Sean's Angel
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Chapter 18



When they pulled up in front of the hospital, Justin wrestled with his door. He jumped out of the parked car and ran to get a wheelchair. Justin ran back from the entrance, to help get Sean out of his seat. What he saw was nothing short of amazing.


Sean stood outside of the car, stretched his arms above his head and yawned. He looked refreshed, as though he had slept for hours. His sudden return of energy wasn't possible. When they left the house, Sean wasn't even able to stand.  They talked to him on the way here to make sure he didn't go into a coma or worse. Justin almost tripped over the wheelchair while he watched Sean.


"Be careful Justin. We're supposed to be here for me, I guess. I still think this was a waste of time, cause I feel better now." Sean leaned back against the car, as he glared at Cecelia. He had a very smug look on his face, until Cecelia bore down on him with her own icy stare.


"Sean, if you don't sit your ass in that chair this instant, I will put you in there myself. We're here because we care about you. Now, sit mister!" Cecelia rushed around the car and all but charged Sean. There was no doubt she meant business.


"Yeah, Dad. Is this anyway for you to be a role model? Remember, young children present." Jared lifted the chair out of the trunk for Brandon, and laughed as he watched Sean blush as Cecelia confronted him.


"Now, I think you should do as she says... Dad. I don't like that look she's giving you. And besides, we're already at the hospital, so don't push her anymore."  Justin giggled as he stood waiting patiently with the chair.


"Now you two run along and get him inside. I'll take Brandon in, and catch up soon. Well, what are you waiting for?" Cecelia pointed her arm and waved to the twins to go on ahead. It was important to get Sean checked in. It could be something serious, and she wanted to make sure it wasn't life threatening.


"He's going to be okay, Granma. Honest." It wasn't Brandon's smile that made her pause, but the words he spoke.


He didn't just believe Sean was okay, he knew. . He giggled as the twins each took a side of the wheel chair and raced Sean towards the entrance.


"Now, how do you know, little one?" Cecelia recovered her voice. With her hands on each side for balance, she knelt down and looked into Brandon's eyes.


"Because."  Brandon's angelic smile, spoke more than his words.


"Now, sweetie, tell grandma what you mean. I don't understand." Cecelia squinted her eyes as she peered into Brandon's. He had a better grasp on the situation than she did.


"It's simple. Dad said he'd never leave us. This isn't his time. And it won't be, for a long while yet." Brandon's face was full of compassion as he smiled at her.


"When?  How?  I don't understand.  Can you help me understand?"  Cecilia was getting nowhere, but still pushed for an answer.


"Oh Granma. You were standing right there. Didn't you see him get up and tell me while he hugged me?" Brandon's voice posed the question, but you could hear the frustration in his voice, from her lack of understanding.


'How could she not understand?  Didn't she see the same thing? She was right there.'  Brandon shook his head trying to piece together why she was so confused.


"Do you mean while he was sitting on the couch, with your brothers? Is that when he told you?"  She was there, but saw nothing out of the ordinary except when Sean collapsed into the couch.


"Duh. He came over and told me not to worry. He said he'd never hurt me or my brothers, and that he would be around for a long time. It was weird though. I could see right through him, and he was still sitting on the couch. Why was that Granma?" Brandon released an exasperated breath, as he finished his explanation.


 "Okay Brandon.  Look at Grandma.  How did you see Sean first?  Sitting on the couch, or standing in front of you?" Cecelia tightened her grip on the wheelchair as she pieced together the details.


"Ummm... I guess I saw him get up off the couch, first.  Then I could see through him as he walked toward me.  Then he was still on the couch.  Why?"  Brandon's dark green eyes studied the pavement as thoughts occupied his mind.


 "Well sweetheart, I'm not sure why, but thank you for answering me.  It might help.  If the doctors can track down what, if anything, is wrong with him.  We don't want him staying here, now do we?" Cecilia stood and stepped behind the wheelchair.  She nudged it forward in the direction of the emergency room doors. A myriad of unanswered questions plagued her mind as they moved toward the entrance.


