By the time the truck had come back to the old house, I was nearly drained by Dexter's aggressive kissing and seductive grinding on my lap. But I had given into it completely. And the more he gave me, the more I wanted, hungrily sucking on his soft boyish lips until I was breathless. I hadn't even noticed that the truck had stopped moving until I heard Cyrus open the door.

"Come on, kid. Let's get you in out of this storm, huh?" He said, and we climbed out one by one. I can distinctly remember the feel of the rain that night. It splashed down on my face, the coolness of it bringing a soothing sensation to my burning hot skin. I stood there for a moment, and just let it shower me for a few moments more, my eyes closed, my mouth open..allowing the night sky to baptize me into a new state of being. I raised my arms slightly, and felt the water trickle down my back and bare chest as the rumble of thunder vibrated in the pit of my stomach. And I let it win. was such a relief to let it win.

"Come on now, sunshine. You need your rest." Cyrus grinned, and I finally opened my eyes with a wicked smirk of my own, letting him guide me back into that house. The house I was praying I'd never see again.

When I stepped through the doorway, I saw John Boy waiting patiently on the couch for our return. And with a subtle sniff of the air, he knew that my conflicts were just about gone. He grinned widely, and gave me a silent nod as I went to sit next to him on the couch. Sebastian had taken his usual spot on the window sill, quietly engaging himself in another old paperback novel, well worn out, but still readable. He barely lifted his eyes to greet me, but I know that he noticed me. I know that he noticed the 'change' in me. And that was all that could really be expected from him some times. He was always so aware, and yet so disconnected, at the same time. It's funny how unimaginably sexy that can be when it comes to someone who should welcome the spotlight his beauty affords him.

Scout came out from the kitchen with a popsicle in his mouth, and instantly went to hug Cyrus lovingly around the waist, letting go only long enough for Cyrus to sit down in his easy chair so he could arrange a nice comfy spot on his master's lap.

John Boy reached out to pull a wet leaf out of my hair, and then smiled warmly at me. "You're early. I half expected you to keep Cyrus running until dawn at least."

Cyrus responded with, "Our boy, Wesley has found himself a 'revelation' of sorts."

"Oh really?" John Boy asked. "And what revelation is that?"

"In order to gain knowledge...innocence must be lost." I said, and that brought a hearty smile to all around the room. All but Scout, naturally. Who, I assume was still waiting for me to prove myself as being worthy somehow. I'm not sure what he expected or what he was looking for. I wasn't even sure if it was possible to prove myself to him, as any achievement would be a further distraction from 'Father's' divine love and attention. But I DID notice one big change. While he would sit and stare daggers in my direction before, he now was satisfied to simply ignore me, and cuddle up closer to Cyrus to keep himself warm in his undivided focus. Some of his bold defiance was gone concerning me. Some of his bratty antics and cold shoulders had been diminished. Was that a sign of 'welcome'? Negatively charged as it may be...I could almost swear that he might actually get used to me being around.

Cyrus looked over to me as I stared off into space, feeling more of my mentality being invaded by this strangely thick 'soup' of dark ideas It was like having a corrosive acid slowly eating away at every boundary that I had ever set for myself. He could sense my acceptance of it, as I played a little with my own sense of self. " do you feel?"

I looked at Cyrus and told him..."I don't know. I'm still trying to figure that out."

"Take your time. You've got forever and a day." He smirked.

John Boy told me, "The changes your mind are going through? Think of it as an unraveling knot in a rope. It's very difficult to pry those first few tangles apart, but as you pull and stretch and work your way through it...the knot becomes increasingly easier to undo. As the tangles get looser and more room is given for you to work'll soon find yourself with a plan on how to get it back to its original state. Your original state."

I looked over at the boy, sunglasses too dark to see through. But his alluring features and sweet lips seemed to call to me. I felt my hand reaching out to rest on his leg before the thought really crossed my mind fully about whether I should. I rubbed it slightly, giving the soft meat of his upper thigh a squeeze, and then with a smile, I turned his head slightly and kissed him deeply on the lips. There was no thought involved...only action. Some primal instinct inside of me wanted that kiss, and I simply 'reacted' to that desire without having it go through any sort of civilized 'filtering' process first. I lost myself in the passion of it, and sighed sinfully to myself as I allowed our lips to part with a gentle smacking sound.

