Sean's Angel

By: Hal
(Copyright 2006 - 2007 by the Author)
Editors: Radio Rancher & Str8mayb

The following is a complete work of fiction. Any resemblance to
characters and real life persons is completely coincidental.

The following story contains violence and erotic homosexual situations
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Chapter 5

Justin opened his eyes, and looked around. Sean was still sleeping, and Nurse Wallace was peaking her head in the door, looking to see if the boys were awake. Sandra Wallace was nice middle aged woman, who reminded you of the typical homemaker. Her short brown hair gave her a nice warming appearance with her white nurse's outfit molded on her body.

"Are you ready to eat? Oh, I see Sean is still sleeping. Do you think we should wake him, or wait for awhile?" She said, as she looked over at both beds.

Sean mumbled something, as he looked over at Justin, not making any sense whatsoever. Justin looked at him, and started to laugh. "Hey, sleepyhead, are you ready to eat, or are you needing to wake up some more?" Justin said this, and then stopped laughing, for Sean's face didn't look very good. "What's up, bro', are you feeling okay?"

"Ah, um, I think. I just had the weirdest feeling though. I feel like a little disorientated, that's all." Sean was trying to shake the cobwebs out of his head.

"Are you hungry, Sean? I can come back later if you want?" Sandra said, as her eyes focused on Sean. "Are you sure you are alright? You look a little pale, are you feeling warm?" She was walking into the room now, and over to Sean's bed. She put her hand on his head to see if he was warm. His head was slightly warm, but it was warm in the room. "Well, it doesn't seem like you are running a fever, but I want to check your temperature, okay?" She was reaching for the electronic thermometer on the wall, and put a clean cover on it. "Open up, there you go, close, hold still, breath in through your nose. Good, now let's see, 98.9. Just as I thought, you are just a little warm. How bout dinner? Are you hungry?"

Sean's eyes lost the slight glaze they had, and his color had come back. He still looked like he was sweating, but his overall appearance was better. "Yeah, that sounds good."

"Okay, I will be right back then." She said, and turned around to leave. "Be right back, hon."

She left, and the boys looked at each other, Justin showing his concern for Sean in his eyes. "Hey, are you sure you're okay? You had me worried there." Justin had a serious look on his face.

"Yeah, it was just a strange feeling I had. Like it was something from a weird dream, and I think something is missing. Or like, something is out of place, its hard to describe." Sean's face was contorting, as he was trying to put into words, what he was feeling. Justin's face had a look of surprise on it, as he was feeling what Sean was going through.

"What are you thinking of Sean?" Justin asked, his face becoming stern.

"I don't know, it is just a feeling I have. Why? Do you feel it too?" Sean was looking over at Justin.

Justin looked over to Sean, with a look of uncertainty, for if he told Sean of his dream, he might not like it, and if he tried to lie, he definitely wouldn't like it. He was torn. Tell the truth, and face some disappointment, or lie, and face only a little anger if caught. If the link between the two was strong, stronger than Justin would like, he would be caught lying. As straight a look as he could muster, Justin was going to try to lie to Sean.

"No, I don't feel what you are feeling, bro, I can't think of what would cause you to be like this." Justin was trying not to look guilty, but he knew he would get caught.

Sean couldn't tell whether or not Justin was lying. He only could tell something was up with him. He didn't know why, but what he had dreamed, and how he was feeling, was important. He would find out sooner or later. "Oh, alright then, maybe it was just a bad dream or something." Sean had fallen for Justin's lie.

With a sigh of relied, Justin looked at the door, for he was getting hungry. What kid isn't always hungry? Soon enough, dinner was being pushed through the door, followed by Sandra.

"Well, because the diet restrictions are being lifted a bit, you guys are in for a real treat tonight. Marty asked us to have a dinner especially ordered for you. While real hard foods and lots of meat, still have to be in moderation, you guys get to eat steak and potatoes, tonight!" Her face was all aglow, for she knew what it was like to eat institutional food, for she has been a nurse for over fifteen years. Even in the cafeteria, the food was only so-so, so she mostly brown bagged it for her lunch, or dinner, depending on which shift she worked. Marty had asked that the staff call in an order for prime rib, baked potato, with a tossed chef salad, for the guys. The portions were still on the small side, but it was better than hospital food. Of course Justin's dinner, was a few bites bigger than Sean's, because he was, after all, a growing boy. He also stipulated that no dessert be served, for he would be by later. With what, was to be a surprise.