"Yeah, I don't want Dad to ever go away. I know he's okay though." Brandon giggled enjoying the ride into the hospital.


Cecilia followed, pushing Brandon as the twins wheeled Sean into the hospital and up to the check-in desk. The paperwork was already filled out, and a nurse tried to take over from the twins. Justin and Jared wouldn't allow it until Sean gave them a scornful look.


"Come here boys. Don't worry; this is just a check up. Stick around and wait for Cecelia and Brandon. Now give me a hug, so we can get this over with. I don't want to be here anymore than you do." Sean stretched out his arms inviting the twins for a final hug. 


They fell into his grasp and he felt their weight against his chest. Sean could sense their unfounded worry, that he may never return. They were in a hospital.  Though they were sure Sean was okay, white tile floors and antiseptic walls filled them with dread.  Anything was possible.


The twins had dreadful looks on their faces, as the nurse wheeled Sean down the hall. Justin was the first to look at his brother, who already had moist eyes. Jared wouldn't look up from the floor until Justin nudged him in the side. With a warm smile brightening his face, Justin wrapped his arm around Jared. The two of them decided to be patient and wait for Cecelia and Brandon.


With the nurse's help, Sean sat on the bed, and waited for the doctor. Even though Sean was only five rooms away from the boys, he felt an ache in his chest.  He missed the sight of them and they were beyond his reach. He sat and pondered the events of the morning, and why he had passed out. The sudden click of the door handle drew his attention as the doctor entered.


"How are you?" Dr Reid Meyers had a warm smile pasted across his aging face, his short gray hair glistening from the overhead light. This almost six foot doctor wasted no time as he set the chart down and checked Sean's blood pressure and pulse.


"I was doing okay. Then the boys said I passed out. I don't remember it, and so, here we are." Sean managed to get out, before a thermometer was stuck in his mouth.


"Well, it looks like your blood pressure has gone up another notch, but nothing else sticks out. I would like to take a blood sample for tests, to make sure there is nothing wrong." Reid turned around, grabbed a sterile needle, and tourniquet. Once the band was on, he shoved the needle in, and found a vein. When Reid had a sample large enough, he released Sean's arm.


"Okay, Dracula. Did you get enough?" Sean felt the decrease in his life giving fluid, and felt faint. Lying down on the bed, he closed his eyes for just a second, and went out like a light.


"Well, that answers a few questions." Reid stood up, and turned to leave. As he opened the door, he was almost run over by the twins, followed by Cecelia and Brandon. He shook his head clear as he apologized for not looking. He held the door open and allowed the group to enter.


"Thanks Doctor. Oh, my!" Cecelia burst out as she looked in, seeing Sean laying on the bed.


"What happened? What did you do to our Dad?" Justin's eyes fired daggers at Reid.


"Nothing. He just laid back, and went to sleep is all. His vitals are fine, and as soon as I can get this blood sample to the lab, we will know more." Reid turned and walked away from the group, as they entered.


"Dad?" Justin approached the bed reaching out for Sean's hand.


"Hey there, you guys got here quick." Sean opened his eyes, and sat up. He didn't even look tired anymore.


"How are you, Sean? The doc said your vitals were normal, but he had a blood sample in his hand. Any idea of what might be wrong?" Cecelia parked Brandon's chair, and walked around to look Sean in the eye.


"I felt a little woozy after he drew the blood. But now, I feel better." Sean swung his legs off the bed, and attempted to stand. His head started to swim as he sat there, and he tried to cover it up.


"Dad, just lay back. Rest up. I saw that look on your face, so don't try to hide it." Justin urged him to lay back down, for he had seen the same thing in Sean's eyes before.


"You guys are making a big deal out of this. I'm fine. Just a little lightheaded after the blood thing. I'm fine." Sean tried to defend himself, but had lost all the fight in him. When little Brandon joined in the fray, with his little puppy eyes, Sean relented.


"I know you don't want to be here. I don't either. But its for your own good, Dad." Brandon whimpered, then smiled as he was listened to.


