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The emotional release was beyond words. For the first time in my young life...everything about me seemed to 'fit'. My fears vanished into thin air, and my every other desire suddenly fell into place like magic. I felt magnificent. I was magnificent.

Walking back into that barn, surrounded by shouting, dancing, drunken, teenagers...I felt as though I was a completely different species from them after my conquest of Peter outside. A lion walking through a scattered field of rabbits. Looking down on them as they operated beneath me. Not to feel superior, as that was already a given...but to be so far beyond them that I barely found a need to notice them at all. Did I say rabbits? More like rats. Maybe even ants. They seem to be shrinking with every breath I take.

Such a sight...all of this supposed chaos. As much as these other teens tried to match my level of wickedness and debauchery...I knew that they were just 'pretending' to be wild. They had no idea what it was like to truly lose all control. How it felt...to simply take your foot off of the brakes and feel yourself gliding towards a proverbial brick wall without fearing the impact. That's power. That's true freedom. And they've never even tasted it. Not once.

I could still taste Peter's seed on the surface of my tongue. It was delicious in the most lustful way imaginable. If Father and the others were not waiting for me outside, I might have tried to get two or three more boys from this party before the night was over. Looking around the room, I could already see a few other targets that I wouldn't mind bending to my will. It wasn't even a matter of seduction. I wanted it, and no one in here was strong enough to deny me. What a liberating sensation.

It was easy to pick out Isaac Montrager's scent in the crowd. Even with all of the alcohol and sweat and smoke around me in the barn...I could pick him out, clear as day. It was more than just a personal fragrance. It was a 'taste'. An inner vision. Tracking him with all of my senses combined into one...I could practically feel him moving. I was guided forward with a confident lock on his location, and I didn't stop until I saw a familiar face standing in front of me.

"Looking for somethin', are we, mate?" Julien was just too physically pretty to seem the least bit intimidating. He stood in front of me, with Tundra and Evangeline on either side of him. His Aussie accent added such a random touch of grace to his voice. "I don't seem to remember Father giving you permission to leave here with any parting gifts for the evening."

"I'm not." I told him, but Julien stepped closer.

"No, ay? Well then what is it you're looking for? You mind telling me?"

"I'm looking for a friend of mine. We're leaving."

"Don't remember Father giving you permission to leave either." He turned to the ladies beside him. "You girls remember Daddy Evren saying that they could just jet off without saying goodbye?" They both shook their heads slowly, but never once took their eyes off of me. "Well, looka that. If THEY don't remember it, and I don't remember it...then it must be the drink messing with your noggin. I think maybe you should run back to your little boy scout troop and piss off before Evren decides that you've insulted his hospitality for the last time this evening."

Feeling the frustration rise up within me, I simply followed Cyrus' order, and kept quiet to keep the peace. Instead, I rolled my eyes and simply tried to walk around them. That's when Julien stepped in front of me again...this time putting his hand on my chest to push me back.

"Perhaps you didn't hear me, friend." He said, staring me down with a mild glow in his eyes. "Once you're out...you're out. Go home. Jack it off. Come back when you've been properly invited. You're way out of bounds."

"You wanna take your hand off of me?"

"Or...?" He asked, the three of them holding their positions in front of me.

I moved so close to Julien that our noses were almost touching. And without so much as a blink, I said, "You really don't want me to go back and get my friends. Do you? Something tells me that Cyrus isn't the kind of guy to 'ask permission' for much of anything. Especially from the likes of you. Come to think of it....neither am I. So do you wanna get the fuck out of my way, or do you need 'help'?"

He smiled at me, and the girls at his side seemed to be tensing up slightly, all three of them preparing to tear me to pieces the second I made a move. But it was then that a calm, but demanding, voice rained down on us from the loft up above. "Julien. Stand down." I looked up to see Evren standing at the railing, with his boy protector, Luke, clinging dutifully to his side. His arms wrapped around Evren's waist like a boy hugging his teddy bear. "What is it that you need from here, new breed?" He asked me.

It was almost insulting, having to answer to him at all. But something about Evren's piercing blue eyes, staring down at me with this unapologetic sense of power...it made me humble myself long enough to speak up.

