Sean's Angel

By: Hal
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Chapter 2

It was early morning when Justin woke up, and the nurses were making their rounds. This morning it was Nurse Joleen making the rounds in this ward, and she was very happy to see the young man awake.

"Well, good morning Justin." Joleen said with a big smile, her blue eyes twinkling with happiness. "Are you feeling alright this morning? You gave us quite a scare last night, you know."

"I am feeling better, thanks for asking." Justin spoke quietly, for he didn't want to wake up Sean. It was still really early. "And, um, sorry about last night, it wasn't supposed to happen like that."

"And exactly what do you mean, young man?" Joleen had turned, her sandy blond hair flowing around her head, making her pull it back, so she could put it back into her ponytail.

"Well, uh." Justin was getting tongue tied, for he didn't want anyone else to know but Sean.

"Excuse me, this a private room, and visiting hours haven't started yet." The security guard, Gordon Whitley, was trying to stop someone from entering the room.

"That man in the bed there is my employee, and it is very important that I speak with him." It was Sean's boss, Mr. Doug Ledford. For him to come to the hospital, at this time of day, was nothing short of a miracle, especially since he really didn't care for Sean that much.

"I think I can handle this." The man in the fancy suit said, as he followed the group into the room. It was Mr. Martin Hartman, the family attorney for Justin's Dad.

The security guard looked at him, and with a sigh, left the room, for the rest to sort it all out. It was way too early to have this going on. Gordon, of course, recognized Marty, for he was his employer.

"Thank you, Mr. Whitley, "Marty said to the security guard, and then turned to Doug. " As far as you're concerned, Mr. Ledford, you can wait outside, until normal visiting hours, for my clients are resting right now." He was not smiling when he said it, and if anyone knew what he really did as an attorney, they wouldn't mess with him. He was all business.

Justin was watching all the drama unfold before him, and was shocked to see his Dad's long time friend and lawyer, and was wondering what was going on. His father had abandoned him in the hospital, and had never come to even visit him, so this was really strange.

Doug Ledford, was not a man that took orders very well, for he was always giving them. He looked at the fancy suit, and tried to stare down Marty. It was a lost cause, for Marty was a professional, and this was his territory now.

"Well, you let that little bastard know, that when he wakes up, he's out of his job. It has been five days now, and not a word from him. If it wasn't for the insurance company calling me to check up on him, I wouldn't even care if he was dead." Doug said, with the last part, seething through his tight jaw.

"I will inform him of your sentiments, and if you dare to come close to my client again, I will have you arrested. Do you understand?" Marty said coldly.

Doug didn't want to press his luck, and he could tell this guy was a lawyer, so he shut up and left. The last thing he wanted to do, was attract more legal eyes to his business, for it was already under scrutiny, with the state. The contracts that were demanded of some employees, were basically blackmail, for cheaper labor, and the sooner he could get past it, the better.

Marty then turned his attention back to Justin. "How are you feeling, are you truly getting better?"

"Yeah, on both. If it wasn't for Sean though, you would be attending my funeral now, instead of talking to me." Sean said, with a sly grin on his face.

"Well, you get some rest now, and after breakfast, we will talk some more, okay? What happened to young Mr. Jenkins, he is really out of it, for the loudness should have woken him now."

"I think he is just really tired, we had a long night. I'm pretty sure he will be awake in a bit though."

"Until later, then. Get some more sleep, Justin." With that, Marty turned and walked out.

"Well, he sure took care of things, didn't he?" Joleen said, finally getting over the shock of the surprise visitors. She knew that nobody was allowed in the different sections of the hospital, for some of the patients, had required strict security. While Justin wasn't listed as a special case, apparently now that he has survived, he has moved up the ladder somewhat.

"Yeah, he does get things done, and the way he wants them. He isn't one to get walked on, that is why he and my dad have been friends for so long. But it makes me curious as to why he would be here. Have you heard anything?"