"Okay, guys. Just this once, I surrender." Sean leaned back into the bed, and released the air in his lungs.


"Sean, I am not sure this is a medical problem." Cecelia looked at the kids, and then centered her vision on Sean.


"Huh? What do you mean?" Sean gently rolled on his side, to give her his undivided attention.


"Well, from what I see, and what Brandon told me earlier, there might be another cause." Cecelia's movements were erratic, her feet were on the move constantly. She wrung her hands as she tried to put her irrational thoughts into words.


"Of course. Why didn't I see that coming?" Sean sat up smiling from ear to ear. He motioned for the boys to come closer.


"Oh, I get it now. We need to give you back some of your energy." Justin blurted out. It dawned on him what they were doing all this time. All of the boys had taken energy from Sean. The final result made obvious by Sean's decline in health. They had to figure out how to give some back.


"I have an idea. Why don't you guys join hands, and see if we can balance it all out." Sean sat up, as the twins maneuvered Brandon as close as they could get. The moment they began holding hands, electricity was felt in the air. Slowly, Jared joined hands with Brandon, who in turn reached for Justin. As Sean reached for the twins hands, he felt better. And with touching their hands, he felt he could run a marathon.


"That's it." Justin was almost jumping up and down. Jared had the biggest smile, while Brandon felt like he was needed to make a difference.


Cecelia stood and watched with her eyes the size of saucers. She had never seen such an event before in her life. She knew that Justin was special, and so was Sean. But in her wildest imagination, she would've never guessed that all her boys were extraordinary. Ever since the boys started to call her `granma', she really did consider them her boys. She covered her mouth to stifle her screams of excitement. She felt the power emanating from the boys and Sean. A tear ran down her cheek, as she let her breath out that she was holding.


Sean's eyes looked like mini thunder storms, as the energy was replenished back into him. He released the boys' hands, and stretched. The crackling of electricity could almost be heard, as he reached up with his arms. Blinking his eyes, he smiled as he looked around the room.


"How're you feeling?" Cecelia walked closer to the bed, her voice trembled as her hands shook.


`The balance is restored. Things are the way they should be.' It wasn't Sean's voice that came out of his mouth. Sean's own ears heard it, and once he realized it clamped his hands over his mouth. He looked at the faces in front of him wide eyed.


"Uh, Dad, how did you do that?" Justin examined Sean's face, for any clue.


"Yeah Dad. We know that voice." Jared held Brandon's tighter, as he stepped back from the bed.


"Dad?" Brandon, smiled as he caught the sparkle in Sean's eye.


"Oh my..." Cecelia covered her mouth as her tears ran freely.


"No, I am not. But thanks for thinking of Him." Sean winked at Cecelia. He looked at the faces of his kids, and smiled.


"Neat trick. Can you do it again?" Brandon laughed at the twins reaction.


"I don't think so Son. But if I could, what would you like me to say?" Sean grinned at Brandon as he tried to think.


"I dunno?" Brandon stuck his lower lip out, not coming up with an answer.


"Are you okay Dad?" Justin leaned closer to look into Sean's eyes.


"Yes I am, munchkin." Sean grabbed Justin and held him. Tears of happiness trickled down Sean's cheeks.


"You had me worried there for a sec." Jared sat beside Sean, and wrapped his arms around Sean and Justin.


Brandon wheeled himself closer, and hugged his brothers and Dad. He giggled out loud, as someone's stomach growled.


"Well, it sounds like someone is hungry. You guys should go grab a snack. I think I took most of your energy, at least for the time being." Sean released his hold on Justin, as the others relaxed and let go.


"Food? How can you think of food at a time like this?" Cecelia sputtered out.


"But Granma, I's hungries." Brandon started to rub his tummy.


"But, but what about your Dad?" Cecelia had her hands on her hips, not believing the boys thought with their stomachs at a time like this.


"It's okay Cecelia. They need to replenish their energy. I um, guess I took some, maybe a little too much though." Sean blushed, as he looked her in the eye.


