to go outside and get some fresh air. If you want to join know where to find me. But don't take too long. You'll hurt my feelings, and I'll have to find myself another lucky boy to 'comfort' me in your absence. You have five minutes."

I didn't say anything else. Nor did I look back at him as I walked out of the barn door. There was no guessing as to how this was going to turn out. Not anymore. Let him wrestle with it for a bit longer, but he'll follow me anywhere I lead him. It was quite possibly the most entertaining game that I've ever played. Toying with his sexuality...causing a rift between his thoughts and his emotions. I can see why Cyrus enjoys it so much.

The darkness and muffled music was a welcome sensation. A change from the bright lights and constant noise going on inside. Of course, there were plenty of teens walking around outside as well, but there were much larger pockets of silence...blackness...places where the overpowering night had held its station. I walked behind the shadow of a large stack of boxes, and leaned back against them, looking up at the stars above. Feeling the night air cool my cheeks and blow gently through my hair.

I heard some boys giggling in the distance. They were standing by a few Amish girls, giving them a bit of a thrill by lighting off a few small fireworks and tossing them down at their feet. The girls jumped and screamed with laughter as the popping and cracking of tiny explosives danced around them. The boys got a hell of a kick out of it...but....

...But....there was something....something about those fireworks....

"Don't take off until you see the first firework go off. If you run too early, they'll know something's up. Got it?"

Who was it that said that to me? My mind gave me a few brief flashes, a few aural hallucinations...but nothing that I could really place. It was a girl...yes, I remember now. It was a girl on a beach somewhere. It night....

"Hi, I'm Dallas."

The boy. I remember the boy...

I felt a fog lifting inside of me. Bringing 'something' to the surface. Almost like strong desert winds uncovering a treasure buried beneath a sand dune. It was becoming more and more clear by the second, and before I even fully recalled the emotions were immediately activated. And a moment of pure hysteria washed over me.

"Remember to wait for the music, k? Then run your ASS off!!!" Was what she said. I shut my eyes, and tried to shake myself free of the images, but as the boys in the road set off another round of fireworks, I clearly remembered being scared. Terrified! I remembered bolting up that mountain as fast as humanly possible. I remembered....the woods...and the panic...and this gigantic creature galloping behind me. Breaking branches. I was too scared to look behind me. I just...I knew that it would kill me if it caught me. And it was moving sooooo fast! I was running. I needed to getaway.

I STILL need to get away! What am I doing here? Where am I? This is wrong. I...I have to go home! I have to...get back to the camp. CAMP! Yes, Kyla...Nick, Casey, Mom and Dad...Freddie...I...I'm starting to remember. Oh my God, what have I done? What have I been doing? How long has it been since...

But the sane moment left me. It became drowned out by the calling's indulgent command. Now that I had given it some control and enjoyed its rewards, my true nature felt as though it was now weighted down even more. Being pulled faster and faster into a dark place where its cries could no longer be heard. I sank deeper, and was confused to find a single tear rolling down my cheek.

Peculiar. Don't know where that came from.

I heard a noise behind me, and saw my Precious Peter finally walking outside, giving into his desires...and to mine.

He didn't see me standing in the shadows, so I slowly emerged into the light with an evil grin. "So glad you came to your senses." He was startled at first, but aroused. Already a growing hardness could be seen in the front of his jeans. He's sure to be a quick one, I can tell. "Come. Follow me." I walked away from the entrance and further back into the shadows where we wouldn't be disturbed. He hesitated, but followed nonetheless. Enter the dark with me, sweet Peter...I have such wonderful things to show you.

The moment we were back far enough and sufficiently hidden, I turned and took Pete by the hand. Then, without much warning, I moved forward to kiss him hungrily on the lips. He made a face and turned away from me in shock. I held his wrist and kissed him again, but he moved back until his shoulders were pressed up against the side of the barn. " kissing. I'm not...I don't wanna kiss." Foolish. Still trying to hold on to what's left of his masculinity. I can't have that. It ruins half the fun.

"Kiss me, Peter. Or the deal's off."

"I don't...I'm not really..."

"You can LIE to yourself, and you can LIE to me, and go home even more sexually frustrated than you were before...or you can spend a few honest minutes, getting a slow, wet, blow job from a boy that you know you'd kill for. So what's it gonna be? Hmmm?" I reached out and lustfully groped his package. "Mmmm...I want it. Don't tease. Hehehe..." I kissed the side of his neck, feeling goose bumps appear as he, once again, began to submit.

