Sean's Angel
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Chapter 21




Author's Note: To all the readers who have followed this story so far, and to the newcomer, I must apologize for the last couple of chapters, they are not what I had intended for this story. Grin.


Characters have a way of doing things their own way, especially when they have so much to tell.


With that said, my groveling is done. The story must continue, and with any luck, most  of the life threatening drama is over.


I'm not holding my breath though, for things have happened that I had no control over, like Sean's real kids popping into the story. I had intended doing some background history, so everyone can get to know Sean better. The chapters just happened.


So, to keep things rolling along, and see what the future holds for Sean and all of his kids. Let the journey begin....



At the end of Chapter 20


Joy sat beside Sean, and held his hand. She rubbed it against her cheek, and tried to warm it up.


The sudden chill in the room made her shiver as a draft ran down her spine. She swore a shadow moved in the corner of the room.


She looked around, but noticed nothing out of the ordinary. Joy looked at Sean's face, then the monitors. Her vision started to blur as the lines on the graphs moved. The sound of the monitors seemed to slow down...






Joy felt the drop in temperature around her. Her breath formed small clouds as she exhaled. Her skin erupted in gooseflesh as the bitter air touched her.


`What's going on?' raced through her mind.


The monitors appeared to stop working in mid stride. Time had come to a standstill.


She watched as the daylight in the room faded. The shadows crept in closer and wrapped around her. Joy's heart raced as she felt the iciness of death creep in.


She held onto Sean with all her strength, but he was being pulled away. Joy was left holding onto his hand that grew colder with each heartbeat.


Tears escaped her eyes, and rolled down her face.





"Dad! It might be too late!" Jacob's screech made the hairs on the back of Sean's neck stand up.


"What do you mean?" Sean tried to stand, but he fell to his knees.


"Hurry up Daddy, before `He' gets you!" Amanda urged Sean on, and used all the energy her little body could muster to help him stand.


Sean made another failed attempt to right himself. All his strength was gone.


"I love you guys, don't forget that..." Sean reached out to touch his children, one last time.


Sean looked right through his outstretched arm. He had become transparent. His children stood together and held hands, as the shock set in.




The door opened as three anxious boys entered. Jared held the door, while Justin wheeled Brandon in.


"Hurry guys, there isn't a moment to waste!" Brandon held out his hands.


Brandon's eyes were ablaze with energy before the twins grabbed onto him.




"Hurry guys, there isn't much time left..." Jacob whispered, while he held his sisters hand.


"Time is short!" Amanda clenched her eyes shut.




Jared and Justin gripped Brandon's hand. The electrical discharge was felt for many rooms and caused many women to have to redo their hair.


The light that emanated from the trio brightened not only the room, but was seen from outside the windows as well. Being in the room, was like staring into a suntan booth.


Cecelia and Joy had to cover their eyes, as the intensity of light increased.


The shadows that had surrounded Joy and Sean, screamed in agony as they retreated. The sound of evil laughter was inaudible to the normal human ear.



"We love you Dad!" Amanda and Jacob spoke in unison as Sean completely faded away.


`He hasn't won yet. This time, was just a warning...' The menacing voice rumbled across the field.


Amanda looked at her brother, and grinned.


"He doesn't know who he's dealing with, does he?" Jacob snickered and tilted his head.


"No, he don't. Let's let him find out...  the hard way, hehe." Amanda's grin was typical of a child that had gotten away with eating the last cookie.


The field went quiet as both children faded away. Their innocent laughter spread out across the dream world like a gentle fading breeze.



A new figure ran from the woods towards the creek. He had heard the laughter and wanted to meet whoever was here. By the time he arrived, no one was around.


This short boy was just looking for a friend. He was dressed in dirty jeans, a ripped up t-shirt, and a light weight wind breaker. Perfect clothes in a warm climate, and very suited for a dream world.


His face had started healing from the black and blue marks that ruined his almost perfect complexion. His shoulder length brown hair was in desperate need of a wash, and his grey eyes had bags from lack of sleep.


He fell to his knees and started to cry. `Why do they always leave me?' ran through his head, as his spirit crumbled.




