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The Secret Life of Jonathan Greenwich

by Sam Lakes

Chapter 14

I sat on the couch cuddling with Peter after Dad left because I needed some cuddle time. Vague memories of my father began to surface.

My dad and I were standing on the roof of my building in Old Cambridge.

"You're dying aren't you?" I said to him more than asked.

"Yes," he said weakly.

"It's because I can't love you as much as mom did. I'm trying Dad, but I can't, and it hurts so much here!" I cried grabbing my chest. "I want to die too Dad! I don't want to be without you!"

"No, Jonnie. It's me it's the way we were made. I bonded with your Mom when she died, I should have died too. I didn't. Your love kept me alive to do the things I needed to do. You have to live. It is your destiny. The world must change!"

"Babe. Jonathan?" Peter said bring me back to the present.

"Sorry, my love," I answered and then told him of my memory.

Mom called us for lunch around one. As we approached the dinning room, I heard Simon and Mike's voices. I felt a flare of anger because I knew that Doc was there too.

Peter sensed my anger, "Babe. He's you're uncle and your friend. I am sure Dad has spoken to him. So, just relax. Okay?"

"I'll try," I said, but the second I saw Doc I wanted to punch him out.

"Jonathan, we need to talk."

"Go ahead, talk."

He motioned for me to exit the room to talk in private. I didn't move. I fumed.

"Could we talk in private?" he asked.

"No." Peter's elbow hit my arm. "You want to say something to me you say it in front of my brothers and my mate." I saw Simon roll his eyes and smile at Michael.

"And I thought your dad was stubborn," he muttered, "Oh well, I'm sorry. I didn't realize you were so deeply bonded with Peter, and he to you. Jack was not so deeply bonded with Darlene."

"That's because he was bi and I'm not. Dad was torn between you and your sister, and you won." I knew this statement came from something my Dad had told me. "He loved you, and he loved my mom, but he loved you more. The only problem was that you were straight, so he chose to be with my mom. But in the end, he chose to save you. His love for you killed him. Why do you think he continued living for so long? When we vampires loose the one we love, we die. When did you marry Dora? Eight nine years ago. Right?"


Doc nodded but looked shock. I was somewhat shock by what I had said. The room was silent.

I shuttered to think what an anguished life my father must have lived. He saved the life of the person he loved the most, at the expense of the other person who he loved most.

The guilt must have been unbearable.

He continued to barely live even though Doc could never return that love. His love for me, and the hope, as vague and frail as it was, that Doc would one day return his love.

When Doc married Dora, my father knew he would never have Doc's love. There had been enough hope up until that time to keep him alive. Sure, his love for me helped, but he was getting weaker, and once he knew I would be safe, he died.

I looked at Doc I could feel his pain he had known my father loved him.

With tear-filled eyes he spoke, "I loved him, Jonathan. I loved him more than anyone in my life, but I wasn't gay wasn't bi. I hated that I was straight, because all this love for him I had in my heart, but I could never have expressed it in the way he needed. I'm so sorry Jonathan. Jack should have saved Darlene, and left me. Because of me, I lost my sister you lost a mother, a father, and I lost my best friend."

Peter gave me a gentle push towards Doc, and we hugged while he cried.

"Will you ever forgive me?" he whispered.

"Can I have my job back?" I whispered.


I kissed his cheek. "Thanks."

"Are we cool?" he asked.


"Sweet! Now let's have lunch! I am starved!," said Michael.

My memories of my life with my father continued to unfold.

After lunch, my brothers Peter and I went up to Peter's and my room where Simon and Michael were as excited to hear about our father. Peter and I told them about Peter's special abilities.

"So then you are actually our cousin," said Simon.

"Yeah, second cousin," said Peter.

Michael smiled an evil smile and said to me, "Incestor!"

"Hey! Cat breath! Second cousins don't count, and besides Peter can't get pregnant, so it doesn't count!"

"Yeah, Jon, but are you sure you can't?" laughed Michael.

I pounced on him and we started wrestling around and tickling each other. Before I knew it, all four of us were wrestling and tickling each other

Dad appeared at the door, "Boys! Keep it down a bit. I'm trying to work." He wasn't angry I think he was happy.

We quieted down a bit, but when Peter mentioned my other brothers, we all got extremely excited about finding them. Simon and Michael agreed that Andrew must be our younger brother, and we were all about to head out to get him when Dad was at the door again.

He looked very serious.

"The SPs are going after Andrew and his family. Their basic reason is to get you Jonathan it's an ambush. They don't seem to mention anything about your brothers."

I could see Peter in deep thought, and then he spoke, "Dad how did you help Jack?"

Dad smiled, "Follow me."

He took us to his office and then locked the door, pressed a button and an opening appeared in the wall exposing our view to another room.

When we walked into the room, the wall opening closed and the room lighted up. It was like another world. There was a huge wall monitor and numerous smaller ones in front of a control center.

"Jack and I installed cameras all over New Boston, and we are tied into the MC security network. There are many improvements we need to install, but for now, we need to rescue Andrew. Jonathan get these on," he said tossing me a black long-sleeve t-shirt and a pair of pants.

"These are bullet-proof. I know you can't be killed by a bullet, but it can put you out of commission until your body has healed it's self." He threw a similar set of clothing to my two brothers.

Once dressed, he gave us communication gear.

"Peter and I will be your extra eyes and ears, as much as we can. As this is to be an ambush, there will be snipers. We have the advantage in that they will not be expecting three of you. Stay in communication and alert!"

I kissed Peter and we left three blocks from the area, we spotted a couple SP vehicles parked in the ally.

"Peter, we are three blocks from our destination. There are two SP vehicles parked in an ally between Ardale and Laston."

