Sean's Angel
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Chapter 25

From the previous chapter:

"Thank you for your assistance Brett." Sean couldn't wait until he could get out of the chair. He stood up and turned to offer his handshake to Brett.

"No, thank you. You have taught me a valuable lesson, believe it or not." Brett turned the wheelchair back to the entrance.

"And you, have revealed something to me as well." Sean gave him a quick wink, hoping no one saw it.

"I wish you the best in all your endeavors Sean. Take care of yourself." Brett turned before his blush gave him away. He couldn't deny his attraction to Sean, but he was already in a committed relationship.

Justin kept a close eye on his brother, he knew what might happen if things went sour. They couldn't risk another scene like before.

"It was nice meeting all of you. Take care of your dad, okay?" Brett stopped short of the door, and faced the boys. He hoped his face had lost its crimson tone.

"We will, you take care of yourself too." Jared gave him a weak but noticeable wave.

Brett returned the smile and went inside.

"What was that?" Brandon turned and asked Cecelia.

"Him, growing up." Cecelia smiled as she looked at Jared.

Now on to what happens next.....

"Here comes the limo, Dad." Justin pointed to the long black car as it pulled in front of them.

"And what, may I ask, brings this on?" Sean looked at Cecelia and pointed.

"It was Marty's idea. He thought I was stressed out, and shouldn't have to drive." Cecelia's face started to turn red. She was used to not getting the luxuries in life, even though Dale could afford anything.

"Well, let's go home then." Sean looked at the faces that centered on him, and now wasn't the time to explain things about his feelings on wealth.

The limo driver opened the door and waited for his passengers.

Sean stopped in front of him and looked at him. Everyone behind him waited for the interrogation to begin.

"I don't remember ever seeing you around, who are you?" Sean stared at the expressionless face of the man in the suit.

"Excuse me sir, my name is Stephan Miller. I have been an employee of McCabe industries for the last three years. I have been Mr. McCabe's personal driver for the last two." Stephan kept his eyes forward as he waited for the next question. He had heard that Dale had signed over his business to someone, this must be him.

Justin looked at his brothers and Cecelia. The third degree by Sean was unusual.

Sean continued to look into Stephan's face. He examined everything about this man's looks. The short sandy blond hair that was hidden under the hat and the light brown eyes that didn't blink. He was about an inch taller than Sean, at six foot even, and his weight was well proportioned. No noticeable scars, or skin conditions were evident, his complexion was average.

"Well, I need to know who is driving my family around, and I guess you pass for now." Sean stopped staring and entered the limo. He looked around inside, and was pleased.

Sean had never been inside a limo before, and was curious as to all the trinkets and gadgets available.

"Will you help Brandon please?" Cecelia waited as she watched Sean inside. Her intuition about this driver wasn't much help. Sean could see much more about a person than she ever could.

Justin held the chair while Jared braced himself to help lift Brandon out of his chair. The smooth teamwork they had, gave the appearance that they had done this many times before, when in reality, it was only the second time.

Once Brandon was on the seat, he could scoot himself across with no effort.

"May I take that sir?" Stephan held his hand out and indicated the wheel chair.

"Yes, you may." Justin stepped back and let Stephan grab the chair.

"Granma, you want to get in next?" Jared stepped back and made a slight bow.

"My, what manners you guys have. I like this." Cecelia grinned as she entered.

Jared held the door for Justin to enter. Jared kept his eye on the driver, as he put the wheelchair in the trunk.

Justin gave Jared an odd look as he slid past him. He was curious as to why Jared kept staring.

"Would you get your butt in here now." Justin whispered to Jared as he made himself comfortable.

Jared's concentration broke. He shook his head and climbed into the seat. He was ready to grab the door handle when Stephan was standing there.

"Let me get that for you sir." Stephan checked to make sure nothing was in the way before he closed it.

Sean sat back and grinned. He could almost get used to this. Almost.

"What do you think Dad?" Justin grinned as he watched Sean.

"Yeah, isn't riding in a limo really cool?" Jared chimed in, as he sunk into the chair.

Cecelia started feeling uneasy at the twin's eagerness. She knew that Sean wasn't one to flaunt his new found wealth.

Brandon could feel the tension mount as Sean thought about his answer. Brandon tried to sink into the seat as he could feel that something wasn't right.

"Well boys, you'd better enjoy it. This is not going to be an everyday occurrence, I can assure you." Sean had a smug look on his face, as his tone was serious.

"Why?" Justin was the first to question his statement. The whining tone in his voice said more than the one word.

"Because, even though we might be rich, and can afford this anytime, I don't want you boys growing up spoiled. That's why." Sean looked at the sad faces, and knew he had struck a chord in their hearts.

"He's right, you know." Cecelia nodded her head. She had chauffeured Justin around in her car, and they never had any problems.

"Can we at least use it for special occasions, then?" Jared's face fell, as he felt important for a change being in a limo.

"Maybe. But I don't want you three to get used to having people do things for you. In fact, maybe it's time for me to start driving again." Sean smiled, more to himself than anyone else. He thought about his old car he used to drive, and what a pain it was for the maintenance, but it was fun to drive.

"That's better than not ever being able to, I guess." Justin turned his head to look out the window. His natural father didn't do extra things for him, and this was a real treat.

"Excuse me, Mr. Miller." Sean rolled down the security divider to talk with the driver.

