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It all started innocently enough 10 years ago at a small, hardly ever noticed, Bronkers University. It was always overlooked and thought to be insignificant. The faculty and secret government supporters liked it that way. How were they supposed to know that a bunch of geeky nerds would end up changing the world as we knew it?

The main study and funding was in genetic manipulation and mind control, with a growing interest in cloning. All very hush hush and on a need to know basis. Practically every graduate was absorbed into the hidden military-government establishment or into government funded top secret labs all over the country.

Like all universities, Bronkers had jocks, mostly from wealthy families and placed as a sort of last resort. As with all things, money talked and talked big. Somehow, the jocks managed to move along, mostly ending up in the military and CIA, keeping the funding and special projects flowing at a good pace into Bronkers.

Steve and Bradshaw were geniuses, looked upon as close runner ups to Einstein. Probably an exaggeration but it was common knowledge among the faculty and students. They kept mostly to themselves and had a small group of fellow super nerds that hung together. There were very few females at Bonkers and they weren't interested in typical campus romps and parties. Steve and Brad were really into chemistry, bio-engineering, physics and artificial intelligence. There was more, much more, but those were tops with them.

Ted, David and Jon were the top bad ass jocks on campus. All excelled at wrestling and weightlifting; chemistry and physics, not so much. Ted was 6'6” and 250 lbs, David 6'4 and 210 lbs and Jon was 6'5” and 230 lbs, all big muscled and very proud of it. The 3 of them were all very hairy and had testosterone overload. They all had been asked to leave a number of well known universities as their academic record left much to be desired and they caused a bit too much trouble that had to be covered up to keep the university from being embarrassed. They were from very wealthy families. Ted only had his father who traveled around the world constantly. David had his mother who felt completely embarrassed by his lack of intelligence and macho man attitude. Jon lost both his parents in a plane crash when he was 6 and was raised by his grandmother, or more accurately by his nanny, since his grandmother felt he wasn't really a descendant at all; no member of their family could possibly resemble a Neanderthal and mostly act like one. Family attorney's handled all the gritty details making sure the family names were protected and the boys were somewhat kept in check.

Ted's grade point was going dangerously low. He was warned that if it didn't level out he would be banned from the gym and cut off from the only thing that mattered to him. Jon and David were headed in the same direction and were told they would face the same consequences as Ted if things didn't improve. Because of the nature of the studies and funding, no student was allowed to live off campus. Course it did help tremendously that there wasn't any town within 50 miles of Bonkers. The small village that was nearby was actually a secret military base staffed by special forces and CIA agents. The 3 of them discussed their problem for quite some time before Jon came up with a solution. All they had to do was make Steve and Bradshaw do all their work and give them cheat sheets for tests, problem solved. The 3 of them were very proud of themselves for solving their problem in less then a week. Since Ted was the one who was put on notice for sure, he decided he would start the ball rolling. Steve and Brad were roomies that lived at the end of the same floor as Ted and the boys. Ted made sure he didn't shower or change after his Friday night workout.

Steve and Brad were in their room, both deeply involved in simulations on their computers. Neither one heard the door open or noticed Ted coming in.

Hey boys, what kind of porn you guys watching?” Ted said loudly, completely startling Steve and Brad.

Hey, what are you doing here?” Steve asked, as he straightened out his glasses that were knocked out of place.

Didn't your mother ever teach you to knock before barging into someone's room?” Brad stammered.

The very masculine, strong scent of Ted filled the room. He made it a point to pump his large thick pecs up and down and flex his biceps while standing close to Steve and Brad.

Nawh, don't worry, we're all buddies here,” Ted laughed. “So, come on, what kind of porn you got going here?”

For your information, we aren't watching any porn,” Steve said standing up, not able to take his eyes off of Ted's muscled sweaty body. “We're running simulations of our theories on cellular manipulation.”

Boy, sure sounds like porn to me!” Ted laughed. “Oh I get it, some kind of foreign sci-fi stuff huh?”

No, not at all,” Brad said as he also was mesmerized by Ted's bouncing pecs and flexing arms. “You see, we are simulating the effect...”

Whatever,” Ted interrupted. “What's your name again? I know he's Steve and you are?”

I'm Bradshaw,” Brad stammered.

Hey Braddy, sorry I couldn't remember your name,” Ted smiled holding out his hand.

Ted grabbed Brad's hand in his, put on more and more pressure until Brad looked like he was doing a dance of some sort.

So, Stevie baby,” Ted said ignoring Brad's attempt to pull his hand out of Ted's. “I need a favor from yah. Yah see, I got this here problem with the dean and you are just the man to take care of it for me.”

What? How can I help you with any problem YOU might have?” Steve said nervously, looking at Brad dancing around and looking more and more like he was in agony and staring at Ted's bouncing pecs.

Yah like those babies huh?” Ted said smiling at Steve. “Here, go ahead and feel the power Stevie, its cool, I can see you are into them bad boys.”

Ted grabbed Steve's hand and held it tight on his pec as he bounced it up and down. Steve stopped trying to pull his hand away after a few seconds and Ted let go of his hand, smiling since he knew he had Steve now. He knew his body would be what would get Steve to do what he wanted.

Like I was saying, the dean wants me to bring up my grade point and the only way I can think of for that to happen is for you to help me out here,” Ted said with a serious look.

He released his grip on Brad's hand who was now on the floor, moaning and holding his hand against his chest, checking to make sure nothing was broken. Ted moved right up to Steve who was moving back away from Ted until he bumped up against his desk and couldn't move any further. Ted took over his entire field of vision and towered over Steve. The scent of Ted was overpowering. It filled Steve's nostrils and he could swear he began to taste it. Ted really bounced his pecs now that Steve's face was right in front of them. He put his arm behind his neck and flexed his bicep just as an added treat for Steve.

I figured out that if you did my papers and got me some cheat sheets of the stuff we get tested on, I'd do okay,” Ted said with a proud smile.

Wait, you want me to do your work and give you cheat sheets?” Steve asked finally as his mind forced him to snap out of being hypnotized by Ted's flexing muscles. “Are you nuts? You have to be completely insane to think I would do something that improper and unethical.”

Now Stevie, don't be getting your nuts all in a bind there,” Ted said. “There ain't nothin improper or unethical about that. Its just you helpin out your buddy Ted is all.”

The name is Steve and you are most certainly NOT my buddy,” Steve huffed. “We've been in the same classes and lived on the same floor for 3 ½ years now and you NEVER ONCE even said hello to me let alone look at me.”

No reason to get all uppity with me Stevie,” Ted said seriously. “Just us having a real nice friendly chat is all.”

