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A swirling tempest of doubt of confusion spun wildly, both in my head and my stomach simultaneously. My thoughts were attempting to collect bits and pieces of the reality of this situation. Like trying to convince myself that I was dreaming while still lost in a dream. It was so hard to think. My desires had become so potent since I allowed the calling to have such free reign over my thoughts. How can I possibly focus with this feeling surging through my veins this way. I don't think I even remember how to think for myself anymore. Or why I would ever need to.

I wanted Isaac. I wanted him so badly that my feet were bouncing impatiently on the floor mat in the front seat of the truck. But I would never have approached him if I thought that I was bringing him out here to die. I don't want to hurt anybody. I don't want my brethren to hurt anybody either. Why get rid of Isaac? They don't have any reason to feel threatened by him. Father could just...let him stay with us for a little while. Just a day or two. And then he could send him back where he came from. Perhaps, if I share Isaac's body with the others, they'll be more inspired to let him go. Father would appreciate the gift, I'm sure. No blood has to be shed at dawn. He's not worth the effort.

Cyrus closed the door and rested his elbows on the edge of the open window as I sat inside by myself. I gave him a smile, but his expression didn't change. Cyrus' senses were so well enhanced that it was a waste of time trying to use a physical expression to hide my true feelings. The chemical reactions within me alerted him every time. "Still conflicted, I see." He said. "You should really learn to trust in me, and only me. Why is that so difficult for you to accept?"

"You told me once...that you wanted me to think for myself."

"Indeed. But first you need guidance. When the time comes, you'll understand how important those liberating feelings can be...and how you can better use them to serve your pack."

A vague memory came to mind out of nowhere. Like a whisper in my ear. And I repeated something that Cyrus said to me not long ago. "Different lemming, different cliff."

His eyes narrowed briefly, but it brought a smile to his face. It could be considered a minor challenge to his thought process, but one that embraced. In fact, he almost seemed proud of it. "I do love your inner conflicts, Wesley. You're a very special breed indeed."

At that moment, we both felt a gentle tug at our senses. Slightly urgent. Something that wasn't exactly an emergency, but it needed our immediate attention. "Father...?" I said, but he had already felt it.

Cyrus turned to see Razor standing by a small puddle of gasoline in back of the truck. He was slowly rocking back on forth on his heels, his tongue slowly licking his lips...as we saw three small stick matches in his right hand.

Razor's eyes were focused on that small puddle, and he inhaled the fumes deeply, closing his eyes as a minor thrill raced through his body. He was soooo tempted. His thumb was slowly rubbing itself back and forth over the phosphorous tips of each match. Every pass was a little bit harder than the one before it. And soon...he was using his thumbnail...

It was when I caught sight of an actual spark that I gasped and got ready to jump out of the truck if I had to. But luckily, Father took notice of the situation.

"Razor?" Cyrus said calmly. The twin's head snapped upwards. As if he had been jarred out of a trance. Cyrus nodded towards the matches in his hand, and he tried to hide them furtively behind his leg. "Razor?" He said with a slightly more demanding tone. "Bring them to me."

He didn't hesitate. He did as he was told. "I was only looking, Father."

Cyrus gave him a smirk. "Where did you get these?"

"Some boys at the party had fireworks. I...borrowed them."

Cyrus jiggled the matches in his palm for a moment...and then, much to my surprise...he gave them back. Saying, "Not today. Another time. And never before we're ready to leave. Understand?" Was he encouraging this? I think I'm starting to remember why I was so reluctant to follow them out into the woods to begin with.

The driver's side door opened up, and I saw Isaac get back into the car with an apple juice from the gas station store. He seemed a bit out of place, unsure of the rest of my pack. But when I gave him a flirtatious grin and placed my hand on his knee...it seemed to make him smile.

"You're friends certainly are...um...an 'interesting' bunch." He said.

"That's putting it lightly." I told him. "I think they like you."

He chuckled. "I doubt that. Then again...most people wouldn't tell you if they didn't like you."

"They would." I assured him. He gave me a look, and I stared back into his eyes as that sweetened fragrance began to pour out of him in abundance. He really was beautiful when I took inventory of his every innocent feature. I could tell he thought I was beautiful too. I aroused him. And he was fighting so incredibly hard to control himself. I looked forward to stripping him of that sense of control. I truly looked forward to breaking his will completely. Tonight...he will belong to me, mind, body, and soul.

