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I came down to the bottom of the steps, and paused for a moment. My mind seemed to lock up on me over what had just happened. Wondering if the monsterous visage I had just seen on Dexter's once innocent face had been real or...just some pumped up figment of my imagination. My body felt heated, and I was sure that my fever was causing some very strange side effects in me. Maybe it was the alcohol. I had definitely guzzled down a lot for my first time. Not nearly as much as any of the others, but more than a virgin alcoholic should be exposed to. Alcohol's not a hallucinagenic, is it? No, not alcohol. Then again, how would I know, I've never been 'tipsy' before.

Cyrus motioned to me, and while I wanted to stay still, I felt his massive pull on my senses, guiding my first few shakey steps forward before I even had a chance to refuse the motion. I could feel that invisible leash tightening around my throat again, his gaze filling me up with his unspoken command. He always stared you right in the eyes. Right past the mask on the surface, and into the very heart of you. And what made it even more terrifying was the fact that he let you know that you were now an open book. That you were vulnerable. And that he had nothing to fear from you, because he could use the secrets he found there to tear you apart in an instant if he felt the need. He would do it too. He would destroy everything decent about you and not lose a moment of sleep over it. You could see it in the wicked tilt of his smile.

"I waaaaarned you..." He sang, teasing me from his chair. Sebastian got up and walked past me to go upstairs, giving me a boyish grin before disappearing into the darkness above me. "...You seem a bit shaken. Why don't you sit down next to me?" I moved quietly, walking towards the couch, but Cyrus stopped me. "Not over there. Over here. Right here where we can talk." He said calmly, and gestured with his finger...towards the floor by his right arm. I don't know why I went. It almost seemed like...a humiliation of sorts. But attempting to resist only made my head spin faster, and my thoughts ached with the need to surrender. So I did as I was told. I walked over to stand beside his chair for a momment, and he reached out to slowly grope the front of my pants before motioning for me to sit down on the floor. I obeyed...and I felt his fingers intertwine themselves in the locks of my blond hair. I remember closing my eyes, sighing with content. Something about submitting to his will felt so good. So safe. So sane. Taking away my worries and bringing a peaceful silence to the mental noise going on in my head. I didn't have to think those polluted thoughts anymore. The doubt, the fear, the suppression, the regret, the guilt...they melted away instantly. Drowned out by the glory of Cyrus' golden light. I didn't have to think at all. He did it for me. He did it for all of us.

He slowly petted me for nearly five minutes before I found the ability to speak. "I'm dizzy." I whispered. "And I'm hot."

"I know, little one. The fevers will pass in time." Cyrus told me, and his petting of my hair strengthened a bit, arousing me and causing me to move over to cling to his leg. I never knew that someone rubbing the top of your head could be so sensual. "Tomorrow is the third day. After that...you're going to feel like a brand new boy." I leaned over, and kissed him lightly on the knee, as his fingertips caressed my ear. I was so hard that I could hardly stand it. "Hehehe, is my boy feeling frisky tonight?"

"Mmmmmm...." Was my only answer as I kissed his knee again, the fabric of his jeans tickling the surface of my lips. I'm not sure where the urge came from, or why it was so strong, but I was suddenly filled with the desire to bite down on the denim. I nibbled lightly at first, but as I was even more turned on by Cyrus playing with my hair, I began to bite down harder. It satisfied something deep inside of me, and I couldn't stop gnawing on it. "My teeth itch..." I moaned, still chewing on his pant leg.

"Careful, Wesley. If you bite me..." He leaned forward. Then, he abruptly pulled my hair back, almost painfully. He whispered, "....I'll kill you." And he kissed me deeply on the lips, his tongue filling my mouth, forcefully breathing new life into me. He gave my hair another gentle yank, but I was so lost in the kiss that I couldn't even yelp from the shock of it. Then, when our lips disconnected, he pushed my head away from him with a smile, almost pushing me to the floor on my back. I heard the others in the room giggle playfully to themselves, enjoying my slow but steady surrender to his taunting. And I was reminded that everybody else was watching.

I heard a noise, and saw Scout pouting on a corner of the couch. His arms folded and his tiny little lips twisted up in a frown. He was looking down at the floor at first, but when he glanced up and saw me looking at him, he got even more upset. He stood up and stomped his way out of the room to go down into the basement, slamming the door behind him. I suppose I had taken too much attention away from his 'big brother'. But I was glad that he was angry. After all the dirty looks that kid has given me in the past week, he deserves to get some of it thrown back in his face for once.