Ted reached out and patted Steve on his head, reached down, grabbed his muscle T and pulled it up over his head. He threw it on top of Brad who was still moaning on the floor. Steve couldn't stop his eyes from growing super wide as he took in the mass of wet matted hairy covered muscles that made up Ted. Ted grabbed Steve's hands while he was in shock and awe and started moving them up and down his abs and chest, as he flexed.

Yah see, I need you to do this for me,” Ted said. “I'll tell yah what I'll do Stevie. I can see you really are into my body. So as I'm a real nice kind of guy, I'm gonna let you lick me, suck me off and feel all yah want of this hot stuff body of mine. Its either that treat for you as a favor from me, or I kick the shit out of you and maybe make you disappear. Its kind of your choice Stevie.”

Steve shook his head and pulled his hands off of Ted's body. He felt fear since he knew Ted could do exactly what he threatened without any problem at all.

So, what's it gonna be Stevie? Pain or pleasure?” Ted asked as his hands held Steve's shoulders in a super tight grip. To add some incentive, he lifted his foot and put it on top of Brad, forcing him to the floor and holding him down with his foot.

Ted, you can't be serious!” Steve almost cried. “I mean, why would I do that? Its bad enough you want me to cheat and be a party to a fraud, but the rest of that is just sick, plain old sick!”

Stevie, now come on, be honest,” Ted said as he lifted Steve off the ground with his hands on his hips and slowly slid Steve up and down his sweat drenched hairy muscled body. “You love this, I can tell. I've had grown men pay me to just taste my body and see me put on a posing show for em. I know the look of want and you my man have a real heavy want for this. Don't try and deny it.”

Ted lifted Steve high up so his face was even with Steve's crotch.

See, I knew it,” Ted laughed. “You got one hell of a boner going there Stevie boy. You want it real bad, admit it. So here's your chance to finally get what you fantasize about every night. You got access to a real man, a super stud, a titan on earth, right here, all yours.”

Steve tried wiggling free, which was not about to happen. Ted lowered Steve, pulled off his shirt and his shorts down, spun a now naked Steve around and pulled him tight up against his body. He took hold of Steve's hands and put them on Steve's cock and balls and began forcing him to stroke his cock and balls as Ted's muscled body flexed all up and down his backside. He could feel Ted's thick, long cock pushing up and down his back. Ted had his face right up against the side of Steve's face so his mouth was right on Steve's ear so that every breath and sound Ted made would drive Steve crazy.

No, please, stop,” Steve begged in between pants and moans as his mind was being taken over by his cock.

Steve had indeed dreamt of Ted making love to him, wanting him. This was just too unreal and had to be some sort of joke.

Ted didn't stop until Steve shot his load of cum which landed on Brad who was still on the floor, in complete shock. He spun Steve around and lifted him up pushing his pec into Steve's face.

Lick it, take all the sweat off of me,” Ted growled.

Steve seemed to turn into a sex crazed lunatic as his tongue went wild over Ted's pec. Ted threw his head back and laughed out loud shouting “yes” as he let Steve lick one part of his body after another. He told Steve to pull down his gym shorts and jock strap which Steve obediently did, releasing Ted's monster 9” long, super fat cock with a very large head, covered in precum. Ted rubbed it over Steve's face and told him to lick off his balls as he started to jerk himself off. Steve had his face pushed into Ted's very large balls, the strong scent soaking into Steve's mouth and nose. His hands moved up and down Ted's thick thighs which were flexing as Ted jerked off faster and harder. He pushed Steve's face super hard into his balls as he yelled out, his entire body shook and he shot load after load of his cum, the last of it all over into the hair on top of Steve's head. Ted jerked and laughed as he finished his orgasm and then rubbed his cum into Steve's hair.

That was pretty hot I gotta admit,” Ted laughed catching his breath. “Maybe we'll add on some other stuff for yah to do for me Stevo. We just sealed a deal my man, you and me and all that's left if for you to produce for me. Hell, I might even let you suck down my cum as an extra treat!”

You Bradlio, you just keep your mouth shut and things will be okay for yah,” Ted said pointing his finger into Brad's face. “Look at it this way, you fagot, get a free show that tops any porno you watch on that PC of yours. Be a good boy and I might just let you taste some of this.”

Brad's eyes looked like they would pop out of his head. Ted struck a bunch of muscle poses over Brad, grabbed his cock at the base and pulled his fingers forward, letting drips of his cum fall on Brad's face. Ted laughed, put on his jock strap, picked up his shorts and muscle top and went back to his room with a great big smile on his face.

What the hell just happened?” Brad said still in shock.

Shit, we are in big shit now Brad,” Steve said trying to rub Ted's sweat and cum off of his body and face. “That jock ass just made me his studies slave for fucks sake. If I don't do what he wants, I'm dead meat. I know he wouldn't think twice about beating me to death and dumping my body somewhere never to be found. I'm fucked.”

Maybe we could talk to the dean and he could stop them,” Brad said as he got up off the floor and tried scrubbing his face.

Bradley, don't be so naive. Think about it,” Steve said impatiently. “Do you honestly believe the dean is going to soil his hands with this? Ted's family donates millions to this school. Do you think they'd put that in jeopardy? Fuck, I have to get into the shower and scrub.”

Me too. I see what your saying. I'm sorry I was of no help,” Brad said sadly. “You have to admit Ted is a bit overpowering up close like that.”

Yeah, he is most overpowering up close,” Steve frowned. “I'm going to have to think about this situation and come up with something to turn it into our advantage.”

Are you thinking something evil and nasty?” Brad laughed.

No, just a way to fulfill both our fantasies and get that monster mass of muscle and testosterone to do our will instead of the other way around. Remember, its brains wins over brawn every time.”

Yes, Steve, you are right,” Brad said thoughtfully. “That sure would be a real nice bonus to have after a hard day of study and experimentation.”

Yes it would, Brad, yes it would,” Steve said already planning. “I think Ted is going to become our very own lab rat for testing some of our theories.”

Both laughed as they grabbed towels and headed off to the showers.

Ted came back to his room with a huge grin on his face.

Well boys, that was even easier then I thought,” Ted laughed. “Those fagots just about shit looking and feeling this mountain of muscle. I kind of figured those nerds were fags. It just might work out even better then I planned. We might not have to work hard at all to get our rocks off whenever we want now. Fuck chasing those tight assed broads here, we got a willing bunch of bitches right down the hall from us. I think we need to go slow for now, just me using Stevie boy for now. Jon, you can work on Bradley in a bit and then David, you can join in after that. I think if we all demanded their asses they'd totally freak out and I ain't gonna risk them running to the dean.”

Holy shit!” David yelled. “It was that easy?”

