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Chapter 23


Author's note: Did I leave you hanging? Oops, sorry...

This story has taken some turns in it, that I hadn't anticipated, but you need to read it to find out what........


From the previous chapter:


Jared bolted for the back patio before anyone else could comment, or move. He slammed the door, almost breaking windows.


Cecelia sat there with her eyes open wide, and her jaw hung down.


"What was that about?" Cecelia blinked her eyes at the swinging curtains. The ringing in her ears made her shake her head.


"He isn't going to listen to me, I tried already." Justin's eyes rolled back, and he crossed his arms.


"What could possibly..." Cecelia attempted to stand, but a hand on her arm stopped her before her legs straightened out.


"Let me Granma." Brandon let her arm go, and undid the brakes on his wheelchair. He spun himself around, and headed for the patio.


Cecelia slumped back in her chair, unable to help. She looked at Justin and expected something of an explanation.


"I promised not to say anything." Justin kept his arms crossed, and meant it. He wasn't going to betray his twins confidentiality. It didn't matter what it was, he did promise, and Jared was his blood brother.



Now on to the rest of the story..... (sounds like Paul Harvey)



"Promised what?" Cecelia wanted to know. These mood swings of Jared's were more than just trivial matters. There was something that really bothered him.


"You'll have to ask him yourself." Justin stood up, and went to get a glass of water. He wasn't going to answer her, no matter what. He just hoped that Brandon would be able to help where he had failed.


Brandon made it through the door with ease. He rolled himself out onto the patio, and looked around for Jared. Brandon hadn't been on the back deck of the house before. This was a new escapade for him.


The sun dipped beyond the horizon, and the shadows grew in the dim light. The trees in the yard took on a life of their own.


Brandon spotted Jared across the patio, on one of the benches along the railing. He rested his chin on his folded arms, while he stared off into the darkening sky.


Brandon tried not to be quiet. He didn't want to startle his brother, and make things worse than they already were. He coughed and cleared his throat as he made his way across the wooden deck.


Jared heard the creak of the boards, and turned to see Brandon, who was alone. He wanted to get up and help, but his own stubbornness kept him glued to the bench.


"That's alright. I can manage." Brandon wheezed out as his arms got more than a normal workout.


He parked the chair next to the bench in front of Jared. He locked the wheels, and wiggled his body onto the bench in front of his brother.


"You're a resourceful little scamp aren't you?" Jared glanced at Brandon, before he continued his sulking.


"It's nice out here. No wonder Dad likes it so much." Brandon spoke as the sun continued its journey. He stole a peek at his brother, and then continued to stare as the daylight faded fast.


A tear trickled down his cheek, when Jared didn't answer or respond.


Brandon sensed what was wrong, but felt helpless as he tried to understand what Jared was going through. The emotional overload from Jared made the tears flow with ease.


"Before you guys found me, I hoped the world would end. I had wished it would end many times." Brandon lowered his head, and let the tears drip onto his pants.


"But since then, I'm so glad that it didn't. Life is worth living, and looking forward to the future." Brandon sniffled, but still didn't get a response from Jared.


"Not knowing any better, I was forced to do things. Things that I thought were normal. Other little boys were doing them too. As I came to find out later, those things were wrong and I hated myself for it." Brandon looked away from Jared as his tears came out in full force.


"I felt that no one would want a `dirty' little boy, one who did all those `nasty' things. Who could, or would love such a kid?" Brandon wormed his way back onto his chair. He undid the brakes, and turned the chair, not making a sound as he rolled away.


"But as things go, I was wrong. I was so very wrong. Nothing is worth beating yourself up like that. We all love you Jared, and nothing can change that. Nothing at all." Brandon was half way across the patio, by the time he finished.


Brandon headed off to another corner, and cried. He tried to let go of these confusing emotions before heading back in. He'd come out here to help Jared, but found himself in need of it more.


`You did the right thing.' Amanda's voice made its way to his ears.


`It's up to him now.' Jacobs voice followed.


Brandon looked up to the stars that lit the sky. He nodded his head in agreement. The feathery touch of an arm wrapping around him let him know he wasn't alone, as he challenged the hatred and confusion he picked up from Jared.


Jared tried hard to ignore the words spoken to him. He disregarded the prying attempts that Brandon made to figure out why he was so upset. He dried his tears and looked around for his little brother. He didn't notice Brandon had left him alone.