"You're...you're friend, Kriegar, was talking about stealing some beer from the gas station. He...he wouldn't really do something like that, would he?" Isaac was trying to break the moment by talking, but he was only postponing the inevitable. I merely shrugged my shoulders, and ran my fingers through his soft blond hair. "I don't know. He seemed pretty serious about it...."

"Stop talking, Isaac." I told him calmly. I shifted my position, and reached over to slide my hand further up his thigh. He tensed up right away, but he received a shiver of pure delight regardless. I leaned forward to moan softly in his ear, "We're not far away now. As soon as we get in the door, I want you to start removing your clothes. I want to fuck you as many times as I possibly can before sunrise." Yesss....there it is. That relentless rush of unrestricted passion. The taste of overindulgent lust. My words made him cringe. My touch made him tense. But, try as he may to hold on to a more 'civilized' state of mind...his unparalleled state of arousal betrayed him without regret. Every breath I took exposed his weakness for me. His desire to surrender to the moment. The way I was touching him, I'm surprised he hadn't cum already. "Mmmm...you smell so good..." I whispered, and I kissed him on the side of his neck, running my hand up underneath his shirt.

Isaac's head turned back and forth, looking to see if any of my brethren were watching. He was still so concerned. I liked punching holes in his confidence this way. Give in, Isaac. Give yourself to me. I want it. I want it soooo badly. "Wait...uhhh...your...your friends...aren't they...?"

"Shhhhhhh...." I said, and I turned his head to face me as I kissed him deeply on the lips, my tongue sliding against his as I felt his body melt into the front seat.

His eyes would open periodically. Still scanning the parking lot to see who was looking. Not only had he never expressed his homosexual feelings so openly before...but I don't think he had ever expressed any sexual feelings before. It was as if I had suddenly thrown him into the deep end of the pool, knowing that he had never had a single swimming lesson. Watching his muscles awkwardly trying to adapt and control his movements. I could hardly contain my smile.

It wasn't until a different scent entered my senses that I really began to lose control of my libido. My hand slid back down Isaac's smooth, flat, chest...landing on the top of his jeans. Poking upwards in the most obscene way. The hardness jumped twice once I put some pressure on it...and my fingertips felt a dampness at the peak of his swollen manhood. A delicious leak of rich teen nectar...the scent was intoxicating. So much stronger than anything I could remember. The further I sank into the calling...the more accurate my abilities became. I rubbed my palm on that tasty spot, and then brought my palm up to my lips...to lick it from base to fingertip.

Poor Isaac was shivering at this point, and I lightly rubbed my nose on his cheek as my hands worked to open his belt and unsnap his jeans. "Uhhh....Wesley....I..." I paid him no mind. I wished he would stop talking though. His helpless cries, his virgin fears...they were....'doing' something to me. Driving me crazy. My heartbeat was speeding up, and my shirt became clingy and uncomfortable as a strong fever took hold of me. I had gotten his pants open, but his zipper was giving me some resistance. Probably just from him sitting in this position. I found myself instantly frustrated with the stubborn latch, and tugged at it aggressively. It was more than a mere annoyance to me. My emotions were all intensified beyond normal, and it was a short moment of actual rage that I felt, as I began yanking the zipper down hard enough to almost break it. "Hold on...I uhh...I think...I can get it..." He said, and lifted his hips off of the seat for me.

Once the front of his pants were straightened out enough, the zipper slid down, and my nostrils were blessed with the power of his heated aroma. My eyes nearly rolled back in my head, and I smashed my face against the front of his underwear, rolling it back and forth, getting as much of that erotic odor on me as I possibly could. I couldn't wait any longer. I couldn't bear this torture for another lingering minute.

Isaac was content with just leaving the front of his pants 'open'...but, no. I wanted further access. I pulled them down and over his knees so that they fell down to his ankles near the gas and brake pedals. I felt him jump with surprise as I took the opening in the front of his boxers, and not only popped the button on it, but recklessly ripped the material open....wide enough so that his treasures were fully exposed to me. Isaac was shocked. He had lost all sense of control, and could only lean back in his seat as I tried to keep from devouring him whole.

