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Chapter 22




Authors note: I hope everyone enjoyed the last chapter, and looks forward to what happens next. Hmm....


From the previous chapter......


The dark robed figure materialized outside the room. He watched as the boys and Cecelia walked down the hall.


He walked through the door, like it had no substance. The only thing that wasn't real was him.


He approached the bed where Sean lay sleeping and watched as the medication had done its job.


"You silly mortal. Anyone that thinks that they can beat me, is wrong...Very wrong.' The pungent smell of his breath permeated the room as he spoke, and made Sean twitch in his sleep.


`Now it is time for you to pay...' The robes of the visitor snagged on the corner of the bed, which made him pause for a second.


"Now is not his time." Amanda's voice was as harsh as her little body would allow.


"This little squabble that you have with him, won't be settled today." Jacob crossed his arms, in defiance of the persona of evil.


`How? Oh, I see now. There are only a few that can travel between worlds. I was the first, being outcast of my Father's Kingdom, but you...?' His face twisted as he thought of the answer.


Amanda and Jared held hands. The bright intensity of the light that burst forth, made the cloaked menace cower in pain.


`This isn't over yet.' Was all they heard as he untangled himself and vanished from the bedside.


"We did warn him, didn't we?" Amanda looked up to her brother, and grinned.


"Yes we did. Now we need to leave too." Jared winked, before he looked at his Father.


"We love you Daddy. We will always watch over you." The young children said as they faded away.



Let's join in the story, and see what happens now.....




Sean slept through the night, his slumber only being interrupted by the nurses checking his blood pressure and pulse. They never woke him, but kept accurate records of his vitals. His blood pressure remained high, and was the main source of concern for the doctors.


The lab remained busy running tests. There was a growing apprehension for Sean's health and safety. If a similar event happened someplace else, the result could've been fatal.


The saline in the bags was laced with Demerol. The doctors needed to make sure that Sean slept uninterrupted. The only other choice was to restrain him, and they didn't feel comfortable doing that. Sean was too high profile to treat in such a manner.


Sean was stubborn. If given orders to rest, he'd listen about as much as a brick wall would. In a way, this sedated condition was the only solution. His vitals remained strong, but his high blood pressure presented a challenge.


Marty stopped in a couple of times during the evening. He was worried about his new boss, and wanted to make sure that the incident was taken care of. Once he had confirmations that everything possible was being done, he went on his way.


Marty, concerned as he was, instigated the idea of Sean getting rest. The new life that was thrown at him weighed upon his shoulders like dead weights. Rest would help ease the transition and lower the stress that an instant family can bring.


The security guards that attacked the boys were in custody. They suffered minor nerve damage due to the confrontation with the three. When they were well enough to get out of the med-surg ward, both went to jail. They had no idea, how lucky they were. The combined power from all three boys could be lethal. It could heat your body from the inside out, shattering blood vessels and damaging nerves, bringing a painful death.


Gordon, true to his word, followed through with his threat. The two men would never work as guards anywhere again. He was a force to be reckoned with in the world of security. With Sean as his boss, that was all that anyone needed.


The rest of the family decided it was best to go home and get some rest. Brandon got his sundae, and the twins ate more than their fair share of sweets.


Instead of having to drive home, Marty made the limo available to Cecelia. She thanked him many times, as her nerves made it impossible to stay focused enough to drive. The boys helped convince her to accept the gracious offering, rambunctious as they were, after consuming all the delectable desserts they could.


The limo ride home was just what Cecelia needed. She was able to sit back and almost relax. The boys reminded her every chance they got, that leaving their Dad in the hospital, wasn't a good idea.


"But Granma, Dad won't like being there. Especially if he's all drugged up." Brandon tugged on her arm to gain her attention.


"Yeah. Dad doesn't like hospitals. I had to spend enough time in there with him already." Justin sat forward and wrung his hands as the thoughts of being stuck in a hospital came back.


Justin knew what a feeling of helplessness you get from being bedridden. He'd been tied down enough to know. His separation from Sean, would be the most difficult.


