Sean's Angel

By: Hal
(Copyright 2006 - 2007 by the Author)
Editors: Radio Rancher & Str8mayb

The following is a complete work of fiction. Any resemblance to
characters and real life persons is completely coincidental.

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Chapter 13

The trip to the shopping center, was quick. The twins had only argued for a brief time, before Justin won out. He had finally convinced Jared, with some help from Sean, that he did in fact deserve new and nice things. Once the main argument was out of the way, the rest of the shopping went by without too much hassle. Again, the shoe size was a bit of trouble, with the sales associates' help, Jared was fitted with new shoes. All in all, there were four huge bags full of clothes. Jared was now ready to become a full blooded McCabe, with no worries. He would be well taken care of, and Sean would make that his life's goal.

There was even time enough, not really, but they bought some gifts for some of the victims of the car crash. No one argued over it, they just felt it would help. Sean even got into the spirit as he walked around, when something caught is eye, he bought it. No second thoughts stopped him. By the time the twins were done, Marty's car was full to capacity. They wouldn't even be too much later for dinner, which Cecelia was keeping warm for them. Marty was even invited, and he wasn't left any wiggle room to get out of it. He would be needed later for the visit, so it was necessary. And the twins wouldn't let him live it down, let alone, get past their puppy dog looks, which would break any one's will. These two were a dangerous combination, and Sean was going to have to work hard not to spoil them, well not too much anyway.

As they arrived home, and began unloading the bags, the boys weren't acting their normal selves. With dinner waiting for them inside, something else was bugging them for they seemed to lose all interests in eating.

"Hey guys, come here for a sec." Sean was standing by the car, as the boys were going up the stairs. Sean was holding his arms open inviting them for a hug.

"Sorry Dad. I just can't get Brandon out of my thoughts. I feel so bad for him, and the things he had to go through still hurt me." Jared was starting to sniffle into Sean's shoulder.

"Yeah, that poor little kid. We are going to help him aren't we?" Justin said into the other shoulder, not as a request either.

"You know we will. As for how much, that remains to be seen. But yes, we will do what we can to make his life better." Sean had a small smile on his face, really hoping that these two couldn't read his mind. He let the boys go, so they could put the items they bought away. After they had gone inside, he looked at Marty.

"I have seen that look before. I already told you what I could do. And you should consider yourself lucky, for anyone else to try that, would be unheard of. Can you at least wait until we find out some more?" Marty was concerned, for the three had taken a liking to this new kid. And from all their looks, and the way they were acting, it was serious. He knew he had his work cut out, and silently prayed that it would turn out for the best.

Sean and Marty looked at what was left in the car, since it was going to be gifts for the hospital, they decided to just leave them there. Marty had gotten a list from the nursing staff, of who was involved in the accident, so they could get them a little gift of apology. There was one bag they left in the backseat, and that was meant for Brandon. Sean just looked at the bag, and shook his head as he closed the door.

"Everything will work out for the best. I will do everything I can, okay?" Marty came up and put his hand on Sean's shoulder.

"I know, but it just breaks my heart knowing he is there, and all alone." Sean said, as a tear ran down his cheek. He still felt all the pain that was harbored in that little boy. He could tell, this was going to be tough for everyone, but the twins were determined that this would work out for the best.

"Dad, dinner is going to get cold. You better hurry up." Justin was standing at the top of the stairs, with a concerned look on his face. He had noticed the tear on Sean's face.

"Okay, I will be there in a minute, okay?" Sean said, straightening up and wiping the tear away.

"Let's go, before those two eat it all up." Marty said as he turned to the stairs and started walking up.

The men went into the house, and Marty went into the guest bathroom by the library to wash his hands. Sean went into his own bathroom, as he was going to start calling it, for it looks as if the boys had claimed the upstairs. Sean took a few minutes to stand in front of the mirror, to look at himself good and hard. The self doubt was no longer as dominant, but he was beginning to wonder if he could handle everything that was happening. His stomach rumbled, just then, and he remembered that dinner was on the table.

He walked out of his bathroom and crossed the living room. Once he looked into the family room, he couldn't see anyone sitting at the breakfast nook. He stopped in his tracks, when he felt someone looking at him.

