Sean's Angel

By: Hal
(Copyright 2006 - 2007 by the Author)
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Chapter 9

Sean looked at the big car in front of them. He was amazed. Even more so when this big guy in a chauffeurs uniform got out, and walked around the car and opened the door. He was so stunned that he couldn't get out of the wheel chair.

"Come on Sean, our ride is waiting." Justin said, as he was pulling on Sean's arm.

"Oh, yeah, right." Sean finally said, as he stood up and allowed Justin to lead him to the car.

"If we hurry up a bit, we can beat the traffic and make it in time for our reservation." Marty said, as he followed the guys to the car.

"Wow, Marty, I never get to ride in this one. What happened? You feeling guilty about something?" Justin said, as he was grinning. He didn't know the full truth about how much guilt Marty was carrying.

"Nothing of the sort, Justin. I told you this was a special occasion, with your getting out, and it is my privilege to take you out to lunch. So, I thought it would take a special transport to do just that." Marty said, trying to hide his real feelings from the two.

"Wow, this car is great, and a chauffeur as well." Sean said, while he was rubber necking the interior. He had noticed the leather interior, the private glass, the extra room for carrying up to 6 adults comfortably, and the mini bar that was also part of the package.

"Yes, this car is nice. It is usually saved for the executives when they go on power lunches, but this was more important. They understood that if you weren't treated nice, they would have to answer directly to you and Justin." Marty said, with a sly grin.

"What do you mean? Answer to us?" Justin asked, as his face scrunched up.

"Well, you are their new boss now. What you say goes." Marty said, matter of factly.

"Cool," was the only thing that Justin said, as his mind was starting to calculate all the fun he could have.

"Not on your life, bud." Came Sean's warning, before too long.

"I swear, I am never going to have fun while you are around." Justin said, in his most pouty voice.

"Fun? We will have tons of fun, but only the legal kind. Got it?" Sean said, before returning to look out the window. He had lived here for awhile, but everything seemed to be new to him. Something was making him see life through new eyes. This was all new to him, for life seemed so cruel to him before. This was a new life now, full of love and discovery, and his eyes were now open to the wonders and beauty of the world.

"Hey Sean, are you okay? You look like you are spacing out? Are you feeling alright?" Justin had care and concern in his voice.

"Yeah, I am just noticing new things that I have overlooked before, and it feels really good to see life through new eyes." Sean said, as he looked back from the window.

"It's pretty nice, when you don't have darkness surrounding you, don't you agree?" Marty said, trying to keep the spirits up.

"Yes, it is. I guess I just put myself into such a shell, that I wouldn't notice the nice things in life anymore." Sean said, as he had a thoughtful look on his face.

"Well Sean, that life is over now. You have a new one now, right here in front of you. And I am going to remind you to enjoy it, every chance I get to let you know." Justin said, as he gave him a brief hug of reassurance.

"Thanks bud." Sean said, he threw his arm around Justin, and gave him a quick squeeze.

"Are you guys hungry? We are almost there, so I hope you are. We are going to one of the best restaurants in the city, and their food is absolutely wonderful." Marty said, as he turned to look at where they were.

"Do bears shit in the woods? Oops. Sorry." Justin said, as he started to blush. He looked over at Sean to judge his reaction, which didn't look favorable.

"Justin, we are going to have to work on your language skills, I think." Sean said, as he gave a disapproving frown.

"Sorry, it's just that it was a stupid question. If you ask me." Justin said, hanging his head down a little.

"It's okay, Sean, I am pretty used to the way he talks. It didn't offend me in the slightest." Marty replied, with a slight grin.

"Well, still, he needs to work on his manners a little. And his language might get him into trouble, if he doesn't watch his mouth." Sean said, giving his young friend a quick squeeze on the shoulder.

As they just looked at each other, and laughed, the car slowed down and turned slightly and finally came to a gentle stop. The door was opened before anyone could move. The valet stood back to let them exit the vehicle. Marty was the first to exit, followed by Justin, then Sean. As they looked around, the boys were in shock. This was one fancy restaurant. The doorman greeted Marty like they were old friends. If the truth be told, they were. Marty had many power lunches here, with colleagues, and of course clients. Well, only the ones that were wealthy enough to afford to eat here. The food was scrumptious, but a little on the expensive side.