"Ok, but...just....just for 15 seconds or something." He said, his voice trembling.

"No deal."

"Fine...look, just for one minute. Ok?"

"No deal." I smiled, now sucking on his neck and rubbing his stomach under his shirt. "I'm going to kiss your lips until I'm ready to stop. And once I feel satisfied, I'll get down to the main event. Understand?" I smiled and rubbed my nose against his. "Come on, Pete...kiss me. Let go. I know you've been waiting for this. Why ruin it?" I could have waited for his consent, but he would only be stalling the inevitable. I leaned in and kissed his lips deeply while he wined from the sensation. I was sensually destroying him, and I loved every breath taking SECOND of it. He squirmed, nearly disgusted, soooo afraid of what he was feeling. But it wasn't enough for me. I wanted it to 'hurt' him to give up the facade so quickly. I wanted him to lose himself. Shatter his reality and pull him down to depths he never thought he'd go. Give it to me, Peter. This is what I came for.

I increased his distress by shoving my tongue in his mouth. So deep. He resisted at first, but I began to grind my body on his, breaking down his walls, one by one. Breathing hard, making him feel it. Making him want it. I took advantage of his every weakness and split his entire life into two categories. Before this kiss...and after.

I waited until he could barely take it anymore. Until every 'wrong' feeling and frightened emotion was revealed to me. And then...I disconnected, and I smiled at his awestruck expression. "Now that wasn't so hard, was it?" He shook his head, using the back of his hand to wipe his mouth. I reached out my hand to grope him once again. "THIS, on the other hand...this is very hard, indeed. Why don't you let me take care of it for you?"

Peter's body began to shake, his breath was short and uneven, his bottom lip quivered when I unzipped his pants and reached my hand inside. "Uhhh....oh geez...mmm...." He let his whispers slip by mistake. He couldn't help it.

"Therrrrrre you are." I said, reaching into his boxers and taking hold of the long, warm, tube. He was bigger than expected. I was impressed. I stroked it a few times while kissing Peter on his neck. He was gasping for air at this point, and his hands spread out slightly to put his palms against the side of the barn and hold on. Almost as if he was afraid that he'd simply float away if he didn't. Another slow stroke, and his leaking tip left a cool trail of nectar on my wrist. The smell of his sex was exhilarating. I could lick the arousal right off the nape of his neck, and it tasted sweet as candy. "Ok,'s show time." I whispered, and sank slowly down to my knees.

I pulled it out through his zipper, and just felt it pulse and spasm in my hand for a few moments. His pheromone release was completely off the charts. There was no way he could hide it from me. He had his eyes clenched shut...waiting for his first male on male contact. No...not yet. I want him to look. I want to see me.

"You're shivering again. It's cute." I said, just holding it and nothing else. And when he opened one eye to see what the hold up was I smiled, and gave his anxious head a long and lustful lick. Pressing the whole flat of my tongue just under the sensitive ridge of his well sculpted helmet. He instantly hissed out loud through his teeth, his body lurching forward against his will. And it was then that I gave his manhood another stroke or two, and then took it all in one gulp. I got it sooo wet that I'm sure he felt as though he'd slip right off the edge of the Earth. He held tighter to the wall, and I began to move my head back and forth, slithering my tongue all around him while he tried his best not to whimper out loud. It only made me increase my efforts. Give in to me, Peter. Give in to me.

I reached into his pants and pulled his balls out as well, gently tickling the hairs that I found there...stroking them more. Cupping them. Rolling them. Giving them all the proper attention as my suction nearly made Peter collapse at the knees. He was trying to stay so silent, so I brought more shame to him by making loud slurps and sucking noises to further inspire his paranoia about getting caught. I moaned loudly and silently dared him to ask me to stop. Then...I pulled off and began to apply my smooth lush lips to his suck. I was the one on my knees servicing him...but there was no mistake to be made. *I* was the one in control.

At that moment, some boys and girls came bursting out of the door and stumbled with a drunken sway in our direction.

"FUCK!!!" Pete said in a shouted whisper, and yanked his hardness away from me, turning in the other direction and hurrying to retreat into the shadows before anyone saw him. I quickly got up and followed behind him, giggling at the idea of nearly getting caught with my mouth full. He was sooooo scared! If only everyone could have seen how scared he was.

We both hurried around to the back of the barn and waited there as the other teens walked right past us. I doubt they noticed us. I doubt they'd even care if they did. They were pretty far gone and laughing themselves silly. Still, I could hear Peter's heart beating hard enough to even drown out the music coming from the party. You would have thought he had seen the devil in the flesh. Who knows? Maybe he has. Flattering.