"I was wondering where you went. Cecelia decided that we needed to eat in the dining room tonight, because we have company and didn't want to be squeezed in there." Jared was walking up to him.

"Oh, okay." Sean turned to face him, and found himself in a big bear hug.

"Thanks. I love you Dad." Jared said into his chest.

"I love you too, Son. And don't you forget about it." Sean said, as he kissed the top of Jared's head.

Jared grabbed Sean's hand and led him through the kitchen into the dining room. Jared had a big smile on his face as they walked in and sat down.

"I told you he was lost. He was standing in the middle of the family room when I found him." Jared beamed.

Sean just shook his head, not believing that he was being made fun of for being a minute or so late. He looked at the wonderful meal of prime rib, twice baked potatoes, chef's salad, and fresh croissants on the table. He looked around the table to see they had started without him, and asked for the pitcher of water first. He then filled his plate, and the prime rib was done perfectly. After a few bites, he looked across the table noticing how everyone was enjoying their dinner.

"This is very good Cecelia. This meat just about melts in your mouth." Sean finished speaking, then put another chuck of meat into his mouth.

"And it wasn't easy either. Keeping it warm in the oven like that. You should know that when I cook, I expect you to be here on time. But thank you, it is nice of you to say so. And I bet the boys would say just that, if their mouths weren't so full." Cecelia had a scornful look on her face, which melted away to the motherly look she usually had. She did get a big head nod from both boys.

"Yes, thank you very much, Cecelia. This is very good. I am very grateful for being invited." Marty said, before he took another bite.

"Why thank you too Marty. That is very kind of you. And for your little adventures Sean, a little more warning would be nice. If it wasn't for Marty calling, we could all be cramped around the little table. But since he was coming, I felt that it would be nice to use the dining room for comfort. Not to mention, that we might need to get used to it." Cecelia finished, as she looked at the twins and winked.

Sean looked at the boys, who were busy stuffing their faces, and not looking back up to catch the glares from the adults. Sean's heart was so filled with pride at the moment, he got up from his chair and walked over to stand between them. Once there, he gave each one a hug and a kiss on the head. He walked back and sat down in his chair and resumed eating. Justin was the first to look up, and after swallowing his food, he began to talk.

"What was that for?" Justin asked, before taking a drink of water.

"Because I am so proud of the both of you." Sean spoke with love in his voice. This did not go unnoticed, and soon the twins were blushing a gentle shade of red.

This special moment didn't go unnoticed by the rest either, for Marty and Cecelia were grinning from ear to ear. They had both been witnessing the powerful emotional bond between these three, and it just warmed you up from the inside.

Dinner went by without much delay, and soon the four guys were going back to the hospital to visit Brandon. The twins had only eaten to keep up their energy, but passed up dessert. Cecelia had made some chocolate chunk cookies. While they passed it up, the did take the entire batch with them, because they wanted to share. For their difference in size, they ate about as much as each other. Which was more than the adults could. Cecelia couldn't have been happier, for her food would not go to waste with two human garbage disposals now living there.

Sean was somewhat uneasy about going back to the hospital again, but this time, it was not for himself. Justin was feeling the same, and soon Jared couldn't handle all the bad moods in the car.

"Hey, you guys. This won't take too long. So get over it. We are here to help Brandon. He needs us now, more than ever. Its not like we are going to stay there all night, tonight anyway. I promise I won't let them keep you in there." Jared was serious, but ended with a smile. No one had actually filled him in as to how long the other two were in the hospital, but he could sense their reluctance at voluntarily going back. What they didn't tell him with words, they conveyed in their emotions.

Sean just rolled his eyes at the statement, but his mood did indeed change. It was something that Jared said, or the way he said it, that made all the difference in the world.

Before long, they were at the hospital again. Going through the same routine as they did earlier, with the addition of Marty carrying a couple of bags of small gifts, and Jared grabbing the bag from the back seat, they finally made it up to right floor.

Marty excused himself to go hand out the rest of the gifts. There was nothing extravagant about them, there were some cards, books, and magazines. These were for the grown ups that were in there, and for the couple of kids that were there; they were going to get coloring books, complete with new big boxes of crayons.