Jared looked around the patio which took on a new aspect in the dark. The plants and furniture cast eerie shadows, which danced in an unearthly manner when the wind started to blow.


Brandon was across the deck, in another corner. He sat staring up at the stars as they appeared. Brandon didn't move, or make any sounds. He just sat there. The breeze moved his hair like there was a hand running through it.


Jared concentrated on his surroundings. He squinted his eyes, and was barely able to make out two apparitions, one on each side of Brandon.


Jared felt the urge to get up. He wanted to sit and brood some more, but he felt as though he was being pushed towards his brother.


He stood up and walked stiff legged across the patio. He didn't want to give in, but his own will power was being overridden by some unseen force.


"It's about time. You were even starting to worry me." Brandon unlocked the wheels, and turned to face Jared as he got within hearing range.


"You know I spoke the truth. I think you owe Granma an apology for storming out of there like that. You scared her." Brandon's voice dropped an octave, to make sure his words were understood.


"Not yet, k?" Jared looked around for someplace to sit. He wasn't ready to go back inside. He had his own demons to deal with yet.


"Just spill it already." Brandon held his hands out, and waited for the words to be spoken.


"It's just... just that..." Jared couldn't look Brandon in the eye. The words kept getting stuck before they escaped his lips.


"Well, I ain't getting any younger here. And besides, the pizza should be here soon, and I'm starved." Brandon grinned, as Jared stumbled on his words. He knew Jared had to come to terms with what was bothering him, but had to admit it first.


"I guess I can't hide anything from you. Our pasts are similar, but after awhile I went willingly. I was enjoying what they made me do." Jared choked on the last couple of words that left his mouth.


"And, there is something wrong with that?" Brandon lowered his head and looked at Jarad. He was trying to ease the answers that would help his brother.


"Yeah, there is." Jared sat and wrung his hands. He needed to get this off his chest. His brothers probably already knew, but for some reason, he felt as though he should say it.


Brandon sat and waited. He looked at the back door, as his stomach growled again. The hunger was about to overtake him, when Jared's face scrunched up.


"I think... I think that I like boys. I mean, more than just like. I know its wrong, but ..." Jared felt the world being lifted from his shoulders as the words left his mouth.


"There is nothing wrong with that. It's who you are." Brandon inched his chair closer to his brother.


"But isn't it wrong? I mean, isn't that what those sick people who took pictures of us always said?" The tears crept past Jared's clamped eyelids.


"Those people are the ones that are sick. They forced us to do things that we didn't want to." Brandon thought about his choice of words before he continued.


"The power that those idiots had over us is gone forever. They're dead, and we're alive. We're the ones in charge of our lives now. We make our own choices." Brandon pursed his lips as he thought about what he wanted to say next.


Jared looked at Brandon's eyes and grinned. He realized what his little brother was saying was the truth.


"Why are you grinning like that?" Brandon tilted his head as he looked at Jared.


"How did you get so smart, at such a young age?" Jared walked closer to Brandon and wrapped his arm around him.


"Because I have such a wonderful family now, to listen to me, and help guide me." Brandon couldn't help and let out a chuckle.


"Well little brother, I don't know about helping guide you, but you did help me." Jared gave Brandon a pat on the back.


"How bout you guide me back into the kitchen, before the pizzas get here then?" Brandon smiled as his efforts to help his brother seemed to work.


Jared gave Brandon one good hug, and then released the brakes on the wheelchair. He began to steer towards the kitchen, when Cecelia's form was highlighted in the open doorway. The aroma of fresh pizza wafted around her and both boys' stomachs growled. Jared's pace to the back door increased till he was a yard away when he stopped cold in his tracks. The feeling of dread washed over him as he looked at Cecelia.


"Are you boys coming in to eat, the pizza's here." Cecelia tried to hide the stress that the last few minutes brought her, but her face gave it away. Her eyes were red and puffy, and seemed to glow as the light from inside silhouetted her body.


"Yeah Granma, I'm starved." Brandon rocked back and forth as he tried to get Jared to move again.


"I'm sorry Granma. For upsetting you, and running out like that." Jared lowered his head and tried to hide the tears that began to roll down his cheeks.


Cecelia walked out and stood in front of Jared. She lifted his chin up and saw the tears on his cheeks.


"Are you alright?"  She looked into his eyes. Her voice had all the motherly concern that everyone needs to hear when things could be better.


"I love you Granma." Jared let the handles of the chair go and wrapped his arms around Cecelia.


