Sean's Angel

By: Hal
(Copyright 2006 - 2007 by the Author)
Editors: Radio Rancher & Str8mayb

The following is a complete work of fiction. Any resemblance to
characters and real life persons is completely coincidental.

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Chapter 15

With the key in his hand, Marty walked over to Jared and wrapped Jared's hands around the key.

"Why?" Jared looked at his hands and asked.

"This is the last remnants of what your mom had. It might be important, so don't lose it." Marty answered, as he backed away from the boy, not knowing what might happen.

"Son, are you okay holding on to that? I can hold it for you, if you trust me enough." Sean walked over and put an arm around Jared.

"I, I, think I can do it. It can't be anything of real importance though, she died without a thing to her name." With that said, Jared's eyes got misty.

"Just make sure you don't lose it bud, you'll never know what it is until we get there and look." Sean had a smile on his face, as he squeezed Jared's shoulder.

Jared noticed that Sean was rather calm, and so did Justin. The twins just looked at each other, and shrugged their shoulders. They still had not noticed how much happier Sean was, especially since they found the key.

The four of them took one last look around, and decided it wasn't worth it. Looking that is, and the house was definitely worthless. It was a rental, and they were sure to have some litigation later over it.

They had to make it back home to eat dinner, and they were just in time. Cecelia had another great dinner of steaks, baked potato, and a salad with fresh bread. By the time they were done eating, all the men, and boys were stuffed. Jared and Justin still had room for dessert, but decided to wait until they went to go visit Brandon. Cecelia had outdone herself, again, this time with a wonderful homemade strawberry covered cheese cake. Sean could barely stop his mouth from watering, because that was one of his favorites.

They left for the hospital as soon as the adults could move again. Marty was in the same shape as Sean, too stuffed for his own good. Sean had even been warned by the doc, to start trying to watch his weight. His blood pressure would be really high today, with all that has already happened.

Once at the hospital, Marty bowed out of visiting, saying he was going to have a quiet cup of coffee down in the cafeteria. Sean was so envious, he hadn't had a cup since breakfast. The twins were really keeping him on the go, and there was never enough time to sit down, especially today.

The visit went by quickly, with all the boys playing. They were either coloring, drawing, or just fooling around. The cheesecake didn't last them very long, with Sean grabbing a piece for later.

Sean was very much enjoying watching the boys play like little boys. Even Brandon, with the hardships he had to endure, seemed to really be having a blast with the twins. There was nothing better sounding than the pure joy of a child having fun. The squeals of delight and happiness filled the room.

Sean was soon dying for a cup of coffee, for he was getting really tired. But so were all of the boys. Not a moment too soon, Marty was knocking at the door. Waiting for him to enter, Sean finally got up and opened the door, to find Marty standing there with two cups of coffee.

"You are a life saver. I was just thinking about how much I needed a cup too." Sean stated, as he lightened the load Marty was carrying by a cup.

"Yeah, it was kinda funny, I was sitting there, enjoying my coffee, when I got the sudden urge to bring you a cup. I hope I got it mixed right for you." Marty smiled, for the thoughtful gesture he had come up with.

The men had sat off to the side, and enjoyed their coffee while the boys continued to play. After another hour or so, visiting hours were over, and it was time for them to leave.

Marty and Sean waited by the door, and let the twins say goodbye.

"Bye lil bro." Jared gave him a hug.

"Later little dude." Justin was next in the giving hugs line.

After getting hugs from the twins, Brandon looked at Sean with a questioning look. This only prompted Sean to walk over to the bed, and look at him.

"Don't I get one from you too?" Brandon asked in a little voice.

"Sure you do, and I am sorry for you having to ask." Sean bent over and gave the little guy a big hug.

"Thanks, Sean." Brandon said, muffled by Sean's shoulder.

"No, thank you. And you will be out of here soon. You have my word on it. Trust me." Sean gave him an extra hug, and let him go, laying him back down.

Brandon just nodded his head, as he laid back down, with a tear running down his face.

"We will be back tomorrow, to see if we can get you released, okay?" Sean rubbed the top of Brandon's head.

"Oh, okay. I'll be right here waiting." Brandon smiled, then gently closed his eyes. He was about falling asleep as the twins left the room.

"Wow, Dad. You have worked wonders with him. How do you do it?" Justin asked, as he caught up to the group at the elevator.

"Hmm, don't know." Sean said, as he entered the elevator, shrugging his shoulders.

The trip home was a little more subdued. The twins were getting tired, for they had a pretty long day. All in all, everyone was tired, and Marty was almost having trouble keeping his eyes open. There was no trouble getting the guys home, and Marty told them good night. Sean reminded him to meet them in the morning, for they needed to find out what was in that deposit box.

The twins went upstairs, to go to bed as soon as they went in, stopping halfway up the stairs to say goodnight to Sean. Even Sean was so tired, that he went straight to his room, and was fast asleep as soon as he hit the bed.