Kriegar laid back with a sigh, and lifted his shirt to rub the hairs on his belly for a while as the alcohol in his system began to lull him to sleep. And the twins, so enraptured with one aother, decided to stand up and head off to bed. I'm assuming it wasn't just to sleep. "Goodnight, Cyrus." The said with a smile.

"Goodnight, children." Cyrus looked down at me and smiled, and the brothers gave me a wicked grin as the walked past me and up the stairs. Once again...I found myself locked into a world that I desperately wanted to fit into, but the pieces weren't coming together like they should. I still felt...'odd' here. Unsure if they were trying to accept me, or laughing at my attempts to be on of them. I should have gone back to the cabin. I should have made ammends with my dad, and just argued my case until he let me stay. I don't know if I'm ready for this.

"Thinking about home?" Cyrus asked. I looked up at his eyes, the golden hazel glow watching me with an energy all its own. "You are....aren't you?"

I looked down at the carpet for a moment, and nodded my head slowly. "I just...I fucked up big time tonight." I said, replaying the argument over and over again in my head. I could still feel the heat of my father's rage bearing down on me. I could still hear the frustrated rasp in his voice, and see the fury in his eyes. But through all of that 'temporary' hate, there was a long standing affection that outlasted his burst of anger....and mine.

"The place looks run down, Wesley...but it is much more comfortable than you would believe. Depending on where you sleep. Or with whom." He smirked.


"Don't." He stopped me cold, in mid sentence, leaning forward in his chair. "You might sit here and second guess your decisions. You might look back at the 'edited' version of what happened in your mind, and romanticize your times with dear old dad...how loving and caring he was, and how wonderful your life used to be, and ohhhh...how everything was JUST so perfect! But that's not reality, Wesley. Is it?"

"Running away from home is a little extreme, Cyrus."

"Running away was hardly extreme. It was what you wanted to do, and you did it. You may feel that you were out of control and that you were weak, but it's the exact opposite. Can't you see that?" He asked me. "Emotion dictates action. That's what it's there for. You felt something strong inside of you, and you acted on it. Just like at the beach. Think of all the times you were angry and wanted to strike out at the person causing you distress. Think about how good it felt to finally know what it was like to do exactly that. To not have to hold it back, or swallow it down. To not have to think about consequences, or guilt, or fear. But to let those emotions FLY and guide you with the power and purpose that they were meant to have. It's carnal, and it's primitive, and it can give you a rush like no other narcotic on this planet, Wesley. But you've got to give into it. Stop trying to swim upstream and just let yourself be swept away for a while." With that, Cyrus left his chair, and slid down to the floor beside me. Sitting on the same level. No longer taking the form of a controlling leader, but a brother. "You have nothing to worry about. I am here for you. I will keep you safe. I will keep you strong. You can relax and let me pave the way to your true self. And to everything you've ever wanted." He kissed me on the cheek, his lips lingering there for a moment. And then I felt his hand run down over the scratch marks on my back, causing them to heat up again...but it wasn't painful this time. Not at all. If anything...it was just enough heat to excite me. He leaned forward to whisper in my ear. "After tomorrow night, Wesley...it won't matter anymore. You won't have any choice. But don't let that worry you, sweetheart." He said. "You're going to like being better."

"Better?" I asked, shivering as his kiss landed on my neck. "I don't understand...."

"You will. Soon." And then, Cyrus leaned back from me, leaving me holding my breath. "But for tonight, you need some rest. Besides, I have a gift for you."

I opened my eyes, "A gift? What gift?"

"Well...I figured that a boy who's had such an exhilirating evening, as you have, might have a bit of a hard time 'winding down' for the night." He smiled. "So I'm going to give you a little something to help you sleep." I didn't understand at first, giving him a bewildered look. But when Cyrus nodded towards the staircase behind me, I saw Sebastian slowly walking down the steps wearing a robe. And without hesitation, he slowly pulled it open and let it drop over the back of his slim shoulders and down to the floor, standing completely naked before us.

