Sean's Angel
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Sean's Angel 24


From the previous Chapter


Jared was still unsure of himself, or her words. He had always been told that being that way was wrong. His emotions were agitated as he tried to control the inner demons that possessed him.


"I know it must have been hard for you to admit that, especially to me. But you need to realize, that everyone here is here by choice. No one is going to force you to stay here, if you really don't want to be." Cecelia loosened her grip around him.


"Bullshit!" Justin charged into the room with Brandon hanging on to his chair for dear life.


"Justin!" Cecelia was startled over the intrusion, but was more upset over his language.


"Sorry Granma. But I will keep you here, if I have to tie you up myself. You're my brother, and I don't want to lose you now, or ever." Justin let the chair go and went to stand by Cecelia.


Jared's body tensed up, as he prepared to run again.


"You don't want to do that, he might enjoy being tied up." Brandon tried his best to diffuse the tempers that were starting to flare.


"Oh screw you!" Jared made one last lunge and succeeded at breaking the grip that Cecelia had on him.


Authors note:

Well, here we go again, let's join in on the action, just where we left them....



Chapter 24


Jared was ready to attack his brothers. His patience for joking around simply didn't exist any more. He stopped in his tracks when he saw the sheer look of terror on Brandon's face.


Justin jumped back and stood between him and Brandon. He walked up to Jared and poked him in the chest with his finger.


"No! You listen here. This family is just beginning to form, and you want to leave? That's so messed up. For what? Because you like guys? That's no reason to split us up now. You're my brother, and I won't let you do something so damn stupid." The veins in Justin's forehead pulsed as the words came out of his mouth.


Brandon couldn't do anything. This was between them, and he would just get in the way being in his wheel chair. The sad look on his face told his side of the story. He'd already tried, but apparently failed.


Jared looked at his twin's face. It held contempt for what he wanted to do. His little brother's had fear and sadness in it.


He turned to look at Cecelia, who just held her arms open, like they were there just for him. Her red eyes had enough crying, but were ready to start again.


Jared hung his head down. His whole body convulsed as he cried.  He felt so ashamed. Not for being who he was, but for being selfish and only thinking of himself.


Justin stepped up to him and gave him a hug. He helped his brother to sit back on Cecelia's lap. She wrapped her arms around him and let him cry it out.


Brandon watched as Cecelia played her part in the family. She was needed to help the boys adapt, and played the role of a surrogate mother perfectly.


Justin stayed right there beside her, as she helped comfort Jared. He was hurting inside, and was in need of some motherly love.


Justin took the moment as a cue to help Brandon get ready for bed. He rubbed Jared's back, and turned to help Brandon up stairs.


"Is he going to be okay?" Brandon whispered to Justin as they left the kitchen.


"Yeah, I think so. He just needs to realize how much we all love him and that nothing could change that." Justin spoke in a hushed voice until they reached the stairs.


Brandon looked up the stairs and wondered how he was going to get to the top with only Justin's help.


Cecelia kept Jared on her lap. She would sit there all night if that's what it took. His breathing began to slow down. Her mind never even contemplated how Justin was going to get Brandon up the stairs by himself.


Jared's crying simmered down, and his body quit shaking.


"Are you feeling better now? Did you get it all out of your system?" Cecelia stopped her rocking, and sat still.


Jared nodded his head, as it rested on her shoulder. He let out a big sigh, but didn't budge from her lap. He felt safe and secure sitting there, and his heart needed the mending.


"Jared, if you don't get up soon, my legs are going to fall asleep." Cecelia relaxed her arms as a sign for him to move.


Jared was comfortable, and instead of moving, repositioned himself. He tried to balance his weight on both of her legs.


Cecelia didn't want to spoil the mood, or upset him further. She would tolerate it as long as humanly possible.


Justin walked back into the kitchen. He wondered what happened to Jared and why he hadn't made it upstairs yet. He looked at his brother who had fallen asleep in Cecelia's lap.


