Waking up to see the daylight shining in through the bedroom window was a bit disorienting at first. Trying to figure out where I was, and what I was doing there. I had practically forgotten about last night. The drinking, the fight at Rainbow's End, the sexual explosion afterwards...all a blur. But as my eyes fluttered open from a deep sleep, bits and pieces of it began to melt back into my reality. I started to remember the fight with my father, and the attack at the house that left it in shambles. I ran away...didn't I? Holy shit, I actually ran away from home.

But the strange part was that, instead of feeling an intense sense of guilt and shame...I found myself smiling up at the ceiling. It actually felt....kinda 'good'! In fact, everything about me felt good at that moment. My entire body was tingling with this weightless energy that made me feel like I could do just about anything short of walking on water. I couldn't believe the overwhelming pride that washed over me at that moment, lost in the remaining fog of sleep. I did it. For the first time in my life, I had opened all my own doors, I defied every controlling circumstance, and I beat the odds. I took my first drink of alcohol, I won my first fist fight against someone twice my size, and I got LAID...by one of the fucking HOTTEST teenage boys on the whole planet! All in the same night! I told my father exactly what I thought of him, and what a hipocrite he was, and there wasn't a damn thing he could do about it! I won! I actually WON! Cyrus TOLD me that I could be free of the chains that were holding me down, and he was right. He was telling me the truth about everything he said so far. For once...there was someone out there who believed in ME enough to let me make the choices that I wanted to make for myself. All on my own. Without judgement or restriction. He promised me freedom, and he delivered it to me on a silver platter. How can I not want to stay with him? How could I ever doubt him? If it weren't for Cyrus, I'd still be locked away on punishment for something I didn't do, waiting for my father's bullshit perspective to understand and accept me for the lie that I was.

Not Cyrus. He brought me to the truth.

He brought the truth to me.

I felt the soft sheets against my naked skin, and slowly turned my head to the side to see the pretty face of the boy sharing my bed. Sebastian's sweet candy coated lips were parted slightly, his hands running underneath the pillow as he slept on his stomach. Wow...even the way he slept was perfection. He didn't drool, he didn't snore, you could barely hear him breathing at all. And his hair was just as shiny and soft as it was when he dozed off. His upper torso was uncovered completely, and my eyes followed the smooth flawless off white flesh down beyond the small of his back. The sheet teased me as it began to cover him up just as the sensual rise of his tender globes began to curve outward from his lower spine, the separating crack just barely visible before dipping into the fabric, and obscuring the full picture. I sighed contentedly as I rolled to the side, and carefully reached out to lay my hand on his shoulder. His skin was so blisfully soft. It hardened me to feel its frictionless surface. I let the back of my index and middle fingers move up to feel the untouched purity of his face, sliding across his cheek as his breathing increased. I felt my emotions get sucked so far into his beauty that it was hard for me to stop. I wanted to feel him again. Kiss him, hold him, taste the flesh all over again. My mouth watered, thirsty for just one lick. A long one. Starting at his toes, up the inside of his thighs, over his flat belly and hairless chest, deep in the side of his neck, and back to those gorgeous lips of his. And I'd stop at all of his interesting pleasure spots along the way. Looking at him now, I knew that I could literally eat this boy alive.

My hand was much more confident than what I was used to, and it traveled down Sebastian's back to slip under the sheet and cup one of the warm bubbles beneath it. I felt it flex slightly as his breathing changed, and he shifted a bit in his sleep. My fingertips traced further down into his tight cleft, and I felt a subtle hint of warm moisture as my middle finger touched the outer rim of his hole. I felt my hardness jump as I touched it, and very softly made a circle around its ring. Sebastian moaned a little bit, a boyish whimper that sounded so sexy to me that I was forced to lean forward and kiss him tenderly on the lips. He was tired, still half asleep, but I felt him kiss me back, and his tongue lazily met mine in a loving embrace. It was then, that I put a little pressure on my probing finger, and in his relaxed state, it began to eagerly slip inside of him. Mmmmm....that tightness. The searing hot, unbelievably wet, snug fit of his insides, sucking at my finger as he opened his chocolate brown eyes and flashed me a morning smile. I nearly came right then.

