Cyrus kept his hand on the small of my back the entire walk back to the walk. Can you even imagine how good it feels to be treated with such affection by someone you look up to? Someone who has the courage and the power to live the life you always felt that you should have. Just feeling the closeness between us was enough to help the dizziness get stronger inside of me. It was getting so hard to fight it. So hard to even see any alternative to doing what I was told. My mind was begging me to stop struggling and just give myself over to his supreme control...and yet, I never felt so free. It was a direct contradiction to everything that I thought I wanted...but there was no fighting the calling. The more I tried to think, the more my true feelings fought to take control of my every action.

He guided my every step, and I felt as though I was in a daze as I approached the front porch of the old abandoned house. In Cyrus' hands, all questions ceased. All mysteries became senseless pursuits. All fears vanish. Why? What was it about his guidance that made me feel so at home? I may never know. And I may never ask. How insane is that? How rational could I be? Can I even blame this on the haze of alcohol anymore?

Cyrus reached for the door to open it for me, and as I walked in, he wrapped his arms around my midsection from behind. Again, resting his chin on my shoulder, giving his kiss direct access to the nape of my neck. The rest of the folks in the house were still drinking and listening to music when we came in. But not for too much longer. Cyrus spoke. "Ok, gentlemen, and's bed time."

There was no protest whatsoever from the others, even though Scout did seem to pout out his lower lip a bit at the idea of not being able to sleep with his 'idol' this particular evening. The music stopped, and the twins smiled at me as they began to walk towards the stairs to go up and go to bed. Cyrus held me still in his embrace, his hands roaming under my shirt, and dipping into the front of my pants. It began soft and sensual, but soon his groping became much more lustful, and his tongue reached out to lick a small circle inside my ear. I watched as Kristin took Scout with her to the basement, and Kriegar walked over to Dexter's sleeping body to lift him up and carry him off to bed as well. Dex whimpered lightly from the act of being moved, but remained snoozing from the excitable antics he had been involved in throughout the day. I imagine it must be very exhausting indeed to be his kind of 'crazy'.

John Boy was the last one to leave, not standing up until Sebastian had gone upstairs to lay in the bed where we had once made love. Well, at least to ME it was making love. Who knew what kind of emotional attachment to expect from the ice king over there? But John Boy made sure to turn out the light, leaving nothing but the flicker of the fireplace to illuminate the darkness around us. The gentle crackle of burning wood filling the air. The rest of room now hidden in shadow.

I closed my eyes as Cyrus began to suck at the side of my neck, and he reached down into my pants to take a firm hold of the stiff organ inside. Just the sudden jolt of pleasure from his touch caused me to push my ass back against him, and I thrust my head back to rest on his shoulder as he began to nibble ever so gently on my collarbone. My body was alive with a sensation that I couldn't begin to describe. My skin felt like it was on fire, my senses overloaded with the intense pleasure of the moment. Cyrus lifted my shirt over my head, and then began to unfasten my pants, his hips now grinding into me slowly from the back. His hands were everywhere I had never experienced such a mind-blowing touch. His fingers would glide slowly up to my nipples, his touch exciting them to the point of being almost microscopic and erect. Then they would slide sensually down my sides, giving me a warm shiver inside, only to cross his palms across my stomach...dipping his fingertip into my navel, and then further south to travel under the elastic of my boxers. There, his expert touch would slide his fingers flat against my soft hairs, my erection slipping between his middle and ring finger...his other hand caressing my balls with a tender touch. He would grab them and roll them around in his hand at first, then loosen his grip until it was almost nonexistent, his fingertips teasing and tickling the sparse hairs that grew underneath my sack. I was lost in his embrace, and he held me still until I couldn't even breathe without his direct consent. This is the control he had over me.

He turned me around slowly, and looked me in the eyes. He didn't say a word for a full minute...he simply pierced through to the very heart of me with a sensual gaze. Unafraid. Unashamed. It ignited a passion in me that was unparalleled to anything I had ever known. And just as I was almost begging for his kiss, he whispered, "I choose you." I heard myself whimper from the overall helplessness of the sensation traveling through me. Those words, those three little words...they created such a lust in me. My fever raced, and my skin became alive with a full body vibration that tingled from head to toe. "Did you hear me?" He asked.


"I choose you. Give yourself over to me, Wesley. Surrender your pain and your confusion, and I will take it all away from you, I promise."

"I...I...." I was breathless, practically squirming where I stood. My head hurt, thoughts and visions speeding behind my eyes, trying to comprehend, trying to analyze.

"With me, you can be complete. With me...we can all be as one." He took a hold of my hardness, and gently bent it down against its natural angle. My muscles spasmed, and my knees dipped slightly as I struggled for balance. "The time for deception is over. It is your blessing to step up, and be the being that you were meant to be. You feel it inside, can't you?"

"Yes, father."

"You feel it growing beyond the boundaries of its cage, don't you?"

"Yes, father." I gasped as he let my pants and boxers slip down to my ankles and I stepped out of them, standing naked before him. Exposed and vulnerable, putting my ultimate faith in his touch. In his control.

"I want it, Wesley. I know that you've worked very hard to keep it from me, but that instinct you feel belongs to me. It WANTS to be with me. You cannot hold it hostage forever." He said softly, and he pulled me close to him, his hands sliding around to firmly grip the round cheeks of my ass. He squeezed them tight, gripping them with strong hands, and then gave one of my cheeks a slap as he held them tighter. He kissed me lustfully on my neck, and I tossed my head back, feeling my body and mind give way. Allowing every part of me to submit. The calling rang in my ears, and surged through my veins. It was aggressive, wild, something so deep, so carnal, that it frightened me to discover that it was even there. But Cyrus was was a part of me that I had been denying my entire life. Lying in wait, hiding in the shadows...lurking. Anxiously awaiting the day that I came along to discover the raw passion it possessed. It was an untapped resource of my desire, and just a taste of it was like fire on the surface of my tongue.

"You need but whisper my name, Wesley...and I am there." He said in a hushed voice, his fingers gliding softly between the spheres of my ass...lightly grazing my puckered entrance, teasing it. Giving me a sensual thrill. "Give yourself to me. All of you. Every inch. Every piece. Every thought. Every action." He said, kissing me even deeper on my neck, burying his face deep in to that tiny area. It was more than a tickle, it was enough to cause an almost violently sexual reaction in me...and just as I felt myself becoming too weak to stand, I felt Cyrus' strong hands grab my cheeks firmly and lift me off of the floor. My legs instinctively spread wide to wrap around his waist, my ankles locking behind the small of his back as he held me suspended in midair. He was strong. So strong. Our lips smashed themselves together, our tongues twisting and writhing around in ach other's mouths. The way he was holding me, left me so 'open' cleft now spread wide and my hole fully exposed to the air. It felt a bit awkward at first, as though I wanted to close back up, as though I wanted to hide such a raunchy display of my most private places. But there was something in Cyrus' kiss that pulled the shame from my lips, and allowed him to swallow it whole. As his fingers moved back to tap lightly at the bare hole, I could feel the flames of passion burning hot inside of me. His power called to me, and he had no judgment of my actions whatsoever. No boundaries. No limits to set upon me. Without the consequence of ridicule, rejection, or body began to build up a momentum of brazen acts that I never knew were possible. It was like being dipped in a warm bath, the waters almost too hot for you to tolerate...but as you suffer the initial discomfort and adapted to the wanted nothing more than to sink deeper into it. And Cyrus was definitely taking me deeper. Warming the waters one degree at a time...until eventually it would, no doubt, boil me to death.