The next morning came almost too early, at least for Sean. The sunlight came in through the window, and the smell of fresh coffee was wafting through the house. Not wanting to miss out on that first cup, Sean almost jumped out of bed to take care of his bathroom duties.

After finishing his morning shower, Sean walked out to the kitchen finding Cecelia making breakfast. Food wasn't on his mind right now, caffeine was. Sean was used to having as much coffee as he wanted, whenever he wanted. But in this new life, his coffee was taking second seat to taking care of other things. With everything that was happening, he was doing pretty well, except for getting tired faster. Maybe the doctor was right, but then again, maybe there was something else weakening him.

Heading straight for the coffee, he made himself a cup and had a couple of sips before he acknowledged anyone else.

"Good morning, and thanks for the coffee. It is very good." Sean took another gulp of coffee, for he didn't want to get cut off too soon. After finishing half his cup, he refilled his cup and walked out to the family room. After looking at the breakfast nook, he detoured and walked out to the patio. The patio was soon becoming his favorite place to have a quiet cup of coffee. This was only his second day at doing so, but with the sun coming up, it was a beautiful setting to wake up to. As the sun's rays started to warm him, he felt like he was ready to face the day. Sean knew in his heart, that the day would end on a happy note. Finishing his cup of coffee, he stood up to walk back inside. The sun's warmth was enveloping him as he stood there. The calmness was holding him in his spot.

"Dad, breakfast is almost ready. Are you hungry?" Justin had come out to get Sean.

"Yeah, I am almost ready." Sean was standing there, enjoying the moment. Before long, Justin was standing at his side, wrapping his arm around Sean's waist.

"It's a nice morning, huh?" Justin said as he was resting his head on Sean's shoulder.

"Yes, it is. And the day is going to be better than you think." Sean put his arm around Justin, and turned to walk into the house.

"Dad?" Justin stopped to get his attention.

"Yeah son?" Sean looked at him, with a concerned look on his face.

"What are we going to do with Brandon? He is going to need a room of his own, when he comes home. Me and Jared can share with him, but what if he wants his own room? Jared and I can share, and get a bunk bed or something. But I think it would be kinda good to start getting ready now." Justin was so precious for thinking of Brandon, but it was surprising for this subject to come up. Especially today.

"Well, that is a good question. But why bring that up, and this morning?" Sean was getting a sly grin on his face.

"We are bringing him home? Aren't we? Isn't that the reason you are acting weird? Or is there something else?" Justin was smirking a little, with a sly smile as he looked at Sean.

"Sometimes, I think you are too smart for your own good." Sean grabbed him in a big hug.

"But Dad, what about my answers?" Justin whined.

"I think breakfast is waiting. And I need to get some more coffee." Sean just winked at him, not wanting to spoil the surprise.

The two walked back into the family room, heading for the breakfast table. Jared was sitting there patiently waiting. Jared was grinning from ear to ear.

Sean stopped, and looked at Justin. His smile was very oddly familiar to that on the face of Jared. Sean just shook his head, and walked back into the kitchen to grab another cup.

"Are you ready for breakfast? The boys have been asking since they got downstairs. They seem to be hungry all the time. And no, you may have another cup but only after you eat some breakfast. And that includes having juice with it." Cecelia was getting into the role that would help the house keep running smoothly. It was going to test her abilities, and soon. Not only just the meals, but overall house cleaning. The house was full, and with twins, the chores were already piling up.

"Okay, I had enough to get me through breakfast. But, I would like to have some more afterwards, though." Sean winked at her, as he put his hand on her shoulder.

"You will need more than just caffeine to keep up with those boys. You need all the nutrients that you can manage. Those boys will run you ragged before too long. Have a good breakfast, and then I will see." Cecelia had a stern motherly look on her face. But she was serious. She was always taking care of Justin, and made sure he had a balanced meal. This was one of the main reasons that he was still in good health.

"Okay, Cecelia, you win. Do you need help with anything, while I am in here?" Sean stood there, waiting for a reply. He could sense that she was getting a little stressed about the boys and all that went with them.

"Well, if you don't mind, could you grab the other plates there?" Cecelia asked, nodding her head toward the counter.

"Not at all. It would be my pleasure." Sean went and picked up the plates, following her to the breakfast nook. Upon arriving, he placed the plates in front of the twins, which they dug into right away. Smiling at Cecelia, he sat down and started to eat his breakfast. It was indeed very good, and the ham slices accented by the scrambled eggs with bacon on the side was more than enough for him. The twins, however, had to have seconds, and almost thirds. The catch on that was, there wasn't enough to have another full helping, so they split the last of it.

"How do you two eat so much? Jeez, I feel as if I put weight on, just watching you two eat." Sean was of course kidding, but that didn't erase the fact that they were able to put away lots of food.

"Aww Dad." Was the twins reply. Sean was getting used to answers being at the same time, and in the same tone.