"I'm just worried for him. I hope he's gonna be alright." Jared looked out the window in an attempt to hide his tears.


"Boys, I know how you feel. I really do. In the short time I've known Sean, I've come to respect him and think of him like a brother. I think this family of ours, needs some time to relax." Cecelia tried to look the boys in the eye, but their constant movement made it impossible. The sugar high was in full swing.


"It's gonna be okay Granma." Brandon quit squirming, and held her hand.


"I need to have faith like you do little one." Cecelia put her free hand over the top of his.


"Jacob and Amanda said so." Brandon had a sly grin on his face as he winked at her.


"Oh you!" Cecelia's entire body shook. She didn't like the idea of ghosts.


"How do you know, they're not sitting beside you now?" Justin pointed to Cecelia's side.


Jared wasn't in the playful mood his brothers were in. He stared blankly out the window as the scenery raced by.


"He's kidding Granma. They're watching over..." Brandon tilted his head and stared at the carpet between his feet.


"Who?" Cecelia's attention was captured by the unfinished statement. She watched Brandon as he concentrated on his thoughts.


Cecelia's patience wore thin. She squeezed Brandon's hand and tried to help him focus on his answer.


"Everyone they care about." Brandon smiled as he looked her in the eye.


Cecelia looked at him to see if he had told the truth. She found it unusual that the twins weren't in tune with Brandon. All the boys were so similar, but different in their abilities.


Jared turned his attention back to the occupants of the limo. The half grin pasted on his face indicated that he was able to focus on some of whatever it was.


"Well, we're almost home. It'll be so nice to sit back and really relax with no interruptions." Cecelia looked out the window and smiled as their neighborhood came into view.


"What's for dinner?" Justin rubbed his stomach in an attempt to show he was hungry, again.


"You just had a huge lunch, and an even bigger snack. You can't tell me you're hungry already?" Cecelia's eyes widened, she couldn't believe that he was ready for more food.


All the boys nodded their heads in agreement.


"I guess I'll have to see what we have. I haven't thought about making dinner." Cecelia's face contorted as she contemplated the idea of having to do more work.


"We could always order pizza!" The boys gave her the answer she didn't want to hear.


"We'll have to wait and see first." Cecelia rolled her eyes. The bottomless pits of their stomach controlled the boys' lives.


The limo pulled into the driveway and parked. The boys' conversation changed to video games and toys. The two things to a young male, food and entertainment were spoken of like they were the essentials of life.


The driver was professional and opened the door to allow them to get out.


"My orders are to be at your beck and call, anywhere you need to go, at anytime." He waited by the open car door.


Cecelia thanked him. She knew he only lived five miles away, so she let him go home. It would be just a few minutes for him to get there if there was any need to go somewhere.


The twins helped Brandon upstairs when they entered the house. This was their goof off time, and they intended to use every second of it.


Cecelia shook her head as she watched them. She was amazed that the twins could be so graceful when needed. Each had taken a side of the chair, and carried it with Brandon in it all the way to the top step.


She wandered into the kitchen to see what they had on hand for supplies. They left this morning in a rush. The kitchen was in need of attention. The breakfast dishes hadn't been done yet, and everything was left out.


Cecelia let out a big breath as she headed for the coffee maker. Something made her want to sit down, and enjoy a good fresh cup of coffee. Sean's habit had rubbed off on her. If she was going to enjoy her caffeine, she wanted a fresh pot.


She looked around the kitchen when the brewer started. The breakfast dishes were the majority of the disarray. The counters needed to be wiped down, but that would only take a minute or two.


When the pot finished brewing, Cecelia poured herself a cup and mixed in her additives, one creamer and two sugars.


She picked up her cup and walked over to the table. As she sat down, the stress that had built up, released. The pent up emotions exploded like a bursting damn. She cried into her hands as all the feelings she held back escaped.


The boys were playing their video games upstairs when all three stopped and looked at each other. They knew something was wrong. The explosion of negative energy could be felt throughout the house.