"I hope you're not getting too used to this." He grinned wickedly.

"Why not?" I grinned back, and leaned forward to give him another kiss on his lips, the lust making me hunger for him all the more.

"Because I don't belong to you."

"Who do you belong to then?" My mind chalked it up to being some kind of passionate game. Sebastian's flirtatious smile and hazy vocal tones made me believe that he was simply teasing me again.

He said, "I think you already know the answer to that question." I felt his leg bend up a little bit to give me better access to his hole, and then rised his hips up to swallow more of my middle finger inside. I gasped from the sensation, my own fluids now leaking onto the sheets beneath me. Sebastian kept going until his soft cheeks hit my knuckle, and I was buried as deep as I could go. Then he sunk down again, rolling his hips and humping the mattress, pulling my finger in nd out of him with the most sensual rhythm. I wasn't going to be able to hold out much longer, and when he reached his hand out to tenderly stroke my rigid length...already lubricated from my own excitement...I let go. With a strong shudder, I blasted off into Sebastian's hand, my body still tingling from just having woke up. The orgasm was unimaginably strong, making my eyes roll back as it splattered Sebastian's leg and the side of his stomach. He jerked me like an expert, squeezing as he went to the tip, loosening up as he made his way back to the base, occassionally rubbing his thumb in circles over my sensitive tip. I couldn't stop trembling. He got a real kick out of seeing me squirm so helplessly in his hands. And soon after, his ass tensed up, and I felt his inner walls collapse and contract around my finger in spasms as he splashed the mattress with his warm morning seed. He sighed, wiggled a bit, and kept his body moving in the most amazing way as he rode out his powerful climax. He never once broke a sweat, or even frenzied a single hair. Everything he did was beautiful. Sensual. Alluring. I had to kiss him again. I had to.

Sebastian rolled to the side, and our lips met hungrily. Our tongues wrestled with one another as my body became charged with a sexual energy that it had never known before. My GOD this feels good! REALLY good!

I waited a few moments as I regained control of my heartbeat, and then looked over at Sebastian again as he sat up against the headboard. He looked down at me, and he said, "Day three. You can now officially consider this your new birthday, loverboy. So take note."

"What do you mean?" I asked, but he only smiled in response, using his hands to smooth his hair back into place as if it needed it. I reached out to touch his thigh, but he turned to the side instead, standing up by the side of the bed. The sight of his smooth boyish ass was a blessing in itself. The soft round globes were so addictive in their presentation. Hairless. Not even peach fuzz was evident. It was like two warm tear drops pressed together, with a subtle line in between. I had to smile at the memory of me being buried so deeply in his constricted hole the evening before. When he made me scream. When he set me free of so much supressed sexuality, all in one....long...powerful...thrust. As I lay there, looking at my off-white angel, the gentle tan on his bubbled cheeks creating a puddle of saliva on the surface of my tongue as I hungered for another passionate taste of his flesh....I knew that I would never be able to get enough of him. Every experience was better than the one before it. And I was uncontrollably attracted to him in ways that my heart, mind, and body, couldn't even understand. I've never seen such beauty in a teenage boy before. And at that particular moment, I doubted I would ever see it again.

Sebastian began getting dressed, much to my dismay, and I just laid back naked on top of the sheets, watching his soft, wiry, body snuggle itself back into his clothes. I had the goofiest grin on my face the entire time, and was so disappointed once he had buttoned up his shirt all the way. His chocolate brown eyes met mine, and he grinned warmly in my direction. It was almost enough to make me want to strip him all over again. "Why don't you come back to bed?" I asked playfully. "I don't know if I wanna go downstairs just yet."