Our kissing got hungrier, small moans and grunts coming from us both...and he carried me across the room to slam me back against the wall, still holding me steady, pressing against me as he ground his hips against me. I wanted him naked with me. I wanted to feel his heated flesh on top of mine. All logic left me. All restrictions faded. And my body began to heat up with another instant fever, causing me to break our kiss and lean my head back, gasping for air. Cyrus pumped me against that wall, and I held on to his back and shoulders, wanting more of him. Needing a full taste. It was soon after that Cyrus lowered me to the floor. He wanted me to stand, but I kept my body locked to his, not wanting to let go. So he gently laid me on my back, and pressed his weight down on top of me.

"I will sit you at the head of my table, Wesley. I will keep you at my right side, and together, we can experience a power that none of our kind have ever known." He said, now rising to remove his shirt. I sat up instantly to connect my kisses to his chest and neck, my hands gripping his back as I felt my very spirit dying of a sexual thirst for him, body and soul. "Your life is a feel it. You are awake. This is your calling, boy. Receive it."

"Yes, father." I whispered, sucking hard on his nipple, the sweetened taste of his skin dancing through my taste buds, my hardness about to burst.

He moved down to put his face between my thighs, and used his hands to once again splay my legs as far apart as they could go, bending at the knee to give him access to my hole once again. I moaned from being made to lie in such an indecent position, especially as he took a long wet lick from the very edge of my exposed core, the rim of the tightening ring, to the underside of my wrinkled sack. And he held his face there between my inner thighs, inhaling deeply my most heated scent. He was intoxicated by my sex. Spreading me even further open as his tongue lewdly licked my spasming tendons from one thigh, under my balls, and over to the other thigh. He pressed his nose and lips against my balls, and nudged his face sensually into the thermally heated spot, reveling in the feel of my smooth young skin against his cheeks. He gave me a sinful smile as I whimpered helplessly from my obscene position. He opened you up, mentally, physically, emotionally, to the point of feeling obscene yourself. But then he kept you there...until you were forced to accept it. Until the fear of it melted away, and you were shown the true beauty of having the veil lifted from your eyes. The true beauty of tossing your brainwashed values away, and escaping to a place inside that accepted no lies. No masks. And most importantly...a place where your true self existed in its purest form A lone child...with no 'program'. No concept of time, or judgment, or obedience to anything or anyone that it didn't understand. Deep within me..I discovered a way to communicate with that child. But only Cyrus knew its language. Only he could translate the message. And I felt my inner self 'worshipping' him for giving me the connection. That euphoric connection that tapped into everything around me at all times.

Cyrus made it happen.

Cyrus made it real.

"Unnnngghhhh...." I let out a high pitched whimper as he used his tongue to lick at the place where my legs connected, sucking hard at the space beneath my sack. And I felt his long tongue reach down deeper to lick across my hole. A sensation that made me wiggle underneath him. I couldn't hold in the sounds, my cries of passion getting louder with every breath. Oh GOD...what was he doing to me? This wasn't just sex...he was mentally molding me into something else. He was attaching emotional puppet strings to my very sense of free will...creating a complete and undeniable 'follower' of me.

He placed his palms behind my thighs, and pushed back until my feet left the floor, spreading my cleft even further and enhancing my already 'slutty' position. He kissed the very back of my thigh lovingly, right where the rise of my cheeks began...and then dragged his tongue over to the other side, making sure to dip gently into the crevice to tease my quivering hole even more. He kissed the back of the other thigh, and then moved down to tenderly sink his teeth into the meat of my bubbled globe. He groaned to himself, and said, "You are soooo delicious." His voice was so deep, so sensual, that it drove me crazy inside. He nibbled at my inner thigh some more, and touched his nose to my balls, lifting them slightly as he licked me again and again. I had never felt so disgraced and so loved before in my life. It was an odd contradiction....and it somehow only worked to heighten the sensation. A full body orgasm sliding back and forth through me...from my head to my toes, and back again.

"Tell me it feels good, Wesley. Tell me it feels good, so that I can increase your pleasure." INCREASE??? Was he insane? How could anything feel better than this? I was almost afraid to experience anything more for fear that it would shut down from the overload. And yet...I was curious. Curious to see if the explosion inside of me could get any bigger. Any more destructive. The walls that I had spent time building to keep a civil mind were quickly tumbling down at his feet.

And with another whimper, I said, "It feels gooooood!" I whined and wiggled, my body on autopilot from the sexual perfection. I reached down to feel the top of Cyrus' head, but he took my hands away and held them at the wrists, pinning them to the floor as his shoulders moved up to keep my legs raised in the air. And I felt his heavy breathing as his nostrils pressed tightly up against my sack. His tongue seemed to be growing longer by the second. Unnaturally long, in fact. And I was amazed that he could even reach my hole from where he was. But he did. He lapped at it hungrily, and once it was relaxed enough, he snaked his way inside. His tongue folded and entered my tiny slit of a hole...the ring trembling in passion as he tasted my insides with a moan. "Ahhhh...ahh....shit...." It was nearly impossible to relax. I could not sit still, and within seconds, my legs were bucking to escape the pleasure of it all. But Cyrus held me firm, keeping me from getting loose, and his tongue burrowed deeper into my tunnel. I yelped as it reached a depth that tingled and my body immediately tensed up on its own, clenching tight around his tongue and attempting to force it out. But it only snaked its way further inside, wriggling back and forth like an energetic earthworm. Part of what you feel is disgust, part of it is pleasure, and another part of it is shock. But, as with everything else, Cyrus forced me to confront the guilt. He forced me to give in to the dishonor, and embrace it as though it were a virtue. It threw my body into a fit of confusion, and I writhed and wriggled to roll over onto my side. Only then, did Cyrus let me go.

The tip of my hardness pulsed angrily, fighting so hard for release. I was sexually exhausted, panting in short breaths and shaking timidly as my body was introduced to a new frontier of sexual exploration. I felt as if I were going to float away, and that is when I felt Cyrus swallow my inches into his mouth, slurping loudly around my hardened flesh. "Oh God...." I hissed as my stomach caved in from the surprise, and my cheeks tensed up to raise my hips from the floor. It felt like he was devouring me whole from the inside. And I was giving him my full consent.

