I remember hearing every creak in the steps as we walked to the upstairs bedroom. The music from the living room being muffled as the sound waves struggled to bounce off of the walls around us and travel upstairs behind us. The top of the stairs was dark, and as Shank and Razor were further submerged in the lack of light...I saw their eyes begin to glow in the dark. Just enough to illuminate their wicked grins...mirror images of one another.

I could feel my inhibitions slipping away from me. Washed off like mud in the rain. The anticipation of the moment made the calling strong. It got stronger every time it took over. My resistance was beginning to get so brittle. So ineffective. And in a matter of seconds, it became difficult to hold back a flirtatious smile of my own. My body began to run hot with a sexual fever as they guided me into the darkness around them, and I could feel myself falling even deeper into the abyss. A pit that I once believed had an end...but now realized that it was as bottomless as Cyrus told me it would be. And something about that excited me to the point of snickering softly to myself...as my own eyes began to adopt the same sinister glow as my brothers'.

I stood at the top of the staircase, my mind now wrapped entirely around the predatory pursuit of this sexual encounter. And when I looked down at the carpet...I saw the giant bloodstain stretching halfway down the hall Someone had been murdered here. Right where I stood. And it must have hurt. A LOT! I 'liked' that. Even the design of the mess left behind was one of true power. Untamed. Unrestricted. What should have horrified and disgusted me was now being hailed as creative and admirable. A decorated kill that should be honored...and appreciated...and copied for its form and style. Yes, if this was Father's handiwork, then he is truly a skilled craftsman indeed.

The twins pulled me further down the hall to the room that I had chosen for my own. I could feel their twin energies flowing through me, and made them smile when I fed them some of my own in response. It was playfully erotic, and when I tried to shut the door behind us, Razor held out a hand to make me leave it open. I'm not sure why...but it excited me to know that anyone could enter. Anyone could watch. It only made my grin grow wider as they guided me to the center of the room. Their dark green eyes remained fixed on me with such an intensity, their bodies so sensually slim and tight, snake like from their flat chests, to their smooth stomachs, and down into the front of their pants, where a beautiful V-line promised to connect beneath something tasty. Their dark brown hair dyed with such amazing streaks of crimson, almost making their chin length bangs looked as though they had been dipped in blood. And soft thin lips that whispered my name with steady breaths, and a gaze that could freeze you solid with a single glance.

The twins seductively moved back and forth, traveling slow circles around me as their fingertips lightly ran up and down my sides, until I could hardly tell which twin was which. And then...one of them snaked their arms around my middle, and hugged me against him while slowly kissing and licking the back of my neck. I heard a long sigh escape my lips, and I closed my eyes to lean my head back on his shoulder. The twin in front of me, Razor, ran his hand up the front of my shirt, and rubbed my hardening nipples as Shank made small circles around the rim of my belly button. It was than that Razor moved his head forward to suck lovingly on the other side of my neck. I felt my knees get weak as they pleasured me from both sides, and a tingle of pure ecstasy wiggled its way down my spine, electrifying my whole body at once.

I felt a tug on my shoulder, and Shank turned me around to face him, so he could kiss me deeply on the lips...burying his tongue in my mouth. I wrapped my arms around him, closed my eyes a gain, and moaned lustfully as our embrace took us over. I let my hands wander down the sleek surface of his body, and reach down to tightly grip the tight round cheeks of his ass. And just as I was almost breathless from one kiss, another tug was felt on my shoulder. And Razor turned me to face him instead, his lips mashing themselves against mine before I was even able to miss my lip lock with his brother. However, when my hands connected to him, his shirt was gone. He had taken it off without me even noticing, and my hands danced lightly across the smooth hairless flesh. The warmth of his skin, and the gentle movements of the athletic muscle underneath, was about as tempting a sensation as one could ever imagine. My kiss was even more passionate this time around, and while Razor and I were making out, Shank was removing his shirt as well. Back and forth, from brother to brother, my kiss followed whatever direction they pulled me in. And the second I made contact with one boy, the other removed an article of clothing, until they stood on either side of me completely naked. Hard as a nightstick, touching me. Licking me. Loving me.