John Boy giggled for a moment. "Something tells me you're finally joining the party, boy scout." I smiled, and let my hand wander to the growing hardness between his legs, groping it lustfully as I lay my head back and just absorbed more of this wicked sensation. I kept my hand in John Boy's crotch, and continued to knead and squeeze him there while his slim hips rolled tenderly under my fingertips.

"So what do I do now?" I asked Cyrus.

"Well, rest. Your body is weak, and stressed. It will need nourishment by morning." He told me. "Everything else will come to you naturally with time. Just like walking, talking...hours of virginal sex..." He laughed, and even Sebastian cracked a smile.

I couldn't help but grin myself. Everything felt so good. So alive. And as John Boy leaned over to place a few kisses on my shoulder, my hand still stroking him through his pants, I heard a sudden loud 'crash' from the side of me. We all turned to see what happened, and Dexter had purposely smashed a beer bottle in his bare hand. He had the most disgusted look on his face. A sinister scowl that such an adorable blond doesn't even look capable of. And when I looked down, he was holding the shattered glass in a tightly clenched fist, grinding the shards into his palm as blood dripped generously to the floor.

"Dex...?" Cyrus said softly, getting his attention. "...Are we not feeling ourselves tonight?" Dex mumbled something to himself in an angry series of whispers, staring at the floor and clenching his fist even tighter. "Dexter?"

"I know what's mine." He snarled.

"You're bleeding." Cyrus nodded towards his hand, and Dex looked down, releasing the broken glass and looking at the blood on his hand. "Why don't you go in the kitchen and wash that off before you get it all over the floor? Ok?"

Dexter looked at me momentarily, then back at Cyrus. "I KNOW what's MINE!" And he stomped off to go into the kitchen as he was told.

Cyrus looked at Sebastian, and said, "Help Dex get cleaned up. And retrieve as much left over rope from downstairs as you can. It's time we start keeping a closer eye on him."

" I HAVE to? Kriegar is much better at putting Dex down for the night than I am."

"Kriegar did it last moon. It's your turn." All Cyrus had to do was give Sebastian a quiet stare, and there was no more discussion about it.

"Yes, Father." He replied. He placed a bookmark in his novel to keep his place. Then he stood up to follow his 'orders' for the evening.

"Is Dexter alright?" I asked.

"Do you know what a 'new moon' is, Wesley?"

"Yeah. It's kinda like the opposite of the 'full moon', except that it's totally dark."

"Exactly." Cyrus said. "Well, while these lunar changes have minor effects on all of our kind...occasionally you find someone whose a bit more...hypersensitive to the change."

I wrinkled my forehead a bit. "Wait...I don't understand."

"You see, the full moon is what we would call a 'good' moon. The brightness, the energy, the splendor of usually has a very playful and energetic effect on the rest of us. And it does on Dexter too." He said. "But then...there's the new moon. The DARK moon. Dexter's personality doesn't respond to that one too well."

"But...but he..."

"Trust me, Wesley...when we say that Dex is not himself, we mean it. The lunar effects on his psyche can be quite severe. Nearly psychotic. Make no mistake...there's a reason that we need to tie him down every two weeks or so. He has to be monitored...closely. These mood swings cannot go unchecked." He gave me a look from where he was sitting. "Do you understand?"

I nodded, but wasn't really sure that I did. There was no doubt about it, Dex was a very different person than he was when I first met him, and he was changing more and more every day. Every HOUR even! But it was still a stretch for me to think of him as being really dangerous. To anybody other than himself that is.

The door opened, and I saw Kriegar and Kristin come back in, bloodstained clothes and all. Which they instantly began to strip off in front of the fireplace. Kristin spoke first, "It should be alright. But God did that one 'stink'."

Kristin lifted her shirt over her head, her firm teen breasts coming into view. Nipples as pink and erect as any I've ever seen in the movies. Even THAT aroused me, and I was forced to touch myself as I watched.

Kriegar had a black garbage bag with him, and inside was a single 'object'. One that I couldn't quite make out...until he tossed it over to Shank. "Here. I saved you the noggin'. I figured you could add it to your stash" He said. Shank caught the bag, and looked inside, eagerly unwrapping his gift. "It took a while to get it clean off." He looked at Cyrus. "No offense, Cyrus, but you've made cleaner cuts before."