Sean had followed the twins back to Brandon's room, but waited just outside the door for a minute. He couldn't help it because of all the emotions that were in there earlier. Jared and Justin went in and stood by the bed motioning for Sean to join them.

"Come on in Dad, he doesn't bite. He is actually sleeping right now, so try to be quiet okay?" Jared gave him a funny look for he couldn't figure out why he would be afraid of someone so small.

"You came back!" Brandon said as he opened his eyes, looking at Jared first, then Justin.

"Yeah, lil' bud. Are you feeling any better?" Jared had put his hand over Brandon's good hand.

"You had us worried, young one. Do you need anything?" Justin said, from the other side of the bed.

"Who is that?" Brandon was looking at Sean, with a sneer on his face.

"Hi, my name is Sean. How are you doing?" Sean regained his composure enough to be polite, even approaching the bed, with his hand out, the universal sign of being friendly.

"Whatever." Brandon turned his face away from Sean, trying to look out the window.

"I see. I think I will go and rest my dinner, and have a cup of coffee in the cafeteria. I just hope that they know how by now." Sean didn't wait for an answer, he just turned and left.

"That was so rude of you, to treat our Dad like that!" Jared was getting upset, for what had just happened.

"He's like, old. What do you mean he is your Dad. You don't even look alike." Brandon was getting defensive.

"A `dad', is someone who loves you no matter what. He is not our father. But he is someone who has helped both of us. If you let him, he can help you, too. But I think Jared is right, that was way rude." Justin was almost scolding the little guy, before he noticed that Brandon's head was turning away, with moisture running down the side of it.

"Hey now. It's okay. Our Dad is a part of us, so if you want to get some help, you have to accept all of us." Jared was squeezing the guys little hand firmly.

"I'm sorry." Brandon almost whispered. But it came out with more of a sigh, before his eyes were tearing up.

"It's okay. You just hurt his feelings. I think you need to apologize to him, not us." Justin was standing there staring at him. He got a sudden déjà vu about the entire thing. He had never seen Sean back down from anyone, especially a little kid. Why? The feeling got stronger as he looked at Jared.

"Hey, look at what we got you." Jared tried to change the subject, for he too felt something funny. He put the bag of goodies on the bed and sat beside it. He pulled out the little toys that they bought for him at the store. Amongst the gifts, and cards, were a couple of little hand held games. And a small toy car, with a drawing pad. He got a funny look on his face as he pulled the last two items out. He looked over at Justin for confirmation that these were for Brandon.

"Oh cool. That is the car I have been wanting. And with drawing paper too. I like to draw, and now I can draw a picture of this car. Thanks guys." Brandon was so happy, he grabbed the tablet and car, and started to pose the car on the bed side stand.

"And the guy you just scared away, was the one that got those for you." Justin spoke as he looked over at his brother.

"How?" Jared questioned, raising his shoulders in a shrug.

"How did he know that I like to draw? And how did he know what car I wanted?" Brandon stopped posing the car, and set it in his lap to look at the twins.

There was a knock on the door, and Marty popped his head in.

"Are you guys alright? I saw Sean heading downstairs, and you weren't with him, so I thought I would check on the two of you." Marty said, not entering the room, but rather staying close to the door.

"Yeah we're good." Was the reply from the twins.

"Uh, okay. I guess I need to get the two of you cell phones, for just in cases like this. I know Sean is worried sick right now, for he didn't even say a word to me as he passed me in the hall." With that, Marty closed the door. Something weird, really weird was going on, and there was something about those three boys that made the hairs on his neck stand up. He had shivers as went back to the nurse's station. There was something with the twins, and now there was a third.

"I guess we need to fill you in on a few things, Brandon." Jared said as he sat beside the boy.

"I will let you handle this bro." Justin said, taking the other side of the bed.

Without saying anything else, Jared placed his hand over Brandon's, and waited for Justin to do the same. Jared just closed his eyes, as he stared at Brandon, hoping he would do the same. Justin didn't know what to expect, trying this without Sean, but was game for at least trying. As soon as his eyes were closed, he felt the same sensation as before.

"Okay, you guys, can open your eyes now." Jared was happy that this worked, for they were in the same place that he first met Justin.

"Ahh, err, ummm." Was all that Brandon could get out."