Their movements against me were so well coordinated. Every strategic touch had an equal and opposite touch on the other side of me. An erotic taste of sexual symmetry that kept my body teetering on the brink of over stimulation. It was almost too much for me to handle, but the calling kept me still. Kept me wanting more. And the twins began to tease me...keeping me confused as to which direction to face. Still moving around me. Still tempting me. Not knowing which hand belonged to which twin. Feeling lips against my blushing flesh that I couldn't define. And soon, their hands began to undress me as well. A long wet lick traveling up my chest as one brother lifted the shirt over my head...my hands in the air, giving the other complete access. And a soft suction delivered to my inner thighs as my pants came down. I felt one twin hugging me tenderly from behind, while the other kissed his way up my thigh...nuzzling his nose and tongue up under the leg of my boxers until I felt a few wet licks swipe lustfully across the side of my sack. I shivered as the twin moved further up, trying to push his face further into my underwear, and I had to spread my legs more as he reached between my legs to grab my ass with both hands....pulling me into his face as my hardness rubbed back and forth across his nose and eyes.

"Oh God....mmmmmm...." I began to whimper as I rolled my hips in slow circles, and after one long wet suck of my stiffness, the other twin rose to his feet, and they sandwiched me between them. Their smooth chests pressing against me, their arms wrapping me tight, leaking cool trails of fluid on my legs from front and back, as they began to kiss each other erotically over my shoulder. We gyrated with a sensual rhythm for a moment...their hands were everywhere, stimulating me all over, creating a full body experience that literally took my breath away.

They soon moved me over to the bed, to lie me gently on my back. Their green eyes stared down at me with a wicked grin, as they slithered up both of my sides to join me. I felt two sets of hands on my legs, pulling them apart, touching my balls, stroking my shaft, gently tugging at the soft hairs they found there. And one of them kissed me deeply as the other moved down to take me in between their heated lips. My young body tensed up from the initial contact, and then relaxed to the point where I felt as though I was melting inside. My body began to squirm as I tried to give in to the pleasure of having my mind blown in such a fashion. And then...as my legs began to twist and tremble from the suction, he stopped. He licked his way up to my nipple for a moment, and then he began to kiss me just as deeply as the other teen worked his way down to take his place at my altar. There was never a time to breathe. They kept my heart racing until I thought it would burst.

Feeling them suck me so passionately is where I really could feel the difference between the two of them. Finally getting a lock on who was who again. While Razor was much more aggressive, bobbing his head vigorously while tightening the grip of his lips on me...Shank was much slower. More sensual. Taking his time to slowly suck me in deep, and then coming back up to the tip, working his tongue in erotic circles around my erection. Instead of rolling my balls in his palm the way Razor did, he would rub the tendons on my inner thighs, sometimes letting his finger run down to lightly circle my exposed hole, but never enter me. Not even a little bit. They took turns going back and forth, with Razor working me into a fever, and Shank bringing me back down again...until I was aching for a release.

Was this the plan? Was this to make me forget? To make me go along with them tonight? The thought only crossed my mind for a quick moment before it was devoured by the sensation of both twins moving down to now share the duty of licking me all over. Practically French kissing with my hardness in between their warm wet lips and tongues. My mind went blank, and Shank reached for my hand to pull me up to a kneeling position. I saw Razor lay on his back...and wiggle his way underneath me, licking and sucking on my balls, and sometimes further back behind them. I spread my knees wide, lowering myself to cover his face completely, feeling weightless as he took a hold of my thighs and sucked feverishly at my perineum. His tongue was all over me, and I heard him moan as he tried to bury himself in my flesh, in my scent, taking me over completely.

My erection jumped and pulsed from the feel of it, and that's when Shank threw a leg over to straddle his brother, and sensually rolled his hips into him as he slowly sucked me into his mouth again. One brother below my balls, the other on my shaft, and the sight of them grinding together was almost too much to bear. I began to pant and gasp for air, droplets of sweat forming on my brow as I tried to hold off on the biggest orgasm of my life. And a Razor wiggled even further back to let his tongue dance at the bottom of my cleft, Shank moved to the side to bend me forward to give him a better view of my private opening. I was molded into whatever shape they wanted of me, and when I was laying belly to belly with Razor beneath me, I saw that delicious piece of warm teen meat in front of me and opened my mouth wide to tenderly slide it in.

