Sean's Angel

By: Hal
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Sean's Angel

Book 2 Know Thy Enemy



Authors note- Hi there! Long time no read? Heh, as it seems, the characters here need to have their story told, and NOW! LOL
So, where were we? I got it....
Now, to just try to keep this on track, like I have any control over it.....
From the end of Book One....
Sean woke up in the middle of the night. He was surprised that his abrupt awakening didn't disturb the boys' sleep.
His pulse raced as the cold sweat ran down his body. He crawled out of the covers, and walked to the kitchen.
There was some cold coffee left in the pot, and he poured a cup and placed it in the microwave.
He paced back and forth, as he tried to figure out his nightmare.
"How did he... how in the world...." Sean muttered as he walked back and forth.
When the coffee was hot, he put his favorites in it and went to the table to sit down and ponder what was racing through his mind.
`I can't believe that something so evil existed outside of His realm. He was human, or at least appeared to be. Can he be beat, or is this the final test for us.' Sean stared into his mug, as he thought to himself.


Well, if that wasn't an interesting ending.... Now on to the rest of the story, and see what happens next!
Chapter 01
The swirls in the cup were mesmerizing. Sean always had the challenge of waking up, and in the middle of the night, it was harder than usual. He wrapped his hands around the mug, as if the caffeine would miraculously be absorbed into his body.
He lifted the cup to his lips and prepared to take a drink.
`We were wondering if you were ever going to drink that Dad.' Jacob materialized across the table from him.
Sean spit out the mouthful he had, and some exited out his nose.
`I told you not to surprise him, now look at what you did.' Amanda appeared next to her brother.
Sean coughed as the burning liquid tore up his nasal passages. His eyes watered as his body expelled the foreign substances from his lungs.
`Sorry Dad.' Jacob stuck out his lower lip as he lowered his head.
"It's okay... I think." Sean wheezed out as he tried to catch his breath.
`We thought you could use some company, being that you're awake.' Amanda walked around the table and stood in front of Sean.
"Why thank you, Sweetie. I could always use your company." Sean reached his arms out in an open invitation for a hug.
`Thanks Dad.' Amanda went to Sean and enjoyed the warm embrace that only a loving parent can give a child.
"Well, get your butt over here." Sean nodded his head towards Jacob who was still pouting.
That was all it took, and Jacob was around the table in a blink of an eye.
`I'm really sorry for startling you, Dad.' Jacob buried his head into Sean's shoulder.
"It's okay. Really. Just in the future, let me swallow whatever is in my mouth before you do that, okay?" Sean enjoyed being able to hold his children, even though they had no physical forms, he could still sense them.
`What has you so worried? We felt that you needed someone here...' Amanda looked him in the eye.
"Let me get some coffee in me first, so I can think a little more clearly." Sean relinquished his hold on the children, and reached for his coffee. He took a big gulp, and set the cup back down on the table.
Sean noticed how his children started to fidget. It was like when one of them did something wrong, but neither wanted to confess to it. He looked from one to the other, and both of their nervous twitches were in high gear.
"Okay you two. Tell me what's going on. Why did I have that nightmare?" Sean glared at his kids.
`We can't.' Jacob glanced at his sister, making sure she wouldn't spill the beans.
`Sorry Dad. We honestly can't. We're here to help, but we can't alter the future.' Amanda started to blush, she knew she was close to telling the truth.
Sean looked at the two, and picked up his coffee. He drank the rest, and stood up to walk to the counter. He needed another cup, and a few seconds to straighten out his thoughts.
`You're not mad at us, are you? We're under strict rules here, Dad...' Jacob lifted his hands in protest.
`If we break the rules... again, we won't be able to come back, EVER.' A tear dripped down Amanda's cheek.
"Okay. I understand that. But... what can you tell me?" Sean placed his empty cup on the counter and faced his children.
Jacob squirmed in his shoes. He wanted so much to tell his Dad the truth. The consequences were serious.