"We don't have much time. Cyrus has plans for us to go into town today."

"We can go later, can't we?" I smiled, slowly stroking my meat, which had grown hard again already...just from watching Sebastian get dressed. "Come here, why don't you stay here with me instead. Cyrus can wait, can't he?"

At that moment, I think I might have said something seriously wrong. I saw a strangely dark look in Sebastian's eyes as he turned to stare at me from over his shoulder. It was as if I had somehow asked him to abandon his life entirely, and he was offended by the idea. I didn't realize that the mere SUGGESTION of going against Cyrus' strict order would be such a blasphemy among them. The room was struck silent for a moment, and then Sebastian gave me a warning. "You know...you should really be careful about what you say around here. VERY careful." He said sternly.

"Come on. It's not like Cyrus can hear me way up here."

"You'd be surprised what Cyrus can hear in this house." Sebastian said. "And what he'd do to you if he didn't like what he heard. So take it easy, alright?"

He was so serious. His cute face didn't show even a hint of his once adorable grin. And I just....decided not to fight it. "Ok. I guess...I'll be more...loyal, or whatever." I said, confused.

"Don't mess around with stuff like that." He told me. "Cyrus will give you some leeway because you're new, but don't expect him to be so forgiving later on."

What? Did I just adopt myself another DAD or what? Hehehe! Cyrus was cool and all, but geez. These guys take his word way too seriously sometimes.

Suddenly, for no reason whatsoever, Dex comes bursting into the bedroom like a bat out of hell! He's completely naked, soaking wet, with soap suds still all over him, and he basically DIVES on top of me while I'm still in the bed. "Dex! Jesus, what the hell?" I said, feeling the bedsheets getting soaked as he wiggled playfully on top of me. I couldn't help but laugh when he squirmed up far enough to give me a quick kiss on the lips. "Hehehe, dude...what are you doing?"

"I was taking a shower and I heard you talking, so I knew you were awake." He grinned.

"You heard me talking? From the shower?"

"Uh huh."

"Didn't you just take a shower a few hours ago?"

"Yeah, but Cyrus chose me last night! He chose ME! So I got all sex-dirty again! But I'm clean now, see?" Dex smiled. He was dripping all over me, and before I had a chance to stop him, he started frantically shaking his head, his sopping wet blond curls drenching my face and pillow with water and soap suds.

"UGH! Dex!" I said, closing my eyes to protect myself from the rainstorm.

"Dex....down." Sebastian told him calmly. "What did Cyrus tell you about playing on the beds?"

"Aww, I wanna play!"

"Go finish your shower first. Then you can play."

Dex got up on his knees over me, and gave me another quick kiss before he retreated from my now soaking wet sheets. "He's finished now, isn't he?" He asked Sebastian. I didn't know exactly what that meant, but Sebastian did.

"Yes, Dex. He's finished."

That made the little imp smile. "I'm glad your my brother." I gave him a weird look, and he started to rush back onto the bed to jump on me again before Sebastian called out his name. "Oh right! I know! I know! I forgot! But I know! Bye, Goo Goo!" He turned around, his cute little tush stuck out and still partially covered with suds as he dripped his way back to the shower across the hall, an innocent wiggle with every step.

I peeled the wet sheets off of me and grinned to myself. "I swear, that is the most entertaining boy on the planet, you know that?"

Sebastian only gave me a tilted smirk. "Enjoy it while it lasts, Wesley. Because in another week or so...playful little Dexter is gonna go bye bye. And he's gonna be replaced with a different 'kind' of person."

"What kind of person could he be replaced with?" I asked, half joking.

And Sebastian, as he finished buttoning up his shirt and making a quick fix of his long chestnut colored hair, leaned forward and whispered, "The kind of person who, from time to time.....needs to be tied up and locked in the basement." He gave me a quick peck on the cheek, and started to leave the room. "Don't be long. Cyrus is waiting."

