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"Savage Moon 5: Unleashed"

Sitting there on the rocks by the lake at Rainbow's End, just leaning back and feeling the soothing sensation of alcohol tearing down what was left of my inhibitions...I looked up at the star filled sky above me and smiled warmly to myself. My wounds from the fight had numbed themselves almost completely, feeling just a little bit puffy and swollen, but not to the point where I felt 'disfigured' because of it. I actually kinda liked having a few war scars from the experience. I kept running my fingers over my cheek and the side of my mouth, curious about how it must look to be all battered up this way. Interested in how easy the pain was to bear, and how little permanent damage it had actually done. I still couldn't believe that I actually got into a fist fight with a guy TWICE my size and won! I actually had bruises to prove it! Why was that making me smile so much? Maybe it was the fact that I had mentally built up the concept of a physical confrontation to be some kinda life threatening experience. Something to be feared and avoided at all costs. Like most people, I guess, I was convinced that scrapping with another human being would somehow be the end of the civilized world. But now that I had actually been through one, a BAD one at that, it wasn't all that traumatic. Not at all. I didn't 'break'. I didn't die. I didn't shed a single tear. And somehow...confronting that horrific phobia of never raising a fist to defend myself...made me stronger. It was a great release to let that liquor bottle fly and shatter across the side of his head. To suddenly be thrown into chaos, and fight with the confidence of knowing that I had a shot at actually winning this thing. The rush that it gave me was still tingling in my arms, runnin all the way down to my fingertips. That jackass was nothing to be afraid of. He was a clown at best. Like my father...he was just a man. And I was starting to realize just how weak and unimportant that made him. Once you take down the frightening illusion of this intimidating begin to realize that he's no boogie man. He's nothing. Less than nothing. And every last person here saw me beat the living shit out of him. Damn, that made me feel awesome inside!

"Look at this...the kid's still smiling!" Razor grinned down at me.

And his brother was quick to add, "Are we satisfied with ourselves tonight?"

I blushed a bit, realizng that I was being a bit self absorbed at the moment. "Hehehe, sorry. But I can't help it." I said, still reliving the whole 'David versus Goliath' scenario in my mind. "It's not every day that I get to just...let loose like that."

Cyrus leaned down and said, "But it can be, Wesley. That's what I've been trying to show you." When I looked up, he leaned back against Scout, who was holding him close to his chest and playing softly with his hair. "You are going to learn a great many things about yourself in the next couple of days." He smiled.

However, even though I was beyond happy being with them at that very moment, there was something still tugging at my common sense...and I couldn't let it go. When I stormed out of that cabin tonight, the decisions I made seemed so clear. So easy. I was angry and frustrated and just...I just didn't want to be there anymore. But as I settled in a bit and my thoughts weren't so emotionally driven, it became clear to me that Kyla was right. I was definitely going to have to go back sooner or later. But there's no reason why I can't punish my parents for a bit longer while I have some fun. Maybe when I go back, they'll think twice about making everything my fault. Maybe for once they'll appreciate having me around. And in the meantime...I'm going to be with my friends...enjoying the night without feeling so guilty about it all the time.

I guess it's nothing to really worry about now. Going back? I'll just cross that bridge when I come to it.

I glanced back over at Jack and Kyla from time to time, and while most of Jack and his friends went on partying as though nothing had happened, Kyla had subdued herself a lot that night. She just sat there, looking alone even in her crowd of 'happy people'. She was drinking out of her plastic cup, smiling slightly whenever the group's wild antics cued her to do so. But was right back to her thoughts, and her cup. She wasn't even sucking down any cigarette smoke as usual. It was the first time that I ever saw her not enjoying herself. She looked happier when she was hungover. I should probably apologize to her. I was being stupid. When I get back to camp, I'll make it up to her somehow.

