Sean's Angel

By: Hal
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Chapter 3

Justin lay back in bed, not believing the meeting that had just taken place. He looked over a Sean, who was lying down staring at the ceiling. His world had been turned upside down pretty much, with the news that he was now Justin's guardian. Marty, the family attorney, would be back this afternoon to give more details of the arrangement, and maybe a surprise or two, to go with it. This mornings meeting was quick, but had lots of emotions involved in it. Justin had his leg pulled by Sean and Marty, and Sean just about had a meltdown. With the good news of his becoming a part of the family, he was still unsure of this gift. He still hasn't realized that it was his turn to have some good things in his life. It was up to Justin to help him adapt, but he wouldn't be alone in the therapy.

"Hey, uh, Sean, are you okay, I mean really okay with what happened?" Justin had a real worried look on his face as he suddenly realized that Sean still hadn't spoke or moved since Joy left. "Hey, Sean, big bro, are you okay? Earth to Sean!"

Sean was wrapped up in his self-pity so much, he wasn't listening to Justin. His previous life, was less than desirable, and now, he had basically won the mega jackpot. He was going to be paid to be Justin's friend, and have unlimited spending power as the guardian of the wealthiest child on the planet. What had happened to him, that he deserved to have this privilege just given to him? Had he finally suffered enough, that his life was going to turn around? Would he really deserve the honor placed on him by Justin's Dad? What would his life be like, a week from now, or a month? What would have happened, if Justin hadn't come out on that bridge, to stop him? Did Sean really deserve all this? Nothing good has ever happened to him, not in a long time. The emotions were overwhelming, and he started to cry again. This made Justin worry even more than being ignored.


"Yes, what can we do for you Justin?" It was Nurse Wallace at the desk.

"Sandra, can you please come here, or send someone else, Sean needs some help, and I can't get out of bed." Justin's voice was starting to falter.

"Just a moment, someone will be right there, don't worry, we will take care of him."

It was less than a minute later, when Joy entered the room again. The flushed look on her face showed her concern. "What seems to be the matter, Justin? You guys were fine a few minutes ago."

"Its Sean, he seems to be having a problem taking all this excitement in. He didn't respond to me when I tried to talk to him, and then he started to cry again. Can you please do something, I can't stand seeing him like this." Justin was starting to get teary eyed, as he finished, his concern for his new brother was evident.

Joy walked quickly over to Sean's bed, and sat beside him. She took his hand into hers, and looked into his face. "Sean, sweetie, are you alright? Don't worry, I am right here with you, just try to relax please." With the biggest sigh he could muster, Sean let out a sound, and let all the tears fall once again. Joy put her arms around him, and tried to comfort him some more. "That's it, let it all go, that's it. You need to let it all out, Sean, all of it. Let go of the pain that is holding you back. The only way to move on, is to let go of the past. That's it, let it all go." Joy was hoping that her touch and soft words would help, for the next step would be to call the shrink in.

Luck was with them that day, for Sean's crying had subsided after over ten minutes of continuous tears. He was now sobbing quietly, when Joy lovingly let go of him. Ever so gently, she let him back down onto his bed, setting his head on the pillow. "Do you feel better? Do you need anything?" Joy was sincere in her questions, and Sean knew that.

"No, I am doing good now, I think I will take a nap until lunch, though." Sean's voice sounded a little dry, so he did ask for something to drink.

Joy had given him the glass of juice that was still on the stand, and he drank it all down, and then laid back into his pillow. "Thanks, for the juice, and um, um, being nice." Sean's face was starting to blush, for he was definitely attracted to Joy, but then again, who wouldn't be. Justin started to feel the warmness coming from the two, and did what he does best. Interrupt.

"Thanks Joy, for getting here so quickly. I wish I wasn't tied to this bed with all the wires an' stuff, for I feel so helpless." Justin was sincere in his compliment, but couldn't help with the slight sneer as he noticed how flushed Sean had become. He was realizing that things between him and Sean, were going to get really interesting, because he could sense what the other was feeling.