`Umm.... not much. Except that you're doing the right thing, now.' Amanda wiped the tear away as she faced him.
"So, you can't tell me anything, but that I'm doing the right thing? That doesn't make any sense." Sean shook his head as he tried to decipher the message.
`You've come a long way, Dad. You were on the brink of suicide, yet you saved Justin. And with your special abilities, you helped save Jared and Brandon too.' Jacob tried to be brave standing in front of Sean. He was still his father, after all.
`Your powers are still developing, you need to ummm.... focus more.' Amanda scrunched her face as she tried to find the words.
"Can you tell me if the nightmare will happen? Or is it just one possible future?" Sean leaned against the counter and folded his arms. His mind raced with the thoughts of the answer.
`All we can say, is that anything is possible. Look at your life now, and the lives of those around you. It wasn't too long ago, that you thought this life was impossible.' Jacob looked around the kitchen. He paused as he looked towards the ceiling.
"Oh... I get it." Sean walked to the table. He held the back of his chair and looked at the impression he had left in the fabric.
`You do?' Amanda squeaked out. Her eyes opened wide as she looked at Sean's face.
"I think I do anyway." Sean turned the chair and sat back down. His face had lost some of its healthy color from earlier.
`Are you feeling okay, Dad?' Jacob watched and took baby steps towards him.
"Yeah, I guess so. I just can't fathom that the whole future depends on me...." Sean rested his hands on the table, as he pushed himself upright.
`We'll be right beside you, all the way. We'd never abandon you and our brothers.' Amanda stepped up to stand next to Jacob.
"But what about ... the rest of them?"  Sean slid his hands to his lap, as the realization sunk in.
`Only in due time, will you be able to find that out.' Jacob wore a sly grin on his face and gave a sinister wink.
`You're teasing him now. Stop that.' Amanda hit Jacob on the shoulder.
"You mean ..." Sean's jaw dropped as his children disappeared in a flash of light.
`Sorry Dad. We're needed somewhere right now. We'll talk again... soon.' Jacob's voice faded as did the light.
Sean blinked his eyes. He knew his real children were not of this realm any longer. Getting used to their mode of visiting and travel would take some time. `Do I really have what it takes though. This is a big responsibility that I don't know if I can handle...' echoed through his mind as he sat and stared at the spot where his kids were.
Sean didn't know what to do. He shook his head in an attempt to clear the cobwebs that stuck inside his head. He stood up and went to the counter. He poured himself another cup, and placed it in the microwave. While the mug turned inside, a ringing in his ear made him turn his head.
"What?" Sean directed his attention towards the sound he heard. It was the key holder that he never noticed before. One set of keys glistened in the artificial light of the kitchen. It seemed to be calling him.
The familiar sound of the microwave fell on deaf ears, as Sean walked across the kitchen. His attention glued to the set of keys that sparkled.
Sean grabbed the object, and the sounds stopped. All sound stopped, and made Sean feel that it was another one of his `episodes'.
He waited. Nothing.
Sean looked around the kitchen. Nothing. The silence was deafening. No sounds at all.
"Well, that was weird." Sean walked back to the counter. He had to get some more caffeine in him. `Now why would I want to wake up? It's the middle of the night?' raced through his head as he mixed his coffee.
He lifted the hot liquid to his lips. He swallowed a good sized mouthful. The ringing came back. Sean had placed the keys on the counter, and forgotten about them.
"What?" Sean picked the keys back up. He noticed they were to the Mercedes. The tingling in his fingers let him know that this was more than just his imagination. He sipped on his coffee while he examined the keys in more detail.
"Well, there's nothing to lose." Sean placed his unfinished coffee on the counter, and looked at the back door.
The door seemed to grow further away with each step he made. Sean stopped, and closed his eyes. `This has to be due to lack of sleep' bounced around his mind as he concentrated.
He opened his eyes as he about to walk into the door. `Whatever this means, it must be important.' the thought chilled him as he reached for the handle.
