Sean's Angel

By: Hal
(Copyright 2006 - 2007 by the Author)
Editors: Radio Rancher & Str8mayb

The following is a complete work of fiction. Any resemblance to
characters and real life persons is completely coincidental.

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Chapter 11

Morning came much too soon, for Sean; he had never had such a peaceful night's sleep. But when he woke up, he instantly regretted not sleeping in a bed, for the couch was not very comfortable, at least sitting back in it. Sean had realized someone else in the room, and tried to focus his eyes in the direction of the intruder.

"Shh, I didn't want to disturb you guys. You looked so peaceful sleeping." The stranger said, as he was staring at the trio sleeping on the couch.

"Who are you?" Sean was starting to untangle himself from the twins; they had really wrapped themselves around him in the night.

"Oh, excuse me, my name is Dale. We talked yesterday, but I had to come by in person to see them together again. Marty had called late last night to let me know you guys were safe. I hope you don't mind. Cecelia let me in, and I was trying to be quiet." Dale had a tear in his eye, as he watched the twins. Jared had fallen over onto Justin's lap as Sean stood up, but neither one of them woke up.

"Oh, sorry. I didn't mean to take offense, it was just weird, waking up with someone watching. Glad to finally meet you in person." Sean was offering his hand out for a shake.

"None taken. Glad to meet you as well. I have seen first hand, that I have made the right decision for these two. I guess I need to go now, before they wake up. Cecelia is about to start cooking breakfast, and if I remember correctly, the smell should wake up Justin in a heartbeat." Dale was turning around, to get ready to leave.

"Won't you at least say hi to them. You know you could just join us for breakfast too." Sean was wondering why the father of two boys, would just disappear.

"I don't want to confuse them. You are their dad now, and you're all they'll ever need. But will you tell them about me sometime?" Dale had tears in his eyes now, and was heading for the door, not wanting to hear the answer.

As the front door closed, the smell of bacon and sausage roamed through the house. It wasn't very long before the twins had started to wake up. Sean looked at the boys, and didn't know what to say, so he tried to distract them with the smell of food.

"Morning boys. Wake up now, and go wash up, breakfast is almost done, and I need to take a quick shower. You guys go on up, and wash. I guess I will use the bathroom downstairs." Sean really needed to go pee, but the conversation with Dale was more important. But with him gone, nature was calling.

The boys went running upstairs, to do the same. With the addition of washing their hands and faces. After they were done, they raced back downstairs to the breakfast room. While Sean was in the shower, it dawned on him, that these were the only clothes he had. He was running around the field last night, and they were not exactly clean. He tried not to think about it, for the hot water felt so good. It was helping wash away some of the worries he had. After he was done, and dried himself off, he walked back to the bedroom, and was surprised to see clean clothes laid out for him. He couldn't think of where they would have came from, as he dressed himself.

"Good morning, Sean. I hope the clothes I put out for you were adequate." Celia said, as Sean walked to the table.

"Yes, thank you. I was curious as to where they came from, but I should have guessed." Sean was sitting down, opposite the twins, so he could watch both of them. As he looked at the two, a tear fell down his face.

"What's the matter, pops?" Justin was sincere, for it was odd, that Sean was smiling, with his eyes watering like that.

"Nothing is wrong bud, I am just so happy." Sean wiped the tear away, but it was useless, another one fell, then another.

The twins took that as their cue, and both were hugging him in an instant. With one on each side of him, they too, started to have problems with their tear ducts.

"I love you pops." Justin sniffled out.

"I only got here, but I think I love you too." Jared piped in.

"I love you both so very much." Sean lost it at that point, and the real waterworks began.

After they had cried, Cecelia finally decided it was breakfast time. She brought the food to the table, and set it down. She had made a big plate of bacon and sausage, scrambled eggs, toast, and hash browns. There was even a fresh pot of coffee, along a pitcher of juice. The milk was left in the fridge, but was only a couple of steps away. The twins didn't need any more of an invitation, and they dug right in. Sean felt a little funny, this was his first day, in his new life, and he felt confused. This was a new house, with new kids, and no worries at all. At least as far as money went. He just sat and stared at them for a couple of minutes before his thinking was interrupted.