"I'm looking for a boy that I met here earlier. He has a truck. I'm taking him home with us for the night." I didn't phrase it as a question or a request. It was more like a plan of action. But Evren's gaze still held its potency. It was a strength that was transmitted in his very presence, and his silence made me uneasy. My courage in front of him began to shrink slightly, and I found myself instinctually averting my eyes from his.

There was a pause where he contemplated the idea. Then he spoke to his pack. "Let him pass. He can take what he wants. He'll have no further issues from us tonight." Then he looked back at me, "You'd do well to remember what I said, young Wesley. About the others. They're not your friends. They are not to be trusted. Keep that in mind....or chances are..you'll end up like the ones who came before you."

I didn't answer at all. But I didn't take the strike against Father as a cause to disrupt the peace. Instead, I saw Julien pucker up his full lips and playfully blow me a kiss as he stepped aside, Evangeline and Tundra doing the same. They stared at me as I walked between them, but I didn't pay them any mind. Isaac was my focus now, not them. And yet, despite the temporary truce...I just knew the others were still watching. I could smell them following me every step of the way, hidden or not.

No matter. I've been given free passage. They won't get out of line. I guarantee it. It doesn't take much to see that Evren runs a tight ship amongst his brethren. So they're hardly anything to worry about. I must admit though...I felt suddenly 'crowed' by the others. It was a strange urge, but I suddenly felt the need to mar this territory for my own. Create my own party. Make my own rules. Even from a distance..it felt as though they were intruding on my personal space. It made me uncomfortable. Even worse...it made me somewhat angry.

The less time I spend in here the better. It doesn't feel right anymore.

I followed the scent deeper into the party, finding it strongest along the outer rim of the dance floor. Isaac wouldn't be much of a dancer. Not a part of his personality. But he was somewhere close. Definitely. I really liked this enhanced sense of mine. I couldn't even really link it with the other five senses....this was something else. More direct. More selective. I could easily separate one tracking scent from another....able to zero in on Isaac specifically, no matter what other aromas were dominating the room at the time. It was as if I was looking through a small telescope lens...blocking out the rest of the party to zoom in on the one part of the room that I wanted to see. And within the next few minutes, I zoomed in on him.

Isaac was playing the wallflower again. Leaning up against one of the back walls of the barn, sipping some weak beer from a plastic cup and trying to maintain the appearance that he was a part of the festivities. It was sorta cute in a 'lost puppy' kinda way. I couldn't help but to smile. There was a certain boyish charm to it. Something so fragile. Something that I could easily take from him if I decided I wanted to.

I stood motionless for a few moments, and waited for his wandering eye to find me amongst the other partying teens. It didn't take long. I suppose my beauty was easily visible to him...even in this craziness. He instantly straightened up, and I beckoned him to come over to join me. I found pleasure in his awkwardness. The discomfort he felt, having to leave his safety zone in the corner and cross the room to spend more time with me. The brazen ego of it all. It was refreshing.

"Um...hey." He said. "I didn't think you were coming back. Not that...I mean...that would have been ok, if you just..." I didn't let him finish. Instead, I grabbed the back of his head, and I kissed him deeply on the lips. Tongue and all. It could have been a quick kiss, but I held onto it for longer. I held the kiss until the shame of kissing another boy in front of sooooo many people began to cause some serious turbulence in his psyche. He began to squirm a little bit, even though he enjoyed it with his whole heart...and it was only then that I let him go. If only I could have saved a picture of the look on his face. Priceless. "I....whoah....I uhhh..."

"Quiet." I told him. "My friends and I are ready to leave."

"Leave? Oh...ok..." He couldn't hide the disappointment in his voice if he tried.

"I want to take you with us, Isaac. I want you to come home with me tonight. I'm keeping my word." I looked so deeply into his eyes that he was almost hypnotized by my stare. "You DO want to come home with me...right, Isaac?"

He was struck still during a moment of total disbelief, but then he nodded eagerly and said, "Yeah! I...sure! I'd love to..."