"What? You just take energy from them, and it's up to me to feed them? Oh jeez." Cecelia's eyes rolled, as she shook her head and raised her hands in defeat.


"Boys, please?" Sean held his out his hands. With the tactical grace of a well oiled machine, the boys complied. Sean looked at Cecelia with love in his eyes. The aura from the four grew stronger, engulfing the entire room. With a flash of light, it was gone.


Cecelia stood there, with tears running down her face. The pasts of all four had gone through her head and were burned into her memory. All the pain of each of the boys, along with Sean's, were now part of her. The color drained from her face as she started wobbling. The twins were at her side quickly, to help her sit down.


`Now do you understand?' That heavenly voice came from Sean's mouth as his eyes lit up. The boys all agreed, nodding their heads in unison.


"I, I, I am so sorry. I had no idea..." Cecelia's emotions burst forth, as she laid her head in her hands.


"It's okay. Now you understand. I am sorry I had to do it like that. Time is of the essence, the boys' energy needs to be replenished. I'm still tired, that took ah a lot from me." Sean yawned, as he laid back down on the bed.


"Are you ok granma?" Brandon wheeled himself over to her. As he touched her hands, a gentle spark made her jump. The twins stood on each side of her, and gently put one hand on each of her shoulders, completing the circuit. Cecelia lifted her head out of her hands, and looked at the boys


"Yes baby, I am fine. Are you still hungry?" Cecelia's eyes had dried considerably, but were still puffy.


With a wink, Justin looked at his brother. Jared smiled, and nodded his head. The twins looked at Brandon who giggled as he nodded his head.


"Well, let's go get something to fill those empty tummies then." Cecelia stood up, and felt wonderful. `I haven't felt this good in a long time.' She thought to herself.


"How about you Sean..." Cecelia noticed that he had fallen asleep again as she looked at him. She walked over, and rubbed his cheek with the back of her hand. `He is so special', ran through her mind.


"Granma, my tummy's empty." Brandon looked at her with his lower lip stuck out as he blinked his eyes.


"Okay, I hear you. Justin, lead the way, you should know where it is." Cecelia stood and walked to the boys. She turned Brandon's chair around to face the door. With a simple smile and nod, she wheeled Brandon to the door. Glancing over her shoulder, Cecelia knew Sean was in good hands. They left the room, as a single tear rolled down Cecelia's cheek, as she thought to herself, `I know I am truly blessed'.


Justin led the group down the hallways to the cafeteria. Jared kept pace with his brother, as Cecelia tried to keep up. Brandon enjoyed the fast chair ride, and giggled all the way. They entered the cafeteria, and Justin looked around for an empty table. Jared pointed out a table large enough across the room, and they wandered across to it. Cecelia wasn't excited with the location, the room was crowded with the pre-lunch rush. Cecelia felt relieved as they had managed to cross the dining area without any toes getting crushed, or food trays spilled.


"Now, you boys sit and behave yourselves. I'll go get us a good snack." Cecelia looked at `her' boys with all the love a good grandma should. She turned to look at the line, and laughed as her thoughts centered on the boys.


"What?" Jared studied her face, trying to find the source of her humor.


"Nothing, really. Would you come and help me? I don't think I could carry all the food you guys need, unless I made two or three trips." Cecelia tried to hold her laugh in, as the mental picture of hauling that much food formed in her mind.


"Sure Grandma. Justin, will you watch Brandon?" Jared stood up as he watched his brother's reaction.


"Yes, you goof. Now go, I am so hungry I could eat the a... oops, sorry." Justin blushed, as he was going to make a crude joke about consuming posterior ends of certain animals.


"Well, young man, I think I might have to have a talk with your Dad about that." The wide grin on Cecelia's face let everyone know her threat was hollow.


"Hurry up granma, I's starving." Brandon's high pitched whine, made the message clear.


"Yes, little one." Cecelia turned and signaled with her hand urging Jared to join her. They went to wait in line, as Cecelia studied what was available. She was shaking her head about the nutritional value of the food, when a voice from behind Jared startled them.


