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The Secret Life of Jonathan Greenwich

by Sam Lakes

Chapter 15

The next morning we were woke by Andrew. Andrew is a morning person. He cheerfully bounced into our room.

"Hey, bros' time to rise and shine! It's a new day and a beautiful sunny day. A great day for school. Peter, your dad has maked everything hunky dory for me to go to your school. Man is he smart! Whatcha think. Huh?"

"The word is made not maked. Now go away and come back tomorrow!" I said.

"Maked? Made? Oh yeah! Hey, no can do. Your mom, who's a real honey, said I was to see you got up!" he said excitedly as he pulled the cover off us. "UP! UP! WHOA! You guy's have got hardons!"

I tried to pull the covers over me, but was unsuccessful.

"I can't wait until I get hair down there. Then I'll be a man. Did you and Peter have sex last night? Is that why I woke up in my bed? You should let me watch sometime?"

I threw my pillow at him and Peter said "Perv! Go away!" and threw his pillow.

Andrew giggled.

He dodged the pillows and drew the curtains letting the sunlight come into the room.

"Aaaaaayyyyy! The sunlight! I'm a vampire. I need darkness!" I said.

He had such a shocked look on his face and quickly closed the curtains. Then, realizing I was teasing him, he smiled. Andrew is so beautiful. He had brown hair like Peter with golden highlights and oval face and a smile that was devastating. He is small for a fourteen-year-old boy and there is not a bit of fat on his body. I could see his muscles were beginning to develop.

I sat up and opened my arms for a hug. He literally pounced into my arms knocking me backwards.

"I love you Jonnie," he said giving me a kiss, "I really missed you." He turned and looked at Peter, leaned over and kissed Peter. "I wish I had always known you Peter. I am glad that you are my brother's mate - you're as beautiful as he is."

"Thanks, Andrew. I'm happy you are with us. And to be honest you are extremely good looking like Jonathan. I am sure we are going to be the best of friends. But right now I have to pee and take a shower."

"Yeah me too," I said rolling Andrew off me and getting up.

"Are you too going to shower together?" asked Andrew.

"Yes," we said.

"Are you going to have sex?" Andrew asked wiggling his eyebrows.

"Perv!" laughed Peter.

"None of your business!" I laughed and stuck my tongue out at him as we close the bathroom door and locked it.

"You adore him, don't you," said Peter.

"Yes, I feel like we grew up together it's different than with Simon and Michael I just feel closer to him."

"Well, it's obvious he feels the same for you. I nearly cried when he told me he wished he had known me all his life. I, for one, have definitely fallen in love with him."

"It's hard not too."

At school, Andrew sat with us at lunchtime by chance, my brothers were all sitting next to me; Andrew on my left, then Simone, and finally Michael. Peter was opposite me, and next to Peter were Martin, Gary, and Everette.

I'm halfway through my lunch and was just swallowing a bite of food when Everette suddenly exclaims, "WOW! You guys look like brothers!" which cause me to choke.

Michael laughed and said, "Dufus we are brothers! We are what they call twins."

"No! No! You look like Jonathan and so does Andy."

"The name is Andrew. And Jonathan is my big brother. As for Simon and Michael, they just happen to be lucky that they have enough similarities that they look like Jonathan and me."

"Really? Jonathan, is Andrew really your brother?"

I looked at Peter.

"Duh!" said Peter, "Andrew just told you, Everette. They had the same father, and this last weekend, we met for the first time. Andrew's parents are dead so he's living with us. As for Michael and Simon, well their parents are Aristos, so I hardly think they are related to Jonathan and Andrew."

"Nice save," I thought.

"So, are you guys going to the party?" asked Martin.

"What party?" I asked.

"Oops," muttered Peter.

"Everett's and my Vampire Party. Friday there is no school, so we're having it Friday night at Everett's. I told Peter about it two weeks ago," replied Martin.

"Sorrieee, I forgot," said Peter.

I knew Peter hadn't forgotten.

"Hey, we'd love to come!" said Andrew excitedly, before I could say no. "Right Bro? Right Peter?"

Peter smiled knowing there was no way I was going to say no to Andrew.