"Good. Come on. My friends are waiting." I took a hold of his hand, and I quickly led him towards the door with hardly any resistance from him whatsoever. I could feel his heartbeat gently thumping in his fingertips. Such a sweet rhythm. It sped up so much after I kissed him. He was excited, but trying to contain himself. A barrier that I couldn't wait to break down as he moaned my name later. Already I was anxious for a taste of him. I couldn't really explain it, but suddenly my most animalistic urges had been intensified a hundred times over. The deeper I sank into my calling, the more indulgent I became. The less I cared about any form of consequences. Target. Engage. Consume. It was that simple. I had always fantasized about cute boys before...but it was never like this. I never wanted to just devour someone, body and soul, like this. My lust was growing to insatiable levels...and I didn't want it to stop. My God....what is this new life doing to me?

I led Isaac outside, the cool air blessing us both with an icy breeze. But his gentle smile faded a bit as I brought him over to meet the rest of the pack. I felt a little 'pull' back on my hand, and he stopped following me as easily as before. "What's the matter? What's wrong?"

"These...um....these are you friends?" He asked.

"This is my family." I told him. "Is that alright?"

"It's just that...there's a lot of them..." He said softly. Awwww, he could be so cute when he wanted to be. As if Cyrus couldn't hear him from across the yard anyway.

"They won't be any trouble. We're all going to the same place. You said you had a truck, right? We'll fit won't we?" I tenderly slipped my finger into the waistband of his pants, just behind his belt buckle, and pulled him close until his semi hard inches bumped mine.

Nervously, he stuttered, "I...I guess so, but..."

"Good. Then come on. I want you to meet them. The sooner the better. Then we can get out of here and continue this little party some place a little more private." I smiled as I kissed him on the cheek, and then continued forward, dragging him along by the hand. He had no choice but to follow. His will was my will at this point. The promise of what I was offering was too much for him to walk away from. He was already mine. "Guys? This is Isaac Montrager. Isaac, these are my friends."

I remember the way that Scout instantly moved to stand in front of Cyrus the second that he saw an unfamiliar face in our midst. I also remember Shank and Razor moving swiftly to either side of our group...sniffing him out. Examining him for weaknesses. Assessing the threat. And neither one of them ever lost their normal 'appearance' while doing so.

I never saw them move. They could be so invisible in their movements. So unbelievably fast. It was an uncanny experience...to constantly see them randomly appear where they needed to be, time and time again. I hope I learn how to move like that someday.

Then again...as our protectors...our first line of defense against any and all outside attackers...I suppose that's their job. Their only priority. Why wouldn't they be good at it?

Sebastian still seemed rather suspicious of me and my intentions, but calmly allowed the introductions to take place. Even Dex, with all of his psychotic, overprotective, tendencies, kept his place and didn't make trouble. Cyrus, however, kept a stillness about him behind the others that almost came off as rude, but not quite. As the rest moved forward to fake an interest and introduce themselves...Cyrus remained at his post. Far away from any sudden actions that might come from this unknown entity. He was the last to see Isaac face to face.

"Hey....." Isaac said bashfully. He was already blushing hard from meeting the pack, but Cyrus seemed more menacing to him than the rest. It was cute in a way. He wasn't the most social person in the world, nor did he need to be. Something about him was beautiful regardless of his personal expression of it.

Cyrus was slow to shake his hand...glaring at him in a way that invaded his personal sense of security. I could tell that Isaac instantly felt uncomfortable. His knees became weak, and he was helpless to turn away from Cyrus' controlling aura. But Cyrus only smiled at him in response. "So this is our ride home for the evening? Very nice. It's an honor. Isaac, is it?"

"Y-y-yeah....." He answered, looking away. He was completely unprepared for a group this size, but he kept his grace. "My truck is...it's this way..."

"After you." Cyrus grinned, and we followed him to a large, black, pick up truck that was parked with a bunch of other cars in a field. It looked almost brand new, with a shine to it that let us know that it had recently been washed.

Isaac attempted to fake a certain level of comfort by talking to us, but we could hear the nervous heartbeat in his chest. Sensing fear was easy. Even for me. "My father said I could buy a truck as soon as I earned the money. I couldn't wait. It's so much faster than a carriage." He smiled, and I smiled back at him. "I think there's room enough. The front cab can hold up to four people if we squeeze in."