It was enough to snatch your breath away and dangle it front of you, just out of your reach. Even if you had seen him naked before, seeing him at that moment was a religious experience. His body was poetry in the flesh, his skin lightly tanned the color of off-white, the beginnings of beige. It was liquid, blemish free, beuatiful beyond description, and he slightly spread his arms out down at his waist, as if to present himself to me fully. There wasn't a coarse hair on him. In fact, there was hardly any hair at all, except for small tufts under his arms, and a boyish brown bush over his succulent length, the hair softer than the fuzz on a baby duckling. His stomach was so flat that even his small oval belly button rested comfortably between being an 'innie' and an 'outie', and a teenage v-line that separated that fine abdomen from his long sleek thighs. Sebastian grinned at me, his head moving down a bit, causing his long chocolate locks of hair to bashfully slide forward to hide his eyes from me. The only thing I could see is that smile. On those thin precious lips...that smile was the most wicked thing about him.

"What...what is this?" I asked, trying to keep from trembling inside.

"This is your gift, Wesley. I want you to be...comfortable during your stay here." Cyrus told me.

"I wanna have that 'date' we talked about, Wes." Sebastian said softly, moving closer. "Come on. We have a room upstairs. Just you and me alone. No one else." He reached out a hand to me, and I was hesitant to take it. Pretending as though Sebastian's sexually trim body wasn't SCREAMING for me to taste every inch of it. "Come on." He coaxed me. I looked back at Cyrus for approval, wondering if this was another test. But he only nodded to give me his blessing. I felt my hand nervously reach out to Sebastian. His fingers felt so soft. So warm. And with a gentle tug, he pulled me to my feet.

Face to face, he looked me in the eye. Those almond colored marbles of his were sooooo alluring. His hypnotic gaze held me still, with only my heartbeat able to continue its motion, racing out of control. My knees were weak, my stomach began to squirm inside, and as he used his fingers to gently pull his hair back out of hs eyes, his vision and mine connecting with an unrestricted intensity...I felt that dark haze wash over me again. Even worse than before. My thoughts became clouded, some of them were silenced completely. And yet, I never felt more focused. More certain. More passionate. I could actually feel my spirit being carried away by that 'current' that Cyrus told me about. And while a piece of me was still reaching out for the edges of the river, attempting to hold on, trying to slow down...most of my soul had given in. Hanging limp, riding the waves like a chunk of driftwood, not knowing or caring where I ended up. As long as I knew I'd be kept afloat through it all.

"You two have fun. And I'll see you in the morning." Cyrus told us, standing up on his feet. Kristin was turning Kriegar to lay him out flat on the couch, and cover him with a blanket for the night. And just as Sebastian pulled me gently towards the stairs, Cyrus said, "And Sebastian....?"

"Yes, Cyrus?" He answered.

"...Give him everything."

Sebastian gave him a crooked grin. "Everything?"

"I'll allow it. We want our new boy to feel welcome."

"You're the boss." Sebastian walked up the stairs in front of me, and I waved godnight to Cyrus, not wanting to take my eyes off of his soft round ass as it bounced in front of me. My god....is this Heaven, or what?

We got to the hallway at the top of the stairs, and Sebastian quickly pulled me past the giant stain on the carpet to go to the bedroom on the right. He closed the door behind us, and I was able to glance around for a few seconds before he began kissing me again. The walls in the room were pink, and decorated much like a little girl's room. There was a queen sized bed, and curtains, and a few dressers against the walls. It hardly looked like it would be to Sebastian's taste, but then again, I doubt any of them really lived here anyway. I'm sure they just found the place abandoned and moved in. Whatever. No time to think about that now. I've got the softest pair of lips ever created kissing me right now. And I plan to enjoy it!

The whole room seemed to spin as Sebastian's arms constricted around me. Everything was silent except for the gentle smacking of our lips. My hearbeat started to mellow out, seeking a rhythm that would match his own, and my hands wandered unashamed over the smoothness of his strong back. There was something about releasing so much of my energy in such an uninhibited way that caused me to quake with excitement. He didn't stop me. He wouldn't. He gave himself to me completely, without a single discomfort, doubt, or rejection. My fingertips were free to glide over whatever deliciously warm body part that they wanted, and I was anxious to to touch him everywhere.