"Aren't you going to eat?" Justin said, between bites.

"Yeah, this is delicious." Jared finally got out, after he had swallowed what was in his mouth.

"Um, yeah, I guess I'd better start pretty soon, if I want any of it at all." Sean had come back to earth, and was hungry. He decided he'd better keep up his strength, for now it was double trouble, and in the worst way.

The three of them enjoyed the best breakfast any of them could remember. Maybe it was just the company they had. No one complained or even talked. Even Sean had a second helping before he pushed his plate away, grabbing a cup of coffee.

"Thank you Cecelia. That was delicious. If the rest of the meals around here are like this, I'd better start to think about a diet." Sean sat back, as rubbed his belly.

"With these two, I think you are going to need to eat more, to keep up your energy." Celia said, grinning as she pointed at the twins.

"Who, us innocent angels?" The twins said together.

"Alright guys, I know what your thinking. Remember. No funny business." Sean smirked.

Jared and Justin just looked at each other, and grinned. They finished their juice, and waited for Sean to finish his coffee. After everyone was done with their drinks, they retired back to the couch, where they had spent the night. Kicking back again, just to rest their tummies, they just looked at each other.

"Alright, what gives? I know you two are up to something." Sean was eying them suspiciously, one at a time.

"We were just thinking about our sleeping arrangements. How nice it would be to be able to sleep in our beds tonight. But Jared doesn't have one yet. And it seems like you like the master bedroom downstairs, sooo we were wondering?" Justin's look was so special, he was trying to look innocent, but he was guilty as hell.

"So, you are trying to say, that you guys want the upstairs, by yourselves? You don't want me to sleep upstairs with you anymore? We could just get bunk beds, if you want to share a room?" Sean was alternating looking at the boys; he was gauging their reactions. He wanted to be sure they were okay with this decision, and make sure they were fine with sleeping on the second floor. Justin, he was sure, was alright, with it, but with Jared, this was a brand new home for him; a whole new living situation, and that is what was worrying Sean.

"Yeah, we are okay, aren't we Jared?" Justin looked at his brother for confirmation.

"Uh, yeah, we are sure." Jared was looking down at the floor as he replied.

"I get the feeling that this wasn't your idea Jared. Can we talk about this for a minute, just you and me?" Sean was squeezing his shoulder, to let him know that he understood the pressure.

"Okay, I can tell when I am not wanted.' Justin giggled. "Just kidding. You guys go ahead and talk for a bit, then; I think I am going to go play a vid game." Justin stood up and walked to the stairs.

"Okay bud, come here." Sean was hugging Jared, tying to let him know he didn't have anything to worry about.

"Thanks, um, Sean." Jared was quiet, not knowing how things were happening so fast, and with people who were, after all, still strangers.

"Listen bud, I know how you feel. I really do. Let me tell you, that we are here for you, if you want us and need us, for anything. I promise." Sean was taking his time, for this was a new kid, he was dealing with, and the confusions coming from him, was, after all, to be expected.

"Yeah, okay." Jared was looking at Sean's face, to see if he was telling the truth.

"It's okay, really. I am kinda scared too. This is all new to me too. This is all a learning experience, so we can learn together, okay? I will tell you what, if we have any problems, we can ask each other, okay? Just remember, though, I am always here for you, Bud. I mean it," Sean gave him a good squeeze, letting Jared's head rest on his shoulder.

"Um, okay. But what about what you said last night, about, um." Jared was starting to get misty eyed, for he didn't know how to say what he was trying to.

"Oh, yeah last night huh?" Sean looked at the young one in his arms, and it came to him what he was trying to ask.

"About that, it still stands. I will always be here for you. And I would be happy to be considered your dad. Justin was bugging me about that in the hospital too. He knew we would be together, and he got his wish. If he knew about you, he could've wished for that too. But we are here, now, and we are all together, and if they want to try to separate us, they will have one hell of a fight on their hands. It will be one like no other that has ever been. I promise," Sean was starting to get over emotional, and Jared almost jumped off the couch.

"You really mean that?" Jared looked at Sean, as his eyes started to leak.

"Yes, I do. Son." Sean was holding his arms open, and finally found himself with a crying boy on his lap. Pretty soon, Justin was back downstairs and joined into the family hug.