"Jesus....Jesus..." He huffed and puffed, practically ready to 'wet' himself over it. He was still hanging out of his pants, almost completely limp now. I suppose I'd thing twice too about zipping up too fast in that situation. He wouldn't want that fine piece of meat getting itself a new cut, now would he?

"Hehehe, you know, actually that was pretty close, wasn't it?"

"This is wrong...this is...I'm going back inside."

I pushed him lightly back against the wall, and kissed him again. "Awww, loosen up, sweetheart. We're just getting started." And before he knew what was going on, I had dropped to my knees again and began working him back to full hardness. He was amazed. Frightened, but completely blown away. He stared with eyes wide open as I doubled my efforts. He tasted soooo good to me. But it wasn't about the physical at. No. It was about tearing away his mask. Leaving him as 'wild' as I was. No more restraint. No more games. No more clever self-told lies to avoid the issue. He HAD to surrender now. He was officially my bitch, and I'll be a part of his life forever. That alone, was yummier than anything else he could ever offer me.

He moaned louder now, and my tongue curled its way around his shaft in ways that nearly brought tears to his eyes. His knees dipped, he was so weak now. It was then that I undid his belt, and unbuttoned his pants. His hands tried to stop me, but I sank lower on his shaft and took him into my throat, pressing my lips against the base, and inhaling the heated arousal that his pubic hairs contained. He was unable to stop me, and held onto my head for support. He gripped my hair tightly and began to move his hips as I pulled his pants down to his ankles. I came back up, and stopped sucking only long enough for his boxers to follow. He blushed a deep shade of red, but that was just what I wanted. I wanted him to feel completely exposed. Unsafe. Dirty. Humiliated. He had to be mine tonight. All mine. I wanted to possess him body and soul. He needed to be quickly trained to obey my commands. Nothing less would suffice. Seeing him tremble helplessly in my arms was almost enough to make me explode without even touching myself.

He looked away from me, but I stared at him regardless. All it took was a certain increase in my vacuum, or a certain wiggle of the tongue, to get his stomach to tighten and his legs to quake. Manipulating him was easy. So very easy. I could have been any pretty young female kneeling before him right now. I'm sure they would have loved to have what I'm having right now. And physically..the thrill of being sucked this way could have been the same. But in his mind...he knew it was a BOY that was giving him this pleasure. Mentally...emotionally...he knew that some younger blond boy had his soft pink lips wrapped around his hardness, waiting for his oncoming explosion...and that realization made it more incredible, more sexually exciting, than anything that he had ever experienced before. To feel and taste his triggered something in me. Something deep. I could feel my joints begin to lubricate themselves, and my senses go wild. There was a beast in me...and if I wasn't careful...he was going to show himself without my consent.

I sucked him ravenously, until he had to hold his breath just to keep from shouting out loud. He could barely stand. His surrender made the 'change' in me even worse. was a magical feeling. The wolf in me was trying sooo hard to remain tame. I hummed and slurped and crushed his ample ass cheeks with both hands. Then...I looked up at Peter with a smile. My eyes beginning to glow a bright yellow color. It must have spooked him, because he gasped at the sight of it. But I wouldn't let him go. No. Not now. With a wicked urge...I felt my teeth growing slightly sharper...and I lightly raked them across the top of his shaft, 'plucking' him on the ridge of his circumcised tip and making him yelp with a twitch of pain. Then I took him back in and played over the sore spot with my tongue. Mmmmm, sooo good. So deliciously owned.

I introduced him to even more of a conflicted perversion by running my finger over his tightly clenched hole. And I entered him...dry...confusing his hormones by playing his pain against his pleasure in a game of emotional chess. He could have tried to stop me...but his lust wouldn't let him. He took it. He took the whole deeply as it could sink into him before hitting the knuckle. An act that may shame him once this is over. But for now...his mind was blank. Only the approaching orgasm mattered to him now. Nothing else. Imagine if all life could be lived in the same way as this one eternal moment. Imagine.

He held back a desperate squeal. His tight, virgin hole clamped up around my finger tight enough to cut off the circulation, and with a whimper and a whine, he rolled up onto the balls of his feet...and finally found his release.

A virtual flood of excited orgasmic bliss filled my mouth to capacity, and I swallowed as much of it as I could while the heated rod jumped wildly in between my hungry lips. He twitched and jerked above me...not knowing how to handle the intense climax, not knowing where to put his hands, unable to hold back cries of unfathomable passion. When I was finished with him...he was a total wreck. It was as if I had swallowed his very soul. And he would never again have another experience like the one I just gave him. Not ever.