Cyrus shrugged his shoulders. "It was a 'spur of the moment' kind of thing. Besides, he had a fat neck."

Shank opened the bag all the way, and took the officer's head out to look at it. You could still see the shocked expression on its face, everything was intact, except the eyes were...'gone'. A sickening smell filled the room and everyone fanned their faces as they turned away from the sight and scent of it.

"Where are the eyes?" Shank asked him quietly.

Kriegar answered, "I saved 'em for the kid. You know how he is."

"I NEED the eyes, Kriegar. They're a part of the finality."

"Don't be a baby! You got the head, what more do ya fucking want?"

" RUINED it! The look in the eyes at the time of death is important!"

"BITE ME! I could have shredded it up and buried it with the rest of him! Be thankful for what you got!" Kriegar grunted.

Cyrus fanned his face a bit more. "Shank...take your little 'souvenir' outside and put it back in the shed, will you?"

Just then, Sebastian and Dexter walked back into the room from the kitchen, Dex's hand wrapped in a hand towel. And Kriegar reached in his pocket for something. "Hey, nutjob? Catch!"

I couldn't believe that I actually sat on that couch, watching Shank hold a human head in a bag while Kriegar tossed Dexter a pair of human eyes to keep for himself. But the surreal nature of it all was so outlandish that it didn't eve register as being anything 'real'. It all seemed so dreamlike in its presentation...and my judgment of everything that was happening was either nonexistent...or covered up by so much wickedness that I couldn't find my rational mind any more.

Dex caught the two eyeballs in his hands and giggled happily at the gift. I guess something about his trip to the kitchen had calmed him down a bit. But while there were still obvious hints of his personality left in his smile and his demeanor, there was still so much about him that I suddenly didn't recognize. Something I think that I'd rather stay away from, even though it would be practically invisible to anyone who hadn't had the pleasure of having Dex cuddle up next to them and lick them on the side of the neck, as he was known to do from time to time.

Dex seemed happy at first, but then a pout appeared on his face. "What did you DO to 'em?" He said.

Kriegar asked, "What the fuck are you talking about?"

"They're 'SMOOSHED', Kriegar! Look at 'em!" He held the eyes out on the palm of his hand, and something inside of me told me to look away. I don't think the calling had taken over the part of my brain that wasn't sickened by the sight of this kinda thing yet. "You had them in your POCKET? In your POCKET??? What is this?"

Kriegar growled at him. "What the fuck is WRONG with you people??? Jesus fucking Christ! I didn't have to bring them back at 'fucking' ALL!!! HE wants the eyes, YOU want the eyes...why the fuck do I even TRY pleasing you assholes? Huh?" Kriegar stomped out of the room. "Where are the DRINKS??? I need to get my head together!"

Dex just pouted some more, and then shoved the eyes in his own pocket with a sickening 'squish'. "He got lint all over 'em. That's not nice He knows I don't eat lint. NOBODY eats lint! Who goes around putting lint on stuff? Huh? Dorky old drunk."

At that point, Sebastian made sure to guide Dex towards the door that led to the basement. Dexter asked him where they were going, once his paranoia kicked in. And Sebastian told him, "We're going to sleep now, Dex. Come on."

"But I'm not sleepy."

"You will be soon enough. Come on. Cyrus says to go downstairs now."

"BUT I'M NOT SLEEPY!!!!" He screamed, and Cyrus nodded towards Shank and Razor to go and help Sebastian 'put Dexter to bed'. He immediately pretended to calm down in order to get out of it. "I'm ok. I'm alright. I just...I'm OK, Cyrus, really! Truly! I don't need no ropes! I don't NEED no ropes! I PROMISE!"

"Goodnight, Dexter." Cyrus said, and Dex struggled a bit as he shouted back to us.

"I don't NEED no goddamn ropes!!! I'm OK!!! It's a GOOD moon! A GOOD moon!!! STOP IT!!! Cyrus, Sebastian PINCHED ME!!! Big bully!!! I'm gonna run away, that's what I'm gonna do! You'll see!!! I'm gonna RUN AWAY!!! G'night, Wesleyyyyyy!!!!" The door shut behind them, and I heard some commotion downstairs as I assume they were all trying to restrain Dex for the night. I felt kinda bad for him. What could he possibly do that requires him to be strapped down and restrained like some kind of mental patient just for the rest of us to go to sleep?