"Okay, now that you guys are finished, you can help clear the table." Sean looked at the boys, with a determined look.

"But that's Cecelia's job Dad. She has done that for like, ever." Justin wasn't happy with the idea of doing chores.

"Yes, she has, hasn't she. But I think you two are old enough to help out some. If you help her out now, she may have time later for some extra things. Like better desserts. And you guys are really in need of starting to help. You want to earn an allowance don't you?" Sean wasn't getting anywhere with the twins, so bribery was next.

"I'll help." Jared stood up and started to get the dirty dishes from the table. And with a powerful glare from Sean, Justin started to pitch in.

"Thank you boys." Cecelia was ecstatic that the boys had decided to help lighten the load a little. She showed her appreciation by giving each one a big hug.

"You're welcome, Celia." Jared said, as his breath was squeezed out of him.

"You know you are welcome Celia." Justin was stating the same, as he was used to being around her the most.

"Thank you boys, I am proud of you." Sean was watching the exchange. He knew that Jared would jump at the chance to earn something on his own, but Justin would be a little tougher to convince.

The boys had gone back upstairs to finish getting ready for the big day. Marty was due any time, and they were going to find out what was in that safety deposit box. Everyone but Sean was really curious as to the contents. This was not unnoticed by Justin, for he was really intrigued by Sean's mood this morning.

"Hey Dad. Can I ask you something?" Justin had left Jared upstairs, for he wanted to find something out.

"Yeah sport, what is it?" Sean was leaning back on his bed, relaxing for a minute.

"You know something that you are not telling me. And I thought we would have no secrets with each other. So why the attitude about not telling me something?" Justin was straight forward, and to the point.

"I am not hiding anything, son. I just have a good feeling about the day is all. Remember that voice we hear? I have had a couple of talks with him, and things will work out for the better. Just have faith. It's kinda like when you were in the hospital, you had to have faith that you would survive, didn't you?" Sean couldn't really explain it, for it was a real mystery that he would feel as if the answers were given to him.

"Are you sure?" Justin really questioned him. There was something with the way Sean was acting, it was even odd for him. Justin looked at him, and after staring for a minute or two, he gave up.

"I love you Justin. Remember that. I would not knowingly hold anything from you. Especially if it is important." Sean got up and walked over to give him a hug.

"I love you too. I get the feeling that you already know the answer, and it bothers me, that's all." Justin was giving him a hug in return.

"I know, everything is kinda weird right now. But you need to trust me. And have some faith." Sean stood back and looked Justin in the eye.

"I do. I will trust you." Justin gave him a big smile, then left the room.

It wasn't very long before the doorbell rang, and Sean went to answer it. Marty was standing in the door, waiting to be invited in.

"Come on in Marty. The boys should be down in a second. Would you like to have something to drink, like maybe a cup of coffee?" Sean was trying to hint, for he wanted another cup before leaving the house again.

"Well, I guess we have time for a quick cup. It might make the morning pass by a little easier." Marty had caught the hint, for it wasn't that difficult. The look on Sean's face was one of almost desperation. For some reason, he is being deprived of caffeine.

"Well, let's go get a cup, and I will let the boys know that it is almost time to leave." Sean was happy, that the hint was taken. He was almost irritated that his coffee intake was being monitored. He could understand the reasoning behind it, but he really liked his coffee.

While they sat in the kitchen, Cecelia hit the buzzer for upstairs. The boys were downstairs in a minute. While they waited for the adults, the twins were quietly talking back and forth. Sean and Marty were trying to postpone leaving, by taking their time with drinking their coffee.

"Are you guys done yet?" Justin was tapping his toes on the floor.

"We have things to do today. Can we get going now? Dad?" Jared started in whining.

Sean finally gave in, and they got up to leave. Looking at the boys, with their eager faces, Sean turned to look at Marty.

"Are you ready for this? Do you know what we are going to do? You better call in for some cavalry on this one. You never know what we will find." Sean was smiling, but he was serious at the same time.

Marty looked at Sean, then over to the twins. They all had about the same look on their faces. He gave them a slight signal to step out of the room to make a phone call. Sean just shrugged his shoulders, as he looked at the twins.

After Marty had come back into the room, he was ready to leave. Not wanting to press the issue, he did mention that colleagues would be ready if needed. And he really hoped that they wouldn't be. For whatever reason. But he had the suspicion that Sean knew what was going on.

It was pretty much a somber ride to the bank that morning. The twins were more subdued than normal. Maybe the thought that they were going to look for something their mom had hidden from both of them, was the catalyst for the mood. They would soon find out.

Once at the bank, Marty parked the car, but before getting out, he looked at his passengers.

"Okay guys. I have no idea of what we will find. The box may be empty. But in any case, you boys are not alone. I am here for you too. Don't forget that, okay?" Marty was trying to be as emotional as possible, so his message was understood.

"Thanks Marty." Was the answer from all three.

