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The spray of the shower was warm. Wisps of steam were almost immediate as I extended a hand for Isaac to join me.

He was soooo nervous. Completely helpless in his attempts to calm his involuntary trembling.

But...using what little courage he could muster, he gave me a timid smile, and stepped his beautifully naked body into the shower with me. As if he had a choice. The dominoes were already falling in accordance with my skillful design. It was just a matter of maintaining the illusion of choice at this point.

I pulled the curtain and didn't waste any time at all. My thirst for his innocent kiss was already driving me insane. We were both so hard. My erection needed him with a craving that was hard to contain. My pursuit was finally reaping its reward for the evening. And then....what ever happens to him after...simply happen to him after.

I pulled him to me, allowing the warm water to cascade down over our shoulders and get us wet, creating a slippery surface for us to grind against. My God...his flesh was so soft. So warm. As I sucked hungrily at the side of his neck, my hardness pushing itself up against his water slickened thigh...I felt a thrilling shiver run through me, and I was compelled to further possess this unexpecting boy. He was mine. He had no say in the matter now. The calling had already taken control, and he would have no other option but to obey the ravenous lust that I had inspired within him. To think...it had been this easy all along. A child's game at best. I'm almost disappointed that I hadn't discovered this sooner.

It was almost like watching my own actions from outside my body. Again, so strange. There was no remorse. No restraint. Not one feeling of immoral wickedness at all over what I was doing. I sucked on his tongue as his lips met mine, our breathing...rough and ragged...my hands squeezing the mounds of his supple ass cheeks hard as I pulled him against me. Satisfying my hunger for him was all that mattered. A masturbatory fantasy in the flesh. The kind of thing that I always wished I had the guts to do, but never dared to go through with.

Isaac's slender body was like warm butter in my arms. His lips quivered with a sensual pulse as his adrenaline flooded excessively into his veins. Probably in ways that it never had before. Soft moans could be heard in the back of his throat, and it turned me on even more as I manipulated those moans with my every touch. Isaac's virgin body was so responsive, even to the most tame examples of sexual contact. It was truly an unexplored canvas of desire. I don't think he was aware of just how good this would feel. Just how hard his body would quake when my tongue swiped its textured surface over his erect nipples. Fantasies don't compare to the real thing. He's learning that.

I gently pushed Isaac's back up against the shower wall, and kissed him with an even more aggressive approach. Grinding my hips into him. Pinning his arms over his head against the tile. He loved the idea of me taking control. He loved being pulled into this situation, and being able to simply surrender himself to the sex without having to be responsible for any sensual actions of his own. I lead...he follows. It was as simple as that. And don't think he wasn't grateful.

Just sit back and enjoy the show, my lovely boy. It may, very well, be your last.

I heard the most helpless whimper come from him as his shaft pulsed a few times against my leg. A 'false alarm' orgasm, no doubt. He was close. I could tell. Even over the heated waters of the shower, I could feel the increase in his body temperature. I could feel the buzz of an excited electric current just beneath the surface of his skin. I could even hear his heart beating out of control...racing to new speeds...his lungs barely able to keep up with the gasps and sighs he was letting go of so shamelessly...

Give in to me, Isaac. Give me all of you. Every last piece. I own you. Those thoughts, those emotions, this succulent young body of yours....it doesn't belong to you anymore. It's mine. Let me have it. Let me 'use' you. Be my servant. And I shall reward you with all the lustful pleasure that you can handle.

More. I needed more.

I finally let go of Isaac's wrists and lowered myself to the bottom of the bathtub, getting on my knees and feeling the spray of water splash down on my face. I made sure to look up into those big, unsuspecting, brown eyes of his as I slowly used my lips and tongue to lewdly suck his throbbing hardness into my mouth. This was a MUCH more intimate moment than what we shared in the truck at the gas station. Isaac didn't have to look out for anybody. Didn't have to worry. He could close his eyes, lean his head back, and simply place his hands on my shoulders as I engulfed every last inch of his eager manhood. His fingers trembled softly on my skin, his grip so feathery and light. As I took long, slow, sucks on his shaft...Isaac had to remind himself to breathe. God....he tasted even better when he was wet.