His suction was indescribable, his cushioned lips sliding seductively over my inches. He put his shoulders under my knees and reached both of his hands underneath to rest on my stomach. He could feel my abdomen contract as I fought to keep my muscles from snapping. The pleasure was so intense, the sex so complete. He moved his hands, palms down over my stomach as he continued to bob up and down on me. They moved up to my nipples, down my sides, up and over my thighs, down to my ass, back to my stomach...never losing his rhythm. My skin tingled with his touch, and my emotions got so heavily involved, that I felt actual tears welling up in my eyes as they fought to express themselves physically. My young body had absolutely NO idea what to do! How to react, how to move, or how to even accept this passion. And just as I began to see stars and my legs began to tense up with the oncoming crash...Cyrus releases his suction, and untangled himself from between my legs.

Cyrus disconnected from me, and I missed his touch instantly. I opened my eyes, still panting heavily from the feelings he was giving me, and I saw him stand up on his feet. He towered over me, his jeans unfastened, but still suspended on his slim hips. I took a moment to appreciate the very beauty of him...his blond hair was festively tossed in all directions, his lush lips were begging for me to taste them again, and his sleek and trim body was covered with soft wiry muscle that seemed to carry much more power than they looked like they should. But it was his eyes that truly held their position of command at all times. It was his unrestricted stare that reminded you that he was a creature to be obeyed and submitted to. NEVER to be tested. In those eyes were the answers to all of your questions, and the representations of all your fears. It was a deadly combination that put Sebastian's physical seduction to shame. This wasn't just about appealing features or flirtatious gestures. This was about true 'power'...and the enchanting temptation of being a part of it. Never had I understood so much.

"Serve me." He said. I didn't know what he meant at first, but as I saw the rather large lump in his pants twitch in anticipation, I got the hint. I got up onto my knees, and crawled over to him, placing my hands on his hardness. Even through his felt enormous. The kind of phallic symbol worthy of a leader. A speaker of truth. A master of seduction. It throbbed beneath my fingertips, and Cyrus put his hands behind his back as he waited for me to unleash him. He looked down upon me with a smile, and that mental fog had completely taken control of my every sensibility. I could only smile back at him, my hormones dashed with a heavy dose of adrenaline as I lowered his zipper, and let his pants fall to the floor. I saw strange light reflecting off of his pale white skin...a light that wasn't coming from the fireplace behind him. I couldn't place it at first, but I noticed that it moved slightly as my eyes roamed over his strong, well built, body. I wondered if perhaps it really was my eyes glowing in the kitchen not long ago. But the thought left me as soon as it entered my mind. It was a distraction from the moment. A delay in the pleasure. My desires took over, and glow, or no glow...I wanted what was sure to come next.

I took a hold of his boxers, and lowered them slowly down his strong legs, wisps of hair were evident, but hardly visible. And his large erection stood bouncing before my eyes, pulsing with his heartbeat. The scent of him was almost enough to make me dizzy with lust, and I swooned with the temptation of having it within my grasp. I carefully reached upwards...barely able to wrap my fingers around it, and I gave it a slow stroke as his eyes narrowed and he smiled in approval. He chose me tonight. Out of all the others....he chose me. It was my 'duty' to serve him. To feel any other way was a burden. A betrayal to my true nature. It is his gift, and I cannot deny him his pleasures.

I leaned forward as I squeezed a large droplet of sticky clear liquid to his tip...and I took the large helmet into my mouth. The dribblings were so amazingly sweet. Like syrup and honey combined, licked from the top of a danish. I shivered from the taste, but Cyrus pushed himself further into my mouth. I took as much as I could, and he withdrew until just the tip was being held between my pursed lips. Then he pushed forward again, and began a steady rhythm that enticed me to give him the best effort that I could. I enjoyed being used. I enjoyed having him pump into my mouth and receive satisfaction from my acts. I was paying homage to him with my sex, as it was all I had to offer him at that moment. And looking up into his eyes, seeing him accept that respect from nearly knocked me over.

I took more and more of his hardness in with every stroke, and soon I was moaning out loud, my vacuum sucking him HARD as the taste of his sweet skin flooded my mouth. My senses were on fire, his aroma, his flavor, his beauty, his texture, his whispers...they drove me wild, and I lost all control.

"Get it wet for me. Wet it. Yes...." He hummed. And when he felt it was lubricated well enough, he pulled his hips back to take his hardness out of my lips. There was a loud pop as I tried to hold on to his length, and he backed up, keeping it just inches from my open mouth at all times. I crawled on my knees, following him to the couch, where he sat down and spread his arms out over the side. I couldn't wait to get it back in my mouth, and whined helplessly as I moved over to swallow him again. Don't tease me, father. Please. I want it. I need it. "Feel your freedom, Wesley. Let it wash over you and announce its arrival in your consciousness" He said. I sucked him deep, my hand moving up to cup and cradle the heavy balls underneath. My mouth felt stretched and my jaw was getting sore, but I couldn't resist that taste. That raw, lustful, taste! It was more addictive than any narcotic! More amazing than any fantasy! It was a wet dream in the flesh, and I sat at his 'altar', taking as much of his offering as he would allow.

"You've given up so much. You've sacrificed your self worth to the world around you." He said, closing his eyes, feeling the sensation of my mouth on him. "You have enslaved yourself into maintaining an illusion of perfection. That is what you've been doing. Assuming that others are perfect, and trying to project that same image. But the truth is...nothing is perfect." I moaned, sucking him harder as he spoke, and his legs opened wide to give me enough room. "You've been living a life that has been a secret, even to YOU. But I am take that pain away. To give you that answer that you've been searching for. You are going to enjoy being at the top of the food chain, I guarantee you that." I made Cyrus squirm a bit with my improvised blowjob, and that made me feel good. But once again, he stopped me. "Sit." He said. I hesitated for a moment, and then stood up to sit on his bare knee, like a child. But that was not what he meant. "No...I want you to straddle me. Work on me, Wesley. Prove." There was a moment of pause inside of me, but the fog forced me to act before my feelings and mindset ever got the chance to protest for the common good. It was like being fully awake in a trance...where you could see the 'wrong' and the wickedness in everything that you were doing...but couldn't stop yourself from doing it. So I climbed up onto the couch, and kissed him deeply as I put my legs on either side of him. He broke the kiss. "No..not this way. Turn around." I was confused at first, but he got me to reposition myself and straddle his lap facing the other way instead. I could feel his thighs inside of mine, and he sighed as our skin touched. He rubbed his hands over my ass, and then promptly positioned me to raise my hips up a bit, so as to impale myself on his hardness. I was nervous about it all. Cyrus was well hung indeed, and the last time he screwed me had been a real challenge. I didn't know what to think or what to say. I only knew that I wasn't being given the option to think or say much of anything. And not having to choose made things easy. In made LIFE easy. Give yourself over to what feels good, and destroy what doesn't feel good so it no longer exists. How genius is that?

"Cyrus...I..." I started, but he hushed me.