"Jeez Sean, look, real food!" Justin was as excited as a three year on Christmas morning.

"Wow! And what did we do to deserve this wonderful treat?" Was Sean's reply, with a big smile on his face. He hadn't realized what real food could do to his appetite. It had been so long since he had enjoyed a good meal, at a restaurant.

Sandra just looked at him, and said, "This was a special request by Marty, who pleaded with us to take good care of you two." She couldn't help but start laughing, so the guys would know it was a joke. "You guys know I am kidding, right? Marty just wanted to make sure you got a good meal for a change, and besides, he saw what was on the menu for tonight. Meat surprise, with drinkable potatoes." This last statement caused both of the boys to make Mr. Yuck faces. They had heard, that every couple of weeks, was time to fast, because no one could stomach this meal. With their dinners in front of them, they dug in like they hadn't eaten for days. Sandra just looked at them, smiled and left them to their dinner, telling them she would be back in a bit for the containers. The boys were too busy stuffing their faces to pay much attention to what she said. After they were about half way through the meal, Sean swallowed his mouthful, and looked over at Justin. He was having a funny feeling about the way he woke up. He knew something had happened in his sleep. Just what, he couldn't pin point it. Justin was hiding something, that much he did know. He would have to learn to accept the weird feeling for now. Sean just shook his head, and went back to eating.

"This is the best food I have eaten in a long time, what about you, Sean?" Justin said, with his mouth still half full of food. Grabbing his napkin to wipe his face clean of salad dressing, he blushed because he wasn't used of eating with important company.

"Well, uh, ahem, it's been some time since I treated myself to a good dinner. There just hasn't been a good reason to spend all that money on a fancy meal." Sean replied, getting a sad look on his face. He was remembering all the good times, where celebrations were more of a common occurrence. But before his mood went completely sour, he remembered why he was eating well now. So with his eyes getting misty, he looked over at Justin, who was eating his salad. "Sorry, bud, I just can't remember when I enjoyed a good meal with such good company."

Justin saw the change in Sean, and swallowed his food. "Um, sorry dude. I didn't mean to bring anything up that would make you sad. I just forgot, uh, oops, I shouldn't have said that."

"That's okay." Sean realized that he had never mentioned his past to Justin, or at least given him many details if he had. He then looked at Justin, as he cocked his head. With his face contorting, the realization of how he knew, came to him. He couldn't have, could he? Could Justin really have been able to read his mind? Sean was slowly accepting the emotional aspect of their bond, but to be able to read minds? Nah, it couldn't be.

"Sean, dude, listen to me for a sec, okay?" Justin was putting his flatware down, so he could look at him, with nothing to distract him. "It's no biggie, really. I know that you were not happy when we first met. There were reasons that you were on that bridge, that night. I don't care. Really. It doesn't matter to me. What does matter, is that we are here, now. We both have things in the past that make us sad. So let's try to learn to live in the here and now." Justin was trying to figure out a way to try to mask his true meaning of trying to change the subject, for he didn't want Sean to find out about his dream trip.

"Well, okay. Let's finish this good food, before it gets any colder then." Sean said, as he dug back into his dinner. As he swallowed his last bite of steak, he looked over at his li'l bro, and found that he was already finished. What an appetite he had, and Sean could see himself gaining lots of weight if he tried to keep up with him. He had always tried to stay thin, but it took lots of discipline to do so. He wasn't overweight by any means, but in his mind he was fat.

"Aren't you done yet?" Justin said with a smile. He was trying to keep the subject matter light, for he knew what was after dinner. Blood tests. Just thinking about them, made him cringe, for he had been used as a pincushion for far too long. Over the last 18 months or so, he had been to so damn many doctors, with each one drawing blood, or sticking needles where they don't belong. He was really tired of needles, but he was hopeful that this was the last time.

Sean realized what was on Justin's mind, and he wanted to tease him a little. "What's the big rush? Are you anxious to see more needles? I hate them, personally, but if you want, I will try to hurry up." His face was giving him away, for the smile crept up on him, and soon he was laughing.

"That's not funny, you, you, mmmm." Justin had a slight frown on his face, but he knew Sean was just teasing him. Justin was going to have some fun with him, but in due time. He knew how Sean felt, and it would take some time to help break him of his esteem issues. Now was not the time to tease too much. "Don't worry, Big Bro, someday, somewhere, sometime, when you least expect it, I will get you back."