"Thanks, Dad." Justin said, as he was starting to cry along with them.

"Thanks, to you too, son." Sean was getting all the hugs he had missed, and was making up for lost time as far as giving and sharing love.

"Thanks, both of you, for giving me a home." Jared was all out crying at this point. His tears were soaking Sean's shirt on one side, and Justin's tears were soaking the other side.

"I love you guys, don't you ever forget that." Sean managed to get out, while still crying.

"We love you too." Came the reply, in the same tone of voice, with sniffling following.

What a sight those three were. Sean was sitting on the couch, Jared was in his lap, on his left leg, Justin has wormed his way on to his left side. Arms were wrapped all around, and there wasn't a dry eye in the group. After a while, they had stopped crying, but didn't let go of their hug. The moment was soon interrupted by Cecelia, but only after she had watched them for awhile. She had been standing in the doorway, crying herself, watching the beautiful events in front of her.

"Sorry to interrupt you guys, but I wanted to ask if you wanted anything special for lunch?" She was wringing her hands, because she felt bad about breaking up this tender moment.

At the mention of food, Justin sat back on the couch and looked at her. Without moving much, Jared had turned to first look at Justin, then at Cecelia.

"Well boys, what should we have? Hmm. How 'bout Jared picking out lunch, and Justin, you could pick out dinner, then tomorrow you guys switch." Sean was looking from one to the other. Finally stopping at Jared for his input.

"Me? You want me to pick out lunch? Why?" Jared was staring back at Sean, with a questioning look.

"Because, bud, you are part of this family, and your input is requested on this tough decision." Sean squeezed Jared's shoulder, and then pulled him back into his lap.

"Come on bro, I know you like the same stuff I do. Pick something." Justin was looking at his brother, trying to get him to make up his mind. He had noticed that he was feeling a little left out right now, but was more happy to have a brother to share with.

"Come on, son. Tell Cecelia what you want for lunch. OH! Sorry. You guys haven't been introduced yet. This is Cecelia, and she is our, uh." Sean didn't know what to say, to not disrespect her.

"I am the cook, cleaner, and general overall busybody of the house. But you can just call be Celia, Justin does. If there is anything at all, that you want, just let me know, and if I can get it for you, I will." She stated, as she got a little closer to the group of guys on the couch.

"Thanks Cecelia. I didn't know what you wanted to be considered as, so." Sean was trying to hide his embarrassment.

"That's okay, Sean. You did very well, actually. Thank you for considering my feelings in all this." She said, as she stood a few feet away. "Can you let me see you, please, I didn't know that Justin had a brother."

Jared looked at Justin, then at Sean. He looked like he was more embarrassed from being there, then being asked. Sean gave him a reassuring nod, so Jared finally stood up. How he hated to leave that lap and the wonderful comfort of the hug.

"Oh my, you look almost identical. But of course you would. How silly of me. But it is like you have always been here. May I get a hug from you, Please!?" She was standing with her arms held out, waiting.

Jared looked at Justin, then Sean. He was trying to decide if it was worth it, or was this a trap of some sort. He wasn't used to the physical touching, that had already happened, with all the hugs, but he was curious. After Justin gave him a big nod, he finally went to Cecelia and was embraced, with a warm motherly hug. How he liked that. Jared had thought he was done crying, but the waterworks came back. Justin was at his side in a flash, hugging Jared from behind. This was so touching, that Sean couldn't resist any longer. He too, was in the group hug, and everyone was teary eyed again.

"Shh, little one. It is going to be alright. You are safe now. This is where you belong, with your brother, and new dad." Cecelia was almost whispering to him, letting him get it all out.

"Yeah, Jared, you are home. And no one can take you away from us." Justin was squeezing him so tightly, that Jared was having a hard time breathing.

"Okay, everyone, I think that this has been a wonderful day already, but I think we need to get some things done." Sean didn't want to break the mood, but he was sure that there were things that needed to get done, what, he didn't know, but he was sure there was something.

"Yes, I need to start planning on lunch. Have you thought about what you wanted, Jared?" Cecelia had let go of the tight hug, and was holding him at arms length, to get an answer.

"Ah, Justin, its tough to breath. Ugh." Jared gasped out.

