Sean's Angel

By: Hal
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Chapter 4

Lunch went by without any more incidents, except for the casual glances between the two. When they were finished eating, they just looked at each other, and both had a sly grin on their faces.

"What's on your mind, bro?" Justin was quick to start the conversation. He did have a few questions of his own to ask Sean. Some of the signals he had gotten from Sean, confused him. He didn't want to embarrass him any more, but just get honest answers.

"Uh, well, umm," Sean was trying to put into words, the feelings that went through him, when the intern brought them lunch. He was having a hard time, for no male had ever given him the warmth he felt. It was similar to how he felt when Joy had held and comforted him. How can that be, he had always considered himself straight, but when Brett walked in, he was handsome. Handsome enough to catch Sean looking, heck, he was staring, and on the verge of drooling. And when he looked back and smiled, then blushed on his way out the door, Sean had a hard time breathing. He even forgot who was in the room with him, or where he was at. He had become truly infatuated with Brett. Even more so, he was really confused. "Uh, um, I don't know how to put it into words." He was looking at Justin, with an almost scared look on his face.

"Don't sweat it. I understand what you were thinking." Was the only thing Justin could say, and he meant it. He smiled his best, and gave Sean a look of understanding.

"Thanks, I was starting to get a headache, trying to figure it out, myself." Sean said, with relief evident in his voice.

"Did I hear someone say headache?" Joy had peeked her head in, and overheard the conversation, or at least the end of it. "You know I won't give you another aspirin, so you will have to suffer."

"Are you sure there isn't something you can do for him, Joy?" Justin had his patented smile on, all his pearly whites glistening. The look on his face was priceless, for he knew he had put Sean into a predicament.

"Well, maybe there is something." She was grinning from ear to ear, and her cheeks were starting to flush. She walked over to Sean's bed and sat beside him. She then proceeded to rub his temples, while leaning over him, which caused him to really blush for her breasts were literally in his face. "Is your headache going away now?" She asked, as her own face was getting redder.

"Uh, unh huh." Was the only sound that he could make, because his body wasn't cooperating, and the tensions down below were evident, tenting his blanket.

"I uh, think he is feeling better now." Justin said, he was blushing as much as Sean was, for he could feel what his adopted brother was feeling. Both the good, and the embarrassing.

"Are you sure?" she said, as her head turned slightly, to notice what her touching Sean was doing to him. "Oh, I am so sorry, I didn't mean to, uh, oops." She stuttered and turned beet red, as she stood up and headed for the door, not looking back.

Sean was so flustered, that he could not speak, and Justin was about the same way, but he was recuperating faster. "Dude!" Justin then started to snicker, mostly to himself, for he had seen the effects of Joy's closeness on Sean.

"Are you guys ready for some more information?" Marty said, as he walked into the room, saw Justin snickering, and Sean's face would still stop traffic at rush hour, and he still had extra moving room under his blankets. "Oh, sorry, did I miss something?"

"Marty, you would not believe what just happened!" Justin was about to spill the beans, when Sean, who had started to recover, gave him a stern look of warning.

"Okay, maybe later, Justin. Now is not the time." Marty had noticed the exchange between the two, and didn't want to be in the middle of it. He had noticed the uncomfortable condition Sean was in, and didn't want to add to the embarrassment. He grabbed the chair from the corner of the room, and again set it between the two beds.

"Okay, guys, there is some good news, and some not so good news. What do you want first?" Marty had a look of concern on his face, but his posture said he was holding something back.

"How `bout some good news for a change." This time, it was Sean who was first to speak, not wanting to give Justin the time to embarrass him further. This was the second time today, that something had happened, and he didn't want to give his little brother more ammo for later.

"Well then, the good news it is." Marty relaxed a little, and sat back, crossing his legs. "There is more to this guardianship than I let on earlier. Sean, being that you are going to watch Justin full time, and basically have authority over him, his Dad agreed to make you full custodian of him, completely legal." He waited for what he said to soak in. Then continued. "That means, Sean, that you are his legal parent, now. And with that, you are also the benefactor of all of Justin's holdings, in his Dad's company, until he reaches the age of maturity, whenever that might be." Marty couldn't help but make a small joke about Justin, that's just the way things were with him.

