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The Secret Life of Jonathan Greenwich

by Sam Lakes

Chapter 12

I opened my eyes. The clock on the nightstand said 12:15.

"Well, hello sleepy head," said Doc. I turned over and saw Doc lying beside me. He smiled but had a worried look too.

"Why? Why didn't you tell me?" I asked softly.

"I don't know. At first I guess you were having problems dealing with being a vampire and coming out to Peter and your family. And then I guess I was afraid you'd hate me."

"Doc, I love you. I trust you. I could never hate you. You're like an uncle to me," I smiled learned over and kissed him on the cheek.

We lay there for a while not saying anything.

Doc sighed, "I guess I'd better get this over with. I was five years older than your mother. She was beautiful, smart and kind. I was in my third year of Medical Research School and that's when I met a first year student Jonathan Lassiter, Jr. your father."

"Your father was incredibly smart, extremely handsome like you," Doc smiled, "Anyway we became great friends and one weekend I invited him home and that's when he met my sister. For the next two years we were almost inseparable. Jack was so in love with your mom and she was totally in love with him. They slept together, kissed cuddled but never had sexual intercourse."

I smiled.

"That became a problem so much so that Jack broke up Darlene. They were both in a mess especially Jack. Both depressed. They were meant to be together. Finally, I couldn't stand it and I went to see Jack."

"Danny, I love her more than life but I'm not like you I'm not normal," your dad said to me."

"Jack, who is normal? Normal doesn't exist. Whatever this is the two of you can work it out. She loves you Jack and being away from you is killing her."

"Danny, there are things about me that no one knows about. I can't tell her about them because then she will hate me."

"You're wrong Jack," I said, "You underestimate how much she loves you and how much I love you. Besides you owe it to her to give her a chance. You owe it to love. Things you do always seem worse in your eyes. Come on Jack, if you can't tell her tell me!"

Doc smile when he got to this point, "He did. I didn't believe him until he bit me."

"You didn't! Did you?" I laughed.

"Yes, I was so embarrassed and your Dad thought it was funny. You know the instant I saw you I knew who you were but I couldn't believe it. I didn't know what to say or do. I ended up pretending not to believe you and then you did the same thing your dad did."

We both laughed.

"That night when you left I cried myself to sleep. You reminded me of how much I missed your dad and mom. You are so much like your dad but you also have some of your mother's qualities and then there is something so special that was neither of them it's just you."

I blushed.

"Allan said my mom was killed."

Doc nodded.

"You know when my sister and your dad got married I thought there could never be a happier couple, but I was wrong when you were born they were ten times happier. Then the herding started."


"Yes. It's when they take a section of dregs and they herd them into trucks and drive them off to be slaughtered. Men, women, children are wholesale murdered. Humanely they say but it isn't. Useable organs are saved and what isn't saved is ground up and fed to animals."

"But why?"

"Population control they say. It was barbaric. Your father tried to stop it. We all did in a way I was very active in helping to tell your dad where the SP's were going to hit. Soon it became a real problem and so plan's were made to track `The Vampire' down. Most of their plans failed and we always found out about ambushes to trap him."

Doc's eyes look sad. He swallowed and took a couple of deep breaths in an attempt to hold back tears.

"Doc, it's okay. I don't have to know," I said. I love doc. When I first met him I knew I could trust him. I know there was a love of love between him and my dad and mom. I didn't want him to hurt.

"No! I have to tell you I promised. I promised your dad."

"There were eight of us Jack, Michael, Simon and I were aristos; Mark, Jonas and Scott were collars and Andrew was a dreg of unknown origin."

"We were quite the team and we were winning against the SPs. They eventually had to stop the herding because we kept getting in their way and too many rumors were started and `The Vampire' was becoming too well known as a hero."

"We thought in fact that we had won, but we hadn't. We had be careless. One of us had turned traitor and because of that Andrew was killed in an attempt to save your dad's life and to protect his true identity."

"Jack, Michael, Simon and I were at Mike's when we received word from Jonas that he, Mark and Scott had been arrested and that Scott had been killed as he attempted to escape. He, Jonas, had escaped but Mark was being beaten to death by the SPs. The he told us where he was then the line went dead as we heard him scream `No!' Jack left to rescue him."

"Ten minutes later the SPs barge into Mike's place and we are arrested." Doc paused. "A SP walks up to Mike and holds a gun to his head and says `Somehow, I don't think you are the vampire, but if you are I get 100,000 credits'. He pulls the trigger Mike's brains splatter against the wall."

"Simon and I lost it. Somehow, we managed to subdue three of the eight SPs but we were outnumbered and they were beating us with their clubs. I was lying on the floor barely conscious and someone comes in. It was Jonas."

"Jonas says, `The vampire is Jack! He has a wife and kid we can use that...' I passed out. The next thing I knew was Jack is with me. I'm not at Mike's. I manage to tell him about Jonas and that Darlene and you were in danger before I passed out."

"When I came to again you were beside me sleeping.