"Justin, could you help?" Cecelia pointed at Jared behind his back.


Justin walked over, and wrapped one of Jared's arms around him. With some encouragement, Jared stood up and almost walked on his own. They're being almost the same size, made it awkward for maneuvering the steps. The goal of sleeping in his bed kept Justin going.


Cecelia sat at the table, and waited for feeling to return to her legs. They had fallen completely asleep from Jared's weight, but it was a small price to pay. Her boy's well being came first. `Oh, how much Sean is going to owe me when he gets home,' ran through her mind, as she suffered through the tingling.


She sat at the table and looked around the kitchen. What a night this had been. Cecelia thought she had seen it all, but was horribly mistaken. This new family that she was a part of, had so many aspects that she had yet to realize.


She knew that tomorrow would be another full day, with Sean coming home. She tolerated the last of the pin pricks in her legs, to get up and put the dishes in the sink. The leftovers, what little was left, went in the fridge. With one final look around, she called it a night and went to her room to get some sleep. The next day would hold more surprises than she could guess.


Justin managed to get Jared all the way up the stairs. Brandon was sleeping in Justin's room. Justin felt it was fair, because Brandon had slept in Jared's room the night before.


The door was already open to Jared's room. They got through the door with no problem, and Justin let Jared lie down on the bed. He turned to go back to his room, when Jared stirred.


"Justin?" Jared mumbled as he turned to face his twin.


"Yeah bro?" Justin paused and faced his brother.


"Would you sleep with me?" Jared's face turned bright red as he realized what he asked.


"I mean, sleep in here with me?" Jared spat out as fast as could to correct his mistake.


Justin stood there and looked around the room. It was almost the same size as his, but was by anyone's standards, quite barren. His room had more furniture and posters.


Without saying a word, Justin went into the bathroom and brushed his teeth. He was only gone a minute, before Jared undressed and crawled under the covers.


Justin came back into the room, to find his brother snuggled under the covers. This was an awkward moment for him, after his brother's coming out. The emotional trauma that followed it didn't make things any easier either.


Justin stripped down to his shorts and sat on the foot of the bed.


"Don't worry, I ain't gonna bite ya." Jared scooted closer to one side, leaving more room for his twin.


"It's not that. It's just that you got me to thinking." Justin got up and walked to the empty side of the bed. He pulled the covers back, crawled under, and made himself comfortable.


Jared lay on his side and looked at his brother. Their likeness was only skin deep. Justin had a healthier lifestyle, was a bit taller, and a few pounds heavier. Once past the exterior, they were two completely different people inside.


"What're you thinking about?" Jared pulled the covers around him and yawned.


"About what you said. You liking boys and all." Justin stared up at the ceiling, and put his hands behind his head.


Jared rolled onto his back. The bad feelings began to bubble to the surface again.


"There's nothing wrong with that, I promise you." Justin turned his head to face his brother.


"Oh? Then what is it?" Jared rolled back on his side to look at his twin's face in the dark.


Justin's eyes glistened as the moisture reflected what light was available in the room.


"I guess I never gave it much thought is all. When my life was hanging by a thread, before Dad came to my rescue, I never took the time to think about things like that. I was just happy to be alive is all." A tear rolled down the side of Justin's face.


"Oh? What makes you sad then?" Jared lifted his head to give all his attention to Justin.


"I guess I'm just thinking of the future is all. You've made up your mind, but I don't know what I am, or if I have a choice at all." Justin's chest relaxed as he let out the air in a loud sigh.


"Well, in your own words, whatever you are, doesn't make a bit of difference to me. You are still my brother, no matter what." Jared smiled, and the warmth of his heart shown through his upturned lips.


"Thanks. I needed to hear that." Justin pulled the covers up around his head as his eyes closed.


Jared lay there and watched his brother. When he heard Justin's snore, he knew it was time to sleep.