"What?" Sean had a look of complete shock on his face, and was moving his mouth, but no sounds came out.

"That's right, now you're not just my brother, but my daddy too!" Justin had his patented smile on, and the others were waiting for the ball to drop. "That means, you can't back out on me, you're stuck with me, forever! Yea! I'll never have to be alone again!" Justin's enthusiasm was deafening.

"Yes, regrettably, he's right, Sean. There is no turning back now." Marty had a slight grin as he looked over at Sean. "And, I understand that your past was not too happy, and I hope that things are better for you now. And before you ask, I had to do a background check on you, before this was finalized. I didn't do it to pry, and everything I found will remain secret, unless you tell someone." His face was all business, as he said the last part, for it was really hard for him not to run over and give Sean a big hug, because he had discovered things about him, that no one would want repeated.

"Um, thanks. But, but how?" Was all Sean could spit out.

"Well, that's part of the bad news, I'm afraid. Justin's Dad, finally figured out what a gold digger his wife was, and wanted to protect his son, and his business for his son. So we discussed it, and as of late this morning, you two control over 75% of McCabe Industries. You will be amazed how many arms we had to twist, in order for this to happen. And for your knowledge, Justin, your Dad now works for you. He is making barely enough to sustain a normal lifestyle, but maybe you could find it in your heart to allow him a little leeway?" Marty had looked at Justin with care, and started to hang his head.

"Well, I don't know, I mean, he kinda abandoned me. He left me in the hospital, and never once called, and has never so much as visited me, not even on Christmas. I will have to think about it." Justin was serious. He didn't even smirk while he said this.

Sean was catching on to what he said, and fully understood the emotions behind it. But he could also see Justin's Dad's point of view too, even as twisted as it was. "Justin, hey guy, I think we need to discuss this later, if you don't think this is a good idea, but, you need to understand that he did this all for you. Think about it, if you weren't in this hospital, we would have never met. If he was here visiting you, I am pretty sure he wouldn't allow a complete stranger in, to see if they were a perfect match for your needs. And now, he is making sure your future is secure. Hell, I don't know anything about business, but of a business is a good chunk. Can't you find it in your heart, to cut him a little slack?" Sean had indeed seen the flip side of the coin, and was trying to relate it in terms that Justin would understand, without going into the weird mind thingy.

"Since you put it that way, pops, I guess I do owe him a little something. I guess he is trying to make up for all the lost time, but what does he want, Marty?" Justin was smiling his biggest, especially when he said `pops'.

"All he wants from you, is to remain at a distance for awhile, as he commits himself to building the best business for you. And an allowance for his house and bills, which won't be a problem for you, because you are now the richest kid on the planet." Marty was smiling big as he finished this last statement. He knew Justin had no clue about the size of the business, but as time went on, he would find out. His Dad was adding to it, to make sure Justin was taken care of, forever.

"Exactly how much money?" Justin was grinning big, for he really had no idea how much his dad was worth.

"Well, being conservative, even at only of the company, I would guess, well, let's see." Marty was trying to build up to pranking Justin, holding out his hands and counting on his fingers, as if he could actually count that high. "Um, well, if you don't take into account, hmm, well, there is, um, let's see." He had Justin about climbing of the ends of his bed now.

"Come on Marty, you are the smartest guy I know, spit it out." Justin was getting flustered now, he wanted an answer, and wanted it now.

"Okay, how `bout, the area of $150 thousand." Marty was having a hard time holding his look of being serious. Finally, a smile started to form, and that let the guys know he was kidding.

"Only $150,000? I thought you said he was the second richest man on the planet?" Justin knew that Marty was pulling his leg, and he was trying to figure out a way to pay him back.

"I am not really sure of the exact amount, but it's somewhere in the vicinity of high nine digits." Marty was back to his business face, for this was a real serious matter. He wanted to let the boys know that they had no worries, at least financially.

"High nine digits?" Justin had his fingers out, and was counting, or at least trying to.

"Justin, it's a really big number, a little less than a billion." Sean eyes were wide as he realized what he said.

"A bbbbbbbillion?" Justin was finally speechless.