"Shhhh....put your hands on my knees. Here." He took a hold of my wrists, and pushed my hands down on his knees. I was facing away from him, but could still sense his smile as he used his hand to point that giant thing at my back door. He didn't enter me at first. Instead, he allowed me to hover above him, as he lightly ran his fingers over the deep scratch marks that lingered on my back. I sighed out loud as his touch spread a warm sensation through my body in waves. He took the head of his erection, and teased me more by rubbing its slickened surface over my hole. He enticed me to sway my hips, his breathing getting deeper, his motions granting me approval. I closed my eyes as his touch ran up and down my sides. But still...he didn't enter. He allowed me to make the choice. He didn't want to 'take' me. He wanted my sex to be given. Freely, without question. He wanted my total surrender....and I wanted to give it to him. As a 'gift'. My gift. Something to sacrifice for all he has shown me.

I lowered myself down, and felt the tip touch my entrance. It felt so big, and my hole so unimaginably small. And yet, the ring quivered in anticipation of his initial push. His teasing had created such an insatiable 'itch' inside of me. I rolled my hips in slow sensual circles, my movements becoming a lustful offering to my leader. I know he was pleased. I was pleased just giving it to him. "You've waited so long, Wesley. Your entire existence has been a mere introduction to this moment." He said, and I moaned just from hearing his voice behind me. "You have been a stranger to yourself, and a slave to everyone else. But that person you've been pretending to be...he's gone now....isn't he?"

"Yes..." I whined, pressing my hips down and hoping that the pressure would be enough to slowly suck him inside of me.

"You will become more than a man, my child. More than a souless machine. You will be a god on Earth. A creature of true beauty." He whispered. "A wolf....among sheep."

Cyrus leaned forward to lick between my shoulder blades, and I shivered as I felt the wetness on my skin. "YES!!!"

"Before me, you had nothing. Before me...there WAS nothing. But I will give you power. I will give you purpose. And with our combined strength...we can be denied nothing that is ours."

I whimpered desperately, as the tension from not having him take me was almost reaching levels where it HURT. "Father.....please?"

"The hard part is over, boy. All you have to do fall." He said, and I felt his hands move down to my hips, now positioning himself to invade me. "Fall with us, Wesley. Fall from grace, and discover the true beauty of being wild."

I nearly squealed as I felt him pull me down just a bit more, his hardness throbbing as his leaking juices worked to lubricate me even more. "I...I want to fall..." I said, almost on command.

"Scatter your inhibitions to the four winds....let go. Realize the futility of resisting temptation. Release yourself unto me...and wake up to your new calling." His every word was a subliminal stroke of my emotional strings, and he kissed my back lightly....enchanting me even more.

I felt myself getting dizzy. My body reacting to a list of primal urges that I had never known. And he pulled me down a little more, allowing the pressure on my open hole to excite me beyond belief. But still....he did not enter. I spread my legs even more, and opened my hole even wider. My position was as obscene, and as filthy as I could make it. Never had I indulged in such immorality, but my body didn't even feel like it was mine anymore. It reacted to my every emotion, and my emotions were there only to service his needs at that moment. I was hot for him. I needed him. Only he could bring me to the truth. Only he could take away my pain.

I reached back a hand to grip the large shaft, but he pulled my hand away, and put it back on his knee. "So eager to experience bliss...but not willing to pay the cost for that pleasure." He said. "This is deeper than sex, Wesley. This is your oath. To all of us. You've come too far to turn back, can't you see that? There is no cure for the sensation. No equal to the liberation. How could you possibly go back to living your life when you've experienced so much more. How could you retreat...back to the LIE?" He spoke, and I absorbed his message. My calling caused me to sway helplessly under his spell. "I need more than your body, Wesley. I need your spirit. All of it. Give it to me...and everything you've ever wanted can be yours in the blink of an eye."

"I....I..." It was sooooo hard to resist. Soooo hard to concentrate. But the more I gave in, the better I felt. And my sanity became numb to the moment. Lost in the fog. And the further I got away from my usual sense of logic, the less sense it made for me to chase it. The less 'logical' it sounded. My morals, my values, my responsibilities to my life, my friends, my family...they became worthless. Useless. Dead weight connected to the very chains that I was trying to break away from. my vision seemed to change to the color of gold...I really did begin to feel like I was falling.

"You will be strong. You will be fast. No enemy will exist for any longer than you allow him to. You shall walk among the people who have hurt you...and they will shake in your presence." He said, pushing down a bit more, his circumcised tip spreading my ring ever so slightly as I gasped loudly, but silently begged for more. "No more fear, Wesley. No more conflicts. No more judgments. No more lies. You have nothing to hide but the very thing that makes you beautiful. The very thing that makes you superior. It is time you left them behind, and joined us in an existence that promises more than your mundane survival. It is LIFE, Wesley. TRUE life, without excuses. There is no past, only now. Fall."

"I'm falling..." I sighed.

"FALL!" He said louder, lightly biting me on the shoulder.

"I'm FALLING!" I felt weightless, the pleasure overwhelming my body as I felt tears stream from my eyes. He pressed harder against my hole, and I felt the mushroom head squeezing into the softened shape of a spear as it pushed its way through my constricted ring. I yelped again, feeling the sting of pain rushing up my spine like a bolt of lightning. But the desire for more was so overpowering. I FORCED myself to ignore the pain completely, squinting my eyes tight and hissing through gritted teeth.

"Then know your place, boy. Know...that you are now....officially...mine." And he bit down on my shoulder...hard! Not hard enough to draw blood, but the sharpness of his teeth definitely left a very DEEP mark! And just as I shouted out, wincing from the sudden shock of pain, he popped his massive head into my tunnel, and slid in a full two inches as my breath got caught in my throat.

I instantly felt 'full' inside. Not just in my hole, but my whole body felt full. It surprised me, that's for sure, but I still had inches more to go, and I was beginning to feel so GOOD about being so bad! I had a mental picture of what it must look like to have my hole stretched so wide for him. I tried to imagine how tight I must be on him, and how good it must feel. I gyrated a bit more, slowly sinking down another half inch, and feeling him swell and pulse inside of me. He grunted, his hands holding onto my hips as he resisted the urge to push up into my heat. My moisture. My grip. No...he left it up to me. He always waited for me to give in. It was a part of his game. It was the magic behind his control.

I did not disappoint him. I fulfilled his needs...and satisfied my own desires in the process. It was the point he intended to get across all along. Give yourself to him, and he will provide you your every wish. Obey his order, and instantly feel the reward of your loyalty to him. It took so little to receive so much. I understood that now. I let my knees spread a bit further apart, my hands still firmly planted on Cyrus' knees...and I sank down as far as I could without the pain being too much for me. At this point, I began to rise again, my insides tightening around him as the hardness slid out of me. Then, at the tip, I sank back down...enveloping him in my warmth, feeling him tense beneath me, submitting to his will. And the rhythm began from that point on. Rise and fall, rise and fall. Slowly at first, and then picking up speed as we got lost in our union.