"Sorry bro." Justin relaxed his grip on him. And stepped back a little to give him some space.

"Um, thanks." Jared exaggerated how much breathing he needed to do to catch his breath back.

"Well, what do you think? We can have anything you want, within reason." Cecelia commented, emphasizing the last part.

"Um, can we have sandwiches, and maybe some soup?" Jared almost whispered.

"What kind would you like? I have many different kinds of meat and bread. And as far as the soup goes, there are almost as many choices." She said, as she looked at him with question.

"Um, I don't know. I never had that many choices before." Jared was hanging his head down.

Sean had noticed the awkwardness that came up, so he approached Jared and wrapped his arm around him and gave him a slight squeeze.

"It's okay, son. You can think of anything, and let her know. This is your first day here, so we will have anything you want. I am willing to trust your choice, for whatever it is, will be special. Cecelia is a very good cook, and will make anything you want if she knows how. As our first day together, whatever it is you want, is good enough for me." Sean said as kept a firm arm around him.

"Um, well. I haven't had a BLT like forever. And some nice vegetable soup would be nice." Jared was beaming that he was put in charge of what they were going to eat. He was used to having whatever was available. And he was tired of eating everything out of a can.

"I will do my best, to make this the best sandwich and soup you have ever had then." Cecelia said, as she turned to go into the kitchen.

"Great job. That sounds like a very good lunch. And if her cooking talents are as good as I think they are, you made a very good decision." Sean was giving Jared a reassuring hug as he told him.

"That does sound good. And Sean is right, she is a very good cook. You'll see." Justin said as he winked at his brother. Justin was sure he would like the same things as Jared, for they were twins. But it might take a little time, before Jared was up to speed as far as what was available to him.

Sean was so proud of the two boys for not fighting about what to have for lunch. That was a big step in the right direction. Of course, for their first day together, it should be. The norm for the boys will hopefully stay that way. Taking turns and considering the others feelings as well. Only time would tell if things were going to change.

"Well, guys, what do you want to do until lunchtime? It looks like we will have some time to goof off for awhile, so what do you want to do?" Sean was open to suggestions.

"Well, umm. I was thinking if Jared wanted to, we could check out the bedrooms, so he can decide if he wants his own room or not. And then let him think about it til after lunch." Justin was being open and honest, a good start.

"I think that would be good, I would kinda like to see the other room. If it's no bother." Jared was as kind as could be, not to mention shy about it.

"Well then, off you go, but limit your games to an hour, no more. Okay? I think I will just sit down here, and relax for a few. Go ahead, run along, I will be here when you are done." Sean said as he let the boys go upstairs. This was the first separation, willfully, and it was not getting any easier. Those two had grown on Sean something fierce, and he would fight for them to the death. Those were his boys now, and he would let anyone know that.

Sean sat up, and looked around the family room. He was admiring the nice furniture and entertainment center, when he got a craving for a cup of coffee. He stood up and went into the kitchen, where Cecelia was getting lunch ready. He just watched her for a few minutes, before she noticed him standing there.

"Do you need anything? You could have just hollered, and I would have come in the room." She said, as she put down the utensils she was working with.

"I was wanting a cup of coffee, and I didn't want to bug you. I came in and was watching how much care you put into your recipe, and I lost track of what I came in here for." Sean said as the spell of the moment was broken.

"Well then, if its coffee, the cups are in the cupboard right above the maker there on the counter. Help yourself. In fact, I am ready for a cup too." She said, as she went to the sink and washed her hands.

"Let me get it for you. Please? You have done so much already, and I feel like I am intruding here. This is all so much for me to digest, that it is hard sometimes to accept." Sean grabbed two coffee cups, and filled them. He then gave one cup to Cecelia, and took a drink of his. He was starting to hang his head a little, for he was getting shy in front of her.

"No, don't do that. You have deserved everything that is happening. I have only heard bits and pieces, but I know in my heart, that you are a good man. And seeing you with those boys, those sweet angels, I would do anything to keep you guys happy." Cecelia was getting misty eyed as she spoke.

"Hey now. None of that." Sean walked over and put an arm around her and gave her a slight squeeze.

