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The Secret Life of Jonathan Greenwich

by Sam Lakes

Chapter 10

Simon's parents said nothing they simply stared at Simon's fangs.

Mike and Peter appeared at the door. Mike yelled, "What did you do to make him show his fangs? Now they know! They'll hate us! I hate you!" Mike turned and ran off.

"Go get your brother and come back. It will be okay. I promise." Instantly he was gone leaving Peter and I with the parents.

"Simon went to get Mike. I had to send Simon as Peter doesn't have the speed."

"Yes but..." said Mrs. Larson.

"Let's adjourn to the parlor," I said.

As I sat on the sofa with Peter Mrs. Larson spoke, "We love our sons. How could they ever think we could not love them with all our heart?"

"Well, they are my brothers I know what they are going through. It's a difficult time for them. Discovering that you are unlike everyone else, that you are a vampire is frightening. I know. I had to deal with it and I was alone."

"Even though I had a boyfriend who loved me and who I loved more than anything and his parents had accepted me as their own son, I was terrified."

"But we knew they were eventually going to get fangs, Jonathan," said Mrs. Larson.

"You knew? Did you adopt the boys?" I asked in total surprise.

"No, but you're right I am not their biological father. When Mavis and I got married we wanted children. I was sterile and so the only way we were going to have children was to find a donor father or adopt."

"My father? You met my father?" I asked excitedly. The idea that I would ever meet someone that knew either of my parents was something that was beyond my dreams.

"Yes. I'll have to admit I did a double-take when I saw you. You look a lot like him only your eyes are different. His eyes were crystal blue whereas your eyes are a deep blue. He had been my best friend. I knew of his blood disorder."

"What happened to him?"

"We don't know," said Mrs. Larson as the twins appeared.

Simon's fangs had retracted but they both looked apprehensive.

"Boys, I want you to know that I your mom and I love you with all our heart. I guess I should have been paying more attention. I just wasn't sure when you'd get your fangs," said Mr. Larson, "I suppose we should have told you that I wasn't your real father but I didn't. I love you Simon and Michael. I have since the day you were born," Mr. Larson said quietly. I think he feared the worse.

The two ran to the open arms of their father then to their mother.

Mike then came over to me.

"Hey, bro. Uh, Peter and I talked - sorry for being such an ass to you. I guess I was just jealous."

"No problem. I sort of figured that out. Besides, Cat-Breath, who could resist having a crush on Peter," I laughed.

He blushed and then gave me such a cute smile I had to hug him.

We spent the rest of the evening with the boys showing their parents their fangs and how fast they could move and then the had me show my fangs and I had to show how fast I moved.

The boys asked Peter and I to sleepover and we agreed. We stayed up until one a.m. goofing around. Peter and I slept in the guest room. Around 3a.m. I woke from my sleep to find Mike standing by my bed.

"Mike?" I whispered.

"I hear screaming," he whispered.

I sat up and listened I knew someone was in danger or frightened. Easing out of bed I quickly got dressed while Mike returned to his room. I let Peter continue to sleep and left the room.

Mike, Simon and I quietly left the house.

"Follow me and keep up," I ordered.

About five minutes later we found ourselves in a dreg area where a small crowd of fifty to a hundred dregs was being herded into trucks. One man paused and was immediately stung with a sting stick that a MultiCorp Security Police jabbed at him.

"Please take me not my wife and grandson!" he cried.

The SP said grabbing a boy of fourteen, "Is this your kid?"

The man nodded replying, "Yes sir".

The SP jabbed his string stick at the boy. The boy screamed in pain. Several other SPs watching laughed.

That was all I needed.

I walked over to the boy who was now unconscious and picked him up. I looked at his grandparents who smiled at me like they knew who I was. I smiled back, "Don't worry." I bit the boys jugular and pumped a few cc's of my serum.

Almost immediately he regained consciousness. He looked at me. "Jonathan," he whispered then closed his eyes for a moment as if asleep then opened them.