"I love you too Jared. Why don't we all go in, and eat some dinner now. If you feel like talking about it later, we can." Cecelia returned his hug, and he melted in her arms as she began to rub his back.


"I'd like that." Jared managed to get out between sniffles.


Cecelia held the door for Jared to help Brandon inside. Jared tried to keep the smile on his face, as he struggled to get the chair through the door. He felt less than adequate, being that Brandon did it all on his own earlier.


"How did you do this so quietly earlier?" Jared grunted out as he struggled to get the chair over the door sill.


"It's all mind over matter. If you don't mind, it don't matter." Brandon giggled as he felt the chair finally make it over the small lip of the entrance.


"You're lying to me. I know you did something..." Jared smiled as he succeeded to maneuver into the kitchen.


Jared felt a tingle come through the grips of the chair making the chair seem lighter. He shrugged his shoulders and didn't think about it as he breathed in the aroma of pizza.


Justin waited for everyone to get seated. He looked at his twin, and noticed the smile on Jared's face. The burden had been lifted, at least some of it.


Cecelia made sure everyone had the proper silverware for their dinner. There were plenty of napkins and plates. She enjoyed not having to actually do any work in the kitchen to prepare a meal.


This was unusual, as she was always the happiest when she was kept busy. The stress of the day, along with the papers Marty brought, had drained her emotionally.


The boys had a tiresome day as well. They all missed Sean. The one thing that all the boys had in common was that they wouldn't be here if it wasn't for him. The thoughts of him missing out on a night at home weighed heavily on their minds.


The mealtime chatter was almost nonexistent. The boys weren't as talkative as they normally would be. Everyone seemed to have other thoughts on their minds.


There wasn't the standard shoveling of the food into their mouths either. It almost seemed that they were trying to actually taste the food.


The mood around the table was dismal. Cecelia wondered if the boys were getting sick. She looked around and saw the boys eating their salads.


"Are you feeling alright?" Cecelia directed the question at the table more than to the boys.


"I miss Dad." Brandon played with the lettuce on his plate.


"Me too." The twins answered, without looking up from their food.


This caused the twins to look each other in the eye, as they shared a brief smile.


"We all miss him. I'm sure if he were here, this food would taste better." Cecelia lifted a piece of pizza to her lips and bit off a mouthful. She chewed the cooled down pizza, but almost didn't want to swallow it. There was something incorrect, and she wanted to know what.


"What is it, Granma?" Brandon noticed the bitter look on Cecelia's face.


"I thought everyone was starved, but yet you guys sit there, and aren't eating." Cecelia put her pizza down and looked around the table.


The energy in the room changed. Cecelia felt a draft run through the middle of the room as her arms suddenly developed goose flesh.


Brandon looked over at Justin, then towards Jared. Jared's eyes were focused on his food, but he wasn't eating.


Jared flinched when the cold air brushed against him. He almost dropped the slice he had in his hand, when he looked at his twin.


"Please, please, please, not now." Brandon whispered under his breath, as he watched the shadows in the room grow and form a shape.


Two figures began to illuminate the room from either side of Brandon.


Cecelia dropped her fork on her plate as her primal urge to flee surfaced. This was not a normal thing to have happen. She looked at Brandon as he stared towards the figure that materialized in the shadows.


The outline of a hooded figure walked towards the table. The scrawny fingers reached out to touch Jared.


A burst of light shot towards the outstretched hand. An ethereal scream was heard as the arm retracted back into the body of the shadow.


"Your target is not here, Dark One." Jacob appeared on Brandon's side.


"You have been given the wrong person, today. This one is not yours, yet." Amanda materialized on the other side.


`But I was told he is mine, now.' The glowing eyes danced as he rubbed his stump of an arm.


Cecelia watched the specters in her kitchen too terrified to move.  Her mouth hung open as if she wanted to scream.


"And who exactly said that?" Jacob crossed his arms, as he waited for the entity to answer.


`I was told by my Master.' The shadow backed up a couple of steps. He had no idea of how he was hurt, but his hand was gone.


"Which one? Or have you chosen only one?" Amanda's whole body flexed as she wanted another chance at hurting this thing.


`Understood. I've forgotten, that sometimes, He does ask as well.' The apparition bowed his head.


"He will let you know, when it is time." Jared lowered his head. He knew that time would come, eventually.


"So there, nyah." Amanda couldn't think of anything else to say, but she wanted to aggravate the situation.