"Wow, Marty, are we gonna eat here?" Justin said, as he looked at the front of the building.

"I can think of something to say, that, but I can't say what I was thinking, not after I just talked to Justin about his language." Sean said, as he was really surprised at the place.

"Shall we?" Marty asked, pointing in the direction of the open door.

The guys walked in and before they made it to the front desk, Marty excused himself to use the restroom down the hall. He let them know the reservation was in Marty's name.

"How may I help you?" The maitre d' asked, in his stuffy voice.

"Yes, we have reservations for three, under the name Hartman." Sean said, trying to stand straight and not look too bad. But with his new clothes, he felt better.

"Let me see, ah yes. But there seems to be a little problem here. One moment." The maitre d walked away, giving the Sean and Justin a once over.

"I wonder what the problem seems to be? Obviously the reservation is there, so what gives?" Asked Justin, shaking his head and shrugging his shoulders.

"I don't know, bud. I guess we will have to wait and see." Sean said, unsure of what was happening.

"I see your reservation was for 15 minutes ago, and Mr. Hartman would never be late. Just who are you, and why are you here?" The maitre d' said, in a monotone voice.

"We are here, as guests of Mr. Hartman, he is in the restroom, right now, and will be back shortly." Sean said, as he felt his temper start to rise.

"Well, we might have to wait, then, for his return. We don't allow anyone to just walk in and take a seat." The maitre d' said.

They all stood there giving each other the evil eye, when Marty finally came back from the bathroom.

"Is there a problem here? Why aren't you guys seated yet, they do have the reservation don't they?" Marty asked, as he approached the two boys.

"Well, apparently, the penguin over there, won't allow us to get our seats before you were present." Justin said, with venom in his voice.

"Is that what happened?" Marty asked, as he looked at Sean.

"Yes." Was all that Sean answered, trying to keep calm.

"Sean, take out your phone, and dial 22, and then hit send. When it is answered, let the person know who you are, and what is happening. Would you do that please?" Marty said as he looked over at the maitre d'.

"Sure, hang on." Sean replied, as he got his phone out, and followed the directions. The phone rang a couple of times.

"Hello... This is Sean Jenkins calling...Well thank you...Yes, I am standing at your front desk...Yes, Mr. Hartman had made reservations...but we were told...Yes, we were not asked for ID... I see... You will personally...Thank you." Was Sean's side of the conversation.

"What happened?" Asked Justin.

"Just wait and watch." Sean giggled, as he was smiling.

Pretty soon, a gentleman in an expensive suit walked out, whispered to the maitre d', then walked over to the three.

"I apologize sincerely Mr. Jenkins, please allow me to pick up your tab today. Anything you wish, will be on the house." The man sheepishly said as he gave a slight bow. He led them to the private room in the back for their lunch.

The three were led to the table, where they took their seats. They were seated, and menus were passed around. After the water glasses were filled, and guys started to look at the menus, the man in the expensive suit came over to Sean.

"I am so sorry for delaying your lunch. Please except our humblest apologies. Our staff here is usually more friendly than that. I don't think he will ever be a problem like that again. Please, take your time, and I will be back in a few minutes for your orders. Would you gentlemen like something to drink in the meantime?" the man asked, as he was starting to sweat. He tried to hide it, by wiping his hands on the towel that was draped over his arm.

"Yes, I would like some iced tea, and Justin would like some orange juice. Marty?" Sean asked, looking at him with a big smirk on his face.

"I think I will have iced tea as well. Thank you." Marty replied, giving Sean a nod of approval.

"I will return shortly, then gentlemen." Came the reply, as he bowed again before he left the room.

"What was that all about?" Justin asked, as his face twisted.

"Yes, Sean. I think I would like to hear that tale too." Marty said, as he scooted himself closer to the table, grinning madly.