"Thank you. And speaking of none of that. You are the master of this house now. I know you don't want to be, but that is your role. I know you will do a great job at it. You seem to have the knack with the boys already." Cecelia smiled warmly at Sean.

"Alright, I know it's not going to do any good trying to argue with you." Sean smiled big at her.

"Why don't you look around the house for a bit. By yourself. The master bedroom is wonderful, and we have put some things in there for you. Marty had some things delivered here just for you. Your clothes are in the closet, and dressers. With the boys being upstairs now, you might as well claim it for yours. Go and relax for a while, and I will come and get you when lunch is ready." Cecelia was trying to shoo Sean out of the kitchen, so she could finish the soup for lunch.

"Okay, I can take a hint. I have trespassed, and now you are forcing me from your domain." Sean gave her a brief hug before putting his cup in the sink and turning back to her. "Thanks."

Her only reply, was to smile big, and wipe the tear that was falling down her face. Cecelia had been a part of the family, since the separation of the Mr. and Mrs. She was so glad not to have just Justin back home, but his brother as well. And if it wasn't for Sean, none of it would be coming true.

Sean took the opposite exit from the kitchen, leading to the dining room. He paused as he looked at the formal setting around the big table. He wondered why a recluse such as Dale would have a big table like that to start with. Then it hit him. The Mrs. Sooner or later, he would have to sit down with the twins, and talk. Hopefully that could wait until after lunch, if not later. He didn't want to be the bearer of bad news.

After crossing the foyer, Sean stopped to examine the library. It was basically a small office, but with all the books that one would find in a home. There was a computer set up on a desk at one end, with what looked like legal books behind it. There was a few nice overstuffed chairs to compliment the aura of the room. This was definitely a room for getting some work done, or at least read a good book in. He wondered about the computer though.

After leaving the library, he went down to the master bedroom, pausing at the living room, which he thought would need to be reorganized. There was after all, double the amount of kids living here, and there was going to have to be some changes made.

He walked into the master bedroom, and looked around. The first thing he noticed, was the mass amount of wasted space. Why would anyone want a bedroom that big, just to sleep in? He did notice the doors leading to the back patio. He walked out, and looked. It was a nice view, and with some good weather, it would be nice to have meals out there. Then he did see that you can access it from the family room as well. Curtains, would definitely have to go on the glass doors leading out of the bedroom he thought.

After going back inside, and locking the door behind him, he wandered through the bathroom. That, in itself, was larger than his old efficiency apartment. Wow. There was tons of space. He felt almost lost, as he looked around. At the other end of the room, was another room. He opened the door, and found a big walk in closet. He thought that the bedroom was a waste of space, this was worse. I guess if you were married or something, having lots of room for clothes, would be nice. But still being single, he thought what else he could use it for. He just shook his head, and went back to the bedroom. The king size bed looked inviting, so he decided to see how comfy it was. It was really comfy. Really, really comfy. He had only laid down, and before he knew it, he was asleep. A much needed sleep, for the couch wasn't any where near as soft. And the emotional events of the morning, had sapped his strength.

The boys had stopped off at the game room, after they went upstairs. After all the ooh-ing and ahh-ing by Jared, Justin wanted to play games. So after explaining how the different games worked, and the similarities between the game machines, they agreed on a driving game. Justin tried to take it easy on Jared, for he hadn't played much. But to his surprise, Jared was almost winning all the way through the game.

"I thought you said you never played before? You almost won that game." Justin said as he eyed his brother, thinking that he had been suckered into that one.

"Nope, beginners luck I guess. I never had any games of my own." Jared said as he hung his head down, and put the controller away.

"Sorry. I didn't mean anything by it." Justin reached over and put his hand on his brother's leg, to get his attention.

"That's okay. Hey, you have some really nice stuff here." Jared was trying to change the subject, just a bit.

"You're wrong." Justin said in a serious voice.

"Wh-what? What do you mean, this is all your stuff isn't it?" Jared looked at his brother as if he had a third eye on his forehead.

"What you need to get through your head, is that we, have some nice stuff. Get it? Everything here is half yours now." Justin looked at his brother, in the eye, so he knew he was serious.

"Why?" Was all that Jared could get out.

"Because, we are brothers. That's why. Everything in this house, I would give up to have spent our lives together." Justin was getting misty eyed as he spoke.