Joy started to feel the warmth again too, so she stood up to get ready to leave. "Don't worry, that is what I am here for, helping you guys with anything that bothers you. And, if I can't, I will find someone who can." She had stood up and straightened out her dress, and looked Sean in the eyes when she said "anything." But before she could get caught, she looked at Justin too.

Justin, feeling like everything was getting back to normal, decided a little humor would help things along. "Are you sure that's all your here for?"

Joy started to blush, so she turned towards the door, and without turning around said, "In your wettest dreams kid."

"Maybe not my wettest!" Was the quickest reply that Justin could come up with, before the door closed.

"Justin!" Now it was Sean's turn to really blush, for he understood what Justin had said. How could that young kid understand anything about that? Sean was starting to understand Marty's statement, that he would be underpaid to watch Justin. This kid was going to be a handful, and that was putting it mildly.
Sean had turned to face Justin, to watch his reaction of the outburst. Justin was just lying there, with a smug look on his face.

"Well, that's what you were thinking." Justin's grin turned into a full-blown smile, for he knew he had it right. He was going to have to show Sean, instead of explain, what other gifts were his.

"What are you talking about?" Sean's voice was harsh, but he couldn't help but giggle anyway, giving himself away with what he was truly thinking. His face had started to turn different shades of red by now, he was busted. "Well, a guys gotta have fantasy's right?" He whispered.

"Ya know, big bro, I think she might have the hots for you too." Justin's bluntness was disturbing to Sean, for he had no basis on what to compare good friends on. All Sean could do, was blush even harder. "I'm serious, I get this warm feeling coming from her when she holds you. The same feeling I get from you."

"This is the second time now, that you have said that you can tell what I am thinking, or feeling. Are you pulling my leg, or is there something else you're not telling me?" Sean had a serious look on his face, for Justin was right on all counts. But how could he 'know', or was he just being lucky at guessing?

"Well, um, you see, um," Justin knew he couldn't get away with a lie, but couldn't tell the whole truth either. "Um, I guess, uh, while we are sharing blood, uh, err, that we have uh, shared other things as well." This was indeed a unique situation, for Justin just wasn't the type not to have the words for anything.

Sean could see the frustration building up in Justin's face, and just went forward with the thought. "What do you mean, we shared other things too?'

"Well, um, you, um see, uh there is, "Justin was trying hard to get it out, but his tongue was getting tied, and he really didn't know how to put it into words.

"Hi guys, how are you doing?" Dr. Gifford had popped his head into the room, saving Justin from further embarrassment. "I was doing my rounds, and thought I would pop in and say hi, so hi." Reggie Gifford had a dry sense of humor, and with Justin in the hospital, we was allowed a new joke now and then.

"Hi doc, we're doing great! Huh Sean." Justin spilled out, relieved once again for the interruption.

"Yeah, we're doing okay, but I feel kinda tired is all." Was the only answer Sean gave.

"Well, that is to be expected, with the excitement from earlier. Why don't you try to sleep until lunchtime. It will do you wonders to try to relax, and it will help the time pass by faster. Besides after lunch, we might be able to get some of that stuff out of you guys. Hmm, what do you think about that? That is of course, if the tests come back favorable." Reggie said, with a big smile on his face, that it was him that was able to deliver the good news for a change, instead of Reid.

"That sounds great!" Was the answer in stereo, and both of the boys looked at each other and laughed. They're talking at the same time, was getting more frequent, and spur of the moment. While Sean didn't give it much thought, Justin already knew the answer as to why.

"Well then, you guys try to sleep a little, and if I have the time, I will come back after lunch to help unhook you. Okay?"

"Sure." They both said, and again, it was at the same time. Justin chuckled, and Sean just rolled his eyes, and shook his head. He was going to soon realize that Justin was going to be more than just a little bother, er brother.