Being well known in the bank, Marty, of course, went first. He asked for the bank manager, and conveyed his instructions as to wanting to get to the security box. After the bank manager looked over at Justin, Jared and Sean, he asked for Sean's ID. Marty then motioned for him to join the pair, and prove who he was. The manager of course started to turn red, upon noticing the business ID. He, of course, was apologetic, but with tightened security, it was just a precaution. Sean was not bothered by this, and told him so. Excusing himself, the manager left to make sure the room was available for all four of the guys. After a few minutes, which seemed much longer, he returned. He escorted the four to a room, with a big table in the center. There was a lone locked box in the middle.

"I will leave you be, when you are done, please leave the box locked, and if you no longer require the services of such, leave the key on the table if you would, please. And please, take your time. Moments such as these, are painful enough, without having to be hurried. If you would like something to drink, I will gladly get you some refreshments now." The manager looked at the four, who were staring at the center of the table. Without so much of a sound, he left, and locked the door behind him, so they could have their privacy.

"Wh-what do you think is in there?" Jared broke the silence in the room.

"Yeah, Dad, what is in there?" Justin spoke up and asked.

"Well, boys, there is only one way to find out. The key please Jared." Sean looked at him, and held his hand out.

After fiddling with it in his pocket, Jared handed over the key. While everyone, including Marty, was holding their breath, Sean unlocked the box. There was no rhyme or reason to the contents, as he poked around, trying to find something. The twins looked on with anticipation, as Sean filtered through the contents. Every now and then, something would be placed on the table, for everyone's eyes. First, there was a small box, which contained the ring that was given Mary when Dale married her. Then a few photos of the wedding, followed by some baby photos of the twins. This was a shock to Justin and Jared, for they knew nothing of each other before they met recently. There was an envelope of pictures, that Sean looked at first, then put back into the envelope.

"I hate to say this, but that is something that you two shouldn't see." Sean had a very disapproving look on his face. He placed the envelope in front of him, so they wouldn't get curious, or at least try not to look.

Most of the contents were nonessential, except for a couple of items. The first item he ran across made Sean's eyes go big. With a very content smile, he handed the paper to Marty.

"What is this?" Marty's interest was peaked, for he was sitting idly by, while Sean went through the contents. He was getting a little impatient, for time seemed to be crawling by.

"This is what we needed." Sean had a look of contentment on his face.

"How in the world?" Marty looked at the item in his hands, and went pale.

This caused the twins to get up and walk to Marty. With one standing on each side of him, looking at the paper in front of him, the static produced was amazing.

"How can this be, Dad?" Justin asked, as he stared down at the paper.

"But how?" Jared was almost in tears.

"Because of this. This will explain some of it. As for her point of view, we can only guess." Sean set another small stack of papers in front of the three. It was a legal contract.

"Now I have seen it all. This is just disgusting." Marty had lost even more color, and he had to get up to get away from the twins. Their influence over him was very strong, and he needed to calm down before he got physically ill. He walked away from the table, and leaned his head against a wall, slightly hitting it with his fist.

Sean had walked over to help him. He placed his hand on Marty's shoulder, and gently squeezed. Sean could feel the utter disgust that Marty had inside of him. It wasn't very long before Marty had tears coming out of his eyes.

"Let it out Marty. Go ahead. It will feel better afterwards." Sean was standing closer to Marty, as he whispered.

"Thanks Sean. I will be okay in another minute or so." Marty tried to overcome the shock that he was in.

"Hey Dad, does this mean what I think it means?" Justin was taking a shot in the dark, and wanted to know for sure.

"Yes, it does son." Sean turned to face the twins, and centered his sights on Jared, knowing he was more interested in the fact. He held out his arms, and soon had two armfuls of boys. There wasn't a dry eye in the room before long.

Marty had taken his cell phone out and made a call. Only his side of the conversation could be heard, and it was very demanding and short. He looked at the three, with the bonding that was going on, and Sean trying to comfort the twins.

"I really hate to break this up. But with this turning up like it did, we need to act fast. I will ask that this stuff be boxed up, so we can take it with us if you want. We will need to leave shortly." Marty had regained his composure somewhat, and wanted to get this legal stuff out of the way.

"It's okay Marty. We found out what we needed, and I would like to have these things to go through later. There might be something in there to help later on, if we run into any snags or problems." Sean was releasing his hold on the twins, as they looked at him with curious smiles.

"Now what do you have up your sleeve?" Justin asked.

"Nothing, see?" Sean replied as he rolled up his shirt sleeve.

"Aww Dad." Jared gave him the `look'. The one that lets the joke teller know that they failed at it.

Marty had called the bank manager, to let him know they were almost ready. All they needed was a box big enough to hold the contents, and they would be set. After some discussion about the contents, they were sealed in a box, and the four left the bank. The box would be taken by security to the house, to await further looking into. The seal was placed to keep prying eyes out of it. The only things they took were the papers of most importance. Marty had called ahead, and one of his colleagues met them outside the bank. After handing the papers off, Marty finally had a better outlook on things.