The lights came on automatically as the motion sensors detected him. Sean was being drawn towards the black car, like he was possessed.
Sean closed his eyes, as he gave into the force behind this. He knew it meant no harm, but it still made him feel cautious. His hand reached for the handle, and he forced his eyes open.
The reflection of the shadowy figure standing behind him made him jump. He turned around and saw nothing.
`It's okay Sean. You're doing the right thing.' That voice. It was the same ominous one that helped him before.
"Don't I get at least an advance notice anymore?" Sean tried to joke, but his body refused to cooperate as it slid into the driver's seat.
`This is what you wanted to know. This is... your future.' The voice sent shivers down Sean's spine.
"Okay, I'm sorry. What and where am I supposed to go?" Sean grabbed the steering wheel as he talked to the roof of the car.
`You'll know when you get there.' The disembodied voice faded as the garage door opened.
Sean shrugged his shoulders, as he inserted the key into the ignition. With a flick of his wrist, the car came to life and the headlights brightened the dark drive way. His hands started to sweat as he shifted the car into drive. `Where am I supposed to go?' the thought wandered through his mind.
He drove down to the street, and looked both ways. He had no clue as to where or what was so important that he be out in the middle of the night. The car clock read 3:10AM. There was a tugging sensation on his right side, so Sean turned the wheel in that direction.
"A little better direction would be nice..." Sean directed his voice towards the dash, expecting the car to give him an answer.
"Well..." Sean tried to pay attention as he drove around in the dark. This neighborhood looked different in the dark.
Sean drove, for what seemed to be an hour or so. He let whatever forces dictate where he would turn, and for how long he would go until he turned again.
"Some sign that I'm going in the right direction would be nice." The frustration was evident in his voice, as Sean gripped the steering wheel even tighter. He disliked the unknown, and the impulses that he had were driving him nuts.
"What the..." Sean had made another turn, one that led him into a smaller neighborhood.
The thing that struck Sean the most, was the multitude of police cruisers that lined the street. There had to be at least 8 or 9, and the flashing red lights lit up the street like a carnival. The houses were normal, two or three bedroom style. This was a typical setting for the average American family.
Sean slowed the car down as he approached. There was an officer flagging traffic to make a detour. Without thought, Sean rolled down the window as he neared.
"What's going on officer?" Sean tilted his head out the window as the car came to a stop in front of him.
"Move along, nothing to see here." The cities finest motioned him on.
"All I asked was..." Sean wasn't up to arguing. He was tired, and didn't  need the added stress.
"How are you doing Mr. McCabe?" Another officer walked up to the car. He'd recognized Dale's car.
"You're not Mr. McCabe...." He stopped in his tracks as his flashlight illuminated Sean's face.
"Thanks for noticing. My name is..." Sean put his hand out the window as he tried to introduce himself.
"You're the guy that Dale gave his company to!" The officer let the light drop out of Sean's eyes, as he offered his hand.
"Yes, heh, I am." Sean blushed as he shook the policeman's hand.
"I used to play golf with Dale, once or twice a month. It's sure nice to meet you... Sean, right?" Aaron was more than enthusiastic as he gripped Sean's hand.
"Yes. My legal name now is Sean McCabe. It's nice to meet you..." Sean withdrew his hand.
"Oh, excuse me. My name is Aaron. Sergeant Aaron Wilson." Aaron stood at attention and puffed his chest out as he mentioned his title.
"What happened here that there has to be so many cruisers and men?" Sean looked around to all the activity happening.
"Well, this is all hush-hush."  Aaron looked around to make sure no one was in hearing range.
"But just between us..." Aaron leaned against the side of the car.
Sean's interest rose. He couldn't help that this officer, was willing to spill his guts to him.
"We're investigating a double homicide. Someone broke into the house, and murdered the parents. Pretty gruesome too. There was blood all over the bed, soaked into the mattress...." Aaron put his hand over his mouth. He'd been on the force long enough, he should be used to this, but he had a weak stomach for death. He usually just helped with traffic duty, instead of playing a part in the evidence gathering.