What was going through his mind? What thoughts could he possibly entertain that I didn't give him direct permission to have? The only thing he could focus on was the slippery insides of my warm mouth and the tight grip of my lips as they dragged themselves up to his sensitive tip...only to sink him back in my heated embrace once more. He almost cried out when I let his hardness slide out.

He opened his bright eyes to look down and see what had happened. I just lowered my face a little bit more, gently lapping at the soft wrinkled sack hanging below. First on one side. Then on the other. Kissing the insides of his thighs, holding the excited shaft up with my nose and cheek. I liked having it slide up against my face. I loved the flavor of him. I sucked and nibbled and licked his softened nuggets where his scent of arousal seemed to be most potent. I inhaled deeply, feeling them draw further up until his breathing changed, his legs stiffened, and with his erection directed upwards...the powerful 'thumps' of orgasm began. Involuntary muscle contracted, convulsions began, and Isaac was lifted to his tip toes as the first jets of hot teen nectar erupted from the tip of his shaft. First splashing on his chest and belly, just above his navel. Then came a great deal of spillage that quickly ran down the sides of his spasming length...with me licking up to meet the sexy liquid offering half way. Catching as much of it as I could, like the streams of milk from a rapidly melting ice cream cone. And to think...I own this boy. I might decide to keep him after all.

His climax was quick. It had only been a few minutes since we started. Still, a respectable time for a sweet little virgin boy like Isaac. No matter. He'll produce more. I'll see to that. We have much more to do and many more games to play before the dawn breaks.

I rose to my feet, and I pressed him even harder up against the wall as I kissed him ravenously. I felt my heart pounding in my chest, and my animal lust began to boil within me. Surrender to me, Isaac. Submit.

By the time we had actually lathered up with the soap, Isaac was already hard again. Good boy. But be patient. The night is young.

We rinsed off eventually. Kissing was the majority of what we did since his first explosion. That was soon to change. I took my time drying off his body. Admiring it from all angles. Occasionally giving the blemish free skin a gentle kiss wherever I found a particularly interesting spot. Then...I handed him the towel, and told him, "Dry me..."

The cutest little smirk appeared on his face, and without saying a word, he did as he was told. He began to wipe and pat me down all over, and I stared him in the eyes the entire time. Especially he went down to one knee to dry my legs, one at a time. He looked up at me, almost as if too bashful to do what he knew he wanted to do. I simply leaned back against the bathroom sink and waited for him to go for it. The look in my eye alone told him what I wanted. So...with a short hesitation and the hint of a boyish blush...Isaac leaned in, and gave it a small kiss. Experimental at first, then a second kiss that lingered a bit longer. I heard him sigh with sensual relief as he mashed his face up against my groin and experience the warmth, the feel, the fragrance, of another boy in a sexual way for the first time. Unable to resist any longer, he took the head into his mouth, and I felt his tongue slide underneath my aching hardness until he had as much of it as he could handle in his mouth.

He was so careful. Yet, so passionate. He moaned out loud as he fulfilled his every fantasy and let go of all the restraint and self control that he had been plagued with since the first time he laid eyes on his own gender and contemplated doing the same. I ran my hands through his hair, still damp from the shower, and I guided him up and down, in and out, spreading my legs wider, pushing my hips forward. Please me, my lover. Get Father ready for the main event.

Isaac slid his hands up to my thighs to hold himself steady. I could hear his breathing getting heavier, his head moving faster. The suction was intense. He really had been waiting to do this for a long time, hadn't he? It wasn't long before I felt myself reaching a climax of my own...but I stopped him. "Not yet." I told him. I gently lifted him to his feet, and gave him a loving kiss on those magic lips of his. "Come. Let's not have all of our fun in this tiny little room. I want you to be comfortable....for as long as you can." I smiled at him, and I saw his inches jump slightly at the thought of it.