Peter was bent over, with his hands on his knees, trying to catch his breath...when we both heard a voice from beside us. "Nice one, fellas!" We turned to see Razor standing there in the darkness. He lit a match, and his face was illuminated with a great big cocky smile. "So...which one of us gets next?" Standing behind him was the entire pack. The whole group. And as Peter went completely white with fear, they all began to cheer loud enough to echo off of the barn walls. Applauding and whistling as tears of embarrassment came to Peter's eyes. He was standing there completely naked from the waist down, my finger still lodged deeply inside of his snug anal ring. And he suddenly pulled away from me, yanking his pants up and running away as fast as he could to get lost in the night. He nearly fell twice, high tailing it out of there.

It might have been cruel, but there was a growing wickedness in me that embraced the cruelty. An elitist feeling of watching these puppets get what they deserve for not reaching their higher potential. If they're going to act like sheep..then they should be treated as such. It's a wolves' world. Get used to it.

"Think of me on your way back to the closet!" I shouted out, and was rewarded with a roar of laughter from the others. I doubt that boy had ever run so fast in his life. But'll be a jerk off fantasy that he can keep with him the rest of his days on this Earth. Guaranteed.

"I'll be damned, Wesley. What the hell did you do to him?" Kriegar chuckled. "We've got ourselves a 'natural' on our hands."

Sebastian gave me a slight smile...nothing more. I think he still suspects my loyalties, but for now, I guess I could interpret the expression on his face as one of pride. John Boy, on the other hand, was much more open with his appreciation, and gave me a nod, with the biggest boyish grin I had ever seen.

The twins both patted me on the back as I rejoined my beloved family, and this time...when I approached Cyrus, Scout and Kristin actually stepped aside to allow me free passage. Cyrus gave me a wink. "Feels good, doesn't it? Breaking them down."

"Indeed, it does." I grinned back.

"Nice choice. He looked...tasty."

"He was. But don't take my word for it, Father. Taste for yourself." I stepped closer, and I placed my hands on Father's hips as I tongue kissed him deeply, hoping that some of Peter's flavor still lingered on the surface of my tongue. Cyrus roughly grabbed both of my ass cheeks and nearly lifted me up onto my toes as he hungrily retuned my kiss. There was nothing romantic about it. It was lewd and it was carnal and it was oh so REAL!

We broke the kiss and smiled at one another. "You're right, Wesley. Very tasty indeed." Cyrus said, and without taking his eyes off of me, he told the others, "Well gentlemen...and seems that our young pal, Wesley, is beginning to see the possibilities here." Then he added, "We're leaving. The sooner we get Wesley to the next level, the better."

"Amen to that!" The twins said in unison.

"Yes! It's been FOREVER!" Kriegar agreed!

"I believe you found us a ride home tonight as I requested earlier?" Cyrus asked, and I nodded.

I turned to Dex, who was the only one not grinning out of the group. In fact...he seemed to be spacing out completely, hardly paying attention to the rest of us at all. "Dex?" He didn't answer. So I asked more forcefully. "Dexter..." He blinked a few times, and then he just walked over and gave me the sweetest hug around the neck. For no reason at all. I giggled a bit and kissed the top of his blond curls as he snuggled in close. "There is a boy inside at the party, his name is Isaac Montrager. I believe you know the scent. I know you were watching." Dex nodded slowly. "Good. I want you to find him and tell him that we're ready to go."

Dex nodded again, and instantly let me go to go do as I asked. But he was only a few footsteps away before Cyrus calmly stopped him. "Dexter?" I watched him stop in mid step, and turn to look at the two of us standing before him. Cyrus moved forward and put a hand on the back of Dex's neck. A bit of a rough touch at first, but then Cyrus kissed his cheek, and stood behind him with both of his elbows on Dex's shoulders. "Wesley...why don't you be a good boy and go fetch Mr. Montrager yourself. It makes for a more personal approach, don't you think? The rest of us will be waiting here when you get back."

There was a moment of hesitation, but I saw the rest of the pack staring me down...still smiling...but the mood had somehow changed. Perhaps I was crossing a line that I didn't know existed. Who knows? One thing was for sure, though...

...I was glad to be going 'home'. Home with my family. My brethren. Soon, Father will teach me more. And I will be ready to learn it all.

Madness...who knew 'losing it' could be so sexy?

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