"No, I haven't, but I'll ask around, and let you know at breakfast time, okay?" She had such a look of concern about her, but she kept the smile on her face anyway.

"You better hurry up then, I might starve before they bring the carts around." Justin said, with a chuckle.

"Oh, okay, you're just a typical teenager, a bottomless pit." She laughed and turned to leave the room.

Justin's point of view.

"Thanks." That was the most I could get out, before she was out the door. Wow, what a morning it has turned out to be. I glanced over at Sean, who was still sleeping like a log. I was basking in his looks, for he looked so peaceful, just lying there. His light brown hair, had seen better days, I am sure. But as far as him being "used and all washed up," well, I didn't think so. He was my savior, for without him, I wouldn't be alive.

With the biggest grin on my face, I closed my eyes and went back to sleep. I don't know how long it had been, but it was soon breakfast time. Mush, toast, OJ, and a fruit cup. My almost not so favorites.

"Thanks Joleen, but you could have brought some food with you." I snickered as I said that.

"You're very welcome, but we reserve the real food for people that are nice." She had such a big grin on her face, I knew she was kidding. That was the way things were, before I slipped into my coma. Always happy, and willing to go the extra length to make someone smile.

"Justin, we sure are going to miss you when you leave. And with Mr. Hartman here, I am surprised not to see all the paperwork done already."

"What do you mean, with him being here?" My face was scrunching up, as I asked.

"Well, from what I hear, none of this is confirmed though, is he is here to get you, and Sean, out of the hospital. According to Gordon, who overheard some things, you are in for a big surprise."
Now, I was really curious, what was Dad's lawyer doing here for both of us. Sean is in for a bigger surprise than last night, I think.

"What are you guys talking about, does it have anything to do with me?" Sean said, sleepily.

"No dear, it was just a little excitement this morning, nothing for you to worry your little head about." Joleen was trying to be sly, but I think he saw right through it.

"Um, are we going to get food for breakfast?" Sean asked, his face had a look of sincerity on it, but the two of us just started laughing anyway.

"What'd I miss?" Sean missed the joke, and I felt a little sorry for him, but would explain it later.

"Okay, you two comedians, eat up, you have company." Joleen said, losing her composure as she said that and started to laugh.

"Company?" Sean couldn't believe his ears, for in his entire time in this city, no one would even give him the time of day.

"Don't worry bout it, bro, I will explain after breakfast." I tried to delay the inevitable, but managed to keep a straight face while hiding the fact that our visitor was a lawyer.

"Okay, I will be back in a few, so eat up, or I'll make sure they bring in leftovers for lunch." Joleen couldn't keep a straight face as she finished saying that. Her laughter was the only indication that she was joking. She turned around, and left the two of us to eat our 'food'.

Both guys were hungry, for this was the closest thing to solid food either of them had eaten in a few days, if you call warm oatmeal solid. It was kinda runny, but the dry toast helped. And with cold OJ to wash it all down, it was fair, and tasted better than either of them were getting before.

Sean laid his head back on his pillow, and waited for Justin to finish. Justin had an extra scoop of mush added to his bowl, and enjoyed the extra attention that he had received since being here. He had always gotten a little more, or something a little special, from the staff, and he loved it. In fact, any attentions that he got, he loved, for there never was enough at home.

"Alright champ, spill it." Sean had a serious look on his face, noticing that Justin was finally done.

"Well, uh, where do you want me to begin?" he replied.

Just then, there was a knock at the door, and Marty stuck his head in. "Are you boys all finished up? Joleen asked if I would check on you guys."

"Uh, sure Marty." Justin looked over at Sean, and could see his confusion over their strange visitor.

Marty looked at the pair, Sean with a look of pent up frustration at the happenings so far this morning, and Justin, with his patented puppy dog look of "help me". He grabbed one of the chairs and placed it between the beds, so he could look at both of the guys without too much trouble.

"Pardon me, but I think some introductions are in order. Sean, I am glad to meet you, my name is Marty Hartman, I am the attorney for Justin's family, and his Dad's business."