"You okay now?" I asked.

He nodded. "What's your name?" I asked softly.

"Andrew," he replied.

"Well, Andrew you are mine to protect. Is that all right with you?"

"Really?" he asked.

I nodded.

"Yes! Yes! Like a big brother?" he asked excitedly.

"Yeah, like a big brother," I laughed.

"What's your name," he asked which I thought was rather curious as he had just called me by my name.

Before I could think any more about it an SP tapped me on the shoulder. I turned.

"Who the fuck are you?" asked the SP. I moved Andrew towards the safety of his parents who pulled him even further away from me and the SP.

"You're worst nightmare," I said as I grabbed him by the front of his jacket and extended my fangs. He fought to get away but I was stronger. I drained two liters of blood from him.

He was barely conscious when I added my warning, "Never come back here. Never. Never hurt or cause to be hurt this boy or his family. I have taken two of the five liters of blood you have if there is a next time I will take the rest. I AM THE VAMPIRE BOY OF NEW BOSTON!" I released him and his body collapsed to the ground.

Of course this action didn't go unnoticed by the other SPs. Five of the nineteen remaining came running over. Their mistake. Shortly, the five lay on the ground.

Mike grabbed me, pulling me out of the way of a bullet which just missed me but hit an innocent dreg.

I spotted the SP with the firearm and in a split second I was standing in front of him. I ripped the weapon from his hands tossing it away. He turned to run but I jumped in front of him and grabbed him by the throat.

"I could rip your throat out. Pray that that dreg lives for if he dies so will you." I drained him of one liter of blood. "Your life is linked with him and you will protect him and his family. Your fate is his fate. His fate is your fate. Break that link and you shall die!"

Mike had taken out two more SPs. More than half of the SP force were unconscious. We quickly put the unconscious SPs in the trucks and told the remaining SPs to leave and never return.

The small crowd watched us as we return to the wounded man. Simon had given him a healing bite and although the man was in a bit of discomfort he was healing rapidly.

Someone from the crowd said, "Who are you guys? What are you?"

"We are your protectors we are the Vampire Boys of New Boston," I said.

I nodded to my brothers and we disappeared.

Feasting always gave me heightened senses and exhilaration and normally I would end up in Cambridge atop my building. For all the time I have been going to Cambridge I had never explored it.

"I can see in the dark!" exclaimed Mike.

"Me too!" added Simon.

"Jonathan, what we did was good. We saved those people and I feel great!" Mike said excitedly. He came over and hugged me. "I love you. I love you for being my brother. You were so awesome. I've never tasted human blood before. I thought maybe I'd be sick like I was with the cats, but I wasn't"

"Jonathan, I saved that man's life. I remembered what you told me about healing and I did what you did."

"It's always better when you save a life instead of taking one," I said.

"Have you ever taken a life?" asked Mike.

"Yes. Twice. It took me a long time to reconcile my actions in doing it." I turned and walked to the edge of the building.

As I looked towards New Boston I wondered if I had other brothers and if so, how many? The boys' father knew my father. For the first time in my life I want to know about my father.

My brothers and I arrived back at their place around five a.m. I went to join Peter in the guest room. He was still sleeping as I knew he would be. I got into bed and cuddled up next to him out of habit more than anything else.

I lay next to him listening to him breath, hoping to fall asleep, but I couldn't sleep. I kept playing over in my mind meeting the boys parents and the evening we had spent. I kept thinking about Mr. Larson saying he knew my father. But not only that there were other things he did that at first I didn't really pay much attention to because I was engrossed in the way Mike had been acting.

We Mr. Larson first set eyes one me he did a double take. When he thought I wasn't looking he would look at me and it was such a sad look. It was a look that I sometimes saw in Peter's eyes when I was trying to deal with something in my life like before I came out as a vampire.

I held on to Peter. "I love you, Peter. I am yours forever, " I whispered. He stirred and pushed back into me.

"I know, and I'm yours too," he said sleepily falling back to sleep.

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