The power from the boys faded. Their faces went pale as the energy left them.


"Is he... is he..." Jared couldn't make the words surface.


Joy looked at the boys with eyes the size of saucers. She had witnessed something very few people would admit to seeing.


All eyes in the room focused on Sean. The monitors remained silent.


Justin was first to approach the bed, followed closely by Jared. Brandon stayed back, the chair limited his mobility. Cecelia stood in the doorway with her head tilted as her eyes began to moisten.


"Are we too late?"  Brandon's voice cracked as he slumped down into his wheelchair.


Justin hugged Sean, even without any signs of life, his body remained warm.




Thomas looked around the field. It's been changed since his first time of dreaming about it. He walked over to the pool, and smiled as a school of fish swam by.


"At least you little guys have a purpose in life." Thomas sat down, and watched the antics of the aquatic life.


`Your purpose will be explained in time.' The young sounding voice came from nowhere, but everywhere.


"Who're you and why do you keep leaving me?" Thomas looked around in an attempt to find the source of the child's voice.


`Just because you can't see us, doesn't mean we don't exist. You need to have faith, and trust us.' The voice sounded like young children speaking together.


"Why are you playing a game with me? I need to find someplace to go... before it's too late." Thomas looked down at the ground and let out an audible sigh.


`This isn't a game, but we're trying to help you. Please trust us?' The voices spoke in unison.


"Umm, okay. I guess I don't have much choice, do I? You haven't steered me wrong yet. So what do you have in mind?" Thomas sat up straight, and readied himself for more instructions from these mysterious voices.


`Just remember, we're always with you. Now, you need to go....'




Jared wrapped his arms around his brother and Sean. The monitors had been silent and motionless for almost a minute.


Brandon lifted his head and smiled. The warmth he felt in the room was something new. He relished the calming effect it had not only on him, but everyone present as well.


Cecelia looked into the room, and at the aura that was circling the group. She couldn't help herself as she walked closer to the gathering.


"It's gonna be okay Granma." Brandon reached for her hand as she approached.


"How're you so sure?" Cecelia squeezed his hand while she studied the crowd on the bed.


Joy sat up, and backed away from the twins. This should be their time with Sean, and she felt like an outsider.




"Oh my God!" Joy covered her mouth in an attempt to stop further words from escaping.


"Dad!" Jared and Justin screamed at the sudden breath that Sean took.


"My ears. Can't you guys be happy without all the noise?" Sean opened his eyes and looked at the people in the room.


Cecelia hugged Brandon close to her, as tears streamed down her face.


"See, I told ya." Brandon grinned like the cat that finally caught the canary.


"Dad, don't ever do that again, or I'll ... I'll..." Justin buried his head into Sean's shoulder and let the tears flow.


"Yeah, you had all of us... all of us really worried." Jared managed to get out, before he succumbed to the emotions that had built up inside of him.


Sean tried to wrap his arms around the boys, but he couldn't move beneath the weight of the twins.


"Hey guys. If you let Dad sit up, there might be enough room for all of us?" Brandon managed to scoot closer to the bed, but the twin's legs got in the way.


"Here, let me move for you." Joy managed to squeeze around through the crowd.


"Don't go too far, please?" Sean's voice was muffled by Justin's shoulder.


"Ah, okay. But I do need to go check in first. I've been away from my duties for some time now. Do you mind if I come back a little later?" Joy straightened her uniform as she stood.


Sean nodded his head, and made a grunting sound as the twins squeezed the breath out of him.


"Okay, then I promise to come back as soon as possible." Joy smiled and watched the twins holding onto Sean with all the love in their hearts.


"Boys, you might want to let Sean breathe." Cecelia stepped back so Joy could leave.


"That's a good idea. And remember, don't stress him out. Let him sit up for a change." Joy had a twinkle in her eye, as she closed the door behind her.


"I can't move until Jared moves first." Justin was crushed under his brother's weight.


"Oh, if you insist." Jared pushed against Justin in order to sit up.


"Oomph. Dang you, that almost hurt." Justin tried to get angry, but couldn't.