Cyrus controlled my movements with his fingers digging into the fold of my hips, and soon, before I was ready, he pulled me down even further, until he was fully buried inside balls resting on top of his. It felt like my legs locked up as he penetrated me to the very core, and glided past a hidden 'button' in my body that brought me a thrill that nearly rivaled the release of orgasm. At this point, Cyrus began to raise and lower my body at will, his strong arms able to lift my feather weight without much effort at all. I felt his hot breath on the back of my shoulders, and felt my hardness hitting my stomach repeatedly as I bounced on his lap. My body gave way, my mind gave him my pain, my voice refused to be restrained. The springs in the couch squeaked from our motion, and as he continued to rub back and forth across that special place inside of me, I got even hungrier for his sex. I wanted him to fuck me HARD! I tightened my cheeks, constricted my hole, and grinded my hips on every down stroke to get as much of him inside me as possible. He had made a total SLUT out of me, and all I could think about was getting more!

My body was burning up with an obsession for more contact. I wanted to grab a hold of my own hardness and stroke it for all it was worth....but Cyrus wouldn't let me. So I bared the pain of his invasion and bounced even harder. His hands pulled me back, finally allowing my palms to leave the tops of his knees, and he held me back pressing up against his chest. I rolled my hips in quick circles, feeling his shaft seek out every hidden part of me, swishing my inner walls and penetrating deeper than ever before. He nibbled roughly on my neck, and I couldn't turn around all the way, but when I tried to crane my neck back to kiss him...I noticed a bright light emanating from his eyes. A visible glow that reflected the flickering light of the fireplace. My body was so overcome with sexual savagery, that I couldn't have stopped myself if I wanted to. It was mind-blowing! Pleasure and pain in perfect balance, mixing to give me a feeling of complete and utter ecstasy! I shut my eyes as he pushed me down, and began to ravage me, my ass cheeks slapping down on his lap as rapidly as they could. I felt my own orgasm approaching all on its own, without even touching myself. And THAT was a new sensation for me! It was like this involuntary build up to this inevitable climax that I couldn't control! Everything about my ultimate release was in Cyrus' hands, and I began to whine and whimper out loud as I got closer and closer to my peak.

Cyrus' hands ran down the front of my stomach, and moved to my thighs to grip them tightly, kissing my side and shoulder as I tried to hold off the explosion for as long as I could. His fingers were right there where my legs connected, holding the tightened tendons of my groin muscles, and moaning heavily as I rode him hard. I bucked my hips, clenched my ass, becoming so wildly active that I felt as though I was going to suck a gallon of semen right out of his shaft with my insides! I bounced so roughly, Cyrus now growling from the pleasure of it. The head of his thick shaft was poking my prostate over and over again, and every touch was like an orgasm in itself. I couldn't get enough! I wanted him deeper, faster, stronger...I wanted ALL of him! And I wanted him to have all of me!

But own eyes began to glow just as brightly as his, and I felt something deep change inside of me. Something that I couldn't explain. Cyrus' growls became almost inhuman. Deep guttural sounds that seemed to come from somewhere else entirely. And I tried to clear my throat, but my voice had suddenly changed. It had gotten deeper as well. EXTREMELY deep. And I felt a long string of warm saliva drool out of the side of my mouth as that alien voice leapt out of me without restriction. Cyrus' nails scratched me up between the legs, this time, drawing small streams of blood from my inner thighs. And just as I was becoming frightened of this surreal turn of events, I heard the roar of an 'animal' come from behind me, and I felt Cyrus swell to almost TWICE his thickness inside of me, and explode in a savage splash! I could feel every pulse of his shaft as it forced jets of his creamy seed past my ring, and I felt it fill me up until it was dribbling back out of me to coat his shaft like the hot dripping wax of a burning candle.

Without any contact whatsoever, I erupted as well...spurt after spurt of my liquids spraying across the room as I continued to rise and fall, impaling myself on his length. Some of the ropes landed on my stomach, others on the carpet below, as my hardness bobbed up and down with my body's movements. I felt my hole constricting even tighter on Cyrus as my orgasm shot through me, and I cried out loud, my body completely ENSLAVED by the arousal of the moment!

I don't know what happened after that. The last thing I remember was collapsing back against Cyrus' chest as he wrapped his arms around my middle and kissed me deeply on the lips. I think I passed out after that. Everything went black. And I don't even remember him pulling out of me. The sleep came over me so fast that I barely had time to acknowledge my fatigue before I was slumped over to the side of the couch. It was, in my mind...the end of my old life...and the beginning of a new one.

It started off as this....'ache' in the back of my mind. It was like having someone shine a MEGA BRIGHT spotlight in your eyes after walking around in the dark for an hour. But it wasn't just my sight that was blazing..but my ears were ringing like you wouldn't believe. And as I began to wake up from the darkness, gradually having my senses assaulted by the atmosphere around me, I felt this unbelievable sensation of fatigue in my arms and legs. And in my neck. And in my back. My ass was still sore and felt as though it was gaping wide open, the muscle still trembling from the battering it took in my lust filled tantrum. It was soooo hard to fully come back to a waking reality, but I was slowly approaching consciousness again. It was like swimming to the surface of the ocean with cinder blocks tied to your ankles, but with enough effort, I brought myself out of the darkness....and into the light again.

My ears were SCREAMING with pain as I heard the radio blasting at full volume in the room around me! Warrant's 'Cherry Pie' was blaring right in my ear and giving me an instant headache! My eyes sprung open instantly as I covered my ears with my hands, and tried to figure out what the hell was going on. My vision hadn't really cleared up yet, but I could clearly hear everyone in the room shouting the lyrics to the song as loud as they could, and my hearing had gotten so sensitive that it felt like my skull was cracking open! I found myself laying on the living room floor, still in front of the fireplace, and I was completely naked! The room was full with all of the others, who were partying even harder than normal at that moment. Dexter was jumping on the couch, the twins were both turning up bottles of beer to race each other to the bottom, Kriegar was guzzling a hefty helping of tequila...everyone was jumping around like they had lost their minds!

Once I realized that I was exposed to everyone in the room, I instantly tried to cover up with my hands, and got up to look for my clothes. They saw me move, and Kriegar shouted, "HEY!!! Look who's finally awake!" And everyone cheered happily, applauding my return to the waking world.

"What the.....what the fuck is going on???" I said, trying to cover up my front and my back at the same time, praying that I could find something to hide behind until I got my clothes back! "Where are my clothes???" I shouted.

I then heard Cyrus speak from behind me, and I turned to see him sitting in his usual chair, with Scout positioned lovingly in his lap. "They're right over there on the floor. Right where you left them last night" He smiled.

"Last....last night?" I asked, hurrying over to my pants and shirt to pick them up from the heap I had carelessly kicked off into a corner of the room. I looked out the window, and saw that it was dark outside...raindrops pelting the glass with a heavy wind.