"Nice to, um, meet you, I guess." Sean's voice gave him away, for you could tell he was not comfortable talking to a lawyer, but shook the hand that was offered anyway.

"I already know Justin, so there, we all know each other now. Do you feel better now?" Marty had sensed Sean's discomfort, and just sat back in the chair, waiting for him to calm a little. He gave Justin a big smile, and put his hand over Justin's, and gave it a friendly squeeze.

"Sean, he's a good guy, don't worry, k? With him here, it will make answering some of your questions easier. That will make it quicker, I think, than me just rambling on, and I won't miss as much with Marty here to help." I said, feeling much better about the interruption than Sean did.

"First, give me a minute, so I can get these dishes out of here, so we can all be comfortable." Marty stood, gathered up all the dishes from breakfast, and took them to the door, and placed them outside on the floor. He had given the hospital firm directions that he not be disturbed once they started to talk. Even though, the two still needed to be monitored, the staff had to agree, or else they face the wrath of one of the most prominent lawyers in the county, and that is something that no one wanted to do. "There, that's better." He said, while turning around with a slight grin. "Do you guys want anything while I am up?"

"Sorry Justin, pizza is out of the question. But do you need something to drink, or use the facilities?" He had a friendly voice as he asked, knowing that Justin was going to ask for the outrageous right away.

"No thanks, we're good." It was a simultaneous answer from the beds, and put Marty in a mild state of shock.

"Okay, well let's get comfy then, shall we?" He had walked over to the beds, starting with Justin, and made sure he could sit up a little without too much difficulty, and then turned himself to Sean who was already sitting up. Sean had a look of distrust about him, so Marty just left it alone and sat back into his chair. Justin felt better at not being the center of attraction, but he was just as nervous that Marty was there.

Marty was a good looking gentleman, in his late 50's, with dark brown hair, slightly graying at the temples. His light brown eyes made his face softer when he was smiling, and with his slightly over 6 foot frame, he wasn't as intimidating sitting down as he was standing up. He wasn't a huge guy, but his being a little underweight was covered up well with his fancy suits.

Realizing that the quiet was his cue to start, Marty began his view on the situation. "Well, lets see, we have been introduced, and you two obviously know each other, by now." He paused, and looked at the two, which obviously said they didn't spend too much time getting to know each other, for Justin had started to blush over the stating of the obvious. "Well, maybe not. But no matter, we will cross that bridge later." Marty had the look of a cat sitting in the middle of an empty canary cage as he talked, knowing what Justin had not done.

"Well, being that Justin hasn't filled you in Sean, let me do some of that for him. Hmm, let's see, being that Mr. Jabbermouth here hasn't told you much of anything, I guess I will try to fill in the blanks as I see it." He looked over at Justin, who was blushing madly now, for Jabbermouth was what his nickname had been since he was a little kid. Once he got started, he was hard to shut up.

"To start off, his full name is Justin Lewis McCabe, the son of Dale M. McCabe and his new wife Juliana. He is twelve, almost thirteen, 56 inches tall, 120 pounds, you can see his hair and eye colors for yourself." He paused for a second to let this sink in, for Sean's face had contorted a little trying to figure something out. When his eyes got big from realization of the facts, Marty continued.

"Justin, your Dad expressed his concerns for not being able to be here himself today."

"Yeah, sure he did." Justin had just spit out, and his face looked like he had just swallowed the worst taste on the planet.

"Justin, he really did, in fact he tried to not let me go, but in our original agreement, he couldn't stop me, not that I would let him anyway. You see Justin, your father made his will out right after you were born, and has only made a couple of slight changes to it since."

"What do you mean?" Justin looked so confused right now, for it was the first time anything had ever been mentioned about his Father's will.

Sean looked as if he was a wax statue, for if the last name was right, his life definitely had taken a turn for the better.