Justin started to stand, but Jared stopped him by grabbing his arm.


"Let me go. Maybe something I can say, will help her." Jared's sad eyes let his brother know that he meant it.


Brandon and Justin nodded their heads in agreement. Without another word spoken, Jared stood up and walked out of the room.


"I hope he knows what he's doing." Justin whispered to Brandon, as Jared left.


"I think it'll be good for both of them." Brandon blinked his tears away. He knew the hurt that Cecelia was feeling, but was powerless to do anything about it.


Jared walked down the stairs and tried to figure out what he could do or say to make things better for Cecelia. He hardly knew her, and if she was in such emotional pain, it must be something serious.


He approached the kitchen and stood in the doorway and watched.


Cecelia sat at the table with her head rested in her hands, and she was crying. Jared's eyes started to water as he witnessed the only person strong enough to hold them all together have a break down.


His own tears streamed down his face as he sniffled. The slight sound caught Cecelia's attention and she sat upright and wiped her tears away with the back of her hands.


"Sorry Granma. We knew you were hurting. I came down to make sure you were alright." Jared took baby steps as he entered into the kitchen.


"It's okay hon. Come, have a seat and let me know what's on your mind." Cecelia had finished wiping her red and swollen eyes. She hadn't cried like that, ever.


Jared walked over to the table, and grabbed a chair but hesitated to sit down. It was only with Cecelia's urging that he finally sat down. He kept his eye on her as he did, to make sure it was okay.


Cecelia knew her boys were special. To have Jared come to her aid was something that surprised her. Justin knew her better, but she still had admiration for Jared for his effort.


"We all miss him. He'll be alright, you'll see." Justin broke the silence that was deafening. His green eyes misted over, but his voice sounded convincing.


"Yes honey, we all do miss him. I guess it's just that ..." Cecelia didn't finish her thoughts as the tears came streaming down her face again.


"But he didn't. That's the point. He's alive and doing fine. He'll be back home tomorrow and everything'll be back to normal. You'll see." Jared began sniffling as he reached over and placed his hand over hers.


Cecelia let the tears fall uninhibited. All the words he spoke were true. She had become so attached to Sean that his near death was too much for her.


Jared stood and walked over to the counter. He picked up a box of Kleenex and returned to his chair. He let Cecelia grab a few before he took a couple for himself. After they dried their eyes and blew their noses, they were quiet again.


Jared was at a loss for what to do or say. He hesitated for a minute, then got up and wrapped his arms around Cecelia.


"Don't worry Granma. We won't let anything bad happen to him, or anyone else in this family. And this means you too." Jared's tears returned as he sat on her lap and snuggled into her shoulder.


They both cried and were lost in the moment. They were bonding as a family. Cecelia had her doubts, but all the boys meant so much to her. She couldn't have been more blessed than having the honorary title of "Granma" that they had given her.


Jared was so involved in his hug, with his tears flowing non stop, he didn't sense his brothers enter the kitchen.


Justin and Brandon were just inside the doorway, and watched the heart warming scene in front of them.


Justin stood beside the wheelchair and rested his hand on Brandon's shoulder. Brandon started to cry as he watched his brother and Grandma get so emotional.


Justin felt Brandon's shoulder convulse, and took that as a sign to get closer. He wheeled the chair to where Brandon could lay his head on Cecelia's side. Justin wrapped his arms around them, the best he could.


That was all it took. All four were crying like babies. Cecelia tried to keep contact with all three boys. She couldn't have been happier that they formed a protective circle around her.


"Ain't that beautiful?" Amanda materialized a few feet away.


"Shh. Don't disturb them. They need this even though they don't realize it." Jacob stood next to his sister, and put his arm around her.


"They have so much pain, isn't there something we can do?" Amanda looked up to Jacob's eyes and noticed the moisture gathering at the corners.


"Maybe. But remember, quiet." Jacob reached for her hand.


Jacob closed his eyes and squeezed out the tears that fought to be released. Amanda took the hint and did the same. With their hands joined, and heads bowed, they projected an aura around the group.