"I thought that this was what you had in mind." Justin said, as he looked around the same place that they first met. But this place was a little different.

"Wh-wh-where are we." Brandon managed to get out, before he froze in his steps. As he looked around, there were things from his life that he missed. There were his car drawings, and his model car collection, among other things that were his favorites.

"This is Sean's dreamland. But it looks different, with all these other things here. Hey guys, I need to warn you. Doing this is going to make you really tired. We shouldn't be here without asking first." Justin looked worried, for he didn't know how his brother could do this. And with Brandon no less.

"Chill Justin. I just wanted to bring Brandon here so he can understand that Sean isn't the bad guy here. We won't stay long. Remember, we met here, but now it does look different." Jared had also looked around, noticing all the new things that were still popping up.

"This is great! But wait, how did he know what my things even looked like? And why are they here?" Brandon was getting scared, for this was too much for his young mind to comprehend.

"I am not sure, but I think he absorbed some parts of you, when he was in the room with you. I think. But it is kinda weird how your stuff is popping up all over the place." Jared himself was starting to get nervous, as more things were seemingly materializing everywhere.

"I think you are right bro. This is not a good sign. We need to get back, I think Sean needs us." Justin said, as he looked at something in front of him.

"Wow, that is the drawing I was working on before we went for that car ride. But how? No one knew I was working on that." Brandon picked it up, and tears came to his eyes.

"I think Sean is on overload, we need to find him. The last time I felt like this, he nearly had a breakdown." Justin had concern in his voice, for good reason. More little pieces of Brandon's past were appearing.

As soon as the items appeared, they disappeared, to be replaced by the normal landscape. The boys all looked at each other with scared looks on their faces.

Down in the cafeteria, Sean had gotten a cup of coffee, and sat at a table by himself. Before long, he felt a friendly hand on the shoulder, shaking him out of his state of mind.

"How are you doing? You looked as if you were lost in thought. I hated to disturb you, but I was going to ask if you would like some company." Sandra Wallace was on her break, and had seen Sean sitting by himself.

"Uh, oh, hi Sandra. You're right, I was lost in thought. And please have a seat." Sean shook his head, trying to remember where he was.

"That coffee isn't the best in the world. Would you like me to get you a good cup from the nurse's station?" Sandra asked, with her warm smile.

"Yeah, that sounds good. I just sat down, and I would like some company." Sean managed to get out, before she left with his coffee cup. In a moment, Sean had a better cup of coffee in front on him, and he took his first sip.

"Now, isn't that better than that mud you had before?" Sandra snickered.

"Much, thank you." Sean took another sip, and smiled.

"What brings you back here, on your own even?" Sandra asked, trying to look him in the eye.

"Well, it's kinda of a long story." Sean said softly.

"As long as you need, but I need to get home some time tonight." Sandra had started to melt the barrier that Sean was putting up around him.

"Well, okay. Here goes nothing. But I did warn you. The car accident victims here, in the hospital, one of them was a little boy. My two boys, are hooked on him. Well, Jared is. And Justin isn't doing anything to contradict him. At the time. Well, he has had a rough past, and his parents are dead now, they died earlier. He is such a little cutie, I can't get him out of my mind. But he doesn't trust adults, especially men. The twins are in there now with him, visiting. Hold it. What time is it?" A concerned look came over Sean's face.

"I think it's about 7:30. Why? And what is this about another boy?" Sandra was looking for a clock, but there wasn't one out in the open. She would have to mention that to someone.

"Oh, okay. I was worried about how long I was walking around. What? You haven't heard about Jared? He is Justin's twin, and they were separated when they were toddlers, and it was their mom that caused the car pile up. She died at the scene, but I think you knew that." Sean explained, for it was no big secret anymore.

"I hadn't heard about Jared. But I knew of the accident, we have been swamped since. And you are talking about his parents that died? That is kinda weird, for they have last names on the charts. At least I think they do." Sandra was thinking about the charts she had seen since the wreck, but there had been so many, she couldn't recall them all.

"There you are. You should remember to turn your phone on. I have searching all over the hospital for you. I swear, they are all blind, for everyone said they never saw you. What did you do, go invisible on us?" Marty was quick to sit down, for he had indeed walked all over the hospital. He had started with the third floor, and went down, floor by floor, room by room.