I sank his long inches into my mouth, swallowing him up as I moved up to put my knees on the seat. My hands were all over him down there. The sensation made him heave and wiggle and gasp for oxygen...that honey sweet dribble of sensual release producing its liquid candy faster than I could suck it off of him. Something was seriously spiraling out of my conscious control. My suction got to be so hard that I'm surprised Isaac didn't wince in pain. My breathing increased. My warm skin began to burn up with a sexual fire. And still, I wanted more. MUCH more! These blasted boxers were in the way. The material had been torn open to the point where they would be useless to him afterwards, but some of the stringy fabric still remained. I reached down with both hands and ripped them open further, speeding up the motion of my lips and tongue. I heard the tearing. I liked the sound. My fingernails dug into his thighs, and he jumped a little from the pinch of it, a tiny whimper escaping his open lips. Isaac attempted to close his thighs, but I used my hands to pry them even further apart than before. A primal sound vibrated in the back of my throat. A growl. An animalistic expression of hunger. I felt his balls tightening up in my hand, and I gripped them to keep him from reaching his climax too soon. Not yet, my little angel. Not yet.

Isaac's hands clutched blindly for something to hold on to. One hand on the steering wheel, one hand gripping the seat behind him. Even in the seated position, he remained on his tiptoes. He couldn't sit still. The frantic slithering of my tongue created a sensation that made him feel as though he were falling right out of his skin. He was a big boy for such a skinny kid. I liked that. A satisfying mouthful. Juicy and long. Hard as cement, but with a velvet surface that made my mouth water for him even more. He yelped out loud and had to bite his lip and hold his breath to keep from shouting out of the open window. He was exposed. Totally exposed. I was sure that once the moment of truth was reached, Isaac would be ashamed for letting himself be pulled into such blissful throws of passion against his will. He'd feel guilty for enjoying such lustful pleasures. And he would hide his face from me. His smile. But that only comes 'after'. For now....right now, at this very moment..Isaac was broken. Free from the illusion. Free from the idea that sex was ever something that he was able to control. He'd do anything to get me to keep going. He was so very lost in me. Good. This is what I wanted. This is the most vivid experience that he'll ever have of the truth...

That deep down...we would all rather be wild.

Then...I felt myself crossing a line in my passionate assault. That mind-boggling hunger that I had for him was suddenly more than I could handle. I wanted more. He wasn't naked enough. Wasn't broken enough. His will still remained, even if only in small, useless, bits and pieces. I wanted it all gone. ALL OF IT! I wanted to own him, do you understand? The flesh wasn't enough to satisfy my appetite. The...the flesh....the flesh too needed to be broken. Torn. Consumed.

I felt my eyes burning with a bright golden glow, and my breath got heavier as I felt my lungs swell to a much larger size. Another low growl rumbled in my chest, and my joints began to lubricate themselves...as a physical change washed over me. I sucked Isaac harder...my fingernails now leaving red scratches of raised skin on the tops of his thighs. He was too involved in the pleasure of sex to stop me. He accepted the pain. Embraced the moment. The more control I got over his passions...the more control I lost over mine. There was a short series of 'popping' noises as I felt my shoulder bones snap. As though sliding into a new position. My fever burned hotter, and my saliva glands became overworked. The wetness was excessive, and long rivers of drool rolled down the sides of Isaac's trembling shaft...crawling over the roundness of his balls with a ticklish sensation, and moving further down to touch the rim of his tightly clenched hole. I was transforming right there in the front seat of his truck, and I couldn't stop myself. I didn't even want to. There could be no limitations. There could be no barricades. The release was all that mattered. I shall have my fill tonight. I shall give the beast within an offering that is worthy of its power and strength.

Even if I had to eat this young boy alive to do it.

Isaac was breathing in short bursts now. His legs were quivering. His hands shaking. He didn't know whether to open his eyes or close them. And I felt his ass cheeks squeeze together as his hips were raised off of the seat. He couldn't hold back his whimpers any longer. My grip on his sack had no further effect. With a high pitched squeal in the back of his throat, Isaac's body went rigid, and the almost painful throbs of unrivaled passion surged through him so hard that it nearly pried my soaking wet lips open to accept his seed. His body collapsed in on itself, warm splashes of boyish sap coating the roof of my mouth. His hardness jumped with a fury of involuntary spasms, the swollen tip getting more sensitive with every blissful pulse.