"That's right, you are almost a billionaire, gentlemen. Well, Justin is, but until he gets older, you can consider yourself pretty damn rich, Sean. Even after he controls it all, your shares will still be sizable. That was another point that was made. Being that you don't have much of a choice in the matter, your needs were addressed, too." Marty couldn't help but smile at this, for he was happy to deliver some good news to Sean, he deserved it.

"What do you mean?" Sean had a lost look on his face, as he tried to comprehend the large number.

"As part of your pay, and now your overhead costs of watching Justin, for the next few years at least, you will earn shares, on a monthly basis, more than you will know what to do with. I don't have the exact number, but when Justin is all grown up, you won't have to worry about money ever again."

"Wow." Was all that Sean could say. He still wasn't believing it all. All this was just so amazing, and far fetched, that it wasn't registering at all. His future had indeed changed, but he was still trying to figure out if it was for the better. His past was what it was. There weren't very many happy memories in it. What had he done, to deserve all this kindness given to him. It was the humane thing to do, saving Justin. It was destiny, maybe, that brought these two together. Sean's low self-esteem, was kicking into high gear, and it was starting to show on his face. His negative net worth was being overrun with positive energy. It was almost as if someone had finally started to close the gate of self-pity. He was starting to feel good, but it wasn't his own doing.

"Sean, bro, pops, whatever you want me to call you, it is your time for good things in life. Can you just go with the flow, for now?" Justin had his ever-growing concern for him showing in his face, for he could tell and feel what Sean was thinking. "Really, it is your time, and just running into me is only the start." His smile was finally starting to work it's magic on Sean, for the tenseness was disappearing.

"Okay, for now, I won't question it, but, I uh, "Sean was looking a little flush and turning his head down. " I uh, uh, will need some help sometimes, when things get to be too much."

"No prob." Was Justin's only reply, that along with a smile of love and understanding.

"Well, then it's settled." Marty had been sitting back, watching the two interact, to see if there were going to be any problems. He didn't think so, but was going to keep his eyes and ears open, for this was the foundation on which he fought so hard. He smiled, to himself and outwards, for he was starting to think this was going to be a lot of fun, preparing these two for their futures. "Sean, Justin, when all this is said and done, Dale will most likely have accrued another few hundred million for you guys, so be prepared. And in about seven or eight years, if you are still with us Sean, you will have about thirty percent control of this company. It might take as long as ten years, but your future will be very well taken care of. I will personally guarantee this, providing you stick it out with the little trouble maker here."

"I'm not a" Justin butted in.

"Oh yes you are, need I remind you of all the things you have been caught doing?" The look on Marty's face was priceless, as he was thinking about all the things Justin had done over the last few years. "I thought not. And don't you forget, all I need to do is call Sean, and you're busted, Justin." His smug face looked like he had Justin over the barrel, at least for the time being. "I guess that's it for now, unless you have any questions for me. If you have any later, try to write them down, or remember them. I will be back later this afternoon, or early evening. The doctors will be in soon, to finish up some tests, and take some readings on you guys, so be prepared for some needles and things. And Sean, I will have some paperwork for you to actually sign, making this final. This is all tentative for the time being, and I think I covered all the bases, but if I missed something's, I will bring them up later. Any questions?" His smile was becoming more evident, one that would mean more good news later, as if it could get any better.

"No, no questions" Was the answer in stereo.

"How, how do you guys do that?" Marty just shook his head as he stood, not really wanting an explanation, for he even put his hands up in surrender. With that simple simultaneous answer, his worries over the two went out the window. He knew that there would be times, that without some guidance, there would be trouble, but he had faith in the pair. Not to mention, the security that would now follow them around the clock. These two, were now worth many millions of dollars, and his own future was riding on these guys staying safe. He had job security, and if he played his cards right, he could retire a wealthy man himself. All he had to do, was make sure these two were safe, and his future would be bright. But he knew better; there were things he didn't understand, like how these guys met, with Justin being in a coma. And then there was the apparent bonding that had taken place, not just a brotherly love type, but more on a mental or emotional level. He wasn't going to worry about it though. His job was easy, just tell everyone else what to do. Marty had been with Dale for so long, Dale didn't care about what Marty was doing, as long as the things he was assigned were done. And he had been compensating Marty well above the highest average for many years. Marty wasn't stupid, and he invested his earning wisely, and had done very well for himself. With the latest turn of events, he too, had been offered a healthy bonus and stock shares. Not as many as Sean, but nothing to turn down. All in all, he would retire about as wealthy as Sean, if Sean only lasted until Justin's twenty first birthday. After that, it wouldn't matter, for Sean was being very well compensated for being there for Justin, specially where Dale had failed.