""Got it!," said Peter, "There they are Whoa! Seven of them are posted on the roof of the building 127837 Greer St. Hold on a sec. Neat! The computer just calculated the angle of the rifles. Three are pointed at the building opposite of the door to the building. The other two are pointed to a window of apartment 932B It's a living room. Two are getting into position. Oh! No!"

"What?" the three of us said.

"They have Andrew and his grandparents."

"Can you tell how many are in the room?" asked Michael.

"I can see three or four SP's, but there may be more one sec. Dad says that he thinks that's all, because there were only two vehicles and we haven't heard of any others coming into the area."

"Okay, we'll take out the snipers first. Mike, right side of the building, Simon, left side I'll take the back. Peter, keep a close watch on Andrew. Let's go!"

As we got into position, Peter said, "Hold it! Take out the sniper on the left and the right; their sights are on the grandparents. Two in the middle have their sight on Andrew; the others are on the main entrance."

"You guys ready?" I asked.


I grabbed the two guys with their sights on Andrew by their collars, and yanked them back as hard and fast as I could. I then ran to the other three, and threw them into the two I tossed back. I quickly looked to see if Simon and Michael were all right, and they both had their fangs deep in their targets carotids. I quickly drained the five I had of half a liter each, rapidly so that they went unconscious.

Looking around, I spotted a grappling hook and rope, which I surmised they were going to use if they had to come down off the roof in a hurry. I grabbed the hook and slung it over the fifty feet that separated the two buildings, and prepared to swing myself into the room Andrew was in.

My anger flared when I saw the SP that I had warned not to harm Andrew or his grandparents, strike Andrew across the face.

"Follow me!" I yelled at my brothers as I swung across. I collided feet first into the back of the SP who had hit Andrew. I heard his back break. In an instant, Simon and Michael arrived. We quickly incapacitated the other SP's.

"You guys time to get out. Reinforcements are on the way!" said Peter.

The grandmother and grandfather had been beaten unconscious, and Andrew was a little woozy.

"Michael, take Andrew. I'll take the grandfather and Simon you take the grandmother." We each picked up our assign person, carried them across our back, and left when we got to the street we ran at full speed out of the dreg area to an ally near home.

I injected my serum into the grandfather and Simon did the same for the grandmother. I walk over to Andrew.

"Are they all right?" Andrew asked.

"Yes, brother," I smiled, "Andrew, these are you're other two brothers, Simon and Michael."

"We are all brothers?"

"Yep, dude," Simon, said with a huge smile.

"You are all vampires?"

"Yes," said Mike with and equally huge smile.

"But I am not," said Andrew disappointedly.

"Well, you just haven't developed yet, "I said, "You are what thirteen or so?"

"I'm fourteen. Can't you make me one now?"

"Andrew you are a vampire you were born a vampire, but you won't get your fangs until you are about fifteen," said Simon, "Like Mike and I. Jonathan is eighteen and the oldest. We all had the same father."

"I know," said Andrew, "I remember Jonathan."

"You remember me?"

"Yes. But you don't remember me do you?"

I shook my head sadly and he moved over to me and gave me a hug. "Don't worry Jonnie, I will help you remember. Dad told me that is what I have to do."

The grandparents were regaining consciousness.

"Andrew, are you all right?" asked the grandfather.

"Yes, Gramps," replied Andrew, "Are you and Grams all right?"

Grandfather looked at grandmother who gave a weak smile. "I think we will be all right. How about you Jonathan?"

"You know me?"

"Of course!" said the grandmother, "You have grown a lot since we last saw you, but you still have the most beautiful eyes," she said.

I actually blushed.

"Guys I hate to break up the family reunion, but you need to get back here," interrupted Peter.

"Okay, my love."

"Let's get back home. Its two blocks away. Can you make on your own?"

Gramps rolled his eyes and let out a laugh, "We're not that old, Jonnie. I'd offer to race you, but it would be unfair."


"Yeah, cuz he'd have to tie one leg and arm behind your back to win," laughed Andrew, "Actually Gramps is pretty spry for his age, he's like sixty." I could tell there was a lot of love for his grandparents.

Mom and Dad greeted Gramps and Grams as if they were family. Funnily, Peter and I, and Michael and Simon thought of them as our grandparents.

That evening, Doc and Dora, Allan and Mavis, came to dinner, which made thirteen people for dinner. I couldn't get over how we all seemed to get along. We were one big family after even more secrets were exposed like the grandparents were actually Allan's parents and Allan didn't even know they had been looking after Andrew in the dregs. He thought they had moved to New Angeles.

Things were a bit tense for a bit until sweet Simon bawled his parents out pointing out that his grandparents had done the greater good and had kept his younger brother alive and healthy.

Simon and Michael wanted to sleep over but there was school the next day. The grandparents decided to stay at the Larson's, but Andrew wanted to stay with Peter and me. His room would be the guest room, but that night after Peter and I were in bed, Andrew came in as Peter and I cuddled together.

"Jonathan? Peter?" he asked in the darken room.

"Yes?" Peter answered.

"Can I sleep with you guys tonight?"

"Uh, well, uh" I managed to say,

"What, you all are naked?"

"Yes," said Peter.

"That's okay, I can get naked too!" and the next thing I knew he was naked and in the bed between us.

"Nite," he said and promptly fell asleep.

I got out of bed and pulled him over and then crawled back into bed next to Peter and spooned him we were both horny as could be but it was impossible to do anything with Andrew in bed finally. I picked Andrew up and took him to his room laid him in his bed and snuggled up to him until he was fast asleep.

When I got back in bed, Peter was sound asleep. I tried to wake him because I wanted so much to make love to him but he wouldn't wake up. I fell asleep frustrated.

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