Reggie then took his leave, and went about his rounds. He still had no idea how or why the previous night had occurred, but was still happy that things worked out for the best. A doctor isn't supposed to get attached to patients, but with these two, that was pretty much impossible.
As the two guys were exchanging looks, another knock at door came and Gordon peeked his head in. Gordon was in charge of the security for the hospital, a subcontracting company of McCabe Industries.

"How's it going, guys?" Gordon said as he entered the room. "Everything alright in here?"

"Yeah, Gordy, everything is great. But what are you doing here? Don't you have a hospital to watch over?" Justin was the first to reply, for he had met Gordon when he was first admitted. Justin knew his Dad's business was big, but really had no idea of just how huge it was.

"Well, uh, I guess there have been developments, that uh, have happened so far today, uh. Dang it all. I am just going to say it. Mr. Hartman, has expressed his desires to have you two watched, and either I or another guard will be posted to keep an eye on you guys, while you are here. Mr. Hartman, doesn't want anyone to disturb you, while you are resting."

"Why would he do that?" This time it was Sean's turn to reply, and he was indeed curious as to why security had to be called.

"Well, excuse me for saying this, Mr. Jenkins, but both of you are now the most important people in this hospital. And if you don't mind me saying so, boss, that this is a very big honor for me to do this."

"What is this 'boss' stuff about?" Justin was now sitting up, staring at Gordon.

"Ahem, sorry Justin, I guess I let that slip out. But I guess you should know, that I have been an employee of your Dad's since I began here last year. Mr. Hartman was his go to man, if there was any questions. Now that you are getting better, I guess that means you are kinda like my boss. Sorry for misleading you, but I was told not to let you know. Just keep a close eye on you, while you were here. Now that Mr. Jenkins and you are recovering, we will be at your disposal as you see fit."

Justin was indeed shocked, for he thought that Gordy was just a nice guy, and liked to hang out with him. Sean, staring at him, was in shock, and was about to get whiplash looking from him to Justin.

"So, let me get this straight. You have been here to watch me, and led me to believe you were just being a friend?" Justin's look was so precious, as his eyes narrowed, and he looked at the guard.

"Guilty as charged, but in my defense, I have really enjoyed the time we spent talking, Justin. Having been paid to do so was just a perk. So, now you know why one of the guards was always just hanging around. Sorry, but we were under strict orders, not to let you know. I hope you understand, and can forgive me for deceiving you." Gordon hung his head, as he said this.

"So, you basically have to do what I tell you?" Justin was getting that smile on his face, that meant trouble was brewing.

"Oh no you don't!" Sean finally snapped out of the stupor he was in, and was staring at Justin. He knew that look, and it was being burned into his subconscious, for it would always lead to mischief. Not only that, he knew what Justin was plotting. Somehow.

"You're such a spoilsport, Sean!" Justin was crossing his arms, pouting, as he looked over at Sean.

"You are forgiven, Gordy. But no more secrets. Ever. Do you understand?" Justin had a serious look.

"Okay, Justin, I understand. But you need to understand that I was under orders from your Dad." Gordon was looking to Justin for forgiveness and understanding.

"Apology accepted, but understand, I owe you one." Justin's smile had that look.

"Alright, you owe me one. And I know you will collect. But for now, if there isn't anything else, I will be right outside if you need me. Sorry Justin, I really am." Gordon was really sorry, for he didn't like to lie to anyone, especially his friends. And since the first time they met, Justin had worked his way under his skin too. Dang little kid seems to do that to everyone he meets. He backed his way out the door, with a slight bow of his head.

"Okay Justin, spill it." Sean's voice had taken on an authoritative sound.

"Spill what?"

"Just how big is your Dad's business, and what did I get myself into?"