"Well guys, until later then." Marty stood and shook both of their hands, starting off with Sean, then finishing with Justin, whom he also gave a small hug to.

"Later Marty." Again, the boys answered at the same time, and looked at each other and just smiled.

"Damn, Justin, I don't know if I am ready for all this. This is just so much, way to much for the normal guy to consider. I'm not saying that I am normal, but, jeez." Sean was getting his rosy cheek look again, his look that meant he was just not understanding or accepting what was going on.

"Hey, you said that you were going to go with the flow for now. So do it. Just let it happen, and it will be easier for you, not to mention what it does to me. Seeing you like this, I almost want to start crying. So be happy now, please. Stop worrying. There isn't anything you or I could do to stop it now anyway. Just enjoy being alive, and try to stop that negative emotion stuff, for it really bothers me. Everything will work out, so trust me. You did it before, now keep doing it. I won't let anything come between us, and that's a promise." Justin had care and concern in his voice, but he knew this wouldn't be the last time he had to talk to Sean like this. "Why don't you try to get some rest, before they come in and start poking us with needles and stuff. I am. It might make it hurt less, if we are still trying to wake up when they use us for human pincushions."

"Yeah, that's a good idea, maybe a few zee's will do the trick, or at least some much needed rest, today has been one of the most stressful days I have had in awhile." Sean let out a big sigh, and just closed his eyes. His future was handed to him on a silver, no make that a platinum platter, and he was simply overwhelmed with emotions. He just couldn't comprehend how anyone could treat Justin like that, or be that nice to him. It was going to take some time, but with lots of help, he would make it through it all. He hoped.

Justin watched his roommate lay back, and closed his eyes. He was intrigued at how lowly Sean had felt of himself. It would take some time to get him to understand, what a really good person he was. He was trying hard not to think too much, for the link that they had growing, couldn't be controlled, yet, so even the slightest thoughts were transmitted. As Sean's breathing slowed down, Justin could feel that he was asleep. He closed his eyes, and drifted of for a short nap of his own.............

Justin went to his dream world. Somewhere he went to escape. He had liked Sean's little version so much, he copied it in his dream. He was walking around the grassy fields, taking in the warm sun, enjoying the smell and colors of all the flowers, and the gentle warm breeze. You could almost see forever, and a few trees were placed in no apparent order throughout the big field. Justin walked for a few minutes, looked around, not noticing anything really special about this place, except for the calmness of it all, sat down. He looked up at the blue sky, with its wispy clouds, and felt so at ease, he laid back, and put his hands behind his head.

"Wow, this place is so beautiful, I wonder how he made it?" Justin said to himself. "If only I could bring some of this back with me, and bottle it up, so every time Sean was feeling insecure, I could give him some. That would be so cool."

"What would be cool?" The voice sounded familiar, and the body attached to it looked very much like Justin.

"Huh? What?" Justin sat up and looked at the intruder. It was almost like looking into a mirror. Justin couldn't figure it out, no one should be able to find him here. Could his mind be playing tricks on him? Had he split his personality in two, so he could talk to himself?

"You said something would be cool, what is it?"

"Um, who are you?" Justin couldn't shake the feeling that this other person, while close, wasn't him, but who could it be?

"I, uh, I don't, uh, I don't really know. I was just drawn to this place, and when I started to walk around, I heard you talking to yourself, and um, well, thought I would come over and see who it was. You look familiar though, do I know you?" The stranger looked like a slightly smaller version of Justin, maybe an inch shorter, and ten pounds lighter. His hair was cut shorter, and his eyes were two shades lighter. But almost an identical twin, or maybe this was how Justin saw himself.

"Oh, I don't think we know each other, but how did you find this place, and me?" Justin had stood up, to see his visitor eye to eye, and was amazed at how much alike they were.