"Okay, I get the picture." Sean could feel the bile building up in his throat. It was too early, and too much detail for his taste.
"Oh, sorry. Any way, it has the whole appearance of some sort of mob hit. The people that lived here, just adopted a new son too." Aaron shook his head in disbelief.
"And the boy?" Sean's ears were ringing. This was what he was sent to find out.
"No sign of him. Funny thing too, not even a picture was left for us to find. Weird huh?" Aaron watched as another officer approached.
"Thanks for the directions. I should be able to find my way home now." Sean didn't trust the man that approached them. He rolled up the window and put the car into drive.
"What's going on Sarge? Who was that?" The man's face was hidden by the rim of his hat, his eyes seemed to glow in the shadow.
"Oh, just someone who was lost. He should've turned left down at the intersection, instead of right." Aaron felt a chill run up his spine. This was one of the death scene investigators. They were men who enjoyed the gore of crime scenes.
Sean maneuvered the car to do a u-turn. He didn't like that other man. There was something that didn't feel quite right about him.
Sean looked in his mirror at the lights as they disappeared. `Now what do I do? Why was I meant to find this, and what about the boy? What does this all have to do with me and my boys?' the thoughts bounced around his head as he drove.
Sean still wasn't in control of his own direction. It's been too long, since he actually drove, that he had no idea where he was going. He gave into the impulses that directed him.
He found himself almost driving around in circles. Dawn was approaching, and he needed more sleep. Something kept him awake, and going in a direction which almost seemed familiar.
"Hey, I recognize this place." Sean smiled to himself. He had driven halfway around the town, and was now in the field that they found Jared in.
"But, why am I here? And why am I talking to myself?" Sean chuckled to himself. He was so tired that the sound of his own voice didn't sound right.
A tree about 30 feet from the road caught his attention. It wasn't special, but it was close enough to the road to sit under for a few minutes.
Sean pulled over, and shut the car off. He was in dire need of more sleep, and felt the tugs of wanting to lay down pull at him. He exited the car, making sure the keys were in his pocket. He stood beside the car and stretched. `I must be crazy or something for coming out this late at night.' He thought to himself, as he wandered towards the tree.
Something that almost glowed, caught his eye. It was a charm of some sort. Sean picked it up and tried to figure out what it was. It was still too dark to get a good view of the trinket in his hand. He placed his other hand on the tree as he examined the small piece of jewelry.
A flash of light made him jump. The runaway boy had been here. He felt it in his heart. But that was all he could sense. This was odd indeed.
"Maybe I'm just too tired right now to be of any use..." Sean mumbled to himself as he sat down.
`No, you're not tired.' Amanda appeared, a couple of feet away.
`That's part of what He can't tell you. But you did good. You found a trail.' Jacob materialized next to his sister.
"Well there you two are." Sean smiled at his children, their auras glowing in the starlight.
`We had some .... um, business to take care of.' Jacob tried to look innocent as Sean's eyes looked at him.
"So, I was meant to get up in the middle of the night, drive around for hours, and find the scene of a double homicide, with a missing child? What sense is there in that?" Sean rolled his eyes at his own statement.
`This boy, that's missing, is special. He can help you, Dad.' Amanda used her hands as much as her voice to relay her thoughts.
`Don't give him too much. He still needs to figure some out on his own.' Jacob gave her a stern look.
"So... I need to figure out why this boy can help me, and why I'm so dang tired, from driving all night? Is that what you're saying?" Sean looked up towards the empty branches that sprang out of the tree he was under.
`That pretty much sums it up, so far...' Amanda crossed her arms, unhappy that she couldn't give more information for Sean to go on.
`Sorry we can't help you any more Dad. But we need to run now...' Jacob's shape faded as his voice trailed on.
`We'll help as much as we can, but you know the rules....' Amanda's form disappeared.