"Ummm....ok..." He grinned, still panting with excitement. He was still shaking. I liked that. It gave me this feeling of helplessness within him. A for some reason, these days, nothing turns me on more than that glaring vulnerability. It was like magnifying my calling and bringing out my darkest instincts from places within that I would never have dared to go until Cyrus taught me how. Showed me how to not be afraid of myself. That whatever I wanted...I could have it. And there was nothing that anyone could do to stop me.

Isaac is mine. I kept repeating it in my head as I guided him to the bedroom and closed the door behind us. The room was dark...but I was able to see just fine. Not that I couldn't use my other senses to seek him out if I had to. He blindly reached out for me, and I stepped into his arms, sucking on those sweet lips and holding his naked body against me. I pushed him back on the bed and landed on top of him, the both of us scooting backward to wiggle and squirm and tangle our arms and legs around one another until we had as much physical contact as humanly possible. He was soooo desperate for me to take him again. To give him the full experience. It wasn't just curiosity anymore. This was a full blown mission for him now. And I don't plan to stop until this boy is completely empty. I will use him until he doesn't have the breath or the energy left to protest. And then...I will use him many times more.

Isaac grabbed my ass with both hands as he was compelled to let his inhibitions go. I liked that. With strong, circular, movement, I drove my hips deep into him on the mattress. Our tongues mated with an erotic rhythm all their own, and I could feel his hardness leaking against my lower belly. Such a horny young pup. I used my knees to drive his legs further apart, and he lifted his tiny hips off of the bed to grind up into me. I pressed him back down flat, and began to chew hungrily at the side of his neck. The sweet whines that he made when I did that made me think that he was already on the verge of another orgasm. Luckily for me, he was able to exhibit better control over his passions this time around. He learns fast.

I could almost feel my brethren inside of me. Feeling what I felt. My lewd acts being shamelessly transmitted to every last person in that house. And you know what? I didn't care. Not one bit. Let them 'watch'. Let them 'feel'. Father gave this boy to me to use as I saw fit. It was quite a gift. It would be an insult not to enjoy it properly.

I moved further down to kiss, lick, and suck, at him in the most erotic ways. His body shivered in response, and I could sense a nervousness in him when I took hold of one of his legs and turned him over onto his stomach. Was it confusion that he felt? It was hard to tell. I was still so new to the chemical reactions that tuned me in to the emotions of others so intimately. Bit could clearly feel his trembling get worse as I kneaded the soft, plump, cheeks of his ass in my hands. Giving them tender kisses as I humped the mattress.

I could feel the heat of his salmon colored rosebud on my face. The already small ring collapsing in on itself as it felt the heat of my breath on it's exposed opening. It drew itself inward even further when it felt the first slow lick touch the sensitive flesh. Something that I repeated over and over again, reveling in the feel of the muscle being so tightly clenched under this strange new sensation. Soon, I had my face pressed tightly up against his bubbled cheeks, squeezing and lapping at his virgin orifice while he fought to maintain the illusion of self control.

It didn't work.

His whimpers became squeals of crazed desperation. His body and its uncontrolled squirming made me craze the taste of him even more. He had been starving his desires for too long to quit now. Human suppression only works until someone comes along and pulls that hidden string. Once they touch that button...you'll give in every time. I wonder where that button is for Isaac. Perhaps a well coated finger will help me find it.

I smiled as Isaac's body went stiff, the ring clamping down hard enough to stop any further intrusion. I don't think he could have relaxed his pucker if he wanted to. Not yet. So I kissed the smooth flesh of his globes to soothe him as I slowly worked my finger back and forth with short strokes.

Trust was both given...and taken.

His vice like grip began to un-knot itself, allowing my fingers, first one...then two, to slide in and out of him with ease. His knees were still stiff, his stomach still tight, but little by little...he surrendered to the sensation. His temptations were helping the rest of his emotions catch up with the pace of this sensual encounter. He let go, and his sexual appetites took their rightful place....ahead of everything else.