"Yes sir. And please call me Stephan." He looked in the rear view mirror and nodded his head that he heard Sean.

"Only as long as you call me Sean, this `sir" stuff makes me feel too old." Sean let out a chuckle.

"What is your question... Sean." Stephan smiled, the ice was being broken. He was used to the idle chatter that Dale always had with him. They weren't friends, but they had conversations all the time.

"What are your qualifications, or better put, do you drive regular cars?" Sean kept looking at the mirror, as he tried to keep eye contact.

"That's funny Sean. Of course I drive normal cars. Why do you ask?" Stephan grinned as he looked back.

"Just an idea is all. Thank you." Sean nodded his head, and closed the window.

"What is cooking in that mind of yours Sean?" Cecelia looked at Sean and tried to see if there were any signs that would indicate his thoughts.

"Just a simple question is all." Sean smiled at her, and the boys. He leaned back into his chair, and enjoyed the ride.

Justin looked at Sean as he sat there almost relaxed. Jared poked Justin in the side and shrugged his shoulders. Brandon tilted his head in Sean's direction. They all wanted to know what was going on with Sean. He was acting a little stranger than usual.

Justin took the hint. He traded places so he could be next to Sean. He was unsure of what to say or do, with everything that had happened already.

Cecelia smiled, she could tell what the boys were doing and why. It was so unusual for Sean to be so quiet, not to mention trying to hide something.

"Are you sure everything is alright, Dad?" Justin leaned towards Sean, and placed his hand over Sean's.

"I'm sure. You heard the doc, I need to relax. I try to relax, and all of you think something is up." Sean turned and looked at Justin. He knew they had the best intentions, but their curiosity was unnerving.

"Was it something to do with the um... phone call?" Justin was brave, he knew he had no business eves dropping on Sean or anyone else, but it had happened.

"Phone call? Oh, you mean when you were trying to listen in on something you shouldn't have, right?" Sean's face turned sour. The line had been crossed, and his space was violated.

"Sorry Dad. We're just worried about you. We don't know how to act, or what to do right now." Justin retracted his hand, the contact did nothing but upset Sean more.

"I'm sorry. It's just being cooped up in that hospital, and so much more, that I'm having to do some thinking right now. Okay?" Sean pulled Justin into a hug as he smiled.

"I'm sorry too Dad." Justin melted into his hug. There was something there, but even with the closeness, Justin was blocked out of reading anything about Sean.

"Well, we're almost home. This was nice, being driven around like this. But I still don't like the idea of showing off very much." Sean pulled his arm back to his side, he felt that familiar tingle of energy. `I hope I blocked everything like I wanted.' The thought was in the forefront of his mind.

The limo came to a stop right in front of the house. Stephan was out in a heart beat, and opened the door closest to Sean.

"Here you go, Sean. Will you be in need of anything else today?" Stephan stood at attention.

Sean got out of the car, and looked around. He missed this new house, but it was only temporary. He had plans.

"Is Cecelia's car here?" Sean looked into those brown eyes, and smiled.

"I believe it's still at the hospital." Stephan didn't flinch as he answered.

"Could you make arrangements to have it brought back? If we have her car, I'm sure that we won't need you today." Sean stepped back as the boys started to exit the limo.

"Why would you need another car, Sir. The garage is full." Stephan hurried around to the back, to get the chair out for Brandon.

"Now what did I say about calling me Sir? Hmm?" Sean grinned at his politeness. But if he wanted to stay around, Sean wanted to be treated like a normal person.

"I'm sorry Sean. It's just so new to me, that a person in your position would rather be called by your first name. It's .. it's just not right." Stephan held the chair while Jared and Justin helped Brandon.

"Well, get used to it. If you want to help, that is." Sean lost his smile, as he thought about his words carefully.

"Yes Sir. Err, yes Sean, I want to help in any way that I can. I love working, and this job means the world to me."  Stephan tried to relax his posture, but couldn't find the nerve to do so.

Cecelia stood by the boys, as Sean once again grilled the driver. She placed her hands on Brandon's shoulders, and gently rubbed them. She was tense over what might happen, and it was more for her benefit than Brandon's.

Sean rubbed his chin as he was in deep thought. He looked over at the boys, it appeared they were shielding Cecelia with their bodies. He looked puzzled over this. Did they think he was that disturbed? A grin formed where there was only a frown before.

Sean turned and faced Stephan again. He began to size up this man again. `Could he be that helpful to me?' Sean thought.

"Are you dissatisfied with my performance?" Stephan was the most nervous he had ever been in his life. When he worked with Dale, he knew what to expect. Dale had handed over his fortune to Sean's control, and that was very unusual. He had heard rumors about this man in front of him. Stories that were unbelievable, but he didn't want to find out the hard way.

"No, not at all. It's just that the limo, is ... a little overkill." Sean paused, as he thought some more.

"I don't mind being driven around, or having some one there on call, for either Cecelia or the boys, but the limo has got to go. Other than special occasions, I want a normal car. If you think you can handle that, you still have a job. If not ... then we will have to find you something else to do." Sean glanced over at the boys. They were stunned and stood there with their mouths hanging open.

"I don't know what to say." Perspiration ran down the sides of Stephan's face. He felt like the hammer had just been dropped on him.

"Is it too much to ask?" Sean squinted his eyes as he looked at him.