The warmth and happiness flowed through the subtle light that surrounded the living kids. It was all Jacob and Amanda could do, without giving their presence away. They wanted this to be a family time for the boys, and only helped keep the fears controllable.


The hardest crying slowed down. The tears were coming to a stop. The boys and Cecelia were breathing normally, but refused to let go of the group hug they had.


Amanda let Jacob's hand go and smiled that their gift had helped their family. Jacob was enjoying the family he was never allowed to have in this reality. He was so mesmerized by the love he witnessed, he failed to realize that Amanda had left.


"Hurry, before you're caught." Amanda's voice rang through his ears.


"Justin, you're squeezing me." Brandon let out a loud whine.


The mood broke, and everyone released their grips. Justin stood back enough to let Brandon get more room to straighten up in his chair.


Jared sat back in his own chair. He'd never felt like this before. He had a family now. He missed Sean, but his brothers and Cecelia would always be there for him. He now looked forward to the future instead of dreading it.


Brandon never experienced having people he could depend on. His brothers would always protect him. He had a loving father, and a grandmother that loved him to death. His outlook on life couldn't be better. He wouldn't have to worry about being hurt ever again. His smile would melt glaciers from the happiness in his heart.


Cecelia always had a secure job. With Dale, she was the only stable person in Justin's life. She now knew what having a family truly meant. These boys weren't of a blood relation, but were far better. They were her spiritual family. She could depend on those boys as they would on her.


Justin knew only of having Cecelia in his life. She was his family. Finding Jared and Brandon, after meeting Sean was pure luck. Even though his own near death experience let him know it wasn't just luck that played into it. Now, he didn't have to worry about someone to spend time with that was his own age. He had his best friend, and then he had his brothers. Sean was the center of his universe, until his brothers came into the picture. Now, he was the older brother that needed to be the protector of his siblings. This family had grown in leaps and bounds, and he was curious as to what the future held.


Everyone had looked around the group and smiled. The feeling of family had them all grinning like silly little children.


The peace and quiet of the moment was broken by the sound of a grumbling stomach.


"My tummy says I'm hungry Granma." Brandon blushed and looked at his midsection. Being dramatic, he poked at his stomach to show that it was empty.


"Well that settles it then. Just so my lil angel doesn't starve, I guess pizza is on for dinner." Cecelia played into it, and she emphasized every word. She took it one step further and started to pout herself.


"Yay!" The twins agreed with all the gusto hungry boys could.


"You guys better go get washed up then. And don't forget to help Brandon." Cecelia spoke to an empty kitchen as the boys were already racing to the master bath. She shook her head and stood up.


She crossed the room and was reaching for the phone, when she heard the boys in the hall. She poked her head around the corner and saw the boys standing in the doorway to Sean's bedroom, not moving.


"What's wrong boys?"  Cecelia furrowed her brow, unable to see anything wrong with what was happening.


"Do you think he'd mind?" Justin called back over his shoulder.


"I'm still worried about him." Jared turned and faced Cecelia. His red eyes almost glowed in the dimly lit hall.


Cecelia watched for a few seconds as the three boys were motionless.


"I'm sure it's okay. And I know he's alright. Now go on,  wash up." Cecelia held back the sniffle that was forcing its way out of her. She knew the boys needed moral support now.


The boys were silent as they entered the room. There would be no playing in here, at least until Sean was home, safe and sound.


Cecelia picked up the phone and placed her order. Knowing very well how much the three can put away, she ordered three extra large pizzas, one of each combo including the supreme. Side orders of buffalo wings, and breadsticks complemented the meal. She checked the fridge for juice, and caved in and ordered three one liter bottles of soda. She tried to think of anything else, and then ordered four side salads as well. `At least it won't all be junk food.' She chuckled to herself.


She put the phone back and waited for the boys. She heard them coming down the hall a lot less quietly than when they left.


The boys entered the kitchen and headed towards the table. Jared let his brother handle the wheel chair while he went to get plates and napkins. He handed the napkins to Jared, while he set the plates.