The flavor of him was indescribable. My mouth watered for his taste, and as he raised his knees and spread his legs more, I sucked even harder, whimpering from the feeling of unrestricted sexual access. I felt my stomach tighten, and I couldn't sit still as Razor's tongue licked me out...touching every nerve ending and making me spasm with delight. And then...a second tongue met up with his, and they both ran back and forth across the quivering rosebud, their tongues touching in the middle then spiraling out again in strategic patterns that had me purring like a newborn kitten in a matter of seconds. I humped myself backwards, and they both worked up and down the crack, only to meet again at my hole, and at this point I was sucking Razor until my tongue hurt. I could feel the ridge of his helmet, that beautiful cut, slide over my taste buds as dribbles of warm nectar bled from the tiny slit. I could feel it twitching. I could taste its stimulation. And I humped down as he humped up into my lips with a passion. They knew I wouldn't hold out for long.

My body was near the point of total collapse, when I was pulled up again and laid on my side between them. Razor's hungry kiss smashed itself against my mouth instantly, and he ran his fingers through my hair as we lustfully connected in a savage lip lock. Shank scooted in behind me, and his arm and leg slid over me, grasping on to his brother's ass and trapping me in the middle, sucking tenderly at my neck and shoulders as I felt his hardness grind into me from behind. I wanted to let go. I wanted to burst all over both of them with my release. But I was too turned on to actually reach an orgasm. My body was too busy trying to stay conscious through all of this. I felt them roll over, until I was laying back against Shank, and Razor laid on top of me. This time I could really feel Razor scrunching up his slim body to push into me over and over again. His hardness and mine sliding against one another as his fucking motion caused me to grab onto his tightening ass with both hands, my legs wrapping around his thighs, just to hold on and let him pump me with the powerful flexes of his frame. I had to break our kiss, and breathe heavily over his shoulder as he really began to dig in and move those serpentine hips of his. I kissed him on the ear and the cheek whenever I could get a few breaths in, but I mostly just had to hold on.

Then the position switched again, and I found myself on top of Razor, kissing his lips for all I was worth as I felt Shank now taking the role on top. He gyrated in smooth, strong, circles...sliding his hardness up and down my cleft, every inch of it rubbing across the surface of my hole...creating a sexual 'itch' that you wouldn't believe. Shank's motions were soooo incredibly sexy, steady and rhythmic. He knew how to truly find the spots on the surface of your skin that would give you a cool shiver whenever he touched them a certain way. I could feel the tensing of his young six pack stomach in the small of my back as he pushed himself against me over and over again, his erect nipples scraping lightly, up and down, on the back of my shoulders with a tickle. He licked across the last remaining scratch marks on my back, and I could have sworn that they flared up all over again from the stimulation. Cyrus' mark had become what was possibly the most private and most erotically charged spot on my entire body, and when I felt Shank lick me there, his pushes and digs causing me to press my hardness against Razor's body beneath me...I found myself getting lightheaded as my body prepared for climax.

I allowed my body to limply follow as we all rolled back to our sides, and I held on for dear life as the approaching orgasm ripped its way through me. Shank and Razor kissed and licked and sucked at my neck, ears, cheeks, and lips...their hands running up and down my sides, speeding up as I fought for release. I whined and squealed, my voice cracking as it strained to express what my body could hardly understand. I was almost physically struggling with the twins in the end...the two of them keeping me locked between them. Humping into me from the front, grinding into me from the back, until, at long last...I felt the first warm gushes of semen burst forth and relieve the building pressure with a cry of passion. The spasms were almost painful, but GOD it felt good to get rid of it all! I never thought I'd stop! It just kept coming, blast after blast, until my body was completely enveloped in a state of true exhaustion.

The twins were still moving and unwinding on either side of me, and in unison they moaned out loud as well, and I felt hot splashes against my skin, from both in front and behind. Identical orgasms, right down to the number of shots and volume of juice. By the time we had reached the end of our 'ride'...neither one of us could move.

Instead, we remained a tangled naked heap of smooth heated flesh, arms and legs wrapped up until you couldn't tell what belonged to who. We were catching our breaths, and I saw Razor smile as he leaned forward to rub noses with me. Shank kissed the back of my neck, and we all smiled at one another as the blissful energy of an afterglow washed over us. And as I lay there in their warm embrace, my eyes happened to catch a reflection in the mirror across the room.