"Yeah, I guess."

"Really?" said Everette.

"Yeah, but you have to change you hair color back to red - its natural color! Please."

He smiled his soft smile and said, "Okay, I will."

"Hey Jonathan, I think somebody has a crush on you a cute redhead," said Andrew wiggling his eyebrows.

I laughed, and everyone else at the table laughed, except Everette who turn red from embarrassment. The funny thing is, we all knew Everette had a crush on me; it just had never been voiced by anyone.

Peter had a science club meeting, so Andrew and I were on our own.

"Jonnie, can we go somewhere to talk?" asked Andrew.

"Sure where would you like to go?"



"Yes. I've always wanted to go, but Dad, our Dad, said I would have to wait until you took me. I was never to go alone, or with anyone else. I want to help you remember the good times we had."

"Well, hop on, cuz I have a million questions."

When we were at the top of my building, I put Andrew down.

"Wow! That was awesome! Will I be able to do that some day?"

"Yeah, I think so."

"This is an awesome view. Wow! You know you are not the only one who comes here."

"Really? I've never seen anyone here."

"They only come here every two weeks they boat over here."

"Have you met them?"

"Once. They weren't really interested in talking to me. They were Aristos."

What ever they had said to him must have hurt his feelings.

"So are we. But we are better than them."

"Yeah, right."

"What you don't believe me?"

"You only lived like a dreg for part of your life. My whole life, until now, I've lived like a dreg."

"So, it makes no real difference. You are you you are sweet, kind, very lovable, giving, and full of life and the most important thing you exude love. Look at how well you fit in with my friends at school. They loved you! It doesn't matter to them whether you are an aristo, or a dreg. Even Everette! You are special."

"Yeah, but you are popular."

"True, and that just proves it doesn't matter if you are a dreg or an aristo. What matters is what kind of person you are. What's in your heart, not where you come from? Our Dad knew that we protected all people, not just dregs, and not just aristos. I think he put us with the dregs so that we would learn that it's not being an aristo, or a dreg, that makes you good or bad."

"You think?"

"I know."

He hugged me.

"Let's go explore. See if we can't see where they go when they come here."

"I know what building they go into," he said all excitedly, and ran across the roof and pointed to a building. The one with the cross on it, see?"

"Hop on let's go."

When we got there, it was a building. I started laughing. There was a sign that said blood bank. We entered the building and found a room that had bags of powered stuff and other bags with liquid.

"They must mix this liquid with the powered blood. Yuck!" said Andrew.

"Yuck is right!" I agreed, "Not much left, I wonder where they plan to find blood next?"

We looked around a bit more, then left and went home.

When we arrived home, Andrew greeted Peter enthusiastically telling him what we found at Cambridge. I could see that Peter had the same feelings about our youngest brother as I did, but I also notice Peter correcting his language as he had done with me when I first joined the Greenwich household.

The next day at lunchtime, I saw Andrew talking to Everette. It looked like he was apologizing to Everette. I noticed Andrew blush so bad he had to cover his face then they hugged.

Moments later, they came over and sat down. I leaned over, and asked what the blushing was all about, and Andrew blushed and said nothing.

I whispered to him, "Hmmm. I wonder who has a crush now."

He blushed slightly and told me to shut up.

"So, Jonathan, are you coming to the party as a Legosi or a LeStater?" asked Everette.

"Neither. I shall come as myself."

"Party pooper! What about you, Andy?" he asked.

`Andy?' I thought.

"Well, which are you going to be?" asked Andrew timidly.

"Well Lestat was sort of a nice vampire, but I really like the Legosi look and his cape."

"Yes, I like the Legosi look too!" replied Andrew a little to enthusiastically I thought.

"I swear you guys act like there's such a thing as a Lesprat or whatever," I shook my head.

"There may not be a Lestat, but there is a Vampire Boy of New Boston. I know," said Gary.

"Yeah, well still you guys are making too much out of this guy. But, what would you do if you actually knew him. I mean, if he turned out to be one of your friends, and what if he turned up to your party for real, not looking like a Legosi or a Lestat, but your friend. You'd be disappointed. I mean what if he doesn't sleep in a coffin, walks around in the daylight, is like you with the exception that he is stronger, faster, and smarter, and requires human blood to survive, but not enough to have to kill for it?"