Cyrus looked over at me, and noticed my hand still rubbing back and forth over the tent in John Boy's pants. He smiled gracefully and said, "Why don't you go up to your room, Wesley. Get some rest. Trust need it."

I felt a low sensual moan come from the bottom of my throat, and I gave John Boy an extra squeeze. "Can I take you with me?"

John Boy kissed my lips again, and rubbed his fingertips behind my ear. "Maybe tomorrow, babe. don't get to choose." He said.

"Why not? I want you. I want you tonight." I said. But he only pushed himself back from me.

"Soon. Very soon. But you have to finish finding 'you', before you can find the rest of us."

What was that supposed to even MEAN? Dammit! I could practically TASTE John Boy's tingling meat in my mouth at that moment, and I was being..denied! It was frustrating! I could have gone all the way with Dex in the truck if that was the case.

"You should sleep alone tonight, Wesley. Just for the night. After can have whoever you like. Whenever you like." Cyrus told me. "You have my word."

I wiggled and squirmed a bit in my seat, but eventually let John Boy's young genitals go, and attempted to contain myself. But it wasn't easy. My libido was stronger than it had ever been before.

There was some noise coming from downstairs, some cursing, some banging, and some yelling that I couldn't quite make out. But I could tell that Dexter was putting up one hell of a fight over being tied down for the night. I could tell by the squeak in his immature voice as he tried to fight the three of them off. Kriegar walked back into the living room with two full liquor bottles, drinking heavily out of one of them. He heard the noise and said, "Is it almost 'dark moon' time already? Shit, I thought we had just gotten past one." Then, there was some 'growling' involved in the turbulence downstairs...some barking...and some seriously frightening howls coming from that basement...before I finally heard the door open, and saw Shank and Razor walk out holding their arms and breathing hard. I then saw Sebastian walk out, with some extremely deep claw and teeth marks in his face and neck. He held his hand against them to somehow slow down the bleeding as his healing factor took effect...but he seemed to pretty much expect to take some damage from the act of putting our resident 'looney toon' to sleep.

"Jesus! Are you ok?" I asked him, and he basically shrugged off my concern.

"I'll be fine in a few minutes. Just don't go down there until morning." He told me. And he walked upstairs to go into the bathroom and wash himself off.

Cyrus smiled in my direction again, and told Scout to go with Kristin to be put to bed himself. Then he reached for John Boy's hand...and 'chose' him for the night. Maybe he did it just because he was the boy I wanted. Or maybe he just ran through all of them in a certain 'order' every night But, whatever it was, I have to admit to being somewhat jealous of his pick. John Boy was 13, and smooth, and fit, and sleek, and sexy...with lips that begged for an insatiably long tongue kiss every minute of the day Cyrus began to strip him right in front of me, and I decided not to bear the humiliation of it all. I'll wait my turn. But I wanted him for myself the next time I get to choose.

"Go." Kristin encouraged me, nodding towards the stairs. "Sleep. And tomorrow, we'll begin to help you find your position."

"My position?" I asked.

"Yes. With the rest of us. It will fluctuate for a week or two...but soon, you'll find a stable foundation that you can stand on." She said, and kissed me on the cheek. "For now...just sleep. Allow your regeneration to complete its process fully...and then we can teach you the basics of what you need to know. Ok?"

"I didn't know that I needed to know much of anything." I told her with a flirtatious grin.

"Ohhh, trust need to know a LOT. And some of it ain't gonna be sugar coated, honey bunch." She smiled, and rubbed her finger across my cheek.

I started walking up the stairs alone, ready to rest my weary body from the strain and terror I had just put it through. It was then that Cyrus called out to me. "Hey, Wes? What did you do with the last hour of your life?" But this time, I just giggled and waved him off. He took so much pride in corrupting me. And I was almost taking pride in letting him do it.