"Patience, my young friend, and I will explain." Marty knew at that moment he had a captivated audience, being that Sean was staring wide-eyed, and Justin was squirming around on the bed, like he was going to jump out of it. "As if you didn't know, your father's entire fortune and estate would go to you, since you are an only child. But with the "illness," your father had a clause put in there, under my discretion, that your "savior," also be included. Oh, I'm sorry Sean, but your boss stopped by this morning while you were asleep, expressing his warmest regards to you, so I told him for you, that he could take his job and shove it, because you didn't need it anymore." This was a little white lie, but the truth was there too.

"Wha, wha, huh?" Sean had obviously lost his ability to speak. "I don't need my job anymore, what do you mean?"

"Calm down Sean, it's going to be alright. You'll see. Since your Dad's will had not been updated since, ahem, Justin was born, his new wife wanted to make sure she was taken care of, in case of anything unfortunate. So I discussed this with Dale, and we agreed, that if anything bad happened to Justin, she would take over his estate, but with limited powers."

Sean and Justin had the look of utter confusion on their faces as they turned and looked at each other. Sean had heard of the name before, and it was finally sinking in, that he was in the hospital with the son of the second richest man on the planet. Dale McCabe was the owner of the biggest software company on the planet, and was reportedly worth several billion dollars.

"Okay guys, back to earth for a moment." Marty knew he had their attention now. "In case of Justin's demise, Juliana would only get a healthy allowance, and being that he was going downhill, she couldn't be more happy. That fact pissed me off, so I basically twisted Dale's arm to add another clause, to the effect that if someone were to come forward and help Justin, this individual, would be named guardian, and be put on the company payroll, to watch over him, until he/she stopped wanting to do so." He wanted this to really soak in, so he paused while looking first at Sean, who was starting to pale. Then over to Justin, who was about ready to scream.

Sean's mouth just hung open, and he looked so pale, that Marty grabbed his hand and waited for him to start breathing. But Justin, true to his namesake, started.

"You mean we get to stay together forever and ever and nothing can separate us, and Sean can live with me and never worry about anything ever again, and we travel all over the place, and visit Disneyland, and Sea World, and go hiking and biking and do all sorts of fun stuff forever and ever, and never worry about being apart again, and Sean never has to work another day ever, and we can all be happy? Is that what you mean?"

"Settle down Justin, catch your breath, easy now." It was amazing how much he could say without slowing down, or even breathing.

There was a knock at the door, and Marty got up to answer it, in hopes that trying to break the tension in the room would put them back at ease.

"Yes, oh, Nurse Joy. Thanks for stopping by, but the guys are doing fine, I will let you know if anything needs to be done, or if they need anything. You must not have been here earlier, but I strictly asked for no interruptions." Marty said matter of factly.

"Sorry sir, but you are right, I wasn't here, and I was just making my rounds. Sorry for the interruption." Joy had a tone of concern in her voice, but recognized Marty, he had been in the hospital many times during Justin's stay, and had continued to check on him, even when Justin was in a coma.

"No harm done Joy, we were ready for a slight break anyway. Would you mind getting us some refreshments, I have done enough talking for now, and would like something to drink."

"Sure, Mr. Hartman, be right back." She turned and walked down the hall to the nurses station, where they kept a small supply of drinks and snacks for visitors.

Marty had turned from the door, to see if the news had indeed started to sink in. With the solemn look on Sean's face, it had. Turning again to face Joy, he took the small tray of juice and coffee from her. "Thank you. We will call you if we need anything else." With that he closed the door, and walked over to the boys, and offered them something to drink. Each of them had taken a juice, OJ for Justin, and grape for Sean. Marty had his coffee, and took a sip, looked at both, and took another drink, careful not to burn his tongue. "Okay guys, ready to continue?" They both shook their heads in the affirmative, with Justin looking as if his was going to fall off, he was nodding so hard.

"Yes, Justin, that's what it means, but, of course, only if Sean wants it that way. What do you think Sean? Are you ready for your life to change for the better?" He had looked over at Sean, who had sunk back into his pillow, and sighed, as he stared at the ceiling. Justin had a hopeful look on his face, and was mouthing "please" many times over.