"Well, he's not like that. He's not ordinary!" said Everette.

"I didn't say he was ordinary! He's just not totally weird!"

"And like you are the expert?" said Everette.

I stood up from the table. Turn and walked away.

I was so torn. I wanted the recognition. I wanted everyone to know that I am Vampire Boy. "Yeah, it's me! Look at all the neat things I can do!" I felt like crying and saying that to everyone. But, I knew I couldn't. I knew I would be hunted down and killed.

It wouldn't be just me they'd kill, but my brothers too, and Peter. They wouldn't even hesitate to kill my friends.

I stood by the doors of the school ready to leave and cut out for the rest of the day.

"You really are a basket case without Peter, aren't you?" said Martin, reminding me that Peter was on some sort of field trip for the day.

"Yeah, you'd better get to class," I said.

"And you too. We both have Chemistry."

"Yeah. I was thinking of cutting out."

"Me too. I'd like to spend some time with you without an entourage of people. Shall we?"

I looked around and didn't see anyone. "Hop on," turning my back to Martin.

"My favorite mode of transport! VB Express!" he said and jumped on my back. In an instant, we were gone.

We ended up at a park near the river. It was a beautiful day. Martin and I walked in silence for a few moments until we found a fairly secluded place, then sat down on the grass.

"You know I think this is the first time we've ever been alone," said Martin. "So many times I've wanted to talk to you, to thank you for saving me. Not just for making me physically well when I was dying, but before that time."

"I was on a road to self destruction, and you made me realize it. My life changed completely. I know you have a hard time dealing with people like Everette, but it's really a good thing. Because it does confuse who you really are."

"I'm not as dumb as I look, Jonathan. I hear things through the grapevine. Like, I know you rescued Andrew from the SPs. I know you did some damage to them. I know the system is corrupt, because my dad was killed by them."

"My dad never did anything wrong, he died of a heart attack which he got when an SP jabbed him with a sting stick. We were Blues, and my dad had a stupid philosophy that `people were people'. He used to tell me about this story of meeting this person named Jack."

"One night, Dad saw an old man being attacked by a SP for no reason other than he was a dreg. Dad went to help the dreg, and the SP started beating my dad. Just as my Dad thought he was going to meet his master, Jack appeared out of nowhere."

"I don't know how Jack did it but the next week we became white collars. He saw Jack many times, but then six years ago was the last time he saw Dad. Dad said Jack was magical because he could suddenly appear and then disappear."

"My father was always giving to others and he always told us to defend the weak and those who do good for others. I lived by that rule until the day my dad died. My attitude became fuck others cuz it doesn't matter. I hated the world and everyone in it until the day I met you."

"At first I thought you were Jack but when I asked my mother what Jack looked like she told me he was a very handsome man in his late twenties. I drew a picture of you and she said that it looked like a young Jack."

"I had always thought that this story my dad had told me was just a fable. You made it real."

"Was he your father?"

"Yes. I only found out a few days ago."

"Really? And Simon, Michael and Andrew are your brothers?

"Yes. Half brothers - there are three others, but I haven't met them yet."

"Martin, I'm scared. I worry a lot about the people I love. What if the SPs and MC come after me - they went after my father. They killed him because they killed the people he loved. Other than family, you are the only one who knows who I am. I don't want you to die because you know me."

"When I die I want it to be because I've known you," said Martin.

"No! NO! You shouldn't think like that!"

"Well, I do think like that and I think like that because of what you stand for!"

"What I stand for! I've stopped a few people from being dishonest, from hating each other. That's all!"

"That in itself was good enough reason for me. But, I think no I know, behind that was a higher purpose, and you showed it when you rescued Andrew the first time. I saw you and your brothers. I saw Simon heal the man who got shot."

"You saw that?"

"You're not the only one who wanders around at night."

I didn't know what to say. I could see he wanted to say something.