My tongue teased him mercilessly under the ridge of his sculpted cap, and more juices dribbled out of him as I squeezed it from base to tip. The orgasm had hit him so hard that his entire body was trembling violently. His hand reached forward and accidentally hit the truck's horn, the loud noise making him jump and instantly look for somewhere else to hold onto. Something that could anchor him to the world. He had no idea that sex could be this powerful. After tonight, he won't be able to live without this sensation ever again.

I, on the other hand, was still trying to find a sane part of me that could possibly prevent the full change that I was going through. My ears began to feel heated, my gums began to itch, my fingers were bent into a claw like position. As delicious as his warm nectar was...there was a growing part of me that preferred blood to semen.

Isaac was calming himself down. Trying to catch his breath. His legs squirmed a little as he reached down to gently pet the back of my head. But as I continued to suck him dry...his softening tip still offering a few last drops of salted honey on the surface of my tongue...the transformation continued. Isaac had no idea. He couldn't see my eyes. Just my head and shoulders in his lap. I doubt he even felt it as my teeth began to sharpen themselves into razor sharp fangs.

He rubbed my back tenderly, his trim hips still writhing around on the seat with a slow roll as he purred with an almost visible afterglow. Meanwhile, the hair on the back of my hands was beginning to grow longer. My muscles began to ache and tremble...stretch and reorganize. I couldn't stop it. It had gone too far now. I couldn't stop it. My stomach was churning, my skin began to tear at the seams, more 'popping' noises could be heard as my wrists and elbows assumed a new position.

"Wesley...?" He asked, touching the back of my neck. "Are you alright?"

My abdomen began to stretch, and my heartbeat pounded thunderously in my ears. But my lust for him remained. My tongue felt elongated and wet in my mouth. It nearly wrapped itself around Isaac's member twice. I know he felt the sensation. I know it had to seem impossible to him for a human to do that. But I wasn't human, was I? I left that part of me behind when I took my father's mark. Ohhhh Isaac, poor Isaac. Perhaps Father was right. Perhaps you would make a better victim than a companion. What better way to spend your last moments on Earth than basking in the light of your first sexual experience? End his life now, Wesley. End it before the illusion returns...and this perfect moment is tainted forever.

"Ummm....W-W-Wesley....?" He shivered.

At that moment, I heard the door open behind me, and felt Cyrus' hand on the waistband of my jeans. He gave it a tug to pull me back, but I held Isaac in my mouth....and growled deeply from the center of my gullet. I'd sink my teeth in just to hold onto him. If Father was going to pull me off...this succulent little piece of Isaac was coming with me.

"Shhhh, hey now..." Cyrus said softly. He slid his hand up to lightly massage the back of my neck, soothing me. Somehow reducing my fever. "...What's gotten you so worked up now, huh, pup?" He smiled. Isaac was horrified at being seen in such a vulnerable position, but as his eroticized scent of arousal became mixed with the growing fragrance of fear...I knew that he was too frightened to do anything more than sit still. "Come." Cyrus told me, and rubbed my neck a few more times. "Come on. Out. Come."

I was compelled to obey. His hand on my neck comforted and relaxed me, and though my primal instincts were still very much in control, I reluctantly loosened my lips, and let Isaac's firm erection slip from lips. His boxers had been torn to shreds, only an elastic waistband and one of the leg holes remained in tact. Cyrus pulled me back across the seat, and I kept my face hidden, my body feeling different to me in the way that it moved. Cyrus pulled me out of the truck and onto the ground, but my body felt so awkward and proportionally out of whack that I found it hard to stand on my own two feet.

"Feeling good?" Cyrus asked Isaac as he scrambled to pull his pants up to cover his exposed region. Isaac didn't answer. He only turned bright red in the face and lowered his eyes. "Relax. We'll be ready to go in a minute. I'll leave you with a few moments to...gather your thoughts." With a demonic grin, Cyrus closed the truck door and pulled me over to the side of the gas station. I wobbled on lanky legs, my body still spasming, my joints still lubricating...I was losing my vocal abilities as my tongue and teeth were too big for my mouth. I grunted and grumbled...trying to calm the explosive chemical reaction, but it just wouldn't go away.