Jared was tired, but he enjoyed watching his brother. The light coming through the window highlighted his facial features, and made him look like an angel. Justin's aura added to the innocent look he had. The rise and fall of his chest, as he lay there, was mesmerizing.


Jared could only take so much, and he rolled over to face away from Justin. In a few minutes, he soon fell into a deep slumber.


Morning came too fast for Cecelia. Her normal routine hadn't been altered by yesterday's events. She was always an early morning person, and today was no different.


She opened her eyes, and looked around her room. Yesterday seemed like a distant nightmare to her. Today would be a new day. Sean would be coming home, and hopefully soon.


It wasn't that she was having a difficult time with the boys, but they really needed him. Their powers were awe inspiring, but in need of someone to assist them. Without Sean around to help, she realized that something could go wrong.


She got out of bed and did her morning routine. When she was done and dressed, she went to the kitchen.


Cecelia was never a coffee person, but with Sean around, she made the coffee as part of her routine. She caught herself as she poured the water into the maker, before she realized she was alone. `Oh well, might as well have a cup myself' she thought.'I already started it.'


She poured herself a cup when the brewer was done. She mixed it with cream and sugar, and took her first sip of the day.


Cecelia inventoried the kitchen as she continued to sip on her caffeine. After pizza last night, the table could stand to be wiped down, and the dishes needed to be done. She looked at the clock on the wall, and realized the boys would still be sleeping for at least another hour.


She enjoyed her cup of coffee as she leaned against the counter. It wouldn't take her much time to get the kitchen back into shape. As the last of the liquid energy slid down her throat, she put the cup down, and went to work.


With the last of the dishes in the washer, she turned and went to the fridge. After looking inside, Cecelia knew there needed to be a shopping trip. The boys' appetites were emptying the cupboards faster than you can imagine.


There was just enough food left to make breakfast. It wouldn't be anything fancy, but it would have to do.


Taking a deep breath, she knew just what she needed. Yes, another cup of coffee. That was it.  Cecelia headed to the coffee pot with a new spring in her step. She was enjoying the effects of the caffeine, and she definitely wanted more to carry her over until she could get breakfast started.


The second cup tasted even better than the first. The clinking of the spoon on the counter, made her stop to think.


"Hmm, maybe I could get creative here..." She mumbled to herself as she held the cup of java like a precious gift.


With her hands wrapped around the mug, she lifted it to her lips and took a sip, and then another. In short order, the second offering was gone. She placed the cup on the counter and went to make breakfast for the boys.


The noises of pans being moved around in the kitchen, sounded like an orchestra to Brandon's ears. He woke up hungry, but that is to be expected. His stomach seemed to never get full. He lay in bed, and wondered how he would get to the bathroom to drain his bladder.


He closed his eyes, and hoped his brothers would come to help him, before he had an accident.


The noise from the bathroom let him know that help was on the way. Justin popped his head in.


"Ya rang?" Justin yawned as he walked in. He tried to wipe the sleepy stuff out of his eyes and pushed the chair closer to the bed.


"Where's Jared? Is he alright?" Brandon lifted himself up and swung his legs over the side of the bed.


"Yeah, he's alright." Justin put the brakes on, and helped Brandon into the chair.


The flushing sound followed by the door opening again, verified that Jared was indeed awake.


"You okay?" Brandon looked at Jared, as he squirmed his way into his chair.


"Yeah, I guess so. I think I just needed a good night's sleep." Jared crept into the room, and sat on the edge of the bed.


"I think I can manage now, thanks Justin." Brandon tried to get the wheels to move, but forgot the brakes were on.


"Are you sure? Here let me get those." Justin released the brakes. He watched as Brandon wheeled himself to the bathroom.


"You think he's a little freaked out about last night?" Jared watched as the door closed.


"No!" Brandon hollered through the door.


"Does that answer your question?" Justin smiled as he watched Jared staring at the door.


Jared stopped glaring at the bathroom, and looked around Justin's room.


"You know you can decorate your room anyway you want to." Justin saw that glimmer in Jared's eye. That look of how much he wanted things.