"Phone? Oh, I am so sorry Marty. I think I left it at home. I am not used to having one of those things on me anyway. But I am really sorry. I came straight down here, after I left the boys, oh shit. We need to go find them." Sean's look had changed again, and the serious father mode kicked in.

"If you need anyone to talk to, I am working until the late shift again tonight." Sandra called after the men, for they were once again, on the move.

Marty was almost falling behind, for Sean was really in a hurry. Something got him riled, and there was no denying that. By the time they got closer to the elevator, Sean was almost running. Sean paced back and forth in the elevator, on the way up, and as soon as the doors opened, he was off like a shot.

"What is the big hurry?" Marty tried to call after him, but it was too late, Sean had rounded a corner. He was going to sleep good tonight, for this was more exercise than he would normally get.

Sean walked down the hall as quickly as he could. Once in front of Brandon's room, he stopped. Sweat had started to bead up on his forehead, for something wasn't right. He slowly opened the door to find the three boys sitting on the bed, coloring. They were coloring in one of the books that Jared had gotten him. They looked over at Sean, with question on their faces.

"What's up Dad?" Justin was the first to speak.

"Are you feeling okay. You don't look so hot Dad." Jared took his turn.

"What have you been doing? Are you guys alright?" Sean asked, for he could tell by their voices that they were covering up something.

"Jared thought it would be nice, to show Brandon your dream world, so we went." Justin shrugged his shoulders, he knew he could not lie to Sean. This of course earned him an elbow in the side from Jared.

"What are you doing?" Jared was trying to whisper, and let his brother know of his disappointment.

"Dude, that hurt. Haven't you learned anything? YOU can't lie to him. He knows. Why delay it, he would be able to find out anyway." Justin said, rubbing his side where the elbow made contact. It didn't actually hurt, but he was trying to make his brother feel bad for doing it.

"Is that correct Jared?" Sean was devoting his full attention to him, eyeing him really close.

"Yes, that's correct. We meant no harm in doing it. Honest." Jared said, in his defense.

"As long as the two of you are alright, I will forgive it this once. But please ask next time before you try anything, okay?" Sean was relieved to find out the truth, even though it took a little effort.

"Thanks Dad." The twins said.

"Is that it, no punishment?" Brandon felt left out, and had to say something.

"Well, little one. I see that you are feeling better, now. And yes, that is all. I don't believe in hurting others." Sean was steady in his tone, for he didn't want to get Brandon riled up in any way.

"Oh. Okay. And um." Brandon was trying to say something, but Jared interrupted.

"I think Brandon wants to say something to you." Jared scooted over, so he could see Sean better. Now that he couldn't hide, he tried again.

"Th-th-thanks for the car, and stuff. That was nice of you. And I am s-s-s-sorry for treating you the way I did, earlier. Are you going to yell at me now?" Brandon looked as though he was trying to brace himself for the worst.

"No, I am not going to yell at you. Thanks for the apology." Sean held his hand out as he walked to the side of the bed.

Brandon just stared at his hand, not knowing what to do. With a little prompt from Jared and Justin, he reached out and shook the offered hand. That was almost a mistake, for the same thing that happened with the twins, happened again. But this time, only the grassy field with trees was there. No toy, or pictures, or anything was popping up.

"How did you do that?" Brandon asked as he looked around, expecting something to materialize in front of him.

"Only with special people, has this happened. I have no idea of how, but the only thing I do know, is this is special. You are special. I am sorry for acting weird around you earlier, but I could feel all your pain. And Jared was right, I did absorb some of your memories. And believe me, I understand. The way this place was earlier, was me thinking of you. I was mad, upset, angry, sad, and generally a mess. After I realized that you might get into trouble being here, I came looking for you guys. Yes, all three of you. Please let me finish. You did nothing wrong, and you are a very special boy. You are here with us for a reason, and we will figure the reason out soon." Sean looked at Brandon, who had his head hanging down as he listened.

"But I am nothing special. My parents hated me." Brandon was almost in tears as the words came out.

"Yes, you are special. How special, I cannot tell you now. But believe me, you are more special than you will believe. Do you trust me?" Sean was now kneeling, so he could look Brandon in the eyes.