Dallas, on the other hand, seemed much more interested in us than ever before. Ever since I invited him to come over, he had been secretly peeking over every couple of minutes to see what we were doing. He was fascinated. Having the others trying to get his attention was like trying to get a school boy to take a test with a carnival right outside his classroom window. I doubt he even realized that he was doing it as much as he was. I don't think he had ever been 'chosen' for much of anything. Jack kept him around, but didn't really pay him too much attention. More than anything they just sent him back and forth to the cooler for more drinks. He must have been honored to have us select him out of the crowd to come sit with us. However, as time went on, I noticed something. Whenever I looked up at Cyrus, he seemed to be equally as intrigued with Dallas as he was with us. It was an interesting sight to see...two entities seemingly calling out to one another, but hesitating to make a move in the other's direction. While Dallas' excuse was that he was too shy to really make his wishes known, Cyrus had another motivation entirely. He watched Dallas with a predator's patience. Calculating the right time, speed, and angle, that he could use to most efficiently bring down his prey. It was as if he were trying to read the boy's mind from the rocks in order to persuade him. Guide him. Control him. For a moment, I almost felt jealous of his attention being directed elsewhere. I was the one who should be in his graces. I was the one who should be at his side. Afterall, it was me that he invited over first, right? It was me that just proved my strength to him. So why is he looking elsewhere? I wanted him to notice me again. I can't explain why...but I needed to be his favored pet. And I didn't want to share him with anybody.

Geez, I'm starting to sound like Scout.

The moment I thought about it, Cyrus looked down upon me, as though my very mood had somehow signaled him to do so. Did he know? Could he sense the envy in my heart. Just as he began to smile at me, I turned my eyes away, and finished what was left of the drink in my cup. Anything to keep from looking at him directly. Cyrus was sometimes so open with his brotherly affections, that it was easy to forget how penetrating a single stare from him could be.

"Wesley..." He beckoned, and I timidly looked up at his piercing blue eyes. "Come...sit next to me."

I found myself getting up without hesitation, working to slide out from under Dex, who was beginning to doze off while clinging to me like a newborn baby, his arms wrapped around my waist, and his head resting on my stomach. I sat up on the highest rock next to our leader while Cyrus gave Scout a kiss on the cheek and silently gave him the order to move down. I didn't look at him at first. In fact, I was slightly ashamed of my emotions, allowing my jealousy to build over his preference of another boy. I was certain that he would sit there beside me and direct my attention somewhere else like he usually did. But he surprised me when, after watching me for a few seconds, he scooted a leg back and moved over to sit behind me instead. His legs stretched out on either side of me, and he wrapped his loving arms around my midsection, holding my back firmly up against his chest. Much the same way Scout was holding him just moments ago.

I can't tell you what his touch did to me. It was so gentle, but had an inner strength to it like you wouldn't believe. I closed my eyes and melted back into his embrace, feeling a warm shiver run through me at a snail's pace, exciting every inch of me. Cyrus inhaled deeply, taking a whiff of my hair, and kissed me softly on the back of my head. Then he gave me a squeeze, pressing his cheek against mine, and held me tight. He spoke barely above a whisper when he said, "The power that boy casts quite a magnificent light on the rest of them. Doesn't it?" I opened my eyes, and out of an entire beach full of partying teenagers, my vision gravitated right back to Dallas again. Easily. "Do you see it?" Cyrus asked.

"I...I think so..."

"Don't think. Trust what you feel, and don't second guess it." Cyrus placed a few erotic kisses on my ear, holding me still, showing me love. His power over me was so absolute. "I know you see it. Don't you?"

"Yes. Yes, I see it." I shuddered as I felt him take my earlobe in between his lips and give it a long wet suck. "Mmmmm...God...." I whimpered.