"Yeah, but I don't want to impose on anyone." Jared looked down at his feet.


"Bro, get off that." Justin sat down on the bed and looked at him.


"Well, it's not just that. I would really feel bad about it, if we're gonna share rooms and all." Jared blushed as he thought about how he wanted to personalize his room.


"Oh. OH." Justin caught on to his brother's feelings.


Jared grinned as he looked at his brother. Justin's face had turned a nice shade of red.


"Well, what else did you expect?" Jared laughed.


"What's so funny?" Brandon wheeled himself into the room.


"We were discussing the differences in... decoration tastes." Justin tried to stop smiling, but couldn't help himself.


Brandon stopped and looked at the twins. He tilted his head, and looked at each one.


"Huh?" Brandon shrugged his shoulders, not being able to figure it out.


"I guess that settles that dilemma. You don't have anything to worry about it." Justin nudged Jared's shoulder.


"Well, we'll see." Justin stood up and waited for the others.


Cecelia was busy cooking. She failed to realize she had an audience.


"What's for breakfast?" Brandon squealed as the aroma of food hit his nostrils.


Cecelia almost dropped the bowl in her hands. She managed to set it on the counter, before she lost her grip on it.


"Sorry Granma. Didn't mean to scare you." Brandon's voice was quieter than before.


"You didn't scare me, but you did surprise me." Cecelia turned to see all three boys looking at her. They had their best innocent looks plastered on their faces.


"If you guys can set the table, we can sit down and eat." Cecelia grinned as the boys went right to work before she had finished talking.


Jared went and grabbed clean plates, while Justin picked out the silverware. Brandon didn't want to feel left out, so he did the napkins, and cups for juice. The glasses still being in the dishwasher helped.


The table was ready for the meal in record time. Cecelia was impressed with the cooperation that the boys had. They each picked a chore, and did it without any arguing or whining.


Cecelia brought the food to the table. There were sausage links and bacon, scrambled eggs with diced ham, onions and bell peppers, and whole wheat toast. The homemade preserves were on the table for anyone who wanted to try them.


Cecelia watched as the boys dug in. They took turns helping Brandon with his servings, and they all attacked the jam. She thought to herself, she was going to need more time to do all the extra things she liked doing.


The smiles on their faces, made all the hard work of jarring up the fruit worthwhile. She was going to need more time, to keep that hobby going.


Her guess was about right, for the quantity of food to prepare. There wasn't anything left by the time the boys had their fill. The two pounds of bacon and sausage, one pound of ham, and two dozen eggs were all gone.


They were all growing boys, of course, with healthy appetites. She had her one helping, and the boys had more than one. But at least no one was hungry.


Jared was the first to volunteer to clean the table. Justin groaned, but he did help. Brandon, again, tried his hardest to assist, but being mobility challenged, was limited in his aid.


Cecelia was very proud, as all three boys did what they could to help clean up after breakfast. She didn't have to supervise much, but she did manage to make a few suggestions to make things easier later on.


The dishes went into the washer, as they were rinsed off. The pans were all scraped and wiped, before they followed the porcelain into the machine. With a simple push of a button, Brandon said he did all the dishes.


"I think you boys need to get ready now, if we're going to go get your Dad. That means showers and clean clothes for everyone." Cecelia sat at the table, and sipped her coffee. She knew that they couldn't have had enough time to get ready earlier, when their stomachs lead them to the kitchen.


"Okay." The boys chorused and they turned to leave the room.


"And don't forget to help Brandon at least get a sponge bath." Cecelia called after them.


The noise they made as they went up the stairs was comical. The thumping on the steps, and sounds of groaning were heard all the way into the kitchen. `How in the world did they make it down so quietly though' Cecelia thought to herself as she listened.


Cecelia sat and waited for the sounds to calm. After the noise ceased, she enjoyed her peace and quiet for a moment. The coffee tasted even better after a good meal.