"Would that mean a cut in pay Sir?" Stephan hung his head as he thought about the ramifications of his decision.

"You would still be doing the job you were hired to do, just with a smaller vehicle is all. So in that sense, no. You would make the same pay. If we discover we need you to do more than be an on call driver, it might mean a raise." Sean had tortured him enough, and smiled to break the tension.

Stephan lifted his head up and looked Sean in the eye. He was serious. Stephan moved his mouth, but no sounds came out.

"I take that as a yes? Or do you need some time to think about it?" Sean began to turn towards the house.

"Yes. Does this mean a new job classification for me?" Stephan found his voice, and as excited as he was, finally answered.

"That all depends. We need to sit down and go over what you can and can't do, and go from there. If there are more things that you can do, and we need to utilize those extra talents, then there will be more money. I can't have you on call twenty-four/seven, and not compensate you for it." Sean put his hands on his waist as he thought about it. He was making a good decision. Stephan had passed his test, and could play an important role in his goal.

"Sounds like a plan. But for the rest of the day?" Stephan couldn't believe his ears. He was paid well for being a chauffeur on call. But from what he had heard, it seemed he would get a sizable raise to become a full time employee for one of the richest men on the planet. His dreams were gaining momentum as he thought about it.

"I tell you what, if you have a few minutes, why don't you show me what's in the garage before you leave." Sean relaxed his arms, and had a genuine smile on his face. Stephan had become an open book to him, and would be a good friend in the long run.

"Sure, I can do that." Stephan finally realized he had been holding the door open with no one left inside the limo.

"Cecelia, why don't you and the boys go inside, I will be in, in a few minutes. I want to see what toys Dale has in the garage." Sean motioned for them to go inside.

"Are you sure?" Cecelia was still unsure of what to expect.

"Can we go with you?" Jared looked hopeful, as he had never been in the garage.

"Please Dad?" Brandon gave his best innocent smile to help. He hated being in the chair, and wanted to spend time with Sean too.

"Well, okay. But it's going to be quick, and probably boring." Sean relented, and gave into the boys' request. He didn't want to build up their hopes. He'd never been in the garage either, as long as he'd been here. It was going to be a surprise for everyone.

"You boys go ahead. I'm going to sit and relax for a minute." Cecelia felt relieved, things were getting back to normal. She had her doubts, but with the boys being with Sean, she needed the peace and quiet, if only for a few minutes.

"Thanks Granma." Brandon was excited. He finally got his wish, to spend time with his brothers, and Dad.

Sean waited until Jared had hold of the handles, and started to guide the chair towards them.

"Be my guest." Sean pointed the way, but really didn't know much about the garage.

Stephan led the entourage. Apparently they didn't want to use the house entrance, so he led the group around to the side of the house with the garage. The boys were giggling, this was like a field trip for them.

The short walk outside was good for all. Sean was only cooped up overnight, but had never walked around the outside of the house. He was given the grand tour by Justin the first time inside, and that was it. He hadn't had the time to investigate the rest of the grounds.

The fresh air worked its own magic on them. They had a spring in their steps, and the space outside let everyone relax.

Brandon enjoyed being outdoors. He missed being able to run and play. He knew his time in the wheel chair was close to being over, but he hated every second of it. He needed to  run and be kid again.

Jared felt like he was important. Even the simple job of helping Brandon, gave him the sense of pride he lacked. He tried his best to keep Sean happy, for the energy was shared by all.

Justin felt adventuresome. He had never thought about going into the garage, and almost forgot that there was a garage attached to the house. He'd been more of an inside child, not venturing around the grounds of the house much. He had been to the neighbors a few times, but that was about the extent of his outdoors.

Sean smiled as he noticed how the spirits of the boys picked up. He needed to get things moving, the suspense was eating them up, and he knew it.

"Do you have the remote?" Stephan stopped in front of the massive door.

"Remote?" Sean stopped in his tracks. He hadn't thought about it, but it did make sense. The door was large enough that you couldn't lift it, and there had to be at least two motors to lift that.

"The alarm's off, so step back. I will open it from in here." Cecelia's intuition was right.

They hadn't thought about the alarm, or door opener. She was in the utility room, and hollered out the window at them.

"Thanks Cecelia. Looks like I owe you another one." Sean waved at her and blushed. He would be lost in this life without that wonderful woman to assist him.

The boys waited as the door began to open. Jared had to grip the handles even tighter, as Brandon was almost vibrating with anticipation.

"There you go, Sean. These are here for your use at any time, from what I've been told." Stephan stood aside so the view of the vehicles inside wasn't disrupted.

Parked inside were two amazing cars. The most noticeable was the Hummer. Not the cheap knockoff, but a real Hummer. The second vehicle, was a black Mercedes. It didn't look special, except for the logo.

The boys oohed and ahhed at the cars. The Hummer was obviously the favorite, for they headed for that first.

"We can see which one they like." Stephan followed them inside the garage.

"Yeah, the only difference between men and boys, is the price of their toys." Sean smiled at the thought of actually driving the monstrous SUV himself.

"Hey, don't overlook the car. It doesn't look like much, but Dale picked that out himself." Stephan pointed to the black sedan. It looked like a glorified Honda, on steroids.

"It doesn't look like anything special, except for the logos." Sean turned and looked at the plain looking car.