"That's his life essence you feel. The glow of his existence. Yours is different, Wesley. Your shines with a unique brilliance all its own. When I chose you, I didn't want a carbon copy of someone else. I wanted you. I wanted your light, and yours specifically. Nothing else on this Earth shares your particular shine." His kisses went to my neck, where he licked a wet patch on my skin, and then bit down on me with his teeth as I gasped and tightened up slightly in his arms. He didn't bite hard, just a few degrees between being sensual and being painful. "This boy....Dallas...his light is different as well. Different from you, from me, from all of us. That energy...when joined with other frequencies, and harnessed, sharpened, focused into something real...can be very powerful indeed. For us all. It's a power that I want. It's a power we should have." He moaned, and licked his way back up to my ear. "I want you to go and retrieve that power for me."

I opened my eyes to see Dallas shyly looking away from us, his eyes fixated on the coupling between my master and I. I whispered, "But...I hardly know him. I only met him the other night, and..."

"Shhhhh..." Cyrus gave me another squeeze. "We'll work on a gameplan tomorrow. I want you to relax tonight. But I want him, Wesley. And I want you to get him for me. As a 'gift'." I could feel his smile against my cheek as he gave me one last kiss as he dug his middle finger into my navel until I yelped from the nearly painful sensation. For some odd reason, he liked to test our threshold for discomfort in the most playful ways.

"He's watching us again, Cyrus." John Boy said calmly. But he wasn't talking about Dallas this time.

Cyrus asked, "Where?"

"From across the lake. A pair of binoculars. I can sense him."

"Perhaps he didn't learn his lesson last time. Remind me to make myself more 'clear' when we cross his path again." Cyrus replied.

"Is this something we should take care of now?" Sebastian asked softly.

"No. Leave him to his voyeuristic pleasures for now. He's not a threat. Besides, our boy here is going to need an initiation once he's fully grown." He then gave me a hug, playfully rubbing his nose on my cheek. Were they talking about me? "Why don't we head home for the night? Wesley here has been through quite a few ordeals this evening. I'm sure he's anxious to relax."

"Trust me, I doubt I could get more relaxed than this." I grinned.

"I beg to differ." Cyrus said, "And I'm willing to bet that Sebastian would disagree as well. Wouldn't you, Sebastian?"

I turned slightly to see the most seductive smile cross the kissable lips of Sebastian's almost feminine beauty. He leaned forward slightly, allowing his long brown hair to glide forward and gently sweep his shoulder as his chocolate brown bedroom eyes enchanted me with their mock innocence. He didn't say a word. He didn't have to. And just to have him flirt with the promise of sex was enough to make me walk on air.

"He's moving." John Boy informed us, his senses reaching out into the darkness to target some phantom stranger that nobody else on that rock could see.

"Come. Let's go find ourselves a private party elsewhere, shall we?" Cyrus got up on his feet, and he helped me up as well. As soon as I was vertical again, my head started to spin, and with a wide mouth grin, I nearly toppled backwards off of the edge of the rocks. "Whoah! Hehehe, you ok there, cowboy?"

"Hehehe, um...I think I'm a little intoksik...insockticate...wait..wait...innocsticamated? Is that it?" I laughed as I slumped over on Cyrus' shoulder.

"Intoxicated? Yes, my friend. I believe you are." He said. "Come on now, snap out of it. We're leaving."

At that moment, everyone else stood up and the twins moved to help me walk straight. I don't think I was that bad off. I just had to get some assistance to get that 'left foot-right foot' sequence working again. Once we were back on the sand of the beach, the cool night air began to help give me some of my balance back. Kriegar, on the other hand, was walking in front of me, and seemed to have better balance swaying from side to side than I had concentrating on standing upright. And as we made our way back across the beach, I noticed that almost everyone was staring at us. Watching and whispering and pretending not to notice. But I know they were excited by our very presence out there. I could feel it. We gave them something to talk about. We became the 'Omigod, guess what happened' story of tonight's little shindig, the center of their limited universe. And being there, with all of the back up that I would ever need out felt amazing. Let them watch. I was a part of something special now. Something that they weren't even invited to participate in. And these elite soldiers would take care of me, through thick and thin, pleasure or pain, no matter what. I was happy to be in the spotlight. If I thought I'd be able to keep my balance, I'd pull my pants down and tell them all to kiss my bare naked ass. Psh! Sheep! What do they know about anything?