Sean had seen the teasing that Justin was capable of, and he almost though about apologizing, except for the incident at lunch which came back to him. "I am just paying you back for lunch, but I think I still owe you."

Justin smiled and said, "That's okay, for now, we might be even, but what comes around goes around."

"I think you better remember that too." Sean was smiling right back, for he wasn't really afraid of needles, and he knew the tests were after dinner. He could only think of Justin almost crying over his fear of needles. He almost started to feel sorry for him. Almost. The reality of being Justin's guardian, was starting to sink in. He was going to be with this kid, forever. That is if he chose. Having someone to be with, and spend time with, made him feel all warm and fuzzy, inside, for he hadn't felt that in some time. He was accepting the fact that he could stay with Justin as long as it suited him. He was feeling good with that. He had someplace he belonged. Someone would depend on him, not for financial support, but emotional support. He liked that idea. His eyes were getting misty over the thought.

"What's the matter? Is something wrong?" Seeing Sean get emotional again, was making Justin concerned.

"Are you sure you want me around?" Was Sean's reply, as his eyes let a tear run down his face.

"Of course I do. And besides, it's kinda late to change your mind, now. You're silly." Justin was relieved over finding out that it was finally sinking in with Sean. They were family, more or less. Stuck together, forever. And he liked that idea of being together forever. He finally had a family, or at least the start of one. He was relieved, for he had never had anyone who was there for just him. Ever. He really liked the idea of having Sean there, even if Sean didn't agree. They would be there for each other. Just the way it was intended. The way he had wished. And with them being bonded, and having shared blood, there was no denying the fact they were connected for life. Justin would always carry a piece of Sean with him, no matter what. He had one of Sean's kidneys, but also, part of his heart. Just as he hoped Sean had a piece of Justin to carry with him, always. Their bond would help balance that out. But something still seemed to be missing. Justin had a single happy tear slide down his face as he looked over at Sean. He had family now, and he was happy.

"Okay, if you say so, I guess I am around for keeps, then." Sean had a smile on his face.

"Well, that's good to hear." Sandra had stuck her head back into the room. "Are you boys done eating? I guess that's a silly question with your plates empty. Let me get those out of the way, so we can get those pesky tests done, and out of the way, so you can get some dessert, later." She had walked over and gathered up the empties, and threw them in the garbage. After putting away the trays, to make room to work, she turned to the guys and said, "Well, now we have room to torture you guys, I will go get some help to do just that." She was snickering as she left the room.

"Well, get ready for a large battery of tests there, Justin." Sean had a slight smile, growing to a full blown smile.

"Sean," Justin was whining, and giving him his puppy dog look. A look that he would soon patent, for it would get him things without resorting to groveling.

The door opened, and Dr. Meyers walked in, followed by Sandra.

Sandra looked at the pair, and said "What is it you want, Justin? The only time I have seen that look is when you want something really bad." Her motherly demeanor was kicking in, as she gave Justin a look of curiosity.

"Nothin'. Sean was teasing me. That's all." Justin had a pouty look on his face. He looked over at Sean with the biggest fake frown he could make.

"Well then, let's get started." Sandra walked over to Justin, first, to take his blood pressure and temperature, smiling at him, hoping to calm his fears.

Reid finally spoke up, "Sean, how are you doing, handling the rugrat, okay? Well, let's see what your readings are." He walked over to Sean's bed, and started the normal readings. After he was done, he picked up a syringe, and took some blood from the shared line between the two. The boys have been sharing blood since the operation, because their blood was so rare, only a few units were available in the entire country, and since their blood was compatible, it was decided that they keep sharing it until they were healed enough to be taken off of the machine that helped pump the blood. "Well, that's it, I will take this down to the lab, and hopefully have the results before tomorrow. Be back in a few, guys." Reid took the vial of blood, and headed out the door.

Sandra looked at Justin, who had a look of confusion on his face. She said, "Well? What did you expect? For us to poke you again? You both have the same blood, so right now, all we need is one sample. Your other readings are quite good, as far as I can tell. So when Dr. Meyers gets the results, we can finally get you guys unhooked from the tubes, and hopefully the wires too. But you have to behave now, Justin."