"Well, whatever phone number that was. It came up as a hot line number from the owner. When he found out we were being detained at the front desk, even though we had reservations. And that the person standing out there, didn't even bother to ask us who we were, the guy in the suit got a little, how should I say, anxious to have us seated right away." Sean replied, as his face got flush, realizing how much authority he possessed.

"Well that's so cool. I bet he won't mess with you, again." Justin exclaimed, as he got up to give Sean a big hug.

"Yes, I say that turned out better than expected." Marty let slip out, before he covered his mouth with his hand.

"Wait, what did you say?" Sean asked, as he was eying Marty.

"Umm. Sorry if I misled you a little. We did have reservations here, and it was my treat. But, once the managers found out there were new owners, they were a little hot under the collar. So I thought I would introduce you to your new employees, and they could see that you meant them no harm. But there have been a few complaints about this place. And once they were made aware that no one should be made to feel like that, I am sure it won't happen again." Marty answered, feeling a little trapped.

"So, this was all a setup?" Sean questioned, as his face took on a new look of anger.

"No. And I mean that. It just turned out better than I expected. I had no play in your phone call, or the manager coming out to serve us by himself. That was all up to you. He is doing that because you were treated badly, and this is how things are going to be now. You are an important man, Sean. Please accept my apology, if you think otherwise." Marty said, as he was feeling very low. This was, after all, his new boss as well. And this was not a good way to earn someone's trust. He would have to come clean, but hopefully not too soon.

"Ease up Sean, he didn't mean it. Feel it. Can't you tell he is telling you the truth, now?" Justin said, as he grabbed a hold of Sean's hand, looking him in the eyes.

"Hmm, well. I guess." Sean almost whispered, as he started to relax, a little. His touching Justin helped with the confusion he was feeling. He still didn't understand what the feeling was, but there was something else there.

"Gentlemen, are you ready for your drinks?" The manager asked as he carried a tray of drinks in.

"Yes, thank you." Marty was the first to reply, wanting to change the mood to a happier one.

"Yes, please." The two replied at the same time.

"Are you ready to order your lunch yet?" The manager asked, as he looked over at Sean and Justin, amazed at the answer they gave him. It was curious how they could answer at the same time, almost in the same voice.

`I don't think we are ready to order, yet. Can you give us a few more minutes, please?" Marty asked, as he was trying to break the tension surrounding the manager and his staring.

"As you wish." The man said, as he turned around and left the room again.

"How do you guys do that? Answer at the same time like that. That is unique, to say the least." Marty asked, curiously. This was something that he had noticed, and it was almost bugging him, but he couldn't figure out why.

"I don't know how," Sean started to say.

"We do that." Justin finished.

"Okay, forget I asked, then. Maybe it is just meant to be that way, then." Marty gave up, shaking his head. For all the information available to him, this was one thing that he would not find out.

"I think that a good sandwich would taste great right now. How bout you Justin?" Sean asked, with his eyes glued to the menu.

"Yeah, I was thinking about having a Reuben, that sounds so good to me, right now." Justin's mouth was watering as he said it.

"Well, sandwiches it is then. I think the club sandwich is what I will have." Marty stated, as he was looking at the selection.

"Hmm, I think I will have a Philly steak, that looks so good." Sean spoke up, as he put his menu down and looked around the table.

The manager had come back into the room, and took the sandwich orders, and offered a couple of appetizers to try as well. He had suggested the vegetable platter, and seafood cocktail, for they were the most requested. Once the appetizers were brought back, the three guys dug in, with Justin in the lead at stuffing his face.

"Young man, do you really need to eat like it's your last meal? You can take your time and maybe you can actually taste it. You might actually like the way something tastes." Sean jokingly said, as he put another shrimp into his own mouth.

"Well, if I don't hurry up, you guys might eat it all. And this stuff is so good, I don't want to miss out. Besides, I am a growing boy after all." Justin said, smugly, as he had another bite of pickled artichoke hearts.

"Yes, this is very good. But I am like Sean. This is so delicious, I want to enjoy every bite, and savor the taste." Marty said, as he enjoyed the prawn dipped in the hand made sauce that this place was famous for.