"Justin, is that you? How are you doing, and why are you back in here?" Brett Cummings stood there with his food tray. He was dressed in his blue uniform, which meant he was on duty today.


"Huh? Who are you? My name is Jared, Justin is my twin." Jared turned and faced the stranger standing there. Jared looked at him as the lights went off in his head, and the possibilities of mistaken identities formed in his mind.


"Oops, my bad. I had only met Justin once, my apologies." Brett instantly blushed at his mistake, as he stepped back a couple of steps.


"It's okay. No harm done. Hey, if you met Justin, then you must know our Dad, Sean. He's back in to get a check up." Jared smiled as he felt something strange. This man was very attractive.


"Well, then I must stop in to say hi. And nice to meet you, um, Jared is it? Say hi to your brother for me. Oops, looks like I gotta run. See ya." Brett looked at his watch before he turned away, leaving his empty tray on the shelf.


"Who was that, dear?" Cecelia watched the conversation. She had witnessed the intern working at the hospital before. `It was rather odd, that he be here today though', she thought to herself.


"Just someone who knows Justin and Dad. He acted a little odd though, didn't he?" Jared turned to see all the snack foods of the gods, ambrosia, cheesecake, and ice cream sundaes. His mouth watered as the thoughts of the sweets he could consume in one sitting.


"Oh no you don't. We're here for a healthy snack." Cecelia chuckled silently watching Jared's eyes widen as they walked past the desserts.


"But, but we're all growing boys." Jared failed miserably, at making a sad puppy face. He was going to have to ask his little brother how he did it all the time


"Young man, I know you. Sweets are only going to give instant energy, not lasting energy. Maybe later, okay?" Cecelia almost gave in, but her better judgment regained control. She knew she was going to have to be strong, and not fold under pressure. `This isn't going to be easy, not spoiling them' she thought to herself.


They returned to the table, with two very full trays of food. Cecelia had given in just a little, and allowed some junk food. Not much, but enough that she wouldn't have to hear any more whining, at least for a couple of hours. The boys needed energy, and the quick energy from the sugar, would be prolonged by the healthy food. The snack list included ham and cheese sandwiches, yogurt, a selection of fruit, small salad, juice, chips, jello and pudding. Cecelia covered her mouth as she gasped and watched the boys dig into their cornucopia of calories.


"So what did Brett want?" Justin swallowed the last of his cheese sandwich, chasing it down with some juice. He then grabbed a banana and peeled it, then shoved half of it in his mouth.


"He thought I was you." Jared briefly stopped eating his yogurt, as he raised his brows in hopes of possible future pranks.


"It'll never work, you two. I can tell the difference between you." Cecelia looked across the table and concentrated on their faces. `Yeah, its pretty easy to tell the difference,' ran through her mind.


"But for someone who hasn't been around, it might work." Justin elbowed his brother in the ribs, as an evil smirk crossed his face.


Brandon glanced up from his munchies, to glare at his brothers. With only a simple nod, he grabbed another jello cup and dug in.


"Not you too. I think I am outnumbered here. Sean better hurry up, before the battle's lost." Cecelia chuckled while she clasped her hands together, as if praying for Sean's quick recovery.


All the boys continued to stuff their already full stomachs. Each one consumed a full days worth of calories, in one sitting. This would be the standard for each, as they learned how much energy it takes to work their special gifts.


Brett had left the cafeteria in an attempt to escape his embarrassment. He couldn't run fast enough, or turn around quick enough, before anyone would notice. `Why are they back here, and today?' raced past his brain.


He attempted to gather his wits as he approached the nurses station. Recovering from the shortness of breath, Brett approached the counter, as he tried to act normal.


Sandra Wallace looked up from her paperwork to witness Brett trying to hide something. She looked around the office while reaching for a file in front of her. She winked at Brett as she slid the file to him. `I hope I don't get caught for doing this, but they are both so cute I can't help myself.' Sandra thought to herself, wanting to try her hand at matchmaking.