Cyrus replied, "Yes, Wesley....last night."

I took a second to try to gather my thoughts. I couldn't find my underwear, and when Dex saw me looking for them, he reached down the front of his pants and pulled my boxers out. "HERE! I was keeping 'em warm for ya! I hate cold under-jammies!" He tossed them over to me, almost hitting me in the face with them, and I quickly slipped them on to at least get my privates back under wraps.

I then stepped into my pants and pulled them up to fasten them around my waist. "How long have I been asleep?" I asked.

Cyrus snickered a bit, and the others began to tease me. Kristin started with, "Hmmm...well, let's see...there's one...two...three hours..."

John Boy added, "Then four or five hours after that..."

And the twins traded back and forth with, "Then another..."

"And another..."

"And another...."

Sebastian said, "And there was ONE point where you turned over in your sleep, but then went back to snoozing..."

And Kriegar said, "And Dexter accidentally kicked you in the head...but you still didn't wake up..."

"I did. I'm sorry. I wanted some licorice." Dex sulked. As though that had anything to do with anything.

Finally, John Boy told me, "All in all? You were out for about 27 hours..give or take."

"WHAT?!?!" I said. That's impossible! What the fuck were they TALKING about! I rushed over to the window and looked outside. A storm had blown in, and it was raining in buckets, but it was definitely night time again. What the fuck did I DO??? "Shit.....shit...." I panted.

"You seem so tense, Wesley." Cyrus said calmly, gently pushing Scout off of his lap. "Why don't you have yourself a drink. It'll soothe your nerves a bit."

"SHIT!!! No...I can't! I am in SO much trouble!" I said, suddenly snapping myself back to reality and realizing that I had now been gone from home for MUCH longer than I actually intended to be! I mean....I wanted to run away initially...but deep down it was just bullshit! *I* knew that it was bullshit! What was I? A fucking IDIOT? I wasn't going to really run out on my FAMILY! That's insane! But somehow I let this go too far, and my mom and dad are probably tearing the woods APART looking for me!

"Trouble?" Kriegar asked with a drunken grin. "You're NOT in trouble, kid! You're never gonna be in 'trouble' ever again! You're one of us now, baby! So grab yourself a cold one and celebrate with us! It's your new birthday, junior!"

"YAY!!! I LOVE birthdays!" Dex screamed!

I was pacing back and forth, putting my shirt back on and mumbling to myself. "He's gonna kill me. I mean he's really really REALLY gonna kill me this time! He's gonna send me away for SURE now, I just know it!" I began to panic, my body trembling inside to the point where I could barely stand.

"Wes...relax." Cyrus said, taking a sip of a drink himself.

"You have NO idea how fucked up this is, dude!" I said. "I've gotta go! I've just....I've gotta GO! Take me home!" I sat on the edge of the couch and put my shoes on, shoving my socks into my pockets.

Everybody got a kick out of that statement, and started laughing at me. I looked around the room, and Cyrus cut his giggles short to say, "What are you talking about? You are home."

I paused for a moment. "Dude...seriously...take me back to the camp. Ok?"

"I have no idea what you're getting at, Wesley." He smirked.

At this point, I looked around the room to see if someone else would crack up and give away the big joke. But they didn't. They were smiling, but more because they found my request silly. "I'm NOT fucking around here, Cyrus! I'm in really deep shit right now! I need to go home! Take me HOME!"

"I'm afraid I can't do that, Wesley." He replied. "Those days are done, my friend. You should just sit down and make yourself comfortable, because you're just gonna kill our buzz by making stupid suggestions."

Again, I was outdone by their lack of caring for my situation. This wasn't the time for fun and partying and booze and GAMES! I had to put my foot down! "What the fuck are you DOING?" I asked.

"I don't know. What AM I doing?"

"The game is OVER, you hear me??? This shit has gone far enough! TAKE ME HOME!!! NOW!!! I've gotta go! Come on!" I shouted, and a few of the others began to let their smiles fade as I continued to protest. "What are you all LOOKING at? I wanna go HOME!"

At this point, Cyrus stood up from his seat, and walked over to look me in the face. "First of all, you should lower your voice. Second of all...I already told are home..."

But before he could finish, I stepped up to get even further in his face and demanded, "CUT THE BULLSHIT!!! Enough is enough! I'm TIRED of this game! I want to get back to my FAMILY!"

"You don't HAVE a family except for the one I've given you, boy." He said. "Did you really think for one second that I had any intentions of letting you go back. Ever? Come on now,'re not that dumb." He smiled at me, and leaned forward to speak into my ear. "I OWN you now. You realize that, don't you? Every piece of you is now my personal 'property'. You don't get to have a say in this matter anymore. Your instincts are wiiiiiiide open...and there won't be any more resistance on your part. No more."

I stared him down, our eyes locked in an intense moment of challenge. And then, I said, "Ok...fine! You know what? If you wanna sit here and play house all day with your little friends, that's fine with me. I'm going home. Fuck it, I'll hitchhike if I have to."

I walked towards the door, but Sebastian was standing directly in front of it, and the twins moved in from both sides to block me as well. Bookends to his lone defense. There were no more smiles in the room, no more jokes to be made. Dexter turned off the music, and they all stood silent around me.

"Move out of my way." I said angrily, but none of them moved. "I said MOVE!" I looked back to Cyrus to see if he could command his 'troops' to give me some space, but this time...he gave no such order.

"I was impressed with your 'performance' last night, Wesley. I certainly hope that you don't plan to disappoint me after such a 'promising' encounter."

"You listen to me, you son of a bitch! I TOLD you that I'm not fucking playing around anymore! Now you either take me back to camp or you move your fucking boytoy's out of my way so I can leave on my own."

"Hehehe, that's just not gonna happen." Cyrus grinned. And just seeing the smile on his face angered me to no end!

I turned around and marched forward, trying to walk right between John Boy and the twins. But they stood firm, and when I angrily tried to force my way through, Shank and Razor shoved me back HARD until I fell back onto the floor. Cyrus sighed. "You still have so much to learn, young pup. So much. You should really look more towards your calling for answers. This rebellious mindset of yours is already beginning to bore me."

This time, I got up quickly, and charged towards the door full force, hoping to knock them back if they stood in my way. But running into them was like hitting a brick wall dead on. Sebastian had an evil snarl on his face, the only sight of ugliness that I had ever seen in him, and when he pushed me the second time...I flew half way across the room! "What the fuck are you DOING? Huh? What is this?" I asked, picking myself up off the floor.

"This is everything you wanted it to be, Wesley. This is home. This is family. This is freedom." Cyrus said, as he approached me. "And occasionally...even the most perfect form of liberation...has its cost."