I take it that was my subtle cue to get dressed. I watched him disappear around the corner and heard his footsteps going downstairs. That was it. Last night was last night and I should...be hapy that it happened, right? I mean, I might have entertained a hint of disappointment, as I realized that that kiss on the cheek was probably going to be the last bit of affection that I was going to get from Sebastian for the rest of the day. Maybe the next couple of days, knowing him. I really did try to dettach myself from the whole emotional committment of being with him...but....dammit he's soooooo HOT! And the sex was just...omigod! He really knows how to make it convincing enough to set my senses on fire. But now? Now I've got to pretend that the lust was enough to satisfy me, and try to keep from staring at him and wanting to touch or cuddle with him all day. That part sucks. And although I'm trying hard not to admit it...

...It hurts too.

I put my clothes back on from yesterday, smelling the smoke from the Rainbow's End bonfire last night, and the spilled liquor all over the fabric. I don't know if I was being overly sensitive with my sense of smell of it was really powerful enough to choke me. Yuck! I couldn't even stand to slip my shirt on over my head. It was too much of a sench for me to handle, and I wondered if maybe someone else had some clothes in this house that I could wear. I looked at myself in the mirror as I passed it, and saw this...'image' of myself that I didn't quite recognize. I mean...it looked like me, but...it was strangely unfamiliar. It took me by surprise, and I found myself studying my face and body to see what had changed. I couldn't put my finger on it, but whatever it was...it wasn't physical. The reflection seemed to have changed 'internally'. As though my very soul had been altered, and what was left was being seen through a new pair of unadjusted eyes. A stranger. Lost. Willfully abandoned. I can't explain the feeling, but there was nothing else like it in the world. Because as weird as it seemed...having that doubtful, insecure, boy that I used to be suddenly 'absent' from my eyes was a rush for me. I stood tall, my shoulders back, an unexplainable sense of pride flooding my system. I've never seen myself in such a positive light before. I LIKED it!

My infatuation with my reflection passed as I continued my search for something to wear. I waked over to the bedroom closet and peeked into it to see what was inside. It looked like a couple's closet. Husband and wife, definitely. My mom and dad had the same kind of set up. Half and half, men's shoes, women's shoes, skirts and blouses on one side, ties and slacks on the other. And the familiar maipulation of the female side as it took over the ownership of the closet, as though her husband's stuff was just there as a visiting guest. There were some boxes on the top shelf, but I was sure that it would be full of clothes they either couldn't wear, or would never want to. There was nothing in there for me. I wonder if one of the other bedrooms has something a little bit more...'me'.

I walked out into the hallway, still bare chested with a pair of jeans on. I could hear the shower still running, and Dexter was gleefully humming to himself as he scrubbed himself squeaky clean. I didn't want to make any noise for fear that he'd come charging me again, and dampen me even worse than before. So I turned silently and walked further down the hall. This was a part of the house that I had never seen before. I never got any further than the bathroom and the bedroom. But there seemed to be three other rooms at the end of the upstairs level. One o them should have some proper attire in it. I figure that Cyrus and the others have to get their clothes from somewhere if they've been staying here for any length of time. But as I started forward, I noticed the giant mess on the carpet again. This time I could see it clearly, as daylight spilled into the house from every window. It was a deep purple color, dried out until it was almost turning brown, and it covered the whole hallway from side to side. It was big enough to where I doubt I'd be able to jump it without touching one edge or the other. Even with a running start. There were even some splashes of it on the lower parts of the wall. It confused me, but I tried to keep my mind focused on getting dressed. I can't really explain it, but I could feel this strange pull on my senses that was telling me that Cyrus needed me. That he was looking for me to come downstairs and join the others. I didn't know why or how this happened...but the more I tried to ignore it, the more urgent the call became. I've gotta find a shirt and get back down there to see what he wants.