I could feel the quick and hasty rise in his body heat, and waited until he began to writhe around on the bed before me. His slim hips making small circles as I got him wet and relaxed enough for my insertion. The moment had arrived. I wanted to make my advance while the 'mania' was still in him. So I removed my fingers, and crawled up his backside to turn his head and kiss him deeply on the lips. His appetite was at an all time high. He was now in a position to give me what I required.

The penetration was painful.

Isaac's muscles tightened and a strained yelp escaped his lips as Isaac grabbed two handfuls of the bed sheet. And yet, his lust went beyond the pain. He endured the agony. He suffered the depth of my entry. And after a few moments of me laying on his back, his hips curved up from the bed and into me...the sweet sucking hole...Isaac's young body yielded. And the slow, rhythmic pumping began.

Lovemaking instincts are so easy to find when in the heat of the moment. They're automatic. Some may even say genetic. Some part of our evolution that makes it automatic. Even for the abnormal coupling of two homosexual boys. I truly consumed him, inside and out. I ignited the most taboo of his passions, and forced them to the surface...with Isaac moaning and grunting to express feelings he had no words for.

I kissed his lips. I sucked hungrily on one side of his neck, and then the other. I nibbled on his ear, and buried my nose in his freshly washed hair. All while pushing into his warmth from different angles, giving him fevered tingles of pleasure, causing him to leak his early seed into the mattress below.

So tight. So smooth. So warm. I was panting now, picking up speed as the pure bliss of this feeling began to overwhelm me. To be inside of him, to be a part of him, to covet him in the most intimate way...it was almost too much to bear. Every stroke was like an orgasm in itself. And Isaac not only endured it, but he began to yearn for more. Meeting my thrusts and reaching back to pull my lips to his. The springs started to squeak, and our simultaneous groans of pleasure fell in and out of sync as the sex became even more intensely erotic between us. It was a craving that I had never known....

...And then...

...Something went wrong.

It began with a rapid heartbeat that was a bit more out of the ordinary than it had been just moments before. A pounding. A shortness of breath. And soon...the 'fever'.

Sliding into Isaac's virgin hole felt too good for me to stop...but I could feel changes in my movements as I got more and more excited. Something was being unleashed. A force that I had tapped into too deeply for me to really claim control of it anymore. My joints began to lubricate, my mouth began to fill with an excess of saliva....and as I looked down at Isaac's back...I noticed the reflection of a dull, golden, glow in my eyes.

The strange thing is, my passions became even more extreme. I began to 'fuck' Isaac harder...pushing him forward, then pulling him back. His boyish whimpers got louder, and his legs went weak. That's when I saw the hairs on my arms and on the back of my hands grow out right in front of my eyes. Almost a full inch in length. My teeth became sharper, my shoulders...broadened with a few, slightly painful, 'pops'. My breathing got deeper, my lungs taking in an excess of oxygen while preparing for my body mass to grow and transform into something...savage.

I stopped pushing into Isaac's constricted ring, and while he was panting loudly and eager to have me keep going, he began to turn his head to look back at me. I couldn't allow that. I quickly thrust my hand forward and pushed his face down to the mattress...holding him there. He couldn't see me. Not like this.

The calling urged me to continue. A touch of madness rising within me as an obscene smile crossed my lips. I kept my hand on the side of his face. I kept his head pinned to the mattress. If he could see my face, he would undoubtedly be terrified of the beast hovering over him. I wondered if he could feel the heat of my breath on his neck. I wondered...if he knew what I was thinking of doing to him at that very moment.

I leaned over...and I gave the back of his shoulders a long, wet, lick with a dramatically elongated tongue. He was soooooo yummy. It almost wasn't enough just to taste him. I was compelled to devour him. I had to hold back a sinister grin as I felt my body push its limits even further. Growing. Shifting. Changing. And I liked it.

He was so unaware.