They closed in on me, the threat of being jumped by them all simultaneously bearing down on me all at once. A bit of nervousness ran through me, but the anger pushed its way past my doubt of getting out of this without me getting my ass kicked. What could they possibly DO to me, right? I walked forward again, and the twins pushed me back again, but this time, Kriegar pushed me from the side...directly into John Boy, who pushed me back from the other side. It was hard to keep my balance, as their shoves were so incredibly strong! But I fought to keep my footing anyway! Kristin pushed me, Scout pushed me, even Dex pushed me. They formed a tight circle around me, laughing to themselves as they poked and shoved and tossed me around between them.

"STOP IT!!! FUCK YOU!!!" I shouted at the top of my lungs, feeling my body lose control as they continued to anger me with their playful little game. "KNOCK IT OFF!!!"

"Oooh, baby boy is getting mad, Cyrus!" Kristin giggled.

They pushed me back and forth while I fought to get out of their circle, but they were pushing me just hard enough to keep me stumbling. Finally, I got extremely angry, and I lashed out at Shank, punching him right in the mouth! His head barely even flinched from the impact...but his bottom lip did release a small river of blood from the impact. He smiled, licking the deep red liquid off of his chin, and they began to push me again.

"STOP IT!!! STOP!!!" I screamed, now swinging my arms wildly in all directions. But they could only laugh at my sad attempts to fight back. And Cyrus was the last one to touch me, grabbing me by the hair and throwing me back against the fireplace! I fell down as soon as my back hit he bricks, and my hand and arm fell into the actual fire, burning me until I jerked my hand back. Again...the others laughed...and I found myself getting more and more angry by the second. It was more fury than I had ever been built to contain. It was as if I could hear echoes of their disgusting laughter as they chuckled over my helpless position!

"STOP IT!!! STOP LAUGHING AT ME!!!" I shouted, feeling myself get dizzy all over again. My head was spinning something awful, and my body was alive with this untouchable feeling of strength. Power. And freedom. But as they continued to giggle, almost spilling their dinks as they mocked me and my attempts to fight back, I stood up and felt my rage boil over until I was ready to murder them all just to get out of that fucking house! "I SAID....STOP - FUCKING - LAUGHING!!!" I demanded, but that only made them laugh harder. Especially Scout, who was almost doubled over at Cyrus' feet.

John Boy snickered, "Wes...please...settle down. You're 'killin' us. Have a drink." He handed me a bottle, but I snatched it from him angrily and threw it against the wall! It shattered into a thousand pieces, and I heard the room fall silent as I sneered at them in disgust.

"I'm not going to ask again!" I said, now grabbing a hold of one of the metal tools next to the fireplace, used to tend to the burning wood. "Let me pass...and I won't hurt you."

The others looked to Cyrus, to see what his decision was. It wasn't so much that they were afraid of my actions. They were just looking for a reason to hurt me with their leader's permission. But he could only smile in response. Even as I raised the iron weapon over my head. Cyrus then asked me, "Are you sure?"

I didn't answer. Something inside of me told me to take a swing. Even though everything else inside of me prohibited me from doing so. There was something about them, something I couldn't explain, that had made them my family. My home. My brethren. And it was an emotional struggle to threaten them with such violence....even when it was necessary to get out of that room. Just then, I felt a tug, and Scout grabbed the weapon out of my hand, and they all closed in pushing and poking me again. "STOP!!! I WANNA GO HOME!!! LEAVE ME ALONE!!!" I shouted at the top of my lungs, swinging with both of my fists at anybody who touched me or even came NEAR me! But they were all too fast, moving back just out of range, and mocking me with taunting smiles and light kicks to my butt. The more I lashed out, the larger the circle grew around me. I pleaded for them to let me be, but just hearing them laugh at me with such disrespect caused the anger to become so overwhelming that my body was beginning to shake from the tension of it.

Then wasn't just anger, was it?

There was something else weaved into my emotions, clawing its way up to my mental 'control tower'. Something fierce. That full body buzz of mine wasn't just some subliminal 'hum' in the back of my mind anymore. It was something much more serious this time! It was making my head ache, and my skin crawl, and my 'bones' itch from the inside! It felt like this growing ball of pressure, spreading and stretching to reach every part of me, making me feel full to the point of wanting to burst. As they continued to poke and shove me, I stood strong against them all, feeling the disorientation warp and bend my vision into an almost unbearable state of being. I swayed on my feet as the 'calling' blanketed my mind with a thick heavy syrup. Cold, and dark, and heavy. I stumbled forward, only to have someone push me back again. I felt Dexter pinch me hard in the side. And Kriegar punched me in the arm. They all took their turns, annoying me without hurting me too badly. And the more I protested, the stronger the calling got. Until my entire body was twisting up its every muscle into tight knots...the pain causing me to fall to my knees. I just wanted to leave. I just wanted to go HOME again!

"Hehehe, you don't look so good there, cutie pie." Sebastian giggled. And I looked down at my hand to see the palm stained with smeared blood.

"Wha.....what the hell....?" I whispered to myself, feeling my fever increase until my eyes began to burn. My arms got sore, and I gritted my teeth as I felt my face muscles spasming. The others watched in delight, and I called out to a voice that didn't sound like my own. "What is....what is happening to me???"

"Hehehe...that's a loooong story, babe!" Kristin chuckled. "Just lay back and let it happen!"

My fingers began to arch all on their own, looking almost like...claws from the painful angle of their arch! My breathing got heavier as my stomach muscles turned to stone, tightening up until I could hardly breathe. I attempted to stand up again...but my body wouldn't obey my commands anymore. Everything hurt, everything began to tangle up on me, and all I could do was sit still and try to hold myself together. I stumbled to the side, and before I knew it, I was falling back to the ground again. Everyone shouted, "Ohhh! He fell over! Hahahaha! Poor baby!" Their cheers became muffled sounds in he back of my mind. MY skin began to itch with a fury, and when I went to scratch it with my hand, I felt a coarse thicket of fur growing out of my forearms. I was almost like barbwire in comparison to the sparse dusting of hair that I was used to. My eyes continued to blink feverishly, the heated gaze drawing tears from my uninitiated pupils. I felt myself curling up on the cold, hard, floor, trying to fight, trying to maintain my senses. But things only got worse from that point on.

I felt that same scratchy hair growing out of my neck, and my back, and my knuckles, and my was EVERYWHERE! I got frightened of the painful change, but the others egged me on!

"Let it work its magic, Wes! Let it take you!" Kriegar grinned. "You're gonna LOVE it, man! I fucking KNOW you will!"

"Move! I wanna see!" Dexter yelled as the others were blocking the youngster's view. "C'mon, lemme SEE! Sweet!"

I tried to recapture the carnal nature of the change. I tried to put the cap back on the bottle and hold it in. But this was something that wouldn't be denied. This was an explosion in a confined space, breaking down all the walls around it to finally express its true power. It was free. Unleashed. Unchained. And it wanted to show itself for the first time. After so many years of being locked away in my subconscious, this inner monster was stepping up, demanding to be recognized. And I could feel it completely erasing my former mind as it took control.