"It's a wolf in sheep's clothing. That, my friend, is an E550. It has 382 horsepower, a V-8, and a seven speed automatic transmission. I think you will really enjoy driving that one." Stephan's smile looked like the top of his head would fall off, it was so large.

"Oh?" Sean took another look inside the car. It had full leather, and every electronic gadget and gizmo imaginable.

"The keys are in the kitchen, if you want to know." Cecelia opened the door that led into the house.

"And yet again, you come to my rescue. Thank you." Sean's face reddened. He hadn't thought about the keys to either vehicle.

"And with your resources, you can have any vehicle you want. You do realize that, don't you?" Stephan took a step back, knowing how Sean felt about showing off.

"Yeah Dad, imagine going into a car dealership, and driving away anything you felt like." Justin grinned from ear to ear. He knew in a couple of years, he could get a license.

Jared smiled at his twin. He knew what he was thinking.

"Keep dreaming, young one. Maybe, someday." Sean grinned. He wasn't looking forward to them growing up that fast.

"Thanks for the tour, Stephan. Obviously, I wouldn't have figured out how to even get in here." Sean held out his hand.

"It was my pleasure. If you don't need me for anything else, I should be getting home." Stephan shook Sean's hand.

"I can't think of anything right at the moment. We have your number, right?" Sean looked back at the Mercedes. He had always wanted to find out what it would be like to drive one.

"Yes, Cecelia should have it. I believe it should also be in your phone as well." Stephan nodded his head, as he turned to leave.

"Dad! Can we sit in the cars?" Justin acted as young as Brandon. He bounced around the vehicles, and peered in through the windows.

"They might be locked." Sean watched as the boys drooled on themselves. Life was always full of simple pleasures if you knew where to look.

"They're unlocked, can we?" Jared tried the handle on the Hummer. His eyes opened wide as the door clicked open.

"Just be careful, okay? Maybe later we can go for a ride in one or both of them." Sean looked at one, then the other vehicle. He couldn't make up his mind as to which he liked better.

"One more thing, Stephan." Sean walked after him, catching him before he got out of eyesight.

"Yes?" Stephan stopped and waited for Sean to catch up.

"So, have you thought about it?" Sean smiled, for the next question would throw him for a loop.

"As far as what? I told you I would accept your offer. What else is there to think about?" Stephan scrunched his face, as he tried to think of what Sean was talking about.

"Well, you said you could drive anything. Will one of those work, if we needed you?" Sean couldn't help but let a chuckle out.

"Are you serious?" Stephan couldn't believe his ears. He had always dreamed of driving a Hummer, or even a Mercedes.

"Yes. I'm pretty sure though, that we will need to really have a family car, but I think those will work in the meantime." Sean paused to let the reality of the moment sink in.

"You have a deal. I don't care what you pay me, but it'll be worth it, just to drive one of those beautiful pieces of machine." Stephan held out his hand to seal the deal.

"Do you have any experience at being a body guard? Like martial arts training, or do you have a gun permit?" Sean gripped his hand, and held it firm.

"Basic training, as far as being a chauffer is considered. What else did you have in mind?" Stephan's hand began to sweat, he felt uneasy as far as the insinuation that Sean made.

"If you want to do all you can do, you need to look into that for me, okay? I want my family protected, at all costs." Sean held the stare he had on Stephan's eyes.

"I understand that, but a gun permit as well?" Stephan tried pulling his hand back, he felt uneasy at the direction this was going.

"I mean, I want my family protected. And that means by deadly force, if need be. Are you up to it?" Sean let his hand go.

"I ... I guess so. Will you pay for this extra training, or will I have to consider it as an expense on my part?" Stephan rubbed his hand, it felt as if Sean had a death grip on it.

"It will be paid for by me. Personally if need be. My family is the most important thing in the world to me. I don't want anything to happen to them. If it's in my power, I will protect them with my own life if needed." Sean's eyes seemed to change color as he spoke. The smile faded as a stern look replaced it.

"Understood. You will have details as soon as I make arrangements." Stephan knew this was serious. He straightened up as he answered.

"Thanks, I know you will." Sean nodded his head and turned back to the garage. The boys were all playing inside the Hummer, with Brandon behind the wheel.

"Are you guys done? Do you want to go inside now?" Sean leaned on the hood of the SUV.

"Do we have to?" Justin rolled down the window and stuck his head out so he wouldn't have to yell as loud.

"Not really, but it would be nice to have everyone inside soon. It's almost lunchtime." Sean could tell the boys were enjoying whatever game it was they were playing, and he hated to break it up. He just wanted to make sure they were safe, and wouldn't get hurt.

"Can we stay out here, for a little bit longer?" Jared leaned forward from the back seat, and hollered.

"Sure you can. We'll call you when lunch is ready." Sean smiled at his boys. His boys, the thought never seemed to loose its magic, as these young men looked up to him, and loved him unconditionally.

Sean made one last walk around the car, and went through the back door to the kitchen area. He needed to sit down, he felt fatigued.

The laughter of the boys faded as he closed the door behind him. Cecelia sat at the table and sipped on a cup of coffee. There was another cup on the opposite side, and she pointed at it.

"You seem to think of everything, don't you?" Sean sat down, and picked up the cup. It was mixed just the way he liked it.