I moved forward to the end of the hall, coming to three doors, leading to three different rooms. Naturally, I picked the one in the middle, just to see what happens. I opened it up and saw, what looked like, a teenage boy's room. Posters on the wall, cds, an XBOX video game system...but the tv screen looked like it had been smashed in...this was definitely the right place to look. I wondered, momentarily, if any of this stuff belonged to Cyrus. But quickly disposed of the idea. There's no way this was his stuff. It was too...'tame' for him. Too safe. I couldn't see him playing a video game, hanging a poster, or buying a cd. Somehow, even though he was only a year or two older than I was, that kinda of typial teenage activity seemed beneath him. I doubt Cyrus would have anything in his room at all outside of a mattress and a few books. If he wanted anything more, he'd take it from someone else and dare them to ask for it back. No...this wasn't a room made for our divine leader. It wasn't his style at all.

I walked further into the room, and looked around a bit more. I sniffed the air a bit, and found this really faint lingering scent around me. It wasn't a foul odor, necessarily, but it was stale. Old. Like leftovers from a dinner you had two days ago, left behind the living room couch in the middle of summer. >From some of Nick's sloppier habits, I know the scent well. The aroma was fastened permanently to the walls, to the curtains, to the sheets on the bed. Just taking a few deep inhaltions gave me the perfect picture of the boy who resided in here. A dark blond haired boy, about 15 years old, with light brown eyes. My size, maybe a little smaller. I could feel his scent all around me, and it gave me this vision of him that seemed almost crystal clear. I figured that I MUST just be making this up in my head, and thought about shaking it off so that I could concentrate on just finding some decent clothes. But everything I touched had his essence on it. Every hair, every skin flake, every evarporated hormone that had ever been released in that room, was busy painting me very vivid picture of what he looked like. It was hard to ignore.

Finally, my eyes landed on the closet door, and I walked toward it to find it full of boy's clothes. His smell was all over them, strong, even though they had all been washed and put away clean. I don't know why, but I was almost aroused by the images in my mind. He was cute. Sweet natured. In good shape. How could I possible get all of this just from the clothes in his closet?

Luckily, he wore his shirts long and baggy, and I found an aqua blue t-shirt that would fit me to a tee. The pants were a different story though. He was much too slim in the waist for me, and the length was a bit too short. So I'd have to stick with my own jeans for now. I should have taken some shit with me when I ran out on my dad. I was just so angry and flustered and lost in the moment, that I didn't think about the fact that all my stuff is still at the cabin. Maybe I can sneak back in when nobody's home and grab some stuff to keep me going. Who knows? I'll worry about that later.

I backed out of the closet and closed the door. And I nearly JUMPED out of my fucking skin when I saw Shank and Razor standing right beside me on the other side of that door!!! "JESUS! What the fuck?!?!" I gasped!

"Are we looking for something?" They said in unison, neither one of them off rhythm. Even the tempo of their unified voices was the same. How the hell did they do that?

"I just...I needed something to wear. And I thought..."

"Don't you have a bedroom, Wesley?" Razor asked.

"I believe it's the one at the other end of the hall." Shank added immediately after.

"Yeah. You're....you're right." My heart ws still racing from the sudden shock. They made me nervous, their green eyes staring me down without shame or mercy as they examined my every word for even the 'hint' of a lie. "I'm sorry."

They paused for a moment, and then began to talk to me, back and forth, as I tried to keep up with who was saying what. "Cyrus is waiting for you downstairs."

"He doesn't like to be kept waiting."

"It's a brand new day for ALL of us, Wesley."

"A brand new day, indeed."

"I'm certain that you won't be long in picking out something...nice to wear."

"Not that it matters. It will just be more for us to take off later."

I stopped for a moment, as their evil grins speared right through my confidence and almost made me back away from them. Luckily, they backed off first. "O-o-ok..."

"We'll be waiting. Don't delay."

"We've got a lot of stuff to take care of before nightfall."

I asked, "Stuff like what?"

And they both turned to me with a smile as they stood in the doorway. And they said, "You'll see."