"You have no idea how much this will make things easier for you Sean." Marty commented as they walked back to the car.

"I know, from a legal standpoint anyway. But you were the one who didn't have any faith Marty." Sean looked him square in the eye as he replied.

"I just wish I could have the faith like you do. I have to deal with the law. There isn't too much wiggle room, when all the facts aren't in." Marty answered, giving him a sly smile.

"You should try to. It does make up for the not knowing of some things." Sean said before he got in the car.

With the trip to the bank done and over with, the visit to Brandon was next. On the way there, Marty asked the twins to keep quiet over the papers. He was going to make sure that nothing stood in their way, so it would take a little time. The twins agreed, but only after Sean added his comments too. There wasn't much that could throw Sean off, but he was more than happy to wait for the good news. He mentioned not only that, but it would also give them time to find out when Brandon could get out. So the not so happy morning, turned out for the better. And the twins were the best indicator of that, for their normal talkative selves returned.

After arriving at the hospital, the twins were about ready to take off running before Sean got their attention.

"Boys, please come here." Sean just got out of the car and stood waiting. He had a strange look on his face.

"What's up Dad?" They said as they trotted back.

"Thanks for understanding. Now you do know, once this is done, there is no turning back. I know you two like Brandon, but this is permanent." Sean looked each one of them in the eyes, to let him know of his sincerity.

"Yeah, we know that." The twins answered, and just smiled.

"That's what I thought, just wanted to make sure. Now no spoiling the surprise. I want Marty to bring the good news in, once he finds out." Sean was giving them both hugs.

"But why-"

"does Marty-"

"get to tell-"

"the good news?"

Sean was thrown off a little, for he hadn't actually seen their combined talking skills displayed. He looked at both, and then with a big smile, he let them know.

"Because, my sons, Marty is going to be around for awhile. And I want him to be liked as well. Trust me on this, okay? It won't hurt to let him be a good guy for a change, will it?" Sean asked, as he put one his hands on each twin's shoulder.

The boys looked at each other, and smiled. They were finally seeing the wisdom of Sean's words. After what looked like, a memory exchange, they nodded to each other.

"Okay, we will let Marty be the good guy, Dad." Justin was smiling as he answered.

"Yeah Dad, no biggie. We already know what is going to happen, so he can have the glory for a few minutes. Besides, I don't think Brandon will believe him anyway." Jared started to snicker as he answered.

"Boys, no letting him in on it then. Until Marty has had a chance to tell him then. Agreed?" Sean could see the mischievous look in their eyes.

They nodded their agreement, and took off, leaving Sean and Marty standing next to the car. Sean was shaking his head, for he could feel that they were only agreeing to agree. Not promising. Marty looked at Sean, and noticed his change of attitude.

"They most likely are right, you know. Those kids of yours are not fools. Brandon won't believe me anymore now, than when I first met him. And I don't blame him a bit. What that boy has gone through, I wouldn't have survived." Marty ended, hanging his head down, trying to hide the anger that was welling up inside him again.

"Marty, calm down. Okay? We have things that need to get done, and if you are upset when you go into that room, they will feed off it. Trust me, you don't want that to happen. So lose the attitude, and let's get this done, already." Sean looked over at Marty, who was starting to calm down.

"You're right, Sean. Sorry. But there is nothing I have ever encountered that could prepare you for what we have found out. And if we don't hurry up, those twins of yours are probably already in the room with Brandon." Marty looked over at the hospital entrance, and shook his head in disbelief.

"I think they will be stopped by Sandra, by the desk. She won't let kids run around without supervision. Especially those two. I wonder if she has any good coffee in her thermos? I could really go for a cup." Sean looked back from the door, and started walking. He stopped when he noticed Marty had not joined him yet.

After being put into shock once more, by what Sean does, or doesn't do, Marty decided it was time to get inside. Being a little flush, he caught up to Sean and they walked into the hospital. Once they had gotten out of the elevator, the twins were indeed talking with Sandra. Once she saw Sean and Marty, she let them go on, to go visiting. Of course they had to take their time to get to the room, for they actually had to walk.

"Well, I was wondering how fast you two would get up here. I didn't think you would release those two on us and leave." Sandra was in a good mood today. She was smiling big as the twins slowly walked down the hall.

"Thank you Sandra. I knew you wouldn't let them run rampant up here." Sean gave here a slight wink.

"And how are you doing, Marty? Would you two like some coffee, it looks as if you could use some right about now." Sandra indicated that they were to follow her, before she even got an answer out of either one. She led them to the nurse's station a few doors down the other direction. The two men followed her like lost sheep, because Sean definitely wanted a cup, and it looked as if Marty could use one too.

"Thanks Sandra, this is just what I needed." Sean took his first sip of the coffee.