Justin gave the napkins to Brandon, who was eager to help set the table. His stomach was doing the talking for him, as it gurgled again. Justin went to the cupboard, and picked out the drinking glasses.


The table was getting its final touches, when the door bell rang.


"I got it." Justin got up from the table and went to answer the door.


"I know those pizza guys drive like maniacs, but that was just too fast." Cecelia watched as Justin left the room.


Jared looked at Brandon, and shrugged his shoulders. He knew something was going on, but couldn't quite put his finger on it.


Justin opened the door as the bell went off again.


"Well, hello Marty." Justin stepped back to allow him to enter.


"As usual, the normal cheery greeting. How is everyone?" Marty nodded his head as he walked past Justin. The abilities the children have, kept him on edge.


"We're just getting ready to eat, and thought you were the delivery guy." Justin couldn't help but snicker as Marty turned and faced him.


"I'm just in time then. I won't take long." Marty signaled with his arm, for Justin to lead them into the kitchen.


The smiles on the boys' faces fell as Marty walked into the kitchen.


"Sorry guys, I'm not the delivery person." Marty half smiled at the reaction Jared and Brandon had on their faces.


"How did..." Jared tilted his head as he looked at Justin. The smile on his face gave it all away.


"Would you like something to drink? Or maybe stay for dinner?" Cecelia stood while she looked at Marty.


"If possible, I plan on being out of your hair shortly." Marty grabbed the back of a chair, and turned it to sit down. All eyes were focused on him, as he sat across the table from them.


"So I take it this is not a social visit then?" Cecelia sat down and folded her hands on the table. The serious look on Marty's face made her nervous.


"Not at all. I guess it was perfect timing to have all of you in the same room. This should make things easier." Marty opened up his briefcase and took some papers out.


Justin sat down beside Jared and scooted his chair closer to his brothers.


Brandon noticed the concerned look on Cecelia's face, and reached out and placed his hand on her arm.


"Oh, this is nothing bad, I assure you." Marty set the papers down in front of him, while everyone's eyes were glued to his every move.


"I'm actually flattered that the boys haven't figured this out yet." Marty raised his brow and let a smile escape his lips.


"Figured out what? Why you're here?" Cecelia wrung her hands as her imagination began to play with her emotions.


"Settle down, Cecelia. This is actually going to benefit you." Marty played out the suspense as much as he could. He enjoyed having the upper hand, especially with this bunch.


"It's okay Granma. Really." Brandon increased the presence he had, and tightened his grip on her arm.


"Will you spill it already?" Cecelia was not in the mood for playing games, and her temper begun to flare.


Justin stood up and walked over to Cecelia. Jared followed and mimicked his brother's actions. Together they surrounded Cecelia.


"Okay. I guess its time to do this." Marty lost the color in his face as felt the energy from the boys.


Marty slid the papers across the table to Cecelia, and sat back before he got any closer to the boys.


Cecelia looked dumbfounded at the papers in front of her.


"What are these?" Her voice wavered, uncertain as to what they would have to do with her.


"Well, due to Sean's health, and the um, uncertainties that remain, we needed to have a clause added to the boys' papers in case of emergencies." Marty looked at the table, as he finished.


"What do you mean, exactly?" Cecelia stared across the table at Marty.


"If anything should happen to Sean, if his health deteriorates, or he becomes incapacitated for any reason, you would become the boys' legal guardian." Marty finished with a grin, as he knew this should be happy news.


Cecelia stared at the papers in front of her. New tears formed in the corners of her eyes.


The twins each wrapped an arm around her as they smiled.


"Yeah Granma. Sign it." Brandon whispered.


"This is only a precaution. Things have been somewhat unstable, and the boys need to have a secure future. Dale is the one that thought of this, and he knows how much you care for Justin. And I think you care for all three the same way now." Marty glanced at the care the boys were showing for her.


"Like I said, this is just for emergencies. I don't want anything to happen to him either. But we need to be prepared just in case." Marty sat upright, and waited for the explosion.