Brett smiled picking up the folder. He had no clue if anyone around the hospital knew about him. He had to clear up some things first. After he made sure it was the correct file, he walked down the hall as he read the chart, almost bumping into another patient on crutches.


"Hey, watch out! Get your mind out of the clouds." The older gentleman grumbled out. His wrinkly face twisted as he tried to maintain his balance on the crutches. The faded blue robe he wore tangled on one of crutches, and he crashed into the wall. Cursing as he hit the sheetrock wall with his shoulder. `Shit, that's gonna leave a mark.' The grey haired patient thought.


Brett concentrated on finding a certain room. He didn't bother to look back at the patient who was now leaning up against the wall. `I will have to say sorry later,' Brett entertained the idea as he smiled.


He stopped in front of room 115. This was it. Brett slowed his rapid breathing down as he knocked on the door. After waiting a few seconds, he opened the door and slowly walked in. There he was. Sean. Not much to look at, but cute none the less. The red tint to his brown hair contrasted on the white pillow. Sean's breathing caused the green polo shirt, to tighten and relax. Brett's eyes traveled down Sean's body, stopping briefly midway. The jeans that Sean wore, were of the loose fitting variety, but were filled out nicely. `Nice bod,' ran through Brett's mind. A smile crossed Brett's face, as he enjoyed the sleeping body in front of him.


"Well, hello." Sean opened his eyes to find someone staring at him. He sat up a little, and rearranged himself as he yawned.


"Oh, excuse me, but I did knock first." Brett blushed a deep crimson.


"No problem, um, what was your name again?" Sean blinked his eyes getting then to focus. He did like what he saw. The blue uniform of an intern stood in front of him. Brett stood over six feet tall, and maybe 190 pounds. The short blond hair was highlighted by the lights in the hospital, almost a glowing effect. His blue eyes complimented the ensemble, making this man standing there, very attractive.


"Brett, Brett Cummings. Glad to meet you, in better uh, conditions." Brett was still red as he put his hand out.


"Sean, um, Jenkins. But you probably knew that, huh?" Sean managed to sit fully upright as he extended his hand. The other hand was conveniently in his lap.


"Yes I did. And don't worry, I've already seen it." Brett was gently holding Sean's hand, not bothering to let go.


"Oh, yeah, hehe. Um, ..." Sean couldn't stop smiling, as his cheeks turned beet red. His hand started to shake as Brett held it.


"Oops, sorry. Maybe it was a mistake to come here." Brett dropped Sean's hand as his head lowered. He turned around to face the door.


"Hey, don't go. Not yet. It's okay, really." Sean tried to prolong the good feelings he had while in Brett's company. Sean struggled with his thoughts. `Why am I acting like this?'


Brett stopped in his tracks, turned and faced Sean. He wore a big smile as he approached Sean sitting in the bed. He maintained his distance, as he gestured to the end of the bed.


"Yes, please do sit." Sean managed to whisper out, as he crossed his legs.


"Um, well..." Brett stared at the bed, ignoring the bland stare he got from Sean.


"Uh, yeah..." Sean looked down at lap, unable to put into words, the emotions that ran through him. His fingers gently tapped at his thighs, as he looked up to find Brett staring at him.


"I guess there's no way around it. I need to tell you..." Brett had no blood left in his body, it was all in his face. The heat from his blush could be felt, as Sean gazed back into Brett's blue eyes.


"I know, but, I was..." Sean sputtered out. His own face was ablaze, it was as red as a fire.


"Kinda hopeful, huh? Thanks." Brett put his hand on Sean's leg, as he kept the eye contact that had been established.


"Um, yeah. I was wondering..." Sean broke off his gaze. The blue eyes that captivated him told the story all too well.


"Yeah, but I can't. I think you just realized that huh? I wanted to ask you something though." Brett noticed the change in Sean immediately. The warmness that was emitted turned cold. Sean sat straight up and looked across the room with a blank stare.


"Sean? Are you okay?" Brett's edgy voice was full of concern.