"Now boys..." Sean felt the difference in the boys, and wanted to stop the sibling rivalry before it got out of hand.


"Sorry Dad." Justin's face reddened as the situation worsened.


"Yeah, sorry Dad." Jared bit his lower lip, knowing well that he was half to blame for the raised voice.


"Hey guys, did you forget something, umm, in the other place?" Brandon tilted his head as he tried to figure out what was out of place.


"What? What do you mean, `forgot something'?" Sean sat up and squinted his eyes towards Brandon.


"Umm, guess it's nothing, but I thought I felt..." Brandon felt nervous as all eyes started to center on him.


"What was it bro'?" Justin moved off the bed and knelt in front of his little brother.


"I don't know. It felt as if someone was still there..." Brandon closed his eyes as he tried to figure out what it was.


"Are you sure son?" Sean's gaze focused on Brandon, as he tried to sense whatever it was.


"Umm, it was nothing." Brandon opened his eyes, and noticed Sean's eyes glaze over.


"Dad, are you alright?" Justin noticed Sean hadn't blinked in almost a minute.


"Yeah, I'm okay. How bout you guys?" Sean blinked his eyes and looked at the faces around him.


"Are you sure? You almost looked like you saw a ghost." Cecelia stepped up and rested her hands at the end of the bed.


"It was nothing, really. Just... a little tired is all." Sean returned her gaze, and challenged her curiosity.


Cecelia stood up straight as the shivers went down her spine. She nodded her head in understanding that this wasn't open for discussion.


The twins looked at each other as they recognized the knowing looks of the adults.


"Granma, can we get something to eat, I's hungries." Brandon wanted to ease the tension in the room and rested his hand on her arm and released soothing energy to help calm her down.


"Oh, sure hon." Cecelia blinked her eyes and felt the temperature in the room finally stabilize.


The twins shrugged their shoulders as they felt the relaxing aura. They hugged Sean and helped Brandon reach a one armed hug too. Cecelia patted Sean's leg and turned toward the door.


"You guys let the nurses know I'm kinda hungry, and would like to get some rest. So if they could bring me something quick before I nap, it'd be great." Sean lay back and let out an audible sigh.


"Well, at least your appetite has returned, but your manners... seems to me like you need something more than just food to tide you over." Cecelia had a grin pasted on her face as she left the room.


"What did she mean?" Brandon spun his chair around and grinned.


"Nothing bro'. Let's go get something to eat, and maybe... I'll tell you later." Justin grabbed the handles of the wheelchair and turned to exit.


"We'll stop by on our way to the cafeteria. Are you sure you don't want anyone, err, anything in particular?" Jared smirked on his way out the door.


Sean glared at Jared as he left the room. He grinned to himself as he thought about the comment.


Sean tried to relax in the quiet room. He lay his head against the pillow, and rested his hands on his chest. He let out a deep breath and relished the thought that he still had life in him.


Jared led the group into the cafeteria, making sure there weren't any obstacles for Brandon's wheelchair. Cecelia trailed behind a few steps and kept a close eye on the actions of the boys.


"Hold up now, you're getting too far ahead." Cecelia sounded stressed, her voice deeper than usual.


"Hurry up Granma. We're almost there. Then you can relax." Brandon hollered over his shoulder.


Jared held the door, while Justin wheeled Brandon into the lunchroom. The proper thing would've been to allow Cecelia to go first, but with an injured child, she allowed them to go first.


They waited in line in the midst of the lunchtime rush. The twins drooled over the dessert section, as Brandon stretched his neck to see what was so good.


Cecelia knew what healthy appetites all three boys had. More than one tray would be needed, along with a sizable table to hold it all. She looked around the room, and noticed a table that the current occupants were leaving.


"Jared honey, would you mind going over to that table, and holding it for us? I think getting it now, would save us time when we get our food." Cecelia pointed to the table. It was more towards the far corner than last time.


"Should I take Brandon with me?" Jared turned and smiled, willing to offer his help after all that had happened.