She didn't want to waste any time, so she stood up and walked over to the wall where the phone was. She called the limo driver at home, and let him know of their plans to pick up Sean.


Before she put the phone back, she remembered to call the grocer they used. She rambled off a list of essentials that they needed, with a few extras thrown in for good measure. Dale had insisted that they use this store, since they only charged a minimal fee for delivery. On days like today, it paid off in spades.


Cecelia placed the phone back in the cradle, and smiled. `All in a hard days work' bounced around her head, as she turned to fetch herself another cup of coffee. 'I think I am beginning to enjoy this stuff,' she thought.



"Good morning, Sean." Nurse Staley announced her presence into the room.


Sean forced his eyelids open and tried to look at her. All he could see was a fuzzy image. He blinked his eyes and tried to focus better.


"Still feeling a little groggy?" Joleen walked over to the side of his bed, and picked up his hand to check his pulse.


"Uh, yeah. Why'm I so tired?" Sean used his free hand to cover his mouth as he yawned.


"It's just the last of the sleepy medicine working its way out of your system is all." Joleen wrote down the results of his vitals on his chart.


"Oh." Sean attempted to sit up, but lacked the energy to lift his body up.


"Here, let me help you." Joleen held his head and neck, while she moved the pillows to aid him in sitting up more.


Sean moved his head around as he tried to work the stiffness out of his neck. He hadn't had that much rest in some time, and he was still a bit sore from lying still.


"All better?" Joleen stepped back while she kept a careful eye on him.


"As well as can be expected, I guess." Sean let out another yawn while he stretched his arms.


"The medicine was stopped a couple of hours ago, but it does take some time to get it all flushed out." Joleen placed the chart back, on the hook on the foot of the bed, after she made one final notation.


"And why was I given such a large dose? I mean, why was I drugged all night?" Sean looked her in the eyes, as he braced himself for the news.


"You would have to ask the doctors that. My job is to monitor what they do, not understand why." Joleen turned to walk away.


"Joleen? Is Joy here today?" Sean watched as she grabbed the door handle.


"No. She took a personal day off, I think. She said that she needed to get away from here, for at least a day." Joleen smiled, and then left.


"Hmm, personal day off? I wonder why?" Sean thought out loud.


Nurse Wallace knocked on the door before she stuck her head in the door.


"Are you hungry, Sean?" Sandra opened the door, and pushed a cart inside.


"I think so. I'm still so tired." Sean covered his mouth as he yawned again.


"Well then. You need to eat, and get your energy back up." Sandra wheeled the cart beside the bed and cleared the side table to make room.


"I guess you're right." Sean tried to sit up more, to make it more comfortable to eat.


"Of course I'm right. You need to get your energy built up, before your kids arrive." Sandra uncovered the meal that she had brought with her.


"Yeah, I'll need all the energy I can get, for those three." Sean looked at the breakfast that was set before him.


The eggs were over easy, with two strips of bacon, whole wheat toast, and a bowl of oatmeal. A small cup of coffee rounded out the meal, along with a glass of OJ.  `Not as good as Cecelia's meals, of course, but it will have to do,' Sean thought as the table was placed in front of him.


"Now eat up;. I think your kids should be on their way soon." Sandra smiled as she set the cart aside for the empty containers.


"Oh, by the way, Joy said she was really sorry. Whatever for, I have no idea." Sandra turned and left Sean alone with his breakfast and thoughts.


Sean ate his breakfast. It didn't make his taste buds dance, but it was better than average. His mind wandered while he sipped his coffee.


"Are you all done? I think your kids are here already." Sandra poked her head inside the door after she knocked.


"Yes I am. Thank you. That was very good. I just wish I could've been more awake to enjoy it." Sean wiped the corners of his mouth, and finished his cup of java.


"Before it gets all crazy in here, let me make some room." Sandra quickly gathered the dishes, and cleared away the miscellaneous items to make room for the herd.