Justin had an incredible smirk on his face, for he was thinking they were going to put needles in him. He was also thinking, that as long as they were hooked up, they were bed ridden as well. At least this way, the staff could keep an eye on him, and knew exactly where he was at.

"I will behave, Sandra, I want to get out of here, as soon as possible. Being tied up like this, is too much." Justin said, giving his best angel impersonation. His act didn't last long, for he started cracking up.

"Now what have I gotten myself into?" Sean said, with a forlorn look. Even though he really cared about Justin, he really didn't know what to expect, once they were able to get out of bed. He would soon realize, what kind of energy a 12 year old would have.

"Now you two, just keep it civilized, I think Marty is on his way, now. He called the desk and said he was running a bit late. So just let your dinners settle a little, and relax for now." Sandra said, as she turned to leave.

The resulting silence, gave Sean a few seconds to start thinking. But before he could get too involved in his thoughts, they were interrupted.

"What ya thinking about, bro'?" Justin said, in his innocent voice.

"Um, I guess, ah, I just started thinking about getting done, and getting out of here is all." Sean replied, with a semi sad look on his face.

"I have been thinking about it too. I guess we need to come up with some sort of plan, don't you?" Justin said.

Sean had forgotten, that they were together. He was Justin's legal guardian, and his future plans, would revolve around him, now. He was still coming to terms with this. After all the events in his life, once again, someone would depend on him.

"I guess we do." Sean said, with a little more confidence. "What do you think we should do first?"

"Well, I guess, I kinda want to know what to call you. You haven't said anything with calling you bro, or pops, or anything. So I was kinda wondering what to call you, so when we get introduced, I know what to expect." Justin's look was so precious, for he was really worried about the answer.

"Well, I haven't given it much thought, really. Can you just call me Sean, for now." Sean had a worried look on his face, for he didn't want to hurt Justin's feelings. "It's not that I don't consider you a little brother, and I would be honored to be your 'pops', its just that, well, it will take some time, okay?"

"Um, okay, that's cool for now, I, uh, guess." Justin's look on his face had a look of disappointment to it, not a full frown, but he was let down a little, with the answer.

"Hey bud, cheer up alright? This week has been something out of a dream, or a nightmare, and it is just going to take me some time, okay?" Sean had a serious look on his face, he really didn't mean to hurt Justin's feelings, but he was just so unsure of himself, and everything that has happened to him so far. "Speaking of which, what do you want me to call you?"

"Anything you want, I guess. I am pretty comfortable with bud, or bro, or brother. But I really feel good when you call me Your Little Brother. That makes me feel warm and wanted." Justin's spirits were picking up, he still had hopes. Justin was unsure himself, as to where their relationship would go. He knew they were bound together, through their link, and legally bound, until he was an adult. But he wanted more. He wanted a family. Something to call his own. His ultimate dream was to have a dad. Not just a biological donor. A real dad. Someone to help him learn, and give back the love he had so much of.

"Okay, bud. No problem." Sean said, as he looked at Justin. He could tell the young man in front of him, needed more than he was willing to give at this minute, but he would try. Not just for Justin's sake, but for his own, as well. The smile growing on his face warmed up the room by a few degrees. Sean's love for Justin was growing. Sean was accepting the fact that he had another family, to call his own.

"So, um, pops, oops, sorry, Sean. Where are we going to live, when we get out of here?" Justin's face started to blush.

"Well, I don't know." Sean said, with his face getting more somber. He was thinking about his little efficiency apartment, that he was renting, and what a little hell hole it was. This was no place to even invite company, let alone have a family. He had started to get sad, for he was really embarrassed at the fact he didn't have much of anything to show for material things in his life. For his thirty five years of living, and two decades of work, he didn't have anything to show for it.

"Hey, uh, Sean, don't worry about it. Okay? Remember, we are rich, now, and if my dad doesn't mind, we can live there for now. It's a big house, and he's never there anyway. Don't worry, we don't have to worry about stuff like that anymore." Justin was smiling warmly over at Sean.

"Oh, yeah, I keep forgetting. You know, that is just something that will take some time to get used to." Sean had a worried look on his face, that disappeared into a dreamy look.

"Okay, how bout for now, we just wait and see. Anything can happen, before now and then." said Justin as he was grinning.

"Oh, yeah, uh, that works for me." Sean said, with a sigh of relief, thinking to himself that it would be really nice to not worry about money. Ever.