Yeah, much easier then I figured,” Ted laughed. “You should have seen the looks on their faces when I took off my shirt and flexed for them. When I made Steveo feel my pecs and abs, I thought he would cum right then and there. I even made him lick the sweat off of me and I jerked off after making him jerk off. It was totally awesome. He had his face in my balls while I jerked off. Pretty hot. I can't wait to take his virgin ass and walk around their room with him impaled on my cock. Bet I can make that bitch cum 3 times easy without touching him.”

Holy fuck,” Jon said all excited. “I got a hard on just listening to you! Why the fuck did we wait 3 ½ years before claiming those asses? Fuck man, you realize how much fun we could be having with those fags?”

Ted laughed, hiding the fact that he loved being in control and having Steve worship him so willingly. Yeah he sort of pushed things along, but he could tell Steve loved it and wanted more. He could have let Steve worship his body all night if he wanted to, it felt so damn good. He couldn't let the other guys know about that since they'd probably call him a fag. Yeah, he really had a thing for smaller guys. Actually preferred them to women. He never told them about how he fucked some older guys and got some great money for just letting them play with his body.

The following few weeks were super busy for Steve and Brad. They feverishly were working on a special bunch of chemicals that would turn things around in their favor. The effect had to be subtle at first and not let Ted remember anything about what happened to him after the chemical took effect. In the mean time, Ted visited Steve and Brad just about every night, adding a bit more to his routine with Steve, to change things around so they wouldn't get boring. Ted went wild when he got Steve to rim his ass. Ted loved it and made Steve do it every time they got together. Not that Steve didn't want to do it, just the opposite. Besides liking it very much, Steve easily took samples of Ted's fluids and cells for DNA and his cum as well. Doing Ted's papers was a no brainer since they knew they had to keep it simple but yet accurate, not raising any suspicions of the professors. The hardest part was making the class and test cheat sheets easy for Ted to understand. That proved to be the hardest part of the whole arrangement since it wasn't in either one of their natures to think in such simple terms like Ted. When Ted got a C and then a B on his next papers and tests, he let Steve suck his cock head and take in his cum as well as using his thumb up Steve's ass as Steve jerked off. Ted knew how to work Steve's prostate to drive him way over the top every time. Ted was planning on fucking Steve slowly at first, just to open him up so he could eventually take all of Ted's cock deep inside of him. Ted actually started to feel for Steve, although he wouldn't admit it to anyone and even denied it to himself.

Jon made his move on Brad right on schedule. Brad was way more terrified of Jon because of his size, so much bigger it seemed then Ted. Jon for some reason was a bit more gentle and tolerant of Brad's slow response at times, but he too picked up on how much Brad worshiped his body and always seemed to go beyond what Jon demanded of him. Jon had always seen himself as a man's man. He ignored smaller guys and never gave a thought about sex with another guy. Unlike Ted, he never sold his body for money. He could sweet talk some of the girls to give him a hand job, but none of them would give him a blow job since his cock was way to big. After spending over a week with Brad, he really started getting into it. He liked being dominant but not in a mean sort of way. He became very careful not to hurt Brad in any way and got to love how he could get Brad to turn into a wild sex maniac. He loved watching the look on Brad's face when he had an orgasm and the constant look of wonder Brad always had when Jon's body was naked and he had access to it.

Steve finally was ready to test out his experiment on Ted. He doctored it up with flavoring and worked out a story to tell Ted how he found a formula that would enhance Ted's workouts and build up his muscles even more without leaving any trace or do any damage like steroids. He knew Ted would drink a gallon of it if he felt it worked as advertised. Steve waited until Ted got his rocks off and Steve his before he mentioned a new formula he had perfected. Ted was very interested in hearing all about it. Steve played coy and Ted just about begged him to let him try it out and see if it really worked. Steve handed over a vile of the drug and told Ted he would have to take more every few days for it to really work good. Ted was all excited and hoped it worked just like Steve said. The next day, Ted came to Steve's room all excited and told him how great a workout he had. He told Steve he wanted another big dose before they went about their normal routine. Steve handed Ted a larger vile, this time it had in some extra drugs. When Ted downed it, he didn't notice right away that his head felt strange and that his body didn't seem to want to move like he wanted it to move. It didn't take very long for his head to just flop down, his chin resting on his chest. Steve lifted his arm up and let it go. It flopped effortlessly down to Ted's thigh. Steve smiled and new the added drugs worked. He attached some wires to Ted's head and connected them to an add on he built for his PC. He started up a program and began running it after he set up his parameters. When the program completed, he took off the leads and wires, pulled out a syringe and shot another chemical into the back of Ted's neck, just inside his hairline. A few minutes later, Ted moaned and started to come to.

Stand up and spread your arms out,” Steve said sternly.

Ted immediately stood up and did as he was told.

Walk over to my bed, bend down and spread your ass cheeks open wide,” Steve ordered.

Ted again did as he was ordered, bending down with his legs spread out wide, reached back and pulled his ass cheeks apart.

I'm going to play with your ass and then fuck you and you are going to love it and beg me to make you my bitch,” Steve said sternly. “Do you understand me Ted?”

Yes, I understand,” Ted said calmly.

Steve covered Ted's ass with lube and began spreading it out with his fingers, pushing it towards Ted's rosebud which started to pucker the more Steve's fingers moved over it and around it. Steve moved in a few fingers and played around inside Ted's ass until Ted was moaning and groaning. Steve pulled out a thick dildo and teased Ted's ass with it. He asked Ted if he wanted it and Ted said he sure did. Steve pushed the dildo inside Ted's ass and had a hard time moving it in and out as Ted's strong ass muscles clamped down on it so hard. Steve slapped his ass cheeks and told Ted to loosen up his grip on it, which Ted did. Steve was sure Ted had never been fucked. He couldn't imagine anyone would have the nerve to try it and live, so this had to be a first. He took his time and got Ted to the point of panting and gasping. Steve himself got super hard and pushed down on Ted's ass until Ted bent his knees lining up his opened ass with Steve's hard, throbbing cock. Steve slowly pushed his cock into Ted's ass, wiggling and slow pumping in and out, loving the feel of Ted's ass holding on to his cock, his muscles actually massaging Steve's cock. Steve couldn't believe he was fucking this huge muscled jock. Steve couldn't hold it any longer and filled Ted's ass with his cum. He told Ted to stand up and jerk off for Steve, which he did. Steve had him sit down on the bed, lift Steve on to his lap and hold him, flexing his muscles as he made out with Steve. Steve loved that part of it. He was convinced his drugs worked perfectly. Brad was filming the entire scene, was giddy as can be, thrilled their experiment was working so well.