"Yes dear, that would be great. I think Justin and I can manage the trays. Is there anything special you want? Or have you two agreed on the same things?" Cecelia looked into his green eyes.


"Justin knows what I want. If they run out before you get there, you pick for me." Jared's cheeks reddened. His voice carried further than intended, as a few heads turned and looked.


Jared proceeded to maneuver their way across the room. Most people were nice and scooted their chairs out of the way. There was one person, who didn't move as quick. When he turned his head around the room seemed to get extra quiet.


"What is your prob..." Brett turned his head and finally recognized who'd bumped into him.


"You!" Jared clenched his teeth and growled.


Brandon reached for his brothers hand, before things turned for the worse.


"Oh, sh.... I'm so sorry. If I'd known it was you, I would've paid more attention. Please accept my apology. I haven't had the best day so far." Brett did not want a repeat of earlier. His eyes focused on the floor as he backed away from the two boys.


"It's okay. Can we please pass by?" Brandon knew who this was and didn't want Jared to get into any more trouble.


Jared blinked his eyes, as he tried to control the anger inside of him.


"Hey, I heard they found your Dad. Is he alright?" Brett stared at his chair, as he moved it out of the way.


"Yeah, he's all better now. Thanks for asking." Brandon looked up at Jared, who had a blank stare on his face.


"That's good. Hey, no hard feelings?" Brett held his hand for Jared to shake.


"Huh? Oh, sure. No prob. Sorry if I hurt you earlier." Jared returned the gesture, and shook hands.


"Um, well, let's not let anyone know about that, okay?" Brett blushed, he didn't want his coworkers to find out he got beat up by a kid. His face was bruised, and one eye was turning black. Combine that with the fat lip, he definitely had better days to talk about.


Brandon looked around the room from his low vantage point, and focused on the far corner. He winked at someone, or something, standing there. `Thanks' ran through his mind, as the look of relief washed over him. He knew if Jared started to get upset, there wasn't any stopping him. With the added help, everyone stayed calm.


Justin felt something brush against him, and turned to see who it was. Not seeing anything, he resumed his study of the sweet treats on display.


Cecelia felt a presence beside her. It wasn't the chill that heightened her guard as much as it felt as if someone had hugged her.


Justin felt her twitch, and turned to watch again. There was no one around. He shrugged his shoulders as he turned his attention back to the offerings of the cafeteria.


"Hmm." Cecelia looked at Brandon, who was watching something leave the room.


She raised her brow, when she noticed who Jared and Brandon were talking to. She was more shocked to watch them exchange handshakes. The air in her lungs escaped loudly, when the boys left smiling.


"What's the matter Granma?" Justin turned around when he heard her gasp.


"Nothing dear, nothing." Cecelia drew in a deep breath, relieved to know that the outburst from earlier wouldn't be repeated.


Justin watched Jared wheeling Brandon to the table they had picked out. He hadn't noticed anything out of the ordinary, until someone caught his eye.


"Wow, I can't believe he just walked away from Brett. He sure was pissed at him earlier." Justin shook his head like it was a mirage of some sort.


"Your language young man. Besides, I think he acted very mature, after what happened earlier. I think whatever happened in those few seconds, while you guys were umm... whatever, seems to have had a good effect on him." Cecelia turned as the line in front of them hurried along.


"I don't think he did it all on his own. He had to have help, from..." Justin's words were cut off, as his stomach took over.


"Help from who?" Cecelia's interest grew at his partial statement.


"From his brothers and sister, silly." Justin waved her to meet him as the line moved.


Cecelia furrowed her brow, and thought about Justin's words. It didn't make any sense. She almost shrugged it off, when Justin came back and grabbed onto her.


"Come on Granma, it's almost our turn." Justin pulled on her arm and dragged her forward.


"What do you mean, his brothers and sister?" Cecelia pulled her arm back, and crossed them. She glared at Justin to prove her point that this was not the time to play around.


"You should ask Dad about that... later. We need to get some food, before they start eating the napkins." Justin pointed towards his brothers as they situated themselves at the table.


"Yeah, I think I will ask him." Cecelia felt uneasy as the words seemed forced out of her mouth. She turned around and ordered their lunch.