As the appetizers disappeared, the sandwiches were delivered, with fresh drinks to help wash it all down. The three sat and just enjoyed their lunch, with the adults slowing down a tad, as their sandwiches disappeared. Nothing slowed down Justin, he was still going full tilt as he gulped down the last of his sandwich.

"That was a very good lunch. We will have to do this again." Marty was patting his stomach as he sat back in the chair.

"I will agree with you there, Marty, that was a delicious lunch." Sean replied, much in the same shape. He was stuffed, and it felt great to have such a good meal.

"Is that all you're going to eat?" Justin's look was comical, for he was still looking in the empty dishes.

"For now, I think that was enough. You can't still be hungry?" Sean's eyes got big, as he watched Justin looking for more food.

"I guess, for your sake, I can go on a small diet." Justin joked.

"I take it your lunch was adequate?" The manager asked, as he came back into the room. He had a cart with him, to pick up the empty dishes. He had noticed Justin watching him, as he took the empty plates away.

"May I have some dessert please Sean?" Justin asked, with his puppy dog eyes.

"You may, and thank you for asking." Sean answered, his pride in Justin starting to really show.

After having some cheesecake and sorbet for dessert, Justin finally decided he was full enough to last till dinner. As he sat back, and examined his empty dessert plate, he looked at Marty and Sean, who were looking at him like he was growing a second head.

"I thought you were going to explode with that last bite." Joked Marty.

"Yeah, where you put it all, is beyond me. That was more than what I used to eat in an entire day. I wouldn't be able to move, if I ate half that much. Are you sure you're full now?" Sean was of course joking, but he tried to keep a serious look.

"I think that will do, for now, but I might want a snack in an hour or so. So we'd better hurry up and get home, now. I hope Celia has something in the cupboard for me to eat. She usually has cookies (No, Darryl, they are not made with fish oil) made about this time. I hope she made chocolate chip, they are my absolute favorite." Justin had a dreamy look on his face, as he was remembering the wonderful cookies he had every afternoon. He hadn't had any since he was admitted to the hospital, many weeks ago.

"Well, it's settled then. I think we do need to get going. I don't want to wear our welcome out, here, all in one visit." Marty said as he stood up.

"That sounds like a plan then. If I sit any longer, I will get tired, and not want to move." Sean stood up too.

"I hope your visit here was more enjoyable, once we had you seated. I hope you enjoyed your meal." The manager asked as he waited at the door.

"Yes, it was very enjoyable, and the food was fabulous. My congratulations to the chef. That was the best sandwich I had ever had. And those appetizers were scrumptious. The little misunderstanding earlier, is more or less forgotten. The food made up for everything." Sean was smiling, for he knew the manager was still unsure of what would happen.

"Thank you sir. I will pass along your sentiments. I am pleased that you were happy with your visit here. I hope you can come back, and soon. I will make sure that what happened, doesn't happen again. Again, I can only apologize deeply, for the misunderstanding, earlier." The manager was starting to flush, and his palms were getting sweaty again. He felt the pressure of being in front of the one person who could fire him on the spot.

"You can relax, it was just a simple misunderstanding, after all." Sean said smiling, just trying to get this over with.

"Our staff is usually more acceptable to our normal clientele, and with Mr. Hartman making the reservation, there should have been allowances made." He was getting more nervous by the second. Then the other shoe dropped.

"What happened to the guy at the desk?" Justin questioned, as he stood closer to Sean.

"Ah, the young gentleman is currently looking for new employment as we speak." The manager said, happy to have done something right.

"You mean to tell me, for making sure no one slipped past him, you fired him?" Sean said, in disbelief.

"But he held you up at the door, when you had reservations, with our favorite customer, no doubt." He was visibly shaking at this point.

"Yeah, he might have been disrespectful, but he was almost nice about it." Justin spoke up, for this incident was also aimed at him.

"Yes, I agree with Justin. He was doing his job, and without knowing who we were, he acted appropriately. Where is he now?" Sean was getting a little warm under the collar.

"If you give me a moment, I will see if I can locate him. Excuse me, please." The manager bowed quickly, and left the room again.

"What are you two doing? We are going to be late, and stuck in traffic if we don't hurry up." Marty was shocked to see the pair act like this. They had been denied access to their own business, and then they stand up for the guy who did it.