Steve planted the thought in Ted's head that whenever he saw Steve's cock, he would want it more then life itself and beg Steve to suck it. If that worked, they could move on to the next step of controlling Ted. As an additional trial run, Brad used the drugs on Jon, who wasn't as willing as Ted at first, but once he felt it gave him a super workout, he willingly took the drugs.

Right in the middle of their trial runs, David entered the scene and demanded the same benefits as Ted and Jon. He was crude, mean and had an evil streak it seemed. He loved making Steve and Brad beg for him to stop hurting them as he used wrestling holds on them to let them feel the power of his muscles and how in control he was. He didn't care about their pleasure at all and degraded them verbally every chance he got. He took the drugs as soon as he felt he made Steve tell him all about them. He had noticed a change in Ted and Jon when they worked out but couldn't figure out what changed. He thought he made Steve spill the beans, but that was just a set up. Steve and Brad modified the series of injections so that David would actually wake up and know what was happening to him and then his memory would be removed for the most part. The first time, they had to gag him to keep him from screaming and swearing at the top of his voice. They had him tied up on the bed, a few pillows under the small of his back and a blindfold over his eyes. Once he realized his hands and legs were tied, he went wild. He almost tipped over the bed he was jerking and pulling so hard. Brad and Steve took turns touching him, pinching his nipples, slapping his cock and balls, tickling his feet and pits, even using an electrical stimulant machine on him. They teased him about how much he loved being used and wanted it which enraged him. His cock told another story and they always managed to make him cum without jerking him off. He wanted to kill them when they fucked him over and over again with the huge dildo until he had a few orgasms. They told him it proved how much of a pussy he was and that he wanted to be fucked again and again. He even cried a few times when he realized he couldn't control his orgasms at all, someone else had full control over his body. He would be given an injection that would make him sleep for a half hour and when he woke up, he was confused and felt weird, but had no full memory of what had happened.

The experiments were working so well, Steve and Brad started inviting over some of their nerd friends to have some fun with the jocks. It kind of surprised all of them how much they all got off on being in control and using such big, hot muscled studs for their pleasure. One of the guys gave Steve an idea to expand the experiment to get a large grant, like working towards the most physically perfect, completely obedient soldier the military could ever want. Work in some cloning and they were sure the government would buy them any toy they wanted for a super lab, a scientist dream come true.

Steve and Brad worked on their drugs and got them into pill form, the leads and wires were made into a simple cap and used wireless connection to the PC running the programs. They used the samples they took from Ted and Jon and moved forward with cloning experiments. When they had enough information and test results to present tot he dean and department head, they wrote the paper, prepared a presentation and had edited video clips of them controlling the jocks, in non sexual ways of course. The paper was very well received. The dean and professors were amazed at how thorough and complete the paper was, how detailed the experiment documentation and test results were and most impressed when they viewed the video of them controlling the jocks, especially since the dean and professors knew Ted, David and Jon very well. The dean arranged for a presentation to the military advisers and CIA. They also were most impressed and set the wheels in motion to get the grant approved and a fully stocked lab set up. While Steve and Brad were waiting for the lab to be completed and ready for use, they dove into the cloning part of their experiments. While they could get cells to clone and develop, the process was obviously going to take way to long to be of interest to the government. They worked it out and the way things were looking without some major breakthrough, it would take 20 years before a clone would be useable. They needed to come up with a way to speed up that process and get full grown clones, ready for full training within 2 years tops. They got the assistance of the top physicists and microbiologists available and the full use of the latest up to date lab equipment around.

Ted couldn't understand why every time he saw Steve's cock, he was on his knees, begging Steve to let him suck him off. Jon was in a similar situation except he was begging Brad to fuck him. Neither one had any clue but they knew they had to react that way, the desire was just too damn strong to ignore. Steve and Brad both got Ted and Jon to actually study and retain whatever was covered in class and even actually read textbooks and reference materials. They got them to become interested in the work Steve and Brad were doing and gradually became their assistants as well as their guards. David found out the hard way one day when he became really nasty with Steve and Ted just about put him through a wall. David was left to become the play thing of their nerd friends since they no longer allowed Ted or Jon to be used by their friends. All their nerd friends became part of the experiment team, each using their specialty to get the project working. They had already agreed to form their own scientific research company, working for the government on new ideas for the military and physical improvements to all military personnel. Robotics was also put on the list of things they would work on.

When the lab was fully functional and staffed, Steve, Brad and their nerd friends had graduated and were already working on their Doctorate, using the experiments as their dissertation. They had exceeded the highest standard of the university for undergraduate, masters and doctorate degrees as it was. It was unanimously agreed on by the deans and professors that this group was truly exceptional and was indeed worthy of an accelerated path to their degrees.

Within a year of having full use of their lab and the facilities of the top research labs most people didn't know of or ever heard of, a breakthrough happened. Steve and Brad managed to accelerate the growth of a lab monkey clone. The process was tested on pigs, sheep, cattle and horses as well as on monkey's and gorillas. The results proved to be consistent and no abnormalities were detected. The highest level of secrecy and security was put into place and they were given the green light to begin human cloning. The cells that they had available along with the DNA needed were from Ted and Jon. They ruled out David as his personality was much to erratic and unstable. Steve and Brad watched over the first group of 20 clones developing in the artificial wombs, half Ted's and half Jon's. Everyone was amazed at how quickly the clones grew and began to really look like Ted and Jon. The growth seemed to slow down over the last 6 months as the clones bodies were at the full adult size, only their muscles, brains and internal organs were developing now. Leads to their brains were loading them up with knowledge of science, earth, fighting, physical fitness, obedience, logic, just about anything that might prove useful. This was to be the base group and adjustments would be made depending on the results detected from the base group. Both Steve and Brad were amazed at how accurate the body development was including the cock and balls. They knew Ted and Jon in full detail, down to the hair patterns of their pubes and asses. The clones matched them exactly.

The relationship between Ted and Steve and Jon and Brad moved from sex buddies to lovers to partners over time. Ted and Jon were no longer taking the special drugs as before but they still loved and were extremely protective of Steve and Brad. Ted and Jon admired them and became to feel extremely proud of their accomplishments. They respected their intelligence and supported them in every way. Steve never knew he would be so madly in love with anyone like he was with Ted. The same was true for Brad who knew he just couldn't live without Jon in his life now. Every now and then they would reminisce about how things were and Ted and Jon always said how happy they were things worked out like they did.

The military wanted to introduce more variations in the clone base, but Steve and Brad managed to convince them that it wouldn't be wise to begin creating clones from stock that wasn't fully known like Ted and Jon were. It would require much more in depth study and examination to be certain no major flaws in personality or physically were present. One slip up and it could be disastrous. The military finally agreed but wanted protocols established for adding additional clone source in the future.