"Yes, thank you very much. This is very good." Marty replied, taking his first sip.

"Well, is should be, all the nursing staff chipped in, and we have a new coffee service. They even will bring a new flavor once a week, as a sample. As far as what you need though, Sean, she isn't working today." Sandra has an evil grin on her face, as she was trying to get Sean's goat. And it worked. He was blushing from head to toe in no time at all.

"Well, Sean, you stepped into that one. As for me, I have things to get done. You have your phone on you in case of anything, don't you Sean?" Marty was trying hard not to laugh. He had heard the rumors in the hospital, around the cafeteria. Now he knew they were true.

Sean couldn't speak, all the blood in his body seemed to have gone to the surface of his face, he was so red. He just nodded his head as an answer.

"Sorry Sean, I couldn't resist. Have you at least called her since you left? She has her days off since before you got out, and I am sure she wouldn't mind seeing you out side of the hospital." Sandra started blushing, herself, for she was going to say something else, to the effect of not being laid up in the hospital, but changed her mind at the last moment.

"No, ahem, I haven't. But I will try as soon as things settle down a little. It has been a hectic couple of days, and now..." Sean trailed off, as he looked at Marty, who took that as his cue.

"It's okay, it's none of my business really. But I think it wouldn't hurt anything to try, now would it?" Sandra looked at Sean, and just gave him her best mom smile.

"Thanks Sandra. I haven't forgotten about her, really. It is just things are kinda wacky right now, with finding Jared, and now, Brandon. I haven't had any time for myself." Sean let out a big sigh, as he finished.

"I know, Sean. I really meant no harm by it. But you need to know that you aren't alone in this. You have everyone's respect here, and their support. If you need anything, all you need to do is ask." Sandra finished by putting her hand on Sean's shoulder and looking him in the eye.

"Thanks. I know that. It is just hard for me to rely on others, even though I know that they are there for me. Even the boys, I have tried to shield them from things, already. And speaking of which, I'd better go check on them, while there is still a hospital standing." Sean chuckled as he left the room, leaving Sandra standing there by herself, shaking her head in disbelief.

Sean thought to himself as he walked to Brandon's room. Why hasn't he called? Did he want to call in the first place? Was she truly interested in him as a person, or a medical oddity? There was some strange stuff going on, and they haven't slowed down at all. He was getting confused the closer he got to the room. He turned around, and walked back down the hall for a minute, to at least finish his coffee and try to clear his head. After he thought he had it under control, he went back to Brandon's room, and knocked before he opened the door.

"What are you doing knocking first Dad?" Justin asked, looking at him funny.

"It is common courtesy, to let someone know you want in. I knew you three were in here, so I was just being considerate of that fact. I want to let you know that I expect that out of all three of you." Sean didn't realize he let the last part slip out, but was happy to realize that no one caught on. Yet.

"I know that Dad." Justin commented.

"I do too. Um. I mean, I know that, and thanks for letting us know what you expect of us." Jared answered, not really wanting to get into details of how he knew that rule by heart.

"Why would you expect that out of all of us? What do you mean?" Brandon looked at Sean, as if the world relied on the answer.

"Well, little guy, if I had gone into the bathroom, and you didn't realize that. And you needed to go, it would be nice to have a knock on the door first, wouldn't it?" Sean was trying to recover quickly, before he caught on.

"Oh, okay. I can see that." Brandon was trying to picture in his little mind, what would happen if someone just barged in on him, and got a weird look on his face.

"It's okay Brandon. Don't think on it too hard. You are younger than the twins, and nothing bad will happen if you forget. Remember that always, no one will ever hurt you again. I swear by that." Sean had a very determined look on his face.

"Thanks." Brandon was almost blushing, for he could tell that Sean was really telling the truth. He had never had anyone care like that for him before, so it was very special.

"Dad, I was wondering when you were going to call Joy, did Sandra convince you to?" Justin couldn't resist making the jab at Sean, and it worked too well. Sean began to blush immediately.

"That is of no concern to you, young man. When I am ready, then I will." Sean wasn't very happy at the fact that the day had taken a turn, maybe not for the worse, but it wasn't for the better. Not in his opinion anyway.

"Who is Joy?" Jared asked, for he hadn't actually been around very long.

"I'll let you know later bro. Right now, I think Dad isn't very happy with being reminded." Justin tried to whisper, but it was a lost cause. You can't keep a secret in a room full of mind readers.

This of course, made all the boys to start giggling. And in turn, made Sean blush even more. This was how it was until Marty knocked on the door, boys giggling, and Sean blushing even more.

"Did I miss something? Would you like for me to come back later?" Marty had seen the group getting along so well, he didn't want to interrupt. After looking at how red Sean was, he knew the answer though.

"No, noo. Don't leave me alone, they are picking on me." Sean tried to sound like he was whining, but failed miserably.