There was a knock at the door, and Marty poked his head in.

"How you guys doing? Ready for some dessert? I asked, and as long as you don't pig out, I brought something special, along with the person who made it." Marty had his winning smile on, the look that he has another surprise for them. Marty walked in and was followed by Cecilia Moran, Justin's nanny, or better put, house keeper. She had a cake box in her hands, and a big smile on her face. Cecilia wasn't a tall person, about five foot eight. Her dark brown hair highlighted her round face. She was an outgoing person, that anyone would love to come home to.

"There you are, Justin. It's so nice to see your doing better." She said, as she placed the cake on one of the small tables, and went to give him a big hug. "I am so happy, you're back, and for good, too. I wouldn't know what to do, if you didn't pull through."

"Nice to see you too, Celia." Justin was about to turn blue for the big hug he was getting. He loosened his hug to give her the hint that he was done. "Hey, Celia, I want to introduce you to Sean, he is the one who needs the congratulations for saving me." He looked over at Sean, who was startled to see yet another stranger becoming involved in his life. This definitely would take some time to get used to.

"And for you, Mr. Jenkins, a very big thank you too." She turned around to give him a big hug as well. The tightness of her hug, let Sean know how much she cared for young Justin. And her tears, were showing him how happy she was to have her little boy back too.

"Uh, er, uh, nice to meet you, too." Sean tried to speak, as all the air in his lungs was being squeezed out.

"Ahem, Cecelia, better let him go. He is starting to turn blue, now." Marty interrupted, he could tell Sean was just a little uncomfortable with the moment.

"Oh, of course, I didn't mean to get carried away." She let Sean go, as her face was wet with tears. "And to show you just a little of my gratitude, young man, for you're saving my Justin. I made a special dessert for you both. It is Justin's favorite, and I hope you like it." She stood up to go get the box she brought in. She cut off a slice, and handed it to Sean.

"How come he got the first piece!" Justin started to whine. It was his favorite thing in the world. Double fudge chocolate chip cake, with chocolate syrup drizzling down the sides.

"Oh God, that looks so good." Sean's eyes opened wide as he looked at it. And after taking a bite, letting it pleasure his taste buds, he said "And it tastes like heaven, mmm."

"Would you like a piece Marty?" She turned to face him, with a plate in her hands.

"Yes, thank you. I think I can handle that." Was Marty's reply. He too, had a look of complete satisfaction as he took a bite.

"Well, I am waiting!" Justin said, as he turned on his pouty look.

"Of course, how can I forget you?" She said, but of course she did it on purpose, putting his last. Justin has always had his favorite dessert, so it wasn't new to him. For the other two, this was their first taste of what was to come, with her cooking talents.

"Bout time!" Justin said, as he was already on his second bite before he could get the plate settled in front of him.

Sean was enjoying every bite, enjoying the mouthwatering flavor. He liked both chocolate, and fudge. But this cake was just simply delicious. Marty too, was enjoying his piece, for he didn't like sweets too much. But he thought this was a time of celebration, and decided to indulge himself.

Cecelia, was standing there, taking in the quiet of the moment. If you can call three guys eating cake and making sounds of enjoyment, quiet. Tears were slowly falling down her face, for she had begun to expect the worst when there was no donor found. She wasn't even told of them finding Sean, or vice versa, until earlier this afternoon, when Marty called her. Marty had filled her in, and let her know of his fast recovery. The only thing that bothered her was, her continued employment. She had been watching Justin grow up for almost a decade, already, and she hated to have to leave him. But with Sean around, were her services still needed? She was happy to see Justin survive, and would be happy for the rest of her days, knowing that. She felt like she might be intruding on their lives now. Marty had filled her in on the legal arrangements, and she didn't know if they both wanted her around.

Marty went over to the table, and grabbed the water cups for the boys. He went to the sink and filled them up with fresh water. That much sweetness needed to have something to wash it down with.

"Thanks Marty." Was the reply, in stereo.

Justin continued by saying "Yeah, thanks Marty, and Celia, that had to be your best cake yet!"

"Yes, thanks Marty. And thank you very much for the cake Ms.--; sorry I forgot your name." Sean was starting to blush.

"Ms.? Pardon me, Mr. Manners, but you can call me either Cecilia, or like Justin does, Celia. We aren't that formal Sean. May I call you Sean?" Cecelia said, and her face too, was starting to redden.