Kyla was watching me from the corner with her friends, her eyes filled with concern about what I was doing, and where I was going. But after all her talk about living life and letting go and having fun, she couldn't bring me the kind of freedom that Cyrus and his gang could. Not even close. So with a big drunken grin, I waved at her and Jack's posse of potheads, and I let the twins carry me off to be with my chosen crowd for the night. I also caught a glimpse of Quinn and his friends, trying to cover up the obvious scar that I had left on the side of his head from that liquor bottle. What was he gonna tell his parents when he got home? Hehehe, he tripped and fell headfirst into an oak tree? Somehow, I don't think that would be a very convincing excuse at all. When I walked by, and he gave me a look of disgust and anger, I made sure to give him the same wave that I gave Kyla. Only I had a bigger smile on my face...and when I was done, I gave him the finger. I hope they enjoy the rest of their miserable evening.

We walked up the steep trail together as a single unit, almost in step with one another, and it was always at a comfortably mellow pace. But as the twins were in the back, making sure that I was still tumbling along without flopping over on my side or tripping over my own feet...I suddenly felt so out of place. It was the same feeling I got when my brother Nick was in the room with me playing that game. It just felt...'wrong' somehow. This wasn't my position. I wasn't supposed to be walking here. Gradually, I stopped leaning on Shank and Razor's shoulders and began to walk on my own. My pace quickened a bit, and I found myself moving more towards the middle of our little group. It took a few misguided steps to get the 'feel' right and get back in sync with everyone again, but I kept at it until I found a spot among them that felt like home. And once I did, it took no effort at all to stay there. Blindly finding my place and obeying whatever instructions it gave me without question.

When I looked down at my feet, I noticed that I was even in step with the others. Right foot, left foot. Right foot, left foot. And I wasn't even trying to do it. It just happened automatically. I smiled to myself, tickled with the idea that I was among a tribe of people that understood. What are the odds that anyone could ever find such peace in a group so out of the ordinary?

The woods got increasingly darker as we moved along. It was getting really hard to even see where I was going in all of that blackness. But, as my designated post was somewhere in the middle of all the rest, all I had to do was follow the sound and rhythm of their footsteps to keep myself going. I did trip a few times and had to stumble to catch myself, but I kept in line. And instead of lending me a hand, they simply left me to wander loosely among them...finding my own way. They never slowed down, but I knew they wouldn't let me fall behind.

"I gotta take a fucking piss." Kriegar grumbled, and suddenly broke away from the group to unzip in front of a nearby tree.

"Actually, I do too." I said, feeling the pressure in my groin as I moved outside of our circle. Surprisingly, both of the twins, Dex, and Cyrus, all began to unzip as well. I moved over to a tree and leaned on it with one hand out to balance myself, when I felt Scout roughly bump me to the side. "What the...?" I nearly peed on myself from the impact.

"Get your own! This one's mine." He said, letting a warm stream go the second I was out of his way.

I frowned for a moment, but went to another tree, only to have the twins peek out from the other side and shake their heads as to let me know that I couldn't use that one either. What the hell is wrong with them? Cyrus stared at me with a smile as his larger organ emerged from his zipper and he claimed the spot of his choice. Okaaaay, whatever. I wandered around with my pants open, hoping to find someplace to let go where I wouldn't be bumped off and scoffed at. Finally, I was able to pee in peace at a tree further down the hill. God, what a relief. I have really got to get used to their strange moodswings and pointless rules. They seemed to turn the 'weirdness factor' on and off at random just to keep me off balance, most times. I never knew if I was making up this alien behavior in my head and overreacting to the oddness of it all, or if they really were as much of a menace as they appeared to be.

When we made it back to the main road, I saw the truck in the distance, hidden partially in the woods where no one else could see it. We began to walk towards it when Kristin turned to me with a grin. "Wesley, can I ask you a question?"