Cyrus turned to the rest and told them, "Why don't you all sit in the back and enjoy the night air. Wesley and I would very much like to get to know Isaac a little better." They made no fuss about it. They simply started climbing into the back. All except for Dexter, who came to give me a hug around the waist. He could be such a tender boy. Surprising for one who was supposedly so dangerous. Except for a few moments of 'weirdness', I didn't see little Dex as being any kind of trouble at all. Perhaps his reputation was a bit more exaggerated than I thought.

I gave Dex a squeeze, his slim shoulders being smooshed in my embrace, and I gave him a loving kiss on the top of his mop of blond curls before letting him go and sending him to the back of the truck with the others. Cyrus opened the passenger side door for me, and just before getting in...I noticed Sebastian watching me with angry eyes. Still skeptical about my allegiance. I know he's more sensitive to our union than the others...perhaps he can still detect a part of me that is trying to hold on. A part of me that is waiting for it's opportunity to come back to the surface so I can think clearly. I was going to have to be extra careful with him. Being submerged in the calling was a necessity where he was involved. One mix up...and I'm sure he'd come for me. There was no doubt in my mind.

"Wesley?" Cyrus snapped me out of my trance, and I took one last look at Sebastian's unwavering stare before getting into the truck. Go deeper, Wesley. Evren said to let the calling take you over completely. Not just half way. It's the only way to hide.

As Cyrus slid in next to me and closed the door, I felt the fog in my head thicken considerably. Sinking deeper still, and erasing the thoughts and feelings that I had entertained just seconds ago. A moment of weakness. A moment away from my pack. Ridiculous. It won't happen again.

Cyrus made sure that I was sitting between them on the long front seat of the truck. I didn't know why at first, but he made sure to nudge me closer to Isaac, where my attraction latched onto him with even more pull than before. Once the doors were closed and everyone else was seated in the back, Isaac started up the engine and we were on our way, the bright moon following behind us as though it had a mind of its own. But as I looked back at the farmland behind us...I noticed the silhouettes of Evren and his pack staring at us from their wide open space, the upstairs loft. Even from a distance, his eyes managed to penetrate with their glow. Somehow, I just can't imagine Evren and Cyrus being brethren. Not because they were so different...but because they were so much alike. So strong. So uncompromising. I'd think that any union with the both of them in the same pack would be a frightening experience. Perhaps that's why it didn't work out for them. After all...who could control either one of them, much less both. I wonder what caused Cyrus to choose me specifically to try the double alpha concept all over again. What is it about me that makes me strong enough....or weak enough...to make that possible. Maybe I can get John Boy to tell me more about it later. Curiosity kills.

As we traveled along the darkened road, Isaac took notice of the rambunctious nature of our family, as Dexter and Kriegar tussled about in the back of his truck, the laughter and cheers of the others egging them on. It was more than he expected, but he didn't say a word. Just took a timid glance or two and then went back to watching the road ahead of us.

I felt myself being wildly attracted to him in a way that made me squirm anxiously in my seat. Something about his innocence...his shyness around me...his emotional captivity...Mmmm, GOD! It was causing my libido to boil out of control. Home never felt so far away. I wanted to violate him in the most primal ways. Mmmmm...just the scent of him was driving me mad in such close proximity.

"So...how far are you going?" Isaac asked. The tremble in his youthful voice was absolutely delicious to me.

"How far are you willing to take us?" I answered breathlessly. "Hopefully you'll go all the way..."

He gave me a gentle smirk and said, "Well...I may need to stop and get some gas or something. If...if it's a long way away or...anything...."

I couldn't take my eyes off of him. I hungered for him. Aroused by the softness of his blemish free skin...the sweet, pinkish, shade of his thin lips...the sparkle of purity in his fawn like, light brown, eyes. My sexual drive was escalating fast, and I didn't know why. It was like I couldn't control myself. Maybe this is what Julien was talking to me about earlier. The lust getting to be so insatiable, so extreme, that I'd become a total SLAVE to the indulgence of it once I got a taste. God, how was I ever going to make it home without having him in my mouth? How?

"We'll be happy to provide you with some money for gas." Cyrus said calmly, taking a hold of my hand. "It's the least we can do to repay you for the ride." He must have noticed my animalistic feelings reaching a point of sexual fever, because he squeezed my hand tightly and attempted to settle my passions into something a bit more manageable by lightly stroking the back of my knuckles.