All Jared could do, was start crying again. He thought of himself as weak, and unloved. But these two strangers had come and rescued him, and took him home. The thing is, one wasn't a real stranger, and the other was family. Jared had always prayed that someday he would have a loving family, and a brother to play with. His prayers were answered, in spades. He got it all in one day. He was having some time trying to accept it all. It took Justin no time at all, before he was hugging Jared. He tried to comfort him, and let him know he was indeed loved. This was to be their home, together. They had been separated long ago, and he swore nothing would come between them again. After a good cry, and lots of hugs, Justin tried to break the monotony of the day's crying marathon.

"Hey, want to go check the rooms out?" Justin was getting off the floor, and put his hand out for his brother.

"Snif, I guess." Jared was reluctant, for he never felt so loved in his life, and felt that this must all be a dream.

Leaving the game room, Justin pointed to the room off to the right. That was Cecelia's room, and was strictly off limits. Crossing the studio, they went into Justin's room. They had been in there earlier, when they went to wash up, and Jared had showered there last night. Leading him by the hand, Justin led him through the bathroom, into the adjoining room. This was going to be Sean's room, but with his brother there, they should be the ones to share. The room was almost bare, nothing extra to individualize it. The bed was made, and the furniture was new. That was it. No pictures, or lamps, or even books on the shelves. Justin led him back out the front door, and looped back around to his room where he went and sat on the bed.

"Well, what do you think? Do you want your own room, or do you want to be roomies?" Justin was innocent in his asking, but the tone he said it in, have his point of view on the subject.

"I don't know. Are you sure Sean won't mind if I take that room instead?" Jared sounded as if he was really intruding in the house.

"I am pretty sure that he will like the master bedroom. And he might actually need his privacy, sooner or later. After all, he won't stay single for long I think." Justin was snickering, as he finished saying the last part.

"But, what, what if," Jared was trying to figure out a way to be able to sleep in any room in the house. He had never had his own bedroom before, and in this big house, he would still feel alone.

"Don't worry about it. If Dad wants to, we can get bunk beds put in here, and you can still have your own space. Trust me, you might need it one day. And being that this is still our first day home, it would be easier for us to decide now, than later. Even if you don't want your own space, that room is yours. Okay? That's cool that you are kinda scared about being here, Sean is too. I tell you what, if you want, you can sleep in here with me anytime you want, okay?" Justin was trying to figure out a way to make him comfortable, without making it unreasonable.

"I guess that works for me. But that room is so bland, that it really needs to have something done to it." Jared looked around Justin's room, and it was a typical boy's room. Sports posters, a stereo, computer desk, model airplanes, and the like were everywhere. But the room was large enough, it wasn't messy at all. Just well decorated.

"Hey, no prob. Maybe after lunch, we can go shopping. If we can twist Dads arm, that is." Justin had an evil grin, that wasn't missed by his brother.

"You rather enjoy calling him dad, don't you?" Jared had his own little smirk on his face.

"You bet I do. My own father, if you haven't guessed, was, and still is too busy for me. He never even visited me while I was in the hospital." Justin got a sad look on his face.

"You think that was bad, my mom, oops, our mom, never paid me any attention except to yell at me for something I didn't do. At least, you had everything that you wanted, handed to you." Jared's eyes were about ready to burst again, before he looked at Justin.

"Come here brother. I love you, and so does Sean. And Celia will too if you let her." Justin held his arms out to his brother, who took no time at getting some more affection
to fill his empty heart.

While in their hug, another mysterious aura appeared. It was not the blinding light that surrounded Justin and Sean, but more of a glow in the daylight. There memories were being shared, for Jared's walls had finally crumbled. Jared saw all the lonely moments in Justin's life, where a loving father was never there for him. Justin saw all the verbal and mental abuse their mother put Jared through. The only difference was that Dale never yelled at Justin. Other than that, their pasts were very similar, just with the opposite parent. Their mother had neglected Jared, to the point he had run away. She was always using the money from alimony to keep her mind and body on chemical overload. She never bought Jared anything except for the basic essentials. That was only to keep the authorities off her back, and keep her little money maker in her home. That is why she was out frantically looking for him that day. She didn't want to lose her cash cow, so to speak. Justin was basically raised by strangers, for his father was too busy working all the time. Even when he was home, he was in the library going over contracts, or doing something to build his empire even larger. With all the memories that they were sharing, neither on noticed the light above the door flashing. After a minute or two, a buzzing sound joined the flashing light.