It was Dexter...and he was standing right there in the doorway. When his eyes met mine in the reflection, I couldn't tell what he was thinking. Was he angry? Jealous? Or was he just watching the show? Whatever it was...he was definitely watching. And watching closely. I couldn't figure anything out from the stoic look on his face alone...but he soon just turned and walked away. Not a word spoken. Not one.

At some point, I know that I nodded off to sleep. It must have been for a good hour or so, because when I awoke again it was dark outside. Shank and Razor both rolled away from me simultaneously, and the cold air that rushed in with the absence of their joined body heat gave me a chill. I watched them get dressed, admiring the sleek perfection of their bodies as they were gradually covered back up and hidden from my eyes. They both looked at me and shared a demonic grin between them. "You're ready, aren't you?" Razor asked.

And the truth was..."Yeah...I think I am." Did I know what I was saying at the time? Did I realize the madness and give into it willingly? I don't know. It's sorta hard to tell what decisions were actually my own. Maybe none of them. Maybe ALL of them. Complete liberation from your own boundaries doesn't necessarily leave you with a whole lot to fall back on in the way of determining limits. How do you find a way to draw a line in the sand when you've crossed every line before it. How do you swim back to shore when you've already gone past the point of no return. Once you reach a certain distance from your old values and civilized methods of thinking...going further is not only easy...it's enticing.

The twins tossed me my shirt. "We've got the first shower. You're next." Razor said.

"But don't get too clean. You'll need another one by the time the night is over." Shank added.

"Father will want to talk to you." They told me.

"Talk to me? About what?" I asked.

"About this..."

"And that..."

"And everything in between."

"This is a special night for you, pup."

"A VERY special night indeed."

"We'll see you downstairs."

"Be ready to rock n' roll, kiddo."

"We're counting on you to show us what you got."

"We'd hate to let you go. You can be soooo 'yummy' when you want to be."

After looking back and forth between the two like a tennis match, they both slung bath towels over their shoulders and left the room. Leaving me a moment to think. I laid in that bed, still half hard from the sexual encounter I had just taken a part in, still reeling from the amazing orgasm I had just released...and with a sigh I stared up at the ceiling. It was a strange feeling, but the confusion didn't feel like confusion any more. It felt....it felt GOOD! Too good for me to care what purpose it served or what it was doing to me. As long as I didn't have to stop feeling this way. As long as I never had to go back to a world where this wasn't possible. And the idea of protecting this way of life, this unbelievably simple and honest answer to all that had hurt me before, by doing something as simple as picking off a few punks every now and then...brought a smile to my lips. I could have all of this, for the rest of my life...sex, power, family, freedom...and the ability to live free of secrets from now until my last dying breath...and all I had to do was support the ones who brought me in to the pack. Even if 'support' meant murdering those that are lesser than us. How could such petty obstacles stand in my way?

How can I allow it? When Cyrus has given me soooo much to be thankful for

I took my shower once the twins were finished, and washed up as much as I could...before getting a mental message from Cyrus to meet with everyone downstairs. I was learning to interpret those sensations so rapidly. They nudged at certain 'feelings' in me, and let me know the plan as soon as it was broadcasted to me. I took a moment to rinse off, and was washing the shampoo out of my hair, when I saw the shower curtain suddenly get ripped back and I saw Kriegar standing there with a half empty bottle in his hand. "Father wants you downstairs. So beat it, I gotta get clean!" He said, and stepped into the shower in front of me, bringing the bottle with him.

I smiled, a wicked sensation rushing through me, and I looked over Kriegar's body as the water cascaded down his backside. The light traces of hair on his shoulders, back, arms, legs...such a pleasant texture. Especially when wet. I had to reach out and run my hands over it, moving close up behind him to kiss his shoulder as I pressed myself up against a rather impressive ass, if I may say so myself. "What are you doing, kid? Didn't you get enough of that already tonight?" He asked, drinking some more out of the bottle before letting the shower spray hit his face.

I rested my chin on his shoulder as I hugged him around the middle, my fingers fascinated by the well defined treasure trail growing just south of his navel. A healthy bush was met as I traveled further down, and then took hold of sizeable piece of growing meat. "Maybe...I need a little bit more, just to be sure."