At that moment, there was a loud thud behind us, and we looked back to see the others screwing around some more, and Kriegar peeing off the back of the truck into the street. Isaac grinned bashfully. "They...seem to be having an awfully good time."

Cyrus' grin got wider. "We do have our moments. What about you, Mr. Montrager? Are you having a good time. A really good time?"

"Me? Yeah. Sure."

I looked at the long slender fingers gripping the steering wheel. Suckable fingers. I wanted to taste them. Draw them into my mouth and run my tongue all over them until they were soaking wet. Then watch him finger himself slowly while I lick him from head to toe. Drive faster, Isaac. Drive faster.

Cyrus asked him, "So....Rumspringa? How long has it been for you? You still seem rather new to all of this...'life'."

"Oh...I've been away from church for...about 6 months. Maybe a little bit more."

"Do you have family at home?"

"Yes. I have four brothers and two sisters. All younger. Sometimes I miss them so very much."

My eyes focused on his thighs. Slender thighs, meeting at such a delicious point. Was he as hard as I was. I was only moments away from opening my pants and stroking myself right in front of them both. What's to stop me from leaning over and taking him into my warm, wet, mouth? Nothing. Nothing is stopping me. I wiggled again, trying to find comfort as the tent in my jeans grew to full hardness.

"You're not supposed to be missing your family, Isaac..." Cyrus told him. "You're supposed to be getting all of this awful wickedness out of your system. Experiencing all of the vile temptation that the Devil has to offer before leaving the world behind for good. Am I right?"

Isaac peeked over briefly, but turned back to the road. Despite his welcoming grin, Cyrus had a threatening intellect that managed to easily show itself...even through such a deceptively angelic appearance. He held Satan's hellfire behind those bright eyes. There was no hiding that.

Isaac replied with, "To a degree, yes. We get to choose. But we're supposed to do so after experiencing the secular world first."

"And if you choose not to go back home and become a full blown Amish church boy?" Cyrus asked.

"Then...I cannot return."

"You'd be shunned by your own family. Your whole community. Forever. Go ahead, Isaac...you can say it." Isaac gave me a slight look, then guided his eyes back to Cyrus and nodded. "Tsk tsk...doesn't seem like much of a choice to me."

"My family is concerned about me. They want my soul to remain pure so that I can stay with them one day in the afterlife."

"And is that how you remain pure?" Cyrus asked, mischievously pushing forward. "Is that how you define your morality? By how effectively you can regulate your impulses? How well you can sacrifice your worldly pleasures and ignore your own animalistic nature?"

Isaac told him, "Morality is our nature. We were told the we should love not the world nor the things in the world. For they are all distractions from the will of God."

"Morality is a joke, Mr. Montrager. I'm sure that on some deep level you realize that." Cyrus smirked.

I could almost feel the sensual heat coming off of Isaac's body. Every bit of exposed flesh that I could see only made me crave harder for the flesh that I couldn't. My thoughts were going from mere kisses and passionate licks...to a lewd and lustful sucking of any spot that I could latch on to. Then nibbles. Then...full blown bites. It was, by far, one of the most psychotic urges that I've ever experienced before. It made my gums itch...wanting to literally bite into him until my teeth broke the skin, and his heated blood filled my mouth. The flesh was so sweet. So tender. It would melt in my mouth. I could chew the soft texture like the warm dough of half-baked bread. My eyes glared at him...and a small drop of perspiration slid down my forehead, as a bit of my inner fever returned with a vengeance.

"I don't....I don't understand..." Isaac seemed slightly confused, but not really offended. If he had been, I would have been able to smell it on him. That scent. My God, the mouthwatering scent. I wanted to reach over and touch him. But I was afraid if I did, that I wouldn't be able to stop. I had to have him. What's wrong with me. I was practically panting at this point. "Everyone wants to be good people."

Cyrus grinned. "Of course they do. But who dictates what's 'good' and what isn't? What phantom judges are you performing for?" He said. "Your morality is perfectly normal when tailor fitted to match who you are and what you want. It would be perfectly logical to think that way. But a moral consensus? That's like trying to get everybody on the planet to fit into the same sized shoe. And they do it too. Walking around with this tiny little 'foot prison' pinching them and aching them and making it nearly impossible for them to walk...but they keep trying for someone else's sake. It's the biggest goof of all time."