"Rules, rules, rules. Damn it! Why are there so many rules?" Sean's voice was full of disgust. He was beginning to hate this game he had been thrown into.
"Who you talking to Mr.?" A young man came walking across the field.
"Huh? Oh, hey there." Sean tried to focus his vision in the direction that the voice came from.
"Who you talking with? There's no one here...." The figure came more into view, and made it easier for Sean to look at him.
"Uh... no one, I guess. Isn't it late for you to be out? Especially by yourself?" Sean looked at the boy, who appeared to be a young teenager.
"Heh, don't you mean early? The sun's about to rise soon." The teen looked off into the horizon.
"Yeah, I guess I do. So... what are you doing out here, in the middle of nowhere at this time of day?" Sean felt too relaxed to stand. He remained in his position under the tree.
"I'm looking for a friend. I think he's in trouble." The boy had such a sad look on his face as he stared at Sean.
"Oh? What kind of trouble is he in? Maybe I can help." Sean braced his arms as he prepared to stand up.
"I thought you might be able to. That's why I came over here. No need to stand up, I'll be on my way shortly." The boy raised his hands indicating for Sean to stay seated.
"He must be a good friend, for you to be out here looking for him." Sean relaxed his arms. There was no need to startle the boy by standing up.
"He is. He's my best friend in the whole world. I'm just scared for him. I don't want anything bad to happen to him." The teen turned his face in an attempt to hide the tears that ran down his cheeks.
"Oh? Tell me about him, so I can help you find him." Sean brought his legs up to his chest, and rested his chin on his crossed arms.
"Well, he's almost five foot, I think... and he has really nice long brown hair... and his eyes, are such a pretty grey color." The teen turned and faced Sean. He used his hands to approximate the height, and length of hair.
"He sounds like a good looking young man." Sean noticed the blush on the boys face.
"He's more than that. He's just gorgeous." The boy turned his face to hide his embarrassment.
"Hey, don't worry. That's a good thing. Does he know how you feel about him?" Sean watched as the boy looked as he was going to flee.
"Yeah, he does. But that's only one reason I need help to find him." The teen had a sly grin on his face.
"Oh? What's the other?" Sean tilted his head, he felt there was more to this story than what was being told.
"He ran away from home. His parents, especially his dad, were going to hurt him if he didn't."  The boy's voice started to tremble as he finished.
"Hurt him? What do you mean?" Sean sat upright, he felt his body start to tense at the mention of violence.
"His parents don't understand anything about love... They go to this church that says..." The boy pursed his lips as he tried to find the words.
"Is your friend gay? Is that what this is all about?" Sean relaxed his posture, to show it didn't affect him.
"Uh... yeah, I think so." The boy lowered his head as he answered.
"You have nothing to worry about. It's that boy's parents that should be afraid of me..." Sean's voice changed. He hated to think of parents that couldn't love their children for who they were.
"I knew I could trust you. I felt your presence while I was passing through. You're a good man Sean."  The boy smiled.
"Huh? I don't think I gave you my...." Sean almost jumped when the boy called him by name.
"You didn't.  The boy you need to find is Thomas Blackstone." The teen looked off into the distance, as the sky started to show the first signs of daylight.
"How did you know my name? What is your name?" Sean fidgeted as he started to stand. The hardness of the ground made him feel uncomfortable.
"My name isn't important. Promise me, that you'll find Tom for me?" The teen kept his gaze on the horizon.
"If there is anything I can do, it will be done." Sean made it to his feet, and brushed the dirt and grass off his pants.
"That's all I can ask.... thank you Sean." The boy turned to walk further into the field.
"Hey! How bout your name? So when I find Tom, he knows who to thank." Sean resisted the urge to walk after the boy.
"When you find him, and he is safe and sound.... tell him Ian misses him." As he mentioned his name, the boy faded into nothingness as the first rays of sunshine made their way across the grassy field.
To be continued......



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