"Um...I guess."

"How old is your brother, Nick?"

Kriegar rolled his eyes, "Oh, here we go..."

"I'm just ASKING!" Kristin giggled. "Come on...tell me. How old is he?"

It felt strange for her to even approach me about it. I saw the way she looked at him back at the camp. That look of hunger in her eyes, the way she flirted with him, beckoning him closer to her. It was unsettling to even think about discussing him with Kristin at all. The only reason I said anything was because I was hoping she would drop the subject immediately after my response. "He's...eleven, almost twelve." I said quietly. I saw John Boy turn to her and smile wickedly, as a soft blush appeared on her cheeks.

"Would you be offended if I told you that he was extremely hot? I mean...EXTREMELY hot? I like him, he's a little sweetheart." She said.

"Kristin..." John Boy said, "...Let's try not to be too creepy tonight, shall we?"

"What's creepy about it? He's sexy! I want him." Kristin was older than all of us except for Cyrus. Clearly a tomboy at heart, but even with short boyish blond hair and casually dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, she maintained a feminine grace about her that was rough around the edges, but impossible to deny. But, why a pretty girl of 16 would find my little brother 'sexy' is beyond me. "Do you think you might bring him out with you some time, Wes? Just for a little bit. Hang with with us...maybe even join in a few of our activities at home? I'll be gentle, I promise."

I didn't answer, looking down at the ground, trying to avoid the question entirely. Nick and I didn't always get along, but when it came to protecting him from harm, I was a pitbull. I just...I never had to consider protecting him from sex before.

John Boy broke the silence, "I believe it's innappropiate to have Wesley offer up his brother for a sexual encounter so young, Kristin. Perhaps you can find someone a little less 'blood related' to party with?"

"I'm sure I could...but I want Nick." She persisted with an evil grin. "His innocence arouses me. It's not often that I get to taste purity like that. And a loyal little preacher's son on top of it. Mmmmm...I can't imagine another blond boy being half as delicious." She could see that the conversation was getting to me. I didn't even look her in the eye, I just kept walking along with the group. But she kept pushing. "Have you seen him naked? Is he circumsized? Have you ever wanted to taste it for yourself, Wes? I'm sure you've thought about it."

"Leave him alone already! Shit...fucking pervert!" Kriegar said, finishing off his bottle of booze and tossing it far out into the woods.

We continued to walk, and I was hoping that she wouldn't go any further. It stayed quiet for a moment, and I looked up ahead to see Sebastian walking silently at Cyrus' side. He never said much unless there was a definitive reason for him to do so. It was almost as though his very ability to speak somehow ruined his 'cool'. I have to was attractive. Everything about Sebastian was attractive.

"So...are you gonna answer me, or what?" Kristin asked a few moments later. No matter how much I ignored her comments, she kept provoking me to answer.

"I don't...I don't think my brother would like being out here with us. He's...he's kinda shy anyways. So..." I didn't want it to come off like a rejection of the group, but I didn't want her to get the idea in her head that touching my baby brother was acceptable either.

"He's got a cute little tight ass too, you know? I'm sure if I showed him what to do and where to put things, he'd pick it up really fast. He'd be nervous with me at first, but once he gave into the warm, wet, feelings he was having..."

"Kristin." Cyrus stepped in, almost laughing at the fact that her conversation was making me squirm inside. "Enough."

"THANK YOU!" Kriegar grumbled.

We walked without saying a word for a few moments as we approached the truck. But Kristin was watching me out of the corner of her eye, delighted with my discomfort. I swear, they were experts when it came to teasing me in one way or another.

We got to the truck and had to wade our way through some mud and foliage before actually being able to hop on. Cyrus always kept it so far off of the main roads when they went out for a night of fun. I could see him parking a safe distance away from Rainbow's End so as not to draw any attention to our private paradise. But the effort he put into hiding the truck itself always seemed so strangely pointless to me. I suppose he had his reasons. "Can I sit next to Wesley this time?" Dex asked bashfully.