"I-I-I guess so. But why me?" Brandon asked, as he was trying to look away, but couldn't.

"Because, it is meant to be. That is all I can tell you, for now. All I ask, is that you trust me, for now. Can you do that?" Sean was asking, and meant every word. The smile on his face was contagious, for Brandon was starting to smile too.

"But what about the guys, aren't they gonna miss us being gone?" Brandon asked.

"I don't think that is how this works, at least this time, bud. I think all that they are seeing is us shaking hands." Sean answered, but he was uncertain of what was happening.

"That's great, Dad, you guys are gonna get along great." Jared said as the two stopped their hand shake.

"Thanks son, I knew things would work out for the best." Sean looked at Jared and smiled.

"Well, you surprised me." Justin looked at Sean, then at Brandon.

"What?" Sean asked, knowing that the two might be able to understand and feel what just happened. But after looking at the two, they had clueless looks on their faces, so he thought he was safe for the moment.

"Yeah, you guys, he is just a nice guy. You were right. I apologized, and he accepted. No biggie." Brandon looked at the twins, and shook his head.

"Okay, I know that this is a good thing. I will just learn to accept it. I guess I don't have any problems with it." Jared shrugged his shoulders, ready to accept it for what it was.

Justin just eyed Sean, and with a smile, nodded his head. He had seen in the way Sean was looking, that something had happened. It was obviously nothing bad, for everyone was all smiles.

"Well, what else is on the agenda? I think that visiting hours are coming to a close pretty soon. Did you guys want to do anything special, or want some more kid time? I can leave you guys for awhile if you want?" Sean was looking back and forth between the three boys, paying the most time on the twins. He was being nice about them wanting to spend time together, for it would be just the beginning. Not getting any responses from any of them, he decided to grab a chair and make himself comfortable.

"We, um, weren't doing anything, or planning anything, so, um." Jared was amazed at the comfort Sean was exhibiting. He was wondering what happened to make him so calm. Sean had left the room in a daze before, and wasn't in a very good mood when he came back. He just looked at Sean in disbelief.

"Hey guys, everything going okay in here?" Marty stuck his head back in the door, still not wanting to come all the way in.

"Yeah, everything is good in here. Where have you been?" Sean asked as he stood up.

"Well, I have been busy, and I need to talk to you for a minute." Marty stated as he looked at the boys, who were still giving him chills.

"Okay, I will be back shortly, boys, remember, visiting time is almost over." Sean said, as he looked at the clock on the wall by the door. After walking out of the room, he looked at Marty with concern.

"Not here." Marty started to walk down the hall, apparently in a bit of a hurry. The pace he was walking was quick and determined.

After passing the nurses station, and finding an empty meeting room, he held the door open for Sean to enter first. Afterwards, he walked in and closed the door behind him.

"Have a seat, you might want to be sitting when you hear this." Marty was pacing back and forth, not looking Sean in the eye.

"What has you riled up so much? Have a seat, and just tell me. How bad can it actually be?" Sean was starting to get a little upset, for Marty was really not making much sense. In his actions or thoughts.

"Okay." Marty sat down and tried to calm down.

"Just take a deep breath, and relax." Sean said as he put is hand over Marty's. And in the flash of an eye, Marty was calmer.

"Thanks Sean. What ever you just did worked. Well, here it is. Correct me if I am wrong, but you wanted to do something about Brandon's living arrangement, right?" Marty was looking at Sean in the eye now, to make sure.

"You are right. If you could only have felt his pain like I did. He is a very special little boy. He needs a loving home, and the twins love him already like a little brother." Sean had a dreamy look on his face, mentioning the love already shared.

"Well, that is where I have run into a snag. Apparently, the adults in the car with him, weren't his biological parents." Marty paused, for the hardest information was next.

"What? Do you mean he was adopted or, worse? Could he have been kidnapped or something?" Sean was getting the full brunt of emotions now.

"Settle down. I did some checking, and there is no records of his parents adopting him through legal channels, anywhere in the state, or surrounding areas. I still have some people working on it, but it seems as if he appeared out of thin air. I cant even find a record of him being born." Marty let it all out, and breathed a sigh of relief to have finally gotten it out.

"Huh? How can someone be born, and no record of it anywhere?" Sean was curious over this little tidbit.