"Look, Marty. I am unsure of why, but I do know that the guy at the front desk didn't mean to. He was, after all, doing his job. He was protecting the business, by not allowing any unknowns to enter. For that alone, he should be thanked. It's not as if he had pictures of us plastered all over the place so we would be recognized." Sean was about to get really upset, but he was trying to stay calm. He knew he was doing the right thing. There was a case of unknown identity, and an unfair firing. He felt somewhat to blame, for he should have just taken out his ID and proved who he was.

"Yeah, Marty. Can you let Sean handle this. He knows what he is doing." Justin shared his two cents worth.

"I am sorry, but the gentleman in question, has left the premises." The manager stated, hanging his head low, ready to be fired next.

"Well, I suggest you get a hold of him, quickly, and offer him his job back. And if in the future, you don't want this to happen again, you should have pictures of us available to all staff. When we come back, here, unannounced, he had better be here." Sean made it clear, stepping closer to the man, as he was talking.

"Yes sir. That will be done as soon as possible." The manager tried not to back up, but he was flinching.

With lunch over, and the incident taken care of, more or less. The three left through the front door. The car was waiting for them, and the door was being held open by the valet. Once inside the car, Justin slid over to Sean, and gave him a big hug. Marty just sat there, in awe as to Sean's temper. While he didn't get really mad, he was not very pleased either. Marty had made a mental note, not to get on his bad side. But some things were easier said than done.

"You did great, Sean, I was rooting for you all the way." Justin was about ready to jump on him, for the reaction he got out of the manager was almost comical.

"Jeez, if I wasn't getting upset, I think the scared in me would have come out. I don't do mad very well. But this time it was different. I almost felt like I was to blame too. I could have just shown him my ID, and got it over from there." Sean was starting to hang his head now, and his being scared was coming out.

"I think you handled it rather well Sean. If it were anyone else, there would have been heads rolling." Marty said, trying to lift up his spirits.

"I guess, but I hope I don't have to do that often. I don't like being that way." Sean was trying to hide his emotions, but he couldn't do that from Justin.

"It's okay, really." Justin slid over and again gave him a big hug. But this time, he never left his side for he could feel the sadness in Sean. He needed moral support, and now.

"Thanks bud, I needed that." Replied Sean, as he leaned into him.

Just then, Marty's cell phone buzzed. Not very loud, but it was evident when he pulled it out and looked at it. Marty's face fell, and he was starting to get tense. The two could feel it very strongly.

"What's up Marty?" Justin questioned him, for the look on his face was not very good. It almost looked as if Marty had seen a ghost.

"Oh, um, a case I was working on, took a turn for the worse, it looks like." Marty sighed. He knew there was no hiding this for long.

"Oh, okay." Justin was getting the same vibe from him as Sean had earlier. He looked at Sean, and gave him a worried look.

"Really guys, it's just a little bad news. Don't let it spoil this great day we are having. Look outside Sean, you might need to drive here yourself one day." Marty was quick to try to change the subject.

Sean did look out the window. He was trying to piece this all together, but couldn't put his finger on it. As he watched the outskirts of town approaching, the houses were further apart. They actually had yards, and the next door neighbor, was a good ways away. Unlike in the city, where your neighbor was right there. This was going to be different, for Sean hadn't lived like this since he was a kid. After staring out the window for a few more minutes, the car started to slow down.

"Look, it's right up ahead." Justin was excited, for he hadn't been home in awhile. And now he had permanent company. Someone to share things with. He was very happy to be coming home.

Before the driver could get out to open the door, Justin was outside the car, and pulling Sean to his feet. Before Justin could do any damage to his arm socket, Sean relented and allowed himself to be towed to the front door.

"Hang on a sec, Justin. The front door might be locked, or the alarm turned on!" Marty warned them.

"What??" Justin was never locked out of his house before, and his tone let everyone know that.

"Well Justin, this is Sean's first time here, so it would be nice to let him lead, maybe? Sean, if you would take out your cell phone again, and dial 0101 and hit send, the alarm should shut off, and the door will unlock." Marty was happy that he was able to be here for this. He had worked hard to get this set up, and everything in place for this occasion. With Justin coming home, with a new guardian, everything was to be special.