"You sit next to Wesley EVERY time, Dex! What are you talking about? Get on the goddamn truck!" Kriegar hopped in the back, reached in the milk crate, and opened another bottle of liquor, taking a few gulps and shivering from the sensation.

We all got on after, and Dex cuddled up tightly at my side as I sat on the old spare tire. I swear, it's getting to the point where I don't even remember what it's like to breathe normally without Dex's vice like grip tightening around my stomach. Then, I felt him bury his face in my chest and rub it back and forth a few times with a soft whine. "Hehehe, Dex? What are you doing?" I giggled. But he didn't say anything, he just kept snuggling in closer, and closer, his whining getting a bit louder, turning to whimpers of desperation as he tried to hold me as close as possible. I laughed a little bit at the ticklish sensation, feeling his face digging deep into my ribs, and that's when I felt his teeth nibbling gently at the side of my chest. "Dex?" I chuckled. He caught a pretty big mouthfull of skin between his teeth, and I felt a pinch as he bit down on it. "Hehehe, oww....quit it!" I laughed, but he didn't make a sound. I felt a wetness as his saliva soaked through my shirt, and his bite got harder. "Dex....dude...ouch! Ok, I'm not kidding! That kinda hurts! DEX!" He bit down harder, and a sharp pain shot through me.

"DEX! Let him go!" Kriegar said, but Dex's teeth held on tight, and increased their pressure to the point where it really began to hurt. More drool seeped through my shirt, it was almost as if he were foaming at the mouth from the feel of it.

"Relax, Dexter! Let him go." John Boy said, grabing on to Dex's shoulder. Dex's bite was hard enough to break the skin and almost draw blood at this point. But no matter what I did, he wouldn't answer me. I tried desperately to push him off me and I used my hands to try to pry his jaw open, but he had his teeth locked on tight.

"OWW!!! OWW!!! DEX!!! STOP IT!!!" I tried hard to push him away, tears forming in my eyes as I yelped in pain, but Dex began to growl like an angry dog through gritted teeth as he sank in even deeper. "Ahhh!!!" The more I tried to pull him away, the more it felt like he was ready to take a chunk of my flesh with him if I succeeded in doing so. The others in the back of the truck got up to pull him off, but the harder they yanked, the louder his growl, as he he hung on to my pinched flesh as though he were trying to devour me whole.

"DEXTER!!! BEHAVE YOURSELF!!!" Cyrus yelled from the front, and at that was like he was snapped out of a trance. Dex released his bite on me, and the others instantly pulled him back while I grabbed my side in agony and backed away from him. There was a moment of silence in the back of that truck, as I lifted up my shirt to see the deep reddened grooves where Dex had bitten into me, and touched it lightly as a dark bruise appeared on the surface. I looked up in horror and confusion as I saw a small blood stain on his bottom lip, which he instantly licked clean.

"Sit down!" Kriegar scolded him, pushing him down on his ass as far away from me as the back of the truck would allow.

I looked at him in shock. Dex had never once...attacked me before. Was it even an attack at all? Or was it just some crazy act performed due to a spark from the few loose wires in his head? John Boy, always calm despite what was going on, asked him, "How many days do you have left, Dex?" Dex didn't answer. Instead, his eyes were focused intently down at his feet. He was rocking slowly back and forth, not paying any attention to the rest of us. It was like he was lost in some fantasy where we couldn't reach him. Then again, maybe it wasn't a fantasy at all. Maybe it was a nightmare. "Dexter? How many days?" John Boy repeated. At this point, Dex took his bladed crucifix out of his pocket, and let it dangle from the small chain he had on it. He began to twirl it around his fingers, a focused look in his eye. We watched as he spun it faster, and faster, and faster still. Moving it back and forth, whispering softly to himself in incoherrent speech. The cross wrapped itself around his palm, and he'd catch it, then spin it back the other way, catch it, and start all over again. I watched as his fingertips began to bleed slightly from the unprotected contact with the blade. "Dex...are you listening to me?" John Boy asked again, cautiously.