"The name, age, even his social security number aren't valid. It was like he was being made up as time went on." Marty suggested, then checked to see if the reaction was still the same with Sean.

"No, there is something else going on. So what happens now? Can we still go forward? Or is there some kind of weird law that will challenge us?" Sean was trying to figure out how to solve the issue, but was not a legal specialist, that was Marty's job.

"All I can say is, until we find more, the safest place for him to be is in here. Shall we assign security to watch over him, or just keep an eye on things?" Marty was getting back to his normal self, for his face was no longer frowning.

"I think have them keep an eye on him, like they did with Justin. We will be visiting him everyday too. Let the staff know what is happening, and if anything happens to that little boy, there will be hell to pay. And let them know my exact words." Sean had fire in his eyes, and it startled Marty enough to make him flinch.

"I will let them know of your concerns, and notify security right away. I think Gordon would be a good person, he was really good with Justin. They could share stories about him. I am sure Brandon would love to hear some of them." Marty was smiling about some of the antics he had heard from Gordon.

"That is a good idea, I guess I will have to let the boys know, in the eventuality that this can't happen. Is that why you wanted to get so far away from them?" Sean was curious now, for this was almost on the other side of the hospital, a little extreme for such a quick discussion.

"Partially. But the biggest reason is, I am almost afraid to say it." Marty was starting to look flushed.

"What?" Sean asked, gesturing to him to spit it out.

"Well, um. I guess they kind of scare me in a way. What you guys do with your minds, is not normal. I have nothing against it, but it just gives me the chills something fierce. When I see the two together, it is too much for me. And now they are around the new boy. Well, all I can honestly say is, I will try to keep my distance, nothing personal." Marty was being completely honest with his feelings, and with Sean.

"Thank you for being honest. After all, you really can't lie, can you? Hehe. As far as the boys are concerned, don't worry. They are just boys after all. And as far as the rest of it goes, don't let it get to you. I am trying not to. Can you imagine the way I am feeling. I went from a nobody, to this basically overnight. And then with two boys, going for broke on a third. I don't know if I can handle it all, but I am. I have to. They need something in their life that they can depend on. Someone to love them for who they are." Sean was getting a tear running from his eye.

"And you are doing a wonderful job at it. Don't get me wrong, I know that you can do it. And I believe that you will have lots of help holding it together. Justin and Jared love you and respect you. And you basically being a total stranger to them, is remarkable. Justin never let just anyone get close to him. But you have. Even with Jared. He has not had a very good life either, and they trust you with their lives right now." Marty was admiring Sean, for all his strengths and weaknesses. Especially his strengths.

"Thanks Marty. I really needed to hear that. And coming from you, it means a lot. Speaking of the boys, we better get back to them, I think visiting hours are almost over. And I am getting really tired for some reason." Sean ended with a sigh.

"I'll meet you at the car, if you don't mind. Say in twenty minutes or so? I need to make some more phone calls, and then talk to the staff and security too." Marty got up, and while waiting for Sean, went to the door.

"Thanks. We will see you at the car then." Sean got up and left the room, feeling a little drained at the days events. He was more tired than he should have been though.

The boys in the room, had decided to finally attack the cookies, after the men had left. They were being boys, and cracking jokes, and laughing, trying to ease Brandon's pain. They had colored for awhile, and drew some wacky pictures. Then Justin remembered the cookies. The cookies were still soft, and the chocolate got over everything. Hands and faces were smeared with the sweet confection. They were even making hand prints with chocolate as the medium. They were in the middle of comparing face smears as Sean walked back into the room.

"What are you guys doing?" Sean tried to sound serious, but couldn't hold his laughter in.

"I think there might be one left, if you want it Dad." Jared said in his defense.

"They were really good. You should try one." Justin tried to hide his chocolate coated hands.

Brandon just laid in his bed, watching the twins, and Sean laughing at them. He was amazed that an adult would let this happen. Whether it was being scared, or happy, he started to cry.

"What is it little guy? Did I scare you? I didn't mean to." Sean was walking quickly to the side of the bed.

"I-I-I thought you would be mad at us. We made a big mess." Brandon was sniffling, trying not to cry.

