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The Secret Life of Jonathan Greenwich

by Sam Lakes

Chapter 16

Between Peter and Martin, they had arranged for every one of my brothers and I, and Dad, Mom, Allan, Mavis, Doc and Dora, to meet at our place for dinner and a meeting Thursday evening.

The dinner went well. We were excited about the future, the future we would create.

After dinner, we all adjourned to what we called the control center (Dad's super office) and planned our meeting with our other brothers. It was decided that Andrew would be sitting outside the blood bank on the steps. The rest of us would remain in the shadows.

After that Martin, Peter, and Andrew told me how they planned my entrance to Everett's Party. I was given a black wig that hid my blond hair and a long black cape and a black tuxedo with a white shirt. Peter insisted I put everything on to see what I looked like.

I looked like a Legosi. Of course, I grumbled the whole time but I would say when I looked in the mirror and extended my fangs, I was positively frightening!

Martin, Simon, and Michael slept in the guest room and Andrew slept between Peter and me.

"Jonnie," he whispered as I was dosing off.


"What if they hate me?" he asked.


"Danny, Mark, and Scott."

"Andrew, everybody loves you You've been at school for a week and you're one of the most popular kids there are. Besides, you probably scared them. Once they learn who you are, they will be all over you with hugs and kisses and, and TICKLES!" I said as I started hugging and kissing and tickling him.

Of course, we woke up Peter who whined, "Guys, go to sleep. Stop playing around! Night time is for sleeping!"

"And SEX!" exclaimed Andrew, "Can I hump you like Jonnie was doing last night?" he giggled.

"Oh! Oh! Bite me Jonathan! Bite me!"

"YOU PERV!" Peter said, "That's it! I'm sleeping on the sofa!"

"No! Andrew, out of here you go sleep on the sofa. I can't believe you would invade our privacy! That really pisses me off! Get the fuck out of here!"

"I'm sorry. I just wanted to know what it was all about! I-I love you," he sobbed and then ran out of the room.

"Come on, let's go get him and talk," said Peter.

We went to the living room where Andrew was scrunched up on the end of the couch sobbing.

"I'm sorry. I really am," he cried. "I-I just wanted to be part of you and Jonathan's love. I-I just feel so alone all the time."

I knew what he was feeling. Until I had met Peter, that was the way I felt. I could feel my own tears.

"Andrew, I know what you're feeling. I know the pain. I felt it too until I met Peter. Peter felt that way until he met me. Peter and I love you so much. Can you see that? Can you feel that?" I said softly.

He nodded.

"Andrew, we wouldn't be here on the sofa with you if we didn't love you. What you did, hurt us. Our lovemaking is so personal to us. It's our most special time. Sometimes, it's okay to joke, but not when that joke hurts someone or something. Then it's no longer a joke," said Peter.

"If you are curious about sex, or about our love then ask. But let us have our own personal time. Do you understand?" Peter asked.

"You ready to come back to bed with us?" asked Peter.

Andrew nodded and we walked back to our bedroom.

After we were back in bed all snuggled together Andrew said, "I'm sorry. I won't do that ever again. I love you Jonnie and Peter, with all my heart."

We kissed him and all drifted off to sleep.

The next day Andrew woke bright and early, and proceeded to be an utter nuisance to us demanding that we get up and shower. Finally, when we did get up, he asked to take a shower with us as Peter and I rarely make out in the shower, and never have sex in the shower, we figured why not.

As we got naked, I noticed Andrew kept his back to us. He has a cute ass. I smiled and nudged Peter.

"Boy, you have the cutest little ass I have ever seen," said Peter.

"Yeah, mmm, mmm, mmm, looks so cuddly. But what's his equipment look like?" I kidded.

He was blushing so hard his ears were turning red.

"Shut up!" said Andrew a bit upset.

"Andrew, stop acting so shy and embarrassed. You haven't got anything we haven't seen before. Come on, get in the shower and I will wash you."

"I haven't got any hair, and I'm small," he whined.

"So, you think that matters to us," Peter said,"Come on. This was your idea."

He got into the shower, but wouldn't look at us, so I stood behind him and wrapped my arms around him and pulled him into me.

"You got nothing to be ashamed of. You're bigger than me when I was fourteen, just ask Peter."

"I am?"

"Yes, definitely," said Peter.

"Here" I handed him the soap, "Wash my back." We ended up washing each other and talking about the day that lay ahead of us.