"Okay, so you want me to go get someone to help or something?" Marty immediately regretted saying that, for the boys started to laugh uncontrollably. He was wondering what was going on, until he remembered what Sandra had said earlier.

"That's not necessary. Do you have something to add, other than something to make me get more into trouble here?" Sean was trying to say, between the giggle fits of the boys.
He was wondering how Brandon picked up on it so quickly, but thought that he was just laughing because the twins were.

"Well, maybe." Marty looked at the boys, who stopped laughing long enough to look at him. To keep the suspense going for a few more seconds, he looked at his watch.

"Well, what is it Marty. What does having to tell us something have to do with you looking at your watch?" Justin was anxious to hear the official news, but the way it was delivered, was strange.

"Well, I think, that maybe I can come back later. It looks like you guys are having too much fun in here." Marty was trying his hand at humor, and stood to walk to the door.

"What is it Marty? What do you have to tell us?" Jared was getting more impatient by the second. He wasn't used to the dry humor of the family attorney.

"Okay, I guess I can spill the beans, now." Marty sat back down to witness the reactions of the four.

"Is it good news, or bad?" Brandon asked, his attitude was heartbreaking. The little boy had gone through so much already, that it made Marty feel really bad.

"Oh, Brandon. I am so sorry. It is very good news, though. I didn't mean for it to sound like it was bad news." Marty had a concerned look on his face, for good reason. The littlest boy, wasn't used to this attention at all.

"Well, just spit it out now, Marty." Sean could sense the tensions in the room, and it was becoming unbearable.

"Are you ready to go home Brandon? With these guys? As of a little over five minutes ago, you kinda belong to them, now." Marty let out in one big breath.

"Huh?" Was the only thing Brandon could get out, before the twins were hugging him.

"Yeah, you're our little brother, and not just because some silly judge says so either." Justin said, as he hugged his little brother.

"Yeah, Brandon, you are our little brother, and by blood, no less." Jared got out, before the happy tears came.

Marty looked at the scene unfolding before him, and got a little misty eyed as well. He looked over at Sean to see if he was going to tell the details, or if Sean wanted him to.

"Hey bud, can you listen to me for a minute?" Sean walked over to the bed, and motioned the twins to give him some space to sit. So with a twin on each side of Brandon, Sean sat down.

"Are you going to tell him now?" Jared looked at Sean with concern. This might be too much for the little guy to handle all at once.

"Yes, I think he needs to know." Sean looked at Jared, then at Justin.

"Are you sure?" Justin returned the look, then looked down at Brandon, who was looking at all the faces around him.

"Yes, it is time." Sean looked at the faces before him, to make sure he had all their attention.

"What do you need to tell me?" Brandon was getting nervous, and scared. But once Sean put his hand on his leg, the bad feelings seemed to disappear, or at least lessen.

"Okay Brandon, this isn't easy for me, so if you start to feel bad sometime while I am speaking, and want me to stop, just say so. Remember, this isn't any fault of yours, and we are all here for you." Sean paused to let him think for a second, and calm down a little more.

"Yeah, Brandon, the news he will tell you, is important. And if it wasn't for Sean here, I would have said it would have been impossible for this to happen." Marty got up enough courage to get up and stand at the foot of the bed. He was still scared of what these guys could do, but it was either accept it, or keep trying to hide.

"Don't worry, li'l bro. Listen to what he has to say. I will be right here for you." Jared said, as he wrapped his arm around him. He made himself as comfortable as he could, so he could have as much contact as possible with Brandon.

"Okay, Brandon, you are the true brother of the twins. We were lucky to find your true birth certificate in a box your real mom had tried to hide. You were traded, for, um, other things. But the big part is that you are here with us, now, and we will be a family now. And like Marty said, we are kinda stuck together now. And I promise to be there for you always." Sean looked at Brandon, who was starting to cry. Realizing this, Justin helped him sit up so he could get a hug from Sean.

"But why?" Brandon let it all out. Crying until Sean's shirt was getting soaked once more.

"Your real mom had some serious problems. She is no longer alive, but I am sure, that she can still see you. She knows now, what a mistake it was for her to do so. She has to live with that fact forever, now. I also believe, that we were meant to find each other. Just as Justin and Jared were meant to be together." Sean paused as the crying boy in his arms tried to organize his thoughts. This was so tough on him, for he could feel the confusion, fear, and heartbreak of the little guy. The twins were not lost on this, and they too joined in on the hug.

"Sean, if I may?" Marty asked, seeing that there wasn't going to be an easy way out for him to finish. Sean could barely nod his head as his approval.

"Brandon, your real mom thought that you would have a better life, if someone with lots of money took care of you. If she really knew of what would happen to you, I am sure she would not have gone through with it. No one will know for sure. The only thing I can be sure of is, that these guys will take very good care of you. And if they don't, you let me know, and I will straighten them out, pronto." Marty was getting a feeling he had said that well enough, for the boys had at least slowed down on their crying.