"Honestly, I don't know. He was hardly at home, and Cecilia basically was the only loving adult around while I was growing up. I don't have a clue as to what it is, what he does, or where he goes. He just pays people to be around me, because he never was." Justin's demeanor had softened. A small tear had fallen from his right eye. Sean had seen, and felt the change.

"Sorry Jus', I didn't mean to bring up sad memories for you. You can let it go for now." Sean didn't know why this nickname came up, but it just felt right.

"It's okay, Sean. I know he means well, but damn it, I just wish he would at least say he liked me." The anger and sadness was evident in his voice. He needed to let it go. Especially now. He didn't know how Sean would handle all the emotions, along with everything else that was getting thrown at him. He was going to have to face the facts. Sean was going to be there, and hopefully forever.

"Well, then, lets try to rest a little before lunch. Okay?" Sean could sense the tension that was building up in his young ward and wanted to do anything he could, to relieve it.

"Sounds good. Jeez, you old people sure need a lot of sleep." Justin was snickering.

"Yeah, whatever." Was the only comeback that Sean could think of. He rolled onto his back, and closed his eyes, really trying to get some rest. The different tubes and wires though, prohibited him from really getting comfortable, so all he was able to do was close his eyes. Rest was the furthest thing from his mind, but tried not to pay attention to Justin. It was almost working.

Justin, however, had many things on his mind. Surviving the illness was still at the top of his list. In the prior months, before his coma, his Dad had made arrangements for Justin to see all the specialists in the country. He was flown all over, and the verdict was always the same. His days were numbered. Justin tried to stay positive, for all the doctors agreed that was the best medicine. But without his Dad to reassure him, some days weren't as good. Justin's Dad was paying Marty and Cecilia to be with him, while he stayed and ran the company. How could his own father, ignore him like that, especially in his time of need? Why was Justin not included, even in his own family?

All these things were going through Justin's head. Even the facts that his own Dad, never was home for him. And God forbid, Juliana stayed home. All hell would break lose, because she wanted nothing to do with him. She even went so far as to have Justin eat with the house crew. She was definitely the Wicked Witch of the West, and Justin knew that. He felt the same way about her, and was not shy to let it be known. Even before the marriage, he had told his Dad that she was bad news. He told him that she was only after his money, but his Dad was blinded by the outrageous interludes they had at night. Justin would cry himself to sleep, whenever they came back from a date early, for he knew what was going on in their bedroom. He could not only hear it, but sense it as well. Justin ran away for the day, when they got married. No matter how many times he told his Dad, his Dad never listened.

Now it seems, that maybe his dad cared at least a little. Maybe more than Justin understood. The only thing Justin knew right now, is that a miracle had happened, he had survived. And his Dad hasn't even called. His Dad barely let Marty come to see him. That made him curious. Marty had been a friend of the family for years, and was trusted. But why mention his fathers will, now? And what was the clause that was added in the event he pulled through? There was no mention of it before. But, with the insistence of Marty, his Dad changed it. What was this going to do to the original will, and how will his step witch be effected? God, how he hated her. She was nothing but a gold digger, and Justin knew it. She wouldn't even sign the prenup, and insisted that they were in love, and that's all that mattered. Another few nights of heavy moaning, and it was a done deal.

They were married a few weeks later, and then the trouble started, Juliana was after the money, and didn't want anything standing in her way. She even tried to convince his Dad that the best place for such an unruly child, was in a military school. Again, it was Marty to the rescue, for he quashed that idea quickly. Marty wasn't blind, and he too, could see what that bitch was up to. After the prenup fiasco, Marty then had the clauses added to the will. He insisted that Justin be protected, in the event that something should happen to his father. Or worse, that she try something again. She didn't try to hurt him directly, but in round about ways, she was always trying to separate father and son. Marty offered the only plan he could. So instead of her after the big prize, she was more than happy to be given a large allowance to do with as she pleased. This angered Justin to no end, for his fists were digging into the mattress at this point.