How I could ever find a moment's comfort among them, I'll never know. But I did. Now more than ever. The pull was strong. Fierce, even. It was as if we were all bound together by a giant rubber band, and I had to really stretch and pull and force myself away from the center, as the elastic fought to snap me back into place. It almost 'ached' to be away from him...my Cyrus. My protector. My truth. I felt this desire before in small doses, but this morning it was like an unquenchable thirst, a FIRE that would not be dismissed as some random act of choice. He was demanding my presence. NOW. And I was not to disappoint him.

I pulled the t-shirt over my head, still revelling in that golden scent of the boy who wore it last, nd then started to head out of the room. But as I was walking towards the door, I noticed something glimmering in the sunlight from across the room. It caught my eye, and I stopped to go investigate. It was a silver picture frame, and I picked it up to take a look as I stood by the bedroom window. It was at that moment, that I saw some movement outside, and got an eye full of Kriegar in the backyard, pissing on a mound of dirt in broad daylight. Why he just couldn't use the bathroom in the house, I'll never know. But this pack of rebels have touched on every other type of crazy behavior in the book, so why not?

I looked at the backyard more closely, and saw that the mound of dirt had two shovels sticking out of it. It mush have been dug up about two or three months ago. I could tell by the way the grass and all was just starting to grow on it again. My dad's chores of digging up topsoil and grooming the landscape arund the house taught me how to recognize how long it's been since the ground's been touched. But whatever they were digging must have been a pretty big hole. And pretty deep too. Weird.

It was then that I looked away from the window, and down at the platinum picture frame in my hand. It was the picture of teenage girl with long dirty blond hair, and the boy that I imagined from smelling his scent in the room. There he was...in the flesh, so to speak. Exactly as I had imagined him. Every line, every curve, every detail, spot on. I had never seen this boy a day in my life, and yet...I could sense what he looked like from his scent alone. Him and the girl shared the exact same smile, so I figured that they were related. It really showed in their eyes too. But it was what I saw next that really intrigued me. The two teens were holding up a young puppy. A German Shepard. And, although a little bit younger and smaller, it looked almost exactly....like Nick's new puppy, 'Prince'.

I stared at the picture for a few seconds longer, wondering if it was just an eerie coincidence, but I don't think it was. Where did Nick say he found him again? Wandering around in the woods, didn't he? I wonder if he belonged to them. I wonder if they'll be looking for him.

At that moment, I felt an extremely strong tug on my senses, and I knew that Cyrus requested my presence at once. It was stronger than last time, and he'd be upset if he had to send anyone else up to get me. So I put the picture down, walked out of the room and closed the door. I wonder what the other two rooms had in them?

I came down the stairs, and saw everyone sitting at the kitchen table, heads turned to stare at me. Even the way they sat down had a certain 'order' to it. With Cyrus, as always, sitting at the head, a wicked grin parting his lips.

"I trust you had yourself a very...entertaining evening, Wesley?" He asked.

I had to admit, I felt good. It was probably all the sex I've been having lately, but my body was tingling from head to toe. And last night's outburst with Sebastian was so mindblowing that I'm sure I'm still experiencing aftershocks from my orgasm. "Very entertaining, yes." I answered, and I leaned over Sebastian's shoulder, brushing his long hair back slightly to give him a kiss on his soft cheek.

"I'll say," Kriegar grunted. "I thought somebody was strangling a fucking turkey upstairs! Oooow-woooo! Oooowww-wooooooooo!" He made fun of me, and everyone at the table started snickering at my loss of control. But for some odd reason, I still felt connected to them. In fact, with the sounds he was making, it made me laugh too.

"Fuck you, Kriegar..." I giggled with blush, which only made him laugh louder.

"Our boy, Sebastian, here certainly brings the 'animal' out of our new pups, don't he?" Kriegar smirked. And just before I sat down in one of the only two chairs left open, Dex came walking into the kitchen stark naked and sat down in the chair that I was gonna take. At least he was dry this time. "Ah, here we go..." Kriegar sighed as he rolled his eyes.