Sean just laid there, letting what was being offered to him slowly sink in. His mind was racing, for this was better than winning the lottery. His life definitely would change, and for the better, for all his worries would almost disappear. He would never have to work again, and the offer of being paid to be Justin's guardian, was just too good to pass up. But was he worth it? He continued to battle himself for an answer, when a thought came to him. Why not? He obviously had nothing better to do, and with Marty's filtered replay of his bosses visit, he didn't have a job to go back to. He really didn't have any reason to turn this down. His immediate family was dead, no friends to miss him, for he didn't have any. He had no reason whatsoever, but self doubt. "If I take this offer, what would it entail, exactly?" His reply was soft, and sounded full of worry.

"Well, for starters, your salary would be ten grand a month, you would have use of company credit cards for expenses, you would basically be paid to be Justin's friend and caregiver, and all your bills would be picked up by the company. Not that the amount of money is any concern, but you would have your hands full to begin with, and be pretty much run into the ground on a daily basis. That, my friend, is something that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy." He smiled to indicate that the last part was a joke, as he smiled in Justin's direction, to make sure he hadn't hurt his feelings. Well, not too much anyway.

Justin was just about vibrating with enthusiasm, for this was his dream come true. His new big brother really had no reason to turn this offer down, and with the family lawyer saying it, it was undeniable.

"Well, how long do I have to decide? Do I have to make up my mind right away, or can I let you know sometime in the future?" Sean winked at Marty, to let him know that he was going to pull Justin's leg, at least for a little while. He had come to understand that joking was very welcomed, and always a part of life around Justin.

"WHAT! What do you mean you have to think it over, you damn fool! This is the opportunity of a lifetime, and you want to think about it some more!" Justin's face was definitely red now, and it was not from blushing. He was getting mad, but didn't know his own jokes were coming back to bite him in a big way.

Both Sean and Marty were shocked at Justin's outburst, for neither of them had seen this side of the cute lovable kid they knew. As soon as they started laughing, Justin knew he had been had.

"Oooh, you guys are going to get it." Justin had that twinkle in eyes that would soon be recognized as trouble brewing.

"Okay, Mr. Hartman, what do I need to do? I accept your offer, but I think I am going to already ask for a raise, for this doesn't look like its enough, or do I get a full time shrink too?" Sean's humor was evident, for his smile had given it away. As he was laughing with Marty, Justin looked over at him, and couldn't stay mad, this was truly his brother now.

"Just sign these, and that's all." Marty produced a contract from his jacket pocket and handed it over to Sean along with a pen. Feeling in the spirit of the occasion, he coughed, then said, "Sorry Sean, this is the wrong color of pen, and won't be legal, so I guess you will have to wait anyway."

Once again, Justin's outburst let the two men know of his disapproval. "Marty, you are the smartest lawyer around, and you brought the wrong color pen?" It then dawned on him, that of course a lawyer wouldn't bring the wrong pen, and started to blush. "Oh, that's number two for you. You better watch out, I never lose track of the score." Justin's blush had disappeared, and was replaced with a grin of pure mischief. Things were never going to be the same again.

"Jeez Justin. Can't handle what you dish out, can you?" Sean had the best innocent look he could muster, but lost it when he looked over at Justin fuming.

"Alright, guys. Sean, if you would do the honors, and sign your life away, I will be on my way for now. I need to get these papers filed with the corporate attorneys as soon as possible. When I come back later, I will have all the papers for you in order, and your corporate charge cards, along with company vehicle too. While on the subject, what would you prefer? Porsche, Ferrari, Mercedes, what ever you want, for it will be your vehicle from now until it is time to replace it, like maybe sometime next year."

"Well, um, can I think on that one for awhile, because I don't know when we will be released yet, and that is a pretty big decision." Sean got the overwhelming feeling, that he was being had, for the decision to "sign his life away" didn't take that long, when he noticed that Marty was starting to grin.