As soon as Sean had followed the directions, Justin couldn't wait any longer. He grabbed Sean again by the arm and led him inside. They walked through the foyer, glancing at the dining room to the right, and across the way to the library. Anything that wasn't entertaining to a twelve year old, was only lightly visited. The next stop on the tour, was the living room, and hanging a right, took you to the family room. They took time to admire the entertainment system, with the large plasma TV and the awesome surround sound system. And Justin had to show him all the DVD's and video games that were there. As Justin was rambling on over how great it is to watch movies in here, Sean glanced over to the breakfast room in the corner. This was where Justin and Cecelia most likely ate their meals. When Justin noticed the lack of attention, he led Sean in through the kitchen, back to the dining room, and finally up the stairs.

Once upstairs, Justin lead him straight to the game room. There was a pool table, air hockey table, and a ping-pong table that folded up. And the center of it all was another big screen TV, but instead of a surround sound system, there was a smorgasbord of video game equipment. Justin was so happy to have someone there to enjoy this with, and hopefully to play games with, he almost forgot the rest of the floor. Sean was looking around, when Justin noticed his attention was waning. So, trying to be the good host, he led him through the study to his room. He pointed out that they could share the bathroom, for the next room over was empty, and Cecelia had her own bathroom connected to her room. Sean wanted to show his approval, and walked through the room and looked. It was not the normal room for a preteen, it was not as decorated as one would expect. Not giving it much thought, he walked through the bathroom into the next bedroom. This room was not as large, but it was bigger than his old apartment. The bedroom also faced the front of the house. This would suit him fine. He turned around to find Justin running towards him.

"Well, what do you think? Will you be happy to live here?" Justin was hugging him as he spoke, trying hard not to think of the wrong answer.

"Yes, bud. I think I will enjoy it here very much, as long as we are together to keep each other company." Sean was hugging him back, trying to hide the tears of joy that were falling down his face.

"Ahem, Justin, you forgot one room, didn't you? Why don't you show Sean, and let him make up his own mind." Marty had finally caught up with them. He was in no big hurry, so he took his time getting up the stairs. After all, this wasn't his house, it was his boss'.

"Oh yeah, but I never get to go in there. I was always told not to." Justin was trying to look innocent, but you can already guess what room that was.

Justin led Sean back downstairs. Next to the living room, was the master bedroom. This was Justin's father's room, and it was basically off limits. Stopping at the door, waiting for something, Justin turned to face Marty.

"Justin, its okay. Trust me. Your father left this house for both of you. He has moved out, and only taken his clothes. All the furniture is still in there. Go ahead. Look." Marty was urging him to go into the room.

After some hesitation, they entered the room. It was indeed the master bedroom, and was larger that the biggest room upstairs. But what really set it apart, was the large bathroom, and huge dressing room on the other side. Justin hadn't been in here for awhile, so he looked around as much as Sean did. The closets were indeed empty. The bed was freshly made, and there were clean towels hung in the bathroom.

"Well, what do you think?" Justin meekly asked. This was indeed a better room than upstairs. He wouldn't argue if Sean wanted this room instead. Well, he would, but not very hard.

"Wow. This is really nice. But it's so big, I would get lost in here just going to take a leak." Sean wasn't lying, this was a big room, and lots attached to it. When he looked at Justin, he was smiling really big.

"I was hoping you would say that. So you are staying next to my room now?"

"Yes, I will, little brother. Come here you little bugger." Sean was holding his arms open, and they weren't empty long. After a good hug, something caught Justin's eye.

"Hey look over there. Pictures of me when I was little." Justin pointed to the nightstand, where two pictures were sitting. Letting go of Sean, he walked over and picked one up.

"Look how funny I used to look. These must have been taken at different times, they look so different."

Curiosity got the best of Sean, and he walked over to look. He looked at the picture, and at Justin. Then at the picture still on the stand. Sean looked up from the picture Justin is holding and says, "Justin, this isn't you."

To Be Continued...



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