I continued walking up the stairs, and opened the door to my....'room'. The same bed where Sebastian and I had been making love in right before my total transformation. I looked at the bed, at the walls, at the dresser..and it just didn't feel like...'mine'. It had the stench of other people's influence all over it, and I almost felt 'boxed in' just being there. Maybe it was some growing territorial instinct that I didn't know of just yet, but I simply could NOT sleep in that bed. Just taking a few fatigued steps towards it filled me with this strange level of....'discomfort'. This room didn't feel like mine anymore. It felt tainted. Ruined. Defiled, somehow. And instead, I found myself walking further back down the aisle to the teen boy's room that I had been in earlier

I opened the door slowly, and instantly felt more 'attached' to the overall vibe of the place. Even though the lingering scent of the room's previous owner was still heavy in the was a much better 'fit' for me than the other room. Definitely. The really weird thing is...I could have sworn that I smelled my brother Nick in the room as well. I couldn't explain it...but there was something familiar about the scent in the fibers of the carpet, or maybe in the curtains, or the sheets on the bed..that reminded me of my baby brother.

I looked at he bed in front of me, and there was a comforter on it It seemed odd to me, as this was HARDLY the time of year to have a thick comforter on your bed. But I just pulled it up and tossed it down to the floor. Cyrus was right, I needed rest. As much as I wanted John Boy to be up here with me at this very moment...sucking and slurping and rubbing our naked bodies together in the most intimate ways body DID seem rather worn out all of the sudden. In fact, my arms and leg began to feel heavy the second that I entered the room. My senses began to shut down, my body began to go limp...and before I knew it, I was debating whether or not I had enough energy to even finish getting undressed before I collapsed, face first, on the mattress below.

I didn't. And I plopped down, only half undressed, for a long night's sleep.

That night...the calling wrapped itself around me like the creeping death of carnivorous vines in the darkest of forests. I could feel every second of it, tangling, constricting, tightening, around me. My thoughts of being a good son and a good altar boy...were vanishing so rapidly that I found myself unable to hold on to those concepts any more. They evaporated before my very eyes, dissolving quickly like trying to catch the last few moments of a forgotten dream. And that's what my life seemed to be up until this point....a dream. A hellish fantasy, backed up by corrupt politicians, hypocritical parents, and false friends. In a world so lost, so have someone as powerful, and as wise as Cyrus is...take you into his embrace and give you a glimpse of the truth? It was a spiritual evolution that would be a serious insult to describe to those who haven't felt it first hand. You have to bear witness to the madness to truly understand it. Its logic, its foundation, its purpose.

It seems as though I am willingly 'choosing' the darkest path. That I am purposely abandoning my morals and values and diving deep into the abyss without any concern for my past life, my upbringing, or my family. But...nooooooo. That's not what madness is at all. a complete flip of the coin. Madness is no more, and no LESS, logical than our so called 'sanity' is. It is a road less traveled, yes...but hardly the twisted and psychotic roller coaster ride that most people expect it to be. Or maybe even HOPE to be. It's as simple as coming to a fork in the road, and turning left...instead of right.

I woke up periodically throughout the night, feeling the need to stretch, or to coil up into a tight little ball. I felt small pinches of fever every now and then, as the rest of my humanity was eaten away, and on occasion, I would feel my nails sharply tearing at my sheets. Raking them on the mattress over and over again. The activity itself seem to soothe me, and by the time I realized that I was even doing it...I was already drifting back off to sleep again.

When the morning came, my eyes fluttered open and my senses came alive. I rubbed my eyes a bit, trying to focus, and everything around me seemed to be so clear, so crisp. It was displayed with a level of color and definition that I had never seen before, and I laid there on my side for a moment to just marvel at the sight of the sunlight pouring into my room through the curtains. It was then that I reached up to get in a big morning stretch and rolled over onto my back. And that's when I saw something in the corner.

I turned my head all the way, and was somewhat surprised to see Dex sitting high up on top of the dresser across the room. He was dressed in nothing but a light blue, snug fitting, t-shirt...and completely naked from the waist down. He had both legs pulled up, his elbows resting on his knees..just 'perched' up there as if it were normal. His spread eagle legs left nothing to the imagination, everything was on display. Creamy white, smooth, with the slightest shade of pink in all the right places. His head was down slightly, his blond curls hanging down a bit, but his eyes were fixated on me. Staring with a intensely dark gaze that instantly made me uneasy.

I was unable to speak at first. I didn't know if he was going to jump on me and cover me with kisses....or jump on me and try to rip me to pieces. From the look on his face, it looked more like the latter.

"Dex? What are you doing?" I asked.

"Watching you sleep." He hissed in a low tone. The comment was chilling to say the least, but I tried to simply stay on his good side, just in case. "This isn't your room." He said.