Isaac kept his voice low, but I was surprised to see him offer somewhat of a challenge. "We have to have a certain level of shared values. We can't all just run around wild all day."

"Why not?" Cyrus asked, and there was a brief silence.

"Because...because you just can't."

"I beg to differ." Cyrus felt my temperature rising, and petted my hand some more to keep me focused. "Have you ever just asked yourself what it would be like if you could just be yourself? Your TRUE self. All day...every day...without question or compromise? To experience a level of self love so pure and so powerful that you would begin to realize your own perfection, and live free of the tiny little box they've shoved you into. What if their opinions didn't matter anymore? What if there was nobody telling you that you were being haunted by the watchful eye of some all powerful Divine judge? Haven't you ever been tempted, Isaac? Imagine what it would feel like, to be allowed to have infinite pride in who you were...even if it was different from the opinions of everyone else in the room."

"But...we were taught that pride is a sin."

"A well rehearsed, textbook, answer. Do you get a golden star for that answer, or what?" Cyrus laughed it off, but that time I think Isaac took it as a bit of an insult. His scent changed. Only slightly, but noticeably. Sexy. I liked it. Father pushed further, "It bugs you to think about it rationally, doesn't it? To consider the possibility that you've been dedicating your life to a set of rules that has no more importance in reality than the 'Wizard Of Oz'. That the moral consensus that you've taken such comfort in is nothing more than a forced mass hysteria, created by bullies and control freaks who couldn't care less about how you feel. If they're not homosexuals, and they make the rules...how can you expect them to consider your sense of morality at all? Obey, or be forever shunned. Isn't that right?"

"If you don't mind...I think we should just agree to disagree..." Isaac said softly. I watched in silence, but had to wipe the back of my hand across my lips as I began to literally drool over him. I could chew those succulent lips right off of his face....

Cyrus liked to push buttons. He had found a weakness in Isaac...it wasn't likely that he was going to let it go. Not now that it had been properly exposed to him. "Is He watching us right now? Is He listening?" Cyrus grinned, whispering the latter. "Is he going to turn the truck over into a ditch? Kill us all? Is that it? It would be pretty heartless to think you've spent your whole life following in God's footsteps, and a few random comments or a momentary lack of faith would be enough to end your life right here on this dark road. Riding along with heathens like us."

I couldn't help myself anymore, and I leaned over to kiss Isaac on the cheek. Then moving down to suck hungrily at his neck. I was sooooo hard that my inches ached for relief. I couldn't be quite sure, but I think I heard a growl humming slowly in the back of my throat. Cyrus pulled back on my hand, but I almost didn't want to detach myself from him. His flavor was sooooo addictive.

As Isaac became more and more uncomfortable with the conversation, I found it much more difficult to hold myself back. From exploiting that weakness. The impulse to dominate him completely was overwhelming me with every second. But Cyrus held me still. "Not to worry, Isaac. I'm just giving your beliefs a couple of 'pokes'. No harm done. Our ideas remain weak and void of reason if we don't challenge them once in a while. Don't you agree?" Isaac didn't answer this time, but he nodded in order to be polite. "Our friend, Wesley, here was a God fearing man himself. Weren't you?"

"Yes, Father." I said. Isaac made the mistake of looking at my face for a moment, the amazing sparkle of his eyes compelled me to give him another kiss on the cheek. My hand slid into his lap, and I rubbed my palm back and forth over his inner thigh, giving him a couple of squeezes.