"Oh, excuse me, of course call me Sean. I am just not used to being around people much." Sean replied as he started to hang his head a little.

"No apology needed, young man. You are the reason Justin is still here with us now." She said matter of factly, as she looked at one, then the other.

"And speaking of which," Marty interjected. "Cecelia was wondering if you two needed a house keeper, or whether you two wanted some one else, or what you were going to do."

Justin had given Sean his look, as if to ask why would they need anyone else. Sean picked up on this, and looked at Justin with a look of 'why me?' Finally, he decided it was better to speak up now, or there would be hell to pay in a few more seconds.

"Of course, we will keep her. If this cake is any indication of her talents, then I would be stupid to turn her down." Sean said, as it hit him, that he had just made an executive decision. Even though it was a small decision, it was a major hurdle he had jumped over. He was being accepted. His self worth went up a few notches, and his smile grew and began to shine.

"That's great, Sean." Marty spoke up; Cecelia was starting to cry.

"Yes, thank you so much, Sean. And Justin can fill you in as to how I can cook." She was trying to stop the tears, without much success.

"I knew you would like her, Sean. Her cooking is absolutely fabulous. This is one of the first decisions that you will make for us, and you did good." Justin was beaming, as he said this. He knew he had the final say so, but it was worth it to see Sean take pride in his little decision for them. Justin was trying to help Sean with his problem of low self esteem. He knew it would take time, and little baby steps along the way. This was going to be a learning experience for the two of them.

"Thank you again, Sean, and if there is anything you don't like, let me know ahead of time, okay?" Cecelia had her doubts about Sean, but was relieved to find out that Justin really wouldn't let anything bad happen. Marty had filled her in on the new chain of command, and it made her nervous, as to how to handle her new employer. Of course, with her special cake, how could anyone tell her no. She was happy now, and her cooking would only prove how much. She had loved to cook, since she was a little girl, and had gone to culinary school straight out of high school. She was hired to be Justin's nanny after she graduated, and had learned to love him as a child she never had. She had lived in with the family from the start, and she was always around for Justin. She would treat these two as kings, as long as she was able to. She loved Justin, and for saving him, she already cared for Sean. "Thank you."

"Hey Celia, I would starve without you, you know that." The look on Justin's face was comical. He had meant what he said, for she was there for like, ever. He was raised on her cooking, and there was no comparison to her cooking, and when she went out of her way, there was nothing that compared. She could make a feast fit for a king.

"Well, guys, did you enjoy your dinner?" Marty had a smile for he already knew the answer. He had made special arrangements for this dinner, tonight. He had talked to the chef himself, and was guaranteed their satisfaction. He even watched the meal being prepared to make sure of it.

"Yes, thank you Marty, it was delicious." Sean said, as he lay back and rubbed his stomach.

"Yeah, it was great, thanks Marty." Justin said, as he was eying the cake, licking his lips. He was hoping that Cecelia would notice, and give him a second piece.

"Oh no you don't, young man. One piece is more than enough. Be thankful for that." Cecelia had noticed his look. She walked over to the cake, to put the lid on the box. "Well, out of sight, out of mind." At least she was hoping. The aroma of the cake was still in the room, and she was tempted to go open the window to air it out. But decided against it.

"Well, that takes care of that. You should know better than to ask for seconds, Justin. One piece was more than the doctors would clear anyway. You are lucky to get even that." Marty was starting to almost scold him, but he was doing it in the nicest way he could.

"Yeah, bro, you need to be thankful for her being nice enough to do this. Especially on such short notice. She said she only found about you this afternoon. I don't know much about baking, but I am sure it took most of that time to make that delicious cake. So just calm down, and be nice." Sean had spoken up, and meant it. He had to leash in his temper, for it was starting to flare. He had seen what happens with spoiled kids, and he didn't want to watch Justin grow up spoiled. He would not allow that to happen, if he could help it.

"Sorry, Sean." Justin said, as he was lowering his head. He realized he had over stepped his bounds. He was really sorry. He had not seen this side of Sean, but he kinda liked it. He had never been told in a stern way to be nice. He had always been sort of babied, especially after he had gotten ill. How times have changed. It was time to adapt. He had to learn to trust Sean's judgment, and his guidance. This is just what he really needed, an adult to remain in his life, to give and receive love.