Another door in me had been opened, and his complete surrender to my sexual appetite had brought a confidence to me that I had never experienced before. We broke our kiss for a moment, and as our foreheads touched, I found myself adopting the same authentically wicked smile that I had seen on thier faces many many times before. I think Sebastian liked witnessing this...because he instantly leaned in to kiss me with even more passion. Our breathing increased, and my hands slid further down to cup the firm bubbled cheeks behind him. The plush handfull flexed as Sebastian pushed his hips forward, and I gave them a squeeze. A hard squeeze, that caused Sebastian to grunt lustfully in response. Our lips mashed together with more vigor, and I felt his hands working around my front to undo my pants. His tongue tangled itself around mine as I felt my jeans fall to puddle around my ankles, and my boxers were quick to follow. My kiss became slightly awkward as I tried to step out of my shoes and pants legs, and we broke our lip lock just long enough for him to swiftly toss my shirt up over my head. And now, naked except for my socks, I moved forward to embrace him again. My God...I never knew it could be like this.

Sebastian's flesh tingled every inch of me. Feeling that soft skin slide up and down against my own set my senses ablaze, and an emotional rush leapt up into my throat as the physical bliss almost became too much for me to handle. My breathing was labored and uneven, but I didn't want to stop kissing him. My hands were all over him, and certain spots would cause him to whimper softly in my ear, giving me a guide as to what he enjoyed most. My mind disengaged from everything else in existence, and I reached down to grip his hardness as it pushed up against me. Feeling its ample length and thickness, as a cool substance leaked from the tip, and left a small sticky residue on my wrist.

He was being so gentle. So tender. And then, he looked me deep in the eyes, and he whispered, "I love you, Wesley. I love you soooo much." He followed it with a demonic grin, reminding me that it wasn't true. That it wasn't real. It was almosta tease, trying to tug at my emotions to make it more than what it was. But, despite my previous ideas about it all...I was beginning to think that it didn't matter as much as I thought it would have. I mean...not nearly as much. A part of me wanted it to be true, while another part of me, the truly heated part, worked to make it true. If for no other reason than to fulfill some emotional need while my body found the satisfaction it was looking for. I couldn't stop. Not now. It's funny, but I always imagined that I would have more self control when it came to something like this. That my heart and mind would win out over the lust. But as I felt Sebastian's kiss move down to my neck, then to my chest, and further south to suck gently at my navel...I realized that no sensible brain patterns were coming to 'save' me. Not now. I was lost. And just as Cyrus told me...the loss of control didn't feel like a weakness anymore. It felt strong. Powerful. As though the whole world would bend to my will if I asked it to. I felt my length slowly slide into the warm wetness of Sebastian's mouth...one long insertion that swallowed up every last inch until the head met up with the juicy meat of his throat, and his lips kissed the base of the shaft. I felt his tongue squirm back and forth beneath the shaft, before he withdrew his lips back to the tip, and began a steady bob back and forth that forced me to reach out for his shoulders just to balance myself. I never felt more worshipped, more adored, than I did standing there with this gorgeous boy at my feet.

Sebastian kept me locked in his vaccuum as he moved me around to sit down on the bed. He leaned me back on to the mattress, and lifted one of my legs to rest on his shoulder as he continued to suck me deep into his mouth. He moaned as his cheek brushed up and down the inside of my thigh, and the vibrations sent a jolt of adrenaline shooting right up my spine, as he pushed my other leg out to the side, giving his hand total access to my sac. He fondled it eagerly while his suction increased. I thought I was gonna explode.

Then he stopped.

To have myself suddenly disconnected from those sweet lips, my pleasure interrupted, was like running into a brick wall. I opened my eyes with a whine of desperation, and it caused Sebastian to smile as he crawled up on to the bed with me, kissing me deeply on the lips. He sat me up with my back against the headboard, and my eyes widened as he swung one of his smooth long legs over me to straddle my lap. He didn't sit down, no. He made sure that his hips were raised just enough for his low hanging balls to rest on the tip of my hardness. Where he playfully rubbed them back and forth, making me shiver with a giggle. My hands reached out to grip the outsides of his thighs, hoping that he would sit down enough to apply some pressure to my aching hardness. But he hovered there for a fw minutes longer, his grin sensually calling out to me to kiss him again as he leaned forward and rested his hands on the headboard. He kissed me passionately, and then backed off. He whispered, "Tell me you love me, Wesley."

"Mmmmm, come on, Sebastian..." I kissed him again, but he moved further back.

"Say it." He said. "Want me to start? I love you, Wesley."

"No you don't." I smiled.