"What?" Dex replied, but it didn't sound like him at all. This voice was angry. Annoyed. Aggressive. It showed no signs of the playful and lovable little clown that I had come to adore.

"How many days do you have left?"

"Seven. Maybe eight." He answered.

"But you're ok until then? Right?" John Boy waited for a reply, but didn't get one. "Because...if you're not, then it's back to the basement. You remember the basement. Don't you, Dex?"

Suddenly, as if someone had flipped a switch in his brain, Dex snapped out of his trance and the doe eyed beauty with the big blond curls was immediately brought back to his adorable roots. His eyes widened a bit, and he looked over at John Boy with the untainted innocence of a newborn puppy. "I don't need the 'basement', John Boy. I'm fine. I told you I was fine. I've been fine all day. Honest."

"You wouldn't be lying to us now, would you, Dex?"

"NO! No, sir! I don't hafta lie! I'm ok! See?" Dex stood up, thought for a second, and then did some wacky dance on the back of the truck for 15 seconds before quickly sitting back down. As though THAT was supposed to prove anything! "See? If I can dance, then I don't need the basement. Smelly old basement. I HATE the basement! Don't need no basement, no way, no how!"

"You promised us you would be honest, Dex. Remember?" John Boy reminded him.

Dex was a bit nervous, and looked around at he rest of us. Then he nodded rapidly up and down. "I'll be good. Promise."

I looked back through the window of the truck, and saw Cyrus watching the whole thing. When he saw that everything was under control, he started up the engine and began to back out onto the road. Dex began to swiftly crawl towards me again to cuddle at my side, but I stiffened up and quickly moved away from him with a gasp. He actually looked surprised and confused at my reaction. He stopped, took a sniff of the air, and then looked around accusingly at he others. "What did you guys do to scare him??? Huh? Who was it?" He said. Was he KIDDING me?

"You bit me..." I told him, and he turned to me as if I had blamed him for the apocalypse itself.

"WHAT???" He said, his young voice cracking. I lifted up the side of his shirt and showed him the painfully deep teeth marks he had left in my skin. "Oh man! That's deep! They got you good!" He said, then turned back to the others. "Which one of you mean old meanies bit my Goo-Goo? 'Fess up!"

Kriegar, obviously fed up, told him, "Didn't you just fucking hear what he just said? You bit your OWN goddamn 'Goo Goo', ya crazy FUCK!"

"Don't call me CRAZY! I'm NOT crazy!"

"You seem pretty fucking crazy to me!"

"You're DRUNK, that's what you are!"

"Maybe I am. But I'll be sober once I stop drinking. Too bad you can't stop 'crazy', we'd all be better off!"

"QUIT BEING MEAN TO ME!!! YA BULLY!!!" Dex screamed. "Cyrus says you can't be mean to me! So there! You want me to tell him? Huh? I'll tell him!"

"Shut UP already! You're killing my buzz!"

"I'll run away, that's what I'll do! How's THAT for crazy? Huh? I'm SO gonna run away..." Dex trailed off, and everybody else just kinda did their best to tune out the waning insults involved in the argument as Cyrus got on the road again and sped up. This bunch gets more and more insane the closer I get to knowing them better. Then, once the fighting was over and Kriegar had returned his attention to his now half empty bottle...Dex looked over at me with a sweet ittle pout on his lips. "I'm sorry if I bit you, Goo Goo. I didn't mean it. This is a good moon. A good moon." I nodded, but only to politely let him off the hook. I didn't allow Dex anywhere near me as we hit the highway. I don't know what the hell got into him all of the sudden, but it hurt. It hurt a lot. And I'm starting to side with Kriegar on the whole 'crazy' judgement call. I was going to have to keep my eye on him from now on. Definitely.