`I remember you little one. Things are different on this side.' The silhouette tilted his head as he glared at the young child in front of him.


"Are you threatening me?" The crackle of energy was thunderous. Amanda raised her hands as electricity flowed between her fingers.


`You know, you can't stop me. But I promise, we will meet again.' The ghostly figure raised his hands to prove, he was no longer injured.


"For your sake, I hope not too soon." Jared had his own power level raised, as he waited for the dark ghoul to vanish.


`There will be a time, when even you cannot help someone... That time, is when you will be calling me. Until then, so be it.' The hooded phantom melted away with the same momentum at which he appeared.


The sound of energy subsided as Jacob and Amanda began to calm down. Cecelia finally blinked her eyes, as she regained control of her body.


"Thanks guys, err ..." Brandon blushed as the words passed his lips.


"What am I? Chopped liver?" Amanda grinned as she watched Brandon turn such a glowing shade of red.


"No problem." Jacob held his hands out and took a slight bow.


"Wha? Who?" Cecelia tried to shake the cobwebs out of her head. Her eyes stayed focused on the two transparent children.


"Excuse my manners. Granma, this is Jacob and Amanda. Sean's other kids." Justin looked at his twin to make sure he was unharmed.


Justin's shoulders dropped. He knew he was to blame for what just happened.


"Justin, it's not your fault." Amanda walked over and stood in front of him.


"Are you sure? Then why was he after me?" Tears began to fall down Justin's cheeks.


"What was after you, doesn't bother to care. It has no emotions, and only tries to follow the natural order of things. This time, he made a mistake is all." Jacob shrugged his shoulders.


"I think this was some form of payback, from earlier. It wouldn't surprise me, if that One doesn't try something else to get back at us." Amanda crossed her arms as she pursed her lips.


"And, if you weren't here, to umm, scare him off, then what?" Cecelia watched the ghosts talk to the boys.


"We will always be here. To watch over our brothers, and especially our Granma." Jacob didn't think he could blush, being corporally challenged, but he did.


"I think we could've done a better job at meeting her." Amanda nudged Jacob in the side, as she noticed the pale look on Cecelia's face.


Cecelia could barely take her eyes off the ghosts. They were only children, but they were dead. Cecelia's body trembled as the reality hit home. These other children had more power than the live ones.


"We won't hurt you, honest." Amanda's smile brightened up the room like a thousand light bulbs.


Faced with two children that had only love in their hearts, Cecelia's pulse slowed down. She looked at the boys, who had silly grins on their faces as they watched her.


"You okay?" Justin scooted his chair back, in case she passed out.


Brandon giggled out loud, as the color returned to Cecelia's face.


"Yes dear, I'm okay. But these surprises need to slow down." Cecelia clutched her chest, to help stop her heart from exploding through.


"We're sorry. We weren't supposed to meet you just yet." Jacob lowered his head as he felt embarrassed.


"Oh? And exactly how or when were you supposed to meet me?" Cecelia's fears began to fade, as the children appeared to be more solid now.


"Umm, I don't know. It wasn't gonna happen for awhile though." Jacob looked her in the eyes as he tilted his head in thought.


"We wanted to make sure you could handle it first Granma." Brandon tried to melt into his chair by shrinking himself into it.


"Well!" Cecelia's face flushed as her temper rose.


"You didn't accept our gifts too readily, so we thought..." Justin looked down at his empty lap, not knowing what else to say.


"I think I have handled this entire new situation rather calmly." Cecelia sat straight up, and looked at the boys.


Jacob and Amanda grinned at each other as they listened to the boldness in her voice.


"And as far as you two are concerned..." Cecelia looked at the two apparitions.


Amanda and Jacob frowned as their heads hung in uncertainty. They knew they weren't supposed to be here in the first place.


Brandon looked at Cecelia's face and tried to judge her reaction. The emotions in the room were charged, and gave him mixed readings.


Jared stared at his plate. He didn't know what to do or say to make anything any better. He still blamed himself for everything that happened.


Justin's eyes widened, he knew that tone of voice.


"Come and give your Granma a hug." Cecelia scooted her chair back, and held her arms open.


Amanda's eyes brightened as she crept towards the loving invitation. Jacob held back but followed behind his sister.


"You know we aren't supposed to do this." Jacob reached out and placed his hand on her shoulder as he tried to stop her.