By noon, we were on our way to Cambridge. I was carrying Peter and Andrew and Michael was carrying Martin. They were well behind me, so I stopped about three-quarters of the way to wait for them.

I could hear Michael and Martin. It sounded like Michael was teasing him because he'd stop every once in a while.

"Martin! Look! I think that's Dula!" said Michael.

"Then don't stop! Let's go!"

"No. I want to pet her," laughed Michael.

"Please! Mike you're scaring me!" pleaded Martin.

"Shit! Oh, FUCK! Jump on!" exclaimed Michael.

The next think I saw was Michael with Martin running like hell by us screaming as they went past "Get out of here it's Dula!"

I started laughing and sure enough, Dula was ambling along the tunnel.

"Do we need to get out of here?" asked Andrew.

"Nah she's harmless," I said.

"Hey Dula!" called Peter as he walked towards her. Stopped and made a hissing sound.

"Peter, be careful," quivered Andrew's voice.

"Andrew, she's just getting my scent. She knows us. Come on. She needs to know you too."

Cautiously Andrew drew near to the giant spider-like creature and Peter.

"Let her touch you," said Peter calmly.

Andrew obeyed as Dula reached out a tentacle and stroked his face.

"She's soft," he giggles and reached out and stroked one of her legs.

"She likes you. She will always protect you when you pass in the tunnel. Watch this. Dula `Ride'" Peter said. With that, she lowered her body to the ground.

"Come on climb on her back," said Peter.

Andrew complied.

I ran on to the end of the tunnel. When I got there, I saw Michael and Martin telling him about Dula.

"Where's Peter and Andrew?" asked Martin and Michael.

"Dula got them," I laughed.


"Dula has them she's giving them a ride. Martin, you are going to have to meet her and become her friend. She will protect you if she knows you. Now come with me all of you!"

"No! No way! Nothing you can say will change my mind."

"Okay. Well, hop on, I'll run you back to the entrance of the tunnel and we don't need you here and we don't need your help." I said sternly and turned my back.

"Jonathan! You can't mean that!" said a shocked Michael.

"Oh, I most certainly can. I turned around and faced Martin. "It's a matter of trust. Have I ever put you in danger?"

"No. But spiders terrify me."

"First of all, she is not a true spider she is spider like. If she knows you, she will protect you. One day when I was walking through the tunnel, there was a rabid dog my attention was elsewhere. I tripped and the dog leaped at me. His body never reached me. Dula spat her venom at the dog and he disintegrated almost instantly. Of course, I'm impervious to his bite, but she didn't know. She was protecting me."

"You know what we are planning on doing is dangerous. Cambridge is our sanctuary. Most think that it is polluted and dangerous. My Dad made it appear that way for a purpose to make it our sanctuary."

"Do you think Peter wasn't scared of Dula? He was, but he trusted me, and now she is his friend. She will protect him. If he is in danger from the SP's, he only has to make it to the tunnel and he will be safe."

"If you can't trust me, I cannot afford to have you helping us. I cannot afford to risk your life, whether you are or not. If you are in danger, you have to come here. If she doesn't know you, you will never make it through the tunnel. If she knows you have a pursuer, he will never make it through, and she will protect you."

"You have to decide now."

"Okay. I trust you."

I took the three to meet Dula.

"Martin! Dula is awesome," called Andrew, "I was shit scared! But she is soooo coool!"

Martin was shaking as I lead him over to Dula. Tears were rolling down his cheeks.

"Dula, best friend."

She hissed. Then a tentacle reached out and gently stoked his cheek wiping away the tears. She made a purring sound which I had never heard her do before.

"Talk too softly," I told Martin.

"H-Hi, D-Dula. My name is Martin. That feels nice. Whoa! Oh! That feels really nice. Can I have a ride?"

I was amazed. I truly believe there was some sort of connection. She understood his fear, but most of all, she understood his trust I could smell pheromones release by Dula. They had calmed Martin down and relaxed him.

I introduced Simon and Michael to Dula. She gave all five a ride. Funnily, Martin was the last to get off her. He gave one of her legs a hug, and she made the purring sound again.

"She likes you," I said to him as we walked out into the light.

"Yeah, she made me feel so calm. I really like her."

"Hey, Martin!" said Andrew.


"Can I watch you and Dula have sex?" he laughed,

"PERV!" said Martin, Peter and I.

We hung around the blood bank waiting for our brothers. At about two, Simon spotted them. Peter, Martin, and I waited in the building where I had a good view of Andrew. Simon and Michael were on the roof of the building and Andrew sat on the steps.