Sean watched her while she hurried to clean the room up. He was amazed at how efficient she was in her movements, and even more so, of how much stuff had accumulated in his short stay there.


Sandra had just left the room, when the door burst open and the boys flooded into the room.


"Dad, we missed you!" The twins echoed each other.


"Are you okay, Dad?" Brandon tried to get in between the twins excitement.


The twins were on the bed and hugging Sean before he had time to brace himself. Sean loved his boys, but they could be overbearing at times.


"Why don't you boys let Brandon get in there too." Cecelia watched the twins as they smothered Sean.


"Sorry Granma. But we just missed Dad." Justin sat up, and scooted to the side to make room for Brandon.


"I think he misses him too." Cecelia helped guide the chair to the side of the bed.


"I missed him too." Sean leaned to the side, to give Brandon a hug.


"When are you getting out, Dad?" Justin looked at Sean, using his best lost puppy face.


"Yeah, we missed you so much." Jared tried to mimic his brother, but he couldn't keep a straight face.


"I'm not sure. The docs haven't even been in here yet." Sean looked at the faces of all three boys.


"I hope they let you out soon, these boys are wearing me out." Cecelia winked at Justin. She knew he would understand the joke.


"Granma! We're not that bad." Brandon whined out loud. The smile on his face let her know he could understand.


Sean looked at the boys again. There was something amiss. He felt it.


"Let me get another hug, I missed you guys too." Sean needed the contact, to confirm his suspicions.


The boys didn't realize it was a test. They were more than eager to get another hug in. Jared lingered a few seconds more, before he released Sean, and that was the clincher.


A subtle knock on the door interrupted Brandon's hug.


"Is it okay to come in?" Dr. Meyers opened the door and noticed the crowd around Sean.


"Yes, as long as you have good news." Sean tried to sound friendly, but the tone wasn't there.


"Um, yes. Well then let's see what your chart says." Dr. Reid walked across the room as if it was made of eggshells. He picked up the chart and ran his fingers down the test results.


"Well Doctor. Are you going to release Sean?" Cecelia was more enthusiastic than Sean was with his arrival.


"Sean?" Reid looked at the boys gathered around him.


"Go ahead doc, they need to know what ever it is. They can handle it, right boys?" Sean grinned for the first time since Reid entered the room.


"Yes Dad." The same answer from all three.


"Ahem, well then." Reid cleared his throat as the chill ran up his spine. He knew he was dealing with a special patient. His three boys were just as unique, if not more so. He had heard of the incident earlier, and didn't want to be on the receiving end of such a confrontation.


In a feeble attempt to protect himself, he clutched the clipboard to his chest.


"Sean, your blood pressure is lower than it has been. But... it's still a little high, for someone who otherwise is in perfect health. In short, you need to take some free time and relax. You're way too stressed." Reid's body tensed up, as he prepared for the worst.


"Is that all?" Sean's grin faded, he knew there was something else.


"Pretty much. We are worried about your donation having a detrimental effect on your health. If your blood pressure won't go down on its own, we might have to start you on medicine to help it. But if you try to relax, and cut down on the excitement in your life, it should be fine." Reid began to relax, for the news didn't affect Sean in a negative manner.


"What kind of medicine?" Cecelia's curiosity got the best of her. If there was any medicine to go into the house, she wanted to know about it.


"Nothing major, just a simple pill, taken twice a day. But if he gets the rest he needs, it shouldn't be needed." Reid lifted the report up, scanned it again. He signed the bottom of it and hung it back in its spot.


"Is that it? Is he free to go?" Justin stopped wringing his hands. He began to get nervous when the topic of organ donations was brought up.


"Yes, he is. And don't worry, I have complete faith that everything will be fine, Justin. He just needs to relax for a time, before he does anything else that could stress him out." Reid grinned at Justin. He knew Justin from all the time he had spent in the hospital, and the extra care given to him by his Father.