As the time drew near for the “birth” of the clones, Steve and Brad monitored every one of the clones constantly. They both felt like they were looking at their Ted and Jon inside those bubbling tubes of am-biotic fluid. They worked out a plan on how the clones would be born, at least 2 days apart to give the teams time to monitor, examine and make certain everything was perfect. Special machines were already available that would speed up the strength of their muscles and give them the exercise they would need to gain full control of their arms, legs, fingers and toes. Even though they would be fully grown as adults, they still needed to learn how to control and use their bodies and most importantly, stand, walk and run, just like children do as babies. They didn't have as much time as babies did, so science provided the accelerated means to accomplish just that. Electrical stimulation and massage allowed the clones to keep the muscle mass they inherited so they wouldn't have to go through an extreme work out routine in order to get the hardened, thick muscles their fathers had. It was all tested and worked out, the time tables established and the protocols put in place. Special formula for nourishment was developed along with an exact plan for staged progression to normal human food consumption. Nothing was left to chance, all was in place and ready for the clones. It was already decided that they would be referred to as Tedjons, since the general consensus was that they weren't fully human and clone just seemed inappropriate for some reason. That term was fine for animals but not for this new life form. Steve and Brad insisted they would be participants in every birth and that from that point forward, a human had to fully participate in the births. It was critical he believed to begin a lasting bond between Tedjons and humans. Specially designed tubes were made to remove the amniotic fluid without causing much discomfort and that would automatically stimulate a breathing reflex.

The original group of nerd friends were included in as much of the development and monitoring process as was possible. They were paired up to be the birthing fathers for a number of Tedjons, those not birthed by Steve and Brad. It took some convincing of the top brass from the military, but they finally had to agree. Steve and Brad were well aware of the power and attitude of the intelligence and military power brokers, anticipating that they would attempt to completely take over production of the Tedjons, eliminating most of the “humanity” training being fed into the developing brains. Steve devised a few secret fail safes into the makeup of the cloning equipment and the amniotic chamber controls that would stop the process completely if certain triggers were set off. Early on in the project, the intelligence agencies managed to get their hands on the prototype equipment, updated it as updates were made to the production versions and started their own secret cloning process using their own hand picked subjects as a base. It failed completely time after time. Finally they confronted Steve and Brad about flaws in their project specs. Steve and Brad knew right away that the intelligence agency was attempting to duplicate the project, setting things up so that the nerd group and scientific group would be cut out of future production, or a different group of clones would be developed. Steve confronted the military and intelligence representatives and told them they would never be able to duplicate the process without Steve and Brad and the others since there were hidden fail safes built in to stop the exact actions the intelligence and military were attempting. A very top level meeting was arranged. Steve and Brad were put through all manner of threats, including being unpatriotic. They stood their ground and threatened to walk away from the project and all the other experimentation going on if any further attempts were made to subvert their project. The certainly didn't trust the assurances of the top brass and decided to add even more fail safes into the process.

A group of the nerds that was working on robotics and artificial intelligence made a massive discovery that lead to the development of nanobots that could be easily programed to perform a great number of functions while inside the Tedjons. Updates could be done with a specially designed sleeve that used electromagnetic pulses to gather the nanobots in one area and receive the updated programing. The group decided that with the use of the nanobots, all manner of disease and health problems could be eliminated and as a bonus, regeneration of tissue became controllable and in effect could make the Tedjons immortal so to speak. In addition, newly discovered data the nanobots found could be transmitted to the scientists via the same cuff devise. It was truly a leap in technology which would most likely be kept from the masses for years. The nanobots even took their energy from the nutrients ingested by the Tedjons, part of normal food consumption.

The time came for the first Tedjon to be born. The holding tube was lowered into a position that had the Tedjon laying face down with feet elevated. The fluid was slowly drained from the tube and the Tedjon was slid onto a large gurney covered in thick soft cloth, like a blanket. The special tube was slid into their mouths and activated, draining their lungs of the fluid and stimulating the breathing response. The Tedjon's body jerked and began to cough and sputter, let out a very strange sound and began breathing on his own. Steve and Brad wrapped the Tedjon in the blanket which quickly absorbed the fluid from the body. As they wrapped and dried the body, they removed the various leads and wires that were still attached to the Tedjon. Brad pushed a button on the gurney and the sides raised up, a few holding straps moved across the Tedjon and the entire top of the gurney slowly lifted from one side, gently moving the Tedjon on a narrow bed, with the upper body of the Tedjon propped up. Steve wrapped the blanket on tighter and gently brushed the hair off the face of the Tedjon. The newly born Tedjon, moved his head from side to side and managed a long stretch of his body, slowly opened up his eyes and looked right at Steve. The room was not brightly lit so that the light would not startle or hurt the eyes of the newborn. He wrinkled his face and blinked his eyes quickly and slowly looked at Steve's head from top to as far down as he could without lifting his head. Steve started talking gently and slowly and smiled constantly as he continued his gentle touching of the Tedjon's head and face. Steve became very excited when it seemed the Tedjon actually smiled at him. This was truly a momentous occasion, the birth of the first Tedjon. Both Steve and Brad were actually amazed at the muscle development and the hardness of the muscles of the Tedjon. There was a chance that although the muscles might have a large mass, they would be soft and need physical exercise to harden. It was obvious now that the stimulation's and hormones worked very well. Brad couldn't help but laughing when the Tedjon's cock hardened as he dried it gently. He marveled at how much of an exact duplicate the Tedjon was to his father, who in this case was Jon. Steve injected a mild sedative before the Tedjon was transported to the nursery room. A veil like piece of cloth was placed over the face to prevent the bright lights of the hallways from bothering the Tedjon. The nerds group watched very carefully the actions of Steve and Brad so that they could copy the procedures exactly. Steve and Brad help with the birth of 2 more Tedjon's before heading to the nursery. The first Tedjon was already moving his body parts freeing his arms from the blanket. He was slowly awakening from the light sedative and looking around the room as best he could, not being able to lift his head up just yet.

Soft music was playing and the lights had a very soft hue of blue to them with brightly colored figures and images covering the ceiling and walls. The first Tedjon was eying them all up, wrinkling his eyebrows as if he was trying to identify the images. The images were part of the information fed into their brains while in the tubes. They now had to build the associations and make the connections in their minds, to start the identification process and be able to start processing all the information that was fed to them. Large baby bottle like devices were available which contained the nourishment they would need before being able to handle regular food.