"Nobody was using I figured..."

"You can have it. We don't mind." He said with a tilted smirk.

I was becoming increasingly disturbed by his very presence, so I made sure to choose my words carefully. Never knowing what could...'set him off'. "How did you...get in here? I thought...I thought you were in the basement?"

He squinted his eyes a bit, a small growl escaped from the center of his chest. Then a wicked smile spread out as he slowly shook his head back and forth. "I decided I didn't like being down there any more."

"But...I thought they made sure...that you'd be...alright."

"It seems they don't make ropes like they used to. Not enough to hold down good ol' Dex...unh unh." He spoke so calmly, so steadily. It was a far cry from his rapid fire babbling. Funny...I could really use some of that harmless craziness right about now.

"Does Cyrus know that you're in here?" I asked.

Dex tilted his head to the side, his smile fading a bit, almost as if in insult. "Now...why would you wanna go and ask me a question like that?" I was completely stuck for an answer, and he didn't seem to wait for one. He leaned forward slightly, and looked at me sideways. "Do I make you nervous, Wesley?"

"No..." I lied.

"Then why are you scared?"

"I'm not."

"Yes, you are." He said, pointing to his nose, and tapping it lightly with his fingertip. "I can smell it."

I began to worry that if I were to suddenly shout out for the others to come and get him, he'd attack me for sure. But it didn't look staying frozen like this with nothing but a thin bed sheet to protect me, was going to do me much good either. Thankfully, it was then that the door to my room opened up, and I saw Shank and Razor walk in to 'collect' him. "Sorry. He got away from us." They both said to me in unison.

"Morning, fellas." Dexter said, not even looking in their direction.

"You're getting a lot better at being sneaky, Dex." Shank told him

"I do try."

Razor reached out a hand. "Come on. Let's go. Cyrus wants you downstairs for morning union. C'mon."

Dexter glanced over at me one more time, and said, "He says 'jump'...I say 'how high?'" and then he hopped down to walk out with them. Both twins gave him a soft kiss on both cheeks and then Razor playfully grabbed a handful of his bare ass on the way out. Shank turned to me and said, "You too, playboy. Up and at 'em. We're going into town."

I let out a sigh of relief, and tried to catch my breath. Just how bad do these lunar effects get for him? Next time I go to sleep, I'm definitely locking my bedroom door. That's one creepy infatuation that I can do without.

I found another shirt in the closet to wear. A bright red pullover tee, and a pair of sweatpants. They would be a little bit warm for the day...but it's not like I had much choice. I had to pick clothes that I could wear. I'll be running out of options soon. Smelling the scent of the boy who owned was almost like he was right there in the room with me. Like I could just sense his presence. His shape. A ghost of his existence that lingered in every inch of that fabric. A piece of him haunted me, as I left the room and went down into the kitchen to join the others.

Everyone was sitting at the kitchen table in complete silence, eyes closed, hands on the table with their palms up. I didn't understand what was going on exactly, but I could feel that subliminal 'pull' on my instincts, wanting to be a part of it. I would say that I didn't want to disturb them, but its foolish to think for even a second that they would be unaware of my presence.

The all opened their eyes at the same time, and Cyrus nodded towards an empty chair on his left side. "Come. Join us in our morning union."

"I...I don't" I said, walking over to my seat.

"You don't have to know anything. Just feel." He told me. "You'll like it. I promise."

Everyone closed their eyes again, and Cyrus took my hands, and turned them palms up like the others. He gave me one last smile, and then covered my eyes with his hand, signaling me to close them. I didn't know what I was doing, but in a matter of seconds...I felt it. My breathing was in tune with everyone else's. My heartbeat was in tune with everyone else's. My thoughts, my memories, my senses...everything. I had become a part of the circle. It actually accepted me. Embraced me. And as I got more used to it...I could feel the energy of everyone around me being 'shared'. I could feel John Boy, and Dex, and Kristin...pieces of them, their experience, their personality, their very life essence...flowing through me. Each one connecting with a different vibration. And I soon found myself giving my own away as well. Sharing my personal energy with the rest of the table, and apparently giving them quite the 'rush' with my contribution. They were excited to feel my aura, and we all became energized as one. The buzz was like nothing you could ever imagine.

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