"I do tonight." He replied. "It's your fantasy, remember? Take advantage." I didn't understand it. Why would he need me to play this game. Why can't we just fuck and get it overwith so he can just go back to ignoring me again? Or maybe...making me realize that I wanted this to happen in spite of the lack of committed emotion to come later...was his intention. He lowered his naked body down for a moment, the sensual arch in his back collapsing as his stuck his succulent round cheeks outward. And my whole body strained, pushing up off the mattress to connect breathlessly with the silken majesty of his skin as he grinded into me slowly. His body was capable of the most erotic movements imaginable, and as he moved up some more, I found myself sucking hungrily at his nipple. The hard nips tickling my tongue tip as I licked and nibbled at it like a melted pool of candy. My hands moved back to grip those fine ass cheeks and pull them down on me again as he flexed and wiggled in slow passionate circles on me. Oh God...I wasn't going to be able to take much more of this. "I love you, Wesley." He said again, with a grin.

"I love you too." I answered. It was almost involuntary at this point. The sexual pleasure going way beyond my emotional involvement, but dragging it along into the abyss anyway. It was then, that I felt my fever return to me, and a sheen of sweat began to bead up on my brow and chest. I held tight to Sebastian's buns, kneading them, fascinated with their simultaneously soft and firm substance. His long hair draped over my face as he kissed me with tongue, and just as I thought I had experienced everything that I could possibly handle without floating off of the surface of the planet...Sebastian reached behind him, and took a hold of my hardness. Still wet with his saliva.

Sebastian moved back, and I felt my hardness slide forward, first down the hairless cleft of his ass, then further to 'kiss' the back of his sack. But as it traveled backward again, the head felt a slight dip in the crack. An opening. So small. So tight. And he let it linger there for a moment while he ran his fingers through my hair. Then, while looking in my eye the entire time...he allowed his weight to gently press down on it. It bent it a bit at first, but with a small amount of struggle, and a breath that I held for what felt like an eternity...there was a slight pop, and the very tip of my inches was suddenly welcomed with a feverish heat that defied all reason. It was FAR more exotic than the steamy insides of his mouth. CERTAINLY better than anything my hand could ever provide! No, this was unprecedented. And I gasped as he suddenly lowered himself a bit more, to entrap the hole head in its constricted grasp. "OH God....Oh God...." I panted, and with a widening smile, Sebastian went down even further. Jesus! I had never felt anything soooo tight wrapped around me! It was like my whole body was on fire! And then Sebastian sank lower, to gobble up half of my length and force me to squint my eyes. As though that could hold off my impending climax for a few moments more. With a sigh, Sebastian buried the rest of me inside of his warmth, and I felt the butter soft cup of his cheeks resting on my thighs, cushioning them with its bubbled shape. His insides felt so 'alive', moving and churning and chewing and sucking at me with a constant motion. And as I saw him stiffen in front of me, causing his hardness to bounce up and down on my stomach, I could feel his muscles contract around me. It was the most pleasurable agony that I had ever known. And again, without thinking, I leaned forward and crushed my lips to his, gasping, "I love you! Oh FUCK, I love you, Sebastian! Mmmmm!" I whined and whimpered as he raised himself up a bit, only to sink me back into his depths again. His smile reflected his intentions. This was more than just sex. It was manipulation. The kind of manipulation that Sebastian was best at. He wanted more than my allegiance, my body, my passion. He wanted my soul. And he was forcing me to give it to him willingly. Nothing excited him more than using me against myself.

I fell back against the headboard, and tried to hold on before I melted into nothingness. He increased his rhythm. Not too slow, not too fast. Just fast enough to please me and tease me at the same time. My legs kicked out in different directions, my butt wiggling and squirming helplessly beneath him as he rose and fell over and over again on top of me. I couldn't sit still, and had to hold my breath to keep from screaming outloud. He reached out to slip his middle finger into my mouth, and an uncontrollably sexual urge washed over me as I began to instantly suck on it as hard as I could. I was whimpering more and more, tasting the ski on his finger, and licking all around it until the saliva began to pool at the corners of my mouth.

"That's it, baby." Sebastian moaned, speeding up slightly as I felt his buns bounce up and down on my lap. "Don't hold it in. Let go."

I whined even louder, still straining to hold back the noise as he withdrew his finger. I tightened my lips, and held my breath, hoping to prolong this exciting torture for a few minutes more.

"Let go...." He chanted, and he began to move his hips in slow sensual circles, making it feel even better than before. He leaned forward to bury his face in the side of my neck, and he sucked on it lovingly as his body continued to send me into fits of sexual bliss. "Shout for me baby. Shout for me." I tried to hold back. I did everything I could. But as my mind and body were overloaded with sensations, I felt that self imposed lock on my throat beginning to give way. And I opened my mouth to moan out loud. "YES! More! Let it out!" I moaned louder, and louder, to the point where I was sure that everyone in the whole house could hear us. And then, Sebastian took one of my nipples and twisted it hard, causing me to shout out without restriction...as the most powerful orgasm of my life devoured me whole!