The three brothers approached the building talking and yakking, not noticing Andrew until they were twenty feet away.

"Hey! What are you doing here?" asked the oldest looking.

"Sitting and waiting for you," replied Andrew.

"Are you like us?" asked Scott.

"No. Just a fan," said Martin.

"Fan! Yeah, right!" exclaimed Andrew, "He's master mind, like Peter, and he's in LOVE!"

"Shut up Andrew!" laughed Martin.

"So Danny, show us your fangs, you too Scott, Mark," said Andrew. Peter rolled his eyes.

They extended their fangs about an inch.

"That's it?" asked Simon.


"Gee, mine and Michael's are longer than that," said Simon.

"Well?" said Mark, "We showed you ours, now you show us yours."

Simon and Michael extended their inch and a quarter fangs.

"Okay your turn, Jonathan," said Andrew, "Show `em what a real man's fangs look like."

"This is stupid!" I said, "It's like a bunch of guys show their dicks!"

"Well, you'd win on that point!" said Andrew, "Hmmm, maybe not. I think Peter's dick is bigger."

"PERV!" laughed Peter, "Well, you come in last on both counts little dick and no fangs!"

"Fuck you!" said Andrew and he turned and ran off.

I ran after him. I caught up about a second later, picked him up, and carried him to the top of a near by building.

"Put me down. I hate Peter!"

"Sit down there!" I ordered him.

"I hate you too!"

"Shut up. All Peter did was embarrass you. And you deserved it. What was the point in having everybody show his fangs? That was stupid, and you just wanted to get back at Danny, Scott, and Mark. Your intention was to make them feel less than me."

"Peter's dick size is nobody's business, and just because you have had the honor of seeing it, doesn't mean you can broadcast it to the world. He adores you, and you embarrassed him. And I know Peter was just trying to give you a sample of what you`ve been doing all day."

"Martin adores you, and you embarrassed him. This nonsense has to stop! Now, you have a choice. You can move out and when you grow up join us, or you can apologize to Peter, Martin, and your brothers."

He sat looking at me with his baby blues, and looking like he couldn't believe I'd just told him he could move out. I knew I had to be firm, but it was tearing me up inside.

"Well?" I asked.

"You wouldn't do that. You love me, and," his voice trembled and bottom lip began to quiver, "and I love you."

He was killing me inside. I wanted to rush to him, hold him, and tell him he was right, instead I said, "I do love you, but I will not put up with this kind of behavior. We have a job to do and I don't need upsets that cause the group to fall apart. So, you have a choice. Leave or apologize."

"I never want to leave you and Peter."

I opened up my arms and he stood up and walked over to me.

We hugged then returned to the group where he apologized to Danny, Mark, and Scott, then to Martin, and finally he stood in front of Peter.

Danny, Scott, and Mark wanted to hear about my adventures, so Martin being the Vampire Boy expert, proceeded to tell them with Simon and Michael chipping in as they saw fit. My mind and attention was on Andrew and Peter, so I tuned into their conversation, which was about twenty feet away.

"Sorry," Andrew said so softly. I could see his eyes fill with tears, "I love you, Peter." He burst into tears and Peter hugged him tight.

"You are a good man, Andrew. I love you too," whispered Peter.

After a few moments, Andrew said quietly "You called me a man."

"And so you are it takes a man to admit he was wrong when he is wrong." Peter kissed him on the head.

They cuddled for a while. Danny noticed my attention was elsewhere turned and looked towards Peter, Andrew, and them back. He gave me a smile.

"Have I ruined things with Jonathan?" he whispered to Peter, "I love him so much. When I think about being away from you and Jonathan, it hurts. I know I'm a nuisance sometimes, I don't mean to be. But that's when I start saying stupid things. Why do I do that?"

"I don't know, but what I do know is you are his special boy. He told me that when he first met you he made a vow right after he bit you. Jonathan's vows bind him to you so, like, you become part of him in his mind."

"You, Martin, and I are the only ones he has made that strong a vow to."

"As for being a nuisance you're not a nuisance that often, except in the morning," Peter giggled and then kissed Andrew on the nose.

"As for ruining things with Jonathan, watch him. He keeps looking over here to make sure you are all right. Unless you did something really bad, I don't think you'd ever ruin things."

I turned my head towards them and smiled.

"See. He's listening to us."

Andrew giggled. I knew he was okay. I turned my attention back to the group.

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