"What was that." Jared was the first to break the contact.

"That was the alarm to tell us lunch will be ready soon. If we don't hurry our butts up, she will walk up here, and then she will not be happy about that." Justin said matter of factly.

"Not that, what happened when we were hugging. How can I see your memories, and share in yours too?" Jared looked at Justin strangely, like he did this all the time.

"Oh. That. Well, it's kinda hard to explain, but it is our special ability to be able to share like that. Remember our dream where we first met? It's like that, but with our touch, it is much more than that. Sean can do it too, for when we were in the hospital, we were sharing blood. In fact, he is the one who knew where you were hiding." Justin explained, as best as he could.

"Oh. Okay. Is there anything else you want to warn me about, before anything else happens?" Jared wanted to be prepared for next time, that was a little strange what happened. He could see and feel all of Justin's past.

"Um, I guess the most important thing is that you never lie to Dad. Being that he can sense the truth, and if you try to cover up something, he will know. I don't know why, but he can use this gift better than either of us." Justin was talking as he tried to search for anything he might forget. Or at least try to better explain what they can do.

"Like that's going to be fun. How can you be a kid and not try to cover anything up?" The look on Jared's face was priceless. A parent with a built in lie detector. Who thought that one up. Weren't no kid, that's for sure.

"You got that right. The first time we met, he knew who you were. I tried to tell him it was nothing, but he saw right through me. So I think it is just a waste of time, trying to lie. And speaking of wasting time, we better hurry up and wash our hands. If I know Cecelia, she won't wait forever." Justin was hurrying to the bathroom to wash his hands, and Jared was right behind him.

The boys quickly washed up and ran down stairs. They were almost racing, except for when they got closer to the kitchen, where they were told to slow down. Half way into the family room, they stopped and looked. Sean wasn't there. They looked at Cecelia with shocked looks.

"Why don't you boys go wake him up. I think he fell asleep in the bedroom. And remember, no running in the house." But she was too late. They took off across the room again.

The boys slowed down as they approached the bedroom door. They looked at each other, to see who would be the first to go in. Justin broke down and walked in the room, to see Sean sleeping peacefully on the bed. Jared came up behind him and stared at the sleeping figure in the bed.

"Well, go wake him up. Lunch is ready." Justin was elbowing Jared.

"Oh no you don't. I picked out lunch. You go wake him." Jared pushed back at him.

A sly grin came across their faces, and they both ran for the bed. They jumped on the bed and proceeded to start tickling Sean. Before too long he had given up, for the tickling was about ready to make him wet the bed. The boys relented, and let him up to go the bathroom and relieve himself. After Sean was finished, and washed, they all went back to the breakfast bar off of the family room to have lunch.

Lunch was waiting for them when they got there, with the places set out with a sandwich and the soup was on the side. Just like Jared had wanted. Jared was all smiles, for the food looked absolutely great. And it tasted even better. The three of them ate their lunches without too much chaos going on. The twins had worked up quite an appetite, and Sean was surprised that he was as hungry as the boys were. Maybe it was just that the food was so good. Sean was just finishing his last bite of his sandwich, when he noticed that both boys were looking at him.

"What?" Sean asked, as he swallowed his last bite.

"We were wondering if we could go shopping after lunch. Jared needs to get some clothes and stuff for his room, being that you look like you enjoy being downstairs so much." Justin was trying to act as innocent as possible.

"That might have to wait for a little while guys, Marty called a short time ago, and he has some important news for Sean. He would like all of you to hear what he has to say. He should be here shortly, in fact." Cecelia said, as she walked over to get the dirty dishes.

"Well then, that settles it. I guess shopping will have to wait until we are done talking to Marty. Afterwards though, get ready, you guys, and we will take off. Okay?" Sean was optimistic that it wouldn't take too long with whatever it was that Marty wanted to say. But something in the back of his head, was wondering, what could be so important?

To be continued



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