Joy knocked on the door, before she entered with the food tray. This was a unique lunch made especially for Sean.


"Are you ready to eat?" Joy whispered, when she noticed his eyes closed.


"Yes. Thank you. I'm starving." Sean opened his eyes and smiled. He was deep in thought of the events that lead up to being in the hospital again.


"Well, it took some arm twisting, but I hope you enjoy this lunch." Joy opened up the lunch containers to expose a nice chicken breast sandwich, a small salad, a steaming bowl of vegetable soup, and a cup of fresh fruit chunks. A mug of coffee and a large glass of orange juice completed the meal.


"That looks great." Sean salivated at the sight of food.


"It should be, it took all of what 15 minutes or so to make. It was the simplest lunch on the menu, which we made in a hurry." Joy's cheeks flushed at the compliment.


"I'm sure that every second you put into it will make it taste that much better." Sean maneuvered his body to more of an upright position.


"I did have some help." Joy's cheeks were in full blush mode as she placed the meal on the cart and scooted it closer to Sean.


"If you say so." Sean bit into the sandwich, and grinned wide as the texture and taste hit his tongue.


"Is it any good?" Joy half smiled, as she tried to figure out if that was a positive reaction or not.


Sean vigorously nodded his head as he chewed and swallowed the first bite.


"I was hoping you'd like that. The chicken was for a lunch special, but I thought it'd be better as a sandwich. A little Dijon, some Miracle Whip, lettuce, cheese, tomato, a couple pieces of bacon, and voula, a chicken sandwich supreme." Joy smiled while she watched him eat.


"It's fabulous. Thank you." Sean managed to get out before he took another bite of his food.


"You're very welcome. Did you need anything else?" Joy rested one hand on her hip and waited for a reply.


"I wouldn't mind the company. Would you be able to talk afterwards?" Sean looked into her brown eyes, and pleaded with his own.


"Well, as long as it's only talking... I think that can be arranged. Let me go check in at the desk, and I should be back in about ten minutes. Will that work for you?" Joy's dimples were highlighted by the rosy color of her cheeks.


"After a great meal like this, I think a nap would be in order. But... I'd like to talk to you, and kinda get to know you better. If you don't mind that is." Sean didn't wait for a response, he already had another mouthful of sandwich.


"Not at all. Eat your lunch now, and I'll be back." Joy patted his leg, and turned to exit the room.


Sean had the last bit of his sandwich in his mouth as Joy returned. He wiped his mouth, where the Miracle Whip accumulated in the corners.


"I see you enjoyed the sandwich. What about the rest of your lunch?" Joy slid a chair closer to the bed.


"It would make the meal better, if you allowed me the pleasure of getting to know you better." Sean picked up his spoon, and waited for her response.


"If that's the only way to get you to finish your meal, so be it." Joy straightened her uniform out and looked Sean in the eye.


Sean nodded his head in agreement, as he attempted to swallow the hot soup.


"Well, where to start off? Hmm, I bet you want to hear about my childhood." Joy looked at the ceiling as she arranged her thoughts.


"That would be a good spot to start." Sean wiped the corners of his mouth where the soup dribbled at the corners.


"That's so cute. My brothers used to do that, when they were little." Joy watched Sean wipe the remnants of broth from his chin.


"How many brothers do you have?" Sean paused before he attacked the soup.


"I have four older brothers. I'm the baby of the family. It was pure hell growing up with nothing but boys all your life. I was so relieved, when they finally moved out on their own. I didn't stay at home too long after they left though. The house was too quiet for my taste." Joy started to blush, as she remembered some of the things her brothers used to do.


Sean held up four fingers, with his eyes widened. He could hardly fathom that a woman with four older brothers, was so feminine.


"I know what you're thinking, that I should've been more like a tom boy. Well, in my earlier years, that was the case. I'd scrap with the worst of them. But by the same token, I could act like the scared little girl that I was supposed to be." Joy grinned ear to ear, as the memories of her youth came back.