"I don't know." Was all he said, his head hanging low, this was very new to him. He didn't know what to do, or even think about it.

"Okay, well, my name is Justin, glad to meet you." Justin held his hand out to the stranger, for a friendly shake.

"Um, I don't know what to do here, but thanks." The other said as he stepped back from Justin, not wanting to shake his hand.

"Oh, er, okay. Maybe you're just a figment of my own overactive imagination, so I can understand Sean better. Like from his point of view. But, you look like me, and that is just way too weird." Justin had a look on his face of complete confusion.

"Who's Sean?"

"Sean is the guy, the one person on the planet, that I had searched for, because I was not going to live without an organ transplant, and a bone marrow transfusion." Justin said, with true love in his voice.

"Wow. That is cool, but how did you find him?"

"I don't really know, but I guess it's kinda like how you found me right now." Justin was still unsure himself, of the events that really lead up to him and Sean meeting, but it started similarly.

"Oh, okay. So what are you doing here now?"

"Well, Sean is my guardian now, and he is having some problems dealing with the upturn in his life. So I though that I needed to get away from him for awhile, to do some thinking."

"Why would you need to get away from him? It sounds like you really love him, or at least care for him."
"I really do love him. It was his inner beauty that drew me to him, I think." Justin sat back down and motioned for his 'guest' to do the same. As soon as both boys were sitting, he continued. "I was in the hospital, in a coma I guess, at least that's what they told me. I was asleep for over two weeks. I have been able to come to places like this for some time now. Something that deals with 'parental abandonment', or something like that. Yeah, I went to go see a shrink for awhile. I had been causing all sorts of mischief."

His guest was starting to snicker at that, for what boy didn't understand getting into trouble now and then. He nodded his head in understanding, and waited for Justin to continue.

"Well, after getting bored, I wandered around the place I was in. It wasn't like this at all, this is Sean's place. My place was good too, but, this place... "Justin looked up at the sky again, a big smile on his face. The calming effect was overpowering.


"Oops, sorry. This place has a certain effect on you don't it? Anyway, after some period of time, I don't know how long. There were two figures that appeared before me. One in white, the other in black. Those two robed figures, I guess, were heaven and hell. I knew at that point, it was just a matter of time." Justin wiped a few tears back from his eyes before looking at his guest. He then continued after he got a small nod. "Well, I needed someone to come forward that was a complete match, for the transplants to work, and my father had done a planet wide search looking for one. I needed help, for I knew it wasn't going to be long before I couldn't go back. So I prayed. I prayed so hard, with all my heart, that eventually I could 'feel' someone that would do. I don't know how, but I finally found him. And he was going to jump off a bridge when I did find him. I persuaded him to follow me, and he did. The rest is kinda history."

"Wow, that's some story. How did you go to him, if you were actually in a coma though?"

"I don't know, it was all kinda new, for I had never done anything like that before, and most likely won't again. At least for the same reason, I hope." Justin tilted his head, as if to say 'duh'.

"What's he like?"

"Boy, you don't ask simple questions, do you? Well, let me see. He is about six foot tall, maybe a little shorter, probably 180 pounds or so, light reddish brown hair, and light brown eyes. I guess for a guy, he isn't too bad looking, for he gets the nurses excited. Hee Hee. But he can also make guys blush too, like the orderly at lunchtime." Justin was giggling, and so was his visitor. "His heart has been through the wringer, more than once, and he doesn't handle good things happening to him too well. But he has so much love in him, he won't let it out, because he thinks he will get hurt again."

"Wow, he sure sounds nice. I wish I had someone around like that." As he said this, his head went down, for he was trying to hide his tears.

"So." Justin was trying to find out who this stranger was, at least get a name out of him. "What did you say your name was?"

"I didn't." With that, he got up and started to walk away. Not even saying goodbye, he disappeared about twenty feet from Justin.

"What the?" Justin was confused now, for if this was something his imagination had made, why would it disappear, and not even talk to him? He came here to relax and think, and now he was more confused than when he got here. Before he could start to look up at the sky again, he could feel the presence of bodies around him. It was time to wake up, and go. He sighed.




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