"It doesn't matter anymore...  I need to." Amanda turned her head to let him know how serious this was for her.


Jacob stopped and watched his sister. Amanda walked right into Cecelia's arms.


Cecelia's eyes began to water as she wrapped her arms around the young spirit. The feeling of holding something so pure was overwhelming. Cecelia could actually feel the warmth of a body in her arms.


With a flash of light, Amanda disappeared.


Brandon shrugged his shoulders as he looked at Jacob.


Jacob looked at the twins, and nodded his head. The approval he received was silent.


Jacob went for his turn at a hug. He was just being enveloped by Cecelia's arms, as he vanished as well.


Cecelia wrapped her arms around herself as she continued to weep. Her eyes were closed as tears streamed down her face.


Brandon didn't know what would happen. He did know that Cecelia needed all of them.


He turned his chair and wheeled himself to Cecelia signaling for his brothers to join him.


Justin held Jared's arm as he stood up. He wanted his twin beside him for this.


They surrounded Cecelia and intertwined their arms around her.


The boys didn't want to use their abilities to change anything. She needed to experience this unobstructed by outside forces.


"What happened to them?" Cecelia managed to choke out between sobs.


"I don't know." Justin tightened his arms around her. It bothered him to see her in so much anguish.


"I think they had to go for awhile." Brandon whispered.


"Why did they have to?" Cecelia's sobs calmed down.


"I'm not sure. But I think they weren't supposed to let humans see or touch them." Brandon shrugged his shoulders as he held onto her.


"Will they be back? I mean, they are coming back, right?" Cecelia directed her question to any of the boys that might have an answer.


Giggling could be heard throughout the room. The air in the room smelled like fresh spring blossoms.


`We said we'd never leave you. Brandon was right. You weren't supposed to see us, or be able to touch us. We had no choice in the matter. Perhaps, Dad could explain later.' Jacob's voice seemed to come from all directions.


`Don't worry Granma. We will always be with you.' Amanda's voice faded as the air in the room returned to its smell of dinner.


Cecelia relished the attention she received. She knew what the future held for her, surprises when you least expect them.


Time had been overlooked. It was getting late in the evening now.


"Boys, if you're done eating, I think it's about bedtime." Cecelia let out a sigh. She loved the group hugs, particularly when she was in the middle.


As if on cue, all the boys let go one by one and returned to their seats. They began to eat again without saying a word.


Cecelia had lost her appetite, but enjoyed watching as the boy's appetites were more aggressive. They were at least eating now.


With the salads gone, they started finishing off the pizza.


"Would you like me to warm those up for you?" Cecelia watched them inhale the cold food.


"No thank you. I like it better cold anyway." Justin got out before he stuffed some more into his mouth.


Brandon and Jared shook their heads in agreement.


"I was always wondering where the leftovers went. After you..." Cecelia paused, not knowing what effect this old topic would have on Justin.


"Yeah, after I went into the hospital, there wasn't anyone around to eat them huh?" Justin grinned at her, and went back to eating.


Cecelia faked a smile as she thought about the past. The present situation only reminded her of the painful memories of when Justin was in the hospital.


"He'll be out tomorrow Granma. Don't worry." Brandon pushed his plate aside and looked at her.


"I know sweetie. It's just that it reminds me so much of what I went through when you went in the last time..." Cecelia used her napkin to dab at her eyes as she looked at Justin.


"He really is okay. The doctors just want to make sure he doesn't have any more episodes." Justin put his slice down and looked at her. He tried to be comforting; this was a serious time for everyone.


"I know. Thank you, thank you all for caring so much." Cecelia turned her head and blew her nose.


Brandon finished his pizza, and let out a loud belch as the soda did its job.


"Oops, sorry." Brandon blushed and tried to hide his giggles.


"Just say, 'excuse me'." Cecelia smiled at the embarrassment that the gaseous discharge had on Brandon. Someone that young, should be able to burp without consequence.


"Scuse me." Brandon smiled, and for a brief moment, looked like the little angel he was.


"You're excused. That wasn't so hard to do, now was it?" Cecelia's eyes twinkled with pure love for the young boy.


"Nuh uh." Brandon squirmed in his chair, he was done and needed to go to the bathroom.


"Did you need some help?" Justin scooted his chair back and stood up. He recognized that look, and everyone knew what that dance was.


"Will you excuse us Granma? I think Brandon needs to use the bathroom." Justin used his best manners, for a change.