"I know what you're thinking Sean. My brothers weren't saints by any means. They used to pull the meanest pranks on me when I was younger. There was the time of my senior prom, where two of them shaved their heads and used a marker to make tattoos on their arms. They told my date they just got out of prison. And that if he screwed with their little sister, there would be hell to pay." Joy chuckled out loud, as the thought of her bald brothers came into her mind.


"No kidding? That must've been a riot. They actually shaved their heads?" Sean smiled at the though of having siblings go to such an extreme to protect the youngest.


"Then while their heads still had fuzz on them, they would sit at the kitchen table, with the shotgun in the middle, and warn every guy that wanted to date me." Joy hung her head as her face reddened.


"Did it work? Were your dates too scared to try anything?" Sean pushed his empty bowl aside, and replaced it with the fresh fruit.


"Mostly. But if anything, it sure made me come back home on time, if not early." Joy's grin widened at her thoughts of her past.


Joy continued her story, about her college days, and studying to be a nurse. The one detail that Sean caught was no men were mentioned. She didn't talk about having someone waiting, or that special someone.


"So, you're twenty five, and still single?" Sean lay back, and rubbed his full stomach.


"Well, I've always been career minded. There have been men who I wanted to share my life with, but no one that would wait for me to start my career. Now that I have established myself in the nursing field, they've all moved on." Joy wrung her hands, as a bead of sweat ran down her forehead.


"Sorry, didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable." Sean looked at the empty food containers, and tried to think of something else to say.


"No, its okay. I know someday, I will find my one true love." Joy stood and moved the food cart away from the bed.


"Joy?" Sean brushed her arm not knowing the reaction she would have.


"Sean, I can't deny I'm attracted to you. But you have what... three kids now. I'm not ready for that kind of relationship yet. Don't get me wrong, I love kids, but have no desires to be a mother just yet. Someday... I might, just...  not yet." Joy turned her back to Sean, and started on cleaning up the meal cart.


"I know." Sean's head slumped against his chest, as the emotions played with his heart.


"Sean, there is one thing I need to tell you." Joy turned around and looked him in the eye.


"Yes?" Sean lifted his head and gave her all his attention, and hoped for good news.


"Trust me, it wasn't my idea. The doctors thought it would be good, to spike your food. The sleeping pills should take effect soon. They didn't want you wandering off again." Joy hung her head in shame, before she walked to the door.


The door opened as Cecelia and the boys entered and caught Joy by surprise. A couple of utensils fell to the floor.


"Let me get that for you." Jared bent down and picked up the fallen pieces.


"Thank you." Joy accepted the items, making sure she didn't make eye contact.


"How are you doing Sean?" Cecelia walked past the boys and looked at him.


Sean blinked his eyes as the news of being drugged sunk in.


"Are you okay Dad?" Justin let go of the handles of Brandon's chair.


"He's just a little tired after eating all his food. You can visit, but he still needs his rest." Joy said as she was half way out the door.


All three boys, looked in her direction as the door closed behind her.


"What happened? Didn't you two get along?" Justin sat on the bed and rested his hand on Sean's.


"It's not that. She spiked my food with sleeping pills." Sean stared at the closed door.


"She did what?!" Jared balled up his fist as his anger started to grow.


"Boys, not now. This isn't the time or place." Cecelia's eyes widened as she noticed the growing concerns of the boys.


"She said the doctors told her to do it so I wouldn't get up and wander around again." Sean's gaze never left the door.


"So you agree with her drugging you without your consent?"  Justin scrunched his face and looked at Sean's blank look.


"I think she did it, to help watch out for you." Brandon leaned forward and tried to get his Dad's attention.


"I agree. Anything to stop what happened earlier, is okay in my book." Cecelia folded her arms across her chest and gave Sean a stern look.


"I know that look Dad. It's settled then. It's in your best interest that she did that." Justin nodded his head, unable to argue with Cecelia putting her foot down.


"I still don't like it." Jared ground his teeth together.


"Take it easy Jared. Everything will be alright." Brandon smiled at his brother and winked.


"How do you know?" Jared glared at Brandon.


"I just do." Brandon had a smug grin on his innocent face.