"Hey, no problem bud. Just be nice. No hard feelings, okay?" Sean said, with a warm smile towards Justin, to reinforce the love he had for him.

"That's okay Sean, I guess I needed that. I kinda like having you around to tell me what to do, anyway. I need to be reminded that I am no longer by myself. Thanks." Justin felt put into his place, and rightly so. But it was from love. That made all the difference in the world.

"Well, guys, I think Cecelia needs to go, for now. She needs to take care of some things, before you guys get released. Do you need anything special, or want anything when you do get out?" Marty was watching the conversation, and before it got carried away, decided to interrupt. Marty was feeling better about the two guys, realizing that the borders were being put into place. These two, still needed lots of help, but they were well on their way.

"Yes, Sean, Justin, do you need anything special?" Cecelia said, with a warm smile.

"No, thank you." Was what they said, again at the same time.

The only one who had not witnessed this before was Cecelia, and it took her by shock. She was told that the bonding between the two boys had taken on a new perspective, but not like that. She shook her head, as she turned toward the door.

"Well, if you are sure, then I will take my leave. See you guys soon." She was so much in shock over the reply, that she didn't even give Justin a hug.

Marty looked over to the two, guys and he also shook his head. It was still so amazing that Sean had made it to the hospital when he did, but the closeness of the two, was starting to be overwhelming. He didn't know why it happened, but he was happy it did. If they could only stay happy now, for there were things that did need to be taken care of.

"I was going to go more into some things with you two, tonight, but it's kinda late. So, unless you have any questions for me, I think I will call it a night too." Marty said, as he let out a small yawn.

"I can't think of anything off the top of my head. Maybe after a good nights sleep." Sean said, as he tried to stifle his own yawn.

"Me neither, Marty. Maybe tomorrow, when you come back. You are coming back aren't you?" Justin said, as he looked over at Sean, wanting his approval.

"Of course I am. Why wouldn't I? After all, you are my number one client, now." Marty said with a sly grin on his face. He knew he had his work cut out for him, but it was going to be a lot of fun. "If I have the time, I will try to be here for lunch, if I get busy, I won't make it until afterwards. But in either case, they will deliver another lunch for you guys, and I promise it will be nice."

"Thank you very much, Marty, the hospital food is okay, but if you don't have to eat it, you're better off I think." Justin said with a sigh, for his memories of the dinner were still fresh in his mind. His smile was big, as he remembered the awesome cake Cecelia had brought in. Not only did she deliver, she made it from scratch.

"Yeah, that stuff can keep you sick alright." Justin said, matter of factly, as he made a Mr. Yuck face.

Sean just looked over at him, and chuckled. He was right, though. Sean's parenting skills were a little rusty, but they were going to go into hyper drive, soon enough. Tomorrow is another day, for this one was quickly coming to a close.

"Gentlemen, until tomorrow then." Marty got up and let himself out.

"Wow, what a day." said Justin, as he laid his head back into the pillow.

"I'll say, it was a long one, indeed." Sean replied, as he tried to get comfy again. All the moving around and eating, had got his bed a little messy.

"I guess we will have to wait until tomorrow, to see if the test results are good, and if we can get unhooked, huh.?" Justin looked over to Sean, who was trying to get relaxed.

"Yup, it may take all day to hear back from them, maybe." Sean replied, as he stifled a yawn.

"Are you boys all comfy?" Nurse Joleen asked, as she walked into the room. She was making the last rounds of the night. "Here, let me help you a little, Sean." She went over to Sean's bed, and fluffed his pillow for him, and straightened out his blanket a little. She then turned around and did the same for Justin. With the added benefit of actually tucking him in.

"All better now?" Joleen asked, as she turned around.

"Yes, thank you." They both said.

"We'll see you in the morning, then, and hopefully we can get you guys unhooked, somewhat. The results are looking good." With that, she turned and left.

Sean was finally relaxing, his belly was quite full, and he was more tired from all the events of the day than he had realized. Thinking about his future had taken its toll, and he was getting really tired.

"So, uh, Sean, do you think tomorrow will be a good day? Think they will get ready to get us out? What do you think about Celia? Isn't she the best." Justin wasn't ready yet to go to sleep. He wanted to try to get some answers, now that they were alone, and he wasn't even tired.

"Snore." Was the only sound that came from Sean.

To be continued...



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