"I try. With keeping up with you four, I need to hire my own secretary." Cecelia let out a loud laugh.

"Then, why don't you?" Sean took a good drink from his cup, and then set it back onto the table.

"You're serious, aren't you?" Cecelia looked across the table into his eyes.

"Of course I am. You are very valuable to the harmony and happiness of this family. I will do anything and everything I can to help you, you know that." Sean grinned before he took another drink.

"I'll think about it." Cecelia stared at the cup in her hands. The liquid inside entranced her for a time.

"And..." Sean felt in a playful mood.

"There's something else?" Cecelia looked up without moving her head.

"Is there something you want to get off your chest?" Sean could tell there was something bothering her.

"Well, there is one thing." Cecelia lifted her head, and looked at Sean's face.

Sean gave her his undivided attention. She was not one to hold anything back, so he braced himself for whatever she wanted to say.

"It's kinda hard for me to say, but here goes. Marty came by last night, and I signed some papers..." Cecelia broke off the eye contact, as her mind wandered. She didn't know how to say it.

"Oh, is that all. I know all about that, and I agree. You are the best choice. There is nobody else that I'd want to make that decision. And as far as the boys are concerned, who else could I trust?" Sean tried to get her attention back. He leaned in the direction she was looking.

"You know?" Cecelia turned her head back. She acted surprised, even though she should've known better. You can't hide much from Sean.

"I did talk with Marty, you know." Sean lifted his cup to his lips and took another drink.

"Oh yeah." Cecelia blushed. She had forgotten the phone call that everyone was curios about.

"And what else was that call about?" Cecelia tried her womanly charms on him, trying to catch him off guard.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Sean sat straight up.

"Just due to your reaction, I think you do." Cecelia wanted to turn the tables on him. She did.

"You will find out, soon enough." Sean slid out of the booth, and turned for the kitchen.

"You want a refill?" Sean stopped and looked over his shoulder.

"No, I think I've had enough for the moment. Help yourself if you want. It was just brewed." Cecelia lifted her cup and took another sip.

Sean went to the kitchen. He missed his normal routine he had. He walked to the counter and poured another cup. He put his creamer and sweetener in, and tasted it. Everything was just like he remembered. The aroma in the kitchen, the feeling of the bench, and the placement of the coffee pot, it was home.

He walked into the family room, and sat down. The couch felt so much better than the hospital bed he had to lie in. He took a swallow of his coffee, and set the cup down. He leaned back and closed his eyes. His body felt drained of energy.

"Dad, are you sleeping?" Justin leaned over the back of the couch as he looked at him.

"No, I was just resting my eyes." Sean sat up and looked at his watch. Two hours had passed since he sat down.

"We let you sleep. Lunch is ready, you hungry?" Justin walked around the couch and offered his hand to help him up.

Sean reached out, but for his coffee instead of Justin's hand. After gulping down the rest, he blinked his eyes.

"Are you feeling alright?" Justin knelt beside the couch and looked at Sean's face.

"Yeah, I didn't know I was so tired." Sean let out a big yawn, before he attempted to stand.

"It's probably the after effects of the drugs they had you on." Justin stood back up, and again offered his hand to Sean.

"I hope your right, Son." Sean grabbed Justin's hand, and with his help, he got up from the couch.

"Me too." Justin wrapped an arm around Sean. He didn't want to consider the options.

Cecelia had outdone herself. She made quite the lunch time feast, and in such a short time. There were sandwiches, vegetable beef barley soup, and fresh fruit. Tuna, roast beef, and chicken salad were only three of the choices available for the entrée.

Jared and Brandon were already sitting down, and waiting for Sean and Justin. Cecelia was still bringing more food to the table as they walked in.

"Did you enjoy your nap? You looked so peaceful as you slept, we didn't want to disturb you." Cecelia paused as she placed another platter of sandwiches on the table.

"Yes, actually I did. I didn't think I was that tired, but it seemed to help." Sean smiled as the aroma from the soup hit his nose.

"I hope you slept up an appetite, and can get enough before the boys demolish it." Cecelia chuckled as she turned back to get more food.

Sean washed his hands at the kitchen sink. He didn't think anything of it, until Cecelia gave him one of her looks. At least he washed his hands, what was wrong with that?

Idle chatter went around the table. The boys had worked up quite the appetite, and managed to put almost all the food away. Where, no one knows, and there were only a couple of grilled cheese sandwiches left.

As the normal routines set back in, the boys did help clear the table, and do the dishes. Sean was amazed at their good organization.

"So what are we doing after lunch?" Justin had a big grin on his face.

"How about ... we relax and watch a movie?" Sean drew his words out to tease them.

"That sounds good." Jared pasted a smile on his face. Any times he could spend with his brothers and Dad were good times.

"Okay, whose turn is it to pick a movie?" Sean stood up, and rubbed his stomach. He didn't think he was that hungry, but apparently he was. He could almost keep up with the boys, but fell behind after his second helping of soup.

"I think it's Jared's turn this time. I picked last." Brandon smiled as he remembered.

"Sounds good. Let's go to the living room then, and get ready." Sean stretched and a yawn escaped his lips.

"Better make it a fast paced movie then." Jared walked past Sean and patted him on the back.

"If that's what you want, then that's what we'll watch." Sean held back the yawn that wanted to be released. He didn't want the boys to know how tired he still was.