"Does this mean that you're my Dad now, like the twins' dad?" Brandon managed to get out, between sniffles.

"If that is what you want me to be, I will. If not, we can be very good friends then." Sean tried not to get his hopes up to much.

"Thank you Daddy." Was all that Brandon got out, before he was crying again.

"No, thank you, son." And now it was Sean's turn to let the tears flow freely.

"We will always be here for you brother." The twins managed to get in between their own crying.

"If you guys don't stop pretty soon, they will have to bring mop buckets in here to clean up the tears. And my suit isn't water proof either." Marty had gotten soft, letting his emotions show more. Being around the trio, has had its effect on him. And now, with the youngest member of the family, it wasn't getting any easier. He tried to wipe the tears away, so no one would notice, but it was a lost cause. He was crying. He would have to get used to it though. These four were going to make sure his soul would be alive, and that there was more to life than following rules all the time. Marty's crying came to an abrupt stop with a knock at the door.

"Hey Brandon, are you ready to leave, or do you want to stay in here some more?" Marty got out after he wiped all the tears away.

"Are you serious?" Brandon looked at Marty, as if he had grown a second head.

"As serious as I need to be." Marty answered.

"Well then, are you ready to go home, son?" Sean looked at the red eyed little boy in his arms.

"Yeah, I am." Brandon whispered.

With that said, Marty went to the door, and brought in a wheelchair. The twins looked at him, and with a simple nod, Marty pushed it to the side of the bed.

"Here, let me help you." Sean had stood, to allow Jared to move, so he could help Brandon get out of bed.

The twins stood up, to offer assistance if needed. Jared was holding the chair still, and watching very closely. Justin was making sure there was nothing in the way, clearing the path to the door.

"Do we need to wait, or can we take him now?" Jared asked Marty.

"I think if they wanted us to wait, they would have said so." Marty answered, but of course, he already knew the answer. Sean and Justin had paved the way to let them do as they pleased while they were in the hospital.

The twins were about to argue over who got to push Brandon, before Sean intervened. So with one twin on each side, Brandon was pushed out of the room and down the hall to the elevator. It wasn't a very straight line though, with one twin walking a little faster than the other. They were almost to the elevator before the chair became unbalanced and started to tip.

Sean was shocked. He had felt the surge of energy come over him as soon as the wheels of the chair left the floor. The twins were at odds with what to do, as they watched Brandon start heading to the floor. With all his injuries, this would not be good at all.

Without much time to do anything, Sean could only watch the horror from behind. They were walking a few feet behind the twins, to give them room to maneuver. So with a scared look, he could only watch as Brandon was falling to the floor.

As if time stood still, the twins reacted with lightening speed. They were at Brandon's sides before he had fallen fully out of the chair. They seemed to have stopped time, as they grabbed Brandon just as the chair hit the floor in a loud bang.

Sean was very pale, and fell up against the wall. Marty was at odds with himself as to who to go to first. But with the look on Sean's face, it was evident who needed more help. Grabbing Sean's arm to stabilize him, before he fell, he looked into Sean's face. There was nothing there. The look was as blank as can be. Marty looked at the twins, who were straightening the chair, so Brandon could sit back down. Apparently, he was okay, a little scared, but no injuries.

"What's wrong with Dad?" Brandon asked as he wanted to be turned around to face Sean.

"I am okay, li'l bud. I just got scared, that's all. Are you alright?" Sean was getting some color back into his face, but he was still a little short of breath.

"Sean, do you want me to go get a doctor or something? You don't look so good." Marty was still holding him up, and was concerned.

"No. I am okay." Sean stood up, and shook the cobwebs from his head.

"Are you sure?" Marty asked again, not wanting to be redundant, but he was genuinely concerned.

"Yeah Dad, are you sure?" Justin asked, as they slowly wheeled Brandon closer.

"Are you okay?" Jared went over to check for himself. He looked back at Justin, then at Brandon.

"Yes, enough already. Can't a parent be scared too? I really am okay. I just got really scared there for a minute. I am feeling better now." Sean was indeed standing on his own two legs, and the color had returned to almost normal. If it wasn't for the bead of sweat on his forehead, you wouldn't have guessed what had happened.

With the twins shaking their heads, and shrugging their shoulders, they slowly turned the chair once again toward the elevator. Marty conceded, he was going to lose every time.

With the drama over, the five got on the elevator and went downstairs. Marty left them to get the car closer to the door. The twins were giving Sean a big hug, and it almost appeared as if they were holding him up too. But by the time Marty had gotten back with the car, they all appeared normal. Well, normal for them, anyway.

"Are you ready to go home, Son? I bet Cecelia has made a special big lunch for us when we get home." Sean had such a loving look on his face as he kneeled down before Brandon.

"Yes, Daddy. Let's go home. I am starving." Brandon replied, with a very big smile.

"We're starving too." The twins chimed in, before they headed for the car.

To be continued...



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