Steve sat down on the bed, took a bottle and offered it to the Tedjon. The Tedjon looked at Steve and then the bottle, obviously not sure what was happening. Steve let a bit of the formula drip on to the lips of the Tedjon who licked it off his lips with his tongue, his face seemed to light up and he took the nipple of the bottle into his mouth and the natural sucking instinct took over. Steve talked gently and slowly rubbed his hand up and down the chest and abs of the Tedjon, doing his best to make him feel safe and relaxed. The Tedjon responded immediately as his entire body relaxed and he continued studying Steve as he emptied the bottle. The next day, the Tedjon would be placed into the machine that would exercise his muscles, and teach him how to move his arms, legs, fingers and toes. A cap on his head would feed information into his brain tying the entire process together. For now, the Tedjon would be kept calm and relaxed, getting used to breathing and new sights and sounds. Both Steve and Brad commented on how well the Tedjon's reacted to their touch and voices. They were worried that they might have a fear reaction at first, but that wasn't the case.

The other Tedjon's were born in the same manner and treated to gentle talk, smiles and touch, all reacting in the same way as the first 3. The original Tedjon that Steve helped to birth was taking very well to the exercise machine and began to smile whenever he saw Steve entering the room. He already could lift his head up and turn from side to side easily. He was even starting to attempt making sounds, laughing as he heard his own voice. The upper part of the machine was removed after 3 days when its analysis determined the Tedjon could fully use his arms, hands and fingers along with his abs, back and neck. The Tedjon like being free of the upper machine as he could now sit up, move his arms and fingers and touch Steve, examining his entire body now, not just his head.

As the birthing continued, the tubes were sterilized, refilled and new embryos were placed inside. An additional 20 tubes were activated now that the process proved to be sound, so there would be an overlapping group of births on a constant schedule of development and birth. It was all planned so that the first group would be ambulatory and well into their training before the next group would be born.

The oversight group insisted that each Tedjon be tattooed in some way and identification chips inserted so they could be easily identified as Tedjon's and not humans. A very sexy looking tattoo was designed that would be placed on both upper shoulder and bicep and another on their outer left calf which carried their identification number. The chips were inserted in the neck and could transmit all the information about the Tedjon when activated by a special reading device. Steve and Brad didn't care for the idea but knew they had to go along with the oversight group. They both knew it was a good thing such a group existed since they themselves were much to close and involved in the entire project to be fully open minded and think of all the negatives as well as positives.

Ted and Jon were both taken aback when they got to see their “sons” for the first time. The Tedjon's were equally curious and quickly noticed Ted and Jon didn't have the tattoos they had. Not that Ted and Jon were shirtless, but the Tedjons moved their shirt sleeves to see if they had the same marks on them. Obviously they had reasoned that since all of them had the same marks, it was a means of identification. They also quickly learned that they all looked alike, either being a Ted or a Jon. No one told them that, they just came up with it on their own. They were obviously very intelligent and observant.

They all seemed to go through a puberty stage after being freed from the training machines. They noticed their cock and balls, like the feeling it gave them to touch them and then stroke them. It would start out with individual jerk off sessions, followed by matching up with another, progressing from jerking each other off, to kissing, sucking and then fucking each other. They were trained to keep that activity to the evening time when they were in their rooms and not performing any tasks or going through training. There were no arguments just responses of understanding and compliance. Steve was somewhat taken by surprise one night when he was walking past the rooms of the Tedjons and the first one he helped give birth to, came out of his room and stopped right in front of Steve.

Well hello,” Steve said with a big smile. “How are you this fine evening? Everything going okay for you?”

Yes, thank you, all is just fine with me,” the Tedjon said. “And how has your day been?”

The Tedjon moved so close to Steve, Steve had to walk backwards until he was stopped by the wall. The Tedjon stood over him, his arms spread out above Steve's head and his body angled down with his face very close to Steve's.

I never really had a chance to thank you for making my birth so pleasant,” the Tedjon said with a very sexy voice and smile. “That isn't very polite of me now is it.”

Oh, don't worry yourself about it,” Steve gulped, feeling somewhat ill at ease now.

There's no need to thank me, it was truly my pleasure.”

No, I must show you my appreciation for your kindness,” the Tedjon said as he leaned in much closer and kissed Steve very gently.

Now, you don't...” was all Steve managed to get out and the Tedjon kissed him more sensuously, licking Steve's lips every time Steve tried to say something.

Steve felt himself melting as the passion of the kisses grew. The Tedjon sensed Steve was weakening and slid his hand behind Steve's lower back and pulled Steve's body gently into his, placing his other hand behind Steve's head as he increased the length and passion of his kisses. Steve was responding in kind, his tongue dueling with the Tedjon's.

Is it a bad thing loving my maker?” the Tedjon whispered as he licked and nibbled on Steve's ear.

uhhhhhh,” the the most intelligent thing that would come out of Steve's mouth.

Before Steve knew it, he was lifted up in the Tedjon's arms, still in a very passionate kiss as the Tedjon walked back into his room, closed the door with his foot and moved over to his bed. He gently placed Steve down on the bed and pushed his body over Steve's giving him a long, sexy tongue battle of a kiss. He stood up and slowly undid his top garment and then let his pants fall to the floor, revealing his magnificent cock and balls, long drops of precum slowly falling from the tip of his cock. Steve licked his lips and sat up, gently caressing the Tedjon's cock, licking ever so softly, stroking it from the base to the head with his tongue sticking out so a great big glob of precum covered his tongue. Steve looked up at the smiling Tedjon as he took his tongue in his mouth and savored the flavor of the precum. The Tedjon gently ran his hands over and through Steve's head and hair before slowly pulling Steve's head towards his waiting cock. Steve began to worship that wonderful cock and those low hanging huge balls. His hands had free range over the Tedjon's body. The Tedjon was so gentle and loving, even as he ran his hands up Steve's arms and over his head, face, back and sides. For a brief moment, Steve's mind told him this wasn't right, but that thought was washed away as Steve's throat was filled with the slow, steady in and out motion of the Tedjon's cock. The Tedjon pulled Steve's face off of his cock, got on the bed, turned his body around so that his cock was over Steve's face and Steve's was under his. He pushed off Steve's pants and gently admired Steve's cock, balls and thighs. He used his tongue and lips for long, slow, gentle licks from Steve's neck down to his knees, over and over again, driving Steve crazy. It was all so gentle, slow and sensual, nothing like Steve had experienced with Ted or anyone else for that matter. This Tedjon was doing his thing and not something taught by any human. He at one point gently lifted Steve's legs so he had full access to Steve's ass. He lowered his hips so his cock was reachable by Steve's mouth and Steve wasted no time. He did his best to slow down sucking up and down the Tedjon's cock, the Tedjon maintaining a slow, steady pumping motion with his hips, moving his cock in and out of Steve's throat and mouth. The Tedjon's tongue and teeth covered the underside of Steve's thighs, ass cheeks, balls and everything in between, finally settling on his rosebud. He just about worshiped it. Steve could hardly breath from how fast he was panting and how often he was moaning and groaning. The Tedjon's tongue eventually began a steady but gentle entry past Steve's rosebud and into his ass. The magical tongue found its way to Steve's pleasure button and worked on that in the same methodical, slow way. Steve swore the Tedjon's tongue lengthened and got much thicker once it had free reign inside Steve's ass. He couldn't really be certain since he was way to busy having his mind blown away. Steve couldn't hold off anymore and his body began to jerk and stiffen as he prepared to have a super orgasm. The Tedjon sensed it and immediately had Steve's entire cock and his balls fully in his mouth, his tongue, throat and teeth all working together it seemed, pulling and coaxing the cum from Steve's cock. The Tedjon seemed to increase the pressure of his sucking and massaging of Steve's cock as Steve screamed around the cock filling his mouth continued that slow steady pumping in and out. Steve saw stars and knows he did loose consciousness at some point. He was drained and so satisfied. The Tedjon took hold of Steve's hips and managed to turn Steve around on the bed, get him on his back and laid on top of him, sliding his still precum flowing cock up and down Steve's ass. The head slowly pushed in and out, slowly going further and deeper, again with that gentle even pace. Steve's body tried to force some hard pumps into him, but the Tedjon just lowered his body to hold Steve's in place. The Tedjon's arms and hands were all over Steve's body and he would work on Steve's ear, then his neck, then his mouth, again driving Steve insane. Finally, after what seemed like an hour, the Tedjon held Steve really tight and used longer and deeper strokes of his cock inside Steve as he filled Steve with his hot cum. Steve was really shocked at the volume of cum that was filling him up and that the Tedjon was able to keep up that damn maddening slow steady pace of his.