It was almost two weeks before I saw your father again. He told me what they had done to your mother they rape her and then decapitated her. They were about to do the same to you but he save you."

"I watched you for another two weeks and then he came and took you away. Your dad gave me a new identity Daniel Clemens and set up the office in the dregs area. I knew he had a reason for it. Then he left with you and I never saw him again."

"Allan says that you feel responsible for mom's and dad's death. Why?" I asked.

"I was the one that brought Jonas into the group. Your dad opposed it at first he said because seven was his lucky number, but really I suspect it was because he didn't trust Jonas. If I hadn't brought him into the group they'd be alive."

We sat in silence for a while thinking about all I had heard from Doc and Allan. I needed Peter. I needed Peter's arms around me.

I got off them bed and walked to the door, turned and faced Doc. "I need Peter," he smiled. He knew that being with Peter helps me think things out.

"Peter will have to wait. Allan has something you need to be privy to," Doc said as he got up and walked with me out of the room. We found Allan, Mavis, Michael, Simon and Peter in the kitchen.

Allan looked to Doc saying, "Well, I guess it's time. The last time I saw Jack he handed me this letter and asked me to keep it until it was the right time after the boys reached puberty. I think that this is the appropriate time. So, Jonathan, if you, Doc, Simon and Michael will adjourn to my study I will get the letter your father gave to me."

"What about Peter?" I asked slightly riled.

"Jonathan, this is a very secret and private letter from your father to his sons."

"Then why is Doc invited?"

"Your uncle and I were your dad's best friends. He asked us to do this."

I was on overload. My anger rose instantly. Peter saw it no one else did.

"It's fine," Peter said trying to calm me.

NO! It wasn't fine! Not with me. Peter was my mate, my love. He, not my father, rescued me from the life my father had given me.

"You know what Allan, Doc Fuck YOU!"

"Jonathan, Please!" said Peter.

"NO! NO! NO! Peter, this has to be said. This is a letter from my father to his sons. His sons that he entrusted to his best friends! Not a letter to the son he abandoned! Right Allan? It's addressed to his son's Michael and Simon."

"Your father loved you. He would never tell us where you were. I am sure he would want..."


I took Peter's hand and started for the door. "You almost had me believing that son of a bitch loved me. GOD!" I was pissed. I want to lash out at them for excluding Peter. "Doc. I quit! Fuck you you're pathetic! With friends like you my mom didn't need enemies!"

I picked up Peter putting him over my shoulder and we vanished.

When we got to Cambridge I put Peter down.

Peter looked at me and smiled, "Still angry?"

"No yes. Not with you. You are a part of me. Jack Lassiter saved his friend first I wouldn't have. He was an idiot! He made a huge error and it cost him and me. I hate him for denying me my mother," I said angrily.

Peter wrapped his arms around me and laid his head on my chest. "I know but I have to be honest I don't hate him. Yes, he made a mistake but that mistake brought you to me. If you had grown up normally we might never have met. I guess I'm just selfish, huh?"

He pulled back and looked at my face waiting for me to comment. I couldn't help smiling at him. He was right.

"But still, they shouldn't have tried to exclude you. Doc knows that he didn't even try to defend you! And if my father had really loved me where's my letter and that's what really hurts, Peter. He dumped me in the dregs."

"You really hurt Doc. I saw his face," Peter said softly.

"Tough! Maybe it's time he hurt. He could have spoke up. He didn't!"

"You were sort of monopolizing the conversation," he said softly, "and you didn't really give him a chance to speak before we left."

Again Peter was right.

"What wasn't resolved?" asked Peter.

"Huh? What do you mean?" I replied.

"Jonathan, in all the time we've known each other you are always a bear when you had some unresolved thought."

He began to shiver and I realized it was getting cold so we went home.

When we got home Mom said Doc had called. I told her I didn't want to talk to him. She said he sounded really upset. I shrugged my shoulders and went upstairs. Peter said he would be up in a minute. I guess he wanted to tell her what had happened.

I was in bed when he finally entered the room.

He climbed into bed and we kissed and cuddled for a while then made love and fell asleep in each other's arms.

The next morning I took Peter to Cambridge again. I talked about all the things Allan and Doc had told me.

There was something else bothering me.

"What else?" Peter asked.

I shrugged my shoulders.

"I don't know. I know I needed you I told Doc that. He said you would have to wait. That pissed me off. I needed you because you help me think right you help me resolve things. I can't loose you Peter. Not like my dad lost my mom. Maybe he could live without my mom but I can't live without you."

"Jonathan, I knew you went out in the middle of the night with Michael and Simon. I assumed it was to show them about feasting."

"Oh, yeah. Michael heard screams and we went to investigate. There was this SP who used a stinger on a young boy. I thought he looked about fourteen and looked slightly like Simon and Mike except he had brown hair."

Then like a blinding light it hit me. I knew what had been unresolved in my thoughts.

So many of my unresolved thoughts were suddenly aligning themselves the confusion I had been in was dissolving.

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