"By all means. And thank you for helping him." It was Cecelia's turn to have rosy cheeks.


Justin didn't waste any time, as Brandon was getting that look of urgency on his face. Brandon fumbled with the brakes on the chair, but Justin helped to speed things up.


They hurried out of the kitchen before there was a mess to clean up.


"Are you finished eating?" Jared stood up, and grabbed his and Justin's plates.


"Yes I am. Thank you. You don't need to do that, I can get it." Cecelia looked at Jarad, as he picked up the plates around the table.


"It's the least I could do, after..." Jarad paused, as he reached for her plate.


Cecelia reached for his hand. He froze in his tracks and waited for the worst.


"Come, sit with me, and tell me what's bothering you, Son." Cecelia tugged on his arm to get him to sit in her lap. He was too big to have done this, but she wanted to let him know that she loved him no matter what.


Jarad hesitated, but gave in. He sat on her lap and wrapped his arms around her. His body was rigid, as he expected some form of punishment from his actions earlier. 


Cecelia held him, and tried not to smother him. She gave him the space to open up if that's what he wanted. She rubbed his back, and tried to work out the tension that had him so stressed.


"Are you feeling better?" Cecelia held him, while he began to calm down.


"Yeah. Thanks Granma." Jarad tried to keep his weight off her, but relaxed enough to be comfortable.


"You do realize, that there is absolutely nothing that could possibly make me love you any less than I do right now. Don't you?" Cecelia pulled him closer to her as his body let go of the stress.


"I guess so..." Jarad's voice shook as he answered. He was still unsure of what she might think.


"Honey, you should know, that when you called me Granma for the first time, my heart melted. There is nothing on this planet, that I'd allow to come between us now. That is what a family is. They stick together, through thick and thin." Cecelia gently massaged his back as she spoke.


"Are you sure?" Jarad lifted his head from her shoulder and looked her in the eye.


"Yes hon, I'm sure." Cecelia nodded her head as she kept eye contact with him.


"Even if..." Jarad choked on his words. The conversation with Brandon went by the wayside, as the emotions surfaced again.


"There is nothing that could make me hate you, absolutely nothing. Do you understand me?  I love you way too much for that. That's all there is to it." Cecelia tried to sound reassuring as she emphasized certain words.


"Even if... I told you I thought I was gay?" Jarad whispered, with the last word barely audible. His body tensed again as he waited for the punishment to begin.


Cecelia wasn't sure if she had heard him right. Her only response, though, was to hold him. She began to rock him back and forth to help calm him.


"I just said I was gay." Jarad turned his face away and clamped his eyes shut. He didn't want to see the fist coming at him.


Cecelia knew this was an important turning point in his life. He had just admitted to her, his deepest secret. She knew she had to be tactful in her response and attitude with him, or face scarring him for life.


Jarad began to pull away. He tried to stand up, but Cecelia still had her arms firmly wrapped around him.


"Just where do you think you're going?" Cecelia tried to figure out what he was doing.


"I know you hate me now. If your not gonna hit me, I better leave before you feel like it." Jarad began to fight harder to get off her lap.


"I told you before, there is nothing that would make me hate you. And I would never hurt you, Hon." Cecelia kept her arms around him as he squirmed to free himself.


Jarad finally stopped fighting to free himself. Her soothing words were breaking through his defenses.


"Oh honey, stop worrying, there's nothing wrong with you. I love you, and that means every aspect about you." Cecelia continued to rock him.


Jarad was still unsure of himself, or her words. He was always told that being that way was wrong. His emotions were agitated as he tried to control the inner demons that possessed him.


"I know it must have been hard for you to admit that, especially to me. But you need to realize, that everyone here is here by choice. No one is going to force you to stay here, if you really don't want to be." Cecelia loosened her grip around him.


"Bullshit!" Justin charged into the room with Brandon hanging on to his chair for dear life.


"Justin!" Cecelia was startled over the intrusion, but was more upset over his language.


"Sorry Granma. But I will keep you here, if I have to tie you up myself. You're my brother, and I don't want to lose you now, or ever." Justin let the chair go and went to stand by Cecelia.


Jared's body tensed up, as he prepared to run again.


"You don't want to do that, he might enjoy being tied up." Brandon tried his best to diffuse the tempers that were starting to flare.


"Oh screw you!" Jared made one last lunge and succeeded at breaking the grip that Cecelia had on him.



To be continued.....


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