"Yes. Thanks for asking. Now what did you want to know?" Sean continued his stare at the corner of the room. He turned and let his legs slide over the side of the bed. His hands stayed by his sides, to maintain his balance as his vision never wandered.


"Um, well, I need to say thanks for the compliment first. And um, how did you know I was gay? No one here knows it, I haven't told anyone." Brett squirmed as he sat, unsure of what was running through Sean's head.


"Well, its hard to describe. I can just see, into peoples minds is all. I felt you were attracted to me, and believe me, the feeling is mutual." Sean stopped gazing off into space, and looked at his lap. His pained look, let Brett know, this was not a good time.


"Oh, okay. Thanks." Brett started to blush again. He caught Sean looking at him, as he stole a glance at him.


"Maybe, it would be better to show you..." Sean's eye flared up and started to glow as his body stiffened. His hands dug into the mattress, as if it was the only thing holding him down.


"Wha..." Brett found himself unable to move. The luminescent stare of Sean paralyzed him. All of Sean's memories started to flood into Brett's mind. The pain, and loneliness of Sean's past were unbearable.


"Oh my God...stop, please?" Brett begged, the heartbreak he felt, would push any person over the deep end.


"Oh...shit, sorry." Sean closed his eyes, and breathed deeply.


"Uh, uh, I gotta go." Brett stumbled to his feet, and backed up to the door. He kept his eyes on Sean, to make sure there wasn't going to be another assault of his mind. With a tear running down his face, he opened the door and left Sean sitting on the bed in a trance.


Brett gathered his wits, before trying to continue to walk away from the door. He wiped the tears away, as he made sure the door was closed behind him. He was a wreck, and headed for the nearest restroom. He hoped he wouldn't have another run in with any of the patients. Luck was on his side, and there was one located only a few doors down.


Brett opened the door, and walked into the lavatory. As he closed the door, he leaned up against it, as he started to cry. `What have I done?' He thought as the guilt built up in him. With all the energy he could muster, he went to the sink and splashed cold water on his face. When he felt he could get a grip on his crying, he tried to look at himself in the mirror. The red swollen eyes, stuck out on his unblemished face. Brett held onto the sink with a death like grasp, and tried like hell to get his emotions under control.



"Dad?" Brandon had tears running down his face.


"What's the matter honey?" Cecelia looked at the youngest boy as her voice started to fade.


"Oh no!" The twins looked at each other with looks of horror on their faces. They stood up at the same time, and then bumped into the other as they put the chairs back under the table.


"Come on Granma, hurry up!" Brandon shouted, as his face contorted with concern about not wanting to be left behind.


"Hurry!" Justin hollered over his shoulder as he ran after his brother. Jared was a few strides ahead of him.



Sean had a blank look on his face, as he stood up and walked toward the door. He reached for the handle and yanked the door open. His movements were uncoordinated, as if he wasn't fully in control of himself. Sean half stumbled down the hallway, with no apparent destination.



Brett finally regained his composure, with numerous rinses of cold water. The redness had gone down, and he felt he could manage to pull off a normal appearance. He dried off his face one more time be he smoothed out his uniform. He didn't want to draw any more attention to himself than necessary, and this day turned out tough to meet that certain small criteria. He opened the door to leave, and was almost mowed down by two teenagers running past the door.


"Dad?" Jared cried out as he entered the room in which they had left Sean. The tears streamed down his face when no one was there.


"What? Where did he go?" Justin bumped into his brother as he failed to stop quick enough.


"That guy, from the lunchroom!" Jared shoved his brother out of the way, as he ran out in the hall way.


"Wait Jared!" Justin caught his balance before he crashed into the wall. `Damn, he's pissed' ran through his thoughts as he turned and chased after his brother. Justin managed to make it through the door and start back the same way they came as he caught a glimpse of Jared's body soaring through the air. His brother was in a flying tackle headed for a certain intern.


Cecelia pushed Brandon as quick as she could towards Sean's room. She had just rolled around a corner to see Jared's body hurdling toward another person.