"Well Sean, it doesn't really matter, for you could have anything in the world that you wanted. And yes, I was teasing you, you don't need a car unless you want one, one of the limos is always at your disposal. All you have to do is call, and speaking of which, here is your official business phone, and don't worry about minutes or losing it, it's part of the business and completely paid for, and insured." With that, he took out a small cell phone from his side pocket and handed it to him, but held his hand there around Sean's, for his hands were starting to tremble.

"Uh, uh, wow. This is happening to fast." Sean had a look of complete amazement on his face, as he took the cell phone from Marty. His eyes got watery, for the emotions were starting to come to the surface.

"Well guys, I think that this is enough excitement for this morning, don't you? I will be back later this afternoon, with more info for you two, not only the contract you signed Sean, but hopefully with a final word from the doctors as well. Don't worry Sean, all your worries will be taken care of, either by me, or another one of my associates, for your best interests are being looked out for now. I give you my word on that, that's a promise. Without your unselfish act to save Justin's life, my job would be in jeopardy, and the health of the company would be at stake. You are worth everything that is happening to you right now. Just take it in stride, and enjoy." With that said, he got up, went to Sean, and shook his hand, then turned to Justin, and gave him a slight hug. "I am so glad things worked out for you kid, no matter what, we have your back covered. Get well soon, so we can get you the hell out of here. Oh, and Sean too." With a slight grin on his face, he stood and walked to the door, and left, almost bumping into Joy on his way out.

"Oops, sorry Mr. Hartman, I didn't know you were still here." Joy was blushing, for she knew that he would have announced his departure.

"Don't worry Joy, and please call me Marty. And make sure you take care of my newest client in there, he deserves the very best." Marty bowed his head, and walked down the hallway to do his errands, stopping at the nurses' station on his way out, to let them know his meeting was over for now.

"Are you guys okay in here?" Joy had walked into the room with a look of concern on her face. She had noticed that Sean was crying, and Justin was showing concern for his new brother.

"I think we are okay, Joy, but Sean really needs a hug right now. And I can't get to him, would you mind?" Justin's patented smile was plain as day when he said that, and his grin would do the Cheshire cat proud.

Joy, seeing the circumstances before her, closed the door behind her, and walked over to Sean's bed, sat down and asked," Sean, are you okay?" She gently put her arms around him, and sighed. She didn't know what had happened, but she was glad she was there to comfort the two that had been the talk of the hospital since Sean's arrival five nights ago.

Sean was confused, and started to cry uncontrollably as Joy wrapped her arms around him, and held tight. This was the best medicine for what hurt him now. He needed some attention, and wasn't going to turn down a hug from a beautiful nurse under any circumstance. His tears started to slow down, and his breathing returned to normal, but his body was still shaking. This was all so new to him, and he really needed time to adjust to the newness of everything. His life had changed, and he hoped for the best, but it nagged at him that he might not be ready for all this attention that he was getting.

"It's okay Sean, everything will be alright. You'll see. Just calm down, I am right here. Let it all out, everything that you have been through is over. You have a new life ahead of you now. I can see it in Justin's face. All your worries are over. I will try to help you with anything I can, all you need to do is ask." Joy had the best mothering voice as she held onto Sean, and it seemed to be working, for he was calming down.

"Jeez you two, get a room!" Justin couldn't resist, and his torment of his new brother had begun. He just wanted Joy to give him a hug, not to try to make out with him, for Justin could sense that Sean was starting to get aroused. 'This is going to be interesting' he thought to himself as his grin was as big it could be without being painful.

"Young man, I just did as you asked, so calm yourself Justin." Joy said, with a slight hint of embarrassment, for she too, had noticed the effects of her hug on Sean. She stood up and straightened out her dress and headed to the door, to hide her own red face, and said, "I will be back in an hour or so with your lunch, so you guys get some rest in the meantime." She walked out the door, and closed it behind her, leaving a snickering Justin and an embarrassed Sean.




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