"It's okay, Dad. If you fall asleep again, at least you're here with us now." Brandon wheeled himself next to Sean and held his hand.

"Thanks, Bud. Do you need help into the living room?" Sean held his little hand with all the tenderness he could.

"If you want to." Brandon couldn't smile any bigger than he was now.

"That's my little man." Sean bent over and picked him up. He danced with him all the way to the living room.

"You be careful Sean!" Cecelia almost had a heart attack as she watched Sean move like that.

Brandon's giggles could be heard all the way through the house. The sound of the twins cheers followed.

"Alright Dad!" Justin cheered Sean on, being that he seemed to be back in his normal spirits.

"Did you like that?" Sean set Brandon on the couch, and admired the bright smile that filled his heart with love.

"Yes, I did. That was fun, made me feel like I was flying." Brandon regained control of his giggle fit.

"I sure hope you didn't hurt anything." Cecelia came into the room, pushing the wheelchair.

"I'm fine. I just had a boost of energy is all." Sean looked at her, as a devilish smile came across his face.

"You're lucky he didn't get sick on you, after all that food he ate." Cecelia chuckled at the thought, but stopped once it set in who would have to clean it up.

"Did you pick out a good movie son?" Sean didn't want anything to spoil his mood right now.

"Almost, I can't decide which one to watch." Jared held two movies, one in each hand.

"That's easy, which one do you want to watch first?" Sean walked over to see what the choices were.

"How about we watch Transformers first, then The Fantastic Four after?" Jared smiled as he made up his mind.

"Sounds good. You know how to set it up, don't you?" Sean looked at the TV, amazed that children could figure something like that out so quick.

"Yeah, Justin showed me." Jared beamed with pride as walked over to the entertainment center.

The movie was loaded, and they all sat down and made themselves comfortable. Cecelia had brought them in some juice in case they got thirsty.

"I hope you guys don't get hungry again, after such a big lunch, but if you do, I think I can make some popcorn or something." Cecelia stood back and admired the boys gathered around Sean.

Sean sat in the middle of the sofa, with Brandon and Justin tucked under one arm, while Jared was blended into his other. It was a Kodak moment if there ever was one. They all leaned their heads towards Sean, and had smiles of contentment plastered on their faces.

"Why don't you sit and watch with us Cecelia?" Sean tilted his head as he could look at her.

"That's okay, I just want some quiet time for now." Cecelia grinned as she turned and left the room.

The previews played through, and the main feature had just started when the door bell rang.

"I'll get it." Cecelia yelled from the kitchen where she was.

Sean's heart beat increased. This was noticed by all the boys, as they stirred from their relaxed state.

"Sean, Marty is here with company." Cecelia stood in the doorway, and waited for his attention.

"It's about time. Jared could you put the movie on pause, please, hopefully this won't take long." Sean lifted his arms to let them move.

Jared reached for the remote, and paused the movie. Justin sat upright, as he tried to figure out what was happening.

"What's going on, Dad?" Brandon scooted over, as Sean stood up.

"A surprise." Sean smiled as it was finally time.

"Show them in, please." Sean looked at Cecelia's curios look as she stood there.

Cecelia motioned for the guests to come on into the room. Sean stood there, wiping his sweaty hands on his pants.

"Gentlemen." Cecelia stood back, to let them pass.

Marty walked into the room, followed by an elderly gentleman, and a younger man.

The older man wore a nice black suit. His hair was more gray than black, and his face had many signs of past smiles and frowns. He was just a bit shorter than Sean, about five foot nine, and he wore his weight well.

The younger person was taller. His almost six foot frame gave him the impression he was thin. His brown hair traced the outline of his face, and his deep brown eyes contrasted his light complexion. Overall, he seemed rather malnourished, as his clothes seemed to hang on him. He was dressed in slacks and a nice shirt and tie, but it wasn't a suit, his jacket didn't match.

"May I introduce you to the Honorable Joseph Markus, and his clerk Abraham Smith." Marty stood to the side as the two walked forward and offered their hands.

"It's good to meet you, Sir." Sean walked up and shook both of their hands.

"Dad, what are they doing here? I thought you were supposed to be relaxing, and this was our family time, today?" Justin stood by Sean's side, and held his hand.

"Well, your Dad thought..." Marty stopped talking when he looked at Sean. Sean shook his head that it wasn't time yet.

"Your Dad. Hmm. So you like your family that you have, do you young man?" Joseph smiled at Justin as he watched the interaction between them.

"Yeah, and you kinda interrupted the movie we're watching. What's this about?" Jared stood up and walked towards Sean.

"And how are you, young one?" Joseph noticed Brandon sitting on the couch.

"Good. Now, are you gonna tell us why you're here?" Brandon moved himself to be in direct view of the visitors.

"I'm so sorry we didn't get here sooner. But on such short notice, I had to pull many strings here." Marty had stepped back from the rest, but voiced his defense.

"It's no biggie, the movie was just starting." Sean looked in Marty's direction, and grinned at how far away he tried to stay. Marty was on the opposite side of the room from the boys, and kept his distance from Sean as well.

"Gentlemen, if you would please sit, we can do this faster." Joseph motioned for the twins and Sean to go back to the couch.

Joseph sat on the chair next to the couch, while everyone resumed their seats. Abraham stood next to the judge, and awaited further instructions.