Cyrus pulled me out of the light and into a dark patch of shadows and bushes with a smile. He signaled John Boy with a whisper. One that he heard from the other side of the parking lot. "John Boy...fix this." Cyrus grinned, pushing me on the back and laughing as he saw me stumbling forward for balance. "You're going to have to learn to control that before it's too late, kiddo. You risk exposure in public...and we'll have to kill everybody in sight. Makes for messy work."

I couldn't answer him. My jawbone felt as though it was trying to dislocate itself...pushing forward. Outward. A puppyish whine escaped my lips, and as one of my legs was longer and stronger than the other, I grabbed on to a handful of bushes to stand upright. My breathing was so deep that it made me dizzy. Hair was growing out of my face in odd places, the sting of it itching in my cheeks.

John Boy put a gentle hand on my shoulder, and I yelped out loud as if he had hurt me. My shoes were full to the point of almost splitting open. When I tried to walk, my legs gave way, and the bushes were unable to hold my rapidly increasing weight. I fell forward, face first, into the dirt...curling up into a tight ball as my chest expanded to the point of popping my collar bone out of place. The pain of it was more mental than physical this time. It was like my body was doing all it could to numb the hurt...but just having the 'knowledge' that parts of me were breaking and stretching into a whole other state made me feel the torture of it anyway.

John Boy was careful in his approach, but squatted down on his haunches to pet the top of my head. Such a soft and loving touch. His dark glasses looked down on me as tears ran out of my eyes, and I fought to keep my mentality under my control before I lost it completely. "Pull it back, Wesley. Pull it back. Breathe. You must always remember to breathe." He told me. I whimpered some more, but he kept me quiet. "Shhhhh....you're alright, young one. You're just hungry. Tomorrow, we'll be sure to feed you once our morning union is complete. Shhh shh shh...that's it. Let it recede. Good. Very good."

My breathing began to calm itself once again. My heartbeat got a little softer. I felt myself shrinking....little by little...my tears still running freely down my cheeks. I heard a loud pop and my body jerked as my hip bones locked back into place. It frightened me, and I jumped from the shock of it, but John boy was quick to comfort me again.

"It's ok. It's ok, Wesley. That happens. Just let it happen. Don't fight it. Concentrate on you." He said.

After a few more scary moment, my tongue returned to normal size, my throat muscles became more familiar. I whimpered, "John Boy....I couldn't st-stop it. It wouldn't...it wouldn't stop..."

"I know. Shhh...you're still new to this. Your body will adjust in time." He smiled, watching me as I was finally able to uncurl myself from the fetal position. "It takes practice. You can't go around indulging in your passions too much without a few flare ups. Your biology still has to even itself out. That's all." John Boy waited for my fever to dim a bit further before helping me up to my feet. "You ok?" I had a few aches and cramps in my body...but I nodded in the affirmative and cracked my neck to stand up straight. "Don't worry. It's like having those surprise teenage erections during math class all over again, isn't it?" He smiled. Then patted me on both sides of my face and brushed some of the dirt off of my clothes. "Remember...you can't fight the change as though it was something else. You'll lose. Every time. Don't fight the beast. You ARE the beast. If you try to have conflicts with it...it'll end up running amok on its own. Without your influence. You don't want that."

"What happens if it 'runs amok'?" I asked.

John Boy's smile widened, and he said, "You find yourself waking up naked in a place you don't recognize, covered in blood and gore, and dealing with one hell of a full body hangover. Trust me, it's not a good thing."

I looked down at my feet, seeing long strands of hair lying on the ground. My clothes and skin felt saggy and damp. I suddenly needed a shower. Badly. I looked back at the truck, and the others seemed to be teasing Isaac in order to keep him busy. He looked so embarrassed. Hell...I was embarrassed.

"Did Isaac see me?" I mumbled. "Does he know.....?"

"That you nearly ate his favorite body part in the front seat of that truck?" John Boy joked. "I doubt he'd still be here if he did. But don't worry...you'll get your chance. Just remember to enjoy him to the fullest before you go making a meal out of him. Deal?"

I didn't want to make a meal out of anybody.......did I?

"Come. Let's get out of here." John Boy said. "Let's get you naked and copulating before we end up having another 'accident, shall we?" And with that...John Boy tapped me on the shoulder and started walking back to the truck on his own.

I remained in that patch of dark shadows. Waiting. Wondering if I was even worthy of returning to the light again. What did I almost do? I can barely remember it. I'm so confused. Dizzy. What am I doing here?

What have I become?

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