"It's okay, really. Let me help you get some of that off of you." Sean turned to the bathroom to get a warm wet cloth to help wash off the candy.

"Um, do you gotta?" Brandon let out when Sean returned a few seconds later.

"Well, I don't gotta. But you gotta get clean young man. The nurses will be by shortly, and they will have to get you clean whether or not you like it. So you decide." Sean stood at the foot of the bed, waiting for his answer.

Brandon looked at Sean, then at Jared and Justin. The twins just nodded their head, and stepped away from the bed. Justin went to the bathroom to wash his hands and face, and Jared was waiting his turn. Sean went to the side of the bed, and looked at Brandon. Brandon just nodded his head in approval. With all the tenderness he had, Sean gently washed off the chocolate covered boy. Sean even had to make another trip to wash out the hand towel, for it was too sugar coated to be of any use. After he was good and clean, he looked up at Sean with a big smile on his face.

"Thanks Sean. Sorry I didn't mean to act like that." Brandon said quickly, as he started to whisper the last part.

"Don't worry about it little guy. It was no big deal. Thanks for trusting me." Sean put the towel down, and rubbed the top of Brandon's head, messing up his hair. And in doing so, Sean felt more tired as he touched the young boy again. Feeling the energy draining from him, he sat back up and sighed.

"Dad, are you okay, you look kind of pale?" Justin was watching the events unfold before him, and was concerned for both of their sakes.

"Yeah, I am alright, just getting run down from the day's events. Although getting a good nights sleep sounds good right about now." Sean tried to explain it, even going so far as yawning. But there was something with his loss of energy. It was almost becoming a concern.

The nurse on shift had knocked on the door and announced visiting hours were over. After seeing Justin and Sean, she was more polite about the announcement. Those two were certainly the talk of the hospital, and even the news of Jared was spreading.

"Well guys, you should say goodnight. I think we should be getting home too." Sean looked at the twins, who really didn't want to leave. They had gotten so close to Brandon in the few short hours they were allowed today.

Jared and Justin said good night, and gave Brandon a quick hug. Sean said goodnight too, but felt he couldn't handle another contact with Brandon. So he just waved goodnight, and gave him a wink. Brandon said thanks, and understood why. It wasn't that he didn't want a hug, but Sean had given him enough already. Brandon knew that he had a home, and with a family that would love him. All he had to do was wait a little. Everything would fall into place soon.

Sean and his boys met Marty down at the car, and Sean was not the only one looking tired and stressed. Marty was pretty quiet on the way to the house, but he did mumble something about taking care of some business tomorrow. Sean was about to fall asleep in the front seat when they finally pulled up to the house. After saying their good nights to Marty, they went inside, and the boys headed for the kitchen. Sean headed for the family room to sit and relax.

"Are you going to stay up with us tonight?" Justin asked as he sat on the couch next to Sean. Justin had a bag of chips in one hand and a soda in the other.

"Yeah Dad, are you going to stay up with us?" Jared had crackers and dip, and another a couple of more cans of soda.

"With that much sugar, why do you need to stay up anyway?" Sean asked, for it hadn't dawned on him yet.

"It's New Years Eve, silly." Was their simultaneous answer.

"With all that sugar, you guys are going to have to go the dentist soon. But I will see how late I can stay up with you. If you get me something to drink too." Sean was smiling, for this was his little family. Surrounded by the two, and soon to be three boys, that loved him for being him.

"Okay, how bout some popcorn too?" Justin was jumping over the back of the sofa to get to the kitchen quicker.

After the snacks were all there, and they settled down. Justin gave the remote to Sean to control the TV. With nothing better to watch for the moment, they settled on the Times Square showing the dropping of the ball. Sean didn't make it another hour, and the twins barely lasted to see the last time zone cross over into a new year. Once again the trio had fallen asleep on the couch. This time, there was more evidence of them being there, the empty soda cans, chip and popcorn bags.

This had been quite the year for Sean. And even Justin. The New Year was upon them, and their family had already grown by one. Jared couldn't be happier to have found his brother, and be accepted as part of this growing family. A new year represented a new beginning, for all three of them. There would be many things ahead for these three. They have a very bright future ahead of them, and more adventures to come. And with a little luck, all their days won't be this exciting.

To be continued...



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