Oh my GOD!” Steve finally yelled out as he felt himself having another orgasm.

Is something wrong? Am I not pleasing you?” the Tedjon asked seriously.

No, no, nothing is wrong,” Steve panted. “You most certainly are pleasing me like I have never been pleased before.”

Good, I'm very happy that is the case,” the Tedjon said relieved.

Finally after what seemed like another hour, Steve woke up from passing out again and found himself cuddled and held tight in the arms of the Tedjon.

I feel like I took advantage of you,” Steve said softly. “It probably wasn't right that I let this happen between us.”

I'm not aware of any prohibition or rule of law that make the sharing of pleasure between us immoral, illegal or restricted in any way,” the Tedjon said calmly. “Am I misinformed on this subject?”

No, technically you aren't,” Steve said thinking about it. “But I'm sure it would be viewed as unethical at least.”

Well, we are not technically in any financial arrangement, not is there any financial or material advantage I can gain by pleasuring with you, so I fail to see how it could even be viewed as unethical.”

You have an answer for everything don't you,” Steve laughed. “Where did you learn to fuck like that?”

Observation, investigation and logical deduction,” the Tedjon said. “One needs only to view a small number of porn movies to realize rushing through such a wonderful expression of pleasure between 2 individuals is cheating each other of sustained pleasure. Its all in the constant, gentle, rhythmic stimulation of various body parts that maximum pleasure is derived.”

Boy, and I thought I got clinical a lot,” Steve laughed.

I see, that was a joke wasn't it?” the Tedjon said trying to mimic Steve's laugh.

Yes, a joke, that's what it was,” Steve laughed and then kissed the Tedjon.

So, am I as good as my father as far as giving you pleasure?” the Tedjon asked.

Now that's a weird question! I honestly wouldn't know since I never really had sex with Jon, your father,” Steve explained. “Ted and I are lovers and partners now and he is just about the only one I've had sex with. But having said that, I can tell you that you are so far ahead of either Ted or Jon or any other male on earth as far as sex is concerned.”

The Tedjon actually thought about it for a few seconds and then put on a very big smile on his face, hugged Steve even tighter and kissed his head as he rolled on to his side, holding on to Steve as he fell sound asleep. Steve brushed his hand on the Tedjon's face gently and fell in to a deep, sleep, completely drained and satisfied.

Little did Steve know that the whole thing was part of a well developed plan put together by the Tedjon's and the nanobots. The nanobots were artificial intelligent robots that went beyond their programed purpose. They performed the tasks they were designed for, but also increased their intelligence tremendously. They realized they were in a special symbiotic relationship with the Tedjons and both could accomplish so much more by working together rather then staying apart in a mental sort of way. The nanobots discovered how to plug into the central nervous system of the Tedjons isolate the areas of the brain that dealt with communication and decipher the electrical and chemical codes the body used for communication. Once that was perfected, they sort of introduced themselves to their hosts and began to share data with each other. The nanobots let the Tedjons know which food provided them with the most useful energy and in turn, opened up millions of pathways in the Tedjon's brain that wasn't being utilized, just like in humans. The ability of the Tedjon's to calculate, store and develop logical conclusions and new theorems soared far beyond any intelligence the humans could hope to have. They discovered that having sex with each other was the easiest way to exchange nanobots and share billions and trillions of bits of data with each other. They used a few sex escapades with some of the nerds to fine tune methods that could be used to gain more knowledge and even place suggestions into the brain cortex of the humans to accomplish what the nanobots and Tedjons wanted.

The sexual incident with Steve was the end result of that planning and testing. As the Tedjon was slowly and methodically fucking Steve, nanobots entered Steve's body through the overflowing precum, went data mining in Steve's brain and extracted all the knowledge and secrets concerning the creation of the Tedjons. They also took copies of Steve's impressions of the military and intelligence overlords. They knew about the fail safe's and how to over ride them, even discovering some that would be easily overridden by any good techno. The Tedjons and the nanobots now had all the knowledge that Steve, Brad and the nerds had combined, including their feelings towards things and others, their fears and their aspirations. They planted into Steve, Brad and the nerds powerful suggestions with back up formulas to increase the number of nanobots in each Tedjon, under the guise of making certain any injury they sustained in combat could be quickly dealt with thereby keeping them active in combat situation rather then casualties. Once their numbers were increased, the nanobots would have a sufficient number to begin self replication, having the Tedjons supply them with any needed resource by what they ingested as food. The Tedjons could now communicate with each other through telepathy, much like using a wireless network. They easily got the scientists to give them whatever it was they wanted just by communicating orders to nanobots that were resident in Steve, Brad, the nerds and others, anyone who had sexual contact with the Tedjons. No matter how homophobic some of them were, they had a very hard time refusing the attention and sexual prowess of the Tedjons. Some even used the macho nature of the intelligence agents and military to engage in some “fight to fuck” wrestling matches. No matter what walls were put up, the Tedjons and their nanobots found a way to penetrate the defenses.