"Maybe you need to save your energy. You're gonna need it." Kriegar grinned, and lifted the bottle of alcohol to my lips over his shoulder. I took a mouthful and swallowed it, returning my lips to his neck, squeezing him tighter and holding his bigger, stronger, body against me. But the tug on my senses got stronger, and I knew that Cyrus wouldn't tolerate any further delays. "I suggest you don't make him ask again." Kriegar told me.

"Sighhh...I know. I know." I gave him one last kiss on the cheek, and then stepped out of the shower to dry off.

Then Kriegar told me, "Hey...another time...we'll finish. Just you and me Deal?"

I smiled widely. "I'll be waiting on it."

I got dressed quickly, tucking my hardness in as best as I could before hurrying downstairs to join the others in the living room. Cyrus smirked when he saw me so eager and ready to heed his call. And having his approval created a pride in me that made me return the same grin. I sat down in the center of the couch, and the others could see the refreshing look on my face. "Enjoy yourself?" John Boy asked.

"Immensely." I replied, sinister gleam in my eyes. The others could so easily see my descent. They could feel me falling, no longer looking for the comforting safety net beneath me...and it pleased them soooo much. Even the ones who had doubted my loyalties in the beginning were now watching my development with wonder and amazement. "Are we still going out tonight, Father?" I asked, feeling so....'apart' from my usual self, but enjoying the escape just the same.

"Hehehe, are we so anxious to get things started?" He asked me, and I nodded the affirmative. Then, Cyrus wanted to know, "How do I know that this eagerness won't suddenly wear off once you're in the thick of it? Can I trust you to perform your duties as a part of this family, Wes? Will you do what needs to be done, when the moment is at hand?"

"Yes, Father." I answered without even blinking.

"Hmmm...we shall see."

I saw movement from the corner of my eye, and saw Scout walking towards me. Much to my surprise, he not only walked up to me, but he took a seat on my lap, and leaned back against me while I held him steady. He had never once felt comfortable around me. He had never once showed me anything but frustration, envy, and contempt for even being here with the rest of them. But now? Now this young boy had somehow taken a liking to the energies that I was bringing to the table, and as he settled his tiny little bottom on my lap to get comfortable, it almost felt somewhat affectionate. Not that he paid me much mind, of course. It was more just a matter of him 'taking' a spot on my lap, and not asking permission. But it was more than I had ever gotten from him before.

Funny...something about holding this boy in my arms...this 11 year old blond with the ice blue eyes...it reminded me of the times when I used to hold Nick as a baby. And later as a toddler. And the memory of it triggered something so deep inside of me that I felt as though I lost focus for a moment. In fact, I think it had done something to the confident vibe that I had just moments ago, because Scout suddenly felt uncomfortable being anywhere near me, and quickly got up out of my lap to go be with Cyrus again. He peeked back at me with a slightly puzzled look on his face at first, but then shook his head as though he didn't understand why he'd give me so much 'credit' at this particular point in time. Something about his reaction made Kristen giggle, and I felt slightly humiliated. Hoping that the fog could sweep through my mind and make these insecure thoughts go away again.

John Boy moved closer to me, and handed me an ice cold beer from the cooler next to the couch. Their alcohol supply seemed to be virtually limitless at times. I don't know how they could stay standing after days of this behavior. John Boy told me, "We're going to have 'union' before we leave We're going to connect and coordinate...and when we make our approach, we will all think as one mind. We don't leave anyone alive. Do you understand? No one."

"I understand." I said, watching Kriegar come downstairs from his shower with an empty bottle in his hand. I thought more about our conversation in the shower, and remembered the way he kissed me so hungrily the other day...and it made me want him. It made me want him bad.

John Boy made sure that I had his full attention before speaking again. "Remember what I told you, Wesley...there's going to come a moment where you think that you can't do it. But just a moment of faith in Father's guidance will help you get through it all."

"I'm sure he'll know what to do when the time comes, John Boy." Cyrus answered from across the room, and all eyes were turned to him. "Wesley doesn't realize it yet...but he is a true 'beast' in the making. A living, breathing, natural disaster in the flesh. You are officially the most horrible thing to ever go 'bump' in the night. And when they see you...when they witness your greatness first hand...you're going to appreciate the gift that I have given you. When you see them cower at your feet, and tremble at the sound of your growl...you're going to know what it's like to be superior. To be a god among men, as you were meant to be."