"Jonathan, I know I'm not a vampire but I want to be a part of what your are doing. I want to help make this world a better place."

I thought about what he said making the world a better place. That was what I wanted to do that's what my father wanted to do.

"Jonathan, your dad was very special. You are very special too. But, think your dad made a mistake and he realized it almost too late he created more vampires you and your brothers. Now there are three and a half vampires." Martin smiled.

"But you did something different than your dad. You made us do good deeds or else then you created an ethics presence by being the Vampire Boy of New Boston. Throughout history the threat was always just don't do it again or else you changed everything when you said do a good deed or else. You emphasized Good not evil right not wrong."

"I don't know why but it changed people I mean look at Gary Plebo Vampire Boy did that!"

"Yeah." I started to say something else but Martin held up his hand. "I'm not finished."

"When I came back to school I really got into history and I realized that as powerful and fast and smart and good you and your brothers are you'll never win unless you have the people on your side it's called grass roots. Every revolution and major social evolution was because of a grass roots effort by the people of all classes."

"The ancient Christian religion, Buddhist religion and others would have never gotten anywhere without a grass-root following their demise only came out by the infiltration of those who convinced people that they were nothing but an animal. It was so easy for Multi Corp to move in after that can eventually have all religions outlawed sighting the many wars based on religious prejudices and differences. But the major teaching of these religions was doing good, love and don't do things to others that you wouldn't want done to you."

"You're basically doing a similar thing."

I thought about what Martin had said when I was younger I never thought much about the evils around me. In my early to mid teens, I was preoccupied with the physical changes I was going through. Now that I am eighteen the world is a different place to me. The way dregs are treated. It bothers me the way people look the other way when there is wrongness. The way that dregs are kept dregs and that a person can be accused and automatically assumed guilty and jailed or sent to the dregs there is no justice. The few ultra rich secretly controlled everything.

"This VB craze that you so much object to is a good thing. Who cares if they think you sleep in a coffin? It's that they are doing good deeds and that's good you are a hero. They are the seeds of a grass root."

"Okay, you're part of the team as far as I am concerned. I need to present this to the others." I said.

"I've already talked to Peter about this."


"He agreed but said I had to present the idea to you."

I smiled.

"Uh. I also talked to Andrew, Michael, and Simon."

"They thought it was a good idea but said you had the final say."


"And finally, Andrew said that Vampire Boy should appear at Everett's party and Simon, Michael and Peter agreed." He looked a bit worried.

"Okay, but why I the last one you told?" I asked.

When Martin is worried, he blinks nervously. I smiled, "Well?"

"I-uh well. I wanted their opinion?" his voice ended in a question. He smiled weakly, "I was afraid you'd think it was a crazy idea of mine." He paused then looked at me with pleading eyes, "It's just I want to be a part of something good and I want to help you change the world"

"Martin you are one of my best friend. There is nothing I wouldn't do for you. I know you are a good person and I trust you. No matter how crazy an idea tell me it. I'll always listen to you. We need to meet though as a group and plan things out with Peter and my brothers."

"I agree. I'll work with Peter to draw up a plan."

"Great! By the way, Friday afternoon I want you, Peter, Andrew, Simon, and Michael at Cambridge to meet my other brothers. I'm not sure how it will go. Andrew met them once and they were arrogant. They treated Andrew like a low life."

"I'll be there you'll take me through the tunnel, right?"

"What worried about giant rats?" I laughed.

"Yes! I know you were kidding the time Peter and I started walking down the tunnel, but I swear I felt someone's eyes looking at me through the dark."

"Oh, that's Dula. She leaves me alone."


"Yeah, she about 1000 years old I think. Very slow," I said with as serious face as I could muster.

"What is she?"

"A spider. A very big spider," I said using my hands to show him how big she was. How I kept a straight face, I don't. Dula was only half the size I had indicated.

"Can't we meet somewhere else?" he said with a shudder.

"Nah, besides she is fairly friendly if you're with me. She only eats small or slow creatures. You could pet her if you want."

"No. No, thanks."

"Actually, I was joking she's only half the size I showed you."

"No. No spiders. Even little tiny ones scare me."

I laughed again.

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