"What did you do to him!" Jared cried out, as he landed on top of Brett. Jared started hitting any part of Brett that his fury made contact with. His fists flew wildly.


"Jared!" Cecelia shouted, as she tried to get the attention from a very upset young man.


"Come on bro! Stop it!" Justin attempted to grab his brother's arm, and off his intended victim. Justin pulled with all his might, before he could overcome Jared's angry beating on Brett.


"Granma, make them stop." Brandon started to cry harder. His face reddened as he watched his brothers in the midst of attacking someone.


"Security to ER. Security to ER." Echoed in the hallways. It had been reported that there was someone assaulting hospital staff.


"Stop it Jared." Justin held onto his brother with all the strength he had. Justin wrapped his arms around him, as he tried to calm him.


"No! NO! He did something to Dad! I know he did!" Jared fought back, but was losing his strength.


Brett rolled away from the two boys. He struggled in his attempts to stand, as he had been hit in numerous places. He got to his feet, and leaned against the wall, and watched the twins as one tried to hold the other down. `What the hell? Aw shit' ran through his already tormented mind.


Joy had just left her car, returning after her long weekend off. She put her car keys in her purse, slung it over her shoulder, and started walking to the hospital from the employees' parking lot. She walked down the sidewalk, and enjoyed the warm weather as she passed a couple sitting on one of the benches outside.


Joy finished saying hi to her coworkers, before she was bumped into. She turned to see who the rude person was, and her eyes widened with recognition.


"Sean? Are you alright? You don't look so good." Joy saw Sean's empty gaze, before he stumbled and continued down the path.


"You two, get some medics out here on the double." Joy's face had changed from the cheery look she wore earlier, to a serious one. She knew that something was wrong, and approached Sean with apprehension.


"Hey, Sean, are you okay? Hey, Sean? Slow down there, take it easy. Help is on the way. Hey, Sean, listen." Joy walked as close to him as possible, hoping for the best, but fearing the worse. `He's either sleepwalking, or has completely lost it' she thought.


"Huh, oh hello pretty lady." Sean's eyes rolled into the back of his head, as he fell to the ground.


Joy caught him, before his head hit the pavement. She set him down as a loving mother would lay her child to rest. Holding his head in her lap, she checked his pulse as she waited for some help to arrive. `Oh Sean, what has happened to you?'


The medics arrived in short order. They placed Sean on the stretcher and buckled him down. Joy stood up, and watched as they rushed him back into the hospital. Her mind raced as she tried to follow.


The gurney glided through the doors and went straight into the nearest room. Joy stopped at the desk to check in, and get the charts for Sean. In the quickest manner possible, she informed the on duty staff of her observations.


"He was just walking, and he had a blank look on his face. He passed out, after almost recognizing me, and his pulse was a little weak. His body temp was high, and breathing shallow." Joy grabbed the clipboard and proceeded to the where they had taken Sean. When she got to the door, she heard a commotion around the corner. She stopped in front of the door, and listened.


"Young man, why did you attack Mr. Cummings here?" The first guard glared at the young man standing in front of him. Jared had his fists balled up, ready for anything. The security guard's demeanor proved he was intolerant of young people. His six foot, two hundred pound frame shadowed the angry teen.


"He...He did something to my Dad. Now my Dad is missing!" Jared spat out through clenched teeth. His energy was coming back to him, and he wanted an answer.


The second guard kept watch over Justin. This was not the man to upset. He looked like a sumo wrestler. Not quite six foot, he weighed at least three hundred pounds. He stood there with his arms crossed as he stared at Justin, begging for him to flinch. The guard could squish a dozen kids, and not work up a sweat.


"I...I...I didn't do anything to your Dad. He...just went cra..." Brett couldn't finish his sentence as he slid down the wall that supported him. With his face in his hands, he relived the episode from earlier. The tremors and sobs of crying wracked his body.


"LIAR! You did something to him!" Jared screamed as he lunged toward Brett. The security guard grabbed Jared by the arm, swung him around, and pinned him up against the wall.





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