"At least you were given a choice, Isaac. Poor Wesley here has been brainwashed with guilt and self loathing from the day he was born. His particular 'puppeteers' know that having a choice is bad for business. So the concept of choice was simply...removed from his teachings." Cyrus told him. "It's funny, your lessons talk about pride being such a sin...but pride is what built your beliefs in the first place, isn't it? The idea that somehow you're all soooooo important that an all knowing, all powerful, divine entity...that created the Earth and the heavens and the stars...would somehow stop everything that it was doing and pay specific attention to you. This insignificant speck in the vastness of creation. That an intelligence like that would take the time to reward or punish you based on how you lead your life specifically...it must be an INCREDIBLE feeling." I could hear Isaac's hands gripping the steering wheel a bit tighter, the sound of his palms rubbing across the material beneath them. But I don't know if it was from Father's instigation, or from my naughty movements in his lap...his hardness now at full mast. I licked my lips in anticipation for more. "The ego. The arrogance. I hope you're right, Mr. Montrager. I hope that the suppression of your every true desire will pay off. And that when you die, you'll go to this magical castle in the sky where a supreme being will reward YOU, above all others in his creation, for having such a fantastic spiritual resume. Hehehe! Because, if you're wrong...then you've wasted a hell of a lot time doing nothing."

I rubbed Isaac harder, making him wiggle uncomfortably in his seat, and I became so turned on that my body began to feel...different. My gums became tender and swollen. My skin began to tingle all over, and my fever burned even hotter as I felt my bones begin to slicken their surface with that self made lubricant. I could smell the change happening. I was beginning to lose control...but I LIKED it. I didn't want it to stop.

I lightly raked my nails over Isaac's thigh, and licked my chops again as my breathing got deeper. More urgent. And my eyes flashed slightly with a golden glow. One that Isaac caught a glimpse of and jumped. The light was only visible for a second. Once Isaac turned to look at me, it was gone, forcing him to doubt that he had seen it at all. I felt stronger. My primal instincts taking over. The calling fuelling it with unlimited energy. And my ears picked up on the fact that all of my brethren in the back of the truck had fallen completely silent. All of them sensing the change in me. All ready to support it with energies of their own. One pack. One unit. One mind. I wanted him. I will have him. That's what I was thinking at that moment. That nothing could stop me from having him. Not now...

But as my smile widened, and a hungry growl rumbled around in my chest, Father knew that it was time to put some 'distance' between us until I was able to better restrain my rapidly growing appetite.

"Perhaps we should stop up here at the end of the road." Cyrus said. "There's a gas station up ahead, we might as take advantage. I'll see to it that you're well taken care of."

"Are you sure?" Isaac stuttered. "Are you much further away?"

"Let's just say that it's best if you stop here. Take my word on this." Cyrus grinned, and he put his hand on the back of my neck to hold me steady.

Isaac turned the truck into the brightly lit gas station lot on the side of the road, and pulled up to one of the pumps. Some of the others didn't even wait until the truck came to a complete stop before hopping out of the back and landing on firm concrete. I was staring at Isaac in a way that he didn't recognize. He was looking back as though I had become a completely different person. And who knows? Maybe he was right. All I knew was that I wanted to tear into him right then and there. Trying to hold back was merely a torturous form of foreplay.

Isaac got out of the truck, his legs weak as he began to wonder what he had gotten himself into, and Cyrus gave Kriegar a nod to tell him to accompany our 'guest' into the gas station mini mart and pay for a fill up. I knew Isaac was nervous, and he looked back over his shoulder a few times as Kriegar put an arm around his shoulder and guided him away from the rest of us.

It was then that Cyrus turned to me, and put his hands on my shoulders, both very close to my neck. He looked me deep in the eyes and said, "You must have patience, my young pup. There will come a time for the beast to be free. But for now, maintain your grace."

"But I want him, Father. I want to ravish him with every breath..."

"I know, Wesley. I know. And you shall have your fun tonight. I promise you that. He will be yours...to use in whatever ways you wish." My smile reflected the madness of his own. Then he told me, "This is my gift to you. Enjoy it for all it's worth tonight. And in the morning...it will be your job to get rid of him."

It was the only thing that gave my oversexed mind some level of clarity. If only for a moment. "Father...I don't understand..."

He pressed his forehead to mine and smiled. "Yes, you do." We both turned to see Isaac and Kriegar walking back towards the truck, and Cyrus kissed me lightly on the brow. "When you're done with him...just remember to save the eyes. Dexter loves the eyes." And with a pat on the back, Cyrus gave Isaac a sweet smile, and opened the door for me to get back into the truck.

I was worried about falling too deeply into the clutches of the monster within...but after hearing Cyrus' plans for Isaac tomorrow morning...

...I'm beginning to worry that I haven't fallen quite deeply enough.

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