"Brandon...?" Justin watched the interaction between his brothers, and his curiosity grew.


The boys heard a faint giggling sound, but failed to notice the two faint shadows in the corner.


Cecelia's arms developed goose pimples as the presence in the room faded.


"Boys, what was that?" Cecelia tried shaking off the chill she had.


"Umm, Dad?" Justin looked to Sean for the explanation.


Sean tilted his head and closed his eyes.


"Sean?" Cecelia's hands started to twitch as she looked around the room.


Sean opened his eyes and grinned.


"It's okay Granma. Those were just Sean's real kids. They're here to help us." Brandon turned his chair to get more eye contact.


"I thought... I thought they were..." Cecelia's face lost it's normal color.


"They are. What you felt was their presence. Don't be frightened. They're here to help protect all of us." Everyone listened as Sean spoke.


"You mean, those were..." Cecelia didn't finish her train of thought. She lost her ability to make any sounds, as her mouth hung open.


"It's alright Granma. We got to meet them, and they're so nice." Justin walked over and held her hand.


Jared moved to her other side, as she started to sway. The thought that she was in the same room with ghosts almost made her faint.


The twins helped her to a chair, as her legs gave way.


"Thank you boys." Cecelia used her hand to fan herself.


"Cecelia, you should try not to act so... like it's something new to you." Sean grinned.


"It's just a bit much, to absorb all at once."  The color had begun returning to Cecelia's face.


"Well...  get used to it Granma. They like you. They say you're funny." Brandon used his hand to cover up his smle.


"I think that is a compliment, coming from them." Sean yawned as the last word left his mouth.


"Aww man. I thought we were gonna get to spend some time with you." Justin's lower lip jutted out.


"I think your Dad needs to get his rest boys. What should we do now?" Cecelia looked as the trio smiled.


"Dessert!" All three boys answered.


"You boys are always thinking with your stomachs." Cecelia chuckled.


"They're just growing kids." Sean tried to stifle the yawn, but failed as it escaped him.


"I guess that settles it. A light snack while we let your Dad get some rest. And Sean dear, I think you owe me big time for this." Cecelia winked at him.


"I agree. Without your help, this would've been really hard on the kids. I have a plan..." Sean fought it as much as he could, but sleep overcame him. He was unable to finish his train of thought.


One by one, the boys went to Sean's side, and kissed him on the forehead. Being as quiet as they could, they left the room to let Sean rest.


"Can we have ice cream sundaes Granma?" Brandon hunched his shoulders while he waited for her answer.


"We'll see... when we get there." Cecelia rolled her eyes as she thought about how long ago it was since they had lunch.


Justin winked at Jared as they headed for the cafeteria again.


Cecelia kept her eyes on the boys, she knew they had plotted this extra trip. The looks on the twin's faces verified it.


The dark robed figure materialized outside the room. He watched as the boys and Cecelia walked down the hall.


He walked through the door, like it had no substance. The only thing that wasn't real was him.


He approached the bed where Sean lay sleeping and watched as the medication had done its job.


"You silly mortal. Anyone that thinks that they can beat me, is wrong...Very wrong.' The pungent smell of his breath permeated the room as he spoke, and made Sean twitch in his sleep.


`Now it is time for you to pay...' The robes of the visitor snagged on the corner of the bed, which made him pause for a second.


"Now is not his time." Amanda's voice was as harsh as her little body would allow.


"This little squabble that you have with him, won't be settled today." Jacob crossed his arms, in defiance of the persona of evil.


`How? Oh, I see now. There are only a few that can travel between worlds. I was the first, being outcast of my Father's Kingdom, but you...?' His face twisted as he thought of the answer.


Amanda and Jared held hands. The bright intensity of the light that burst forth, made the cloaked menace cower in pain.


`This isn't over yet.' Was all they heard as he untangled himself and vanished from the bedside.


"We did warn him, didn't we?" Amanda looked up to her brother, and grinned.


"Yes we did. Now we need to leave too." Jared winked, before he looked at his Father.


"We love you Daddy. We will always watch over you." The young children said as they faded away.


To Be Continued....


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