"But... but..." Cecelia couldn't make the words come out.


"This is just to prevent the vultures at the board of directors from trying to take over the business, if something should happen." Marty tried to sound reassuring, but his being nervous made it difficult.


"Does Sean know about this?" Cecelia looked to the boys for the answer.


"He would understand. We all agree." Brandon gave her his best smile.


"All of you? Agree on one thing?" Cecelia's eyes opened wide.


"All of us." Justin winked at his brothers, and someone or something standing across the table in the empty spot.


"Yup, even Jacob and Amanda agree." Brandon chimed in as he closed his eyes, and looked as if he was thinking to himself.


"Do I want to know who they are?" Marty tried to scoot back in his chair, but couldn't.


Cecelia flipped through the papers and looked for the page to sign her name. She grinned when Marty was squirming in his chair. When she found the page, she paused again.


"Go ahead Granma. There is no one else we would want." Jared kissed the top of her head.


Marty rolled a pen across the table. He blinked as the boys attention was drawn to the moving ball point.


Cecelia picked it up, and signed the papers. The energy in the room lightened as the feeling of dread left the air. She pushed the documents across the table back to Marty.


"I told you it was nothing to worry about." Marty picked up the papers and placed them back in his briefcase.


"Yes you did. But it's the way you went about it, that got my guard up." Cecelia looked at him with fire in her eyes.


"Well, I apologize for that. But now, things are in order. I just hope we never have to use these." Marty stood up and backed up a couple of steps.


"For everyone's sake, neither do I." Cecelia let out a sigh of relief.


"When you go and get Sean in the morning, you should help him relax. He needs to get rested up. And tell him, no hard feelings. I had to do what was necessary to help protect him." Marty turned to leave the kitchen.


"It was you!" Jared growled under his breath.


"Yes, it was me. I had to do something that I never want to do again. Protect my boss in a way that would have me fired. But until now, I had no choice. Now with these papers, the responsibility would rely on Cecelia to make the call, next time." Marty turned and didn't stop walking, leaving the four sitting there stunned.


"I knew he had something to do with the sleeping medicine." Jared stood back from the group and clenched his fists.


"And young man, I have to agree with Marty on that. Sean needed to be protected, by any means necessary. Besides, it was better than restraining him to the bed." Cecelia turned and looked at Jared. She could understand his frustration, but needed to keep things in perspective.


"Yeah bro. I'd rather know Dad was sleeping, than being tied up. He would definitely freak on that!" Justin grinned, as the mental image of Sean being strapped to the bed came to his mind.


"Calm down Jared. What's done is done. Now focus on what's going to happen when Dad comes home." Brandon glared at his brother, and lost all signs of being young and cute. His voice took on a new dimension, and his look dropped the temperature in the room a few degrees.


Jared looked at his brothers for support. Even Cecelia wasn't sympathetic of his feelings. Knowing he was outvoted, he tried to calm down. He began to pace back and forth as he tried to lose his anger.


"Jared, honey." Cecelia saw the frustration and the pent up emotions in Jared's eyes.


Jared bolted for the back patio before anyone else could comment, or move. He slammed the door, almost breaking windows.


Cecelia sat there with her eyes open wide, and her jaw hung down.


"What was that about?" Cecelia blinked her eyes at the swinging curtains. The ringing in her ears made her shake her head.


"He isn't going to listen to me, I tried already." Justin's eyes rolled back, and he crossed his arms.


"What could possibly..." Cecelia attempted to stand, but a hand on her arm stopped her before her legs straightened out.


"Let me Granma." Brandon let her arm go, and undid the brakes on his wheelchair. He spun himself around, and headed for the patio.


Cecelia slumped back in her chair, unable to help. She looked at Justin and expected something of an explanation.


"I promised not to say anything." Justin kept his arms crossed, and meant it. He wasn't going to betray his twins confidentiality. It didn't matter what it was, he did promise, and Jared was his blood brother.



To be continued........


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