"Please make yourself comfortable Abe. You don't mind me calling you Abe, do you?" Sean watched every movement that the young man made. He was as graceful as a gazelle, and once he was sitting, he looked better in the slacks.

"No, I don't mind Mr. Jenkins." Abe sat on the next chair over, right across from Sean and the boys.

"Please call me Sean."  Sean winked at the young man, and managed to get his face to change colors.

"Well then. I need to know what the boys think about the arrangements here." Joseph glanced at each of them.

"We love it here." Jared sat upright as he looked over to his brothers.

"Yeah, without Dad, we wouldn't have found each other." Justin nodded his head.

"I have never felt more at home, or loved by a family, than I do here." Brandon squirmed to get closer to the edge of the couch.

"And how about you Sean? Is this what you wanted? An instant family?" Joseph watched closely as Sean prepared himself to speak.

"Since the loss of my own family, I had always prayed for another chance at being a good dad. My wishes were granted, many times over." Sean smiled as he looked at each boy.

"And you boys, this is the family you want?" Joseph watched the boys exchange glances.

"Yes." The answer was unanimous.

Joseph looked towards Abe and motioned for him to start. Abe reached into his pocket for a mini tape recorder and placed in on the table. He pushed the record button, and nodded his head that he was ready.

"Now, for the formalities. This is the Honorable Judge Joseph Markus, going on record in the case of Sean William Jenkins petition for adoption of the following children, Justin Lewis McCabe, Jared Michael McCabe, and Brandon Johnson." Joseph paused while the news sank in for the boys.

"Oh my God, he's going to do it, isn't he?" Cecelia whispered as she walked next to Marty.

"Being that Mr. Jenkins has only been granted guardianship over the young men present, this makes it permanent. If there is anyone present that wants to make any objections to the ruling, speak out now." Joseph looked around to the confused look of the boys.

"By the power vested in me, I hereby grant the petition, and hereby decree that Sean Jenkins is now the legal parent of said children." Joseph knew this would be easy, except for the tears that would follow.

The boys tightened their arms around Sean. Their eyes began to water, but what would happen next, would guarantee that there wouldn't be a dry eye in the room.

"And for the last part, change of name. Is there anyone here who would like to put their thoughts on record?" Joseph looked at Sean, and waited for his response.

"Boys, as you might have guessed, that when someone adopts, the child normally changes their name. But I didn't adopt you, you guys adopted me. So, unless you have any objections, I would like to change my last name to McCabe." Sean's eyes misted over. He had waited for this moment, for way too long.

"Are you serious?" Justin looked at him wide eyed.

"Yes, Son, I am." Sean wiped the tears that trickled down his face.

"What about Brandon then?" Jared looked at his youngest brother.

"We can take care of that right now, as well." Sean kissed the top of Brandon's head.

"I don't care, we're always going to be a family, no matter whose last name we have." Brandon looked into Sean's wet eyes.

Marty approached Joseph's chair, and handed him the papers.

"So be it. The name change request has been approved. Sean William Jenkins, should be now known as Sean William McCabe. And the young man Brandon Johnson, should hereby be known as Brandon McCabe." Joseph reached into his suit jacket and drew out a pen.

"Excuse me, Sir." Brandon looked at the judge.

"Yes young man, is there something you want to say?" Joseph lay the pen down on the coffee table and waited.

"I don't have a middle name, do you think..." Brandon's eyes looked down as he paused.

"Do you want a middle name?" Joseph's warm smile let him know that there was nothing wrong with his request.

"Dad, can I have your middle name?" Brandon looked up towards Sean.

"If that's what you want." Sean couldn't stop the tears as they ran down his face.

Brandon almost broke his neck as he nodded his head.

"Then so be it. The young man previously known as Brandon Johnson, should now be referred to as Brandon William McCabe." Joseph wrote on the paper the minor change, and signed his name at the bottom.

Abe reached out, and hit the stop button. The official record was done.

"Is this what you've been trying to hide?" Cecelia walked over to the couch and stood in front of them.

"I'm sorry, but I had to keep this a surprise. Honestly, I didn't know how you would react." Sean sniffled as he reached for a tissue.

"Dad, you know how much we love you. This was all so, all so..." Justin's eyes were red, on the verge of crying.

"Amazing." Jared finished his brother's sentence, before he wiped his own tears away.

The twins wrapped their arms tighter around Sean. Brandon was squeezed, but he didn't mind at all. Cecelia leaned into the group as well, to offer here support for the decisions made.

"If there isn't anything else?" Joseph stood, and watched as the family hugged and shed tears.

"Marty, I have an appointment at the golf course now." Joseph walked towards the door.

"Congratulations. May all your days be filled with this much happiness." Abe stood up and followed the judge.

"Thank you." Sean watched as Abe walked away, the fabric flowing over his buttocks with each step.

"Yes your honor. I think our job here is done." Marty rushed to their side, not knowing what effect this would have on the group.

"You know the way Marty." Cecelia didn't want to break up this special moment.

"Yes, I do." Marty nodded his head as he directed the other two towards the main door. He didn't want to be the one to spoil this moment for any of them.

With the visitors gone, and everyone crying, the room stayed like it was for some time.

`Now they really are our brothers.' Jacob materialized in the center of the room.

`Yes they are, but they already were before.' Amanda appeared next to Jacob.