"Justin, if you don't shut up, I won't be able to get any rest. I know what a hard time your past was, but please let me get some rest." Sean was looking over to his friend, with a big frown.

"I wasn't saying anything."

"I heard every word you were saying, uhh." It hit Sean like a ton of bricks. Justin was not talking, but he heard his thoughts. "Ummm, sorry Justin. What just happened?" 'This can't be happening, can it?' Sean was lost, for he seemed to be able to read Justin's mind, or at least hear it.

Justin blushed, and said," Sorry Sean, this was what I have been trying to tell you. Yes it is true, we can read each others minds, if we try. Or maybe, if we feel strongly enough about something." 'Yeah, this is our special gift, now, because we are blood brothers. You also share in this.' Justin thought to himself.

"Special gift?" Sean was speechless. Half of what he heard, came from Justin's mouth, the other his mind. ' Now I know I am in trouble.' He thought to himself.

"Only if you don't learn to control it. I am still learning, myself." Justin was laughing. "As far as you being in trouble, you should be glad Joy can't hear what I can!"

"That's not fair, and you better keep your big mouth shut!" Sean was so red, there couldn't be much blood left for the rest of his body.

"Are you guys ready for lunch?" It was one of the orderlies, apparently a new one.
"Yeah, sure." Was the answer in stereo.

"Sorry guys, the rest of the staff is busy right now, so I was volunteered to bring lunch to you." Brett Cummings was pushing the small cart into the room. He was a new intern, borrowed from the med school, whenever there was a major accident, or when the hospital was short staffed. He was just over six feet tall, light blond hair, blue eyes, and had a swimmers body. He was pretty much the male, blond version of Joy, and this wasn't overlooked by Sean, or Justin.

"Jeez, what is it with you guys, having a security guard at the door? This guy would barely let me pass, even though I had your lunch trays, and proper ID." Brett said, as he walked over to the beds, and moved the serving trays so they could be used.

Justin, feeling his norm, sat up and said," That is what they do for guys that are so special. They don't want us to leave here until they are done torturing us." Then he broke up laughing. The only thing that stopped his laughter, was when he looked over at Sean, who was staring at Brett.

"I will be back in a bit, to gather the trays, so eat up guys." Brett said plainly. He then turned to leave. Stopping at the door, he turned to see Sean still staring. He blushed, then left closing the door behind him.

"Earth to Sean. Yo dude! Snap out of it!" Justin could tell what he was feeling, but was okay with it. He was just teasing him.

Sean shook his head, for he couldn't believe what Brett looked like. He was gorgeous. Now Sean was blushing hard, because he knew Justin saw and felt it.

"Don't worry bro. Your secret is safe with me. Just don't let Joy find out." Justin was simply giddy with himself.

"Huh?" Sean was trying to come back to the land of consciousness, and figure out what just happened.

"He is cute, isn't he?" Justin was enjoying Sean's discomfort way to much. But, his stomach overruled his antagonizing behavior, and he dug into his food. They finally sent real food for a change. A grilled cheese sandwich, a bowl of tomato soup, a cup of juice, and a piece of fruit. A banana for Sean, and an apple for Justin. Not a big lunch, but better than what they have been getting.

Sean was the last to start into his food, but he finally gave in and started to eat. He tried to concentrate on his food, for he didn't want Justin to be able to tell what was on his mind. He failed miserably.

"Dude, I said don't worry about it. Just eat your lunch, please? I won't give you a hard time, I promise." Justin stopped mid bite, because the signals that Sean was emitting, were bothersome, and were effecting his appetite. "Sorry, I don't know how to just shut it off, so eat, already." He was going to say also that anyone that walked in would have seen it, and known anyway. He then felt Sean's eyes burning into him, and looked over to see the look of embarrassment that was on Sean's face. "Oops, sorry."

Lunchtime was quiet. Nothing was said, or thought of. They ate in peace



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