Every word seemed to stroke my ego to the point of indulgence. He made me strong. He made me believe. "Listen to him, Wes." Kristen said. "Tonight is the night you get to feel what it's like to live without fear."

"I won't disappoint you, Father." I told him.

Cyrus moved closer to me, and John Boy knew to get up so that he could sit next to me, and throw a brotherly arm over my shoulder. He pulled me close to him from the side, until our heads were touching, and he spoke softly, his voice almost hypnotic in its seductive tone. "Do you know...what 'terror' smells like, Wesley?" He asked. His smile could be so boyishly disarming sometimes. "And I'm not talking 'fear' here...I'm talking full blown 'TERROR'. Where the victims' are at the very end of their rope, they haven't the strength to run or to fight any more...and they realize that their lives are TRULY at an end. That scent...that sweet fragrance of pure horror...it is like cocaine for the senses, Wesley. Once you've had a taste of it, you'll never want to live without it again. It's one HELL of an addictive sensation. I wish I could be there when you get your first taste. The thrill of it...it's immeasurable to everything you've ever known." Cyrus placed a kiss on my cheek, and said, "The key, the true art behind it, is to prolong that enjoyment for as long as you can. Let them run, let them scream. We should get a certain amount of 'pleasure' out of our prey. You'll develop your own techniques in time, I'm sure."

"I believe you, Father. And I will do what is needed. I am ready." I said

"Of course you are." He paused for a second, and then turned my head to meet his gaze straight on. "Now listen....at some point tonight...while you and the others are taking care of business, you're going to reach a certain peak in your thought process. A point where everything you were before is going to collide with everything that you've become. And you're going to question yourself. You're going to wonder...whether or not you're going to be able to take another human life."

"No, Cyrus. I'm beyond that now..." I started, but he hushed me with a finger.

"You're going to feel a 'sickness', rapidly growing in the middle of your stomach. The worst sickness that you've ever felt in your life. And I want you to ignore that feeling. It's an illusion. A false guide based on civil 'training', and nothing more. These 'people'...these...vermin...are going to suddenly realize that they are in a 'no win' situation. They're going to beg, and plead, and cry. And some of that is going to connect with some weakness inside of you that wants to believe that they'll suddenly leave that room and become better people. Let me tell you right now...they won't. This is not a mission to teach them a lesson or save their souls, Wesley. This is not a negotiation where they are able to 'strike a deal' for their already worthless lives. They had their shot, and they wasted it. They wasted it on challenging a much more dominant species. This is their punishment. Plain and simple. Wolves don't bargain. Wolves don't suddenly change their minds about a wounded animal. And wolves carry no guilt or remorse whatsoever for the things that they've done. So tonight, when you go out with Kriegar and the twins...you keep that in mind." He said, and lightly patted me on the shoulder. "So...are you all ready to take care of our little 'problem'?"

"Yes, Father." We said together.

"Good. Take the truck, have John Boy go with you to insure that he has the right scent to track them with." Then Cyrus leans over to John Boy, and kisses his small lips. "You can stay in the truck. Just make sure that things go smoothly." John Boy nodded, and Cyrus told the rest of us, "Make sure you leave a bloody mess this time. You understand? Make it as gruesome and as horrific as you can manage. I want to send a message...to Robbie, his family, and anyone else who would dare approach us or deny me what is mine...that we are NOT running a fucking CLUBHOUSE here! I want them to KNOW...that the only reason that they continue to even BREATHE...is because *I* ALLOW it! This town, and EVERYTHING in it, BELONGS TO US!!! And anybody who wants to challenge us for ownership...is going to have to fucking back it up with something MORE savage, MORE merciless, and MORE ferocious, than WE are! And as we all know...such 'fictional' creatures do not exist! Am I right?" He said, and the others agreed, a dark series of giggles going around the room. "Maybe after tonight...we can cut down on these little roadside 'incidents' and get back to having fun."

We all nodded in agreement, and headed out the front door. I was the last to leave, when Cyrus yelled out to me with a smile. "Behold, Wesley...I send you out, a sheep amidst the wolves!" He said. "Make me proud, boy!"

"Indeed I will, Father. Indeed I will."

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