I shouted out in pain, my body twisting and writhing in agony as it began to transform into something else. I felt tendons stretch, muscles pop, bones relocate, flesh was as if I was shifting into the shape of something much more demonic. Much more powerful. If I hadn't been so terrified...I might have taken the time to notice how much I enjoyed the sensation of completely letting go. I might have noticed the freedom of releasing my stranglehold on my once civilized mind.

Instead...all I could pay attention to was the searing pain.

"AHHHHHHH!!!!!" I screamed, my head feeling like it was cracking open and my teeth grinding hard on each other as they seemed to grow in size. My gums bled profusely, the river of blood running out of my mouth and decorating the long strings of saliva dripping from my jaws to the floor. Every part of me was suddenly drenched in unimaginable suffering! And when Cyrus stepped up to look down on me, I reached out a shaky hand, tearfully begging him to make the pain go away. He looked down upon me with such....'pride'. Like a child watching an egg hatch for the first time. He told me, "Don't worry, my son. The first time is always the hardest. It's hard to break that cherry open...but you'll get used to it, I promise.'ll be changing in half the time. And eventually, it will become almost instantaneous."

His words were of no comfort. They brought me no peace. And with a very determined sense of concentration, I attempted to hold myself together. But my skin was 'ripping' itself apart, and my body was rapidly changing into a shape that I didn't recognize. I felt like my insides were being squeezed in a vice, and my skin felt like it was on fire! My voice had become this deep inhuman roar...and I found myself with no defense against this level of agony!

Then....just as the change was becoming more painful than ever...I felt this calming sensation wash over me. Was it shock? Was it madness? I couldn't tell. But my arms began to stretch to almost twice their legs doing the same. I gripped the floor with a clawed hand, my nails now two inches longer than before, but hard as concrete. I left scratch marks in the floor, and hair began to grow out of my cheeks, and my shoulders My ears stretched, my muscles bulged, and I could feel my clothes being ripped from the size of my rapidly growing body. I growled heavily, still struggling, still fighting...even though the release was beginning to feel....ohhhh soooo good.

"Relax, Wesley..." John Boy said softly. "...Don't resist it. Give in to it. Feel it. Receive it. Embrace the change."

"If he keeps fighting like this, he's definitely gonna tear something." Sebastian told Cyrus, but Cyrus had every confidence in my rebirth.

"No. It's alright. He'll be just fine, give it time." Cyrus said, smiling at me.

I was breathing hard, radiating a visible heat that caused ripples in the air around me. The floor was stained with blood, and my stomach was almost turned inside from the pain. But I tried to speak, my voice sounding as deep and as inhuman as I have ever heard it. "What...did you....DO TO ME?!?!?!" I snarled.

"We gave you life, where you had none. We gave you power. Freedom. We made you family..."

"MAKE IT STOP!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!" I shouted, but Cyrus' smile only got wider. "MAKE IT STOP!!!"

"YOU make it stop, Wesley. This is your inner savage, it's up to you to learn how to control it."

The anger was building, and without thinking, one of my long arms lashed out, and grabbed for Cyrus, hoping to slash at his chest. But he was swift to move out of the way, and my arm fell back down to the floor, clawing at it helplessly. Everyone got a big laugh out of that one as well, and I used what little strength I had to take swipes at them as well. But they were all too fast for me to catch. They all laughed and teased me as I struck out in their direction, hitting nothing but air.

And that's when the sickness really began to take a hold of me. That is when I felt the pain easing up as I began to let go of the fight. The suffering stopped, and the fever I purposely let the fog cloud my judgment, and the calling flood my soul. My breathing began to slowdown, my heartbeat stopped hurting...and the aches in every part of my body began to tingle with a sensation that I couldn't describe. It was like being electrified inside. One hundred times greater than life itself. An ecstasy that knew no boundaries. No limitations at all. And in that same deep voice, the glow of my eyes reflecting off of the floor in front of me...I heard myself beginning to laugh. LAUGH!!!

At was like this involuntary reaction, a twitch in my body from the outside. But soon, the pleasure of those heartfelt giggles surged right into my mind, and I mentally joined the insanity with an even louder laugh. And once my spirit had been turned...the laughter was uncontrollable. I was cackling like mad, and my transformation began to complete itself gradually.

I looked up at the others, all of their eyes glowing brightly in my direction, all of them bearing fangs, as my nose and mouth began to stretch forward. My bones cracked and my skin stretched until it almost split wide open...but the power. My GOD....the power! The LIBERATION! The raw BEAUTY of it was astounding!

I had been holding on, trying to keep my sanity in tact for as long as I could. God forgive me. I just didn't have the strength to fight it anymore. Cyrus had brought me kicking and scream into the world of truth, and I LIKED it! I marveled at what I had become. And I stood amongst my brethren, that night...

..As a full blooded werewolf.

Please don't think of me as wicked for giving in to the call. It would be much to easy for you to label me 'insane' without ever having experienced that spiritual bliss. That wild 'awakening'. Through all of my regrets and all of the horrible thing I've done, I have never been able to deny the fact that Cyrus did exactly what he told me he would do. He brought me life. Unadulterated, unrestricted, its purest form. That feeling is immeasurable. There is NOTHING that you could ever hope to compare it to. All the narcotics, all the sexual practices, all the religious revivals, all the meditations of the world...have tried, but have never even come CLOSE to reaching the height of that sensation. It is a spiritual orgasm that defies the glory of the stars and creates, in you, the power of the beast.

Yes....there is a beast. A monster of untold power in us all. The same creature that gets you to attack someone and beat them to death in defense of yourself and your loved ones. The same creature that allows you to steal unashamedly for your survival. The same creature that gives into sexual temptation, no matter what your current relationship status. That creature lies within us all....and it is waiting. It is waiting for someone to call its name, so that it can step forth and show you the true experience that you've been missing. It clears away the darkness to show you just how 'wicked' you really are when the situations are right.

But I suppose you'll deny that. Won't you? You'll deny its appeal. You'll deny it's allure. And that's quite alright...because it is that very same suppression of desire is what makes it STRONG. It FEEDS on it, and rests in the center of your belly, slumbering lightly...awaiting its first come into the light.

I've now been formally introduced to mine. And before it came to an end..I had myself some 'fun'.

Thank you guys SO much for reading this latest chapter of "Savage Moon"! I certainly had a blast writing "Unleashed", but if you think the games are're DEAD wrong! They're JUST beginning! Look for "Savage Moon: The New Breed" in the future, and see where the new pack takes Wesley from here! Please let me know what you think at or just drop by the website at and check out the other stories!

Thanks again for all the wonderful compliments, comments, and questions I've gotten on both the "Savage Moon" AND "Gone From Daylight" series!!! I love ya for it! And they'll be back, along with "Always", "Magic Man", and "Dream Lover"! So keep your eyes open! And I'll seezya soon!

(And look for PICS of some of your favorite "Savage Moon" characters to appear on the "GFD: Blood Bank" in the near future!)