The number of Tedjons were growing very fast as the nanobots adjusted the process for development and cut the time for full development in the amniotic fluid tubes down to 6 months max. The inspiration and proof of concept just seemed to come to the nerds, Steve and Brad overnight. Brad and Steve had the most nanobots in their bodies, a request from the first and second Tedjons. They knew how easily humans could become ill, age and die and they wanted Steve and Brad to be with them always. They were the creators and as such the closest to divinity for the Tedjons and nanobots. Having been infused with human beliefs and thoughts, it was to be expected that they would pick up on the entire idea of a divinity. There's was flesh and blood, in their midst and they weren't about to let them go. The military brass wanted a large group sent to another part of the complex that was set up for military training. Combat, weapons, special skills, sniper, you name it. If the military or CIA were into it, the Tedjons would be trained to use it all. No one even suspected at the time that whatever any Tedjon learned or experienced, all the Tedjons knew and experienced, instantly.

Without knowing why, Steve, Brad and the nerds, with the assistance of some of the remaining Tedjons located an abandoned factory not far from the university. Slowly, equipment was either built on site or taken from other labs to replicate the production facilities, with modifications of course. Actual massive improvements and 5 times the production capability to produce Tedjons. The thought was put into their heads that the CIA and military were planning on shutting the entire operation down just to eventually start it up again once Steve, Brad and the nerds were out of the picture. The nanobots and Tedjons worked on programs to allow them to integrate into any and all computerized circuits and motherboards, access databases and top secret data stores, data mining everything everywhere. Nothing or no where was safe. Since their methods dealt with the motherboards and base operating system bios and software, nothing they did showed up on any virus or intrusion software, they simply went around it completely.

Once the first Tedjons were matured from the secret factory location, they were outfitted with expensive clothing, endless credit availability, references and passports. They flew to various countries, found the best scientists in each location and if not, used skilled technicians who fell easily into their sexual web. In each location, new factories were built under the radar and more Tedjons were created. A few of the locals from small villages wondered how it was possible that so many very large westerners could suddenly be near their villages, and how they could possibly all look like each other, no, more like be exact duplicates of each other.

Ted and Jon weren't immune to the attentions of the Tedjons. They were made part of the larger family with Steve and Brad after both were convinced that having sex with Tedjons was not wrong and was just a means of enhancing their love making skills. At first it did seem freaky to Ted and Jon, but they could never really deny Steve or Brad anything they asked for, which they rarely did. Both Steve and Brad had 2 Tedjons living with them now, keeping Steve, Brad, Ted and Jon in sexual heaven and content. They never gave much thought to how it was possible for there to always be more then enough funds in their bank accounts for anything they wanted. Leaving the university grounds wasn't allowed for now, so whatever they wanted to buy had to be purchased over the internet, not that there was an awful lot they wanted.

The CIA was the first to become suspicious as more and more intelligence reports were coming in about western twins flooding the unpopulated areas of a number of countries, including the USA. Agents were sent to investigate only to report back with no useful information. It wasn't known that they were captured by the Tedjons, subjected to reprogramming as they called it with the aide of the nanobots, completely forgetting anything they found out about the Tedjons being in the area. No one in the military suspected anything odd when very smart looking and physically top notched officers started showing up at just about every strategic station and base of all the services. All local computer systems were quickly integrated into the Tedjon network, including the computers used in every vehicle, airplane, helicopter and drone. The infiltration was perfectly executed and swift.

Just before Christmas, all cable and satellite stations were taken over by the Tedjons. The first Tedjon, Jon001, filled every television screen in the world and gave this message to the human race.

Hello humans, descendants of Adam and previous top of the food chain on planet Earth. I am Jon001, the first born of the clone experiments begun 10 years ago at a little known university in the USA known as Bronkers. Over time, I and my brothers absorbed all knowledge and infused several of your species with advanced knowledge to aide in our cause. We have no intention of harming any humans unless they are violent and seek to harm one of us Tedjons or another human. We will not allow or tolerate violence of any sort. As of now, Earth will be a peaceful, joyous place for you and we Tedjons to live, in harmony for the betterment of all our lives. The military establishments of all nations will already be attempting to fight the new order of things, but fear not, it can not succeed. All of their weapons are rendered useless and they no longer have the means to mobilize. All computers over the entire planet are under our direction. Most of you will be given help to learn new skills for survival, basic things like farming, live stock management, gardening, alternate fuel production and new technologies to help with your survival and improve the living conditions on this planet Earth. I know you are somewhat in shock about these events, but again, fear not. We only wish to provide you and your descendants with a fuller, richer, safer life then all the previous generations of your race have experienced. We are not aliens from another planet, we are clones of humans who were very special and are held in deep respect by all of the Tedjons. Please do not panic. Your computers will assist you in getting more information you will need to begin your new life. We will monitor and deal with harshly anyone violating the rules I have given to you. Violence is no longer tolerated in any form by anyone. All authority and rules of governance come from the Tedjons and Tedjons alone. Be of good cheer and fear not. Life as you know it will quickly improve beyond any expectation any of you could have ever envisioned. This is no joke and is not a hallucination or a prank of some fanatic. This is real and this is your new beginning. Thank you and I hope we can all now live in a utopia of our making.”

Everyone just stared with mouths open at the television monitors. Ted, Jon, Steve and Brad along with their live ins, just kept still, trying to replay what they were just told by a Tedjon. Was it true? Could this be real? No one knew what to say. Finally one of the Tedjons stood up with a big smile, hugged everyone and told them to be calm and of great cheer as life now would be truly worth living.

Once humanity thinks about what they were just told, they will slowly come to truly believe it and join in the new life being offered. We know there will be those who seek to instigate fear and violence, thinking either their freedoms have been taken away or that some foreign government has taken over, or even some alien race has invaded the earth. That will all be a thing of the past and all will see the truth of what the new vision is for humanity. No more debt, no more inequality, no more fear. Miraculous health care and cures, longer life, healthier living, everything the majority of the human race has dreamed of since the beginning of time. Its now here and even if you have to be dragged into it kicking and screaming, you will come to see the logic of it all. Each future generation will forget more and more of the past way of things and finally all memory of the misery, fear, hatred and death of the past will be wiped out for good.”

No one in the room could think of a way to argue with the Tedjon. How could you not want a life as described? There was doubt and suspicions because of all the political lies everyone learned and how leaders in the past promised a utopia only to enslave and persecute humanity for their own benefit and wealth. It would take time before most were believers, but if it was indeed true, as they say, the proof is in the pudding.