"Unless you have more questions, Sean can get dressed, and be released. I will send one of the nurses in with a wheelchair to help escort him out." Reid put his pen back into his pocket and looked around at the faces in front of him.


"I guess that's all then." Sean relaxed, and let the air out of his lungs. He hadn't realized he was holding his breath.


"I will let them know, say about ten minutes?" Reid stopped at the door and looked again, then left after Sean nodded his head.


"I think we should let your Dad get dressed, so we can get out of here." Cecelia looked at the boys as they weren't very happy about leaving Sean's side.


"That's okay, Cecelia. All I need is my clothes, and cell phone, and I can get dressed in the bathroom." Sean motioned for Jared to move, so he could sit up.


Justin went to the closet and retrieved the clothes. Jared looked at Sean and scrunched up his face, but grabbed the phone off the table next to the bed.


Sean stood up, grabbed his clothes and cell, and went into the bathroom to get dressed. He felt comfortable enough to walk across the room in front of everyone in the drafty gown he was in. Once the door was closed, he flipped the phone open and made a call.


Everyone watched as he went into the bathroom, and closed the door behind him. The phone was what caught everyone's attention. Sean rarely used his cell, and before being released from the hospital, making a phone call was out of the ordinary.


"He's on the phone, with Marty." Brandon had crept up to the door, and eavesdropped.


Cecelia looked at Brandon, and signaled with her hands that she wanted more info.


"He doesn't sound too happy." Brandon's face started to pale, as he backed away from the door. He didn't get to hear the best part.


"What was it?" Justin went and helped pull the chair back, as quietly as he could.


"He was yelling at Marty about something. He was pretty mad." Brandon looked at Cecelia, and hated being the bearer of bad news.


"It must've been pretty important then." Jared stood up, and shrugged his shoulders.


"Important? What is that man thinking?" Cecelia started to wring her hands. This was supposed to be a happy day of Sean getting out, not a day when he had another episode.


"Psst. Jared, come here." Justin tried to be covert in his actions, but Cecelia caught on to what they were going to do.


Jared acknowledged the hint, and walked around to the other side of the bed. He reached for his brother's hands, and they all locked eyes as the physical contact was made.


"Oh no you don't. NO eavesdropping." Sean jerked open the door and his booming voice broke the silence in the room.


"Thank you Sean. I was worried about what might happen when those three do that." Cecelia had backed up from the boys, and just about jumped out of her skin when Sean opened the door so fast.


"Boys, we need to have a talk about that." The stern look on Sean's face meant this was a serious matter.


"Yes Dad." All three boys hung their heads down, as this was the first scolding they had ever had from him.


"But, that's for later, now, let's get out of this place." Sean's face brightened as he began to smile. The thoughts of being cooped up and drugged, still lingered in his mind.


"Is everything alright, Sean?" Cecelia's voice cracked. She was unsure if she should ask or not.


"Everything's great. It'll be even better, when I can sit down with my boys, and relax at home." Sean walked over to the trio, and started to give them all hugs.


"Are you sure?" Justin mumbled.


"Yes, Son. I'm very sure. Now don't you worry about it, okay? It was time I took care of something is all." Sean released Justin and looked him in the eye.


"And you, my other lost boy, we need to have a chat as well." Sean held Jared and gave him an extra squeeze.


Jared blushed as he felt Sean already knew what happened.


"It's no biggie. I will always love you." Sean tried to reassure him, and gave him a peck on the top of the head.


"And for you, my little hot wheeler. We need to try to get you out of that chair, so you can run around and play with your brothers. I know how much that thing slows you down, but it's only temporary." Sean knelt and gave Brandon a good tight hug.


"Thanks." Brandon felt warm all over. Not just from the hug, but from being in contact with Sean.


"No, you need to thank your Granma for watching all of you. You guys all behaved, right?" Sean stood up and looked at Cecelia waiting for her to contradict him.


The boys exchanged glances. No one wanted to admit what really happened at home last night.