My tip painfully spasmed and twitched inside of him as long thick streams of juice flooded into Sebastian by the bucket full. My hips nearly raised him off of the bed, and I buried myself so deep into his insides that I couldn't feel anything else. My hands held him down while my hips pushed upwards, and my yells freed themselves without warning. I felt a warm wet splash against my stomach as Sebastian unleashed a mindblowing orgasm of his own, rope after rope shooting out at me with strong jets of heated semen. And as I was running out of 'ammo', I became so sensitive that I felt as though I would DIE if Sebastian continued grinding his hips down on me like that. When we had stopped moving, my entire body was overwhelmed with this electric buzz that turned the whole world into a surreal fantasy around me. Whimpering. Shaking. Crying, and feeling actual TEARS run out of my eyes. It was a release of more than sexual tension. It was a release of.....'everything'.

It was the kind of lovemaking that changes lives.

When I was finished, and saw Sebastian smile at me, I was instantly ashamed of my outburst. I was growing soft, but Sebastian's tightness kept me inside anyway, the lips of his gateway locking down on me. I blushed, and looked away from him. I can't believe I just screamed like that. I probably look like SUCH a virgin right now! But Sebastian turned my head to face him. And he kissed my lips softly. "How do you feel?" He asked.

"I'm....I'm sorry. I just..." I was so embarrassed. I wanted to cry. I don't know what had just happened, but I was so in touch with my emotions at that moment that they were overpowering. I felt their magnificence, their frightening potency and their ability to easily dominate me no matter what my mind's analytical assessment of the situation was. "I'm sorry." I said, feeling a tear roll down my cheek.

"Don't be sorry, Wes. Feel it. Let the emotions run through you and take over." He told me, as I tried to look away from him again. I gently pushed him to the side and he laid down beside me. I turned away from him, but he spooned up against me from behind. "You're out of touch with what you feel. You've been taught to ignore it, and to suppress it, and to wish it all away without ever questioning why. Finding your way back to that purity can be scary. I know. But once you've felt it fully...once you've seen what it can do....would you ever want to go back to the way you were?" He asked me. I didn't answer. So he pulled on my shoulder and turned me to face him, kissing me on the lips. "What you're feeling right now is real, Wesley. Don't deny it. Don't try to bottle it back up and tuck it away where you hope nobody else will find it. Let it go. I can help you carry it. We all can. What's more...Cyrus can guide you towards showing you how to 'channel' it. Make it yours. Get control." I sniffled a bit, and he rubbed my head. "Let it go. Go on. Release." His voice was so soft, so caring. It touchd something in me, and it pulled the right emotional strings, until it became harder and harder not to cry. What was he doing to me? Why was this happening? I didn't even have a reason to cry! I just...couldn't express the emotion any other way. "Release." He repeated again...and suddenly, the dam broke.

My eyes flooded over with tears, and I hugged him close to me. I could feel his smile spread out on his face as our cheeks touched. "I'm trying.....I'm trying..." I said.

"I know you are. TRUE freedom is terrifying. It takes time to embrace. But you just stay here with us, Wes. The illusion is almost over." He said, kissing the top of my forehead. Why did I feel so infinitely comfortable here in this run down house? How is it that a supposed 'good boy' like me can be pulled so far into a situation as to not want to ever go home again. Maybe they're right. Maybe Cyrus brings the truth. And if Sebastian is right...then maybe I'll be able to make it all go away. All of it. The anger, the fear, the doubt...being both scared and ashamed of who I am. Maybe....maybe if I....just let Cyrus protect me...

....Maybe he can make it better. Maybe he has the answer afterall.

I calmed down a bit, and just let Sebastian hold me for a while. Our legs wrapped themselves around each other, and not another word was spoken for the next half hour or so. Just a connected eye contact, and a few loving kisses between us. I was hard the whole time, but we didn't engage in any more sexual activities that night. Just making out, rolling around naked, and allowing our bodies to feel good for as long as we could before going to sleep. Sleep. Sleep.

I've never slept so good in my life.

Finally...here I lay....unburdened by the chaos of life. There is no sweeter dream than that.