Dex asked, "What's for breakfast?"

Kristin answered, "It's two in the afternoon."

"What's for lunch then?"

Cyrus leaned forward in his seat, "Dexter...clothes?" It was all he had to say. Dex got up, and left to go get dressed. I started to sit down, but he came back quickly to protect his chair.

"Um...your seat is over there." He said, and dragged the chair out of the room with him. I even heard him dragging it up the steps. I looked at the other end of the table, where there was one seat left open next to John Boy. I suppose that was my position to play. So I walked over and took my place. Cyrus seemed pleased.

I can't describe it, but as soon as I sat down, I felt stronger than ever. As though my body had suddenly been awakened with some new form of energy. And when Dex returned and took his rightful place as well...the energy became even more potent. It was like sitting in a warm river with a strong current. Feeling it run over you, around you, through you. We had a very powerful circle indeed, and all channels lead right back to Cyrus.

"Your fever has broken." Cyrus grinned.

"Yeah. I feel sooo much better this morning. It's awesome."

"Oh...my pretty boy...soon it's going to feel a whole lot better than this." He said. "Soon...you're going to know what being a 'wolf among sheep' is alllll about." He said it with such a subtle sense of menace, his unsettling grin lacing every word with a drop of verbal poison. I noticed everyone else at the table staring at me, watching me, andnot a single person had a plate sitting in front of them.

I had to break the uncomfortble silence. "Is this...lunch time, or what?" I let out a nervous chuckle, but no one said a word.

Finally, Cyrus answered. "We'll go out in a minute and see if we can...'work up an appetite'. But for right now, I just want to sit here and balance out for a bit longer."

"Balance out?"

"Yes. You've brought a very strong energy to our table, Wesley. It would be selfish of you not to share." What was he talking about? Energy? Share? Balance out? Everytime I get comfortable in this place, they do something to remind me why I shouldn't. "Don't be nervous. We're family now. Today is the third day. You'll know everything you need to know in time. For now...I simply need you to trust in my word." He said. "Wesley...do you trust me?"

"Yes, of course." I said it almost involuntarily. My mind never took a second to contemplate the answer. I don't know why, but my body seems to be on total 'autopilot' every second that I spend with them. And my impulses are getting harder and harder to resist. Whatever it is, I think it, I start doing it right away without rational thought taking any part in my decision. It was weird. Liberating, but weird.

"Good." Suddenly, Cyrus leaned back in his seat again, and the energy flowing through us all seemed to fade away. As though our circle had been broken. "Sebastian?"

"Yes, father?" He answered.

"You and Kristin start up the truck. We're going into town for a while." Everyone stood up from the table in unison, myself included. I was locked in. Certain thoughts passed through us all in this strange coordinated effort to keep us together. There was very little time to resist it. Like I said, the distance between thought and action was getting shorter by the second. The others began to walk out of the kitchen to get ready, but Cyrus put an arm over my shoulder and patted my stomach lightly. "You hungry?"

"Um...actually...no. Not really."

"Hehehe, don't you worry. One thing I can promise you is that your appetite is going to be bigger than Texas in the days to come. And I'm not just talking hunger either." He winked. "But don't worry, you can get rid of all the insatiable sexual urges you want with us, Wesley. All day, every day, for as long as you live." Cyrus then traced my lips with his fingertip. "I only ask that...you come when I call. Understood?" I closed my eyes, a sensual shiver racing through me from his magic touch. And as he inserted the tip of his finger between my lips, I slowly gave it a long, wet, suck...and nodded my head. "Good boy. Now come on. We've got a lot to go over today. You've got a lot to learn."

"I do?" I asked.

"Indeed you do. It's your birthday today, Wesley. You just don't know it yet." And with another smile, he guided me outside to the truck. And towards the first day...of what was to be a whole new existence...

....As one of 'them'.