"They were all little angels." Cecelia tried to keep a straight face, but the grin that formed, told another story.


Sean nodded his head that he got the message. He had actually received many things from all four of them, as soon as they entered the room. He knew exactly what had happened, but of course he couldn't do anything to change the past. His job, was to help prepare for the future.


"Well, are we all ready to blow this popsicle stand?" Sean looked around at the faces that centered on him. He could tell they wanted to know what went on with the conversation earlier.


"Excuse me, but are you ready?" Brett opened the door, and had a wheel chair with him.


"Oh, hello there." Sean straightened up, this was a surprise he hadn't thought about.


Brett froze in his tracks as he realized he just walked into the lions den. His jaw dropped as he looked into the faces of three boys that nearly cost him his job, not to mention his life.


"Hey, how's it going?" Jared was the first to break the eerie silence that fell over the room.


Brett shook his head to clear the cobwebs as Jared approached with his hand out.


Cecelia was in shock. She had wished that they wouldn't run into him, anytime soon. She was about to pass out when Jared was nice to him. Maybe the cafeteria incident was the turning point in this confrontation event.


"I'm good. And you?" Brett shook Jared's hand, but didn't want to stay near him any longer than necessary. He did the handshake, but backed up and stood behind the wheel chair.


"Let's do this. I want to get out of here." Sean walked over to the chair and set himself in it. He looked over at Brandon and knew what he must be going through every day. That helpless feeling of being forced to depend on others for your mobility.


"Here, let me get the door." Cecelia didn't want to push the limits of the visit with all the testosterone in the room.


"Thank you." Brett had a death grip on the handles as he waited for the worst to happen.


"Relax, will you? It's just to the front door, what could happen between here and there?" Sean turned his head as he felt Brett's tension.


"I could think of a few things that could go wrong." Brett muttered as he pushed the chair through the door.


"Don't worry, Brett. The boys will behave." Sean looked forward, as they turned to go down the hall.


Justin, Jared, Brandon and finally Cecelia followed behind Brett. They walked in single file to keep the hall clear enough for others to pass by without incident.  The rumor mill around the hospital already had most of the staff on lookout for the boys and their unique abilities.


Brett didn't know he had lost the toss up. With all the rumors floating around the nurses' station between Sean and Brett, it might've been rigged. Brett was also the newbie to the hospital, so it could've been that as well.


The order they walked down the hall also served another purpose, to keep distance between Jared and Brett, just in case. Cecelia had the chore of directing Brandon's wheel chair, but didn't think twice about it as they maneuvered through the hallway.


Once they approached the main doors, the stress was less tangible. The daylight outside seemed to be just the medicine everyone needed.


"Thank you for your assistance, Brett." Sean couldn't wait until he could get out of the chair. He stood up and turned to offer his handshake to Brett.


"No, thank you. You have taught me a valuable lesson, believe it or not." Brett turned the wheelchair back to the entrance.


"And you, have revealed something to me as well." Sean gave him a quick wink, hoping no one saw it.


"I wish you the best in all your endeavors, Sean. Take care of yourself." Brett turned before his blush gave him away. He couldn't deny his attraction to Sean, but he was already in a committed relationship.


Justin kept a close eye on his brother, he knew what might happen if things went sour. They couldn't risk another scene like before.


"It was nice meeting all of you. Take care of your dad, okay?" Brett stopped short of the door, and faced the boys. He hoped his face had lost its crimson tone.


"We will, you take care of yourself too." Jared gave him a weak but noticeable wave.


Brett returned the smile and went inside.


"What was that?" Brandon turned and asked Cecelia.


"Him, growing up." Cecelia smiled as she looked at Jared.



To be continued.....


Authors note: Another chapter done, and more adventures await. It sure seems like Jared has accepted himself, but only time will tell. And Sean? Only the continuing story will reveal what happens in his personal life.

Things seem to have mellowed out, now that Sean is finally going home. Or has it? Stay tuned for the next chapter, to find out!


To be continued


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