The two spirits watched as the aura around the living family changed colors. It went through the entire spectrum of the rainbow, and danced like the Northern Lights.

`Amanda, we're needed someplace else right now. We need to go.' Jacob reached for his sister's hand.

`Oh, alright. But this is so beautiful watching them.' Amanda smiled as their family, was truly a family now.

`You knew this would happen. We need to get busy going now.' Jacob pulled on her hand.

`Okay, stop being so pushy. I love you Daddy.' Amanda looked at Jacob as he started to vanish.

`Our family is growing again, isn't it?' Was the last thing Amanda said before she too disappeared in a blur of light.

"I'm getting squeezed here." Brandon grunted out from the middle of the group.

"I'm so sorry dear." Cecelia relaxed her arms and stood up.

"Sorry Brandon. Justin sat upright, never losing the embrace he had.

"Are you ready to finish the movie now?" Sean finally controlled the case of sniffles he had.

"Ready when you are, DAD." Jared reached for the remote, and placed it beside him.

"Here you go DAD." Justin reached for the box of tissue and handed it to Sean.

"Can I have one, DAD?" Brandon reached for the tissue. He had his own share of spilled tears to deal with.

"I love you guys, my SONS." Sean wrapped his arms around them again.

"I think you'll need another box." Cecelia had crossed the room and found some more Kleenex.

As the family calmed down, and dried their eyes, there was a pile of used tissue on the table. It was an emotional time for everyone, now their futures were protected. Nothing could legally separate them now.

The last of the tears were dried. Noses were blown, and smiles were plastered on everyone's faces.

"I propose a toast." Sean reached for the pitcher of juice, and poured glasses for everyone.

"Here, here." Cecelia sat where the judge occupied earlier.

They each held up their glass, and waited as Sean cleared his throat.

"Here is my promise, to my family. I swear on my life, to love and protect you, forever." Sean's eyes were red and puffy, and misted over.

"Cheers." Came out of everyone's mouth as the clink of crystal was heard.

Everyone took a big gulp of the chilled liquid before they set their cup down.

Everyone sat back, as the emotionally charged afternoon took its toll. No words were needed when Jared hit the play button as they all sat back. Cecelia had changed her mind, and watched the movie with them.

Cecelia's life had taken a turn for the better. Or at least she hoped. She was granted guardianship not only over Sean, but the boys as well. She had been offered to find someone to help her run this home, and a new car. She couldn't have had a better day.

`He's still up to something, I just know it' kept crossing her mind, as she watched the monster robots in the movie.

After the first movie, Cecelia decided it was time to start dinner. She was getting ready to go to the kitchen when Sean stopped her.

"How 'bout we order out tonight? It's a special enough occasion, why not?" Sean watched as she stopped in her tracks.

Cecelia didn't even want to disagree. This would be a nice break, and it was definitely a special occasion.

Sean reached for his cell phone, and dialed a number. He had become familiar with his gadget, and knew how to use the speed dial function. There was a certain restaurant he wanted, and knew which button to push for it.

The second movie was put in the player, and they watched it while they waited for the delivery. Sean requested it not be delivered until their regular meal time, which was nice. They watched the movie uninterrupted, except for the intermission when everyone had to use the bathroom.

Everyone was stretching their legs when the door bell sounded off again. Dinner had arrived. They retired to the dining room, to enjoy their gourmet meal delivered by the manager of one of Sean's businesses.

The man was more than happy to do a favor for his boss. After the last run in with him, he was almost out of a job.

They enjoyed their food, the first meal as a real family. The first of many yet to come.

During the meal, Sean kept looking around the house as if he had lost something.

"What do you guys think? Do we have enough room here?" Sean set his fork down, as he thought about it.

"A bigger house? Why?" Cecelia looked at him through squinted eyes.

"Just an idea. After all, once Brandon is out of his casts, he will be running all over the place, won't you champ?" Sean ruffled Brandon's hair.

The idle chatter of a bigger house, circulated the table. How many rooms, and how large the yard should be were the main topics.

The conversation continued as the table was cleared. The boys again did their chores and didn't complain one bit.

It was decided that everyone should at least think about it. Nothing was set in stone yet. The cost and hassle of remodeling the existing house were right in line with either purchasing or building a new one.

They retired to the family room, to watch another movie. With all their stomachs full, and the long day they had, it was only a matter of time before the boys were tired.

They didn't want to sleep in their own beds, and wanted to sleep together in Sean's giant bed.

He relented, as he didn't want to be away from his sons either.

After everyone prepared for sleep, they all curled up on the California king bed. It was a short wait before the breathing had slowed down, and snores became the only sound.

Sean woke up in the middle of the night. He was surprised that his abrupt awakening didn't disturb the boys' sleep.

His pulse raced as the cold sweat ran down his body. He crawled out of the covers, and walked to the kitchen.

There was some cold coffee left in the pot, and he poured a cup and placed it in the microwave.

He paced back and forth, as he tried to figure out his nightmare.

"How did he... how in the world...." Sean muttered as he walked back and forth.

When the coffee was hot, he put his favorites in it and went to the table to sit down and ponder what was racing through his mind.

`I can't believe that something so evil existed outside of His realm. He was human, or at least appeared to be. Can he be beat, or is this the final test for us.' Sean stared into his mug, as he thought to himself.

To be continued???

End of Book One

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