My weight increased. And Isaac bit his bottom lip and winced in pain as my shaft swelled to a much larger size while still embedded in his tight hole. My ears began to itch, my shoulders becoming sore, my breathing accompanied with a low and guttural growl. I could lean down right now and bite out the back of his throat, and he would be half dead before he even understood why. The wolf was coming. I could feel it. I didn't even know if I could stop it. I didn't even know if I wanted to stop it.

"Wesley...?" He whimpered. "Ah...ungh...Wesley....?" I saw a stray tear fall from his eye, and as he hissed through gnashed teeth at the growing discomfort...I found myself coming out of my mental haze. I looked at what I was doing, and perhaps became overtaken by some hidden sense of empathy. Deep down in my natural make up where the calling couldn't take hold. The air became mixed with the scent of tension and a subtle touch of fear. I wouldn't let him lift his head. I wouldn't let him see me. He was in the most vulnerable of positions right now, and he was getting scared and anxious of where this was going next. That didn't thrill me. I don't hurt people. That's never been a part of who I am. What am I doing here? Why am I allowing this to happen?

What did John Boy tell me? Don't fight the beast. I AM the beast. It's me. I can control this. I can stop it. I can reverse it. I just...I need to calm down. I need to take a moment...

Isaac whined in the cutest way, his body humping itself back against me. Afraid that he had somehow allowed his pain to ruin our moment. He was so willing to keep me interested. Had I really broken his will so easily? Would he hurt himself for my pleasure alone?

Pull it back, Wesley. You can do it. Pull it back. I am the beast. There is no separation between us. We are one in the same...and I am in control.

My heartbeat began to slow its hurried pace.

My bones became locked back into their original position.

The excess hair began to fall out, and litter the sheets around us.

My teeth went back to normal...

But the calling tried to maintain it's hold. So, as Isaac excitedly pushed himself back into me, wiggling his succulent ass around and trying to further stimulate me from below...I lay back down on his shoulders...and brought myself off to a magnificent finish. He came only seconds before I did, his hips digging into the bed and his ripe cheeks squeezing me for all they were worth as I splashed his inside with copious amounts of semen. I shuddered and shivered on top of him, unable to move at all until the first few strong creamy jets had been deposited in his gripping sheath. I didn't think that it would ever stop. Had the orgasm lasted for a few moments long, we both would have rattled ourselves to pieces. And soon....there was nothing left but darkness, and the labored breathing of two boys who had just shared the ultimate experience with one another. Even though...I almost lost control.

Over the next two hours or so...I enjoyed breeding my lovely Isaac Montrager three more times. This time...without any monstrous 'incidents'. He seemed to love it more and more each time. Our kisses got to be more familiar, our movements more synchronized, and he turned out to be an incredible lover in more ways than I can count. I could have sucked his tongue for hours and never tired of the taste. He was everything that I hoped he would be, and more. Father would be proud of me. I definitely made good use of his gift this evening. Great use.

I opened my eyes not long after our final session, and I saw Isaac completely knocked out next to me. Poor lamb. He was all tuckered out. Perhaps over-satisfied, from the looks of it. Unless I was mistaken...the boy had the gentle curl of a smile on his lips, even in his sleep.

I ran my fingers, lightly, through his hair as I heard a quiet snore coming from his worn out body. Hehehe, we did have fun, didn't we?

Look at him. He looks just like a little angel....


Like a little....angel....

As I watched him sleep peacefully at my side...I could have sworn that I heard the faint echoes of an old song in the back of my mind. The more I thought about it the clearer it became.

'Fly on by, sweet angel. Fly on through the stars. Fly on by, sweet angel. Forever I will be by your side.'

Jimi Hendrix. An old gas station. A convenience store. Wait...I knocked over Kool-Aid packets, didn't I? Made a mess? I...I think there was a boy there. Someone...someone that I...?

Casey. His name was Casey.

The lovely vision passed in front of my mind's eye...and all at once...my connection to the others was weakened. And before long...broken. Casey. Yes, that was his name. There was something about remember his smile that created a guiding light for me in all this darkness. Something that gave me a rush of energy that my brethren couldn't. Something that even Isaac, with all of his sweetened charm and alluring aura....couldn't inspire. A purity of self. Thoughts of this...'Casey' boy...gave me a moment of clarity. It reminded me of who I was.

No....of who I am.

It was at that moment, that I became aware of another presence in the room. I don't know how, but I felt it. It was like that feeling that you get when you leave the house and wonder whether or not you left the faucet running in the kitchen sink. I turned away from Isaac, and looked towards the foot of the bed.

It didn't take long for my eyes to adjust to the darkness...but I clearly saw a 'figure' there...watching us.

I was a bit startled at first, but noticing the short collection of curls on top of the head...even in silhouette...I knew that it was Dexter. He was standing on a chair in the middle of the room. Perched....like a bird on a wire. His knees were bent and open, his elbows resting on top of them. And his bladed Crucifix was hanging down between them, almost scraping the floor. His eyes were possessed with an evil glow. A deliberate sense of menace. It was a much more depraved and murderous glare than anything that I had ever seen from him before. And it wasn't even directed at me. Instead...it was concentrated solely on Isaac as he slept at my side.

Nervous as to what he might do, I softly whispered his name. "Dex?" I knew that his hearing was sharp enough to understand me, but he was too transfixed on the pretty boy taking up residence in my bed for the evening. "Dexter?" I asked again. "What are you doing?" what was he thinking? How long had he been squatting there?

Dexter didn't answer me. Instead, he looked back at Isaac, and a long string of drool dripped from the right side of his lips as his eyes took on an ever brighter glow. The resentment that I felt coming from him was insane. More than anything little Scout could muster, even when protecting Cyrus with the most loathsome of intentions.

"Dexter....?" I repeated, but he only growled in response. His eyes narrowed, and I was afraid that he was going to do something crazy. I had to think. I HAD to make him understand. "DEXTER!" I whispered louder, attempting to use my 'authority' to get his attention. I was more than surprised that it worked. So I tried to get rid of him before my courage ran out. "This is no place for you. You need to go to bed. Do you understand?" Dexter's growl got louder, and I watched as Isaac shifted slightly in his sleep from the noise. Dex bared his sharp teeth for a moment, and his look got to be even meaner and more grisly. I tried again..."Are you listening to me, Dexter? Do as I say..." His head snapped in my direction, and some of that untamed primal hatred was sent my way as well. But I had to hold my ground. It was the only way. "Do you remember what Father told you??? If you misbehave...it's back to the basement with you!" I said. "Do you want to go back to the basement?" He stared me down for a moment. "Dexter?"

I wasn't sure if he was buying it or not. This was not the sweet Dexter that I had grown accustomed to. In fact, he was getting worse every night. I began to tremble, nervous that I wouldn't be able to really do much of anything to save Isaac if Dexter made any move to slash him to pieces right in front of me.

It was then that Dexter lifted his nose in the air, and took a big whiff. Could he tell? Did he smell the fear on me?

That's when he looked back at me and grunted, in a deep growl of a voice, not his own...."Unworthy...."

And with that, Dex hopped down from his chair, gave me a long stare, and then hungrily licked his teeth before turning to walk out of the room.

It was a moment that horrified me. Especially as I looked towards the window and saw the approaching dawn brightening up the night sky ever so slightly.

Dexter closed the door behind him...but as I looked under the door, I could see the shadows of his feet still standing there. Waiting.

He didn't move. Not for a full minute and a half. He just stood there, facing the door. And then...for no reason at all, I saw him walk away.

This was bad. VERY bad!

There were going to kill him! And they would kill ME for trying to protect him! I need to break contact. I have to break free from the calling long enough to get Isaac out of here! I won't have much time. If I stay submerged in my connection with the rest of the pack, they'll know what I'm up to. If I break my connection for too long...they'll know what I'm up to!

This has to be quick EXTREMELY quick! And if I'm lucky...and Isaac can get away...

...Maybe he can take me home....

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